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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  January 17, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PST

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we're back at 4.30, with a check of the forecast this morning. if you're stepping outside, i saw a little bit of cloud cover out there. so it wasn't terribly cold, but >> we've got john with a better look at the numbers for us this morning. hey, john. yeah, definitely. just a little bit of cloud cover out there. james. in the golden gate bridge, free of any fog. so that cloud cover we're seeing overhead. definitely keeping things a little bit. shielded as far as heat loss
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goes for a few areas. and overall just a pretty easy and very light monday morning commute considering this not going to be a lot of people on the roads today to leave fog having form for the central valley. that will try to make its way on into the inland east bay, not really successful in doing so so far in fog projections showing that we should remain for the most part. pretty fog free this morning. a couple of sprinkles here. they're on the santa cruz mountains at points. we do have showers to our south, but that's exactly where where they should be. staying not having a huge impact on the bay. pretty wide range of temperatures this morning for san francisco. pacifica, alameda in hayward. we're in the 50's. where is the north bay is back down into the 30 starting the morning with another dose of cold weather for some of our inland north bay area's temperatures later on today. back to the low 60's. pretty familiar territory here. nothing we haven't been seeing for well over a week now. so back to something that is quite familiar, actually pretty enjoyable. james. and
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we are looking at some bridges that are very light. james. it is definitely an easy drive over the bay bridge. looking at the san mateo bridge. you can see conditions out there. also pretty quiet. we aren't going to be seeing much of a commute this morning just because it is martin luther king junior day. people are staying at home. your view outside at the richmond center fell bridge a couple of cars on at this time. my first check with the on this bridge san jose single car and the golden gate bridge. also looking pretty empty for this commute. now over to you, james. all right. thank you, john. and back to our coverage of the covid-19 pandemic. private health plans are now >> required to cover over the counter covid-19 tests and the biden administration has plans to start shipping at home test kits for free beginning this week. but some lawmakers say they're frustrated still with the president's pandemic response. reshad hudson has more on that story. >> president biden is taking heat from members of his own party about the white house's response to the omicron surge.
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>> we didn't have enough equipment. we didn't have enough. >> testing ohio democratic senator sherrod brown says he understands concerns many americans are having trying to find an at-home covid test. my own families had trouble getting enough tests for their their children. 5 senate democrats went as far as to send this letter to the white house. they complain of long lines at testing sites and want answers about the white house response to omicron. >> and plans for responding to future variants republicans like west virginia. senator shelley moore capito say the white house has simply dropped the ball. the availability of tests is critical. the administration should have known this, but brown says there's plenty of blame to go around. got to produce smart that's on both political parties that on the last 2 presidents in the last 2 congresses, capita says congress has already provided billions for testing for some reason. >> the administration has pulled back on this. the biden administration rejects it is
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not doing enough on testing. >> i'm directing my team to procure an additional half of additional 500 million more test to distribute for free. >> reporting in washington, rashad hudson, back to you. british scientists say that a new study shows people who contract covid-19 could remain contagious for more than 2 months. researchers at the university of exeter studied nearly 200 people and found that 13% had clinically relevant levels of the virus even after their 10 day quarantine in the most extreme and rare cases, patients still had those levels for up to 68 days. the study's authors say that people should be cautious about being around others who were recently infected. well in the east bay, oakland will soon require people who are 12 and older to show proof of covid vaccination in order to enter indoor businesses. the mandate will take effect on february first and you'll start seeing notices on businesses alerting customers of this change. it affects restaurants and concert venues
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and gyms. people 18 and older should be prepared to show id to be cross checked with your vaccination card. turning now to the latest on the hostage situation at a synagogue in texas. we're learning more about the gunman, then what drove him to turn a house of worship into a crime scene. markie martin has the story. >> this was an act of terror. an act of terror. president biden addressing the tense synagogue standoff in colleyville, texas where 4 hostages were freed by an fbi swat team late saturday night. the fbi releasing the name of the loan captor, molly cfius, all a crime. a 44 year-old british citizen. >> law enforcement announcing that at this time no other individuals are involved and this is not believed to be part of a larger threat. the rabbi charlie citroen walker posting a message to facebook thanking law enforcement and first responders saying, quote, i am grateful for my family. i am grateful for the
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cbi community, the jewish community and the human community. the nearly 12 hour standoff coming to an end after hours of negotiation with a krom who was killed by the swat team. >> we obviously are investigating will continue to investigate. the hostage taker. we'll continue investigate his contacts. our investigation will have global reach. we have bsen in contact are ready with multiple fbi lee gets to include tel aviv and chrome's brother releasing a statement saying the family is devastated, adding krom suffered from mental health issues and the family does not condone his actions. the israeli prime minister with a message after the safe rescue of the hostages. this event is a stark reminder that the dark forces of anti semitism >> still exist. >> we must and we will fight it. to the jewish community in the u.s. and they asked for jury around the world. they say. you are not alone. we're
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one family and we stand strong and united together. >> that was markie. martin reporting a man and woman were injured in a shooting saturday night in stockton. police say they were sitting in their car on lower sacramento road when the shooting occurred. police are only identifying the victims of a as a 30 year-old man. and a 28 year-old woman. they were taken to the hospital and are said to be in stable condition. no arrests have been made and no suspect information has been released. police in stalking me while investigating a homicide after a body was found near a early sunday morning after that shooting. police say they were responding to reports of someone being shot in the area of funston avenue in bradford street. this was at 5.26. in the morning. they say they found a 42 year-old dead at the scene. investigators haven't released any information about a motive or any suspects at this point. to the east bay freemont firefighters saved this bearded dragon from an apartment fire on saturday. the 2 alarm fire happened on
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san pedro drive. it displaced about 10 people. none of them hurt. firefighters also found a deceased cat in that fire. the cause of the blaze is still under investigation. and take a look at this. we have video of a dramatic rescue along the southern california coast ground and helicopter crew rescued a person from a cliff in pella. verdi's yesterday morning. that's just south of la. not clear exactly how badly that person was hurt. her, how they ended up on that cliff in the first place. but they were rescued. they're being treated this morning. delivery robots are reaching a new level of autonomy. a startup named serve says that their butts have reached level 4 autonomy, which means they make their own decisions. a majority of the time rich demuro takes a closer look in today's tech smart. >> don't be surprised if you pass by an autonomous robot on its way to making a delivery. it looks like a shopping cart.
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did send ali shari is ceo of serve robotics a start-up with investments from uber 7.11, and more they make robots that are being the company recently reached a new milestone level. 4 autonomy. this means it's robots can make deliveries on the role they need to have enough smart enough to deal the penny. be sure that that come the founders eye people see remotely. last year. the company made over 10,000 deliveries in the hollywood area using the robots, but their movements were constantly being supervised. now serve robots will be delivering. uber eats orders mostly on the road. it can food it can medication and basically anything that's not to within the real-life. the robots can still call for human help if necessary, like during pick up and drop off when they encounter an intersection before. but something unexpected happens.
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otherwise their movements are up to them and always wants to kind of rise to people passing by and kind of be out of the could see someone coming in with slow down. it go to the side, make sure that going to service says a majority of delivery demand is in areas. robots can handle. >> their goal is to take over 5% of human deliveries the next 5 years. and that would be equivalent to removing 80,000 off the roads. >> so that's 5 car travel back time let me know the benefit of bots, bring down costs and environmental impacts. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> future is here. pretty crazy. >> all right. 4.40, is the time analysts say you can expect to pay higher gas prices across the u.s. as warmer weather moves in projections are putting prices up from the super bowl to memorial day with a $4 national average, a decline in production and political instability in some foreign
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nations. also play a factor in these higher prices as well. and also for your money this morning, the irs is encouraging people to file their taxes early because refunds are expected to take a little bit longer to process this year. the agency says most refunds are usually issued within 21 days of the returns being filed, but delays are expected this year for several reasons. and that includes staffing shortages and covid related tax changes that take time to verify, opting for direct deposit is the fastest way to get your return. the tax filing season opens next week on january. 24th and the deadline. this year's april 18th. don't forget. a growing number of college students are demanding refunds for time spent having to learn remotely. the students say that they're paying for in-person experience and having to learn remotely just isn't the same on top of that. the students say that amenities like dining halls and gyms have had to close or adjust their services to a much lower level than originally advertised. and they argue that many schools, pro rate student housing costs
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earlier in the pandemic as a way of compensating students and that this policy should be used once again. >> the forty-niners clinching their wild-card spot over dallas. we're going to show you how they did it. coming up after the break. we'll be right back.
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>> 4.44 is the time. let's get back to the weather center. john trouble at the quarter hour with a check of our forecast. a pretty early out there. it's a holiday. so hopefully not a whole lot of people outside. but what is it like outside john? yeah, definitely really quiet. james, you're exactly right. as a holiday martin luther king junior day. so i expect roadways are going to be really like this morning and just chilly enough that people who may have the day off probably are venturing out just yet your view outside appear 15 shows the flag low in what is a breeze out of the north across the bay area, at least right across the bay at this very moment. that is going to keep temperatures feel just a little bit cooler. southern california has a few light showers this morning. may see a sprinkle or 2 drifting into the santa cruz mountains. upper elevations on the peninsula. that's looking pretty unlikely. and if you do see it, it will be a brief, really, really short shower, looking outside at future cast today is going to be a a partly cloudy, but nice and cool. one tomorrow is going to
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be a little bit clear right around the same temperature wise. we're going to keep things smooth and we're just sailing right through those upper 50's to low 60's amid dry skies through the course of this week on into next weekend. today's daytime highs range from the upper 50's to low 60's over not a daly city. each at 61. burlingame. 62 for your high today. also low 60's from san mateo down through mountain view in a few mid 60's for the south bay campbell and san jose. our warmest of spots in the bay today at 65 degrees. each fremont and union city at 63 while oakland nice. 61. a few upper 50's mixed in both the east and north bay vacaville and mill valley. munger spots at 59 today. tomorrow's highs right around the same as today. and you guessed it week after that looks just to be the same. some low 60's for your highs evening. lows will flirt with the upper 30's. most of us holding on to the 40's, though. lots of sunshine holding steady and no chance of rain just yet in this
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forecast. no chance of any backups of the bay bridge because even if there was an incident, there's not enough cars to back things up. you're looking at a smooth sail right there through the toll plaza on this holiday monday. as for the san mateo bridge also pretty empty. we do have a decent amount of cars, but everyone is moving at the limit. certainly no slow down. the richmond center fell was to this morning. 8 still remains that way. not seeing a car out there. little headline in the distance, golden gate bridge also looks beautiful in crystal clear to be kicking off this monday morning, james. all right. thank you very much, john. for 47 is the time and the forty-niners are off to a successful playoff run. >> after upsetting the dallas cowboys in the wild card game over the weekend. kron 4 sports director jason dumas shows us how the niners came out on top. >> well, the niners made it harder than it had to be. but at the end of the day, you don't get anything extra for style points. a win is a win. let's go to jerry's world in. check out how it all went down. there's a jimmy
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garoppolo. take it in while you can. this is likely his final year with the forty-niners and the niners offense came out on fire house and him really called a great game. >> mitchell and also he gets the niners on the board. first on that run. now the niners added a couple field goals over the next 2 drive to make it 13. nothing. the cowboys finally got it going in the second dak prescott to amari cooper. it's 13 to 7. it was 16, 7 at the 3rd quarter, bad debt picked off by juan williams. who had beaten by cooper on that touchdown that you just saw. so redemption for him. i love those teams. celebrations that set up this deebo samuel continuing his mvp like season. >> around the and cut back. 26 yards later. the niners are up. 23 7 and you're thinking this is going to be around. but in the for a second, know what i like to call plays like
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this overthrows anthony brown. it intercepted by anthony brown overthrows travis benjamin return to the 28 yard line. and dallas turned it into points. prescott escapes the pocket. he's nothing but green. that's a 5 yard touchdown. we have ourselves a game. all of a sudden just like now 14 seconds left final sequence want to step up and scrambles. see that clock, though, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, instead of giving it to the ref. what you're supposed to do, he gives it to a center. who has to put it back on the line and and don't get the spike all in town in time. i'm sorry. the forty-niners. they head out the green bay next week for the divisional playoff round. they play saturday night 5.15, local time after they beat the cowboys. 23 to 17. all right.
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the warriors last stretch of their road trip there in minnesota taking on the t wolves. late in the second warriors down 7 klay thompson. klay thompson said if you're at it, 13 points for clay dubbed within 4. that is a minute later warrior down 8 jordan poole. nice pass jonathan coming to make it in 19 points coming off that 25 point effort in chicago, he's grown up before our eyes, france that backed out here. karl anthony-towns gets the rebound. >> he had a big game guess what? warriors lose one 19 to 99. a boat force one in 3 on the road for they need some home cooking. they're back in action tuesday against detroit. >> college ball. there's the vanderveer. stanford taking on utah. lexi hall. she was in her bag on 9 hits the corner 3 there he had. 21 more for hall of. she misses it. cameron
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brink. she gets the rebound and put back 24 11 for cameron. stanford wins. 83 73, the host cow all friday. >> well, i was kron. 4 sports director jason dumas reporting the warriors play the pistons tomorrow here at home. tipoff is at 07:00pm and don't forget the niners saturday in lambeau. we'll be right back.
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>> the 4 on this monday morning kicking things off for a brand new work week with some clear conditions out there across of our bay area spots, golden gate bridge of just one many views that are nice and clear this morning. it is going to be a nice, clear day at the coastline, partly cloudy, but nice and bright skies. upper 50's for your highs near the coast in mostly low 60's for lyndon bayshore cities. another mild day pretty accustomed to whether that looks like this at this point. as for daytime highs, upper 50's to low 60's all across the region say jose being the warm spot today at 65 degrees. james. >> thank you very much at 4.54. here are just a few of the events happening today and celebration and in honor of doctor martin luther king
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junior day, there's going to be a program entitled hope in the hour of homicide. that's going to be in oakland at 11 speakers there. we'll talk about the issues of crime in the city and post some solutions in san jose. an event entitled our city forest plans to participate in a day of service to honor doctor king. they're going to be planting plants in highly or park at 8.45. and then in sonoma, people will be cleaning up the sansone creek preserve. that will be at 10 in richmond, the bay hills church is packaging more than 10,000 meals so they can ship them to people facing hunger all around the world. that will start at 10. and the annual martin luther king junior breakfast in berkeley will be held virtually this year. it starts at 9. >> we'll take a break. coming up on 4.55. coming up in the kron or the next hour. democrats they aren't giving up on their plan to push through voting rights laws through the senate. we're going to tell you what's next in a live report. stay tuned
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron 4 morning news far. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us here on this monday morning. we are officially. more than halfway through the month of january. can believe that's going by. so quickly. we've got john stand about a look at our forecast before we get to the headlines. good morning, john. yeah, definitely flying by so far, james, just as we've been seeing, whether staying pretty steady with us. >> maybe that's making it to go a little bit faster when you're talking such an easy forecast like we are back to the upper 50's to low 60's today. not a lot in there to be interrupting this unchanged pattern of weather that we've been in your view outside our east bay hills shows those overall clear skies. once you head up in the horizon, you'll see some partly cloudy conditions, but very fog free for be sure areas today to the
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fog having formed for inland valleys. now, as far as radars concern, the skies will remain dry for the vast majority of the bay. a couple of sprinkles are possible in upper elevations of the santa cruz mountains, especially south of the santa clara valley 40's 50's for most of our current temps until you head to the north bay. that's where you'll find those 30's this morning in petaluma santa rosa and santa lena. in the meantime, san francisco bodega bay alameda among spots in the low 50's. it is a holiday martin luther king junior day. so there's not going to be a lot of people on the roads. and that is certainly true at the bay bridge. just a few people making their way westward on into the city from the east bay. and a look at the san mateo bridge also running at the limit this morning. definitely a few more cars and at the bay bridge, but not a lot more. and the richmond center fell has been really empty. hardly seeing a headlight out there nor tail light making their way across either span. and your view of the golden gate bridge. also quite empty. 2 of one car making this way southbound from marin county to


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