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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 22, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> and now it and more testing, more mandates, more cases of the omicron variant of covid, the new efforts underway to try to slow a winter search. >> with a christmas just a couple days away. thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 10. i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. and i'm ken wayne as the omicron variant spreads. new covid booster requirements for some workers and many state universities will soon go into effect. >> there are also new efforts to meet the growing demand for covid-19 tests. our coverage begins with grant lotus side. joining us in the studio with a message from the governor today grant another wave of covid, another stage of the pandemic. and with that a lot of new information will run you through it as covid. >> cases and now demand for testing are soaring here in california, especially people headed to visit loved ones. governor newson said today the
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state is focused on expanding access to testing and they're trying to get health care workers boosted all of them newsom announcing today from a vaccination site in oakland that the state will provide up to to take home covid tests for all students in public school in california, k through 12 for free. so they can test for covid before returning to school after this winter break. cannot impress upon you more. how important that is to keep our schools open and how important it is to get our kids tested vaccinated and continuing our mask requirements. still working through the logistics of how to exactly get these tests to families before they return to schools. the governor also said he plans to expand hours of operation at more than 6,000 covid state-run testing sites in california as demand for covid testing is soaring during this winter surgeon right before
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the holidays. more on that a little bit later. but for now, all 23 of california state university campuses will require students and staff to get their covid booster shots in time for the spring semester. they'll be required to get their booster by the end of february or 6 months after they got there. final dose, students and staff can request a religious or medical exemption in which case they will have to get tested for the virus twice a week. every week for the whole semester. meanwhile, uc santa cruz and 6 other uc campuses announced that classes will begin remotely for them at the start of the new term after the winter break. uc berkeley says they plan to go back in-person ken and catherine, back to you. a lot of changes. all right. thank you very much. grant some restaurants in the bay area are also starting to require the booster shot for. >> their customers. coming up at 1030. why the business owners say they want to get ahead of a possible winter
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search. >> and a time to take a look at the forecast chiefmeteorologist at lawrence karnow we know that there's it's not only rainy. there's a lot more rain coming. but there's also a lot of snow in the sierras. so lawrence was happening. yeah. boy, i mean, this series of the storms almost too many to headed our way right now, which is a good thing and looks like they're going to be spaced out just enough to keep us from having to worry about much in the way of flooding. you can see some a minor along some spots. but yeah, otherwise. yeah, you can see a lot of snow like this. your chain up if you're headed over donner summit, lots of snow expected there between now and sunday, maybe as much as 9 feet snow locally around. we have the bay area run with some rain drops early on this morning over an inch of rain. >> it's nfl napa. half an inch richmond almost 3 quarter. san francisco, about 3 quarters of an inch oakland just over half an inch and a 10th of an inch of rain in the san jose. so that's the good news. active
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weather pattern looks like that will continue as we're going to see more rain on the way. not only here but for much of the state, which is great news for all of our water. we're looking at the more scattered showers popping up in our the storm system went through today all the way down southern california right now we're drying things out for the most part couple sprinkles outside right now and some fog showing up as well. we're waiting for this storm system right there in northern california. drop down overnight tonight. i think it's going to be intensifying as it moves in. so i think this one to come through with little bit of a punch early tomorrow morning that commute early on going to be very wet to plan on that. if you're headed around the bay area early tomorrow morning on your way to work. here comes that storm system. our models. you see there, all4the yellow and the orange begin to move in the north bay early tomorrow morning. that slowly working its way through the bay area right through the commute time. then as we head toward the middle of the day. looks like these will begin to break up more scattered showers popping up around the bay area and things are going to start to slow down a little bit. but there are plenty more to come. we'll track those storms coming up in a few minutes.
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all right, lawrence, thanks very much all the travel rush is on with christmas just a couple days away. we're looking live at sfo. >> millions of people have been jetting off for various i getaways. in fact, the tsa says that air travel is now nearing prepandemic levels. this week. kron four's gayle ong talk. some travelers at san jose airport has this story. >> the drop-off has been busy here at san jose international airport and travelers. i spoke with say they are taking extra precautions that they had their holiday destination. >> despite the rapid spread of the omicron variant people are still jetting off backs i've done health experts say will being fully vaccinated and boosted minimizes the risk of being exposed to covid-19 infectious disease. experts like doctor george rutherford a ucsf says once in the plane never take off your mask when you fly. >> i think, you know, the one of the precautions you can take us to double mask to wear surgical masks n 95 or kn 95.
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>> or whatever you in order to really kind of cut down your respiratory. explosion. >> and opening the air vent above your seat that that's all fresh air. that's not that's not recycle. their doctor. rutherford says travel is considered safe as can be. it is where people are going. that health experts are concerned about. the risk is going to be once you get and we start to congregate people aook come from different places who may be infectious. that's where the risk is. this traveler at san jose airport just had a family member who fully vaccinated test positive for covid before a gathering. my sister >> so they did the testing. just fine. she just lost it has been a busy week for bay area airports at san jose international tsa is expecting to screen more than 430,000
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passengers to pass through the airport. >> over the christmas and new year travel period. airport officials say that's too short of peak travel prepandemic in 2019 at oakland airport, about 90% of prepandemic crowds are traveling for the holidays. well, san francisco international airport is seeing about 70%. and because of that uptick in travelers. airport officials are urging travelers to get here early. if you're flying out 2 hours before domestic flight 3 hours for international. and according to the tsa airports are expected to see the most passengers on thursday. >> december 23rd and january 3rd, the monday afternoon years reporting from san jose international >> the fda has authorized pfizer's covid-19 pill potent new weapon against the virus. the paxlovid tablet can be taken at home after a positive diagnosis and it will help prevent severe symptoms.
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supposedly hospitalizations. pfizer says the pill is almost 90% effective in doing that. >> it almost certainly will be a physician writing a prescription for someone who within the first 3 days of notable symptoms of covid and is in a high-risk group to get it. >> the pill is authorized for use by anyone 12 and older. the fda is also expected to soon to authorize a similar drug from merck. the demand for covid testing. it has really skyrocketed in recent weeks. and that is because of the omicron variant also the fact people getting together for christmas. the last minute push is fueling long lines at pharmacies, testing sites across the country, whether it's people in cars or people standing in line. doctors say you might be able to skip the crowds by being tested at your doctor's office or other health care provider. the
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demand for covid tests has led to a big shortage of at home testing kits. >> that's force retailers such as walmart, amazon cvs and walgreens to limit the number of kids that people can buy online. amazon is limiting the number of purchases to 10 kits. 8 kids is the limit at walmart and walgreens in just 6 kids at cbs. a lot of people in the bay area are struggling to find those at home testing kits as kron four's. dan thorn tells us a supervisor in contra, costa county now taking matters into his own hands. contra costa county supervisor john joya is trying to help out his community by giving out free at-home covid-19 tests. the concerns of the omicron variant have been growing by the day. and while these tests become hard to find. they can also be hard to afford. >> the spread of the omicron covid-19 variant ahead of the holidays has sent demand skyrocketing for covid testing kits. major stores like cvs and walgreens are now limiting how many at-home tests
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customers can buy the lack of availability is prompting a county supervisor to step in and help out we're seeing an overwhelming response people wanted to get tested. so we're getting home test kits we've distributed over the last 2 days around 2500 cast. john joya represents contra costa county's district one this week. his office is giving out the test kits for free to those who have struggled to find them. >> lines outside of the building in el serino show the community is taking advantage county test sites are overloaded as well, which is seeing a major increase demand for testing while the supervisor is glad to help the west contra costa county community. he's disappointed that the tests have not been more widely available. president biden announced the plan on tuesday to distribute 500 million at-home tests to americans. but deliveries will not start until january. joy is office has given out thousands of covid tests so
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far this week and he, too, is hoping the supply from the county's health services can keep up with the demand. we're trying to track down more all depends upon whether we can get more from the health department as state testing sites continue to face pressure state leaders are working to ease the issues by expanding rapid testing availability and hours of operations at sites that have already reached capacity. >> reporting in contra, costa county. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> now that more people are getting tested at home in response to the surge of omicron cases. there is some concern about what might be getting missed in that process. kron four's ella sogomonian is live in the newsroom with that part of the story l a. >> catherine one testing system that's been in place for most of the pandemic serves 2 functions letting people know if they're infected with coronavirus and collecting data. so we're talking about these approved testing sites in california where if somebody tests positive, the state can log
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the case as well as the specific variant. and this is also how we learned about which ethnic groups were disproportionately being affected by the virus and where. well, now this far into the pandemic as we've been talking about at home test kits have become very popular. but the state and national health systems. worst losing so much of those details. >> it's a good idea. just to keep the population safe. but we are going to lose some of our ability to track precisely the direction of the pandemic. and that's that's kind of what you give up getting evidence getting data and interpreting that that information is very important. what we do by the same token. you know, if you think about this, you don't want to have people out and about getting other folks infected. and if there was a simple way of testing yourself in the morning before you go out and finding that you are positive. you're going to have a big material impact on getting the pandemic snuffed out so it's kind of hard to
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make off. that's not really a tradeoff here. i think we have to use whatever we can. >> when home tests were first talked about during the pandemic. there was an idea that you might be able to use your smartphone to report that kind of data. but as of now, that option isn't widely available. there's one exception right here in the bay area, though county is allowing residents to self-declared their results from an at home test kit on their website up on the county's website and then that data is shared with the state and federal database. but currently no other county in california. does that live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. thank >> in national news, vice president kamala harris has tested negative for covid after she was exposed to the virus by a staffer who tested positive. the white house first announced that positive case yesterday. the vice president has taken one test since then. but she will take another one friday and again monday as advised by the cdc.
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>> congressman jim clyburn, the 3rd most powerful democrat in the house says that he has tested positive for covid. >> he says he is fully vaccinated. he does not have any symptoms. he was tested before he was set to attend his granddaughter's wedding. that's how we found out a growing number of lawmakers sent tested positive this week, including east bay congresswoman barbara lee and senators elizabeth warren and cory booker. >> u.s. supreme court will hear arguments on 2 separate issues involving vaccine requirements in the workplace. that announcement came late today just as we're seeing another nationwide spike in covid cases. >> kron jonathan mccall has a closer look at the possible implications of that decision. >> the workplace mandate which impacts more than 80 million american workers remains in effect after an appeals court reinstated last week. a number of businesses 27 mostly republican led states and other groups have no
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challenge. the policy asking the supreme court to block it. missouri is leading that challenge wednesday, texas governor greg abbott tweeted that, quote, if justice is apply the constitution, they will strike down these mandates. in a statement late wednesday evening. white house press secretary jen psaki said it is critical to protect workers with vaccination requirements and testing protocols. she went on to say that she's confident in the both policies. the mandate requires workers at large companies to be vaccinated or wear face masks and undergo weekly testing the white house says the mandate which was set by osha and is set to take effect on january. 4th would require 22 million people to get vaccines but also prevent 250,000 hospitalizations. the high court will also hear arguments overruled from november by the centers for medicare and medicaid that applies to a wide range of health care providers that receive federal medicare or
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medicaid funding that mandate requires workers to receive the first dose of a covid-19 vaccine by december 6th and to be fully vaccinated by january 4th. it was projected to impact more than 17 million workers in about 76,000 healthcare facilities along with some health care providers. both issues are set for january. 7th jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> president biden has extended the moratorium on student loan repayments another 90 days. the move continues. a relief measure that began almost 2 years ago under the trump administration affecting roughly 41 million borrowers back in august, president biden said he had extended the moratorium. quote, one last time to january 1st. but the president now says the latest surge in covid cases made it necessary to extend the moratorium until may. 1st. >> now to a major update in the murder investigation of kevin that she to oakland's police chief says 2 people are in custody in connection to
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his death. the shooter was shot last month while protecting one of our reporters who was on assignment. police say the attackers were arrested for other charges at this point. they are still searching for a 3rd suspect. >> we are closing in on this investigation. once we are able to apprehend that their and we charge all 3 of the suspects with homicide. i think we'll have better understand all of their roles and motives for the facts. lee committing the crime. >> earlier this week. police found a white acura used during the shooting and they say one of the 2 people arrested a zone that car police still offering a reward of more than $38,000 for information leading to an arrest. >> a search is underway for an apple woman has been missing for more than a week. 37 year-old crystal mccarthy was last seen on december 13th in surveillance video from a 7.11 store near the napa river. police say they have found her boots and other personal items near the river. she was
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reported missing by her boyfriend who says they had dinner together later spoke by phone from his job site. the night she went missing. >> got home about midnight. when i got home she wasn't there. i gave her phone ring and didn't answer tried calling phone a bunch, nothing never gone more than 2 days of that right contacting somebody at this >> we're considering foul play at this point, given the information that we have. >> anyone who has any information on her whereabouts is asked to contact napa police authorities have recovered a stolen big rig. the full of merchandise in fairfield. the highway patrol says officers spotted a stolen tractor trailer sunday morning. it was heading westbound on interstate 80 at travis boulevard, eventually stopped at the core. delia vehicle. enforcement facility in officers say they found more than $250,000 worth of stolen cargo, including wine and other alcohol. 3 year-old
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ronald stephens of clyde in contra, costa county was booked into jail on multiple felony charges. >> on kron. 4 news at 10. the astroworld festival and the company behind it. they are under federal scrutiny tonight. we'll explain. >> a big announcement from the united states army on the creation of what is being called a super vaccine. >> and playing video games while driving the new safety concerns over a new tests feature.
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entresto is the number one heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists and has helped over one million people. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren,
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or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. shows the fiery crash that shut down a texas freeway today. police say a fuel tanker crashed into another truck that was carrying animal waste. this was on highway 8.20, that's northeast of fort worth that fire burned for hours before crews were able to put it out. the smoke could be seen for miles. one person was taken to the hospital with severe burns. >> tesla is now being investigated again by the national highway traffic safety administration. this time it's over video games installed in the front touch screen which can be played while the car is in motion. there's no evidence that anyone playing those video
10:23 pm
driving a tesla has caused any crashes. but as nancy loo tells us federal regulators think this is worth a closer look. >> i don't even know how this works. lilly abbott dini says she rarely taps into the video games loaded indoor tesla, but it's a cool feature to have gaming on the center console. while moving is meant for passengers. but the system doesn't prevent driver from playing. >> a recent update added some new games including solitaire safeguards do kick in when in motion. i do know that some of the games like they do you know, close down. so maybe all of them would close down. that would be better. like i know i'm not going play that small driving. >> but i think maybe there's people out there that, you know, don't think like that consumer concerns over distracted driving prompted the new federal investigation into tesla, which comes as no surprise to those who follow the industry. if you look at vehicles on the road today. they're meant for transportation and safety always needs to be paramount.
10:24 pm
the fact that it's is opening up an investigation into tesla. >> means that there might be something wrong that we need to address it. says already investigating tesla's autopilot system which prompted this person to show off as a literal back seat driver in october and out of control. tesla crashed into a building in kansas. auto pilot has also been linked to a series of crashes, a number of them deadly. this august crash into the vehicle of a florida state trooper is part of the federal investigation driving the tesla told the trooper that the car was on. >> a driver assist, you know, some people call it assist, many agree the warning about gaming is warranted. >> these are all things that can deter the driver from their number one responsibility. and that is driving and driving safely behind the wheel. >> that was nancy loo reporting for us. so far no response from tesla on the new federal investigation. in fact, the company disbanded its media relations department last year.
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>> next at 10. some bay area restaurants trying to get ahead of the winter surge of covid cases. we're being fully vaccinated will not be enough for you to be allowed to dine inside. also it's been a month since the omicron variant was first detected in south africa. all that country is doing now and what it could mean for us and lawmakers investigating the january 6 riot have set their sights on another republican. what they want to see and hear from ohio. congressman jim jordan. >> and a series of storms bringing wet weather on and off through the end of the year and a whole lot of snow for the sierra. we'll talk about it coming up next.
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>> now 1030, the omicron variant is expected to spread exponentially over the next few months. with researchers predicting it will affect a 140 million americans by march health experts say the omicron variant spreads faster than any of the other covid variants. but so far anyway, it also causes. >> far fewer hospitalizations and deaths than the delta variant. researchers estimate the omicron surge will peak in late january at about 2.8 infections a day before subsiding and there's potentially good news from
10:29 pm
south africa where omicron was first detected health officials there say the country has quickly passed the peak in new cases. they're down about 20% over the last 7 days, although experts say it is too early to draw any conclusions. >> we are really know the story about re infection with omicron yet. let's be clear about that and what we know is that this is your initial infection. so does a bird the population then cycle right back. we don't know the answer that right. >> the cdc says the u.s. is now averaging more than 10122,000 new cases a day. that number is expected to go up. >> marin county public health officials are seeing the start of a surge. less than a week after the very first case of the omicron variant was detected there 112 new cases reported yesterday alone that's already more than the highest case count during the summer surge driven by the delta variant that was 86, the more contagious omicron variant is expected to soon
10:30 pm
become the dominant strain in marin county. so people are being asked to be cautious when they're gathering indoors. that means keeping the party to a small group wear a mask and get a booster shot. >> some san francisco restaurants are now requiring that customers show proof of vaccine boosters that's effective immediately. they say they want to be very careful as omicron cases continue to rise. kron four's taylor has the story. >> in addition, a proof of vaccination. some restaurants in san francisco are now taking it a step further and requiring proof of vaccine boosters doing a really good job. this gaping the defenses of initial vaccines that we receive. >> it seemed if if the standard for us was creating a safe environment and there was a safety tool and placed in stick and we need to put that in place to keep. >> everybody in that environment state may ignore says the chef at zuni cafe on market street. >> he says the restaurant will
10:31 pm
begin checking eligible customers for their booster status on wednesday. the 29th signs are already posted on their doors and staff have been calling those with future reservations to let them >> got an app at the host and the restaurant at scanned it and then it pops up the information that we need to see and not really more than that. >> should should the vaccine. you know, vaccine in date that a pretty fluid system. meanwhile, ca 7 san francisco's outer richmond neighborhood. >> already began shaking booster status is on wednesday making the announcement on their social media saying it's the best way to ensure staff and customers. stay safe because variant is and then hearing a lot. >> they are saying that, you i have but know people that got it right. so we don't want to get day. >> owner. you got your roy
10:32 pm
says she's planning to close the restaurant for a week after the holidays as a precaution but will stay closed longer if omicron cases continue rising run through the holiday season at that. >> they put out there and it kind of see how it goes. >> while north and you really are the first to implement booster requirements for restaurants in the city. they don't believe that they will be the last in san francisco. i'm taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >> the u.s. army is developing a so-called super vaccine. they say it will protect people from all covid variants, including omicron and even provide protection against sars. scientists at the walter reed army institute of research have been working on the super vaccine for nearly 2 years now phase one of human trials wrapped up this month that generated a positive results and those results are now under review. it is not clear if the vaccine will be a single or multiple dose in the sierra chains. are
10:33 pm
we required along parts of interstate 80 major travel delays for christmas. travel are expected. >> and there could be near whiteout conditions at times there. aside from packing your chains drivers are advised to check your car's battery and fluids. a gas station clerk in king. ville says when the snow comes, they sell roughly a 1000 sets of tire chains in just a few days. >> if you're going to do your own chains. are you need to get chains. i recommend doing it before you get here. if you need to be prepared to get a little way. you need to get down on your knees on it is a process, but it is to save your life. >> some basic advice while you can buy changer cables in the sierra. it's cheaper. does bring your own get them here before you go and remember the maximum speed limit in bad weather. according to the highway patrol is just 30 miles an hour. sometimes that's too fast. depending on the road conditions. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has been tracking conditions there and joins us now with more warrants. yeah. guys, for series of storms on impact the bay are these are going to be very cold storm. so if you
10:34 pm
plan to head up the mountains for the holidays. you head of the tahoe. >> be prepared. you're really going to have to watch the weather to know when to head up. we're going to get stuck. a lot of traffic, a lot of snow. maybe some blizzard may be some whiteout conditions up there. these are severe storms that are coming through out there tonight. yeah, chain up over 80 over donner summit. if you're headed that way. here's castle peak. some folks moving through there. but a lot of snow that sort of start of the fall. the winds are starting to blow up there as the storm system gets ready to move in. so winter storm warnings going up across the sierra nevada tonight and continuing all the way through sunday. and i think they'll be extended probably in least until the middle of next week as we've got storm after storm after storm that will be rolling on through and some very cold air to go along with that. in fact, latest forecast through this weekend as some of the snow totals across the mountain peaks. there may be 9 to 10 feet of snow. and by the end of the following week, maybe as much as 12 plus. so you've got a lot of snow that's coming down this not a few inches and that snow will be lowering down to about 2000 feet. so you're traveling up
10:35 pm
along. i 5 in your head up toward maybe organ or so you're going to shasta be prepared. that snow level going to come in low and really lowering maybe down to 1000 feet or even lower as we head in towards sunday and monday. here's lebron on long-range computer model. you'll see is one storm goes through bringing the rain to the bay area. lots of snow up in the sierra nevada and then on the backside of that, we get a cold storm moving in right on the gulf of alaska much lower snow levels as we head in toward friday night into saturday morning. christmas day. we've got some showers around the bay area early on behind that little bit of a break and then another one comes in starting on sunday evening and the more that on the way as we head in toward monday that is going to be a very cold storm system coming through with some very low snow levels right through tuesday and wednesday keeping things very stormy across much of the bay area and the sierra nevada behind that. we catch a little bit of a break. and then when you know that new year's eve yet another storm system drops in. so we'll start to add some pretty impressive rainfall totals here around the state. much of california. of course, needing
10:36 pm
all this rain that we can get in a spread out enough. we're not expecting any major problems as far as flooding is concerned, you'll see some minor issues from time to time on the roadways, you see some brief downpours we're talking 3, maybe 5 inches down in the urban areas, maybe 7, maybe 10 inches of rain on the higher amount peak specially in the coastal ranges and then the sierra nevada just a ton of snow. so here we go. we've got a lot of changes coming our way. get ready tonight. that rain is moving in. it will be stormy for the commute early on tomorrow morning. big by the afternoon, things taper off a little bit, but then more rain expected friday night. it looks like not a washout on christmas day and we're getting all those nice little toys want to go outside and play with them a little bit. you may want to stay inside in the morning. i think by the afternoon on christmas day. it will be cool, but i think it will be mostly dry. good advice. sounds good. thank you, lauren. >> in national news. still no verdict in the trial of a former police officer who says she accidently used her gun instead of her taser when she shot and killed a black driver during an arrest. the jury has
10:37 pm
spent 3 days deciding the fate of kim potter who resigned shortly after the shooting yesterday. the judge other jurors rather asked the judge what they should do if they cannot reach a verdict. the judge essentially said keep trying potter has pleaded not guilty to firstand second-degree manslaughter. on capitol hill. a congressional committee has launched an investigation into the promoter of the deadly astroworld music festival. 10 people were killed during a crowd surge is rap star travis scott performed lawmakers want details from the promoter about security crowd control and mass casualty planning. the company has not publicly responded to the investigation. >> new at 00:00pm tonight. the house select committee investigating the january 6 riot at the capitol wants to question john jordan, one of former president trump's top congressional allies. jordan is also one of the republicans who texted trump chief of
10:38 pm
staff mark meadows the day before the insurrection. the committee says it's seeking jordan's voluntary cooperation. it's not clear if they will get it. republican congressman scott perry of pennsylvania has already refused to cooperate with the committee. former president trump is planning to hold a news conference on the one-year anniversary of that riot. he will be speaking from his mar-a-lago resort in florida. in a statement announcing the speech the former president downplayed the events of january 6th and continue to make false claims that the 2020 election was rigged. >> president biden. arguing that store shelves are actually looking a lot better than his critics predicted this christmas shopping season. he says the shelves are stocked and gifts are being delivered on time as our washington correspondent jessi tenure tells us president is crediting the actions he and to straighten out the kinks in the nation's supply chain. >> shelves are not empty.
10:39 pm
president biden says supply chain issues did not play the grinch after all, despite fears of product shortages. americans have been able to put presents under the tree packages are moving gifts are being delivered delivery times this season for fedex ups and the u.s. postal service are faster than before the pandemic. even as americans have purchased a record amount of goods in a meeting with the white house supply chain task force made up of cabinet members and ceos. the president reported retail inventory is up 3% from last year and fedex ceo fred smith says ports and trucking companies hire more workers. the supply chain is beginning to get back on track. most of us santa clauses. >> product be delivered consumers both smith and president biden also credit the progress made in an sticking bottlenecks between congested ports and stores were moving towards a 24, 7 operations at the ports. port. officials say the administration's plan to extend port operation hours and provide incentives for
10:40 pm
shippers to move goods faster seems to be working. it is going to be a good holiday season on thursday. the biden administration will announce 230 million dollars in grants for ports from the new infrastructure law to further speed up deliveries and drive down prices addressing these costs has been and will continue to be my top priority. the entire administration, though president biden says the biggest weapon in his arsenal is social spending and climate plan, which is stuck in congress in washington. i'm jessi tenure. west virginia senator joe mansion, not budging after taking the current version of the build back better plan over the weekend. >> the democrats saying he wants the bill to be smaller and more targeted arguing that it is bound to spike inflation even higher in its current form. president biden denies that and insists that he's optimistic the bill will be passed next year. >> still ahead tonight from the bay area to the top 10 on netflix will sit down with the stars of a california christmas city lines.
10:41 pm
>> sports less than 48 hours away from their matchup with the titans. the forty-niners made headlines today with 5 players selected to the pro bowl team sports director jason dumas tells us to coming up. and don't forget to join us on kron four's we ring in the new year. grant lotus and justine waltman will count us down in 2022. >> watch the bay area's only live fireworks shows it sparkles over the bay bridge. the party starts at 11:30pm on new year's eve right here on kron. 4. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the forty-niners are playing their best stretch of football this season. so it seems fitting that on wednesday. 5 of them were honored with pro bowl selections offensive tackle trent williams fullback. kyle use check tight end. george kittle wideout deebo. samuel, as sou see right behind me and defensive end. nick bosa will all start for the nfc squad. this is the first pro bowl selection. the niners are currently in nashville prepping for a thursday night matchup with the titans that is going to be a huge now like every team in pro sports. the warriors are trying to navigate through a winter
10:45 pm
covid spike this was today at practice that you can see stephan them. >> the team now has 3 players in coto covid protocols. andrew wiggins, jordan, poole and now damion lee lee was just added. >> the nba has over 90 players in protocols and maybe even have to postpone multiple games in the last week. the dubs. well, they're just trying to tread water in, get through this day. >> don't be to do is to cover a watch means. and, you know, does. he's smart not being big crowds and stuff like that. and. now i want to continue to play basketball more than anything. so. you know those everything i just mentioned previously much more important than basketball foot for me. you know, basketball far away as everything else because i want to be out there i would help my team everything that we do with covid in mind right now. and hopefully we can, you know, figure out moving forward.
10:46 pm
>> college hoops stanford in hawaii taking on hawaii in the first round of the diamond classic. they're actually taking on wyoming here in ny jumper right here. jaiden delaire with the 3 of his team. high 17 points. now 6 minutes left spencer jones muscles his way in nice finish. there. we had a tie game. jones had 15 points. now 2 minutes left michael mcconnell. nice midrange jump shot that put stanford up 5, but 8 seconds left wyoming had the chance to win this game or at least force overtime. open looks right there and they get the offensive rebound for another open. look. they missed them both. the cowboys can't get out and can't get a final look at the buzzer. guess what stanford hangs on to win this one 66 to 63. they advance to the semifinal against liberty. cal hosting pacific. 2nd half grant. temp and teach of it. 10 point yes,
10:47 pm
6, 3 pointers to give the bears a 10 point lead. and they're going to finish now with his 17th trays cow. and the game on a 21 to 2 run. he had 25 points bears win 7353 when they don't play again until next year. here at stanford january 2nd. >> thank you, jason. well, it the season for christmas movies. of course, you've got a lot of choices from the classics to the latest from an to comedies bay area filmmakers out with a sequel to a big netflix hit from last year. a california christmas. >> we have tried everything to get this piece of land we have 3 weeks. it was a number one netflix movie in the world last season. a california christmas. the film was shot in petaluma and told the story of a rich san francisco playboy who found love and a new life in sonoma county.
10:48 pm
premiers were held in hollywood and petaluma for the sequel in a california christmas city lights. we follow the former playboy as returns to san francisco to save his family business, putting his rule life and relationship with his country. girl fiance in jeopardy. the script was written by co-star and real-life wife lawrence workers we had that title. how >> it was a no-brainer the class. just itself. >> here we are welcome to san francisco. >> utah changed him and he said he had his come to jesus moment and get people back into his own life and and now not so so i think it's a fun character to be able to play that time work. >> come for the film was produced by petaluma native ali who prefers to leave hollywood to shoot in his hometown we built a set on are actually had our own little and going on lot as doses
10:49 pm
actually in our in our facilities there everybody is just so wonderful band. that's that's why i mean, this isn't a now that you didn't. he said rees this with kurds say they're sold on making movies here. >> i love the fact that i mean, these are kind of a love letter i could. just go work at that. everything was perfect. about it other than pushing a newborn in a stroller >> dangerous. >> if you have a stroller and it would yeah, especially for the baby. yeah. last year a california christmas was number one. the number one christmas movie on netflix this year. right now california christmas city lights. the number one christmas movie. on they're they're on a roll. they're on the run. and you were saying earlier that maybe they'll do another one cute that they're married and i would think people in petaluma enjoyed having more out.
10:50 pm
>> you know, the town opens up its arms when they come in to shoot these movies because they're out the local farm houses ago. local restaurants. it's fun sometimes see al, brink brings in some pretty good start. so they get a little hollywood coming a lot alright next. at 10 o'clock knocking out hunger this holiday season. how you can team up with kron 4 to help local food banks.
10:51 pm
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10:53 pm
>> this new year's eve kron four's once again partnering with the super bowl of carrying it's a national nonprofit that puts a spotlight on food banks across america a kron ella sogomonian shows us how your donation would help here in the bay area. >> local researchers recently found that nearly 1 million people living in the bay area are making poverty wages. they're now struggling to pay for groceries after inflation as supply chain issue california's drop along with the pandemic caused prices for groceries of all kinds to soar all the more so kron 4 is committed to continuing our mission to help this new year's eve. we're encouraging you to donate to the san francisco-marin food bank one dollar means to meals and hour of your time. you can make a lot of good happened. >> before covid-19 crosby says the food bank was a lifeline
10:54 pm
for 100, 40,000 people every week since then she says about 60,000 more have come to them for their next meal. >> the pandemic shine a light on food insecurity before the pandemic one in 5 of our neighbors, experiencing food insecurity. food is everything. it's nice in it's community. it's fuel learning. and so that's why it's so important that you get involved in the effort is part of a national campaign called super bowl for caring, which unites all communities across the country to tackle hunger using the energy of big events like sports and new year's eve. >> so no one goes without a bowl of soup. a map on their website. directs you to the run food bank where donations can be made reporting in san francisco. i'm ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >> and if you would like to donate, you can use your phone to scan that qr code on the screen or text. and y e donate to 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, and you can also visit tackle hunger dot
10:55 pm
org and pick a local charity to help. >> time-lapse video from fairbanks. alaska shows the fleeting son as the winter solstice brought the shortest day of of the year. yesterday, the sun was shining for less than 4 hours. it got up at 10:58am in the morning and went back down to 40 pm. it's also known as the longest night of the year from now on, the day's will get a little brighter each day, but only by a few minutes. of course, the opposite happens in the summertime. right. yeah. yeahs up almost of that that i would prefer. yeah. that i've done that before that you're taking a cruise up there and even 11 o'clock outside. it's almost like twilight now, you never quite get star cool. yeah. hey, we've got plenty darkness. we've got clouds rolling in foraus tonight. we've got storm clouds headed in our way. i think tomorrow morning's commute could be a little bit messy out there. you've got. >> a lot of clouds around the bay area now, nothing that's producing a whole lot of rain. we've got some drizzle, but we've got a lot of fog out there, too. so yeah. here we
10:56 pm
go. as we take you through the night tonight. things a mainly dry just a couple of scattered sprinkles outside right now. but there's more on the way you got this front. that's going to be moving in. and i think this will only intensifying as it comes through overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning by tomorrow afternoon. i think the commute will be so bad tomorrow morning. yeah, it could be a little rough. so let's time it out for you. one of our high-resolution computer models you see as we take you through the night tonight. that rain begins to pick up in the north bay and it does get kind of intense. you start to see some yellow, some orange, some red dots here. we could even see some thunderstorms come through with this storm system of those slides on by. and that is most your commute. so that starts 3 o'clock in the morning in by 08:00am you're still talking about some heavy rain along the peninsula and into the south bay. and then as we head toward the middle of day things finally begin to break up things settle down a little bit, maybe a couple rainbows with a couple sunny breaks around the bay area. then as we head through the afternoon, a chance of a couple pop-up showers. but things really going to kind of wind down after that. so that's some good news. temperature wise those it's going to be cool out their plan on the rain early on
10:57 pm
50's. maybe a couple low 60's around the bay area tomorrow afternoon and that is about it over the next few days. rain kind of on and off and it gets cold. these storms going to come right on the gulf of alaska and they're going to make some very chilly temperatures to the bay area as we head in toward christmas day and also the sunday and monday that day looks extremely cold. if you do get a significant amount of rain, a or painting the chance of snow all the way to see that. we'll see if that happens. but certainly be fun to watch it. be fun. if it did happen. yeah. snow in san francisco. yet one that the son of the awesome. yeah. that does it for us tonight. have a good night. well, thanks for joining us tonight.
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