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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  February 2, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> now it's 3.10, traffic deaths with the latest just happening this morning. we will talk to san jose police about this alarming trend. also do developing news out of oakland this afternoon. 2 people were killed in a hit and run one of the victims is a teenager with the latest details on this investigation. also in the east bay, teachers are on a hunger strike over the possible closure of schools in oakland will be. we will hear from an educator who says you could die if an agreement to keep the schools open is not reached. now from the local news station.
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>> this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> drivers as well as pedestrians, bicyclists and everybody in between really have to watch out for one another. follow the rules of the road. >> now it's 3 an early morning tragedy in san jose. a woman is killed while she was taking out the trash and police want everyone not to be more alert. thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm just involvement in this morning's crash happened on fanta now drive residential neighborhood that just east of highway one. 0, one. charles clifford joins us now live with the latest, including a message from police. good afternoon, charles. >> good afternoon. yes, there's been a string of unfortunate pedestrian deaths here in san jose. the latest was this morning with a woman who was just trying to take out her trash cans. according to the san jose police department. officers responded to the 400 block of court around 7.45 wednesday morning on reports of a vehicle collision with a pedestrian. >> when they arrived on scene,
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they found a female victim who had apparently been struck by a garbage truck. the victim was pushing out the trash cans to the curb site. >> entered the blind spot of the truck. you know whether or not the victim was in motion or that car was in motion at the time is still based on the preliminary investigation are still getting his facts. the driver of the garbage truck is cooperating with investigators. this is the 10th fatal incident in san jose this year in all, there have been 11 pedestrians have died. the police department says they will step up traffic enforcement to hopefully >> prevent pedestrian deaths, but they say it really falls to drivers to pay attention and follow the rules of the road. all these traffic accidents that we've seen this year. >> almost all of them have been preventable. if people have followed the rules of the road. >> all right. back live. now. it's unclear at this point. the driver, the garbage truck will face any charges. a police to say they don't believe that alcohol or drugs were involved in the investigation is still ongoing. but for now in the south bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. thank you so much, charles. also in the south bay. some scary moments
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for a san jose family after police say a carjacker. >> broke into their car and then held them hostage. this happened just before 12, 30 yesterday afternoon on north capitol and properly avenues. and police say the suspect has been identified as tyrone merit. and they're saying that he forced his way into their car, made them drive. him to a gas station. and police say that the passengers then started calling for help and several bystanders that were able to call 911. they arrested merritt on suspicion of multiple felonies. police are saying no one was hurt. in the east bay. police have identified a teenager and a young woman who were killed during a hit and run in oakland. this crash happened last night on the 7800 block of international boulevard. officers found 17 year-old alejandro herrera, miranda. and 26 year-old leroy rodriguez with severe injuries. paramedics stepped in to help, but both young man died at the scene. 3 cars were involved in this crash and police arrested one of the
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drivers officials say they don't know yet if alcohol or drugs played a role in this. we'll stay on the east bay right now into middle school staff members in oakland on a hunger strike right now protesting the proposed closures of schools in the city. the district is considering shutting down 8 schools and merging 4 of them. there is a list of them on our website. kron 4 dot com students from west lake middle school also walked out of classes yesterday and solidarity against the closures of the oakland schools. the outrage began during the board's meeting on monday night with students, staff and parents speaking out, there was a presentation and discussion and open comment but no vote was made. andres sanchez is a choir teacher who also leads the schools, gender and sexuality to die for this cause. that's why he's on the hunger strike. >> and they say that all is fair in love and war. so on the first day of black history month, which is tomorrow, february 1st, i will begin a
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hunger strike with my fellow were eagle a again, school closures and mergers which will not end until the board decides to find another way and stop closing and merging our schools. since i'm an educator and i know that there isn't much research on starvation. i invite any scientist to do research during this process. however. i die. i want the board to know that my death was at your hands. we have reached out to the oakland unified school district to get a response to this hunger strike. here's part of their statement that they sent to us here at kron 4. >> the district cares deeply about the health and well-being of our staff and hopes that any staff member who is considering a hunger strike explores other means of protest that don't involve harming themselves. we know that our students, staff and families all agree that we need a district of thriving schools. oakland mayor libby schaaf, is now responding to this teacher hunger strike. and earlier today she spoke
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with kron four's sara stinson about the city's plans for the schools and also what happens next. >> the idea that money is being spent on building maintenance and potentially duplicative administrative structures. something that i think we all need to look into. and be open to the possibility that this consolidation this. putting more resources into people and community and not could be a positive thing for our children. >> there is a rally being planned for this saturday at prescott school, the board of education will vote on the school closures and those mergers at the next meeting which is on tuesday. health officials in alameda county say the worst of the omicron covid surge is behind them there. but this does not mean that people in the county are out of the woods just yet, according to the health officer, nicholas moss, covid case rates and hospitalizations are falling.
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for example, the county saw its peak of daily covid cases on january 10th. that was 266 cases. fast forward. now to january 25th, the number dropped to 146. more than 400 people right now are in the hospital with coronavirus about 74 people are in the icu with case rates dropping moss as people might see covid restrictions ease like having to wear a mask indoors. moss as life probably will ever return to the way things were before the pandemic started. but he says we are getting closer to, quote, a new normal. cal fire says the fire burning right near big sur in monterey county is now 100% contained. it took down 687 acres. the fire has been burning for over a week. no one was hurt. and this fire only destroyed one structure. investigators say that the fire started as a prescribed burn which was intended to clear dry brush. it is
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groundhog day and punxsutawney phil made his prediction and he say n we're going to have 6 more weeks of winter. the groundhog pop, his head out of his western pennsylvania borough this morning morning only to see a shadow which means 6 more of winter, which i mean, it's not really about that bad here when it really that bad. the annual ceremony return in-person event after one virtual and 2021 because of the pandemic, the tradition dates all the way back to the 18. 100's. i bet there's been other punxsutawney phil's since them. now. we'll take a live look outside here along the golden gate bridge. wow, it's been windy out there. we can see the flags blowing as we continue to track the strong winds that have been with and all across the bay area today. we'll check in now with our meteorologists. our rodriguez is the worst of for the day. we're she was still, you know, batten down the hatches. still batten down the hatches, at least for the next hour or 2 along the coast and east bay shoreline. because
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not only are we under a wind advisory for most of our valleys. >> but in addition to that, a high wind warning for our north bay mountains all set to expire by tonight. but i think right after sunset, that's a really going to see wind speeds calmed down significantly so they could expire a little bit earlier today. let's take a look at when tracker for though, because we're still noticing those warm, dry offshore breezes out of the north a little bit calmer for downtown san francisco sustained winds near 20 miles per hour. as is oakland but fear field already tracking those howling winds at around 25 miles per hour with gusts up to 30 there. but future wind gusts. we are going to see it continuing for the next hour or so. but then as i fast forward through tonight, we are going to notice calmer winds speeds for most of the bay area with the exception of some of our north bay valleys, like fairfield and even along the coast at half moon bay still tracking that northerly flow. but then after midnight, noticeably calmer conditions. but check out this humidity level
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because of the warm, dry, gusty, offshore breeze. we are seeing right now relative humidity in the teens from oakland all the way into san jose. 18% relative humidity. so very dry conditions out there right now. and remember, it is february. so someone please tell that groundhog that we love the rain here in the bay area. find out if it's making its way into our updated forecast for the next 7 days in just a few minutes. just seen back to you. thank you so much of resettled to some national news now has. >> thousands of american soldiers are headed to europe because of growing concerns that russia will invade ukraine. our dc correspondent hannah brandt breaks down the deployment. >> the pentagon announced wednesday more troops are headed to europe, but they emphasize that this is a defensive military move meant to protect ukraine from russia. american troops are on the move to clear signal. >> that we're not going to tolerate aggression against our nato allies. and pentagon spokesman john kirby says the plan is to send about 2000
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troops from fort bragg, north carolina, to poland and germany and to move 1000 american soldiers already in germany to romania is or not. >> permanent moves. they are moves designed to respond to the current security environment. moreover. >> these forces are not going to fight in ukraine. russia calls the deployment unnecessary and destructive. but even in the past few days, the country has continued building up forces on the ukrainian border. there's one aggressor here that aggressors russia, they are the ones who are threatening to invade a sovereign country. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell agrees with the move but says he would have liked to see it happen sooner. latimer putin's campaign to forcibly redraw the map of your of the european continent. >> is on the verge of massive escalation. he's also calling for the u.s. to impose sanctions now to impose serious calls. >> that could actually change calculus. military leaders say they're still hoping russia decides to de-escalate and they say what the u.s. does
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next depends on that decision is precisely because we can't be perfectly predictive that we want to be prepared we want to be ready. maybe 500 american troops put on high alert last week will remain on alert, but they aren't being deployed just yet in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> coming up here during kron, 4 news at 3 o'clock today, a new bill that would require parents to disclose information about guns at home. why the lawmaker behind it saying this is necessary for student safety. and later, the new clues that could help find the missing bay area woman and the connection. now to her ex-boyfriend. police are investigating. also, california's massive budget surplus could result in more money in your pocket. we'll take a look at the proposal from a state lawmaker to get you some cash. that's next.
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>> at 3.15, there's a push now to send out more golden state stimulus checks. some state lawmakers say the legislature should consider sending cash to californians with the state's budget surplus. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >> what would you do with 45 billion dollars? state senator brian jones making the case for direct payments to californians in a video released wednesday, jones broke down the state's projected budget surplus with rice. if each grain of rice -s
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$100,000, that means california's 45 billion dollars surplus as taxes over collected by this much. he notes that's enough to give $1125 back to every californian more than $4,000 for a family of 4 this year. california is likely going to pass what's called began limit which restricts the amount of tax revenue the state can spend and gives the state some options on what's leftover, including a rebate back to taxpayers. governor newsome said in his january budget proposal, his office projects the state would be over the limit by 2.6 billion dollars. jones support sending rebates or what last year was considered the golden state stimulus. if it's 2500 of its 1500. >> any amount that the state that we can convince the state, the governor and the democrats in the legislature to send back i think is a benefit to every california governor gavin newsom did not include this kind of spending when he presented his state budget proposal last month. >> but he did answer questions about a potential round of golden state stimulus checks
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that yes. >> there likely will be substantial. contributions back to the taxpayers. what form they come in work with the legislature and 2, what degree in terms of total of dollars will be determined more closely. >> in may, our office actually think it's a very good idea for the legislature to develop a plan before that day. but tech is the state legislative analyst's, he says waiting until may to decide how to spend the money. could the lawmakers and the governor in a tough position giving them only weeks to negotiate with the budget deadline june 15th, he says it's likely the budget surplus will be even bigger than newsom's. 45.7 billion dollar projection last month. >> all signs point to higher revenues than what the governor estimated that state capitol. ashley zavala kron, 4 news. >> a southern california lawmaker has introduced a bill aimed to keep. >> kids in school safer. it would allow school administrators, the ability to search a student's belongings
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if they received a credible threat of violence. reporter lynette romero has more details now. it was this shooting at oxford high school in michigan where 4 people were killed and 7 injured. that push california senator anthony porter tino to do something. >> and i'm tired reading about a kid in the classroom shot or teacher shot. let's make sure that if credible threat is known, we do what we're supposed to do. the suspected shooter had raised suspicions at school. his parents even been called in to discuss concerns on the morning of the shooting. >> but he was allowed to go back to class and later carried out the deadly violence. >> if there's a credible threat, if you're aware of a credible threat, you must investigate it. you know, in michigan they didn't. and so if you're notified, if you realize if their suspicions that there's a credible threat. >> search that locker search stepback that finally got. let me show you more specifically what the senator is introducing his part of his
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legislation starting in 2023 next year, public and charter schools would have to annually provide educational material on safe firearm storage to parents or guardians. >> families will be required to notify the school during student registration of any guns in the home. if there is a threat or perceived threat of a shooting by a student in school, officials would have to notify local law enforcement and must launch an investigation. the student and his or her property, including cars, lockers and backpacks would be searched. we asked local parents if they think rights are being violated or if it's necessary. what is certain point? you want your kids protected and safe. and then also there's also the rights of >> we know little bit invasive n, you know, i was in high school. i probably wouldn't appreciate about too much. i their parents. >> and now that i'm a parent, i want my son safe. >> that was lynette romero reporting for us. and the senator hopes to have this bill and governor newsome desk by august. let's talk about
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the weather right now as we take a live look outside right now from our camera on top of mount tam there in marin county. windy out there today, especially in those north bay mountains. you can see the camera kind of moving around just a little bit. and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now at the forecast. do we expect the winds to kind of chill out a little bit as we head into the evening hours. yeah, we're definitely going to see wind speeds just calm down a bit. and that's why we're going to notice our wind advisories and high wind warning. >> expire through tonight. but from now, until then, a little bit breezy out there right now along the san francisco peninsula, even golden gate bridge radar for though, tracking very dry, clear conditions because of those offshore breezes from the north pushing all of that marine layer away from the bay area. but look, what happens when i passed for with future cast for during the overnight hours and into your thursday afternoon. we're going to see the return of that high cloud cover as those wind speeds diminish. and with that cooler
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temperatures as well for your thursday afternoon. so let's take a look at temperatures out there right now. widespread low to mid 60's. the one outlier, though, antioch at 59 degrees in is going to be a very chilly night, especially for those of you in santa rosa because of the calm winds during the overnight hours. it actually cools down temperatures even more. so we're tracking widespread mid to upper 30's for most of our inland valleys around the bay area, shoreline low to mid 40's, the downtown san francisco, the mall, the city overnight at 45 degrees. but daytime highs slightly cooler tomorrow. then today, 59 for but remember, we're in winter. so these are very seasonable temperatures. upper 50's low 60's. exactly where we should be for this time of year. but what we really need and miss just seen as the rain. take a look at a week from today, warming up into the 70's. so we're going to have a very warm forecast next week. so enjoy the seasonal outlook while it lasts back to you. thanks to
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>> still ahead at 3.45, we're kicking off our black history month. stories. the new place than men are now finding supports how some black barbers are helping their clients with their mental health. and after the break, we're gearing up for the winter games in beijing will take a look at the covid vaccine compliance within teen usa.
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u.s. opc announced that all of its athletes heading to beijing would have to be fully vaccinated against covid. that mandate went into effect on november first. and as andrew marden tells us, it has been followed >> more than 220 athletes are representing team usa at the winter olympics in beijing. all of them are fully vaccinated. we feel like this is the best policy moving forward to guarantee the health and safety of our athletes and our staff. >> and also to ensure that we are able to provide all resources we need to and the fullest capacity at the tokyo olympics last summer, there were more than 600 athletes representing team usa. roughly 83% of them were vaccinated being vaccinated was not required at that time. but it was encouraged. we're playing the long game at this point. are we going to have restrictions and staff next summer, but we want is consistency. we don't want to cancel events. we don't want to cancel training. this is
3:26 pm
all about the safety and health of our team. >> the presence of this virus makes the challenge greater for all of us games, environment. but we're committed to doing everything we can in our power to mitigate illness and to mitigate the spread of covid-19. athletes in beijing who are not vaccinated, which obviously does not apply to anyone on team usa. >> have to quarantine for 21 days once they arrive. i think that these are challenging but the vaccine policy that we've put in place and that put in place. >> is going to make the games as safe as possible in beijing. i'm andrew marden. >> next at 3.30, some tense moments caught on camera here. they've very bumping landing had to be aborted at the last second because the pilots were battling some strong wind gust. president biden announced he is launching an initiative with the aim of cutting cancer death rates by half. >> i'm alexandra limon in
3:27 pm
washington. explain how coming up. and after the break, california's indoor mask mandate is set to expire in less than 2 weeks, but at least one bay area county says might have to wait the lift that restriction. and not only are we tracking gusty winds here at home in the bay area, but also a lake wind advisory currently in effect for south
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>> our top story at 3, 30 today in just 2 weeks. the state's indoor mask mandate is going to expire. and at that time, local public health departments are than expected to lift that order. this is communities are reporting that the worst of the omicron variant surge is now behind us. but as kron 4 sweet ago reports in contra costa county, the local mask mandate may stay in place if the county's own criteria is not met. >> in contra costa county covid-19 case rates are down significantly in recent weeks. a majority of the population is fully vaccinated against the virus and the vaccine has been available to 5 through 11 year-olds for more than 3 months. >> all vital benchmarks driving contra costa health services consideration. >> of lifting the indoor mask mandate on or after the state's mandate. >> is set to expire 15. >> but acting health officer doctor or it's the ellie telling the county board of supervisors tuesday, the most important criteria right now
3:31 pm
is the health of the struggling health systems. are they going to be able to tolerate? >> you know, another bump in cases that is expected to happen when we lift some of these restrictions. while the number of new positive cases is down. 34.5% this past week and hospitalizations down 6.5%, 263 people remain hospitalized. >> with covid-19, we have had hospitals report that there a protein and one at 90% of their icu capacity based on its current local health order. the county needs to meet 3 metrics in order to lift the mask mandate first. it needs to be in the centers for disease control and prevention's moderate yellow tier for at least 3 weeks. >> as of now, the county has been in the red for 35 consecutive days. second, there must be fewer than 75 covid-19 hospitalizations. currently there are 263 3rd,
3:32 pm
either 80% of the population must be fully vaccinated. a number that stands at 79.9% or 8 weeks must have passed since vaccine. eligibility opened up to 5 through 11 year-olds. and it's been more than 3 months. so as it stands, hospitalizations will drive the public health department's decision on what happens in 2 weeks. it's really very much of local decision. each county is different. >> were exceedingly mild. on average, a micron was mild considering the symptoms, but hospitals are still stretched. and as long as hospitalizations remain high. >> masks may be required to stay on. >> in contra costa county police to go from 4 >> the u.s. army says it is planning to start in voluntarily separating soldiers who refused to get vaccinated against covid-19, the supplies to members of the army, the army reserve and the
3:33 pm
army national guard. army officials say as of last week, at least 97% of active duty soldiers are at least partially vaccinated against covid-19. president biden has now announced that he is renewing an initiative to slash cancer rates in half. the president is calling on the medical community, congress and americans to help reach that goal. our washington correspondent alexandra limon has details now on this new program. >> president biden wants to end cancer as we know it by cutting cancer death rates in half over the next 25 years is bold. >> it's ambitious. that is completely do. >> the president called the effort the moon shot program, a revival of the program he launched in 2000, 16 shortly after his son died of cancer. so my plea to the site uses. >> shared and as best you can. >> see them. i members in congress is this fund this particular program?
3:34 pm
>> and focus to repeated in 2000, 16 congress approved one point a billion dollars in funding shot. and president biden says he's hopeful the program can get bipartisan support once again, democrats have struggled to get their legislative priorities through congress in part because republicans are resistant to more government spending. but republican senator chuck grassley seemed receptive to the moon shot program. every senator who wants to win the war on cancer moonshot will focus on looking into new and innovative ways to fight the disease. and research on why some treatments can work for some people, but not for others. will bring a fierce sense of urgency. >> the fight against cancer. president biden also called on americans to get regular cancer screenings. he says early detection is key to fighting cancer and he said too many screenings were missed because of the pandemic in washington. alexandra limon.
3:35 pm
>> the aes aes aes >> oh, my god. >> and nail-biting landing caught on camera. london's heathrow airport, a british airways flight battled 90 mile an hour winds as a touchdown. this is for monday. video shows one we'll the aircraft hitting the ground as the other lurches upward. and then the tail appears to gray's the tarmac before the plane just bounces back up into the air. british airways says the plane was able to land on its second approach. and all the passengers disembarked without injury. maybe they were a little nauseous, but they weren't hurt. this incredible video is coming after 2 storm slammed the u k over the weekend. let's talk about our forecast now. we're dealing with winds at 90 an hour. i of 90 mile per hour winds least not. but i know find out now with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. pretty shot there of the transamerica pyramid hearing san francisco. if it was, you know, the dead of summer, it was dry and hot out
3:36 pm
there. we'd be considering, you know, how dangerous would be with fires to start. luckily, though, are not considering that danger right now. yeah, we've been extremely lucky just seen just because of our to atmospheric one in october and december really did provide us with a lot of much-needed rain. but we start humidity levels today in the teens throughout most of our east bay valleys in shoreline. even those of you in san jose as well. >> we are tracking gusty winds not just in the bay area, but also a lake wind advisory in effect for the sierra gusts, upwards of 50 miles per hour. increasing wave heights as high as 5 feet at south lake tahoe. and this is going to remain in effect through 10 o'clock tonight. so we are noticing that camera shaking out there right now. i-80 at donner summit, noticeably breezy there. winds starting to die down and it will diminish significantly after the sun sets tonight. but we are tracking very dry, clear conditions there. same for those of you at south lake tahoe. but it's a snow melt
3:37 pm
that certainly has me concerned because just a week ago today we were exactly where we should be 100% of average for northern sierra all the way to southern sierra. now it's just 90% of normal. so we've dropped 10% in one week because rapid snow melt due to warm temperatures in the sierra and also the lack of snow showers and work tracking for future cast for another round of dry, clear weather. not just for your thursday, but even continuing through this weekend, truckee. 39 degrees. but those of you at south lake tahoe warming up tomorrow in the low 40's and that warming trend going to continue this weekend into the mid 40's. and for us here in the bay area, it's going to be the gusty winds tonight and then 70's returning next week. so keeping our eyes on that storm door. and so far, justine going to remain closed, at least through mid february. back to you. not good. thanks for well, today, bart reopened to the powell
3:38 pm
street station bathrooms. they had been closed for about 20 years. >> 10 of bart's underground stations have been closed since 9.11, because of safety concerns. bart says the bathrooms are the first to to reopen as part of an effort to prioritize the needs of riders barta saying the bathrooms will look similar to the ones you usually see in an airport and partisan thing. it will reopen the bathrooms at the 19th street station in downtown oakland. later on this month. coming up here during kron, 4 news at 3 o'clock. check this out. >> we're going to go visit this house preparing for a little bit of vertigo. and designer is turning everything upside down. will head to this gravity defying home. also after the break, the search for missing woman has now turned ex-boyfriend.
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3:41 pm
>> there are new developments in the search for a missing oakley woman. alexis cave. antioch, police searched the home of her ex-boyfriend and our cameras were there as they confiscated a vacuum cleaner and took away several large bags full of evidence. gabe was last seen at her ex-boyfriend's home brent tree way last wednesday night. the next day police found her car banded with the keys still in the ignition. investigators hope that the items they collected, we'll help them find her. the police are looking into. the person who dropped off her car.
3:42 pm
>> and they're looking into. digital imagery from surrounding cameras in the ex boyfriend's neighborhood and and the location her car was found. >> gabe is described as an asian woman standing 5 feet. 7 inches tall, weighing 170 pounds. she was last seen wearing a white tank. top, a silver and black hooded sweatshirt, black sweatpants and green and white shoes. if you have any information about her whereabouts, you're asked to call oakley police. still ahead here, 3 o'clock. >> men are finding supported barbershops. how some black barbers are helping their clients with their mental clients with their mental when a truck hit my car, clients with their mental the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm.
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i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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>> as we honor black history month, we want to shine a spotlight on mental health and the black community. a major hospital in arkansas just got a multi million dollar grant to go into barbershops and talk to black men about their emotional well-being reporter donna tetreault has the story. >> it's day at the barbershop. but here a sharp line or comes with much more than through a program called the confess project licensed barbers and 22 be mental health champions for less likely to see therapist. barbershop is for a man to one of our safe places.
3:46 pm
and it's in the barber's chair. the clients get a fresh >> going with mental healing and a lot of places, even maybe it were poor. sometimes even at home i might feel uncomfortable to express myself in certain ways. and so when i come to the barber shop and i can relax. and just talk about pretty much anything. >> parts not been fighting depression and anxiety for about 15 years. that the big station at stack threes in the house right now, radio personality houston stackhouse speaks openly about mental health. just try to stay positive side of try to keep pushing. >> so we all got to do. he too, finds support through his barber trained by the confess becoming just relax and >> let everything just goes. that's on. the runs. a lose little rock, arkansas and our an organization called the confess project organization founder an arkansas native lorenzo. lewis had his own mental health issues. it
3:47 pm
started with just my my own depression and really has evolved to the company. >> a national movement, movement of more than 1000 barbers in 15 states trained help to listen detect problems and died. clients to professional help if barbers, a period events and specials. i like to call it. the average is on the front line and they really support someone to a conversation was can really lead to true impact. and it's quality of life change. >> it's tough getting black men, though, to the therapist's, right? it is absolutely according to the u.s. department of health and human services in 2000, 19 suicide was the second-leading cause of death for african-americans between the ages of 15 24 and suicide from black men was 4 times higher. then for black i want person has been a barber since 1998. with the help of the confess project and other mental health training. he has more than barber tools to provide hope and resources and he's
3:48 pm
not afraid to ask tough questions. do we have reached out for help that we have or, you are you open? so you'll ask them? yeah, i'll ask point blank how many actually say yes, i have. yes, i have several. i have several. he tells me one of his clients was admitted to a mental health facility. >> after he convinced him to get help. that >> the also moment because felt like. he was at his breaking point. felt like he was about. to just give up on life resistance to mental health treatment connected to same gill. a lot of that would pertain to a black man is. >> but many have so much of the stoicism. a little too strong and powerful. and so then when, you know, i think we break through and understand this is about us getting our power and getting the control of our lives. >> and can leave a positive effect on an entire family just by spending hours. so getting shaped and brushed off.
3:49 pm
>> in little rock, arkansas. all right. thank you, donna terrell reported. >> and join kron 4 as we commemorate black history month. pam moore will host our 30 minute special honoring black history, mind body and soul. it thursday, february 24th at 06:30pm. there's some good news now for the owners of size vietnamese restaurant in san francisco's financial district. on sunday, we reported the business has been told by its landlord it had to vacate the building in 30 days. the restaurant has been in business for 37 years. and the owner says that the least is set to expire at the end of this month. but until just a few days ago, they were under the impression that the building's owner was going to renew their lease supervisor. aaron peskin saw our report and has since been in touch with the family. the owners of the restaurant and preston says he plans to nominate size, be them ease to the city's legacy business registry in doing so would provide extra grants and
3:50 pm
protections for the restaurant. let's talk about our forecast now as we take a live look outside here in a very pretty shot along the golden gate bridge, looking out towards them. green, the shots of the marin headlands and reese. i realized late in the day that today is. february 2nd. 2022, which makes it to 2, 2, 2, yeah, it was good luck. >> it is a good like and then chinese new year was just a few days ago year of the water. tigers are in there. i love that. okay. i got the memo. yeah. there you go. last year was my year. the ocso. it's cool that it's transitioning now to the tiger. hopefully we have a lot of luck and prosperity for all this year. let's take a look at those high winds out there because we do have not only wind advisories for our valleys, but a high wind warning in effect for north bay mountains could still see gus from now. until then around 60 to 70 miles per hour, set to expire at midnight. but for our valleys,
3:51 pm
we're going to see that wind advisory remain in effect through 9 o'clock tonight. wouldn't be surprised, though, if it expires shortly after the sun sets because as you can see when tracker for already tracking noticeably calmer winds, even for those of you in pacifica and half moon bay and also mountain view right now in the teens that, you know, around 11 miles per hour there, 17 mile per sustained winds for oakland. and it's only going to get more calm as the night progresses. so we are going to track, though t wind speeds back into the single digits. a little breezy far north bay valleys, but still great to see that heading in the right direction. still noticeably dry out there. san jose, 18% relative humidity. but we are going to notice the return of those hazy went to the north bay and along the coast, moderate air particles. they're still pretty good everywhere else in the bay area to back to you. >> i bring some. up next. hope you don't lose your lunch after this one because everything is turning upside down in this house, the
3:52 pm
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[sfx: voice relief] there is a new tourist attraction in columbia that is turning the whole world upside down. it is built entirely backwards in the house resembles a parallel universe on the outside. the foundation is replaced. >> with the roof while inside ceiling serve as force the house's bill on a slight incline to create the optical illusion. as you walk through.
3:55 pm
the holmes creator says he was inspired to build this house after seeing a similar one during a trip to austria. something like that was here to be worth like 4 million dollars cash only the houston zoo has a sweet and tiny new family member or this little one surprise the staff last month when they spotted her clinging to a tree branch. joe, these monkeys weigh as much as a light bulb and she is small enough just to fit there. in the palm of your hand, it looks like they're using a toothbrush to brush your hair. zoo keepers are hand raising the baby monkey. her name is fit for golden girl. she is known as baby betty after the late actress and animal lover betty white. that is too cute. tiny, tiny. let's see what news nation is working on for tonight. >> tonight on dan abrams live on news nation will be goldberg and hot water over remarks about the holocaust. she shouldn't said it and apologized. shouldn't that be enough and shouldn't the same applied to comments made by
3:56 pm
say megan kelly, we take a close look at the immense power of cancel culture. now here's ashley with a look at banfield. >> thanks, dan. tonight on banfield, racket sports, the fix is in on the nfl with a blockbuster claim. the games are rigged. just how bad is it? plus how to quit your job and make money while you're at it. that's tonight on banfield on newsnation. you can find newsnation on the channels listed right here. we have more details on our website. kron 4 dot com. we have time now for one last check of the forecast with the breeze. i will say that my flowers are very confused by this weather. they're blooming. i've strawberries growing. i can't even do that during the actual summer. wow. >> look at that green thumb of yours. for me, my allergies are suffering so neighbors, leon, like what is going on here. but okay, all try to just bear with it takes a more allergy medication. but temperatures out there right now. we are noticing cooler. and with that wind chill definitely feels a lot cooler
3:57 pm
out there. low to mid 60's, though, as you step outside, antioch, 59 degrees and overnight lows tonight, widespread 30's inland 40's along the coast and just seen little change temperature wise and i miss the rain. but as you can see, as we take a look at our 7 day forecast. yeah, 70's a week from today. back to you. >> got open up that storm. dormer thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine waldman. we can always can connect on facebook in a gram instagram favor one and twitter accounts. not bad twitter accounts. not bad either. see you and now most admired alum. get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. (giggling) man: you know her. you love her. ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire!
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>> today on an all new "dr. phil"... >> a college rocked by scandal. >> dr. anderson raped thousands. >> what did the famous football coach know? his sons speak out. >> dr. anderson, he assaulted me. he punched me in the chest so hard i flew across the kitchen. >> the fight against the university. >> you've been protesting. >> i'm going to get our voices heard. >> there was a settlement. >> i felt blindsided. >> dr. phil: let's do it. >> have a good show, everybody. here we go. >> dr. phil: this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by, we'll count you down. >> dr. phil: today is going to be a changing day in your life. >> five, four... >> dr. phil: get ready to take care of you. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪


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