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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  February 14, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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downy unstopables >> now at 3, while adults can soon ditch their masks indoors, they are still being required for students. but one district on the peninsula is easing restrictions, letting kids take them off while they're on the playground and the bay area getting ready to say goodbye to a legend. kron. 4 news at 3 starts right now. >> from the area's local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> masking requirements were never put in place to be there it's not a question of if it's a question of when. >> we are one step closer to finding out when california
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students will be allowed to take off their masks. hello, everyone, thank you for joining us on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm catherine heenan. california's top doctor. he was talking about the state mask mandate just 2 minutes ago. the indoor mandate will be lifted for adults that starts wednesday. but the mandate is staying in place for schools. doctor mark galli laid out details of the timeline. >> will today not make a change to be no change in the masking requirement. but on february 20, a full 2 weeks from now. we will reassess the data. what does that mean? that means we're going to look at it. information on case rates confirm what i just showed you that we believe is going to happen. we tried the case. numbers will continue to come down. test positivity will come down hospitalizations. both adult and pediatric will come down and we're watching can vaccine rates. >> our capitol bureau reporter
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ashley zavala will have more details on kron. 4 news coming up at 5 o'clock. the masks can come off today for students and burlingame. they are not going to be given the option to wear the masks outdoors. this is san mateo county is easing its mask restrictions that later this week, kron four's charles clifford is in burlingame with the latest on that. charles. >> yeah, well, starting today, students in the burlingame school district can choose whether or not to wear a mask when they're outdoors. it's going to take a look at some video here. checking burlingame high school, a couple of the elementary schools today, probably most of the kids outside. we're still we're wearing a mask, but it's optional. now, if you're indoors at the school's that's for adults and students, you still have to put on a mask. now, this comes as san mateo county is preparing to follow the state on wednesday will list lift its indoor mask mandate for businesses. you still have to wear a mask if you go into public places like hospitals or jails and schools. but the
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earlier today said that they are going to wait until later this month to decide whether or not to lift the mask mandate for schools. the county i spoke to the health department just a short time ago says they will follow the state's lead and wait, they say that even though case numbers are dropping here in san mateo county, they're still high spread of covid-19 and they field best just to wait a little longer to see what happens. >> so there still is a risk, but families should be aware that the state is planning to not only drop the indoor mask mandates tomorrow, but soon after february. 28, it certainly looks that like the school mandates will probably drop some time. probably mid march would be something important for families to know. >> all right, back live now. so apparent students can wear their masks, not whether mask outdoors, but it's going to be a little while longer before
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they'll be able to know whether or not they can take the mask off indoors. but for now in san mateo county, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> thank you, charles mediation talks between the mount diablo teachers union and the district have failed. both sides met with a mediator for 3 days last week at the union wants a pay hike of 12 and a half percent. that would be over 3 years and it has threatened to strike if there is no deal. san francisco voters are going to decide whether to recall 3 school board members that will be an election tomorrow. the board members facing a recall or school board. president gabriela lopez commissioner allison collins school board, vice president for uga moliga. the board has been under fire over it% handling of the pandemic. people opposing the recall say this is a poor use of taxpayer money. mayor london breed has supported the recall. and if the members are recalled, the mayor will name temporary replacements mail in ballots have to be postmarked
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by tomorrow and the polls will stay open until 05:00pm tuesday. san francisco police are looking for answers in 3 separate weekend shootings. the first shooting was saturday night on larkin street. you're looking at video from the citizen app. police say a group of people were involved in a drug deal and someone began shooting into the crowd, although no one was hurt. police arrested several people. and the second shooting happened during an attempted robbery. one person was shot on o farrell street about 01:00am saturday. and about an hour later, there was a 3rd shooting near harrison and 3rd, the 2 victims are expected to survive. police have not released any details on potential suspects. there was also a shooting in san jose. a man was injured. police have been looking for the gunman that happened about 11:00pm saturday on 6th street near east saint james. the man was badly injured. he is in stable condition. anyone with
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information is being asked to contact san jose police. today. the san jose police department launched a new program to try to stop catalytic converter thefts. it is called the and pro tech program. it begins a little later this month. various car shops will offer to etch license plate numbers on to their customers. catalytic converters. there will also painted on other information. the idea, of course, is to make it harder to sell our recycle those converters. the program will be free with a tune up for other maintenance among the service shops. joining in so far, capital honda, speedy midas and stevens creek, toyota. authorities investigated a suspicious package at the state capitol this morning. they said turned out there was nothing to worry about. the chp says the package was outside the treasury building. it was reported about 7.30, this morning. the bottom floor of the building was cleared.
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the bomb squad checked things out using a robot. the package turned out to be an empty cardboard box. >> says this is because that's exactly what they are. you never know until you do a thorough investigation to find out what it is. >> the same was a officially cleared about 09:00am. all right. time for a look at the forecast as we looking live at the view from the top of mount tam, we've see blue sky kron, 4 meteorologist dave spahr as here. hi, dave. >> you doing there, catherine? it's a kind of a chilly day today. what a shock to the system. it was live shot. i'm showing you here, the east bay shoreline were kind of up in the east bay hills as from their viewpoint where the camera is behind us is the on shore winds coming and they come up the east bay hills and start to build up the cloud cover cloud deck. it's kind of a semi common occurrence going on here. sometimes it can. even new york. couple raindrops going on. and we
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sometimes get sometimes a little ice. a little sprinkle going on upstream, though. this is what i do. want to talk. lot of the bay is clearing out right now. but this deck of cloud cover will be kind of our story between say 7 to midnight tonight. before we go back to mostly clear for tonight. so it's another interruption that will drive the winds tonight and tomorrow starting off on shore. but it will finish off offshore temperature check now at 3 o'clock. this is how we stand. 62 antioch, a lot of 50's off to the east bay. we're looking at 70's this time yesterday 50's up to the north bay. 52, san francisco, 58 san jose. so given that contrast again, look at that. more than 15 degrees behind in many locations that we were this time again from yesterday. i want to drive through humidity we have here that would skies to clear out and we do see the moisture levels bump up just a bit. not enough for too much fog, though. tonight. it looks like. but look what happens tomorrow morning and tomorrow morning and afternoon. dry off to the eas bay because of that wind shift which will be offshore going
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to future cast for real quick. we have a clearing patch in our backyard now, however, the cloud cover will be here for around for a couple of hours before clearing out around the witching hour or so for the remainder of the night. now, this front is a basically a dry front, although it's producing some mountain snows. that's good news there. but it is also going produce this wind advisory. the sacramento office has issued a wind advisory for solano county. but the winds will be felt up in napa county to to give you an idea. this is what we're talking about. this is a this afternoon. the winds kick up with that front on shore. okay. they'll keep the humidity levels up shore. then the flip offshore solano county napa. you can see quite active. no wind advisory elsewhere, except for that very sensitive area. coming up a little bit here, we'll take a look at the rest of your week day forecast. thank you. david talked in a few minutes. >> a public memorial for football legend john madden is going to be held today at the oakland coliseum. the bay area's way to honor the football icon had his roots in
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the east bay kron four's will tran looks ahead to the ceremony. >> he never left the bay area. if you think about it, he could lived anywhere in the world. but instead he chose to live in the bay area specifically. he lived in pleasanton for decades and they remembered him right after his death. in fact, all of january, they had to sign up on the sign this as pleasant. and i know this because i actually was jogging on january 15th. i went by this location and then i saw the sign that said forever in our hearts, john madden, that did you turn asked somebody take a picture of me with a sign and that is why we are here in pleasanton. but the place to be today is at the oakland coliseum for his family, the place to be yesterday was in los angeles when they were flown down there. so they could feel the love from the fans up close and personal. so his sons and
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his grandkids were there. the nfl actually remembered in the day after he died in for all of january for their broadcast. they have the silhouette of john madden, but today they will remember him at the coliseum. he is remembered for many things. i mean, he excelled in 3 careers all involving the nfl in broadcasting one. he was the coach of the oakland raiders from 1969. to 1978 where he won super bowl 11. then he left coaching, went into the booth. that change not only sports broadcasting broadcasting as a whole with his conversational style. then while he was broadcasting, he was also doing video games. madden football is beloved by millions of people. i mean, they knew players, the younger players. they all say they colored a lot of football by playing madden football. there will be a memorial today at 5.30, at the coliseum. any people will be their former niners coach, steve mariucci,
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current kansas city chiefs coach andy reid. he'll be there as well. $32. that seems to be the jumping off point for the tickets. and just like coach madden, always thinking about the bay area once everybody is paid off, as far as the bills, the vendors, well, the rest of the money will go to charity for oakland youth. so he's always giving back even in death. if you can't be there tonight, we've got your back. just go to kron on and we will stream it live for you. starting at 5.30, how appropriate that people remember him on valentine's day as we all love, john, that. >> coming up in the world bracing for a possible invasion of ukraine by russia. what ukraine's president is now saying and we'll take you live to beijing for the latest on the olympics, including how walking out fans is affecting the sale of collectibles. and you probably don't need us to remind you, but gas prices in california, we're not getting
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california continue to go up as usual. they are the highest prices in the whole country. >> the state average now $4 and $0.70 in the bay area.
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it's 4.80, a gallon in san francisco. that's $0.3 only $0.3 off the all-time record. san mateo marin, napa counties. they all have prices over more than 4.80, a gallon. the nationwide average $3. and $0.48. some big changes are coming to bart this starting today. there are new options for riders headed from the east bay to the south bay kron four's camila barco has that story. >> bart is giving passengers more options and new services starting on monday. there's going to be a new transfer point at the fair in the east bay. what we're seeing with our riders is a lot of them are traveling from the dublin pleasanton area to north areas of san jose. those strains already run until midnight during the weekdays and saturdays. >> but now riders will have a chance to catch any bart train until 12:00am starting february 20th. it really is a big deal for our riders. the fact that we're extending our
3:17 pm
service to midnight 7 days a week. barr is also going to be offering 5 lines of service every day of the week. now until 09:00pm. essentially what that means. we're trains for folks on sundays. these changes come at a time where more passengers are riding bart as people return back to their pre-pandemic routines. yesterday we had about 67,000 writers. that's nearly 44% of a normal saturday pre-covid for us to also help with the increase in riders. barr is adding more trains on its yellow line on saturdays and that will make it easier for folks, especially in contra costa county to go into downtown san francisco and vice versa. and bar is also working with cal train to make sure people have enough time to transfer between trains in san francisco. camila barco kron. 4 news. >> all right. time for a look at the forecast will take a live look at the golden gate bridge. looks pretty for meteorologists. dave spahr, though, says it's been kind of
3:18 pm
chilly chillier than maybe we expect real shock to the system or katherine ice heard some people barbecuing in my neighborhood yesterday could smell it. and then tonight, it's the crackling fire. the sweaters, you know, 2 glasses of wine. the you know, the offer playing and all that kind of thing going on. >> so it's a different type of violent. just one day we're taking a look at the half moon bay here. kind of the overcast scenario. you saw the golden gate bridge earlier. you can see kind of that bed of clouds starting to redevelop as us dry front drops south temperature check. this is what we're talking about. 50's, which is pretty much what our highs going to be today or maybe 61 like antioch, for example, the temperature contrast some dozen or so more degrees behind that. we were this time from yesterday. so this new front, we'll kind of set the tone for the rest of the week as we start to recover temperature wise, we have a wind advisory. that's a new wrinkle here for solano county. but elsewhere, it will be felt east bay and up to the north bay. we handed over to the models. it starts off on shore. as you can see as it gets later tonight. tomorrow they'll be a switch happening
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as you can see into tuesday by tuesday afternoon. good strong, offshore wind, not just a little county into napa, sonoma, even and a good chunk of the east bay, too. now, again, this would be a concern for fires and so forth. but again, it's damp enough that with that we have some protection. plus the fact the temperatures will be reduced. so that will be an 8 as well. we really don't shake these winds off until late. it looks like on wednesday and that's also said with become part, the clouds are up to the east bay hills. there. so we've got going on 55 at 4 by 7, cloudy, partly cloudy at 10. however, we should be clearing up later tonight on storm tracker 4. this is the system doing it to us. so we'll have 4 to 5 hour period of good cloudy skies, but looks like it will be opening up before midnight. you can go out there and check out the stars, but it will be chilly lows tonight. 45 san francisco. 44 for oakland, 41 san jose. we want to check into those lows there. we do have some 30's hanging on. it would be much colder than this it wasn't for the winds kind of stirring up the atmosphere a little bit. we'll take a
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look at that weeklong forecast a bit. catherine. >> and it is time for our daily international trip to the winter olympic games are andrew martin joins us on live from beijing. andrew, i know people love to collect stuff like olympic pins and of course, this olympics, there are no foreign fans. it's a whole different story. what are people doing? >> well, they are still trading pins, catherine. they're just not doing it in a way that we would expect. this is my 4th olympics. i'm still used to going outside the ibc and seeing pin traders just line up on the streets with vests or boards. that's just not the case. and so i talked to a couple of pin traders who know what it's like and also know what it's like here in beijing. >> tokyo twenty-twenty beijing, 2022. 2 olympics held 6 months apart and both help during a pandemic which limits the amount of people who could
3:21 pm
attend, including pin traders. all the sudden you realize picture on you're not there, you know, and it's been everybody i know, kind of knows that go to the olympics like of us it's reminding that fortunately, doug todd has traded pins before at the beijing olympics. >> 14 years ago during the summer games in 2000, 8, it was a limp. it's really felt almost like a rock star. you walk around and maybe have a best comes on people from all over are just coming. sarah, to win and want you to picture with you every single day. i was training hundreds and hundreds of and they they they hope they called me the pin queen. >> there in my mind, that was probably the best trading olympics i ever had, which makes it very disappointing to not be able to return. however, there's always a silver lining. about asked 2000 pence. i was going to bring with me to trade and said i went and sold on e-bay and i sold about 1800 pens on e-bay. and that was like a
3:22 pm
second job. all i can say is parents had better happen. >> so you talk to some added pin traders, katherine, and they have you might think couple 1000 pins right? doug todd told me he has 100,000 pins. he's got 14 huge boxes in his garage that he thinks that they weigh a couple of tons. so we think up in i've got maybe like 20 in my collection. he's got over 100,000 pins. by the way, i just want to comment something that you said the daily international trip will for me daily. i get to come back to the united states because i get to go from china back to san francisco. so for me, it's the reverse trip. all right. thank you, catherine were both taken andrew, let me just ask you quickly, the latest on the russian figure skater at the center of that investigation. >> that fallout continues unanswered questions. what what is the latest? there are
3:23 pm
still unanswered questions, catherine, but we do know that 15 year-old camilla valley, ava is going to compete later today here in beijing. you've got. >> the short program. and then 2 days later, the free skate. they said that she's 15 years old. she's a minor. so she's a protected person. also, she has continued to test negative for banned substances both before and during her time in beijing. so they said she is allowed to compete. but if she wins a medal, there will not be a medal ceremony is only going to be a medal ceremony. if camilla valley, ava does not finish on the podium, which likely won't happen because she's the favorite to win gold. so go figure that one out. yeah, that's that whole thing has been kind of weird and interesting. thank you so much. >> still ahead, what's been showing up in the nasa? some some penguins in san francisco just in time for valentine's day. and tensions mount over a possible invasion of ukraine possible invasion of ukraine by russia.
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i'd like to nominate alaska airlines. this neck pillow i'm dating says great things! a caring airline?! wait, those exist?! it says here they were the first airline to switch from plastic bottles to boxed water. they also hire a lot of people from caring professions. i'm seeing former teachers and nurses. it's settled! alaska airlines is officially in the running! round of applause! that a russian invasion of ukraine could happen at any moment. >> while the president of ukraine is saying it could happen when state president biden spent the weekend on phone calls and with a top u.s. and foreign officials. anna wiernicki has the latest in an hour. long phone call over the weekend. president biden says he made it very clear to russian president vladimir that the u.s. is prepared to respond if russia decides to invade ukraine.
3:27 pm
>> now it's a waiting game to see putin's next move. military action could happen any day. pentagon press secretary john kirby says all eyes are on russian president vladimir putin's. he continues to do the things. >> and that you would expect one to do it if one was planning a major military action. kirby says the u.s. is prepared to respond on saturday. the pentagon ordered u.s. troops deployed in ukraine to leave the country and reposition elsewhere in europe to reassure our allies and our partners to determine aggression against the alliance, to conduct some joint training in response to the buildup of russian forces over the weekend. state department spokesperson ned price says the u.s. embassy and any remaining diplomats are being moved to western ukraine. we're in the process of relocating our diplomatic staff from steve to leave race as he is still hopeful for a peaceful outcome but says it's up to russia. we will rain remain committed to doing that for as long as we can.
3:28 pm
>> but russia must de-escalate and engage in genuine dialogue. >> and diplomacy and warns that any attack will have serious consequences and invasion, as we have said, could begin at any time. should putin decide to order it? there would be widespread human suffering. top house leaders met earlier today with national security adviser jake sullivan on the escalating situation in ukraine. >> and senators were also briefed this afternoon on the situation on capitol hill for now in washington, i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. rudy giuliani is reportedly in talks to testify before the house january 6 committee. he helped lead the effort to overturn the results of the 2020 election. >> at the time serving as former president trump's personal attorney. he has suggested that he might take a less confrontational stance towards the panel. more more so than some of the other members of trump's inner circle. insiders say he might be trying to avoid a potentially expensive legal
3:29 pm
fight. coming up next, super bowl celebrations in los angeles in a couple cases turned ugly. the damage that resulted last night. >> some counties where just days away from being allowed to take off masks indoors. and the latest from the how long booster shots are believed to be the la rams super
3:30 pm
3:31 pm
3:32 pm
bowl champions after that thrilling late touchdown drive in the 4th quarter. >> rams wide receiver cooper kupp named the game's mvp. it is the team aecond super bowl win. and something that citizens had feared. last night's celebrations in la, at lenst in a couple cases turned violent, including looting vandalized bus. erin myers has the story. >> quite a few people came out to celebrate here in downtown after. >> the big win. unfortunately, it did take a turn. this is what it looked like just after the game. and it. fans in the street setting off fireworks. what even climbed on a light pole are also reports of fans climbing on top of vehicle shaking and this is the crowd made its way through parts of downtown los angeles, blocking the roads at times. this
3:33 pm
viewer video shows a handful of people looting a business people were seen leaving, getting away with items inside. and just one of many locations that was damaged or vandalized. a couple of city buses also hit. one of the buses was covered in graffiti and fireworks are set off inside. we are told the lapd showed up and clear the intersection. you could hear sirens and see people running from the area and la pd while they were out in >> a little after 10, 30 last night, the department said they were seeing violent and destructive behavior that they had ordered several dispersal orders clear the streets. short time later, they said that destructive behavior was continuing and that those involved could be arrested. >> as for arrests, we are told the lapd did find a loaded gun inside a vehicle after it was stopped for doing donuts near 11th and figure out one person was taken into custody. our eric spillman spoke with the mayor about the rowdy fans this morning. >> yeah, you know, la, there's always somebody wants to do
3:34 pm
something stupid, but that's a 99.0. 9 1% of all of los angeles was just so excited, especially if the last 2 years yesterday felt like the first day we are finally out of the darkness. >> the los angeles police department tells me that was the only arrest that was made, but 19 locations were vandalized. as for any reports of injuries, they say they did not get any reporting in downtown. i'm erin myers. >> alright, turning to our coronavirus coverage. the cdc says the effectiveness, a booster shots really fades after about 4 months. researchers say the shot offered 91% protection against the omicron variant after 2 months after 4, though it dropped to 78%. a 3rd shot is still being recommended with evidence that it does protect against hospitalization. the bay area is one of the most vaccinated places in the state at the data company stacker ranked california counties by vaccination right to see it. there. 8 of the top 10 in the
3:35 pm
bay area. imperial county near san diego has the highest vaccination rate. and we're in santa clara, san mateo and san francisco counties. all rounding out the top 5 with more than 80% of eligible people vaccinated. indoor mask mandate across the bay area are set to expire wednesday. that's aside from santa clara county kron four's taylor has the latest. >> starting this week, the bay area residents will soon see a lot more faces in stores and restaurants and in the gym. people have a little bit more. >> not that, you know, freedom to decide whether or not it's an individual risk you know, getting infected getting really ill. and if there's that risk benefit calculus, still the site to wear the i for one will probably continue to wear the mask in crowded indoor settings as infectious disease specialist at ucsf
3:36 pm
doctor peter chin. hong explains. >> all bay area counties except for santa clara will drop its indoor mask mandate on wednesday. for those who are fully vaccinated, however, masks will still be required on public transportation and health care facilities. and in all public schools, public there is that it's you. >> you know, not having not controlled area. but you know, it's it's probably one of equity. meanwhile, for business owners in those 8 bay area counties, it's up to their discretion if they want to continue requiring masks or not. >> however, restaurant owner really muster or who own sushi confidential. we'll have that decision. a santa clara county continues enforcement. i personally feel and understand, you know, going off the numbers metrics for us is a specific is important. >> but at the same time, when you look at the map that surrounding counties and you see every county lifting and then we're the only county not
3:37 pm
it's a little frustrating. and it, you know, sometimes doesn't make sense when people can go from one county to another and the rest of the counties made the decision after governor gavin newsom announced that the state's indoor mask mandate. >> but expire tuesday, february 15th. however, according to state and county guidelines, those who are unvaccinated must continue wearing masks indoors. despite expiring indoor mask mandates, doctor chin-hong doesn't expect to see cases spike in the coming weeks. i do believe that. >> you know where on that stream down moritz and nothing's going to stop us because of high levels of population immunity. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> canada's most densely populated province is going to lift its covid vaccine mandate in 2 weeks. effective march. 1st, people in ontario will no longer need to show proof of vaccination in order to get into restaurants and gyms and sporting events limits on restaurant capacity will also be lifted. that announcement
3:38 pm
follows protests against canada's virus restrictions which blocked the business border crossing between the u.s. and canada that went on for about a week. the last of the protesters were removed over the weekend, but in the city of ottawa trucks are still protesting canada's a mandate that requires them to be fully vaccinate. >> all right. time for another look at the weather as we look live at sfo. let's go back to dave spahr and it's looking kind of gray and a little blustery day. >> yeah, those clouds are settling back in again, catherine. it will just be kind of like a 4 or 5 hour window before that clears out for the majority of tonight's. you can still check out the stars tonight. here's the east bay shoreline in the east bay hills. also seeing kind of that blue mean is she just spoke of off to the distance. it looks like the some clearing, though temperature checked. they were in the 50's over most of the real estate. 61 for antioch up to the north bay. 59 santa rosa. 57 for napa. this zone up here will be quite busy with stronger offshore winds later on a look
3:39 pm
at what happens as we go into tonight, cloudy by 7 by 10, partly cloudy as we go back into a clearing mode, temperatures falling fairly quickly. don't about 48 or so. and even into the 30's. however, these winds are going to help support temperatures overnight. here's the deck of cloud cover. you can see just starting to settle across the bay. it's still having to make its way across the north bay again, about 4, 5, hour window or so low temperatures by tomorrow morning. mostly 40's credited partially because this is cold air coming back in accredited partially to the winds being active and we don't get effect of cooling. if that wasn't the case, we will be talking about some frost advisories are some freeze advisories and so forth. so for tonight with what that'll said, clearing later breezy and cool 40's, a few 30's possible going on here tomorrow. mostly sunny, cool and breezy. still highs near 60. we're going to spend the entire week climbing the ladder to get to near 70 or so as we approach friday, we're looking at a system or earlier
3:40 pm
that was going to come by this weekend. but it looks like it's going to be fairly dry. will correct the temperatures. we're not going to get much from it. 62 san francisco tomorrow. 64 for oakland. 62 san jose. this will be by this time mostly offshore winds lower 60's off to the east bay. same kind of deal up in the north bay with winds like that. regardless of the direction you got a lot of uniformity with those temperatures as well. let's jump are quick to that 7 day forecast. you have the temperatures climbing to the 60's all week long. upper 30's for lows for a little while and 40's at the coast. of course, today's the big day and happy valentine's day. you kevin. >> thank you, david. same to extent. vice president kamala harris is pushing the president's efforts to connect more americans with high speed internet. she says that more than 10 million households have signed up for a reduced cost broadband program. that's thanks to money from last year's infrastructure bill. she says, however, more needs to be done.
3:41 pm
>> students are sitting in fast food restaurant, parking lots, so do their homework over public wi-fi because that is the only place they have internet access. seniors are taking their telemedicine visits. not at home in the privacy of their home, but in local libraries with little or no privacy. there are so many reasons why it is so difficult for people in our nation to access reliable high-speed internet. and today we are here to talk about one of the most common reasons. cost. >> under that program, one in 4 households are eligible for discount vouchers for their internet bills, which would be worth about $30 a month. >> coming up, we are fed up with shoplifting in the bay area, but it's increasingly clear this is part of a nationwide search and advice on what not to do. if you are
3:42 pm
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3:45 pm
inflation. there have also been bad weather conditions affecting the market in some places floor say that a dozen roses cost about $10 more than usual this year. >> and valentine's day, a popular time to get engaged, although a new survey reminds us there are. >> good and bad ways to proceed. the worst way. more than 40% said that would be a few texts to propose. so you don't need a study to tell that. don't text it in second place proposing at a fast-food restaurant. 24% say don't do it at a parent's house and rounding out the top 5 popping the question at a sporting event. nearly half the people polled say the best way is not during the holidays a little bit and say what holidays. still ahead, yet another incident involving a plane passenger really acting up what he tried to do, which would have put everybody in danger.
3:46 pm
3:47 pm
3:48 pm
>> smash-and-grab robberies have been a huge problem and san francisco and oakland among. >> other places in the state nationwide. new york la and san francisco are among the hardest hit spots. the crimes have spiked during the pandemic with the average company losing about $7500 per robbery in 2020 and has recently us 2019. that was about $800 a recent incident in fresno had about 15 people armed with hammers, stealing jewelry from a store. another
3:49 pm
possible factor in the crime. spike. more online shopping. >> are people shopping online? in my opinion probably the biggest driver because there's more demand for product online and that is an outlet where a lot of the stolen product ends up. >> designer clothing and purses are among the top items stolen, but also things like laundry detergent and allergy medicine. and american airlines flight bound for dc from los angeles had to make an emergency landing in missouri because of a passenger acting up even trying to open the door of the plane. at one point reporter evan lambert has the story. >> it tried to get at top the tackled to the ground, beaten with a coffee pot and tied down with zip ties and duct tape. video shows the terrifying moments after passengers say a man tried to open both the cockpit and playing doors on a sunday flight from la to dc. you actually tried to open
3:50 pm
>> the plane door with we're doing well as most stop a captured these cell phone videos of the commotion, the take down and the aftermath telling news nation he thought for a few moments the flight might not land safely. it was that feeling at least you know, this is that american airlines flight 17. 75 forced to make a sudden landing in kansas city after passengers and crew worked together to hold down the unruly traveler. >> passengers say a flight attendant use a coffee pot as a weapon. >> but he kept like bashing him on the like he was hitting him on the trying to knock him out essentially. so the guy was on the ground leading in a statement. american airlines think its crew saying in part, we're grateful to our crew members who are consistently dedicated to the safety and care of our customers. >> and who handled the circumstances with the utmost skill and professionalism. viral incidents of unruly passengers have plagued airlines during the pandemic in the last few weeks. the faa
3:51 pm
says incidents have started to rise at 6.2 incidents per 10,000 flights as of the end of january, most have been mask-related, although it's not clear what prompted the man on the d c bound flight to act out. i'm really happy that there were these great, you know, >> people that that help these passengers and the flight attendant and even the pilot, you know, everybody really tried to make the best of a tense situation. >> and that evan lambert reporting. all right. time to talk about the forecast. again, we're looking live at the embarcadero in san francisco. looks nice, but it's been a little cool. let's go back to dave spahr. >> ok, were looking at some cloud cover already starting to descend over parts of the bay. here's a live shot of half moon bay. and the chill is being felt there as well. so bundle up every where you are because compared to 24 hours ago, where more than a dozen degrees behind this time, 20 degrees behind for
3:52 pm
san jose. 16 for success. rosa, so definitely is a front in our midst here. it's a dry front. so we're getting just temperature change and some winds will start off on shore, but then flip offshore. real quick with future cast for the deck of cloud cover is only for a few hours. say 5 or something is kind of a working number. and then things clear up for the overnight. but the winds remain. least we're getting some snow up there in the mountains. looks like a bit or at least reducing those temperatures a bit. let whatever we have to stay up there. so don't lose a true melting. speaking of which forecast a notes that some morning snow showers tomorrow clears out the temperatures. on the chilly side, though, 34 tomorrow recovering to the upper 40's later in the week. now these winds, solano county wind advisory, 7 o'clock tomorrow morning to 07:00pm that typically that's only county that's in it. but you're going to feel what else we're throughout the bay area. first of all, the whole bay was going to feel that offshore on shore wind later tonight. then the flip back off shore up the county spilling into napa and off to
3:53 pm
the east bay as well. this looks like it's going to linger into wednesday as well. catherine. >> thank you, david. coming up next, why some local penguins were getting valentine's gift today. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me (friends laughing) you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! what? who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet
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with at&t fiber, now with speeds up to 5 gigs. francisco academy of science actually got valentine's day gifts and they were heart shaped valentine's that will be used in their nests. the males reportedly except these hearts and then go off and
3:56 pm
present them as gifts to the females and the hearts and up as nest lining material. animal experts say it all helps to encourage breeding behavior. the little hearts even have messages written inside by the academy's high school interns. that's pretty cute. time now to check in with newsnation to see what they are working on tonight. >> tonight on dan abrams live on news nation in the conservative media. it's the bombshell that reveals hillary clinton's involvement in russia gate and the liberal media special prosecutor john durham is filing isn't even worth mentioning. we hear from both sides now. here's marni with a look at news nation. prime. >> thanks, dan. a murder of 2 young girls made headlines around the world 5 years later. the killer is still on the run. the top cop on the case talks to me exclusively tonight. and we're the only network on the ground where it happened tonight on news nation. prime. >> and you can find newsnation on the channels listed here. we've got more details on our website. kron 4 dot com and
3:57 pm
the news does not end here. coverage continues at the top of the hour on the kron on app. included in what's coming up. california gas prices are approaching record highs. somebody from triple a will talk about when prices could finally go down. you can use your phone to scan that qr code, but you see and we'll take you right to your app store. >> that's it for kron. 4 news of 3. i'm catherine heenan. thanks for joining us.
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>> today on an all new dr. phil. >> ida had two sets of twins before she was 20. >> it was a house of chaos. >> constant family drama. >> there is holes in the walls and you pulled a knife on your sister. >> dark secrets. >> we have never talked about this ever. >> the exact same things happen to me. >> you are a walking, talking, panic attack. >> dr. phil: let's do it. >> have a good show, everybody. here we go. >> dr. phil: this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by, we'll count you down. >> dr. phil: today is going to be a changing day in your life. >> five, four... >> dr. phil: get ready to take care of you. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪


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