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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  January 25, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PST

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that's the way we're going to stay for the rest of the month. the final 7 days of them up. now ahead of us, 30's and 40's for current temperatures. we've got morgan hill fremont livermore, dublin, you sitting in the 30's this morning, most of the north bay there with us. santa rosa are very cold dust of spots and only 33 degrees right now. fairfield not far behind that at 34 degrees currently. so as we work our way into the afternoon, temperatures again rise back into the 60's. these cold clear mornings followed by clear and mild afternoons. it's just the way we're going to stay for a little while ahead of us. now, as far as our roadways go, for the most part we're doing all right out there. the bay bridges. okay. this morning, traffic moving along just fine. there. we do have a closure up in the north bay leading into the east bay, though, with police police activity in the closure on i-80 westbound at the carquinez bridge in valais home. all lanes are blocked. so the recommendation there is to get off at 6.80 and then drive down the benicia bridge.
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instead connecting again over at highway 4 as we do have that closure along 80, which right now isn't resulting in the issues. they anticipate if it remains closed into the morning commute could definitely result in some. as for the san mateo bridge, a 12 minute drive there, making their way across the richmond center fell in 8 minute drive and then we do have a clear one across the golden gate bridge james. all right, john, thank you very much for 31. the time. >> a recent study says that over the past 2 years of caring for covid patients, nurses and other first responders have reported now high levels of stress, depression, fatigue, friends of a stanford nurse who committed suicide last week say that his death is bringing attention now to the importance of mental health for health care workers. kron four's dan thorn has the story. >> friends and co-workers of 27 year-old michael o'dell are heartbroken. the travel icu nurse from oklahoma had been working at stanford hospital before committing suicide last
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week. michael was incredible. he fearless. it looks he's going to nursing school at 20 years old, which is a few the which i think it's been a josh, for base was best friends down as a fellow nurse. he says the stresses of the job have become overwhelming for so many in the health care field. >> believes it's important for people to tells story just couldn't take. it could work. >> i across the across the country probably world that exit statistics for 2 seconds up with health care professionals. and that's i think it's so important. we talk about recent study published in the journal of general internal medicine included a survey of more than 500 doctors, nurses and other health care workers who have been treating covid patients. >> within it, they found 74% saying they were depressed. 37% reported they were experiencing symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder and 15% said they had thoughts of suicide or self-harm. i
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mean, it's tragic. it breaks my heart to think he didn't. if you didn't feel like he had the support. stanford nurse gabby ledoux helped in the frantic 2 day search for odell who abruptly left work and went missing last tuesday. >> the search ended tragically on thursday dell's body was found at the don edwards wildlife refuge. >> ledoux says right now, frontline workers across the country need more support. >> people who are not in the health care field do not understand the weight of how covid has affected all of us and we're going to mass and burnouts at other hospitals and then for losing tells colleagues are hoping employers will step up in their efforts to address the well-being of their workers. >> for parade ace hotels, death is pointing out the need for these conversations. >> and the more we talk about more will kind of dismantle the stigma on wheels. >> and maybe maybe people will be. >> more inclined to speak up when hurting reporting in pleasant hill. dan thorn kron.
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4 news. >> well, stanford health has released a statement about michael's death saying that they offer support to all our caregivers and staff. and while he wasn't the with them long, they're saddened by his death. staying on the topic of mental health during the pandemic as we are more than 2 years into it. at this point, we are starting to see some solid numbers about its impact on mental health. for example, a study from stanford medicine looked at more than 1000 health care workers who demonstrated signs of posttraumatic stress more than 50% of the people they talked to said that they considered suicide because of the added pressures of the pandemic. that's roughly 3 times higher. then the usual national numbers. and that's not all either burnout is also continuing to rage or to rise among healthcare workers. data from becker's hospital review shows that 18% of all health care workers in the country quit their jobs since february
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2020 people surveyed say they know the longer hours and witnessing so many people dying has really weighed on them as well as the harassment and even violence they faced from conspiracy theorists and others who refuse to believe the science behind the vaccines and behind covid. if you or anyone, you know, is suffering from mental health crisis covid related or not, you can always reach out to the numbers on your screen. they're free, confidential and available. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. turning our attention to the east bay. now, this past weekend, the oakland police department launched its highly publicized additional patrol district in east oakland. those officers encountered sideshow activity at that part of the city prefer says magoon tells us how they responded. >> these are videos uploaded sunday to the citizen app showing illegal sideshows taking over intersection along macarthur boulevard and east,
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though, then spilling over into an eastman neighborhood disrupting residential streets of the people who live there. sideshow. >> this east oakland sideshow took place over the same weekend that opd rolled out its additional policing district plan. >> adding 48 more officers to respond to the part of the city that receives the most calls for service. >> with this addition, we feel respond much faster to our calls for service. help reduce the violent crime and work with our community to make east open much safer. >> tsai feel any >> investigators say the side show started at around 05:30pm. there were about 200 vehicles and several 100 spectators. officers made to arrest, told for vehicles and recovered 3 firearms. we have had our staff members. i'm
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stuck in the midst of sideshows, oakland councilmember tree. the read represents district 6, also known as deep east oakland. if she were to give opd is first weekend of additional resources in that area. a letter grade. >> i mean, i think i started off and of like everybody starts with an so we start with in that we are responding to what the community has asked for. so we're hopeful that we will see, you know, a pattern in trends that show the reduction in violent crime. >> i fish is that opd say that before they make any assessments on how it's going, they want to give the new police district a few weeks to take into account the impact. the additional resources having on the community. has it made kron 4 news? >> in the south bay, the santa clara county sheriff's office says it's arrested the person responsible for vandalizing 2 county courthouses. deputies say 37 year-old his smile de la mora tagged these 2
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buildings as well as the s ap center. the probation department and san jose's police department building. police say they aren't sure what motivated elmore to tag the buildings are still looking into that. meanwhile, the federal trial of 3 former minneapolis police officers is now under way. they're facing charges show violating georgia's that george floyd's civil rights. prosecutors say former officers j kang thomas lane and tao toe. failed to intervene as fellow officer derek chauvin kneeled on floyd's neck more than for more than 9 minutes. the former officers are also accused of not providing medical assistance. chauvin has already been convicted of murder in floyd's death and is carrying out a 22 and a half year sentence in prison. the trial for the remaining officers could last about a month. washington, dc and 3 states are suing google. they say google deceive customers and invaded privacy by making it nearly impossible to stop location. tracking. they also
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say the company misled users into believing that they can control the information that google collects about them. the irs, meanwhile, says that things will be a bit more complicated this tax season because of the pandemic. they say there's an unprecedented backlog of well, because a number of their workers are out with covid and there are new problems for taxpayers to deal with, too, including the fact that some people will be getting smaller child tax credit payments than perhaps they were expecting. hannah brandt has more on these changes. >> this year tax season comes with a warning refunds are going to be delayed. so just expect that. that's partly because the irs is still behind on last year's returns. the irs right now is unacceptable backlog. plus, the agency is understaffed and underfunded agency has not been equipped with the resources it needs to adequately served taxpayers in normal times, let alone during a pandemic to avoid extra long delays. the irs suggests people file early and make sure the returns are accurate and include all of the necessary documents. the best way that you can over come,
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you know, having to wait too long is just to make sure you file as error free of a return as you can. and irs spokesman clay sanford says the agency is really encouraging people to file electronically this year. if you to file. plus, direct the majority of folks can expect refunds and 21 days or less. tax expert mickey sued with jam you tax and financial points out this year. you may need to bring into extra tax documents. the irs is sending out a letter to families who got child tax credit payments and anyone who got the $1400 stimulus payment, all the typical documents that bring those extra 2 documents because if you don't do that, your refund will be held. the stimulus money just needs to be reported. it won't impact your return. but families who got the child tax credit will see a smaller return. you can have your cake and eat it, too. if you've got during the year. >> expect that amount less at the end of the year when you file your tax return in washington, i'm hannah brandt. >> with inflation threatening the economy, the federal
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reserve will likely begin raising interest rates for the first time in 3 years. the federal reserve's first meeting of the year is today with some believing that it will pave the way. >> for an interest rate hike perhaps in march, which could be the first of a many some economists are concerned that the fed is already moving too slow to fight high inflation. others are worried the fed may act too aggressively and risk causing a recession. we'll see what they decide. we'll take a break for 41 coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news fans are waiting in anticipation to see the miners. >> take on the rams this weekend. we're going to show you how they're preparing for the matchup. and
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we are back time now for 45 with a live look here. quite tower for a very specific reason. >> if you watch, you'll see the color change all in celebration. of course, there goes 9 are read as who are also cheering on highly anticipating the game this weekend between the niners and the rams in the nfc championship game. >> the excitement is bubbling. we're going to have a live report with will trend coming up in the next hour. in the meantime, let's find out what's going to be like weather-wise out at so fi stadium. we've got john trouble kicking off the weather forecast. was that big difference from? >> a little nicer than the
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green bay was right for sure. i mean, it's going to be 78 game time. they do have the glass stadium, as james noted right there. but even if they did still be super perfect weather, i think if the niners did it up in wisconsin, they will have no problem down in l a dealing with the weather that we're going to be seeing with down there, which is just a little bit warmer than what we're going to be seeing in the bay area, which is our highs in the 60's all the way through the remainder this week on into this upcoming weekend. not a lot of change for us. we're sticking with the familiar here, which is something that we've grown accustomed to so far this month, which is these dry skies persistently sunny afternoons, a little bit of fog during mornings, although our morning fog this morning is actually staying pretty limited out towards point raise and along the coastline, high pressure ridge isn't budging much. it's in the same exact spot. it was yesterday of anything the jet stream situated a bit further eastward today. so we're just going a nice and mild is considering it's been such a dry month. we're still actually doing all snowpack
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goes our new snow survey just these past few days showing that we're still over 100% of average in the sierra says good news considering we haven't seen a lot of snowfall this month, but december really came through for us. we need february to continue that for us or we're going to start to fall behind here shortly. as far as future cast a wind gust goes. you can see the north bay is in the midst of some breezier conditions today. mostly higher to the north and the north bay from sonoma northward up to calistoga is when we're see er was windiest of conditions. rest of the bay area staying pretty calm much as we saw yesterday. that's just going to be the cherry on top of the sunshine in the 60's that a lot of us are tapping into today. a little cooler at the coast line with those 50's. but most of the rest of the bay area either solid low to mid 60's redwood city in palo alto, for example, at 61, san jose campbell, santa clara in cupertino, each at 63. well, the east bay looking at low 60's as well. hey, we're at 62
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oakland right at 60 degrees. north bay temperatures are warm us today. sonoma and santa rosa both at 66. tomorrow's temperatures really not much different than today's will level out all the way through game day on sunday. when will be in the 70's for la. but 60's here in the bay. lots of sunshine, dry skies. monday is the last day of january and in the month with those same dry skies now bridges this morning, looking good. we have the bay bridge looking very solid below 10 minutes to make your drive there. we did have an issue on the carquinez bridge earlier. looks like that one is cleared out. we do have an on-ramp there, though, that is still being affected. making your way from toledo to 80, the san mateo bridge, a 12 minute drive and looking at the richmond center fell only 7 minutes. no backup whatsoever. golden gate bridge also at the limit. and i'm not seeing any cars in this view, at least at this moment, james. all right. thank you very much, john. for 47. the time excitement already building for this weekend's nfc championship game. we talked about that a moment ago. niners rams at so
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fi stadium. >> the game in la. but people here in the bay area are already preparing some heading down there. hopefully a lot heading down there. we spoke to some fans in concord about the matchup and here's kron four's amanda hari with the story. >> everyone i've spoken to says they're so excited about this game. they say it's been an emotional season and this weekend is the payoff. you can see around me. there's a ton of niners gear. i have this had on right here on the walls. you can see even more shirts with the forty-niners on it. and on the racks, we have tons of jerseys all the year for everyone for this weekend. the san francisco forty-niners had to win their last regular season game. >> just to make it to the playoffs. now they're only one more win from a super bowl appearance. everyone tells me this has been quite a year to be a niners fan. the owner of heads up sports tells me he's been a lifelong fan as a kid. he worked just so he could earn money to buy season
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tickets. now he gets to share and all his customers. joy, as the team prepares to take on the rams in the nfc conference championship game. oh, it's wonderful. you know, it's it gets. >> like a fantasy. come true. we were pretty nervous and all the games at leading up to and i'm so excited. a lot of emotions in our house heads of sports owner tells me he's had people calling about niners gear all day. many people are looking for deebo samuel jerseys. but most stores don't have them. i did asked some people about what they thought would happen in the game. everyone told me they think it's going to be a niners win. >> although they had some differing ideas of how they're going to get there. but at the end of the day, it will be a win in concord. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> well, ticket prices on stub hub. the cheapest we could find was $547. and that was for the upper deck corner nosebleed. you want to set any
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closer, maybe even down on the sideline mid-level tickets. they're going to cost about 1400 and of course, the prime lower-level seat right along the forty-niners sides going to cost about $2000. >> each >> but hey, there's some diehard fans are going to be grabbing those. i'm sure. well, a bakery in dixon is giving out special treats in honor of the forty-niners big game this weekend on sunday. the solano county baking company will be handing out a free doughnut. every customer who comes in wearing a jersey. another promotion that they're running is called valentine's day heartbreakers and basically the bakery workers going show us what they look like. take a look. >> heartbreak ers and they're really popular for valentine's day, but we're also doing them for the sunday game. so if you get a touchdown or you know, you don't like to call flag their national. >> well, the bakery recommends pre ordering the heartbreaker one or 2 days before sunday.
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demand is going to be pretty high beijing. well, the world's biggest and most powerful space telescope arrived at its observation post. 1 million miles from earth. we're talking about the the the telescope almost at satellite, the telescope that launch from a french guiana. scientists say the 10 billion dollars james webb observatory. we'll be observing infrared light and detecting the santa signals from objects in our distant universe. the first images captured are expected this summer. astronomers and scientists the world over are anxiously awaiting these new images. this is supposed to be the big upgrade to the hubble space telescope. alright, nasa, by the way, launched at cup a competition to develop sustainable food that astronauts can eat while on long space missions. it's called the the deep space food challenge. competition calls on teams to design, build and demonstrate prototypes of food production technologies that could provide tangible nutritional products basically
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food for the astronauts. the idea is to create food with minimal resources and produce medical waste. thousands of people applied and 18 teams were chosen to take part in the challenge. the winning team can win up to a million dollars. >> all right. we'll be pizza floating in space about that. we'll be right back.
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>> a new jersey toddler goes on a shopping spree with his mom's cellphone and ends up buying more than $1700 worth of furniture. from walmart. the family's youngest boy. just 22 month-old began clicking away on mom's phone while she path walmart app open. you can see him there. the mom at several items in her cart for review. when the little guy hit order for all of it. the family realized what happened when they started getting these huge packages in the mail. the kamar say they plan to return. most of these items bought because they weren't prepared to pay for it all at once. and of course, are going to be much closer eye on their kid. they are also very grateful for walmart's return policy. wow. look at this. 20 panda cubs making their public debut
4:56 am
at a nature reserve in southwestern china. the panda toddlers range in age 12200, 90 days old. the debut ceremony marks the year of the tiger and the upcoming beijing winter olympics. this particular nature center now has 356 pandas. so it's a big population in the meantime, the group photos. they say they're never easy. the toddler's keep rolling around the pandas. keep wandering off to play. but they were able to snag a couple great pictures to share with all of us. it is 4.56. coming up in the next hour. covid-19 is. >> overwhelming hospitals. why doctors and nurses say it's taking a toll on morale. plus, a gun reform ordinance is going before the san jose city council will tell you what it proposes and why some folks happy about it. and we're also just days away from the nfc championship game. we'll tell you how the niners are preparing for the big match up with the rams will be right back.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news far.
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>> good morning. 05:00am on this tuesday morning. thank you so much for joining us. as we. >> slowly wake up that stretch and head as usual where few layers it is on the chilly side this morning. we've got john with our full forecast to start off the hour. good morning job today. it is definitely cold again this morning, james. we're looking at another one that you do want to layer up for temperatures. well, down into the 30's to start. we are seeing a couple spots of fog near the coastline, but that hasn't resulted in much of low visibility for our well traverse roadways. so we're still sitting very well even out towards the golden gate bridge and areas like that. as we mentioned, it is clear and it is cold temperatures down into the 30's for areas like morgan hill, fremont livermore, dublin conquered. then across the north bay to santa rosa and fairfield, you're each sitting at freezing at 32 degrees nap at 37 dublin and a pretty chilly 36. so definitely get those layers ready before you step outside bay bridge this


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