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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  January 18, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PST

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lying cloud cover over the bay itself and a little bit of fog out towards the central valley, but not as much of an impact as yesterday and after seeing just a couple of sprinkles near the coast yesterday, today is going to be a dry one in a much clearer one than yesterday was i mentioned san francisco sitting right at 50 degrees right now. alameda, you're right there as well. the rest of us say are either in the 40's or the 30's. once you get up into the north bay fairfield over to napa on up to saint helene and santa rosa. munger colder spots all hovering in the mid to upper 30's right now as far as what we can expect later on today. back to the low 60's and a little bit clearer than yesterday was as for traffic things out there on the roadways are still really, really good. i've been checking all your routes, not just our bridges, and there are no interruptions from the maze to fremont street on the bay bridge. it's only 7 minutes. san mateo bridge, a 12 minute drive there. very typical. and at the limit for sure. richmond center fell bridge below 10 minutes to get you across that one. and the golden gate bridge also
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looking nice and clear, james. all right. thank you, john. for 30 the time developing news this morning. an underwater volcano near tonga erupted for the 3rd time in 5 days potentially causing setbacks. >> in the effort to assess the damage there. take a look. yeah. when the volcano erupted on triggered tsunami warnings around the world, santa cruz was hit the hardest of anywhere in california with some coastal flooding. as you can see in this video, san francisco firefighters had to rescue 2 surfers who were pulled out to see by powerful rip currents. all tsunami warnings have since been lifted. but experts say water levels continue to fluctuate along the california coast. and we have dramatic images from space to capturing the moment of the eruption in real time. you can see that huge plume of ash and gas spewing upwards of 12 miles into the air. experts say it was likely
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the biggest eruption recorded anywhere on the planet in more than 30 years. communication to tonga remains limited. authorities say the eruption may have severed all phone lines leading to the island. that leaves families and friends and local organizations in the dark about how bad the damage is there. one company in oakland is trying its best to help with that kron four's. rob nesbitt explains. >> i mean, we're sitting here worried as well. we haven't spoken in one since friday. cecilia, like people whose parents started that's at the enterprise is and logistics in oakland in the 70's after moving to the bay area from tonga, a country that's no stranger to tsunamis. but her family has yet to hear or see the devastation from one over the weekend. >> caused by an underground volcano so severe it was captured from above by satellite cameras. i don't know if the island. >> thought it was going to be crazy because eruptions happened here and there never get this traffic. i don't think they were expecting it sf enterprises and logistics and shipping containers to throughout the year. >> workers are currently
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hustling to put together a relief container to ship out friday to help tom gets affected by the tsunami. i know for sure the air quality is bad. >> water is going to be a big issue. so when people are calling now, i water. >> that's all i can gauge at the moment. the tsunami was also felt in nearby new zealand. so that is a force of nature that. >> his incredible grant alexander's vote now looks like this after a wave sent another boat into it. i read camera and going over the top of my yeah. literally. took the fly bridge plane off it as it went over the top. >> in talking to the damage is less known like people who says she's organizing relief efforts to the national emergency management office but won't know for sure what is needed until phone lines. they are reopened. >> is this is going to be going on for months. it takes about 4 to 5 weeks for a cargo ship to make it to tonga from the bay area. like people who says that there are rumors that the new zealand military ship was able to make it to the main island of tonga, but hasn't been able to confirm
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that in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> thank you, rob. san jose police meanwhile say that a man who was hit by a car 10 days ago has now died from those injuries. it happened on center road just north of the capital expressway. police say it was on january 7th that the victim was walking outside a crosswalk when he was hit by a truck. the driver sped off before he could be identified. this marks san jose's 5th traffic death of the year. the owner of a stolen french bulldog is now offering a $5,000 reward for anyone who can safely return their dog. t tow is its name to that was stolen from his owner at gunpoint saturday night in castro valley. alameda county deputies say that the owner and their mom was walking their dog near north bridge. lane went 5 men rushed up to them to steal the dog and the owners purse. and then later that night, the robbers came to the victim's house and stole their car. you have any information call the alameda sheriff's office. well, 2
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teenagers were targeted in great britain in connection to the hostage standoff at a synagogue in texas over the weekend greater manchester police say that the teens are being questioned right now. it's unclear if he'll face any charges related to the incident near fort worth. there are reports that say the 2 teens are the children of 44 year-old crumb. he was identified as the hostage taker. the fbi says he was a british citizen and arrived in the u.s. 2 weeks ago. >> during the standoff, he demanded the release of a pakistani neuroscientist who suspected of having ties to al qaeda. he was convicted of trying to kill u.s. army officers in afghanistan that scientists to serving an 86 year prison sentence in fort worth. it's unclear why the suspect entered the synagogue. the parents of one of the 6 workers killed in an amazon warehouse collapse filed a lawsuit against the company. the amazon warehouse collapsed after tornadoes tore through illinois last month. the parents allege that amazon opted not to evacuate workers
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from that facility in a timely manner as it sought to keep them fulfilling orders. kelley hoskins has the story. >> the family of 26 year-old also mckeown filed a wrongful death lawsuit against amazon in the 2 companies can tag rat construction company and tri star properties claiming they were negligent leading up to the deadly warehouse collapsed last month. but un was one of 6 workers killed december. the 10th when a tornado hit the amazon distribution center. the lawsuit accuses the companies of not building the 4 year old warehouse up to code and not including a basement. they allege that this building was built to code. we do not know affirmatively if that was true. >> but regardless of we certainly know in different areas of the country, a certain areas can be prone to severe inclement weather. amazon is taking the position that those that survived were sheltering and there's a significant difference between sheltering and being given a proper storm shelter for those. but fortunately did survive this horrible tragedy.
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they have been to be on the north end of the building. there's no evidence whatsoever that this building at an appropriate basement shelter or a storm shelter. and unfortunately, austin mckeown 5 others are on the south side of the building, a shelter at the direction of amazon in a bathroom and all this could have been avoided. had amazon keeping these possible tornado warnings sincerity throughout the day as the warnings intensified, these workers should have never been at this for filming center. we spent the past month reading countless start a cause. >> but how a tornado was coming that made the decision to have our son and others work during peak delivery season for amazon instead of evacuating the area area with no storm shelter in place. in an afternoon virtual news conference, clifford law office. >> who filed a lawsuit on behalf of the family. also accused amazon of not taking further precautions before severe weather, including training employees on what to do in an emergency and having
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an alarm warning system in place. it had been well known as early as almost 04:00am on december 9. >> 2021 that southwestern illinois, which would, of course, include at which bills was at risk of severe inclement weather as early as december. 9 tornadoes were noted to be possible and that amazon did nothing to warn these employees and then there's further evidence in this case through a bbc article that was in fact, amazon management that directed austin and 5 other people to shelter in the bathroom when amazon through its own training should know that that's not a proper shelter. >> mcewan did not work for amazon was a contract. a delivery driver who work with the company to make deliveries from the warehouse in edwardsville. amazon said the lawsuit misunderstand key facts about differences of severe weather and tornado alerts. it said the building met all coats, amazon by statement said we believe our team did the right thing as soon as the warning was issued
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and they work to move people to safety as quickly as possible. amazon said their focus is supporting employers and families who lost loved ones. we look forward to seeing him get married. >> have children of his own and celebrate life's milestones in the years to come. this was all taken from us. we hope along with the other families who lost loved ones to get the answers we deserve. >> well, that was kelly hoskins reporting. the cdc is recommending schools cancel certain extracurricular activities that are considered high risk. and that includes football wrestling and band. the agency says any activity that results in increased exhalation raises the risk of spreading covid, especially indoors. this is just a recommendation by the agency. not in any way a mandatory thing, but some local leaders, including marin county's health officer are encouraging schools to ban spectators from indoor sporting events. moderna is working right now on a triple booster for covid.
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the flu and other respiratory viruses. so the ceo is talking about the shot at the world economic forum in geneva. he made the comments yesterday saying that he hopes the combined booster shot will be ready for use by the fall of next year. so it's a one done coverage of 3 different things. >> going be able have a single and you're was so that we don't of compliance issues where people don't want to get to the free shots, a to get one those low to get to know boost a full call and it was so full through a to make sure that people get their vaccines. >> he added that moderna is aiming to make 2 to 3 billion covid boosters this year with tweaks made to address the omicron variant. however, doctor anthony fauci says that the goal should be a booster. that includes of that induces a response against multiple covid variants. and scientists are warning us to expect more covid variants of concern. and that's because every infection around the world gives the virus a chance to mutate, causing new variants omicron
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has shown to be at least twice as contagious and as the delta variant of 4 times as contagious as the original virus. they alst warn that just because omicron appears less deadly. it doesn't mean that all variants will be less deadly over time. we'll take a break. 4.41. is the time coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news. the forty-niners preparing for the packers will talk about the things are focusing on ahead of the game will be right back.
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get over to the weather center. get another check of the forecast once again as we're waking up slowly on tuesday john. yeah, this tuesday morning feels a little bit like a monday for some people, that means you only got a four-day workweek ahead. the if that's the case. >> we're viewing outside this morning at your berkeley hills camera right here. little bit. a little cloud cover scene there in the distance. but fog has not been much of an issue so far this morning. not mention stay true throughout the course of this morning. yesterday we saw a few sprinkles near the coastline. we're not going to tap into that today with mostly clear skies to our south. we do see a storm system that is spinning just south of la. now and also to our north, a few showers up in the pacific northwest. our trend of weather recently in the bay area has been just sit right in the middle of those with are dry weather that we've
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seen for well over a week now in today into the rest of the week. we're really only heightening that with clear skies. king lear compared to yesterday and keeping that around into tomorrow thursday, friday, so on and so forth until the start of next week's and not a lot of changes to talk about here today is going to be a big clear, just a little cooler than yesterday. highs near the coastline in the 50's. in fact, you'll see a few more 50's in your 4 zone forecast than what we had yesterday. still some low 60's mixed in, though, san carlos in mountain view each right at 60 san jose at 62 for your high. where is the east bay will be in the upper 50's to low 60's oakland and berkeley at 58 degrees. danville, woman creek at 61 for your highs today and even 60 from antioch vacaville all the way over to sonoma as well as on over a little bit further west santa rosa and center felt in the upper 50's now tomorrow and thursday back into the low 60's on average, just a touch warmer into the start of next week. but with all that
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sunshine and evening lows remaining pretty chilly. daytime highs remaining mild. not a lot of changes to talk about just yet. as far as our bridges and our commute goes this morning, i've been checking to see if there's any sort of thing that comes close to a hot spot popping up and i'm not saying anything on the map. so this is a really good tuesday morning commute may's to fremont street on the bay bridge below 10 minutes till san mateo bridge just above 10 minutes as it usually is for you. if you're traveling at the limit. and as for the richmond center fell bridge 7 minutes the tolls over to one o one in marion county. an easy crossing over the golden gate bridge. not all that windy and certainly not foggy in the least. james. john, thank you very much for 46 is the time the forty-niners are turning their focus now to their matchup against the packers. this coming weekend. >> and the raiders are looking for a new general manager after firing mike mayock's. we've got kron. 4 sports director jason dumas ce. with all this story.
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>> but settled dallas at jerry's world after the forty-niners got a big time win. they're now looking ahead to the divisional round against the green bay packers at lambeau stadium. but they did not get out of dallas on state wondering nick foles to both left the game and did not return warner had a low ankle sprain in nick bosa suffered a concussion. jimmy g also that band of the screen to shoulder in the 2nd quarter. but he played through the good news, both warner and drop a little. they practiced. they are both expected to be ready to go for saturday. the team also expects posted it clear concussion protocols, but that is still a little more in the air. when you get these head injuries, got to really take it on it day by day basis. now waiting for them. as i said in green bay packers, the team that beat the niners back in week 3, they were actually up 17 to nothing in 27 to 17 at one point was even very close. but the niners they stormed
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back in it to the 28 27 lead. how you can put them ahead. late. but they left too much time on the clock. and gary rogers burned them. he got the track and field goal position. mason meal with field goal as time expired to win that game that we need work that out. >> whether you have to leave or whether you're behind it, it doesn't totally matter. just you don't want to change your mindset. i always prepare that we need to play a lot better like that to win this week. but you're going up to lambeau but felt the same way going to dallas and we're going to the rams got to play really good football to beat these guys and we'll see what that takes on sunday. but whatever it we find what. >> out los vegas heads our role. the organization fired mike mayock's and as the general manager after 3 seasons with team, the raiders were 25. and 24 over that span and they make the playoffs this year. but there were
4:49 am
several off-the-field controversies. i watts now it might not necessarily have been his fault, but there's always a fall guy. and it appears that was the fall guy. the raiders have already started to look for replacement. they've requested an interview with dave ziegler who is currently the director of player personnel with the new england patriots given up idealist go out to so by stadium in the city of angels. monday night football action. the rams hosting the arizona cardinals. 1st quarter. no score. >> you a bit and get things started. it 2nd quarter. now, this is a very boneheaded play by kyler murray to avoid just throws the ball in the air. but guess what? you get picked right away, right? david long junior. all right. let's go to 3rd quarter rams up comfortably. yes, what odell back and said i can do more than just can't you know.
4:50 am
moved the ball eat and he finds it teammate cam akers. that's a 40 yard gain. it was set up this plane rate cooper, not for the touchdown. this game. big. he advanced to play brady and the tampa bay buccaneers. that'll be next week and you can pull up. know, we're we're the car was on him. all we have some history san jose. when your myers set a new sharks, record with 5 goals, a game as the sharks took down the hel 18. 62 meyer had a hat trick in the first period for his 45th double in the second. >> one of the bright spots for the sharks this season. he now has 45 points in 36 or more. meant for all right. that is your look at sports.
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>> thank you very much, jason. now the warriors play the pistons tonight at the chase center. tipoff is at 7 o'clock. >> we'll take a break or for 50. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back. 4.53 on this
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tuesday morning. back to work for some of us. in which case it is a pretty easy one day. get back into gear and head out the door. it is a little chilly. but aside from that roadways are good and weather is cooperating too downtown. san francisco sitting under just a little low cloud cover, but nothing that should hold. yeah. as you venture out, low 50's for coastal areas for daytime highs today. a mostly sunny, cool afternoon. now, as for our inland areas and noticeably cooler one than yesterday, taking us in some cases from the mid 60's back into the upper 50's today. and as far as temperatures go towards the afternoon all across the bay area, you can see a few more 50's on the map and what we had yesterday. hayward, oakland, san francisco, among those areas rising into the upper 50's later on. james. john, thank you. >> 4.54 is the time an auction house. other bees. dubai unveiled a diamond that they claim is literally from out of this world. so these calls the 555.5, 5 carat black diamond,
4:55 am
a rare gem that's likely from outer space. they say that because it's carbon isotopes and high hydrogen content. you don't really find that here on earth. they say the diamond could have been formed when media rights collided with earth. it's headed to la right now before it's auctioned off next month in london. so the bees expects the diamond to sell for more than 6 and a half million dollars. wow. pretty cool to look at. all right. coming up in the next hour, teachers and students in oakland are on strike. we'll tell you why they say they're not coming back to class unless the school meets their demands and thousands of patients in the east bay with parent lee given the wrong dosage of a covid vaccine. >> tell you how the hospital is responding this morning. plus, doctors say some people are trying to get on the kron on purpose. why? that's not a good idea. we'll be right back.
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>> good morning. 05:00am here on the kron. 4 morning news. it is tuesday morning. a lot of folks coming back to work today after enjoying a three-day mlk holiday weekend. so for those that are getting up john and heading outside on their commute to work, what kind of weather we looking at? well, pretty cooperative for sure, james, as you are getting your way outside, do expect some expectedly cool conditions, but otherwise, not a lot of fog and certainly not as much cloud cover as yesterday. san francisco looks great right now and are just a little blanket of low clouds that will soon be giving way to brighter skies here in just a matter of hours. >> we do have some spots of fog having formed up in marine county as well as out into the central valley. all of that to the fog out that direction is not near as bad as it has been right now. radar looks dry. we had a couple light sprinkles yesterday morning near the coastline. not such a thing today. skies today will be noticeably clear and temperatures just a little bit cooler right now. the north bay is down in the 30's with the rest of the bay, either in the 40's or the 50's. now, as
5:00 am
far as our roadways are concerned, bridges, well, they've been fine this morning. i've been looking at more than just our bridges and no hot spots out there whatsoever. so this is a really good commute. that means to fremont street on the bay bridge just below 10 minutes in mateo bridge at the limit and not a whole lot of cars just yet. things are picking up just a little bit there. the richmond center fell bridge, but still no backup at the toll plaza. things moving along a ok and the golden gate bridge, not a lot of traffic on it just yet either. james, thank you very much, john. 5 o'clock. the time and happening today, students and teachers in the oakland unified school district are planning a sickout kron 4. sarah stinson on the story for us. >> with the latest on what they're planning, sarah. >> well, james, over 1000 oakland unified students signed a petition saying that if their demands are not met, demands to make school a safer place from covid for staff and students than they will hold a


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