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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 17, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news at >> and now california, the first state in the country to publicly outline a plan to go from pandemic to endemic. we'll talk to a local doctor live with reaction to what's being called a smarter planet. >> police arrest a berkeley unified school district employee. details on the arrest and reaction from officials coming up. >> but we begin in pleasanton where police shot and killed an armed man denied. you're looking at video the scene tense moments leading up to that shooting. good evening. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. this happened in the area and strive and willow road. >> near home depot. and that's
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where we find kron four's taylor bisacky taylor. what do we know tonight? >> well, cap and you'll see police are still out here on scene. many hours later. we actually just saw the coroner's van pull up in that area that you're looking at. that's actually where the suspect fell to the ground after being shot. this all unfolded at the galloway apartments off willow road at the first floor apartment where you see again over in that direction. now pleasanton police say they initially responded to this area around 11, 50 this morning after receiving a call from a victim of a domestic violence incident here at the galilee apartments on willow road. but officers arrived on scene. they say they found a man inside the apartment who refused to come out. police say the suspect eventually came out but left the apartment holding a knife. that's when 2 officers began shooting and the suspect dropped to the ground. a witness who lives here describes those intense moments. >> in april, >> the window and to get into this a supposedly he had the.
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>> the door barricaded. so maybe about a minute into that and he must have barricaded the door and then that's when he walked out and then escalated extremely fast from there been within 10 seconds and they were firing at them. >> now pleasanton police are still out here conducting this investigation and the alameda county district attorney's office is also out here conducting their independent investigation. now, no ids yet on who those officers were that were involved and also no idea on that suspect. but of course, as we continue to learn more information, we'll bring you the very latest for now. we're live in pleasanton taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. thank you, taylor. >> a berkeley unified school district employee has been arrested. this after being accused of what police call suspicious and inappropriate behavior happened outside an elementary school kron four's amanda hari has the story. >> i spoke with several people who live here in the
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neighborhood. some say the even saw the police cars and the arrest go down. but all of them agreed that the situation is disturbing and unfortunate. as biden told us, this man was caught behaving suspiciously outside sylvia mendez elementary school. >> tim wilson was walking his 2 year-old past the school. he also has a 14 year-old within the berkeley unified school district system. he received this email from the district about the situation and feels they're handling it? well, they to the steps you should take anthony orozco, a 61 year-old man from richmond, california, was arrested wednesday on 10 counts of annoying or molesting a victim under 18 years old. and one count of engaging in lewd conduct staff at the elementary school called in his vehicle, circling the school. and it wasn't the first time seeing. >> a vehicle description was reported different case. it
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happened outside that same elementary school about a month ago. officers found the suspect parked in a black lexus on the north side of the school. >> they arrested him and searched his car gloves, hunting, knife. >> and a bundle of the times. perhaps alone. doesn't mean as much. but when you put them all together, those are those are certainly items that can be used to restrain or somehow attack someone. the school district says since the arrest they've learned he is a b usd employee. >> he's currently working at rosa parks elementary school as a custodian. he previously worked at sylvia men debts. the district says he's now on leave and will not work within the district during the investigation. i think it's important to talk about, you know, safety and we live you know which is lovely. but there's kinds of different
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people with all kinds of intentions. the district's email also included list of resources to help parents talk to their children about personal safety officer byron white wants to remind people if you see something, say something. so if you see something that doesn't quite look great. >> certainly a person who's in and around the school. we should not be. we want you to report that immediately. police tell me the suspect has bailed out in berkeley. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> in the east bay l police say they really need help from the public and finding a missing person come on in mcalpin was reported missing on valentine's day. she was in el visiting family members. she is from the los angeles area, but was last seen on the 500 block of kearny street in el serino. she has black 29 years old, 5 foot, 7, about 100, 70 pounds with black hair, brown eyes last seen wearing a black face mask, beijing sweatshirt, black pants and high top nike
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sneakers. anyone with information is being asked to call police. >> story tonight, california has a new plan in the fight against covid-19 governor gavin newsome announcing the state is switching to an endemic approach. he says this means that we'll have a longer term plan and fighting the virus. the governor detail the plan, calling it a smarter plan that focuses on preparing for future up swings. if there are are any in covid cases. >> the state will boost its surveillance of the virus by monitoring waste water to try to detect potential surges. masks at this point will not be required, but the state could bring them back. there's also a plan to boost the state's supply of masks. vaccines and tests. state officials say we at least do have a better understanding of the virus. now. >> we have all come to understand what was not understood the beginning of this crisis, that there is no end date. that there's not a moment. where we declare
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victory. despite so many metaphors that were used during this pandemic, the warm force where we said we will defeat this virus. there was some suggestion that that was a destination. that that was a place when, in fact, we now know it's more of a direction. >> the so-called smart or plan, the letters mean something that stands for shots as and vaccines and boosters awareness, their masks us and their 2 awareness and then the ours for readiness that he is for testing e education are is for our acts or prescriptions used in treating people. >> here at home, a local health expert and business owner says the governor's and demick plan is a step in the right direction. kron four's gayle ong has that part of the story. >> so gets big moment in california for the governor to call this down doctor. monica
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gandhi, an infectious disease doctor at ucsf says after 2 years the state has tools to deal with the pandemic. main tools that we have are actually vaccines and treatments and then what's called and we're going to be doing wastewater surveillance, make sure we don't get out of this good phase of low cases. dude, you know, make sure that we getting very thursday. governor gavin newsome announcing the state's endemic approach to the covid-19 pandemic. the plan focusing on prevention and quick reactions to outbreaks over mandates. >> doctor gandhi, adding businesses and organizations now know the drill when it comes to keeping space is safe. you as a regular kind of person should. >> your life. i feel like here in red that we are still very cautious. but i'm i'm happy that he's going forward with it. i think it's time monique owner of modica and the in mill valley supporting governor newsom's plan. >> in may of 2020 modica had to close her shop. we nonessential businesses had to shutter its doors due to
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shelter-in-place orders, followed by the flip-flopping of health orders driven by the delta and omicron variants been up and down. i mean, i we were really in the middle of it. i was doing curbside at that point. and i had just opened several months before covid moving my store from san francisco tumor. and so >> it looks like a lot of us made it through. i feel like the majority of stores in made it and i'm really looking forward to having a whole new outlook on retail. >> at the state ships to life after covid doctor gandhi cautions if you don't feel well, get tested and we have a medication for you called paxlovid that we have now much more because we need to prevent you from getting sick. >> in the meantime, doctor gandhi as the best way to prevent yourself from getting sick from covid is to get vaccinated and boosted here in mill valley. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> this voters in san francisco decided to recall 3 members of the city school
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board. and tonight we're hearing from 2 of those school board members in a story you'll see only on kron 4 they tell are has it made unit their jobs as educators are far from over? >> i will always stand by our communities who are asking for these changes. i'm not going to stop being here. not going to stop being involved. not goeng to stop advocating san francisco school board, president gabriela lopez and commissioner allison college share their thoughts in the wake of being recalled in tuesday's special election. none of this is a surprise. >> we've been threatened of a recall, maybe even 6 months into our term because of what we're highlighting, what we're bringing that and what we're challenging and the issue that i'm pointing to is when that comes from people of color, primarily women of color, that is enough of a problem to silence us and how they achieve. that was recall the most controversial school
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board commissioners, allison collins, her thoughts in the wake of being recalled. i'm concerned that >> there will be folks who will we want to roll back some of the work that we've done. it a fact erase the voice of parent and student volunteers who worked really hard over decades to get some of these changes. >> they did. and all of the resolutions that people have cited as, quote, distractions were actually authored by those communities. port commissioner, a little beleaguered decided not to wait to be replaced. he is stepping down now in a statement he writes in part, quote. >> resigning immediately create an opportunity for a new board member to step in at this important moment. quote. >> as the lead you court and for news. >> a new york judge is ordering former president donald trump to testify under oath about his business practices. also being ordered to testify. trump's daughter ivanka and donald trump junior
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in december. new york's attorney general issued subpoenas to the trumps after saying there is evidence that trump's company used fraudulent or mislpading values of assets on things like this golf course is some of the buildings to get loans and tax benefits. trump's lawyers are expected to appeal. >> and we're looking clear skies across the bay for tonight, at least to start things off. almost a full moon is cooking. and here we're losing the wind. so little chilly in spots. we'll have a look at forecast and bunny hop into the weekend. also the steps being taken to try to make sure the lunar new year parade happens safely. >> and what the jury saw and heard today in the arbery hate crimes trial.
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>> now to our drought emergency. the latest u.s. drought monitor map show that most of california is still seeing moderate to extreme drought conditions. and today kron four's charles clifford checked on the bay area's water supply. >> after a wet start to the water, you're california hasn't seen significant rainfall since december here in the bay area. most reservoirs have benefited from the heavy rains in november and december. but now that conditions have dried out local water districts continue to ask people to save water in the east bay east bay mud. reservoirs are at 69% of full capacity. but the district is still in a stage, one drought and they're asking customers to voluntarily reduce water use by 10% in san francisco.
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the sfp you sees reservoirs, which includes hatch hatch e in yosemite are an average of 74.7%, a full capacity. that's good. but with no rainfall in the forecast up, you see is still asking its customers to save water wherever they can. turning off outdoor irrigation. checking for leaks in the north bay marin counties. reservoirs are at 94.7% of full capacity. and this week, the marin municipal water district actually east its water use restrictions there. customers can now water lawns 2 times per week, but other restrictions remain in place. filling swimming pools and washing cars at home are still prohibited. >> and in the south bay, the santa clara valley water district, 10 rows of northern average of 25.9% a full capacity. but that number is misleading because anderson reservoir the district's largest is undergoing repairs and is nearly empty without anderson included. the 9 remaining reservoirs are at 57% to full capacity. and the water district has set a goal
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of reducing water use by 15%. and finally, the rainy season doesn't peak until april. hopefully we'll get some more rain before them. but for now in san mateo county, charles clifford kron, >> now to our 4 zone forecast as we take you outside to the golden gate bridge where it is still dry out there and a crime for meteorologists. dave spahr as here, dave, we've kind of thought maybe looking at rain this weekend. we're hoping for it. as we walked into the we're getting this little disturbance overnight. that's a nothing event. and the only thing that kind of hang our hat on is maybe early in the next week. some cosmetic rain for the bay area. >> that looks about at least the mountains might pick up something. it is still dry and clear as we talked about in to break. but overnight. >> some clouds are going to sneak on in and that will become hallmarks for your friday mid 50's around the good chunk of the bay's you can see inland dropping off already. don't forget those clear skies coupled with the dry air in place, temperatures will fall. 43 will try by 11 o'clock by 10. 45 and again, check out the moon. there it
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is. scattered clouds up north. that's going to be our future overnight. so tomorrow morning, starting off with scattered clouds, got a lot of 40's on the board. there. 43 or so inland by midday. still seeing the clouds, austin lake during the day. sometimes they thicken up and thin out another times upper 50 62 around the bay and still seeing plenty of 60's across the big board. although the coast keeping up to the upper 50's. now way upstream. by the end of this weekend, it looks like there's another little chance of some rain trying to deveeop will be get into that coming up in just a bit. >> all right, dave, thank you for that. the pandemic did not just cancel last year's lunar new year parade. studies have shown covid which originated in china and also help fuel violent attacks on asian americans and pacific islanders. that is why there will be more police on patrol for any chinese new year's events. >> kron four's, rob knows but talked to organizers. >> the tiger in the chinese zodiac as a symbol of strength and bravery. those celebrating say that's especially
8:19 pm
important to think about after a year of increased violence, the 1.3 mile lunar new year parade is coming back to san francisco saturday. crews building the floats and preparing for record crowds based on selling out of our retreat i would imagine that this event is going to be very, very popular. william g is in charge of coordinating the bleachers for the city's lunar new year festival and parade. he expects between 30500,000 people will be gathered along sidewalks, watching the floats go by. >> we want to presents a environment that is just going to be fun and safe for everyone. and that is really the whole goal of actually producing and making sure that this event comes back alive this year with an alarming amount of violent attacks against asian-americans. >> the san francisco police department has promised an increased presence during and after the parade. they have consider this. they have thought about this and yet there they're going to kind of be for president and also help more
8:20 pm
>> patrols and things like that so that people can actually get home safely from events as well. gee says the pandemic has a just cause an increase in crimes against asians, but has also impacted tourism in san francisco's chinatown. >> hoping for some normalcy in the new year. there's businesses that just survive the past 2 years. and so we're hoping that this event actually brings tourism back to the city, brings tourism back to china town. jea says in addition to the parade, there's also a photo contest that the public can take part in taking pictures of the 6 tiger sculpture set up around the city until saturday in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. a developing story. testimony continued today in the federal hate crimes trial for the man. >> convicted in the ahmaud arbery murder. jurors heard from police about reports of crime in that neighborhood where he was killed. they saw some graphic autopsy photos today. the arbery family has been in court. they say it was another very emotional day.
8:21 pm
>> the my family to send all this devastating that, you know, it >> a county police officer testified today describing the neighborhood as quiet with a few petty crimes. one man called 911 12 days before arbery's death saying he saw arbery at a house under construction, calling it a burglary in progress, adding that there had been a string of burglaries in the neighborhood. arbery was seen on surveillance video. but the officer who testified says he was not seen taking anything. >> still ahead tonight, at 8 o'clock, the crisis in ukraine is intensifying. president biden is warning an attack is imminent. we'll have the latest after the break.
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now to the rising tensions in ukraine, this is a school in eastern ukraine reportedly damaged by shelling. >> as you can see, smashed windows, a crater in the playground area. there were 30 students and 14 staff members in the building when the shells hit ukrainian government is blaming russia for the attack. meantime, a russian spokesperson says russia is worried about and ongoing exchange of strikes. >> it is happening as president biden is warning the threat of an attack remains very high as he put it while russia is still insisting it
8:25 pm
is pulling troops back. right now, an estimated 150,000 russian troops around ukraine. president putin says he's partially scaled back. some of them. but the u.s. secretary of state tells united nations security council u.s. intelligence indicates pueden would launch an attack, possibly by fabricating a provocation by ukraine. this could be a violent event that. russia will bring on ukraine. >> or an outrageous accusation that russia will level against the ukrainian government. we don't know exactly the formal take. it could be a fabricated so-called terrorist bombing inside russia. >> the military presence at ukraine's border is similar to what russia had back in 2014. one, it annexed crimea that sparked an international outcry and prompted sanctions against russia. >> and coming up next, a big boa constrictor is on the loose in the east bay at last word last seen slithering around a popular park.
8:26 pm
>> and an nfl photographer takes a hard fall at a los angeles rams super bowl celebration. how other people are stepping in to help with her recovery. >> and will you get a health expert to weigh in on the governor's new approach to
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>> our top story tonight at 8.30, today, governor newsom released his plan for moving out of the pandemic and into
8:29 pm
an endemic. and joining us live to share some reaction and what this will mean for people. ucsf, infectious disease specialist. >> doctor peter chin-hong, thanks, peter, for joining us. >> so what is the governor doing right or what is he not doing that? he should be. >> well, i it is generally bundgaard. california is after all the first state to have a plan. some of the elements of the plan the fact we have to be flexible. we are approaching the virus in the next phase of a lot of humility what happened a year ago when we all thought it was the end of the and think some of the principles are the fact that not getting all their eggs in the vaccine. dots get that, of course, is the focus of moving forward. but it's not the only thing that's going to be stockpiles of mass stockpiles of and most interestingly so bringing
8:30 pm
health care workers will help in the hospital is very rapidly if we need it. i think what see is a lot of details are on the to used to, you know, go back into more restrained times there. you know what i love to have seen is some information about this information because i think as a health care worker that is one of the hallmarks of the pandemic as well. >> talk about the difference between a pandemic and endemic and why that distinction matters. >> yes, so they're very careful not to use the endemic, even though use that very commonly and throw it around what they're seeing. and what trying to say is that moving into a new phase on the next because an endemic, if you think about is like and want to there's a background rate of deaths and people getting ill that we kept accept a society. i think with
8:31 pm
more than 2300 deaths per day in the u.s. that we can watch. we may come down out feel a little bit better. but right now i still feel never us. and the second thing you want to miss a beat like influenza is. we can predict will happen and why that is important is because we can prepare with regularity every time something comes like like that. the house in order before the store. >> peter, there's a lot of talk today about how we have a better understanding. i guess we do understand that will have to live with this for a while. but what else are we understanding perhaps that we did not know before? i >> we have a lot going to out to get to help us. i'm most excited about or lesions monoclonal antibodies. that can help people stay well and not going to the hospital if they become positive. the not to sign a lot more about
8:32 pm
infectivity so that that's why in many people we can shorten isolation time when it wasn't the reason why that's important. it's because if you get another syringe. we may not have pronounce an impact on wood for us as we do currently. >> i can ask a long questioo. if you need to grab a drink of water, something doctors >> but been talking a lot today. i know. but so getting the breaking point. and i thank you for bearing with us and i appreciate all the time you've given us into so many the governor brought up some interesting points, comparing california other states. and i just want to get your reaction to that. >> obviously, we've had the most deaths in the country. we are the most populated state by quite a margin. we have almost 40 million people living here. but our death rate is among the especially when you compare us to places that have wide you know, freedoms when it comes to covid restrictions like
8:33 pm
florida and texas and a lot of those states their death rates are much higher than california. how do you think california has done? there's been stumbles along the way. among all the states. but overall, how are we how if we done and how are we doing moving forward? >> i we've months the best states in the country and that's 400,000. that's that is. and that's because really kind in general as the state in concert with science, science and politics will always intertwined in california. they would not on a national level but long in the into the loop. current administration. the second thing is that, you know, i with the science and politics being online, we had a state. strategy. many state didn't necessarily have any strategies. so having a strategy, even though, of course, many of didn't agree with everything at every stage was a vision that we can
8:34 pm
aspire to it. that strategy is super important. when you look at the countries said well, they will countries with a unified strategy. so i think in the pandemic, i think we have to think what california like country because we are more unified and different. when you look at the response and other states. >> all right. doctor peter chin hong, always grateful for your time. so go have a nice hot cup of tea. haha or something. all right. thanks, peter. thanks. got again. all right. time for another look at the forecast we're looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> let's check in with the davis faro's scott, the latest on what's happening outside dave, ken and kathryn. we're having clear skies to start things off. however, later tonight, kind of a week dry front is going to be dropping south, spreading some cloud cover our way throughout the day. tomorrow. so says a future cast for and it happens. all right. at the time we get in the sun up and
8:35 pm
we have to deal with clouds during the day and at their leave and then we go to clear skies overnight. so at least you can check out the stars friday night into saturday. that means a good saturday, though. 46 san francisco clear early this kept clouds begin. 45 oakland, 40 for san jose and we've got mostly clear then becoming variable clouds by dawn. look at temperatures for tonight. given all this 38 delay. whoa. 38 also santa rosa. 39 for bottle. we lost the winds and we still have some clear skies for good chunk of the night. so that's going allow some cooling, all not. and also little bit coming in from the cooler layers of system dropping south. so for tonight, clear early mild scattered clouds late tomorrow, scattered clouds mild in the 60's, but inter weekend saturday, lots of sunshine, a little warmer. noticeably cooler on your sunday as we return to the scattered clouds with the development early into next week of maybe start to see some rain developing. catherine. >> all right, david, we we can help. thanks very much. and nfl photographer fell off a
8:36 pm
stage yesterday was a hard fall was at the end of the rams championship rally in exposition park has right where the la coliseum is. it was all caught on camera, right? there's happens right in front of quarterback matthew stafford and his wife. >> kelly smiley is the photographer. she suffered a fractured spine and her camera equipment was broken. stafford was taking a lot of heat on social media for his reaction to her father. basically, he kind of said, oh, and then turned around and walked away. but today he and his wife, along with the rams announced that they would pay for smiley's medical bills and replace her camera gear. an adult boa constrictor. presumably dumped by its owner, was spotted over the weekend at chabot regional park in oakland park. officials are now looking for the snake and say it might not survive in cold weather kron four's phillipe djegal has the story. >> east bay regional park
8:37 pm
district staff members are actively looking for a ball python park district spokesperson jennifer via says it appears was left abandoned at anthony chabot regional park in oakland's is not a danger to the community. it's a non-venomous snake they are >> not going to cause any harm to anyone, although we don't recommend anyone approached the snake. if they do see it. a hiker alerted the park district of the adult sized nonnative snakes and a while passing through the big bear trail, the park district and california department of fish and wildlife stress. it is illegal to abandon any animals and it's the snake in the area. >> thinking it could survive. this is a a species of snake that is a custom to warm climates. >> our climate will be very cold for that particular snake. and it's probably. pretty unhappy being abandoned out in our park. the park
8:38 pm
district says the snake has not been seen since it was photographed sunday. the hope is that it has reached some place warm to hide until it is found. it's hard say how long the snakes going make it out. >> we hope that somebody does come across it so that we can rescue a rescue it and helped rehabilitate the reptile in partnership with the oakland zoo. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> coming up in arizona, catholic priest accused of performing invalid baptisms. what community members are
8:39 pm
8:40 pm
8:41 pm
>> for a second day of former minneapolis police officer testified about his actions during the arrest that led to george floyd staff, jay alexander keung and 2 other officers are accused of violating floyd's constitutional rights. prosecutors questioned him today about his emergency responder training, young testified that he did not act on an officer suggestion to roll floyd onto his side when he had trouble breathing. he also didn't ask officer derek chauvin to check for a pulse or to try to get them off of floyd's neck. jiang did help subdue floyd during the arrest while chauvin kneeled on floyd's neck for more than 9 minutes, he told the court chauvin was his superior and he was following his lead. the catholic church says that baptisms performed by a priest who served in arizona for 16 years are not presumed to be
8:42 pm
in ballot. >> that priest reportedly used incorrect ward on a subtle but a key component of the sacrament. the diocese of phoenix is estimating that thousands of baptisms were affected by this used by phrasing used by father andre rango. he served in 3 parishes in arizona. he resigned just a couple weeks ago. some of his parishioners say they are sad to see him go. >> this is one of those things around like he truly did not mean it with bad intentions. and i feel like it's one of the things that can be forgiven. >> that problem, though, could lead to some sacraments, including baptism being repeated. coming up, an athlete's worst nightmare playing out on the world stage will have the latest on the 15 year-old russian figure skater at the center of a lot of controversy. >> in sports director is our sports director jason dumas will have an update from the big saint mary's usf game.
8:43 pm
plus, steph curry gives his thoughts on the warriors as a slum
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care coalition, it's so good to see you all! alright! let's brainstorm. any ideas for new members? i'd like to nominate alaska airlines. this neck pillow i'm dating says great things! a caring airline?! wait, those exist?! it says here they were the first airline to switch from plastic bottles to boxed water. they also hire a lot of people from caring professions. i'm seeing former teachers and nurses. it's settled! alaska airlines is officially in the running! round of applause! >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> we have a big college basketball game in the bay area tonight. saint mary's hosting usf 2 of the top teams in the wcc both in the line for a tournament berth. and right now is go out to saint
8:46 pm
mary's in. it's a 59. 52 games, saint mary's late in the 2nd half. like i said, both teams fighting for a spot in the ncaa tournament if the season were to end today, i say they probably will both get in. but usf is really teetering that line. they could be used a win tonight and is looking like a long shot at this point. as soon as that game goes final, we will have full highlights more college hoops cal hosting colorado to that starting quality quantity and one of the best names in college basketball contact ball hit the corner 3 right there. bears with a nice 23 to 14 lead. but colorado chance they turned it up in the 2nd half to bari walker and down man down in 19 points. buff wins 70 to 62 cal host, utah on saturday. all right. to the guys who get paid to play this game. every nba team wants to
8:47 pm
head into the all-star break with some momentum, especially playoff team. >> the warriors, they will be doing that. they head into the break losers of 4 of their last 5 with last night buzzer beating loss to the nuggets being the exclamation point. they slipped 6 and a half games behind the suns in the western conference and now the just a game and a half ahead of the 3rd place grizzlies. but at the end of the day, steph curry says it could be a whole lot worse. >> in a solid position in terms of where we are in the standings. optimism will get a couple guys back. we're a few guys back at some point after the break. and then we've got to figure out what our rotation is going into the playoffs. but i guess overall it's a it's a solid place to be >> and decided i like that green buck ahead, stephanie, where he pulled it off. i'm not sure of i could. now we do have some good warriors news at the think amanda will play
8:48 pm
in the futures game on friday night. he was originally slow of snow from sorry. but he was named an injury replacement for chris duarte. he has scored in double figures in his last 8 games. he is really who bring in most of them as a starter. he's basically a lock to be the most athletic player on the court every night plays. coming we'll be joined in this weekend's all-star festivities. it may want to anderson. he will participate in saturday slam dunk contest. i talked to one mom. she is so excited for her baby boy and for him to put on for his mexican heritage on a national stage. >> now that steph curry and andrew wiggins. start in sunday's main event. the all-star game dream was also selected as a backup. but he won't play as he continues to work his way back from injury. so it will be a fun weekend. it's in cleveland. so might be called. they'll have to pack some winter clothes. but >> like i said, fun weekend. nonetheless, back to you guys.
8:49 pm
thank you, jason. >> the oakland city council is 5 hours into a meeting discussing the next steps and the proposed new stadium for the a's. there are 2 major decisions happening that it would move the project forward. the council is reviewing a 3,000 pages long environmental impact report. >> they have to decide whether the waterfront ballpark of the howard terminal at the port of oakland would meet standards set by the state of california by ensuring safe air quality, reasonable noise levels and limited pollution from construction and traffic. once that is decided they can then vote on community benefits from the potential deal with the a's that would focus on affordable housing among other things. >> now to our winter olympics coverage showed the young russian figure skater kamila valieva fell more than once today and the free skate event and the 15 year-old who is at the center of a doping scandal. reporter washington has the story.
8:50 pm
>> all eyes on the figure skating rink here in beijing. a stunning into what was expected to be a first place finish from 15 year-old russian figure skater kamila valley ava. she seemingly cracked under pressure resulting in uncontrollable crying and obvious anger after a disappointing performance all while she's at the center of a doping scandal investigation. multiple miss calm, those spinning out of tricks and even a couple of falls the finish in 4th place losing her shot at an individual medal at the 2022. winter olympic games. this means there will be a medal ceremony for the women's event. something no one thought was possible after the ioc said they need more time for the doping investigation to be completed. we first learned that kamila tested positive for a banned heart medication that helps blood flow shortly after the figure skating team competitions. since then, the russian olympic committee says this positive result came in late december before the winter olympics and had no impact on enhancing her performance. the russian olympic committee did still finish top 2 in the
8:51 pm
women's free skate. but remember the medal ceremony for the team event will not happen until the investigation is complete. and jayla washington. >> a new poll showing some light on the rise of the lbgtq plus community in this country. in the past decade. the number of americans who identify with that group has doubled according to the gallup poll. 7.1% of americans identify as something other than heterosexual. that is up from 3 and a half percent in 2012, gallup found the rise is being fueled by generation z adults aged 18 to 25 more than one in 5. for 21% of that group say they are lgbtq. plus as a comparison, a little more than 4% of generation x set ages. 42 to 57 say they are not heterosexual. republicans in the florida house of representatives have approved a ban on abortions after 15 weeks.
8:52 pm
>> this is ahead of u.s. supreme court decision which could and abortion rights in the country. the gop controlled house passed the ban after a debate with democrats who say it means an unnecessary burden on women. republicans argue they are protecting the unborn republicans in several state legislatures are moving to put new restrictions on abortion. that's after the supreme court signaled it would uphold a mississippi law prohibiting abortions after 15 weeks. a decision in the case is expected later this year. coming up on the man with alzheimer's is safe. and this is thanks to a 5 year-old boy. >> and join kron four's. we celebrate black history month. pam moore will host our 30 minute special honoring black history. mind body soul. it airs thursday, febru
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>> britney spears is talking now about an invitation she got from some u.s. lawmakers following the battle over her conservatorship. she was invited to meet with members of congress to talk about it. she posted this letter on instagram yesterday. it was dis dated december first 2021. and was signed by east bay congressman eric swalwell and florida representative charlie crist congratulating her on her recent quote, historic victories. they went on to say her journey toward justice will inspire and empower others in the same situation,
8:56 pm
spears just ended a years long battle trying to get out of the conservatorship. that turf was run by her father who made decisions about her life and money for 14 years. hollywood's attempt to transform the famous hollywood sign there and to a celebration of the rams super bowl win. >> you can tell this really didn't work out for a while. it was a temporarily changed to read rams house. but just didn't work. it didn't really wasn't easy to read the outlines of the original sine very much a visible it was put up for yesterday's championship parade in la. it was taken down tonight. >> a simple tweet could earn you a trip to the oscars. movie fans are encouraged to tweet their favorite movie this year and it doesn't even need to be one that's nominated. the winner will be recognized at this year's awards ceremony in the academy will pick 3 fans to win a trip to the show. the fans also get to present and academy award. the voting is from now until march 3rd. and you have to use
8:57 pm
the hashtag oscars fan favorite. >> disneyland has dropped its mask requirement. they did that today saying that visitors who are vaccinated to no longer have to wear masks and most indoor areas, although masks will still be required in certain places, including if you're writing a park shuttle and in first aid areas. >> missing man in arkansas who's suffering from alzheimer's disease was found by a unlikely neighbor. >> i was kind like a little bit exciting and scary at the same time. >> the 5 year-old boy is being called a hero today. gave police the tip that located the missing man. tony joe was missing for hours as darkness in a rain storm was moving in ezekiel told police he saw a man walking through the woods during his school recess. police rushed to the woods and eventually found them and safe and unharmed. officers surprises the keel at his pre
8:58 pm
k class today to honor him. we're saving that man's life. good job as he kill. that wraps up kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour and putting a turning point in the pandemic. >> governor gavin newsom announces the next steps for living with covid here in california. plus. >> a scary scene in an east bay neighborhood. officers opened fire on a man they say was carrying a knife and who was wanted for domestic violence. we have the very latest from the scene and much more coming up on kron. 4 news at night.
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