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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  February 2, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PST

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out there. orange areas in the north bay, those continue to be our high wind warnings were most susceptible to the stronger wind gusts over 50 miles per hour. as you are traveling, especially over bridges and mountain passes, both hands on the wheel. you're going to feel those gas. as i mentioned, upwards of 50 miles per hour. northbound north bay mountains, 20 to 30 miles per hour. elsewhere in the bay area. at least it's fairly comfortable to start. so it's just really breezy a bit of a cool feel to it because of that 40's and 50's for our current temperatures. rain. john, thanks for that. all right. as you're traveling on this wednesday morning, we do have a few delays. >> and we've been seeing out there like this one out in oakland along 8.80, northbound, just north of 20rd avenue. so you are starting to see some issues there. 5.80, might be a good option, but things are slowing down there as well. out an alamo. a new accident popping up 6.80, northbound south of stole valley road. so we'll keep a close eye on things there heading into the city right now. still have gusty winds along the bay bridge. 17
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minutes as you're traveling from the maze to that fremont street exit. and as you head across towards the peninsula, a little under 17 minutes. darya. james, back to you. thank you. or 8 o'clock into this morning. cal fire says that fire burning near big spur, sir in monterey county is now. >> 100% contained. that's good news. it did burned 687 acres because been going for over a week. but luckily nobody has been hurt and only one structure was destroyed. it started as a prescribed burn. it was was to be controlled. burn intended to clear dry brush win whipping winds. got it out of control. and we're talking about actually whipping winds today. take a look at this strong winds that we said started yesterday morning. and so this was a marine county yesterday afternoon that high wind advisory last through tomorrow morning. it does. yeah. even though it's not fire season. >> marin county, especially in fact, a lot of places up in the north bay. we're really watching these winds carefully. they're taking it seriously. they have crews scattered all around the area ready to jump on anything that
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might spark. >> even though you know, we're we're in the winter season. we just haven't had the rain that we would normally be getting and runs months. our last trains been over a month ago. so our fuel conditions are prime for a wind event like this, that they actually have a fire that could spread. and just like we saw monterey that the fire, you know, put 1000 acres down and one nights over we're taking jurors. >> and again, be on the lookout. be careful because the winds will last through tomorrow morning. so there's a burn ban in marin county. also the fire department is asking you to avoid certain areas like the mount tam watershed, at least until later this week. and it's not just the north bay, either. the south bay, san jose. >> dealt with some pretty strong winds to fact strong enough to bring down this tree branch. that is a giant tree branch to see how it came down over a we'll sidewalk their last sales park yesterday afternoon. turns out there a couple kids that were on that sidewalk playing with that branch came down. so firefighters rush them to the hospital and we're happy to
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report that they only have minor injuries so they should be okay. but just another example of some of the dangers that are that are there when the winds really pick up. >> it's 8, 0, 2, and a big story in the east bay. health officials in alameda county say the worst of the omicron surge is behind let's hope that continues to be the case. crawford's camila barco live with the update here. >> on the alameda county. good morning. camila. >> good morning, daryn. fancy alameda county's health officer says that people in allen, the county, maybe past the peak of the omicron but that means that still means that people in alameda are not out of the woods yet. according to the health officer, nicholas masi says that case rates and hospitalizations are falling. he says katie case rates are going down more slowly than me went up in alameda county on january the county saw its peak of daily covid cases. it was at 266 and it dropped to
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one 46 by the end of the month on january. 25th know that's a good sign says that case rates are still high. more than 400 people are in the hospital with covid in about 74 people are in the icu. the county's dash 4 shows that case rates hospitalizations and intensive care cases all beat in january. but with case rates dropping law says that people might see covid restrictions ease like indoor masking. however, he says that face coverings are still going to continue to be important, especially when you're sick. and health experts continue to push for people to get the vaccine because they say that's the best tool to protect yourself against covid. law says alameda county has not seen its health care system overwhelmed like other places where there's a lower vaccination rates. the population 81.4% of the population in alameda county is vaccinated. now. and daryn,
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james ma says that life probably like probably won't ever returned the way it was before the pandemic. but he says that we are getting closer to a living. what we've been calling new normal. so maybe we might see less mass. we know that's been happening in san francisco. maybe that might happen in alameda county soon. we'll just have to see. back to you guys. all right. nice to see you, camila. thanks a lot for that report. >> well, speaking of masks and testing, it is going to be a little bit easier to get a free covid pcr test in san mateo county. the counties actually partnered with carbon health to make about 2000 free tests available each and every day out at the san mateo event center. and it's a walk-up clinic to see. you don't have to make an appointment. they're open tuesdays through sundays from 8 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon. and the results from these tests actually come back to within 48 hours. so it's fairly fast. >> pfizer has officially requested the fda granted
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emergency authorization use for its covid vaccine for children under the age of 5, which are the only ones who can get vaccinated. now, that's 19 million children that applies to across the u.s. federal regulators are expected to take a look at the data and they could approve pfizer's 2 dose vaccine for the littlest kids by the end of this month, early data suggest 2 doses is safe and produces an immune response. but also the company is testing a 3 dose regimen as well. >> i think we need to be thinking about these vaccinations kind of going forward in general is a three-dose series said obviously the 2 dose did, you know, was insufficient against the omicron variant. the company hasn't released any safety concerns with his 3 doses so far in the little is kids. >> data from the cdc shows that in that age group, hospitalization rates are increasing nationwide. >> well, speaking of vaccines, there could soon be a new one available here in the u.s. this one from drugmaker
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novavax. they're asking the fda right now for emergency use authorization for their protein based vaccine. this is new. they've done clinical trials. they say the results are pretty good. about 91st 90% effective and it's made by using small laboratory built pieces of the coronavirus, which is kind of a more traditional approach to developing a vaccine. and because this is a protein based approach, it can help people who currently can't use the mrna shots. so they be eligible for this new one. the vaccine is administered as a 2 dose regimen 3 weeks apart. and if the fda gives novavam the green light, the company says they could actually have about 100 million doses. ready to go immediately. all right. switching gears to other breaking news from overnight. a san jose man is expected to survive after being stabbed. it happened on the west santa clara street area last night with police saying the victim have life threatening injuries when they found him. so the russian to the hospital. so far, no arrests been made. but we're keeping you updated on the story as more information comes in. and in the south bay
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as well. san jose has 7 pedestrian deaths so far this year. and we're only now just starting the month of february is not more. you know, they want to see the at kron four's will tran has been breaking down the numbers for us and what police are saying about it will will at its current pace. the city of san jose, the police department, not only will they match. >> last year's traffic fatalities. they will shatter that number. we're talking 60 for 2021. and so far this year, we're talking 10 traffic fatalities. 7 of them involved pedestrians. and the latest one actually was one and a half miles from this location here it was at new hall and the about 4.40, in the morning. this was back on january 23rd when a man was in the crosswalk at the time looks like a service vehicle comes along hits. this man stops momentarily, but keeps going. so they are still searching for that driver this morning. he would ultimately
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died from his injuries on january. 28. so they are still investigating that. they're also investigating other fatalities. most of them have happened to homeless. they're not victim shaming at this time are blaming them. this was the fact that they are talking about and oftentimes the victims. >> happened outside the crosswalk. now at this current pace, they are telling people that they have to do measures, including maybe possibly better lighting, maybe brighter crosswalks. but in the meantime, the first line of defense they are saying will be the drivers. here's the san jose police department talking about things that are possibly on the table to make this city safer for pedestrians. >> way ahead of the pace in terms of traffic fatalities for this time last year, i believe one word to april when we have this many traffic fatalities, one pedestrian death in our city is one too many. and we're at 7 for the month of january. a lot of
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variables in this equation, how we're going to fix this. we're talking, you know, the department of transportation. different things that we can do to kind of mitigate what's been happening. lee? >> the >> just to give you perspective. so we're sitting at 10 and this is february second. they did not hit the number 10 as far as traffic fatalities until the month of april. just to give you a pace of how far they are compared to last year. and of course, they want people to slow down because some cases speed is a factor. but in other cases is just simple as it's in the overnight hours and it is dark now that you can see the sun is up visibility is better. but often times it is dark and maybe drivers are in a hurry. the investigation is continuing as far as the driver involved in that hit and run back on january. 23rd. the man's name not being released at this back to all right. thank you very much. well,
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>> 8.13, right now and look at the strong gusty winds in san francisco. that's new this morning. video from kron 4 sarah stinson. she left her part. you can hear it she left her apartment? >> you know, everybody does their home or forced wow. that's really windy. i kind of like the sound, but i know we talked about damage and he's got to watch for flying lawn chairs, too. by the way, things like that trash cans. yeah, absolutely. >> and john's been talking about that. it was affecting us yesterday. looks like the winds will be around with us again today. and what think tomorrow, by the all day tomorrow, too. so tomorrow it starts to come down and good news because it's garbage day in my neighborhood. yes, so but i know everyone the garbage day today with no sign mine is today is that, you look at this, the palm trees there on the embarcadero just blow and those strong winds. you've also got the strong winds blowing your flag above peer 19 right there. very, very windy. start to the stay
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and going to continue to remain this way. as we mentioned. well, to the day, even into tomorrow morning. now, skies today are going to remain nice and clear. this offshore wind is super dry, which is part of the reason fire danger is up so much. we're not tapping into any sort of marine layer. in fact, just the opposite. really dry humidity, 10 to 15% high pressure to our west, a low to our east and the pressure gradient in the middle is resulting in the strong wind that especially for the north bay could cause some problems all over again, 50 miles per hour. plus, wind gusts throughout the course of the afternoon, especially above 2000 feet in elevation. your mountain passes and you're bridges. most object to those stronger gusts that be pushing right across the area. coastal areas in the inland east bay hills and valleys. also going to be seeing some really strong gusts today, deep orange areas. i mentioned these yesterday. those your high wind warnings in our areas that are going to see the strongest of gas, much of the rest of the bay area lit up in those golden hues, which is a wind advisory. now,
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today's daytime highs mostly back into the 60's, although not much of a change from yesterday were sickened with the low 60's that are very warmest a range of upper 50's in there, too. it's going to feel kind of cool because of those winds. so keep the jackets with the even into the afternoon. we get to these low 60's. hey, we're down to fremont at 60 degrees. oakland as well as valais hopeny show on over to sandra fell and petaluma our warmest spots all at 62 degrees. looking ahead of next 7 days today. tomorrow, friday on the cooler side of things, winds do start to come down tomorrow and then friday starts the weekend on a really calm know lots of sunshine, dry skies highs climbing into the mid 60's and then look at next week, monday and tuesday getting into the upper 60's to low 70's. another groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter. but this week does not feel like winter. all reyna get right on. it does not feel like winter, a lot of sunshine, but still a lot of wind. so. >> you definitely want to be cautious as you're traveling out there driving on this wednesday morning. we do have
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some hazards and delays. let's take a look at that. and the south bay. so san jose southbound 87 at west capitol expressway and then also along one o one north of mckee road in san jose. so those 2 disabled vehicles are slowing traffic down there along those highways heading into the city. we are improving about 15 minutes. last time we checked daily were upwards of 20 or so the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. about 14 minutes, some slower highways. so along 8.80, san leandro to oakland about 22 minutes there. we have an accident on one 85 southbound south of ashland avenue in san leandro. so that also contributing to some delays were seen there out of richmond heading across towards sandra fell about 16 minutes. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up. the darya and james, back to you. thank you. rate 8.17, a big story this morning. the nfl is facing accusations of racism former head coach brian flores is suing the miami
8:18 am
dolphins. >> 2 other teams and the league alleging discrimination during his recent interview processes. and this is not all the lawsuit could have a big impact on the nfl. ileana diaz has why. >> 8, 7, 5 year-old daughter you know, when i look at them, i don't want to want them to go some of the things i've had to go through. and i know that was the same for people came before me as well. >> former dolphins head coach brian flores is suing the nfl and 3 of its teams on allegations of racial discrimination within its hiring practices. the former coach filed a 58 page complaint taking a shot at the nfl's rooney rule which requires teams to interview at least one black candidate with any head coaching vacancy. flores was a candidate for the new york giants head coaching job. he claims new england patriots coach bill belichick mistakenly texted him informing him that the new york giants fill their coaching position 3 days before he was scheduled to interview for the job. the nfl
8:19 am
responded to floors saying, quote, diversity is core to everything we do. and there are a few issues on which our clubs and or internal leadership team spend more time. we will defend against these claims which are without merit floor is also takes aim at his former franchise alleging the dolphins owner stephen ross offered to pay him $100,000 per loss for a better draft position during the 2019 season. the miami dolphins responded to flores's claim saying, quote, we vehemently deny any allegations of racial discrimination and are proud of the diversity and inclusion throughout our organization floor is also accuses the denver broncos of racial discrimination and says the broncos, gm at the time john elway showed up an hour late for a meeting over a vacancy in 2019 and appeared to be hungover. the broncos in both the refuted this claim calling the allegations lately falls. >> that's ileana diaz reporting for us. and it's a developing story. so we'll
8:20 am
keep you updated right here on kron 4 on the news and on our website at kron 4 dot com. >> it is a 19 and in election news this morning, lawmakers are taking a closer look at california's recall process and weather and i think should be changed. critics say that the recall is costly, a overused and has recently become weaponized against elected officials in just about every level of government all the way down to school councils in a hearing, california secretary of state shirley weber suggested that maybe shortening the recall ballot to just a single yes or no question is what's needed and eliminate altogether. the second question, which asks voters to pick a replacement? >> is this something needs to be called what circumstances? it's always company's business person better than the other. 43. >> weber also suggested that state lawmakers consider raising the standards to recall the governor, maybe extending the timeframe to have a recall and limiting the number of attempts to recall someone. no action was taken
8:21 am
in yesterday's hearing. but state lawmakers do have at least a couple more weeks now have to file their proposals. ultimately, though, any change would be up to the voters. so we'll see what happens. california's first-ever surgeon general doctor nadine burke, harris is stepping down from her post. doctor burke harris was appointed as surgeon general back in 2019 and she's been instrumental in california is response to the covid pandemic. in a statement, governor gavin newsom, thank her for her work regarding equity, mental health and early childhood development. a replacement has not yet been named. and join kron 4 as we commemorate black history month. our own pam moore is going to be hosting a half hour special entitled honoring black history. mind body soul. it will air thursday, february 24th at 6.30, in the evening. so mark your calendars, make sure you join us. >> a 21 is a time and coming up, what's next for tom brady after 22 years in the nfl and
8:22 am
how did the fix that dis to the patriots fans will have that and more.
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>> now that tommy is calling it quits from football at the world is his oyster. he's going just tell and the kids and who knows what he's got so many opportunities ahead of him. >> but of course, we're take
8:25 am
an opportunity to look back at his time. he grew up here in the bay area. don't forget sarah high school graduated from there. he was an all-star athlete proper as rob nesbitt, talk to some of his former coaches and teachers about his remarkable career. >> tom brady has plenty of nicknames. but here at serra high school, he was referred to as touch down tommy. they're pretty proud here of the quarterbacks accomplishments and show nothing but support of his decision to retire. tom brady may plays like this often throwing 624 passing touchdowns in his 22 year career in the nfl. 2 decades of the new england patriots and 2 years with tampa bay earning 7 super bowl championships always answering no to questions about calling it quits. ever coming back for coming. know that until tuesday morning when number 12 officially announced his retirement on instagram. the social media post came as somewhat of a surprise to make the delhi who coach brady in summer league baseball at serra high school. we've always expected like when he
8:26 am
wins the super bowl. that is going to walk off on this grand stage. but to his credit, he did it on his own terms from the hall of fame walls to the football stadium named after the brady family. >> sarah high school has a lot of pride in what tom brady has accomplished since graduating in 1995. really fantastic to see his tremendous growth and his commitment to the sport and into his community. earning admiration from his former teachers and coaches, but also from current students. you can look at number 12 success story and see their own possibilities for the future that they know the path wasn't easy, that he worked extremely hard to get to where he is. and i think that, you know, makes him such a role model for for the students here at sarah, knowing that they can do the same thing, if that's what they desire. there's been a lot of speculation about what's next for brady. those i spoke to tuesday say they're not sure professionally but know that personally. i want to enjoy time with his family. >> from his wife and kids to his parents who still live in the area in san mateo. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> stop members on a hunger
8:27 am
strike at the oakland unified school district and students walking out of the classroom. all to say they don't want any schools closing. i've got the details coming up in a live report.
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>> 8 29 news in the commercial break to get personal should i walk? the wind is not going well. it could blow me could
8:30 am
it? how high are gusts? yeah, it's something we have towards like 50 miles an hour in some spots, john. yes. so the mountains of the north bay, upwards of 50 miles per hour feet gusts up to 70 mile. i'm not going to get a peek james out could do that like scientific, whatever. so fi way 100 and the wind is what you that you'll be fine. a cut on your back. you know, put i bought you go darya definitely beautiful out there for wasn't for the winds. look at this view of sfo right now. crystal clear skies up above. >> and to the weather graphics we go. we also have some clear skies out there. you can see from the berkeley hills camera. we do have nice blue skies above the east bay wind advisories in gold and high wind warnings. those are those areas in the north bay above 2000 feet where winds will be at their gusty us. if you are crossing bridges or driving over a mountain pass today, you're really going to feel that stronger seph north bexar, windy us this morning. but all of us checking in with some pretty strong winds. you
8:31 am
can see winds out of the north and northeast, a very dry conditions, too. so fire danger is a concern here. as far as temperatures go, most of us are in the 50's. it's a mild morning out meet in san francisco at 55 olayo in oakland at 54 rain. thanks for that. and the wind is certainly slows down out there as you're traveling along the bay bridge in antioch bridge. just want to slow it down. >> and the south bay, we have some accidents and some hazards that are contributing to those delays. mountain view northbound 1, north of alice street. you've got an accident. so we are seeing highways slowdown along one o one. there. also here in san jose, a traffic hazard northbound want to one north of mckee road. and so you're seeing delays there as well. traveling into the city right now about 16 minutes for your drive to make it from the maze to that fremont street exit san mateo bridge about 14, 92 westbound there heading across towards the peninsula, slower along 5.80, in a crock it to the maze. 28 minutes for your
8:32 am
drive. darya. james, back to you. thank you. rain 8.31. the big story in the east bay is to oakland. teachers are going on a hunger strike to protest possible school closures seems extreme but >> that's what they want to do to get their message across. kron 4. sarah stinson joining us now live with the latest on the story. sarah. >> 2 middle school staff members willing to starve themselves to send a message to the school board saying, please do not close any schools in oakland. that's how much they care about this. and they hope that it does send a message to the school board. there's also rally that's being planned for this saturday for parents, staff and students who also want to voice their opinions against any school closing in oakland. people are most angry about the fact that the schools being considered to close are predominantly in black communities. the choir teacher on a hunger strike at west
8:33 am
lake middle school teams, ondrej son shea. he also leads the schools, gender and sexuality alliance. he says he's willing to die for this cause him and the middle schools, community schools, program manager during the strike together together and there might be more teachers joining students from west lake middle school, walk out of the classroom yesterday in solidarity against the closure of oakland schools. the out the outrage was definitely seen at the board's meeting monday night with students, staff and parents speaking out. there's a presentation on why schools need to be closed discussion. and then public comment session. no vote was made. the district is considering shutting down 8 schools. can see a list of them on your screen is also for schools being considered to be merged together. the district claims a decline in enrollment and attendance is causing the school district to face a 12 million dollars deficit next school year and to combat this problem. the aecommendation is to consolidate. but as you've heard, a lot of people are
8:34 am
against this, including that choir director at west lake middle school. he explained to the board why he's willing to starve himself for the cause. >> and they say that all is fair in love and war. so on the first day of black history month, which is tomorrow, february 1st, i will begin a hunger strike with my fellow war eagle. a again, school closures and mergers which will not end until the board decides to find another way and stop closing and merging our schools. since i'm an educator and i know that there isn't much research on starvation. i invite any scientist to do research during this process. however. i die. i want the board to know that my death was at your hands. >> there's also rally planned for this sad that prescott school at 10 in the morning. and that will have a lot of people. they're voicing their opinions about this growing together. so if you want to join that saturday at 10
8:35 am
prescott school, but the vote for the school board on the school closures and mergers won't happen until february 8th. i've reached out to the superintendent as well as just the school board members asking if they'll reconsider to do it sooner. because keep in mind. >> those 2 staff members say they will strike until something happens and their way. and that's 6 days away that vote. so hopefully we'll get a response soon for now reporting live. i'm sarah stinson back to the studio. okay. we'll see. thank you very much, sara. >> 35 in the east bay, one woman is dead and a man is critically wounded in a shooting that happened in a neighborhood oakland's lake merritt. and this is around 10 in the morning was in a spa vacuum spa on grand avenue that they were shot. and one oakland police got there. they found the 2 victims. no sign of the shooter at this point. all the police know is they believe that those 2 victims were targeted, that it was not a random attack.
8:36 am
>> time is 8.35. we have some new developments now in the search for missing oakley woman. alexis gabe, antioch. police searched the home of her ex-boyfriend. our cameras were there as they brought out a vacuum cleaner that they had confiscated another several large bags full of evidence. gabe was last seen at her ex's home on brent tree way last wednesday at about 09:00pm the very next day. police found her car abandoned with the keys still in the ignition investigators are hoping the items they collected will help them find her. >> police are looking into. the person who dropped off her car. and they're looking into digital imagery from surrounding cameras in the ex boyfriend's neighborhood and and the location her car was found. >> gabe is described as an asian woman standing 5 feet, 7 inches tall, weighing about 100, 70 pounds. she was last seen wearing a white tank. top, a silver and black hooded sweatshirt, black pants and
8:37 am
green and white shoes. if you have any information about her whereabouts, call oakley police. >> time now is 8.36. and we're learning more this morning about a man who died in a hit and run in san francisco. the crash was at the corner. 46 avenue and lincoln street over the weekend on saturday night and the man 38 year-old barry mcgrath was a passenger in an uber when that uber was struck. >> by a stolen car. the driver of the stolen car took off and the graph died at the hospital. he was the chair of san francisco's gaelic athletic association. >> 37 the time. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news test will be sending out a software fix to thousands of its cars. it's to fix a problem that could allow you to roll through a stop sign at low speed. yeah. they're going to get rid of that and all eyes are on. punxsutawney phil this morning. we're going to tell you what's in store for spring. did he see his shadow or not? well, the answer.
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8:41 am
people around is not kosher with them. so they want tesla to remove that. so they will. tesla says they don't have any reports of people being hurt by this feature. but they're going to get rid of it. the change will happen again through an over the air update for all 2016 and there were models. we'll be right back.
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phil did see his shadow and pennsylvania, which means 6 more weeks of winter. joe murgo is live in punxsutawney, pennsylvania this morning. good morning, joe. i love the hat. first of all, and it does look like winter there. so maybe punxsutawney phil's oh, he's definitely right for this area because we're going to have a major ice storm later on tonight on into tomorrow. so i think his hands were tied no matter what you know, it was there was a nice sunrise that there was a break in the clouds. >> i that have that out. you know, most of the times you have to do call with more winter because, you know, here in the east, springtime, anyway, is 3 months about people complaining about the weather. now, 6 more weeks of winter for you guys. that's a good thing. >> absolutely. need the 6 more weeks of winter here i are.
8:45 am
yeah, i know you said some people punxsutawney pennsylvania, where from california. i bet the vibe from them was like, yes, we really hope this comes true. >> yeah, i mean, they they yes, because of a whole situation. you guys still need winter. yeah. and they there were out there who aren't used to the cold. so some work. told by the end of the night, you know, when you're standing outside 03:00am until 07:00am then not twentysomething degree weather. it eventually gets to it all added, but i always you know, 6 more weeks of winter. that's all. that's like a july day. you are, isn't it? may at least basically we've got 70's next week's show. so >> where we're just helping winter returns for us. it looks like it did for you and we're looking for are vast sky here in california may be a sea otter, something because punxsutawney phil's pretty cute. we went on that.
8:46 am
>> he is cute. and i'll tell you this. year i always getting exclusive interview with him and he was kissing the microphone some years. he wants to buy that. but he was actually just barely touching the microphone. and he was very compose this year. he can get grumpy. i'll tell you what, i've seen it out of my 21 years. i've seen some growth. the phils. well, thank you so much, joe, for joining us. thank you for sharing that with us, too. >> looks like a beautiful day up there in pennsylvania. glad you are bundled up for it. we've got a nice weather here at home to its just a little windy year and a little warmer back here in california. you can see the blue skies up above the bay area right now. and of course, you can't miss the wind that really blowing at the embarcadero right here. that's the know where the thing about today, we're staying dry. we're staying mild. it's just so strong winds and those are really ushered into the bay area because we're sitting directly between a high pressure ridge
8:47 am
to our west, that low pressure bringing winner to the rest of the country. we remain dry and mild in the pressure gradient between the both putting that offshore winds just right into the bay. so this is going up fire danger. these dry winds dropping humidity as low as 10 to 15% this afternoon. wind gusts in the north bay over 50 miles per hour at times. and even though a little calmer along the bay shore in the south bay still checking into 20 to 30 miles per hour. wind gusts because of that, we will remain in either wind advisories in gold or in those orange areas. high wind warnings through the day today on into tomorrow morning after that wind should begin to calm down. that sets us up for a much more favorable weekend for getting back outside 60's for most of our daytime highs today. keep the jackets on hand because with the winds, it's going to feel fairly brisk tomorrow, calmer but right around the same as far as temperatures go, there's those mid 60's this weekend and some calmer conditions and eventually upper 60's to low 70's by next week. punxsutawney phil might be
8:48 am
forecasting 6 more weeks of winter for country. but looks like california is at least missing out on one of those weeks. these next 7 days, exactly. a lot of sunshine for us, but still windy conditions out there as you're traveling. eli, john mentioned. >> grab that jacket. also give yourself a little extra time. let's get a look at the bay bridge as you're heading from the east bay into the city, from the maze right there to that fremont street exit will take you a little under 60 minutes for your drive time. let's head over to get a look at the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. a little under 13 minutes as you're traveling out of richmond heading across towards san rafale. looks like about a look at that little under 9 minutes because you're heading out of richmond and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. it will take you about 20 minutes. james, back to you. thank you, ray 40. let's talk basketball. the worries are on a roll even without their big stars. golden state found a way to win their 7th game in a row. >> they were a little light underhanded against the san
8:49 am
antonio spurs. they didn't have steph curry, andrew wiggins. dre mom was out. klay thompson in play. but by the way, steph, you can see him there. he was cheering from the sidelines. jordan poole stepped up, scored 31 points last night and then 2 other players off the bench chipped in 41 points combined. it was a team effort. the worries did have to claw their way out of a 17 point hole in the 2nd half. but they came back to win it one. 24 to one, 20. and here's coach kerr happened. >> what a game. what a to to dig ourselves out of that hole and 2 to see all of our young guys competing the way they in our 2, 2, rookies coming through in a big way. >> where is your back home tomorrow night hosted the sacramento kings tip off at 07:00pm. >> well over in santa clara, the forty-niners, they're going to be spending the week doing everything from exit interviews to emptying out their lockers. one of the biggest question marks still
8:50 am
hanging over quarterback jimmy g is is he going to be around next year? we know rookie quarterback trey lance is waiting to take the reins head coach kyle shanahan was asked asked about that during his press conference yesterday. didn't say much, but jimmy g spoke a little bit. >> it's hard to, you know, put all the scenarios in play right now. but i think those things will work themselves out. i've had a great time here the niners organizhtion with the everything has been awesome, but some ups and downs, obviously. but i yeah, i mean, i could. we'll see what happens. i guess. >> always appreciative. classy guy forty-niners front office. they haven't announced any specific plan about the quarterback position, but we'll keep you updated on all of the moves that happened during this offseason. just keep it tuned here to the kron. 4 morning news >> it is a 50 we'll be right back.
8:51 am
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>> only a month and a half ago we had a ton of snow was great. we were above average and now well. >> we could use a little salt. and yes, the latest data released by the official snow survey says that we are right about 92% of where we should be. we've got 8 on wallace with a closer look. >> with that, the state officially launched its second snow survey of the season in the sierra nevada philips elevation, 6800 feet. one of
8:54 am
the main takeaways. this drought is still far from over that clear message coming from sean de he and his team with the california department of water resources, snow surveys and water supply forecasting unit measure the snow here and found in phillips alone, the snowpack stands at 109% of average for this time of year. the state's snowpack lower than that 92% for were should be today. and 78% of where it should be by april. first, we all need to be prepared >> for a 3rd consecutive dry year, it's a reality that state leaders had hoped to avoid at the beginning of winter. thanks to record snowfall in parts of the state just a few weeks ago, philip snowpack at the time was more than 200% above average in the state's snowpack was more than 160% above average, then came one of the driest january's on record that one dry month of january basically wiped out whatever head start. we had as we head towards the end of winter. >> california's water supply. our coverage from phillips at the end of december shows just how much things were different. then there's so
8:55 am
much snow here in philips that the state officials in charge of this snow survey had to walk in with snow shoes just to get to this area. now, just over a month later, no snowshoes required this time. those in charge of this survey and philip say over the last 30 days, this specific area maybe got a dusting, but that's it. >> and they need help from mother nature. >> we will need to see a return of those winter storms during february during march to really keep track and remain right around normal. >> hoping for more snow as the drought lingers on in. philip say tom wallace, fox 40 news. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news. doctors say the alameda county may have seen the worst of the omicron variant. hopefully it's behind us now. we'll have more details coming up in a live report. and san jose has already seen 8 pedestrians killed so far this year. the most recent happening just this morning. on what happened in the next hour.
8:56 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news. at know. >> well, days just blew out of here with the wind. i guess it
8:59 am
is a windy one out there. so hold on to your hats. how long is this going to last you drive with the wind? it's like we're all plus, of its today into tomorrow morning, daria. and then we'll finally be on the calmer note for the rest of the week. and it is windy out there this morning. >> you can see how clear and beautiful it is. it would be a gorgeous day to be stepping out. there wasn't for a big catch, which is those north bay conditions, especially in upper elevations, will again be a windy spots. those deep orange hues. those are high wind warnings above 2000 feet. expect winds in excess of 50 miles per hour. very windy at the coast inland in east bay, hills and valleys, even along the bay shore and south bay, although comparatively a little bit calmer now, one of her windiest spots right now, 80's corridor, as well as our bridges and mountain passes, most susceptible to some of those stronger gusts. if you've got a higher profile carrying a light load, make sure that you've got both
9:00 am
hands on the wheel are keeping an extra eye on all of that. as you are going to feel those winds traveling this morning even into this afternoon 50's for current temperatures. it's actually been a really mild start. i keep the jackets on hand, though, because with that wind, it does have a brisk feel to it. we've got rain. harvey standing by upstairs. she's got a beautiful look behind her and hopefully just as beautiful on the roads. yeah, exactly, john. you know, we've been keeping a close eye on our bridges, the bay bridge in the antioch bridge. those are the bridges were seen. the most wind gust across this morning to you definitely want to take your time as you're traveling. >> heading into the city right now to that fremont street exit will be a little under 15 minutes for your drive at this hour. let's head over and check out the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. look at that. a nice 14 minute commute for you. there. heading out of richmond across towards sandra fell there. very quiet at t is hour. about 9 minutes for you and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls a 20 minute drive darya. back to you. thank you, ray. let's get back to our


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