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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  February 14, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PST

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for 30's the time. and let's get a check of the forecast with john, as we're waking up this morning to quite a bit of cloud cover. quite a bit of fog. >> and i think we're going to play the guessing game as to what life cameron johnson front of good morning. could be it's the berkeley hills on the not that it matters. as you can see, any of it that low gray is sitting right across the east bay resulting in lower visibility stretching from santa rosa. >> livermore san jose out along the coastline to watch out for these foggy pockets this morning. definitely more of an impact that we've seen and quite as quite some time
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now, as we do see cool winds pushing in from the ocean that are only contributing to some fog that we're experiencing this morning. also going to contribute to a noticeable cool down this afternoon from the mostly cloudy and gray. start to the morning to a mostly sunny afternoon. we do have a change of pace just around the corner that will get us to some brighter skies. but we're going to be staying cool all day long. 40's and 50's for your current temperatures. oakland right at 50 degrees. santa rosa at 47, san francisco and san mateo as well as each. 49 later on today. daytime highs only in the 60's. now this is a little closer to where we should be for this time of year, the way cooler than we were over the weekend when we're seeing all those 70's on the map. now, as far as roadways go this morning, i been seeing issues out there aside from the lower visibility from the fog. that's not a huge issue out to the bay bridge toll plaza right now for the maze to freeman street. still only 7 minutes and visibility is fine on the bridge span. san mateo bridge, a 14 minute drive for
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you. there. and also looking at ok visibility on the richmond center fell with the 7 minute drive across that james. all right. thank you very much, john. well, the fight to keep schools open is far from over for nearly 2 hours on saturday, oakland community leaders discussed ways to save nearly a dozen schools that have been slated for closure or merger. >> robbers amanda hari takes a closer look. >> councilmember loren taylor said that he wanted to be a part of this virtual town hall to have a conversation about the grief and trauma that comes the vote to close or merge nearly a dozen oakland schools anxious. >> disrespected council member taylor started the meeting by inviting people to participate in this word cloud to express how they're feeling about the school board's vote to eliminate nearly a dozen schools. words like frustrated and racist. stick out to make these decisions is just criminal. a few members of the community weighed in about the
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decision. many saying that the vote felt sudden the former school board director jim, okay, hinton disagree. i want to challenge for other people that have said it came out of nowhere. that is not true. >> that is not true. we have been dealing with a structural deficit for years. he says the school board has, quote, kick the can down the road. >> and that some of the principals knew this was coming. >> that district at its was one of the largest school districts in the state of and that has changed over time. lisa grant dawson is a member of the oakland unified school district budget teen. she says these closures are partially because of the district's change insights that we once were a 50,000 plus enroll school district. now it's closer to 35,000 and the percentage of students actually attending is about 94%. >> she says they're forecasting tells them that
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students will continue to lead the district city or state entirely many of our neighborhood schools have seen this masking roche the grant dawson says they're not just looking at the funding for the next 2 years, but be on that list. students that we have. >> the less resources that we had and that is one of the main correlations to why school closures council member taylor says that he's calling for all long-term plan. >> to fix the school district, he says he plans to host future town halls. amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> 4.34 is the time and an american airlines flight from la was forced to make an emergency landing all because of an unruly passenger. the plane was headed to dc when it was diverted to kansas city yesterday. this is video from the passenger. >> on board the plane and on twitter, he wrote the fbi was on board talking to passengers. he also said the person who caused the incident
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was bleeding from the head. the plane did eventually make it to dc and in a statement, american airlines said that the plane landed in kansas city and that law enforcement officers were requested to meet the flight on arrival. the airline appreciated that it says its crew handling of the situation. so far, no details have been released on things. on the passenger. jacqui, what happened? we'll bring you updates on board on board. we'll bring you updates as they become available. in san jose. police say alcohol is to blame in the city's 13 fatal traffic crash of the year. it happened around midnight on saturday right near south white road in castleton drive. investigators say a woman was driving northbound when she went off the road and hit a tree. a man riding in the passenger seat died from his injuries at the hospital. the woman was hurt as well. police say she was booked into the santa clara county jail after becoming after being released from the hospital. she is now charged with vehicular manslaughter and felony. dui charges. well,
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also in san jose, police are looking for the gunman responsible for a shooting that sent one man to the hospital. it happened just after 11 o'clock on saturday night on 6th street right near east saint james street. police say the man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries but is now in stable condition. anyone with information is asked to contact san jose police department. for your money this morning. the u.s. suspended all imports of mexican avocados because of a threat against the u.s. inspector in mexico. this move comes after a safety inspector with the u.s. department of agriculture received a direct threat they received it on saturday right before the super bowl. the big game is one of the biggest days for avocado consumption here in the u.s. of contact. sports are the latest target in the ongoing turf war between rival drug cartels. they're in mexico. the u.s. warned growers in the past about attacking or threatening american inspectors. and it
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looks like it's happened. leading democrats in washington are renewing their efforts now to cancel student loan debt. senate majority leader chuck schumer is pushing the white house to cancel up to $50,000 in student loan debt per person through an executive order. >> it affects poor people, black and brown. people are young people more than anybody else. the people who are most affected the people who need the help the most. and if you say don't do it because i didn't have that and we should have social security or medicare. we always got to improve society. >> well, the president has questioned in the past whether he has the authority to do that. last year's student debt in the u.s. almost grew to 2 trillion dollars. skyrocketing. used car prices are keeping many young americans from buying their first car. the wall street journal reports the number of 16 to 25 year-olds buying a used car has dropped 35% since 2019. the main reason is wages for teenagers really haven't kept up with the surge in prices. the average listed a
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listing for used car jumped 31% from january 2021. but the average wage for teenagers rose only 15%. car companies say the drop is concerning because young people are critical to building a future customer base. somehow we've got to close that gap. a freelance reporter with oakland roots is being recognized for covering topics that are near and dear to his heart native american journalist, julian brave noise cat is will has been presented with the american mosaic journalist prize. the honor also comes with $100,000 prize to help continuing to shine a light on people who've been here longer than the rest of us, but are often times left out of the spotlight. kron four's ella sogomonian has his story. >> that's berkeley high graduate julian brave noise cat in one of his many powell performances. but this time it's not the traditional native dancing that he is being recognized for. but
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another form of storytelling noyce count is one of 2 freelance journalists awarded the $100,000. american was journalist prize for in-depth reporting about underrepresented groups in the u.s.. i mean, it's it feels incredible. and there is obviously as a writer and journalist, someone does creative work. there are more rewarding than >> your colleagues telling we see you and we appreciate with what you're doing and we want you to keep. pushing producing that work. >> you know, to have that come with the kind of monetary support that the housing simons foundation is offering for. the american was taken. all pricing on the bike. i was floored noise can to celebrated indigenous stories that have appeared across a long list of major publications, including national geographic, the washington post and the guardian has an insider >> in. >> unity. there are certain
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things that one might see your might be able to pick up on. and also, of this sort authority and license to right about that. outsiders just. maybe because they don't know where because they're not really part of they can bring that into the material. his passion for unearthing stories about native tribes grew from a seed in the east bay. >> where is a kid? he took notice of how little even locals knew about people who have been in the bay area for millennia. so on the 50th anniversary of the 1969, alcatraz occupation, he helped lead a canoe journey that brought together tribes from as far as canada and hawaii. >> as he reflects on his success and career noise, cat credits the historic intertribal friendship house in oakland for helping him connect with his roots. growing up in oakland in urban native community in oakland. >> i believe me this sense that there this wonderful, expansive. >> indeed, country out there
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that i that i could be part of was part of. >> that. i don't think that necessarily would have been the up in another post. so i i definitely see that as part of. town. >> i was ella sogomonian reporting for us noise cat also reports on climate change and has a hand in the green new deal. he explains as a native american. he addresses the concerns from the perspective of people who have long been dedicated to protecting nature. we'll take a break. it's 4.41. coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news. the rams stealing the show with the big game in la. we're going to show you the highlights. >> coming up after the break.
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cool, coastal breeze that's aiding in temperatures being cooler today. and as we mentioned, a little bit of fog out there, too. that stretches from the north bay down the bayshore to the south bay and in pockets into the inland east bay, too. so the little careful on your drive to work this morning and slow it down. visibility is indeed being affected. now a partly cloudy start to your morning will give way to mostly sunny skies this afternoon. we do have a weak system passing just to our east just enough energy from it for the chance of a sprinkle in the santa cruz mountains overnight tonight. but look at the sierra nevada. some overnight snow this fall up there leading into tomorrow morning for the sierra. now it's not going to add up to more than just a few inches, but certainly welcome considering we haven't had much of anything over the course of well over the past month down this low pressure system. you can see it right here situated to our north, skirting to our east across the great basin and the central rockies going to be bringing some much needed snowfall to nevada, utah and colorado, which are also in
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that amidst of drought conditions just as we are here in california, we're just not really tapping into the bulk of that energy from this low. that's finally diving down a little bit further westward. then those previous systems that we're doing anything for us. so we're just barely clipping some moisture, mostly in the sierra from the system later on today into tonight. now, futurecast of winds does sh w this onshore breeze. that's going to be the biggest change you notice today is that we do have a cool wind from the ocean that's going to help to keep us a whole lot cooler than we have been only in the 50's to 60's for your daytime highs today. big change of pace from where we were yesterday, especially on thursday, friday and saturday, which are some of our hottest days with highs climbing to record breaking conditions on each of those days. certainly nothing close to records hanging out in the upper 50's to mid 60's today. hayward union city, oakland among spots just right at 60 degrees today. among warmer areas, antioch at 68 degrees in vacaville at 67. but nobody
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getting up to 70 degrees for your monday. now tomorrow and wednesday, pretty level temperatures remain in the low to mid 60's. mostly we will try to get back up to the 70's by thursday friday and saturday, but nothing like we were as far as the warmth goes, that we just finished up with. so a little bit more of a seasonable week ahead of us. and despite the chance of a sprinkle tonight in the bay area mountains of santa cruz, mountains of those flurries in the sierra nevada. really not looking at much to break up the strike trend as far as roadways go this morning. fog is the biggest concern because traffic certainly hasn't proved to be much of anything just yet. 7 minutes from the maze to fremont street. and we are going to be looking at the san mateo bridge likely picking up here in a few minutes. but as of right now, it's a 13 minute drive across the span. now, the richmond center fell bridge a 7 minute drive over it. not talking too much fog up there, but there is some fog on one. 0, one in marine county as you head up towards the north towards santa rosa. james. all right.
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thank you very much, john. for 47 is the time the los angeles rams. >> are your super bowl champions and wide receiver cooper kupp was named mvp kron. 4 sports director jason dumas. ce has highlights from the game. super bowl sunday would have hit much different if the niners were playing. >> but look, life goes on. there was a game to be played and it was a really good ones. so fi stadium in los angeles, that place looks beautiful. great sites for football's biggest game. first play of the 2nd half. joe burrow hits tee higgins for the 75 yard. touchdown. >> the momentum change quickly. all things go into bengals way. but look. bengals definitely got awak with one on the replay higgins clearly grab mills face mask. jalen ramsey face mask. ramsey can't believe it. but the ref know about it. bengals take the lead. but less than 2 minutes
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to play matt stafford, 5 cooper cup. just finished the best season for a wide receiver in nfl history. i will break that down and sports night live. that touchdown capped a 15 play drive. rams take the lead. last chance for the bangle 4th one. and aaron donald gets in the backfield to rush joe burrow. he points a drink finger bug of death. he gets his ring finally dominant all day. the rams win this game. sean mcvay get the super bowl at 36 years old. the youngest head coach to ever win one cooper cup named the mvp. your final score. 23 to 20. let's hear from 2 of the stars after the game cup in air and on i walk off the field that turned around before walking back to the tunnel and it just hit me. >> it was as clear as i could. as clear as i can. see you guys here right
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>> pretty pretty incredible. ultimate goal was always to be a world champion of center for the past few years. so the family get the opportunity to feel to be living in it right now. and at this time, this moment. don't know. this is sort of put into words right now. >> really happy for those guys. alright, college hoops second-ranked stanford hosting colorado, stanford to command early lexi hall, 14.3 for 17 cameron brink another day in office for her to she had 11 points and 11 rebounds. they go on to win. 63 to 46. they go back on the road to take on oregon state on friday. >> well, it was jason dumas reporting. the warriors play the clippers tonight in la tipoff at 7.30. for 50 is the time. yes, shore rams fans love the game, but a lot of people are also talking about the halftime show. 2 stars of rap and hip-hop combining for
4:51 am
a show with a real southern california feel. we've got gene kang with the recap of that. >> hip-hop superstars doctor dre and snoop dogg united with to fox california love representing los angeles. big time. as $0.50, perform upside down and hit the crowd with his old school hit in the club. queen of hip-hop soul mary j. blige took over with her legendary r and b voice. they performed on a glowing white house with 5 stages and a map of compton. and west coast. rapper kendrick lamar didn't disappoint with dre day draped all over his dancers.
4:52 am
>> this hip-hop powerhouse won over skeptics who doubted old-school hip-hop could wowed the crowd. critics raving their halftime show is one of the best since beyonce and bruno mars. back in 2000, 16. and this halftime extravaganza wasn't without some controversy. m and m apparently defied the nfl when he took one knee after performing lose yourself something former nfl quarterback colin kaepernick did during the national anthem as a call for racial justice. since then, no nfl team has hired the quarterback since the 2016 season. the time. 4.55
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the clock and the mcdonald's plant based burger. the mcplant. >> he's going to be available in the bay area and dallas fort worth areas which kind of cool the burger features a patty. >> made from plant based ingredients like peas and rice and potatoes. it was actually co-developed with beyond meat. it's going to be available at approximately 600 participating locations for a
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limited time. they're going to test it out and see if customers like it. only select restaurants are going to carry it. so you'll have to double check and make sure if you want to order it. but you go to a restaurant that offers well, valentine's day. of course, one of the most popular for people to get engaged in a new study takes a look at the worst ways to pop the question. 41% said that it was through a text message. yeah, that's a pretty pretty bad way to do. it was followed closely by the phone. 28% say the worst way to get engaged would be at a fast-food restaurant. 24% don't want to be proposed to at their parents house. and then rounding out the top 5 popping the question at a sporting event. apparently the ladies don't really enjoy that. nearly half of those polled said that the best way to propose it's during the holidays. we'll take a break. it is 4.56 coming up on the kron 4 morning news. a bay area counties are going to be dropping their indoor mask
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>> good morning and happy monday to you live darya and i'm james and yes, it is a monday morning. it valentine's day monday morning. so happy valentine's day to you here. waking up and joining us now. i feel it, what love is in the air? it is that in the this day of all days, especially. but it is going to be a bit of a foggy want at least a foggy start for you if you're waking up on this valentine's day, aaron, i did hit the on the bridge just a little bit and one drop. you actually did. but john was talking about he got some sprinkles on the way into. good morning, john. yeah, the plants in my backyard had through the drips this morning that was like a good got some water because it is been a minute out there for sure. >> you can see anything you could a second ago and this shot from our tower right here. you could see some of those clouds just pushed right into the day earlier what we are going to be seeing today is low cloud cover and fog to start your morning. and then mostly sunny skies. returning come the afrn


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