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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  December 22, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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shaking in the wind up there as well. >> we'll see periods of blizzard and whiteout conditions across the high country in the coming days as storm after storm after storm going to roll in up there. so winter storm warnings in effect starting tonight all the way until 4 o'clock in the afternoon on sunday. i think then after that they're going to be extended again. we've got yet another cold storm rolling in snow levels will be dropping all the way down to 2000 feet and maybe down to about a 1000 feet or even lower sunday night and in them and a tremendous amounts of snow falling across the sierra nevada and more on the way the shaft area as well all the way down in the clear lake we've got winter storm warnings and you start out of some of these totals looking very impressive through about the 5th 6 of january, maybe as much as 1212, and a half feet still to come. all right. you can see all that rain falling around the state. all that's some good news. though. she tremendous amounts of rain, but we're kind of space in and out a little bit and that's good news for us all that white. that is all the snow over the sierra nevada developing there that is going
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to be tremendous for some of the totals are running a little bit behind average. i think in the sierra i think by the time all said and done over the next 7 to 10 days. we're running well above the average around the bay area. we're looking as much as a 3 plus inches of rain down on some of the urban areas, some of the mountain tops easily over 7 inches of rain in the next 7 to 10 days, guys that sleet forecast back to you. thank you, lawrence and stay with kron 4 for the latest on the stormy weather. you can scan that qr code will take you. >> right to our website. kron 4 dot com, and you'll find the latest information on the storm, including live radar and any road closures and flooding in your area. >> taking a live look now at washington, dc the white house where democrats are hoping to salvage the president's build back better plan after west virginia senator joe manchin announced he will not support it. washington correspondent alexandra limon has the latest on the rift between democrats on capitol hill and what could happen next. >> good morning. many democrats are angry and want
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to move ahead with build back better as is 2 for senator manchin to vote against it on the record. but president biden seems more open to continuing negotiations. >> senator mansion, i'm going to get something president biden isn't giving up on his nearly 2 trillion dollars, climate change and social investment plan. on tuesday, president biden got passionate when talking about how the build back better plan will help families afford things like life, saving medications. some magic being a parent. >> look under the child. you can't afford. you have no house to borrow against. you have no savings. >> the president said his proposal will help families in various ways childcare. you can 5 to 70%. president biden says more affordable childcare means millions of women will be able to return to the workforce. but those arguments so far have failed to convince senator joe mansion, a member
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of the president's own party who says the plan could make inflation worse. i can not vote to continue with this piece of legislation on sunday. senator manchin takes the idea of passing the current version of the plan. senator manchin wants the bill to go through a more regular legislative process and be smaller and more targeted president biden is pushing back. >> sectional mission. reno past fullback, better would trouble. because it is going to grow the economy without him. we're not going to grow. >> president biden is looking ahead to his second year in office and says he remains confident that he can get congress to approve his plan reporting in washington. alexandra limon. >> while congress is focused on the fight over the build back better plan. states are focused on fighting the omicron variant so far at least 7 states are using their national guard to help understaffed hospitals fight the surge in cases, president
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biden now says that he is deploying 1000 medical workers from the military to back up hospitals in january and february. but the american hospital association says it is a temporary fix to the medical under staffing that spend playing hospitals for months. a spokesperson says the pandemic has made it much harder to keep hospital workers on the job blaming stress worker fatigue and to some extent vaccine mandates. >> and any given day and major hospital or health system in this country has of housing healthcare vacancies. there have been folks that have been reluctant to become vaccinated and there are mandates and that has created certain shortages. but the vast majority of doctors and nurses in clinical fox are in fact vaccinated. >> medical workers are already headed to the areas where omicron is spreading rapidly and fema is also getting ready
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to send hospital beds ambulances and ems crews a recent surge in cases almost forced the nfl to cancel the raiders game this past week that he was originally set to play the cleveland browns on saturday. but an outbreak on the browns. >> led to the nfl pushing the game back to monday, washington philadelphia and the rams seahawks games were also pushed back 2 days now we're learning the league actually wanted to cancel those games. but the players push back against idea because it meant they would not have been paid. still ahead on kron 4 news at 6. why president biden is calling this holiday season. a success amid nationwide supply chain problems. >> and the problem his administration plans to tackle next. >> and in sports less than 48 hours away from their matchup with the titans. the forty-niners made headlines today with 5 players selected to the pro bowl team sports director jason dumas tells us who coming up. >> and from petaluma and san
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>> first round of winter storms moving across the bay area most of it leaving. you're taking a look at radar showing where the rain is coming down right now. it's mostly to the east and south
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of us chief meteorologist lawrence karnow, though, will tell us about the full forecast coming up in 5 minutes and that more rain is on the way nationwide supply chain issues have not made holiday shopping. the nightmare that some predicted would be this holiday season. president biden says that's due to the action. he and business leaders took to straighten out those problems and as jessi turnure reports now the next target for the supply chain task force will be. >> easing inflation. >> shelves are not empty. president biden says supply chain issues did not play the grinch after all, despite fears of product shortages. americans have been able to put presents under the tree packages are moving gifts are being delivered delivery times this season for fedex ups and the u.s. postal service are faster than before the pandemic. even as americans have purchased a record amount of goods in a meeting with the white house supply chain task force made up of cabinet members and ceos. the president reported retail inventory is up 3% from last
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year and fedex ceo fred smith says ports and trucking companies hire more workers. the supply chain is beginning to get back on track. most of us santa clauses. >> product be delivered consumers both smith and president biden also credit the progress made in an sticking bottlenecks between congested ports and stores were moving towards a 24, 7 operations at the ports. port. officials say the administration's plan to extend port operation hours and provide incentives for shippers to move goods faster seems to be working. it is going to be a good holiday season on thursday. the biden administration will announce 230 million dollars in grants for ports from the new infrastructure law to further speed up deliveries and drive down prices addressing these costs has been and will continue to be my top priority. the entire administration, though president biden says the biggest weapon in his arsenal is social spending and climate plan, which is stuck in congress in washington. i'm jessi tenure. coming up next
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to knocking out hunger this christmas season. how you can team up with kron 4 to help local food banks. and don't forget to join us on kron four's we ring in the new year. grant lotus and justine waltman will count us down to 2022. >> watch the bay area's only live fireworks said spain's and sparkles over the bay bridge. that party starts at 11:30pm new year's eve only on kron 4. welcome back kron. 4
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news at 6. a live look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge shun the conditions out there. it is wet and there's quite a bit traffic at this hour. there and it is all just the beginning of what's going to what christmas season >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with details on the timeline of this latest storm. yeah, it looks like it's going to be a rough ride. i think for tomorrow morning's commute, especially by the afternoon. he's going to start to break up that rain. we're kind of in between systems right now. but we've got more on the way that's going to be sliding through overnight tonight. finally can see quite our just earlier this evening shrouded in fog. but now begin to see that a little bit. they start to mix up a little bit in the atmosphere. but one front headed toward point conception. the next one a little further to the north bay area kind of fall right in between. now and so now we're waiting for the next storm system. so just a couple of sprinkles still left over in the bay area. the rain, though, is going to be coming in. you start to see some that yellow and orange there a little further to the north and that is going to be moving in overnight tonight. all right. let's time out. the storm system for you tonight.
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a couple of scattered light showers out there for the evening hours tonight, but not much. then as we get in toward the midnight hour. and after that. well, it really star s getting going around 3, 4 o'clock in the morning. it's tough in the north bay. you see all the yellows and the oranges there as that system comes in that spreads across the bay area. right for the commute, about 8 o'clock or so. heaviest rainfall expected to be into parts of the peninsula in the south bay. but raining across a good part of the bay area. and then as we head toward the middle of the day, things begin to break up. and by the afternoon, things settle down. so the commute tomorrow morning. yeah, it's going to be on the rough side early on, then it looks like those temperatures, of course, going to stay on the cool side to plan on highs only in the 50's outside next few days. more rain on and off right through the christmas holiday. another storm kind of passes through on christmas morning. another storm system rolls in late on sunday. more storms well into next week. thank you, lawrence. will this new year's eve. kron 4 is partnering with the souper bowl of caring again. >> that's a national nonprofit
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that puts a spotlight on food banks across america. kron four's. ella sogomonian shows us how your donation will help here in the bay area. >> local researchers recently found that nearly 1 million people living in the bay area are making poverty wages. they're now struggling to pay for groceries after inflation as supply chain issue california's drop along with the pandemic caused prices for groceries of all kinds to soar all the more so kron 4 is committed to continuing our mission to help this new year's eve. we're encouraging you to donate to the san francisco-marin food bank one dollar means to meals and hour of your time. you can make a lot of good happened. >> before covid-19 crosby says the food bank was a lifeline for 100, 40,000 people every week since then she says about 60,000 more have come to them for their next meal. >> the pandemic shine a light on food insecurity before the pandemic one in 5 of our neighbors, experiencing food
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insecurity. food is everything. it's it's community. it's fuel for learning. and so that's why it's so important that you get involved. the effort is part of a national campaign called super bowl for caring, which unites all communities across the country to tackle hunger using the energy of big events like sports and new year's eve. >> so no one goes without a bowl of soup. a map on their website. directs you to the run food bank where donations can be made reporting in san francisco. i'm ella sogomonian kron 4 news, if you would like to donate, you can use your phone to scan that qr code on your screen or text and why he donate to the number 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, >> can also visit tackle hunger dot org and pick a local charity to help out. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the forty-niners are playing their best stretch of football this season. so it seems fitting that on wednesday. 5 of them were honored with pro bowl
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selections offensive tackle trent williams fullback. kyle use check tight end. george kittle wideout deebo. samuel, as you see right behind me and defensive end. nick bosa will all start for the nfc squad. this is the first pro bowl selection. the niners are currently in nashville prepping for a thursday night matchup with the titans that is going to be a huge now like every team in pro sports. the warriors are trying to navigate through a winter covid spike. this was today at practice that you can see stephan them. >> the team now has 3 players in coto covid protocols. andrew wiggins, jordan, poole and now damion lee lee was just added. >> the nba has over 90 players in protocols and maybe even had to postpone multiple games in the last week. the dubs. well, they're just trying to tread water in, get through this day. >> know to do is just to cover
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a watch means. and, you know, does. he's smart not being big crowds and stuff like that. and. now i want to continue to play basketball more than anything. so. you know those everything i just mentioned previously much more important than basketball foot for me. you know, basketball far away as everything else because i want to be out there i would help my team everything that we do with covid in mind right now. and hopefully we can, you know, figure out moving forward. >> college hoops stanford in hawaii taking on hawaii in the first round of the diamond classic. they're actually taking on wyoming here in ny jumper right here. jaiden delaire with the 3 of his team. high 17 points. now 6 minutes left spencer jones muscles his way in nice finish. there. we had a tie game. jones had 15 points. now 2 minutes left michael mcconnell. nice midrange jump shot that put stanford up 5,
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but 8 seconds left wyoming had the chance to win this game or at least force overtime. open looks right there and they get the offensive rebound for another open. look. they missed them both. the cowboys can't get out and can't get a final look at the buzzer. guess what stanford hangs on to win this one 66 to 63. they advance to the semifinal against liberty. cao hosting pacific. 2nd half grant. and teach of it. 10 point yes, 6, 3 pointers to give the bears a 10 point lead. and they're going to finish now with a 17 treys cow. and the game on a 21 to 2 run. he had 25 points bears win 7353 when they don't play again until next year. here at stanford january 2nd, all righty. that's your look at sports. back to you guys.
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all right. thanks, jason. one of the biggest christmas movies currently showing on netflix was shot right here in the bay area. >> we're going to sit down with the stars of a california christmas city lights next. air wick air wick scented oils are infused with natural essential oils to create authentic seasonal scents that fill your home
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or high air wickassium. air wick scented oils are infused with natural essential oils to create authentic seasonal scents that fill your home with holiday spirit all season long. connect to nature this season. when you open a jar of better than bouillon you open-up dinner time to great flavor. mix it into a stir fry. better! sauté it into some veggies. better! or brush it onto a steak. way better with better than bouillon the possibilities are endless. make your everything better with better than bouillon. >> it is the season for holiday movies. you have a lot of choices from classics to
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the latest from an to comedies. a bay area. filmmaker is out with a sequel to a big netflix hit from last year. a california christmas. >> we have tried everything to get this piece of land we have 3 weeks. it was a number one netflix movie in the world last season. a california christmas. the film was shot in petaluma and told the story of a rich san francisco playboy who found love and a new life in sonoma county. premiers were held in hollywood and petaluma for the sequel in a california christmas city lights. we follow the former playboy as returns to san francisco to save his family business, putting his rule life and relationship with his country. girl fiance in jeopardy. the script was written by co-star and real-life wife florence workers we had that title at county lights. >> it was a no-brainer the class. just itself. >> here we are welcome to san
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francisco. >> changed him and he said he had his come to jesus moment and get people ba.k into his own life in and now not so so i think it's a fun character to able to play that time work. >> the film was produced by petaluma native ali who prefers to leave hollywood to shoot in his hometown we built a set on are actually had our own little going on lot as doses actually in our in our facilities then everybody is just so wonderful band. that's why many i mean, this is a now that you mention t 17 rees us wi making movies here. >> i love the fact that i mean, these are kind of a love letter man. i mean, if i could just go work that. everything was perfect. about it other than pushing a newborn in a stroller story you have to hold on tight. >> and those struggles to get
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away from you if you're not holding on tight. so now i just checked the director posted on instagram a california christmas city lights number one christmas movie on netflix again. so and years in a row that's great. and in petaluma. now i'm going to look at this. i mean, that's just fun. 2 in a row. might they do another one. i asked that specifically and they couldn't give me an answer. but i mean, you know, the father of one 2 did pretty good. came out with godfather 3. i think there's going to be another christmas movie. yeah. but yeah, i bet that they will. and it's fun that they're married to write just that whole thing is pretty cute, right. so petaluma is becoming a hollywood north. i mean, he's shot 17 movies in had a little sad. but most people don't even realize i that that was happening right. so is if you spend any time petaluma, you recognize a lot of the shots from this movie. have you seen anybody in >> and if the filming going they're all over town. they were at the fairmont shooting. there for all the city stuff and they are and actually some of the city scenes were shot
6:57 pm
in petaluma as well because the victorian architecture lot of it matches san francisco so they shoot there. it's a lot cheaper parking. and if you're watching us on the new kron on app. a full hour of news coming up next. >> and we're going to see you tonight at 8 o'clock for kron 4 news at the top of
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: running out of time. just three days until christmas. the rush to get tested. to speak at testing facilities are shut down. they are out of doctors and nurses. >> announcer: then covid on the seas. 48 passengers test positive. >> i just looked... >> announcer: plus, invisible. why experts say these people may be super immune from the virus. >> they are immune system is really revved up. >> announcer: and the live bachelorette finale. but where are all the masks? >> we have seen a lot of chatter on line. >> how fans watching at home got


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