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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  December 24, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> evening out very dangerous driving conditions this weekend. we also have an avalanche warning that has been extended right now. still seeing some snow falling out in the sierra. we've already seen a couple feet to accumulate in some areas there. diamond peak 36 inches just today, a north star over a couple feet as well. sugar since this morning and home wood to saw some snow accumulate so that avalanche warning extended through monday because of the heavy snowfall in the windy conditions out there near highway 49, we also have a winter storm warning that has been extended through tuesday elevations at 7,000 feet and above could expect to 3 to 7 feet to just threw a sunday and then sierra rich gusts up to a 100 miles per hour. lower elevations, 40 miles per hour gusts. so a windy conditions
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out there. temperatures also going to get from saturday to monday. look at the difference in those numbers down to the 20's for daytime highs there. so not just the sierra but also the bay area. we're going to see our temperatures a dip. and that's we're been talking about this rain, the higher hills and higher elevations could see some gusting through the weekend with that heavy rainfall in those low temperatures. but tomorrow we're looking at 47 in santa rosa 53 in san jose and 51 in san francisco by monday temperatures a little lower in some places. back to you. thank you, thanks a lot, erica. well, as the bay area, they areas preparing for some rainfall this weekend. the sierras preparing for all of that. >> snow that we've been talking about. no one could be more happy about all that. of course, then the skiers and snowboarders and joining us to describe the conditions. they can expect. let's bring in our good friend kevin coop cooper is live in south lake tahoe. it coop. how are you? you know, we're talking about
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what's coming. but you're you've got plenty of snow already, don't you. >> yeah. we've got a lot of snow. i mean, that's right. now just as the snow today that 12 are told. also a 2012 15 inches in elevation it's snowiest december on record since 1970. we have 4 more days of snow in the forecast. looks like we may be drive to get to the highest snowfall accumulation in the month of december is the good news is guys we're at a 123% of the snow pack just a week ago. we're at 19%. so really good just 2 weeks ago. 0. and now we are and the holidays are here. >> a coup. but one of what's the quality of the snow up there. good, good for skiing and snowboarding. >> yeah, this was a great start. that's a great question because it came it really, really wet. we knew that's what we would bond to gather the avalanche danger is high as reported by the sheer avalanche center in the forecast for tomorrow as high as well. so to be a lot of avenue. mitigation efforts by the mountain operations teams
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over the next several days, but now the quality is really good. they were. we're not quite nice. full pretty good is light and dry right now. so this is really good for this year and the snow pack. a great for the skiers and riders and all those families that are recreating down at lake level source a great accumulation 60 to 57 which allows the kids to snowshoe and play around and cross country ski. so great holiday season had that you guys mentioned earlier. it's getting here and we want to get here. you need to hunker down over the next 72 hours. look at the 2 to 3 inches an hour starting late tonight into tomorrow. throughout tomorrow afternoon. yeah. i love your show and tell by the way, could yes. so there will be people coming no matter what we say. >> but we are talking about road closures being possible and things getting really, really. >> a bad. so people are going to go anyway. what's the window? which the best time to travel up there. >> late. i would say tuesday.
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but to be honest with when there was an interesting post by the operates department. i've never seen anything like it. my social media history. 20 years of tunning the public relations for kirkwood mountain resort that resort they put out a post today that said do not go out. do not drive. they put the number of police officers and sergeants on duty today and basically pleaded with the people in south lake all the tourists and the locals just to stay indoors. so they could catch up. that's a pretty long warning to see, you police of a local police department issue that kind of warning the people that are driving around the lake right now. so just heed the warnings guy. they're not doing it to scare you. they're doing it so they can do their jobs systems could work in the plow operators to get the roads up and we've got plenty of snow. now it's going to be a great winner going into the new year's. we're stoked to have a 100. 23 1%. last year we were at 13%. a snowball season the day so ominous warning don't come up to tuesday of next week. let the system pass on by.
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>> who can't help but notice the dogs in the background there. they look like they're having a good >> joining today across countries game because have a lunch morning when i see hi, i am not going into the back country. but we went down and are better today and had a great cross country ski or have a great time pulling the along right there. like dragging deadweight. actually they have just trying to keep up. i love them. and of course i love dogs. hey coop. you see everything. have you ever seen an avalanche up there. oh, absolutely. i have and i will tell you, i respect mother nature. i respect or in the ocean i respect or an she doesn't really care who you are. doesn't. it's triggered it's going to take everything in its wake up good friends. get caught ought to buy south. >> they're definitely something you need to have backcountry experience. if you're going into the backcountry big probe shot. well and dress a dress planned. let somebody know
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that you're going out and you're going to come back it seriously. as high. there's a reason they put big red on high. just don't go to the back country like place. a playoff season know before you go. >> alright cooperman there in the the snow enjoy yourself up their coop. stay safe. >> thank you. happy holiday you too. thanks coop. >> sounds like either you be there already are just don't go for quite a while. yeah. be careful. all right. well, coming up here on kron, 4 news at 5 o'clock. it's the season of giving and it turns out giving out presents is good for your health. >> what the researchers have found. also what scientists are saying about a potential breakthrough in the fight against cancer.
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limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. >> for your health. scientists are testing a potential breakthrough in the fight against cancer. it's a vaccine that is designed to jumpstart a woman's immune system telling the body to attack any tumor that contains a specific protein that is produced by cancer. that vaccine is now an early test trials. >> well, if you feel like you broke the bank this holiday shopping season. it's ok actually turns out the gift giving might have some health benefits team of psychologists at ucl. a say giving presents to friends and family may help reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. they closely monitor group of
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volunteers and expose them to stressful situations. and then after that, the voluntears were told to choose a gift to send to a loved one and scientists monitor their vital signs as they did sell and blood pressures dropped and so did their heart rates. unbelievable. researchers say that receiving gifts does not have the same still ahead, 2021 will be remembered in part is the year of the billionaire space race when we return, we'll take a look at what they accomplished. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> this year will likely be remembered as the year of the new space race is or things are getting closer and closer to the first manned mission to mars in the future. you know, we watched as the billionaires and movie stars, even a few ordinary citizens traveled to the edge of space markie. martin has the story. >> and it was off to the races for space travel. >> in 2021. >> not without some trial and error first that december blast was the first of 4 explosions from elon musk's space x. all part of an unmanned series of launch tests for its starship design to eventually carry humans. those launch tests igniting an investigation from the faa over environmental and other safety concerns. they eventually had a successful test met with other everyone. what looking at is the or.
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>> from our perspective, this fall space x cent for amateurs to space for 3 days. hey, guys, thanks for joining here on crew dragon, one of its crew members. a former saint jude patient sharing her experience with current saint jude kids >> just what you can but the summer of 2021 was rife with space trauma as billionaires. richard branson and jeff bezos hustle to make their commercial space tayeb use. >> originally virgin galactic. sir richard branson had planned to launch at a later date. but quickly changed his mission time after amazon founder jeff bezos announced plans for a july lift off, though the 2 never admitted it was a race branson beat bezos by 9 days with a message for my crew upon landing very case.
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>> bases may have reached the edge of space. later. >> but some would say his with more flair for his first flight. he invited 82 year-old aviation pioneer wally funk, one of the mercury 13 women who received astronaut training back in the 60's but never made it to next up, a member of the starfleet getting a real chance at space flight is all business 55 years after star trek's debut captain kirk reached the edge of space at 90 william shatner becoming the oldest person to make it to the final frontier what you can is the profound >> so. filled with emotion.
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>> this month. blue origin marked its 3rd human spaceflight in plans to do more in the new year. >> virgin galactic has big ambitions to the company says it will offer paying customers a space plane ride next year at roughly 250,000 bucks a pop. >> nasa and space x teamed up this year to plan america's next lunar mission now slated for 2025, the head of nasa warning that china could make it their first summer linked to plea confirmed space x also shot off more than 50 satellites into orbit with the goal of improving internet in underserved areas. >> i like that. shatner was genuine really emotional kind of sweet. all right. let's take a live look at sfo there on your we're also looking at stormtracker 4 radar and we see there is some rain and we know a lot more to erica
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caturay joining us now with a look at the forecast. what we can expect there. yeah. well, we're just seeing some light showers right now that heavier downpour, of course not till after midnight. >> it's looking very quiet out in the south and north bay right now won't be the case tomorrow. and we've been seeing all this rain hasn't really helped with the drought, though, as you can see, still in an extreme exceptional drought levels there. we did, though, see some improvement in the very northern part of sonoma county there. we dipped to the orange level because of the rain. but just a little portion of the bay area. here's futurecast. don't be surprised if you see a pop-up shower these next few hours in your neighborhood. but the heavier downpour there it is just around 4 o'clock tomorrow morning and the higher hills out there. you could see some dusting 11 o'clock. tomorrow. we see a band of showers here moderate to heavy rainfall in san francisco and the east bay. they're a san jose light
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showers. the heavier downpour comes in the afternoon there. so around 2 o'clock, seeing red rate there that is heavy rain be careful if you're traveling roads are going to be wet 6.30, tomorrow evening. still rain for the south moving through the region and temperatures, of course dipping this weekend by 10 o'clock still seeing some moderate cells popping up there in the south bay and along the coast in the north bay as well. sunday also going to be wet. this is just before 9 o'clock in the morning. moderate rain out in the east bay there so we could see about an inch and a half of rain for the lower elevations by the end of this weekend. the higher hills up to 2 inches of rain from all those showers that will be moving through the region. so high temperatures tomorrow in the low 50's and even 40's and some play like santa rosa. this week. we do have chances for seeing the next 5 days on
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and off just keep tuning in to the news hearing the weather information which time of the day to expect the showers. later next week. but for now, yeah, it's going to be a wet cozy. i guess christmas day. >> yeah. bundle up by the fire. thanks a lot, erica tiktok is apparently the most popular site of 2021. and that's according to a new tack report. the social media app beat out last year's top favorite google. that's what i use web security firm cloudflare found the tiktok beat other well known domains that were once top dog in 2020, including amazon. apple, facebook, microsoft and netflix tiktok ranked 7th to google's number one position in 2020. they got a leg up from the pandemic. google coming in second place and facebook, of course, is the 3rd microsoft and apple, of course, completed those top 5 spots. we are tracking santa
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claus as he is delivering presents across the world are looking at the norad santa tracker. and right now he's over greenland. and if you look really closely, there's a little monitor for how many. >> present he's delivering his closing in on 5 billion presents. all right. coming up next, a christmas staple, one of the twist where you can find this special gingerbread house. that's ahead tonight's time in jewish.
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>> the water bar restaurant in san francisco all decked out for christmas and that includes a gingerbread house, one that might evoke a particular nightmare. kron four's. vicki liviakis takes a look. makes water bar so popular besides raw oysters and shellfish this is the ambiance jain aquariums and views of the bay bridge. >> barr in san francisco is known for its oysters and great bar scene. but there's also a sweet treat that you're not going to want to jack descending on the iconic pill that you see in the movie and this is his house and it's kind of decorated with some different there. it is not your standard gingerbread house lovingly created by erica land. the restaurant's pastry chef every year. we gingerbread display and last year, sadly, the gingerbread display wasn't actually opens the public's. i kind of wanted to go all out and i put
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together huge display for the space on tim burton's nightmare before christmas and like the court to a movie this sugar seen as a real conversation starter. i love as this halloween or is this christmas time general manager pete sicknick who sounds a lot like saint nick says it's a gingerbread house for the times and the underlying message is that there's the christmas spirit in all of us. >> jeff. erica spent countless hours on the cast of characters all made of very it is sugar. yes. >> everything. this is about 98% edible. okay. but what you really want to eat is any number of mouth watering seasonal deserves. this is a chocolate cream pie. >> with the you want to check out gender bread house. it's up until the new year going to do our best to people's spirits up there. you know, hopefully end this year on a positive in san francisco. vicki liviakis kron 4 news.
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and take a look at this. 6 homes in southern california. they teamed up for a really big light display. they getting ready for this about a year. the residents of one culver city neighborhood have a display spanning nearly the whole block. >> the custom made display has 3 d printed lights and a show that runs for more than 30 minutes. each house has a unique design representing both hanukkah and christmas. all of that sent up to music. all right. we're also taking a look at where santa is. and he is delivering of course, presence all around the globe tonight. >> this is a look at the norad santa tracker right now. he is over greenland and he's heading towards canada. we were playing this out before catherine. then greenland is not very green and iceland. yeah, right. so we're we're doing like geography lessons and also letting, you know where santa is going to be that's been can always learn. dan thorn. yeah. and billions
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of gifts. how does he have billions of gifts and honest on sent us. thank you to you knows what he's doing. what's the workout program for those reindeer. they're getting a tonight. yeah. haha. so just a healthy diet of like, you know, cookies. what are they what do they eat carrots. what keeps them so he keep nice plant carrots and ice brian and cookies all right. that wraps up moves at 5 o'clock. but then i have a lot more ahead coming up on kron 4 news at 6 yet tonight at 6, a major freeway shut down in the east bay. >> after a trailer carrying gasoline over turns what we know. >> about the investigation and a lot of christmas eve flight cancellations happening sending travelers scrambling to rebook will. we'll be live at sfo and we'll have the latest on that. the news of 6 is next.
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>> fromsthe bay. area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6.
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>> all of this. he is we know that holiday season is a time of a lot of where the roadways are going to be extremely busy. >> tonight. a driver is in critical condition. this after gunfire broke out on 6 ad in danville. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm catherine heenan and i'm dan thorn. chp says multiple shots were fired and driver was struck by several bullets northbound highway 6.80 was closed for about 3 hours while officers we're investigating and kron four's. haaziq madyun has the latest. >> by that car to car incident on 6 ad leads to flashing lights traffic grinding to a halt and first responders on the scene late thursday night responded to a call of a shooting on or about the city north of wrote that is where chp officer it give a go says a male driver and female passenger were traveling. the black nissan rogue around 02:00pm when the shooting occurred. no suspect vehicle
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