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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  December 31, 2021 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>> now at 6.30, america's favorite golden girl betty white. she died today at the age of 99 entertainment reporter sam rubin has more on the woman who brought smiles and laughter to generations of americans. on the last day of
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2021 the first lady of television has died memories here conversation with betty white. >> thank you for >> that he why didn't just get better with age. she got funnier shear. >> i have loved pink's hot dogs for ever and ever. so when they said they were going well, that's i'm seeing when they >> do you think you can get away with it 80 by wooden road or at that he was born in illinois. 1922, or family moved to los angeles during the great depression. >> after graduating from beverly hills high school, but he began performing on radio and the experimental new medium of television, gentleman. in the soon after she became one of the first
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bona fide tv stars. she acted in produced the hit 1950 show life with elizabeth which earned her the first of more than half a dozen emmy awards in 1952. she then moved on to star in date with the angels. all >> you in the 1970's white was introduced to a new generation of fans with her. any winning run. >> on the mary tyler moore show and me and then stick a stock the fact that. >> we love each other and we have always gotten along just think you could have one of those shows where we don't been any fun at the age of 63 white landed. one of her biggest career breaks starring on the hit. nbc show the golden girls. thank you. from the show earned white another emmy and 2 golden globe nominations and introduced her
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to yet another new generation of things. >> i hate doing most after a trying to find your underwear in the big pile. >> after story of a popular snickers commercial fans launched a facebook campaign to get her to host saturday night live in 2010 it worked. and she became the oldest and one of the best hosts in snl history. >> campaign to get me to host saturday night live. i didn't know what facebook and know that i do know what it is. i have to say it sounds like a huge waste of >> white parlayed that hosting gig into a starring role in the tv land show hot in cleveland. which one or another and the end to sag awards. i am in addition to acting that he has served as the ambassador for animal rights. donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to the la zoo, perhaps the only thing she enjoyed more than helping animals was being in front of
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the camera. and when i asked her what kept her going after 8 decades in hollywood. she said it was the internal joy and gratefulness for her career. i've been around so long that can't get rid 3 years is a long time. the hand of this and you would never dream. >> that 90 years old and still be. privilege to be asked to do stuff. and i i am i don't take it for granted. they teach the remit of >> reaction to the death of betty white is pouring in from so many colleagues, friends and fans. betty zone agent said that frankly he thought she would live forever. but the betting herself did not fear dying. she was looking forward to a reunion with her beloved husband. the game show host allen ludden. they, of course, met on the set of password here in hollywood. i'm sam rubin. she was such fun. >> all right. time for a look
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at the forecast as we're looking live outside of the bay bridge on this. a chilly new year's eve friday and from the roads to the airport, which is our chief meteorologist is standing right now front of a cellphone. yeah, guys. a lot of folks traveling around. get ready for the new year. the holiday inn. >> not bad out of sfo tonight. we've got clear skies. no delays being reported there in san francisco, oakland or san jose goalie forecast in the monterey bay. a nice day. there you see lots of sunshine in the moderate will be a little bit cool. of course, starting out cold early on the small up tomorrow morning with temperatures there in the 30's, but about 54 degrees in carmel by the sea. you're looking at 55 in monterey. let's check in to 57 degrees. southern california headed in that direction. you'll find some sunshine 50's and some 60's by tomorrow afternoon. maybe some mid 60's in anaheim. and of course, people been flocking up to the slopes and they are going to enjoy some beautiful powder up there. very cold. you're going to see those numbers only for highs in the mid 30's in southlake. all about 36 in truckee and 34 degrees in cold
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in reno. stick around for the weekend does look bad either we're going to keep those temperatures on the chilly side that will keep all that snow in place, though, then the clouds start to roll in a chance of more snow moving in by monday night and into tuesday here in the bay area, though, we're looking at a cold night as well. we've got some very chilly temperatures settling in tonight. so, yeah, these numbers down the 20's and some of the north bay valleys. look at the low 30's in little more frost, even inside the bay by tomorrow morning with some numbers and 30's even inside the very cold start the new year. temperature wise numbers are going to be pretty nice. you're going to look at 50's in the san francisco will be dry but not to worry about rain for tomorrow. a little chilly co side, little breeze out there as well. but more of a northerly wind kicking in for tonight. and that's bringing us that nice dry air that will lead to some clear conditions around the bay area, but also some very cold numbers by tomorrow morning, a 52 degrees in hayward about 52 in dublin tomorrow. 53 and sunny in walnut creek starting off the new year. plenty of sunshine in the pittsburgh a 50 to 51 in the napa valley
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and about 50 degrees in stinson beach. next, today's high pressure kind of builds in across the bay area that will bring mostly sunny skies next chance of rain returns of lead late in the day on monday, a chance of more scattered showers on tuesday and wednesday. but none of those look like big storms for the bay area. thank you, >> a happily married virginia couple recently got a big shock after 26 years. they find out they were never legally married. they had a big wedding back in 1995. but then valerie and william beverly had no idea their marriage license somehow had never been filed. they find out when valerie want to have her driver's license updated. she was told she needed a marriage license in that document did not exist. they decided to get married again. this time they're making really sure it's official. >> we're going take it hamlet of cortical enough to make sure that as it gets there, was. on other hand, take it down.
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>> the couple believes the whole problem can be blamed on an absent minded. pastor. >> coming up in sports. forty-niners quarterback jimmy garoppolo. this is yet another day of practice. with injury. so does that mean that rookie trey lance is going to start on sunday. we have an update on the quarterback situation coming up. >> and as we head to break the 100 33rd rose parade happens tomorrow to go. you can watch the parade on kron 4 and kron on live new year's day. our coverage begins at 06:00am the parade begins commercial free at
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>> the makers of the american girl. doll are making a little history the company is named the first asian american doll as girl of the year. the dollar's always have a backstory current hand lives in aspen. colorado's scare. her story and accompanying books feature her coping with her parents divorce. new family members and anti-asian sentiment. the company says the story is meant to encourage young girls to embrace family change share their feelings and stand up to racism. >> you have the chance to start the new year off as a multimillionaire. tomorrow night is your chance to win the powerball jackpot that now has climbed to 500 million dollars. the top prize has been growing since october. 4th. the next drawing is just
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before 8 o'clock tomorrow night. new year's night. the u.s. postal service has rebounded from its tough holiday season last year. nearly 97% of holiday deliveries were on time this year. last year only about a 3rd of them are actually about a 3rd of them were delayed still not great analysts say a lot of shoppers did plan ahead to avoid shipping problems. there were also more people shopping in person this year as opposed to online. still ahead tonight, a bizarre sight during a storm in the south fish falling from the sky. >> we'll explain coming up next.
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close, a city in texas had one last unexpected event. some raining fish. yeah. people in texarkana. that's about 200 miles from dallas. they did say fish. >> falling from the sky. one stay landing in their yards or on their sidewalks. reporter markie martin has the story. >> my goodness, they get all of them. this is a pretty good size forget the men they're all in quarantine. this new year's week. it's raining fish. there's tons of them in my yard in my driveway for a few minutes during a wednesday afternoon storm a flurry of that rain down on texarkana. so it it just over your walker's one. stop on it. we've got.
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>> everywhere. >> amber walker took to tiktok to share her experience. she says in 33 years she and her husband have never seen anything like outside your see these fish following for and for all so i told him, i said jay-z's is coming back, has he might be back tonight. by the way, these fish are falling out of the sky. it was israel after today. >> they're still in much it. >> while rare animal rain is a true weather phenomenon that happens when small creatures typically fish and frogs get swept up in water spouts or updrafts and then fall to earth surface when it rains and events. so bizarre it got texas and arkansas talking and sharing. there's a loud crack of thunder and little bit a door and i looked outside. it was raining real hard officiant the ground. >> i said this rain ish don't.
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bob. >> he thought the kingdom income. he's now post millennial locals even going out on evening walks finding it much easier to spot those silvery scales in the dark of night. so i with my camera out and i found a fish all over the streets as fell out of the sky. what's the strangest thing? the city of texarkana posting about the animal rain to its official facebook page confirming the wild afternoon was in fact no joke saying this. so show us your fishy picks. and please for the sake of everyone lets tiptoe into 2022 as quietly as that you would never in a million years happen. >> now to our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside the golden gate bridge that is fish free least as far as we know, lawrence karnow is joining us again. what's what's up is that it is the world ending. now we want to the fish falling from the sky
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know. >> that's actually more common than you might think. sometimes you see fraud just the snakes. you can see all kinds being picked up by some thunderstorms. some severe weather and dropped off over land fall. but boy, what a sight to see out there. now we're getting some cold temperatures around the bay area looking petaluma. now the coldest place in the bay area. 41 degrees right now. 42 insanely to 45 and the napa valley. it is 42 in fairfield and 49 degrees in san mateo. so yeah, we're going to be in for quite new year's. we're going to see some cold temperatures to start the temperatures getting very chilly outside overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. fact likely going to see some of those numbers dropping off into the 20's in some of the north bay valleys where you're seeing some of these cold temperatures developing already something to watch out for 2 is we've got the king tides returning this weekend. so, yeah, if you're leaving your car in a parking late tonight, early tomorrow morning. be prepared. likely going to see some minor flooding around the bay tomorrow morning just after 09:30am in the morning. that's
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what we're expecting about. a 7 foot king tide early tomorrow morning. and again, just after 10 o'clock in the morning on sunday. so those tides continuing looks like the weekend the beginning next week kind of interesting by tomorrow afternoon we're going to see an extremely low tide. so if you like to walk along the coastline and see more seashells out there. you're likely to do that by tomorrow afternoon in the meantime, high pressure taking over and that's going to bring some nice clear skies for the bay area tonight and some cold temperatures numbers in the 20's and 30's overnight tonight by day, though, numbers for the beginning of the new year up in the 50's. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> sunday may be the time to shine for forty-niners rookie quarterback trey lance today veteran qb jimmy garoppolo is officially listed as doubtful for this weekend's game against the texans earlier this week the team announced that garoppolo seriously sprained a ligament in his right thumb. he did not practice again today and it's unlikely he will play despite head coach kyle shanahan saying on wednesday was still a possibility plans to grips
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with the starters. he wasn't thrown. he hasn't thrown in a game rather since october. 10th. however, shanahan said he's been improving in practice and he will be ready. the forty-niners and texans kickoff at levi stadium at one. '05, on sunday. the cincinnati alabama college football playoff game is often been compared to the battle of david and goliath much like the biblical giant alabama's known as the massive college football powerhouse. they came into this game is big time favorites. could the underdog bearcats pull off a shocking upset just like david cincinnati, the first non power. 5 conference team to make the college football playoff late in the 2nd quarter, alabama mop-up nice pressure, end of their past that they can recover it. >> a missed opportunity there. the crimson tide. hold on to a one score lead. then the alabama offense led by bryce young took over just 2 minutes later, the heisman winner airs it out to just pouring a 44 yard touchdown. they go up 17
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to 3 at the cincinnati showing signs of life early in the 3rd safety. brian cook. picks off this young pass over the middle. however, the bearcats couldn't score on the ensuing drive early in the 4th young on the play action. hines camera lot to over the middle for the touchdown. young cooler than the other side. the pillow on that play 27 6 alabama the final score. the crimson tide are heading to the national championship game where they will take on either michigan or georgia. >> in college hoops. the west coast conference just announced that the saint mary's versus usf game scheduled for saturday evening has been postponed. that means all of the league's men and women's games that were set for this weekend have been put on hold. the gaels are dealing with covid issues within their program. this is the second time in the last year, the saint mary's has been hit with covid in late january that he made to pause activities for 3 weeks because of the virus. covid is affecting lot of
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teams, in fact, all 12 bay area's division. one college basketball programs have had games this week postponed due to covid. a welcome sight for the golden state warriors today. the team shared video on twitter of star shooting guard klay thompson scrimmaging in denver with the team. son is expected to make his return in the month of january. keep progression in his recovery from that torn achilles is playing in team scrimmage is head coach steve kerr said that thompson is looking good when number 11 or turns. kerr also mentioned that he will start a date for his first game action has not yet been set. many fans, of course, anxious to see the splash brothers reunited. >> the war's play the jazz on the road on saturday night. that's all we've got for sports. we'll send it back to the studio. kron four's teaming up with the souper bowl of caring to help support local food charities. >> if you'd like to donate, you can use your phone to scan that qr code on your screen or text and y e donate to 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, you can also visit
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tackle hunger dot org and pick a local charity to help. we'll be right back. parts of the
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world have already bid good riddance to 2021 and are ringing in the new year. they always do a great job at the
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sydney harbor bridge there. this was the scene in sydney, australia, which is 19 hours ahead of san francisco crowds river. of course, smaller this year, but many still came out to watch the fireworks again to against the backdrop of the sydney opera house and the sydney harbor bridge. >> this was pretty good to people in new zealand ringing in the new year. this was the scene early this morning. our time an awful and some fireworks shows were canceled because of covid concerns. this is a country that has not seen any community spread of the omicron variant and they want to keep it that way. join us on kron 4 as we ring in the new year tonight, grant lotus. i'm justine waldman will be counting astound. >> we will celebrate with a lot of fireworks show coming from las vegas. the party begins at 11:30pm tonight, only on kron. 4. >> and we want to see how you're celebrating the new year. post your pictures on social media and use the
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hashtag and whyy life and we'll share them on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> and that wraps up kron 4 news at 6 o'clock. that is our last 6 o'clock newscast 2021 and decide about that. catherine, we're going to see tonight at 8 o'clock. >> that will be our last 8 o'clock newscast of 2021. and then that's it. then we turn over to the new year's eve coverage. so we hope we stay you. stay with us and watch that. and you can stay safe and warm inside your home and watch a great show. we'll see you at 8 o'clock. yeah. sounds good. have a have a good night and a happy new year.
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♪ ♪ >> good-bye, betty white. a national treasure gone. >> the beloved actress died here at her home just as she was preparing to celebrate for milestone 100th birthday. >> and unhappy new year? americans reaching their breaking point during the new year's travel crush. this woman ran onto the tarmac before being put in cuffs. it >> thank you. >> then, super spreader


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