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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  February 17, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> good evening, everybody. we begin tonight with breaking news at 6. a police shooting in pleasanton. it happened this afternoon. >> and it took place in the area of owens drive. and willow road near the home depot and hop yard road. and we want to show you a map now that area officers are saying to avoid the area as they conduct their investigation. moments ago, a pleasanton police gave us an update on the situation. >> today around 11:51am, we received a call from a victim of domestic violence at for 8,
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9, 9 will wrote. officers arrived on scene and confirmed the suspect was inside an apartment. the suspect refused to exit. one point. and later exit the apartment armed with a knife. we're o i s occurred. 2 officers were involved in that white. u.s. veteran injured. we can confirm the suspect is deceased. >> and says officer involved shooting. this is a developing story tonight. are our first taylor as she is headed to the scene and we'll have a full report coming up tonight in our prime time newscast. our other big story tonight, california has a new plan in the fight against covid. governor newsome announcing the state is switching from a pandemic to an endemic approaching. this creates a
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more long-term strategy to deal with the virus. governor newsom laid out the plan today from san bernardino county warehouse behind him with a lot of masks, big supply. we brought you this news conference live on kron. 4 news at 3 in newsom's administration is calling this plan the smarter plan which focuses on preparing for any future potential surges of covid for everyday californians, not a lot of changing, but the state will be boosting its surveillance of the virus by monitoring virus particles and waste water to try to detect potential new surges are variance masks at this point? will not be required in most indoor settings, but the state will hold on to its ability to require them when state leaders think it's necessary in the future. the plan also includes ramping up the state's stockpile of masks. vaccines and they want to have plenty of tests available so that if we have another new variant or surge, we can be ready. state officials have said with covid we're not out of the woods. we just have a better understanding now of
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the woods. all come to understand what was not understood the beginning of this crisis, that there is no end date. that there's not a moment. >> where we declare victory. despite so many metaphors that were used during this pandemic, the warm force where we said we will defeat this virus. there was some suggestion that that was a destination. that that was a place when, in fact, we now know it's more of a direction. >> what exactly does this smarter plan stand for? well, we'll break down the letters. first shots as the shots referring to covid vaccines and boosters. you have masks, aids awareness. the newsom administration saying it will lean into health departments to keep a close eye on what is going on in the community about any potential new variant and then act accordingly. are readiness. you have t for testing.
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education is a try to keep schools open. education is key. and then lastly are you can't really see it there. but a sense for our ex common abbreviation for prescriptions. that's basically how we treat people who have become infected with covid 2 prominent doctors at from here in the bay area. they're reacting to this smart of planned doctor bob wachter with ucsf tweeted that. >> he actually contributed to the smarter strategy called it, quote, a thoughtful blueprint for new phase. it takes advantage of the tools we have available plans for the long game and recognizes that we may need to adapt as the virus does. and this is the statement from doctor george rutherford also with ucsf. it reads, in part smarter is just that it's a plan to take all that we've learned from the first 2 years of the covid-19 pandemic and use that knowledge to go forward. coming up tonight at 6.30, uc berkeley infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg will be joining us live to talk about governor
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newsom's new pandemic plan. we have a first look now at this year's floats for the lunar new year parade in san francisco. you see some of them here. total, 14 floats will be hitting the streets saturday to welcome in. >> the year of the tiger, the city's last lunar new year parade was back in 2020. the pandemic didn't just cancel last year's parade, but it also caused in increase in the number of violent attacks on asian americans and pacific islanders with the virus originating from wuhan china. it is why there will be more police on the streets for the lunar new year events this year. kron four's rob nesbitt. joining us now live without organizers are feeling going into the year of the tiger. hi, rob. grant. the tiger in the chinese zodiac is a symbol of strength and bravery. >> those celebrating say that's especially important to think about after a year of increased violence. >> the 1.3 mile lunar new year parade is coming back to san
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francisco saturday. crews building the floats an preparing for record crowds based on selling out of our retreat i would imagine that this event is going to be very, very popular. william g is in charge of coordinating the bleachers for the city's lunar new year festival and parade. he expects between 30500,000 people will be gathered along sidewalks, watching the floats go by. >> we want to >> presents a environment that is just going to be .un and safe for everyone. and that is really the whole goal of actually >> producing and making sure that this event comes back alive this year with an alarming amount of violent attacks against asian-americans. >> the san francisco police department has promised an increased presence during and after the parade. they have consider this. they have thought about this. and yet there they're going to kind of be for president and also have more >> patrols and things like that so that people can actually get home safely from the events as well. gee says
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the pandemic has a just cause an increase in crimes against asians, but has also impacted tourism in san francisco's chinatown. >> hoping for some normalcy in the new year. there's businesses that just survive the past 2 years. and so. >> we're hoping that this event actually brings tourism back to the city, brings tourism back to china town. >> taking pictures of the 6 tiger sculpture set up around the city until saturday live in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. all right, rob. and this week, voters in san francisco decided to recall 3 members of the city school board. >> tonight we're hearing from 2 of them in a story you'll only see on kron 4 they tell are has made unit their job as educators is far from over? >> i will always stand by our communities who are asking for these changes. i'm not going to stop being here. not going to stop being involved. not going to stop advocating san
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francisco school board, president gabriela lopez and commissioner allison college share their thoughts in the wake of being recalled in tuesday's special election. none of this is a surprise. >> we've been threatened of a maybe even 6 months in toward term because of what we're highlighting, what we're bringing up and what we're challenging and the issue that i'm pointing to is when that comes from people of color, primarily women of color, that is enough of a problem to silence us and how they achieve. that was recall the most controversial school board commissioners, allison collins, her thoughts in the wake of being recalled. i'm concerned that >> there will be folks who will want to roll back some of the work that we've done. it a fact erase the voice. >> a parent and student volunteers who worked really hard over decades to get some of these changes made and all
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of the resolutions that people have cited as, quote, distractions were actually authored by those communities. port commissioner, a little beleaguered decided not to wait to be replaced. he is stepping down now in a statement he writes in part, quote. >> resigning immediately create an opportunity for a new board member to step in at this important moment. quote, as the lead kron, 4 news. >> kron 4 is your local election headquarters. and as we mentioned yesterday, san francisco voters will have an opportunity to reform the recall process when they go to the polls in june. but since the unsuccessful recall of governor newsome last september, there's also talk of reforming the recall process at the state level. but first, dan kerman joins us now live with the details on that. dan. well, they've already been several hearings and lawmakers say we should look for some sort of proposal within the next 4 weeks.
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>> the unsuccessful recall of governor gavin newsome last september became a rallying cry for those who want to reform the state's recall process that we call this past year governor newsome, i think was a scarring of that for for many people. >> they felt it was necessary political hyper political. and in fact, the results showed that the he was that was rejected by the same margin. he won just 3 years earlier. east bay state senator steve glazer chairs the senate committee on elections. he says state lawmakers are looking at several reforms. california is only one of 19 states in america that actually has a we call process for state official and what we have learned is that the barriers to getting on the ballot are very low in california. one of the lowest in terms of signature requirements. so one of the things we're looking at is whether we should raise that smgnature threshold to make it a little bit more difficult. still maintaining the recall, but not making it so easy. another reform legislators are looking at. what have the lieutenant governor take over
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if a recall of a governor was successful? >> and they would get rid of that second ballot of candidates to replace the person being recalled. >> the criticism is this anti democratic element of it. some of the as the clown car second ballot because everybody runs and you hope that, you know, it, you can now strike gold and somehow, you know, become governor with less than a majority because that's rules today. so if you eliminated that second bout and had that position, if it was successful filled in a regular will likely scheduled election, you have a whole robust primary. top 2 runoff. someone is going to get a majority for ship. >> but there are alternatives being floated. an independent state agency called the little hoover commission. he's floating the idea of a snap special election. >> a snap election where the person being recalled would also appear on the candidate's side for the successor election. so they would necessarily be left out or off the ballot as currently is the process.
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>> one thing to keep in mind, whatever reforms come out of the state legislature would also have to be passed by the voters of california live in san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news. thank you, dan. >> it has not rained for more than 40 days in the bay raising concerns. drought conditions are persisting. coming up, an update with local water districts on the reservoir levels said what it is they're asking from customers. plus, a big boa constrictor is on the loose in the east bay. what's being done to capture the house pet? that's been slithering around a popular park and the crisis in ukraine intensifying tonight, president biden warning an attack is imminent. we have the latest from washington ahead. a live
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>> that it's states continues to warn that russia could invade ukraine any day. president biden told reporters today that the threat is now very high. kron four's anna wiernicki joins us up from washington, dc with more and >> good evening. well, today white house officials say there is evidence on the ground that russia is planning an attack. and the president warning that he expects that could happen any day. now.
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>> president joe biden says all signs point to a russian invasion into ukraine within the next several they are. >> all flight operations >> we see and so for secretary of defense, lloyd austin says russia continues to build up its military presence at the ukrainian border, a move he says only points to a pending attack. we see sharp and their >> i am here today not to start a war, but to prevent one u.s.. secretary of state antony blinken addressed the united nations on thursday. >> urging russia to consider a diplomatic resolution. if rush is committed to diplomacy. we're presenting every opportunity for it to demonstrate that commit blinken says he sent a letter to the russian foreign minister proposing they meet next week in europe. nato
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secretary general is also urging russia to back down. it's never too late. >> to de escalate, it's never too late to find political solution. >> and while president biden says their diplomacy is still on the table, he did tell reporters today that he has no plans of calling russian president vladimir putin. for now live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> he's like the ball's in putin's court. anna. so what are u.s. officials saying about what a potential russian attack might actually look like. >> well, we did hear from secretary blinken today who detail the steps that he expects russia to take. he says first, he expects russia to come up with a pretax to possibly a violent event or an outrageous accusation up which they would then respond to. and then he says once they do attack, he expects russia drop bombs and missiles throughout ukraine targeting key cities, including the capital of ukraine. and then he says they expect a cyber attack that
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would cut off communication in that region. and as secretary blinken, i did wrap up by saying that this series of events that could happen at any moment >> all of this, of course, very unnerving. anna wiernicki reporting live for us in washington, dc thank you. enough. earlier today, kron 4 talk to a former ukraine ambassador now at stanford. he says diplomatic negotiations still could help avoid an invasion. >> i think there's still a narrow path for diplomacy. but based what we've heard today from washington, from nato, the russian military is not withdrawing from ukraine and there is a significant concern that, in fact, the russians may be paying for a military assault on ukraine. i very much up way can be found to avert that and that the diplomatic dialogue can can the rest but that things are quite concerning. >> indeed, our streaming app kronon has the full interview on what the former ambassador
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has to say about this very tense situation and what it means for us residents. it is free to download in your app store. now to our drought emergency. the latest u.s. drought monitor map. you see it right here. no change for much of california, the bay area and a lot of other areas continuing to see. >> moderate to extreme drought conditions today. kron 4 s charles clifford checked on the bay area's water supply. >> after a wet start to the water, you're california hasn't seen significant rainfall since december here in the bay area. most reservoirs have benefited from the heavy rains in november and december. but now that conditions have dried out local water districts continue to ask people to save water in the east bay east bay mud. reservoirs are at 69% to full capacity. but the district is still in a stage, one drought and they're asking customers to voluntarily reduce water use by 10% in san francisco. the sfp you sees reservoirs, which includes hatch hatch e
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in yosemite are an average of 74.7%, a full capacity. that's good. but with no rainfall in the forecast up, you see is still asking its customers to save water wherever they can. turning off outdoor irrigation. checking for leaks in the north bay marin counties. reservoirs are at 94.7% of full capacity. and this week, the marin municipal water district actually east its water use restrictions there. customers can now water lawns 2 times per week, but other restrictions remain in place. filling swimming pools and washing cars at home are still prohibited. >> and in the south bay, the santa clara valley water district, 10 rows of northern average of 25.9% a full capacity. but that number is misleading because anderson reservoir the district's largest is undergoing repairs and is nearly empty without anderson included. the 9 remaining reservoirs are at 57% to full capacity. and the water district has set a goal of reducing water use by 15%. and finally, the rainy season doesn't peak until april. hopefully we'll get some more
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rain before them. but for now in san mateo county, charles clifford kron, >> we have hopefully we'll get some more rain outside right now is our 4 zone >> live look from a top mount tam, our camera perched there overlooking the bay. >> yeah, beautiful night. and today was another seasonably warm, mild winter day. it's nice out there. tons of sunshine afternoon. highs today and upper 60's. some places got around 70 in the bay area. almost feel guilty, enjoying it knowing that we do need the rain this time of year. here's the 7 day forecast. high pressure. keeps us dry and seasonably mild through sunday. then you have a cold front that moves in sunday night into monday, bringing with it cooler air. but only a slight slight chance of showers early next week. maybe a little bit of snow in the sierra, but we're hoping that storm would bring rain to the bay. it does not
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>> more bay area news tonight. a new bill wants to require barton. you need to come up with a plan to address harassment of women and other vulnerable population. a state senator from irvine introducing that legislation that would require the state's 10 largest transit districts to recognize street harassment as a safety concern for riders and create solutions based on data. a group stop aap. i hate is sponsoring the measure. they say women of color are common targets of street harassment while walking to and from transit stops waiting in a transit stop and riding public transit. >> in the east bay and adult ball python presumably dumped there by its owner was spotted over the weekend at chabot regional park in oakland park. officials tell kron four's phillipe djegal staff members are on the lookout for the snake. they say they're concerned, especially because the likelihood of its surviving these cold nights. he's slipped. >> east bay regional park district staff members are
6:26 pm
actively looking for a ball python park district spokesperson jennifer via says it appears was left abandoned at anthony chabot regional park in oakland's is not a danger to the community. it's a non-venomous snake they are >> not going to cause any harm to anyone, although we don't recommend anyone approached the snake. if they do see it. a hiker alerted the park district of the adult sized nonnative snakes and a while passing through the big bear trail, the park district and california department of fish and wildlife stress. it is illegal to abandon any animals and it's the snake in the area. >> thinking it could survive. this is a a species of snake that is a custom to warm climates. >> our climate will be very cold for that particular snake. and it's probably. pretty unhappy being abandoned out in our park. the park district says the snake has
6:27 pm
not been seen since it was photographed sunday. the hope is that it has reached some place warm to hide until it is found. it's hard say how long the snakes going make it out. >> we hope that somebody does come across it so that we can rescue a rescue it and helped rehabilitate the reptile in partnership with the oakland zoo. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. still ahead on kron. 4 news at 6 is tonight. the night we're following a pivotal vote to build a new ballpark for the a's and >> keep them rooted in oakland and moving out of the pandemic into an endemic stage will break down. governor newsom's plan. >> with you see infectious disease specialist doctor john disease specialist doctor john schwartzberg. when a truck hit my car, disease specialist doctor john sthe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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let our injury attorneys when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> welcome back. our top story tonight at 6.30, today, governor newsome released his plan for moving out of the pandemic and into an endemic. joining us now live to break it all down is uc berkeley, infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg. doctor, thank you for your time tonight. was this the right move? i think. >> well, let me put it this way. it brought big smile to my face. i i think. i think it was spot in terms what we needed. you know, the governor said we essentially


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