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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  January 13, 2022 5:00am-6:01am PST

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temperatures are quite as chilly as they were yesterday for most spots. right now. most of us are in the 40's and 50's. we do have a first 30 on the map. that's you in fairfield, right at 39 degrees. berkeley at 55 right now. our most mild spot currently rain. >> thank you for that are. let's get a look at your traffic this morning. at 5 o'clock traveling from the east bay into the city. no major issues or delays about a 10 minute drive for you. there. san mateo bridge in across towards the peninsula. you can do that in about 13 minutes. let's get a look at the richmond center fell bridge about a nine-minute drive as you're headed out of richmond and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. it will be about 20 minutes for your drive. well, happening today, the san francisco unified school district and the teachers union are expected to return to the negotiating table as the 2 sides continue to hash out a deal over covid safety measures. kron 4 sarah stinson is live in san francisco with the very latest. sarah, good morning.
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>> rain all week long. the teachers unions have really just kind of begged and demanded that the san francisco unified school district meet with them again at the bargaining table. they said, please do it now, please to now, don't wait till thursday. only to later, but it never happened there waiting to get back to the bargaining table because they want their covid protocols. their agreement on paper. they want to move forward because that kind of have to right to have to go to the classroom teach and the class must go on. now, let's recap what both sides asked and what was offered they met last week. the teachers union is asking for 10 paid sick days for all covid-related reasons. >> but the district came back offering 5 days. the teachers want the district to provide enough kn 95 mask with those better mask for every student and employee each day, the district says they have been providing masks will continue to do so. but mostly for employees, the district and the union have agreed weekly covid testing needs to be at
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every district site for all students and staff. we've seen that so far in the last week. the teachers union has put a petition of online asking people to get involved as families. anybody please sign it. asking all of the teachers unions to please have everyone of testing kits saying they've distributed over 60,000 at home kids to k through 12 students along with 10's of thousands of can then 5 masks and surgical mask. the teachers union eu esf posted this photo, though, of a box of tests saying, quote, when your school has 45 staff members and nearly 300 students, but the sf unified, send you 12 test. total question mark. make it make sense. so it seems are the districts providing testing in mass. but the teachers union does not believe it's enough.
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the last time i talked with eu esf union president. she was worried about the current situation heading into a three-day holiday weekend. >> that's a three-day weekend. coming up. we know the holidays in in research that we've done on number since spikes our public schools. we know. that the numbers spike on longer weekends and holidays. so we know that we need is testing. we need them now. >> and they're supposed to meet back at the bargaining table to day the san francisco unified school district posted on twitter saying they're hiring for they're desperately in need of them. there are still a lot of absences from teachers who have been either exposed or have fallen ill from covid. so a lot still going on. i think the biggest thing that when i talk to the union president, what they would do if they didn't get what they wanted. they said if you didn't get your 10 day
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paid sick leave, would you still agree with the fall through the agreement? she said no. so they really want those 10 paid sick leave. we will see if the district agrees to that so much more to cover. it really has been a twitter battle back and forth, but we're following the latest every hour for you guys, right, sara? hopefully they can come to an agreement for the children and for the parents there. thank you for that. >> well, in the east bay, the oakland unified school district has reached a deal with educators over covid concerns. but it's not enough to keep some teachers from walking off the job in a sickout protest. that's going to happen today. the agreement includes a wellness day for teachers on friday where they can use that day for self care. they can get vaccines and boosters, but the deal is going to also extend covid lee for teachers for the rest of the year. if they contract covid-19 are forced to quarantine by the district hours before the agreement. teachers at frick united academy of language announced a 2 day sic out that started yesterday. it's going to
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happen again today as well. teachers at frick united are asking for the district for n 95 masks for all students and staff. also weekly covid testing a mandatory school. why quarantine where there are 3 a more positive covid cases on campus in a 2 week time period, a vaccine clinic at frick united before january 31st. and an emergency plan for absent teachers and staff kron four's reached out to the alameda county office of education, oakland, unified schools and the oakland educators association for comment. but so far, none of our requests have been returned. now the rise and teacher absences impacted schools all across the east bay, the san ramon valley unified school district return to class on tuesday. we're 120 teachers were absent yesterday, 134 teachers called out sick superintendent doctor john malloy says those numbers fall within the normal range of teacher absences, but says his staff is preparing for those numbers to possibly go
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up and an increase in covid-19 cases and staffing shortages led to the west contra costa unified school district to cancel classes this past friday and monday, 284 teachers were absent on tuesday, 249 called out sick on wednesday and on average 265 teachers a day have called out sick in the six-day class has been in session after the winter break. well, that's also been the case for the mount diablo unified school district. and it's 6 days back to class. the district says it has been unable to fill about 30% of those absences. but at the district's governing board meeting wednesday, he's preparing to propose increasing the pay offer, too substitutes from $170 a day to $230 a day. in the mount diablo unified school district substitute teachers. there are going to be getting paid a lot more. the school board raise a daily rate of pay for substitute from one 70 30 that
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it sees regular pay for full-time teachers. the school board approved a raise to attract more substitutes to the district and help with staffing during the pandemic. in addition to the daily rate increase, the school board also approved a $1000 bonus to substitute to work 20 or more days in the district. students in the oakland unified school district are going to be getting some new kn 95 mask all thanks to a local business owner, eugene leone's noodle belly near the fruitvale bart station. he donated 10 1000 masks to the district. lee tells us as a parent of 2, this felt like a personal issue for him and he wanted to do something to help his community. >> we're hearing that there is an issue with their supply chain and a massive order of mass to ppe that they order was the latest going to take a few weeks to get to them. and in the meantime, you know, everyone is very concerned. i'm including myself about everyone's safety. and i just happen to have a lot of these
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masks will another business. i hone its a roofing supply company in san francisco. >> police says he feels fortunate to be in a position to help those in need. district officials are going to be delivering the mask later this week to get them in students hands before the three-day martin luther king junior weekend. well, if you've been into a grocery store recently, you may have noticed some of the stores are bayer. and that's due to coronavirus. the shortages are widespread impacting everything from meat to boxes of cereal. how force camila barco has the details. and a live report you've been to the store and you're seeing a lot of this happening high. >> yeah. thank everyone who has stepped inside. a grocery store has experience this year, basically just going on a scavenger hunt to find what you need and yeah, we've seen these empty shelves at grocery store since the start of the pandemic. many people rushed to get food, water and of course, the infamous toilet paper. but the list of why we're seeing some empty shelves keeps growing by now, like i said, if you walk inside a grocery store, you've
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encountered this shell's some shells with no food. one shopper found barely anything inside fridges at his local safeway in belmont. and it's also a similar situation at the safeway in san francisco. our team found milk and meat ensure supply at the jackson street, low casing location. now, part of the reason we're seeing less items on the shelves is due to the pandemic trends that never went away. >> and omicron is also adding on to the last one grocery store chain in the east coast says that 200 of their workers were either out sick or in quarantine. the president of cannot are brands says that his u.s. plants will be constrained for at least the next month. and he says it's because of omicron related absences. and you also have to factor in the deficit and truck drivers. it started building before the pandemic and continues to be a problem in october. the american trucking association said the
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u.s. was short about 80,000 drivers and should be that also remains delayed. it's impacting everything from imported packaging. and according to one consumer brands, expert grocery stores have 5 to 10% of their items out of stock at any given time and rain right now. it's about 15%. experts are divided on. >> when we're going to stop going on these grocery scavenger hunt. some say that it might end soon, but some say that won't happen for a while. back to you. all right. well, i'm hoping that is that everybody gets what they need out there that nobody goes without. thank you for that. >> well, over the south bay, santa clara county health officials say they won't implement a vaccine mandate for customers. >> at businesses because they feel it would have little impact. instead, they're urging businesses like restaurants and bars to require proof of vaccination. doctor. sara cody, the county's public health officer says it's important to get boosted the says businesses in the county have been responsible. cody also cited the county's high vaccination
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rate. she says santa clara is more so focused on the updated mandate that requires boosters for health care workers, long-term care facilities, correctional facilities and homeless shelters. >> those term mandate is to ensure both safety of people in hospitals or congregate settings as well as to ensure that the staff caring for them are less likely to get ill. >> san jose is now the first city in the u.s. to require booster shot for city workers and city owned properties. that includes the sa peace. inner city leaders say this mandate is going to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed. and the cdc has updated its timeline for booster shots. it's now recommending children between 12 and 17 who got the pfizer vaccine initially get their boosters 5 months later, the cdc says people 18 and older. we've got either the pfizer or moderna vaccine also get their booster shots 5 months after
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their initial doses, people got the johnson and johnson vaccine are advised to wait just 2 months before getting a booster. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a woman in oakland assaulted while walking through chinatown. why community members say? >> they are confident police are going to find that attacker. and house democrats have a plan to push stalled legislation to the senate. why that includes an attempt to change senate rules. we'll be right back after the break.
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right? well, welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news it time for you. now, 05:14am. >> and i was telling you, john is looking at different events happening over the weekend that some yoga in the park and golden gate, some steen. so yeah, just need to know. is the weather going to allow me to do any of these things? i wanted to get outside. yeah. i think it should allow you to do about the anything out there this weekend. >> and nothing that's going to interrupt any plans that you may have as you're heading outside unless you don't like some 60's and upper 50's. i think we can handle it, though, especially considering these are above average temperatures for this time of year. looking outside appear 15. you can see no wind there at the flag. it's just hanging down low right now. we are seeing the bay bridge also in the distance with it, what it looks like. some really slow moving traffic over and i'm sure rain. we'll tell you about that in a second. as for radar, you can see a little bit of cloud cover sitting across the bay, not quite as crystal clear as we were
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yesterday, nour's warm towards the afternoon. showers are going to stay offshore. so the bay area's not going to be looking at rainfall, t% potential. you can see that weak trough that is bringing in some of this cloud cover exiting the region. high pressure building back in. and that means that we will see increasingly sunny skies towards the latter part of the day today and then into tomorrow, some nice sunshine to kick off the weekend. it is a partly cloudy start to the morning. little foggy for a couple of spots and you will notice some haze towards the afternoon. that's because of the high pressure ridge that's keeping some of our pollutants trapped right here with us 50's 60's for your highs today. today is going to be a little bit of a cooler one than yesterday. definitely not working our way into the upper 60's like we did for the santa clara valley yesterday. rather, we're trading those in for the low to mid 60's in the south bay. temperatures in the low 60's for the majority of the east bay with walnut creek at 62 castro valley at 61. the as well as vacaville fairfield, all in the low 60's, some upper 50's towards the coastline. now tomorrow's
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temperatures will be right around the same as today's we do see a little bit of a cool down into the weekend with highs falling into the upper 50's to low 60's inland lows will continue to drop into the 30's making for some chilly nights. but that sunshine sure does help us out during the days keeping things mild reyna. john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your traffic this morning. traveling from the east bay into the city. >> about a 10 minute drive for you there. the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula. you're looking at 30 minute commute for, you know, to accidents out of richmond across towards san rafale. it'll be about a nine-minute, quiet drive and the golden gate bridge looking at a 20 minute drive as you're traveling from 37 to the toes on the east bay, oakland, police say they need your help finding an elderly woman who was assaulted by someone in chinatown. police released this disturbing video of that attack. you can see the woman she's walking down the street when a person walking behind or shoved her to the ground. this happened monday at the corner of 9th in franklin streets just outside the
5:18 am
pacific renaissance plaza officers arrived on scene but they were not able to locate the victim. president of oakland chinatown, chamber of commerce says the community does feel supported by the police department and that they will. catch that suspect. >> this is not the west side seams. what's the beginning of last year in 2021? that's when we have so many seasons. we were real concerned. yes, we should have have and police and the police presence got open time have, you know, community, which has been helping. we know that the lunar new year is will be prepared for that will see increased staffing in china and so we'll continue to work with our like the chinatown chamber of commerce to be able to solve those issues. >> police say the suspect was last seen heading north on franklin street. if you see anything, please contact police. attorneys representing the hillsborough heiress, tiffany li have agreed to
5:19 am
settle wrongful death. civil lawsuit with the murder victim's mother. keith green was the ex-boyfriend and father of least 2 daughters. prosecutors say he was shot execution-style in lee's hillsborough mansion in april of 2016 his body was and dumped in a field north of san francisco. green's mother filed a lawsuit against ali after she was found not guilty on all charges in 2019, the attorneys did not reveal the terms of the settlement. and a woman is dead after being hit by car in antioch. the car took off right after that collision. that happened yesterday evening near delta fair boulevard in san jose drive. police say they found woman on the road and provide it medical assistance, but she later died from those injuries. police do not have a description of the car that hit her. today. democrats plan to pass a bill in the house designed to fast track voting rights legislation in the senate. the loopholes that allow democrats to debate the bill as early as today and ultimately jump-start their
5:20 am
efforts to change senate rules by martin luther king day. raquel martin is live in dc with the latest. good morning, rick. l. good morning. rina will democrats are trying to move quickly to get these 2 voting rights bill to president biden's desk. senator schumer is expected to start a formal debate on these pieces of legislation today. >> but the big vote still awaits. and at this point, the fact of the matter is democrats don't have enough support for it to pass. >> the battle over voting right is coming to a head on capitol hill thursday. democrats will fast track their 2 bills designed to strengthen the 1965 voting rights act. improve redistricting and campaign financing laws, lou, sure that every american has the ability to make their voice and vote heard. >> and i democracy wednesday night, house democrats held a committee hearing that he up an immediate vote in the house and jump start a debate in the senate have time to be quite the push comes after tuesday. president joe biden called on senators to send the legislation to his desk
5:21 am
immediately. even if that means changing the senate rules to bypass republican opposition, not there yet. i wouldn't want to delude anybody thinking this is easy. wednesday. senate majority leader chuck schumer >> said he's still working to get every democrat to back the effort. a lot of serious, and intense meetings with senators manchin and sinema. meanwhile, senate republicans are welcoming a vote to defend senate rules. the reason that set up is to make sure that the minority is involved in legislation. florida republican senator rick scott says the democratic agenda is clear. this is not about democracy. it's about democrats winning elections. >> at this point, republicans say they remain confident democrats don't have the votes to change. senate rules. but president biden certainly is not giving up. he's heading to capitol hill today to meet with senate democrats to pressure them to hold a vote by martin luther king day for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you in a all right. thank you for that update. raquel. well, coming
5:22 am
up, a new bill, california aims to help winners out how that deal could give millions with people and increase in tax benefits. we're going to have that once we get back from break.
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>> dozens of state lawmakers are calling for an increase in tax benefits for renters. our
5:25 am
capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has a closer look at the effort in who exactly it's going to benefit. >> california lawmakers this year are aiming to give low income renters a boost. dozens of legislators wednesday unveiled sb 8.43. a bill that would increase the renters tax credit for the first time since 1979, we have the opportunity make an immediate and lasting impact helping those low income communities struggle with the skyrocketing cost rent, the bill would give $500 to single filing taxpayers making less than $44,000 a year couples who make less than $87,000 a year combined would get $1000. this lawmakers say is a concerning contrast from the current credit which provides $60 to single filers and $120 to couples. and that's a travesty. our families are struggling more than ever us. wu all know with everything that they have to deal with the pandemic and other issues. lawmakers noted this credit has remained low as rents tripled in the last 40 years, 42 lawmakers have signed on to
5:26 am
the bill that has bipartisan simply have not done to >> with our state tax policies. it's nation, not 10 to 5. it's one tool. make our way to able double. >> lawmakers estimate this could help about 2.5 million californians. the bill now awaits to be assigned to a committee for its first hearing in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news. the release of a popular local beer is getting pushed back. why the brewery says the decision will keep everyone safe. >> and this morning. hundreds, if not thousands of nurses will be protesting in front of their hospitals. coming up, i'll tell you why in a live i'll tell you why in a live report.
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we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. >> i welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news at a time for you now approaching 5.38. and the navy hitting the roads yet to get brought a light jacket. john, nothing too serious. what do they need this morning as you're heading out the door yet? nothing like the cold that we had a few weeks ack. it is chilly out there for sure. a few 30's on the map this morning. >> but not all that bad. and
5:30 am
you can see up here 15, there's hardly any movement in the flag there. so not so much of a brisk wind this morning either. we will see some nice bright skies later on today. not quite as crystal clear as we have been a little bit more cloud cover this morning and a little bit of hazy sunshine to be expected as skies grow clear into the afternoon. right now, temperatures are in the 40's to 50's. so pretty mild for some birthday. you're at 54 right now. fairfield, you are lone spot in the 30's at 39 degrees. so the light jacket will do you. well this morning, reyna had the right idea later on today. you can get away with that light jacket to enjoy more of that sunshine reyna. tom, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at the traffic this morning eading from the east bay into the city. >> to that fremont street exit a little under 9 minutes for your drive as traffic starts to pick up san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula. but a 13 minute commute for you. if you're heading out over to the cross towards center looking at a 9 minute commute. time for your drive. the golden gate bridge. 37 to
5:31 am
the tolls about 20 minutes for you. there. happening today. some nurses are going to be holding protests at hospitals across the bay area calling for better covid protections. kron four's will tran is live in red county this morning with the details. good morning will windy. >> good morning, this is going to happen. at least 9 bay area hospitals, including this one right behind me. the times are staggered. we do know this one will begin in about 2 hours from now. not sure how many people will show up. here's what you need to know. they're not on strike. so if you have an appointment, you're good to go. this is just a short window of protesting to send a message to their employers that they have to be at least held to a higher standard when it comes to protecting the nurses. and of course, if you protected there says they say that means it's better for the patients. they are very upset with their employers claiming we are just about 2 full years into the pandemic. and yet it seems like according to them
5:32 am
that the standards to make sure that the nurses have been ripped to back, not just from the hospital, but they claim also the biden administration. and they point to things like there are nurses out there who test positive for covid-19 or been exposed to somebody who did have covid-19, but they are asymptomatic instead of saying quarantining at home. they say that those there says are told to get back to work in exposing themselves to other nurses and then ultimately that spreads to possibly the patients. they say, why are they doing this? according to the employers that why the employees are doing this? they say simple profits. they're doing this to make sure that the staff levels are there. we will get reaction once it begins. nothing has been set up yet, but this will be happening at many bay area hospitals. so again, don't worry about your appointment. it's good to go. i'm sure. after they protest, they will be going inside. but this is happening not just here. reyna but happening across the country.
5:33 am
>> back to you. all right. thanks for that update. will. governor gavin newsome travel to la county to address the state's covid emergency response. >> while visiting one of the state's 50 mobile covid testing sites. >> the governor laid out the details of his pandemic emergency response plan to help ramp up vaccine booster statewide testing as well as medical personnel. he also urged the unvaccinated to start taking the pandemic seriously. >> maybe omicron awake, folks up. >> i mean they're not a one of a sudden know. more than a handful of folks that have gotten covid in the last few weeks. maybe that will finally wake folks and remember 4 and a half percent of folks to get even omicron and up in the hospitals. >> last week the governor deployed the national guard to help meet the skyrocketing demand for covid testing. his proposed 2.7 billion dollar covid spending plan with your mark half of the funds to increase testing capacity and accelerate vaccination and
5:34 am
booster efforts. well, a new survey suggests many restaurants in san francisco are in favor of booster shot mandate. the golden gate restaurant association survey fines, half with support a monday and all customers over 12 have a booster to dine inside. right now the city requires restaurants to check that patrons are vaccinated. the city's only recommending restaurants check for boosters and without the mandate, the restaurant association says unless there's a mandate, it's unlikely most restaurants will voluntarily come on board. >> ideally, it's at the state level so that we don't lose business to other areas of the state. i mean, if interested in in keeping everybody moving to a safer position, the wider the area, more fair it for everybody also the easier the message it is for everybody. >> some services will restaurants like zuni cafe on market street have their own booster requirements already in place so far is he hasn't had to close during the
5:35 am
omicron surge. the says the department of public health says mask should be upgraded and vaccines also need to be updated health officials say that a cloth mask alone is no longer good enough and should be worn over a well fit surgical mask. if at all. the experts are also say mass such as okay in 9, 5, offer better protection from the variant. >> because of how easily omicron has spread from person to person. >> side here, you can see that they always told this is not a well. fitted masks can linger in the air like dandelions, awful long, a period. so if you're making a lot of virus just cluess the way people talking and so on, you can have a little bit more linger in the air. >> gave in to the city have also been downsizing. boosters are going to be required on february. first, for those who are eligible. and the north bay, the surge of the omicron variant strikes a blow to the release of a popular beer santa rosa's russian river brewing company is postponing there 2 week. planes are
5:36 am
plying me. that's the younger event that really staying is being pushed from february 4th, 2 march 20 foot, 5th, the owners of the russian river brewing company says they made the difficult decision after they were talking with sonoma county health leaders. county is also banned large gatherings for the next month. >> the last thing you want to use and by 25,000 people to arbery's over the, you know, to a release period coming from knows where bringing, you know their committees. and then also, you know, we're already in the our own issues. >> well, the brewery owners are optimistic about the new release date and even suggest the new date may become permanent for those still looking to grab a pint of the ply need the younger next month. certain local retailers and bars are still going to be getting k's beginning the week of february, 7th. coming up next to the kron. 4 morning news. the forty-niners but for their sunday playoff game dallas. >> what coach shanahan says they've been working on. plus,
5:37 am
governor newsome is coming to the bay area today. details on new plans. he's pushing for infrastructure and transportation and after the break, oakland's police chief is laying out his goals for the city. the challenges he says they're up against in the new year, john. and we are looking at another nice and mild day ahead of us. this trend of above average, january weather continues. >> not quite as warm nor is crystal clear as yesterday was daytime highs mostly in the low 60's. your forecast is ahead.
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we've got you covered. you want fries with that? introducing wendy's new hot and crispy fries. preferred, almost 2 to 1, over mcdonald's. [scream] try them today. only at wendy's. >> happening today, governor newsome is going to be in santa clara county to highlight his plans for transportation and infrastructure. the governor is going to speak about the state's investments to advance climate friendly transit project. he's got also talk about support for shipping ports to help move goods across the state. the governor will also detail the plan to speed up the transition to 0 emission vehicles. governor newsome will speak at 11:00am. we'll carry his message live on kron on at that time. after a violent year in oakland, the city's police chief is laid out his vision for the city in 2022. kron 4 sat down with
5:41 am
chief armstrong for a virtual one-on-one. armstrong says he wants to see a decrease and homicides and violent crime. he says their biggest challenge is a lack of resources. chief armstrong says plans for a new police academies, boosting morale at the department because his officers, no more help is on the way. starting on the 22nd. the department will be expanding to 3 police districts. >> hopefully getting to calls quicker so that community sees a greater presence when when it call 911, big success looks like. you know, i if it can decrease in overall homicides and violent crime. i think we all recognize that 134 homicides far too many lives lost in our city. >> so far, 2 weeks into the new year in the city of oakland has recorded for homicide twice as many this time last year. we'll be right back after the break.
5:42 am
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5:45 am
yeah, the nice calm winds for most of us this morning. a nice little touch. >> on what is a fairly chilly start but not as cold as we had been quite. our doesn't leave the book. really nice under some dark skies. still that little bright spot that we have honor downtown san francisco cam right there. there are some showers offshore that will likely make their way into southern california for the bay area, though we're just tapping into a little bit of cloud cover to start and then some bright skies come the afternoon. weak trough pushing through yesterday. breaking out that high pressure just bit another ridge of high pressure builds right back in behind it. keeping this trend of dry and above seasonal averages weather just keep on going on into the weekend into next week, likely even into the following weekend, too. so very dry start to the new year after what was such a wet finish to 2021. today will grow increasingly clear specially come the latter part of the day. tomorrow will be a clear one overall than today. temperatures right around the
5:46 am
same, though this weekend will bring gradually decreasing temperatures. highs falling into the 50's and low 60's. it's going to be still a pleasant one. as long as you have that light jacket on a very nice want to venture outside today, foster city at 60 degrees saying carlos down through palo alto, each at 61, south bay temperatures waving goodbye temporarily to those upper 60's yesterday. back down into the low to mid 60's today. same for the east bay low 60's for the most part, oakland, you'll be right at 60 degrees also at 60, same for you on over towards nevado petaluma and mill valley. tomorrow's highs right around the same as today's we cool a little bit into saturday. but whatever we can plans, you may have don't worry about canceling them, especially if they're outdoors, get out there. enjoy a walk. a hiker just some time in the backyard right? i'm excited about that. john, thanks for that. traveling from the east bay in city, you can see we just turn the metering lights on. >> here at the bay bridge. so you are going to have to wait just a little bit as you're
5:47 am
traveling on. see any accidents on the freeway bay bridge right now. so i'd say about 14 minutes or so for your drive time as you're traveling because the metering lights are on san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula. look at that. a little under 30 minutes. no delays. let's get a look at the richmond center fell bridge. you're looking at about a nine-minute drive as you travel out of richmond and the golden gate bridge. 20 minutes as you're traveling into the city from the north bay. now, the bay area sports, the forty-niners are getting ready for their showdown with the dallas cowboys. derek carr is excited to make his playoff debut for the raiders kron. 4 sports director jason dumas says the details for us. >> well, folks, it is dallas week on wednesday, the niners had their first full practice ahead of their wild card matchup at jerry's world. jimmy g was limited at practice, but he still threw the ball. all signs point to him being back under center on sunday. this is the niners team that, in my opinion, has
5:48 am
all the ingredients for a run. they are battle tested. they just need to put it all together. what better stage to do that then at cowboy stadium and the niners know that given the rich history of this rivalry, it won't be just an ordinary playoff game. >> whenever you in the playoffs, you know, the magnitude of the game and then you come in a place like the foreigners play the cowboys with the rich history of the super bowl's. a playoff games, nfc championships. you know, obviously getting a chance to be a part of some of that history is definitely something you can enjoy as an older player. they got very good they got very good schemes. i'm watching their defense just mean, it looks so much to me like a dan quinn he's changed a lot. schematically in coverage isn't everything. but the way those 11 guys play and attack the ball and go for the ball. >> he's got them it not a coincidence. early in the league in turnover getting turnovers. >> derek carr will finally make his playoff debut on
5:49 am
saturday against the bengals car has led the team to the postseason before in 2016, the raiders were cruising with an 11 3 record before car broke his leg in week. 16 the raiders were rolled by the houston texans in the wild-card game with connor cook under center. it was less than ideal carr said he's happy to finally get his postseason opportunity. but this is not the end goal. don't forget, we've already done you know, this is the second time i just get to play this you know, i think. >> for me, it's an exciting time. let's go. but at same time. my goal wasn't just to make the playoffs. it was a part of it. but you always have bigger goals and bigger dreams and trying to achieve more. so for me, it's exciting. but still trying to keep that laser focus on the job at hand. >> college hoops cal at washington. early 2nd, half. jared hyder. scores off the
5:50 am
back door cut right there. nice ball finishes in the lane. but washington rallies up 3. row. brown. make the guy fall and knocked down of his 21 points today, john david steele, grad transfer from stanford. >> if you head to day for it, he's on the 13. 0, run to take control. late this 0. 64 to 55. they take on walk of the state on that. >> all righty. that is your look at sports. well, that was jason dumas, some reporting for us. our sports director kickoff for the raiders playoff game against the cincinnati bengals that cincinnati bengals is set for one 30 on saturday and the niners are going to kick off against the cowboys. and a lot of people will be watching that game. that's sunday at one 30. we'll be right back after the break.
5:51 am
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become an owner. >> late poet maya angelo has become the first black woman on a u.s. quarter. my angelo spent much of her life right here in the bay area and her quarter is the first to be released in the american women quarters program. kron four's noelle bellow talk with the east bay congresswoman barbara lee, who let the effort to create the coins.
5:54 am
>> soon you could be holding an historic coin in your hands. my angeles become the first black woman to appear on the u.s. quarter. us meant to begin shipping the coins this week. i'm just excited because, >> you know, so many who have contributed 2 the building of this country and so many ways the public only sees the limit that is and now they'll be able to see when women of color and our first coin our beloved doctor. maya angelou, east bay congresswoman barbara lee led the bill to create the first american women quarters program. >> angelou is the first of 6 women honorees. who's coins will be in circulation through 2025. she's pictured with her arms uplifted and a bird in flight behind her. the way she depicted in the quarter. >> it's so appropriate because she wasn't gather. she focused a lot on the black community
5:55 am
and and connecting people. san francisco state professor of africana studies doctor dorothy, sir, rouda. >> interviewed by angelou back in the 80's. she says angela's works are still pivotal in her classes. >> my students have followed her career. of course, and the pledge practically in the still i rise in addition to being a legendary poet, angelou was a performer and civil rights activist. she was also the first female african-american cable car conductor in san francisco to know cantu was to love or congresswoman lee says angeles writing inspired countless americans and fueled greater understanding across our nation. >> she says honoring her on us currency is a major milestones like it's important. not only that we recognize that this is historic moment with african american woman, a woman of color on a coin but get know her. get to know who she was. get to know. get to read or i
5:56 am
know why caged bird saying maya angelou quarters should be available at your local bank branch in the coming weeks in san francisco, noelle bellow kron, 4 news. i will still to come in the next hour. one east bay school district wants to attract more substitute teachers by. >> increasing their pay. we have the details ahead. >> and the discussion about covid safety measures isn't over yet. as the san francisco unified school district and the teachers union are set to return to negotiate some more. and shortages due to the coronavirus of left shelves at grocery stores and see what you can expect on your next visit to the store. coming up. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case.
5:57 am
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with voltaren arthritis pain gel. my husband's got his moves back. creating a space to match your taste has never been easier. an alternative to pills, voltaren is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel for powerful arthritis pain relief. voltaren, the joy of movement. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> well, good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron. 4 morning news on thursday, january 13th, i'm reyna harvey. thanks to look it up with us this morning and maybe your trying to start your day. you want to know what to where you want to know what the weather is going to be like. and then how you can plan the next couple of days because friday is right around the corner sure thursday is
6:00 am
nice because you got friday to look forward to. >> and it is going to be a nice day to look forward to is holding on to those above average january temps looking outside at san francisco right now, obviously still dark. but we do have partly cloudy skies overhead. a little bit of fog having formed inland and we will see some hazy sunshine towards the afternoon morning. temperatures haven't been quite as cold as yesterday's this afternoon. it's going to be a little cooler than yesterday. not quite up into those upper 60's like we had been. fairfield are only spot in the 30's right now in the meantime, berkeley, san francisco, pacific and bodega bay are mild areas hanging out in the 50's. i'll be talking about what to expect for today and for the weekend just around the corner. still to come all right, john, they even that. so we do have a hot spot this morning on the bay bridge westbound 80 just west. >> of the trea


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