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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  February 18, 2022 5:00am-6:01am PST

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what we've got. >> you can see out there that we do have clear skies above the day. we are looking at sunshine just yet, but we'll get there. a few passing clouds this morning will give way to increasingly clear skies towards the afternoon. modest light offshore wind today. just enough to help temperatures that the coast climb into the 60's later on today. current temperatures range anywhere from the 30's 40's to the 50's over in pacifica. so it is a chilly start for some livermore, dublin as well as much of the north bay down in the 30's. so make sure you've got those jackets ready to go this morning this afternoon. just enjoy clear skies and to enjoy it a lot because winter returns next week. i'll tell you why in your forecast rain a john. you know, they say sunny days, everybody loves them as you're into. >> and traffic is light at this hour hoping that it stays that way hasn't been the case. all this week, though, if you're heading from the east '% bay right now into the city mason at fremont street exit. 7 minutes for your drive. so
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it's a good time to hit the road. san mateo bridge 80 to one o one 12 minutes as you're heading across towards the peninsula. let's check on things in the south bay. want to one 85 park about 27 minutes and along 6, a doubling down to fremont about 13 for your drive. darya. james, back to you. thank you, right. 5, 0, one. and breaking news from overnight. the oakland city council takes a big step towards building a new ballpark for yeah. they approved the environmental impact report. the final environmental impact report proper. sarah stinson joins us. >> live with this yesterday. we were anticipating this vote. sarah, you're telling us it was critical and looks like it went the way >> of the ballpark supporters. >> extremely critical. and took 8 hours for oakland city council members to certify the final environmental impact report. this paves the way for us to make a binding agreement with the a's to make this ballpark at howard terminal.
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of course, a lot to go from here. but this is the closest we've ever been. so one thing we can say for sure. 6 council members voted yes and 2 voted no. about 400 people spoke during public comment which took hours some people not in favor of the location of the pows proposed project while others saying this would create a ton of jobs and are in favor of it. the 12 billion dollar project includes a stadium seating. 35,000 people, a waterfront stadium there at howard terminal. the project also includes 3,000 housing units nearby hotel, commercial space. and it was very important for them to ensure that affordable housing would be included as well. the plan also has arts venue in the park. mayor libby schaff released her excitement to know she was really hoping for this in a statement saying tonight's action is more than just a milestone. it's a giant leap forward in our shared mission to create a regional destination that gives back our waterfront.
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>> to the public connection, new, vibrant neighborhood to our downtown and provides tens of thousands of good union jobs for our residents. and it does it all while keeping our beloved a's rooted in oakland. last night's vote is the first of 2 on this impact report actually have to do a final vote march 1st. so many steps in this. >> and the president of the a's he tweeted out last night late late last night saying we've got yes vote. this is the another big step, ensuring that this project moves forward. so he's excited as well. we know he really wanted the city council to do this, but we also know he's talking with developers in nevada. so what is the fate of the a's in tale? that's to be determined. that's why we're here to follow it and tell well. >> one step closer. anyway, thank you very much. there. >> a big story also in the east bay, a tense standoff in
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a pleasant, a neighborhood ends and with officers fatally shooting a man. take a look. tense moments as they smashed open the window yesterday to one of the apartments at willow road winds drive. police got a call that it was a domestic of violence event and that's when they showed up. and the man accused of the domestic violence wouldn't come out. police confronted him, but they say he had a knife in his hand and that's when officers opened fire. one witness describes what he saw. >> they were just talking on the loud speaker saying no time to come out, come out and he just wasn't at all. and then that's when they started to break the window down and throw flash bang. and that's when he came out. and that's when they shot at them within
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10 seconds. and they were firing at them. >> pleasanton police have not identified the man who was killed or the officers involved in this shooting. they will continue their investigation and the alameda county da's office is also investigating what happened. >> now to another big story that we're following this morning. there are new efforts to try to reduce the number of traffic deaths across the states and right here in the bay area and especially in san jose. they've already seen more than a dozen traffic related deaths this year. so far, kron four's will tran live there with the latest. will. >> james area at its pace, san jose will shatter last year's number of traffic fatalities. which is why san jose is welcoming this assembly bill that is being proposed that will try to get drivers to slow down. there are many reasons why people get involved in crashes, but they believe the one thread, the biggest thread seems to be speed. san jose already is off
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to a very fast start. at least 16 people have been killed in traffic fatalities. yes, some of them have been outside the crosswalks. others were inside broad daylight in. they were hit all of a sudden and died from their injuries. and that is why this is an alarming thing for san jose. in fact, you remember about a week ago i was here doing this particular story when all of us and even on my shift, there was another traffic fatality that we had to rush to this bill actually will try to put cameras in high volume places in cities like san jose, oakland, san francisco and los angeles. these are not red light cameras, but these are cameras that will be mounted in certain intersections, certain locations that would only take a picture of license plates and then that will be given to the police department so they can issue tickets. take a look at your screen. mayor sam liccardo. he is fully aware of this assembly
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bill, which is 23. 36, he says over the past year in san jose we've seen an alarming rise in traffic fatalities with speeding off and being the cause. the staggering loss of life we see on our streets is preventable tragedy. >> i applaud assembly member lower freemans common sense bill to allow cities like ours to deploy speed safety cameras to save lives and keep our streets safe. now, this assembly bill, guys, it is not meant to generate money. they say it's only going to try to slow down drivers and unlike speeding tickets and other areas where it's a flat fine. and depending how fast you go, it goes up and up. >> this one will work with your income level. so low income families if they're caught speeding, the courts will work with them at a lower rate. and if they can't pay that lower rate. then they'll have payment installments. so this is still working its way through. but the city of san jose police department, they
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are fully supporting this assembly bill. >> back to you. all right. thanks a lot for that update. >> it is 5, 0, 7. let's jump to the east bay now where the chp has announced an arrest in a road rage shooting right near the caldecott tunnel in not only the county, 20 year-old troy nicholson, junior of castro valley is now facing several charges connected with the shooting last september. chp made the arrests thanks to leads from the public and also the use of technology that tracked the car and the accused shooter. one chp officer says that aggressive and angry driving, of course, should be avoided. and if someone is the victim of a road rage, well, here's a few tips. >> try to avoid contact to not respond to any aggression with aggression. if the person if you feel is following you call 911 and make sure not to drive home, try to drive to a safe location with there's a lot of people already in to a nearby police department. >> yeah. as we head into the president's day weekend, freeways are expected to be busy. so there could be some frustration out there. so be
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aware of your surroundings. they say. >> and it is going to be a busy weekend in san francisco because of the lunar new year parade. there are new security measures in place and more police will be on patrol to make sure that everything is safe. kron four's rob nesbitt has the latest. >> the tiger in the chinese zodiac as a symbol of strength and bravery. those celebrating say that's especially important to think about after a year of increased violence, the 1.3 mile lunar new year parade is coming back to san francisco saturday. crews building the floats and preparing for record crowds based on selling out of our retreat i would imagine that this event is going to be very, very popular. william g is in charge of coordinating the bleachers for the city's lunar new year festival and parade. he expects between 30500,000 people will be gathered along sidewalks, watching the floats go by. >> we want to presents a environment that is just going
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to be fun and safe for everyone. and that is really the whole goal of actually producing and making sure that this event comes back live this year with an alarming amount of violent attacks against asian-americans. >> the san francisco police department has promised an increased presence during and after the parade. they have consider this. they have thought about this and yet there they're going to kind of the 4 presidents and also help more >> patrols and things like that so that people can actually get home safely from the events as well. gee says the pandemic has a just cause an increase in crimes against asians, but has also impacted tourism in san francisco's chinatown. >> hoping for some normalcy in the new year. there's businesses that just survive the past 2 years. and so we're hoping that this event actually brings tourism back to the city, brings tourism back to china town. jea says in addition to the parade, there's also a photo contest that the public can take part in taking pictures of the 6 tiger sculpture set up around the city until saturday.
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>> in san francisco, i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. it is 5.10, and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, a school custodian in berkeley is accused of lewd acts outside of an elementary school. >> the suspicious items police say they found in his car. plus, governor newsome unveiling the state's new strategy as we move forward into an endemic phase of this. a coronavirus. we're going to have reaction from local doctors and the crisis in ukraine is now intensifying. president biden warning attack is still imminent. we'll have the very latest from dc. >> and nice clear skies to be expected later on today after a few passing clouds this morning, temperatures rise into the upper 60's. even a couple of low 70's. i'm talking cooler and wetter weather around the corner, though. still ahead. >> and traffic on the roadways right now at this hour is pretty light. will it stay this way? we'll a look at your traffic this morning. that will be when we get back from break.
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>> 5.14, drought update. most of the bay area's reservoirs benefited from the rain that we got. so that's a good thing. we've got some heavy rain will host a while ago, though, that was in november, december. so when they kind of survey they're continuing to look and ask you conserve. but they are saying, you know,
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that we did get a little some, which is better than nothing. east bay mud, reservoirs. are at 69% of capacity. the district is still asking customers reduce water usage if you can buy 10% in san francisco. the reservoirs include the hetch hetchy in yosemite. there are around 75% capacity and in the north bay, britain county reservoirs are at 95% capacity is where they've loosened a their u.s. directions. and then in the south bay, santa clara valley, water district, 10 reservoirs wow, an average of 26%. that's not good. no. so clearly we need more rain. but >> doesn't look like we're going to get much of it. we've got john in the weather center. he's taking a look at the drought. then what future sprinkles may be on the horizon morning, john. yeah, i think has had she's going to benefit more than anything or sf gets its water because that's up in the sierra. >> we've got our better chance of precipitation. the bay area likely keeping this dry trend going for a little bit longer.
5:16 am
of october and december really helped us out as far as the drought is concerned. but we really only made halfway there. latest drought monitor probably not showing a whole lot of change, which is actually good news because at this point, without all that rainfall, we are worried that we'd see conditions slipping deeper and deeper into drought. right now, it's kind of a holding pattern and we're just holding our breath, hoping that march does come through for us. as for today, another dry one ahead. we do have partly cloudy skies to start the morning, but skies will grow increasingly clear. come the afternoon. if we can't get the rainfall that we can't do anything about that, you might as well. just enjoy the nice weather that we do have in today is going to bring a lot more of that calmer winds. and yesterday, just a modest offshore wind enough to warm things up near the coastline and we will have a return of wintery weather next week. that means enjoy are nice and mild conditions today. this storm system will again skirt to the east of the bay area resulting in snow in the sierra on over into the rockies. all drought stricken
5:17 am
areas. so this is all really good news here. we're just not getting so much of that rainfall here in the bay area. just a chance of a few light sprinkles into tuesday, which may be just barely enough to break our dry streak, but not really enough to make much of an impact beyond that. as for temperatures that will be 60's to barely low 70's for your daytime highs today. pretty familiar numbers here because we've been sitting with these temperatures the past couple of days now, upper 60's on the peninsula along the bay shore and san jose and campbell, our 2 warmest spots at 70 degrees today mid to upper 60's across the east bay freemont at 68 oakland on up to richmond down to san leandro at 67. the late hope, aneesh, over to pittsburg ups, a vacaville each at 66 getting your lookahead next 7 days start to cool down after tomorrow. so today and tomorrow are mild clear days sunday, you'll see some more cloud cover and cooler temperature and monday and tuesday, only in the upper 50's with that best chance of a few sprinkles on tuesday in
5:18 am
the bay snowfall in the sierra both monday and tuesday. reyna. john, thank you for that. all let's check on your friday traffic for you. >> hitting the road right now. will traffic is light. no major delays or issues out there. 7 minutes as you're heading from the maze. 2 that free mask to exit. also crockett down towards the maze. a little under 15 minutes for your drive. san mateo bridge, 81 to one about 12 minutes for you. there. traveling at a richmond across the war, sandra fell about 7 minutes and the south bay. let's check on conditions along one. 0, one. 85 to menlo park about 27 minutes. no accidents along 17 or 82. and here dublin to fremont was traveling from 6.80, down to 2.62, a little under 14 minutes. james, thank you very much. rain out. >> 5.18, is the time former vice president mike pence spoke at stanford university and defended his actions during the january 6th attack on the capitol. pence was at stanford to speak to him and speak at an event and it was
5:19 am
entitled how to save america from the woke left. he spent most of his speech slamming the policies of the current administration. after his speech he was asked about his actions on january 6. constitution was quite clear on that. tragic day in january. i knew it. my duty was. i kept my oath. even though her. we move the nation forward. and i don't know if the president i'll ever see eye to eye on that. i really don't. but >> i will always be proud of the record. the president, donald trump and i created for the american people. >> pence also referenced the recent recall of 3 progressive members of the san francisco school board saying that that vote has sent shockwaves across the country. >> top u.s. officials are issuing some of the most detailed warnings yet about russia may attack ukraine in the coming days seems to be a daily waiting game. jessi tenure joins us live once again from dc with the update this morning. s e.
5:20 am
>> good morning, james and these leaders are essentially exposing russia's playbook on the world stage to a signal to president putin that they know what he's going to do next. and he should stand down while there's still time. >> not to start a war, but to prevent one secretary of state antony blinken laid out what russia will likely do in the coming days starting with a pretext for an invasion into ukraine. this could be a violent event that. >> russia will rayman ukraine or an outrageous accusation that russia will level against the ukrainian government. blinken told diplomats at the un security council to watch for false claims like a terrorist bombing states drone strike or chemical weapons attack. then blinken said real military action will begin. russian missiles and bombs will drop across ukraine. communications will be jammed. cyber attacks will shut down key ukrainian institutions. blinken stressed the more than
5:21 am
250,000 troops along the border will move in on key targets, including ukraine's capital. russia still insists it has no plans to invade. i was a soldier myself, not that ago. >> i know firsthand that you don't do these sort of things. >> for no reason following defense secretary lloyd austin is meeting with his nato counterparts. a senior defense officials said the allies want to continue diplomatic efforts with russia but are not optimistic. president joe biden maintains the option is still on the table is the pastor is away. >> and president biden says he will not be calling president putin again, but he will be having a conversation later today with other world leaders about the latest deterrence and diplomacy efforts. lincoln, though, does plan to meet with his russian counterpart next week live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> thank you, jesse. it's 5.21. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news. watch
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your step. a regional park in oakland will tell you why you see that snake. not what you'd normally see in this area.
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in new york city, ♪ ♪ there's always something new to discover. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ come be a part of it. plan your next vacation at >> what is an adult ball python doing in the east bay? good how that anthony chabot
5:25 am
regional park people right park officials think it was abandoned and they're worried it might not survive the cold weather we across forcefully to go with a closer look. >> east bay regional park district staff members are actively looking for a ball python park district spokesperson jennifer via says it appears was left abandoned at anthony chabot regional park in oakland's is not a danger to the community. it's a non-venomous snake they are >> not going to cause any harm to anyone, although we don't recommend anyone approached the snake. if they do see it. a hiker alerted the park district of the adult sized nonnative snakes and a while passing through the big bear trail, the park district and california department of fish and wildlife stress. it is illegal to abandon any animals and it's the snake in the area. >> thinking it could survive. this is a a species of snake that is a custom to warm
5:26 am
climates. >> our climate will be very cold for that particular snake. and it's probably. pretty unhappy being abandoned out in our park. the park district says the snake has not been seen since it was photographed sunday. the hope is that it has reached some place warm to hide until it is found. it's hard say how long the snakes going make it out. >> we hope that somebody does come across it so that we can rescue a rescue it and helped rehabilitate the reptile in partnership with the oakland zoo. >> phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> and just to have all almost up on us. but it's going to cost you come if you're headed out on the road at live with a look at the latest gas prices, the break.
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>> okay. i wasn't freaked out by the big snake. but the torrential is because we got talking about what's at mount diablo. right now he's an don't know that they had won. you the heck out of me. yeah. late summer fall. i don't want to. that's when the mountain starts to move. move a little bit did not. okay. i don't want to see any spider that i can't step on like that's like that's like a mouse that flits fighter that can grab your
5:30 am
like toss it away for big i'm never going to hike again. haha. it's fine. nobody's really been that we've got just the west, they're hairy. >> they are other little little creepy. like the most docile, though, is they don't come at new leash his people that pad, yeah. but they are key. it is definitely not a creepy morning. it's just nice and clear out there this morning. no fog, a little bit of cloud cover passing overhead. >> but no rainfall from this just yet. we do have a chance of some sprinkles. next week, though. so talk about still to come. a nice light. offshore winds. just a nice complement to what will be a really comfortable afternoon. current temperatures are in the 30's 40's or 50's specific and san francisco are mild spots at 50 degrees. oakland in valais help egypt. 41 ball livermore, dublin and much of the north bay flirting with freezing in some spots like fairfield that
5:31 am
37 degrees. 33 degrees rate to brought some warmer clothes to change into after work today. >> hey, the roads are nice and live for us. that's really the great news of this friday, the gift of friday for us at 5.30, 18 minutes heading from 37 to the tolls as you're using the golden gate bridge this morning. let's check on the bay bridge. makes that free much tx about 8 for your drive. their check on the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. a little under 12 and here in the south bay. if you are taking to 80 in your head in from war, one to cupertino, 85 about 10 minutes started. james, back to you. thank you, ray 5.31, a big story. lot of people going to hit the roads and at gas prices high just in time. coincidence? not going to be all that cheap. >> when you drive. >> in we've got new averages. new average highs across the state and even here in the bay area, they've been creeping up crawford's camila barco joining us live with the latest numbers. that left your apartment. how many months? 6 months you haven't had to fill
5:32 am
up. >> well, i have a little if you want. i haven't my heart. want our and i love my car. so i'm preparing myself other people christ and he needs to go according to triple a california's average gas price is $4 and set $0.3. and that's well above the nation's average, which is $3 and 50. we just here's a closer look at gas prices. city by city and san francisco looking at around $4 and $0.89 per gallon. gas prices up more like in sandra fell are averaging at $4 and 80's and cents. >> and if you go down to the south and east bay, you'll save yourself a few pennies. it's about $4 and $0.79 in oakland and san jose now and they said those numbers keep going up because according to
5:33 am
triple a california passed all new average gas prices. here's a comparison about a month ago. you can get you can fill up your car with $4 and $0.50 per gallon. >> if you used regular gas now it's about but all were more excuse me out 2030, cents more. now, if you're out on the roads this holiday weekend, prepare your wallet because it's going to cost at the pump. if you're headed out to talk about this weekend, that again, the best time to leave excuse me is at 10:00am and anything after that. >> we'll start. you can see delays and darren james ice one of our producers are he told me that before these gas prices skyrocketed, he was spending 30 to 35 dollars to fill up his tank and now he's averaging between 45 to $50 to fill up his tank. so and you think using it? i'm going to expand its for many others.
5:34 am
well. >> she's actually fill out. i filled up a couple days ago. 88 bucks. getting high. thank you. camila 5.33. right now. and california has a new plan to fight covid-19 governor newsome announcing the state switching to an endemic approach. yeah, this is all good news. he says this means that a longer term plan is now in place to fight the virus. he detail that yesterday. here's video of it. he's calling it a smarter plan. it's an acronym. >> it focuses on preparing for any future of swings in covid cases. the state says it's going to boost its surveillance of the virus by monitoring wastewater to trying to detect any potential surges masks at this point will be required. but the state says it could always bring them back. so it's going to reserve that power. there's also a plan to boost the state's supply of things like masks and vaccines and tests. state officials say that we at least have a better understanding now of the virus. >> all come to understand what was not understood the
5:35 am
beginning of this crisis, that there is no end date. that there's not a moment. where we declare victory. despite so many metaphors that were used during this pandemic, the warm force where we said we will defeat this virus. there was some suggestion that that was a destination. that that was a place when, in fact, we now know it's more of a direction. >> all right. ivan has to i i have to spell this out. yes, for you because this is the longest. you're going to remember a 7 word saying that smarter planner redder shots. asks awareness, readiness, testing, education, and then you can't below the little icon. but a son are for rx. so prescriptions get it so pharmacies and stuff i'll never remember that. but i like smarter. that's good. ucsf infectious disease expert doctor monica gandhi says the governor's plan is a step in
5:36 am
the right direction. she says after 2 years the state has all the tools now to move forward with that plan. >> you as a regular kind of person should your life if you don't feel well, get tested and we have a medication for you called paxlovid that we have now much more because we need to prevent you from getting sick and we're going to be doing wastewater surveillance. make sure we don't get out of this good phase of low cases. dude, you know, make sure that we don't get any very. >> okay, everybody. here's the quiz. remember what smarter stands for you hear is what they're going to do next. the ex plo plan. you can remember that super calla fragile list. iq x, bla doses. plan for health. it >> 5.36 is the time right now. and we are talking about schools, too. berkeley unified school district is now accused of what police are calling a suspicious and inappropriate behavior outside of an elementary school. police have arrested. 61 year-old anthony rosco. there's his mug shot is
5:37 am
from richmond and he's facing now 10 counts of annoying or molesting a victim under 18 years old and one count of engaging in lewd conduct. he was arrested outside sylvia mendez elementary school after school staff called in his car. they sought circling. police found a number of suspicious items inside that vehicle when they pulled him over gloves, hunting, knife. >> and a bundle of the times. preps alone. doesn't mean as much. but when you put them all together, those are those are certainly items that can be used to restrain or somehow attack someone. >> and that's disturbing. police say the suspect has been released on bail at the time of his arrest. he was a custodian at rosa parks elementary school and previously worked at sylvia mendez. but school district officials say that he is no longer an employee. >> time now is 5.37. and and
5:38 am
>> still ahead, a bay area skier makes history at the winter olympics. we're going to have a live update from beijing. and the warriors now have a good all-star break because they needed after this bad stretch of games. we're going to hear from the team. he would step has to say about playing better and we will have a partly cloudy start to the day, but a sunshiny finish to it as guys grow clear into the afternoon. >> daytime highs mostly back into the sixties today. i've got your forecast. >> john, looking forward to that sunshine there and also to friday life. that's what we're experiencing at this hour. we'll give you a look at drive when we get back. ♪ ♪ what's cooking at lowe's? how about saving up to $500 on eligible kitchen appliances, like the instaview fridge that lets you knock to see what's inside while keeping things chill, or the lg air fry oven. find the prices you like every day with lowe's price promise.
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>> 5.41 right now the warriors are now in the all-star, bring men. their goal, of course, is to come out of it healthier and winning. they've been hurt on defense without stars like draymond green and kevon looney. so the warriors went into the break with a lot. the last like for the last 5 games. >> the few games that were losses of less than 5 he says that they're close despite the poor defensive effort lately, the warriors are still in second place in the west behind the suns. and steph curry says that, but it could have been a whole lot >> in a solid position in terms of where we are in the
5:42 am
standings. optimism will get a couple guys back. we're a few guys back. at some point after the break. and then we've got to figure out what our rotation is going into the playoffs. but i guess overall it's a it's a solid place to be. >> yeah, you know what makes it worse? yeah. i don't make it worse. us running the darned the highlights of them meantime, gold states all-stars are now in cleveland and the race for the all-star weekend. jonathan comingup land. then the futures game tonight, rising player steph curry and andrew wiggins starting in the all-star game on sunday, on also selected as backup. he can't play, though, because he's continue to work its way back from injury. >> 9 5.42. we'll be right back.
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no matter their rank or when they were in. a marine just out of boot camp or a petty officer from '73 and even his kids and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their eligible family members. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. >> all right. let's talk olympics and it's fun to cheer for somebody from the bay area all the way in beijing, though they may be skiing for another country, but that's fine. i would local favorite. they're all cheering on. so let's get the latest update. andrew martin joining us as he has been all week and last week as well from beijing. good morning, andrew. >> good morning, james and darya. see daria. i thought we were going to go right to curling. a thought to have liner that you're going to just let me right away. we're going your say that. well, i
5:46 am
care about eileen gu more than i care about curly, but i know you guys are. that's about it. after that. >> we'll get to in a second. james and i bonded over eileen gu won another gold medal. but guys, it's not for team usa. that's the big controversy here. it's not that she's not talented. she's incredibly talented. she is now the first freestyle skier to win 3 medals at a single olympics. she won gold in big bear. she won silver in slopestyle. another goal. this one in the halfpipe. and by the way, guys, i've got my notes here in front because i want to make sure i get it correct. lean and she did a back-to-back alyiu flat spin and she basically locked up the golden. her second attempt. the score of 95.2, 5, no american woman, middle of it all. eileen gu wins gold. and so that's the controversy is she's from san francisco. but yet she's competing for china. that's fine. that's fine. and apparently it's ok because she likes up. you public sandoval last time i saw those had for pe all
5:47 am
right. go to your curling j. yes. so we have. >> the bronze, right? that's the best they can do. but is it gets underway today. >> is this just a stalking? dar is going to sit this one out. second, james is using art. she's already back on our computer because she absolutely boards are. but i love it here. let me scroll haha. she she might she might be plotting some revenge for the next time. we're going to talking about an hour. >> yes, so the curling team doesn't get a medal at the beijing olympics, which is really shocking, considering that they kind of had to fight to get into the semifinals. they actually led 5, 4 after 6 ends against canada, but they lost 85, you know, you can't really place it on one individual, although the skip john schuster is the one who took the blame for it. but yeah, james, i don't know what happened here. this team was writing such a high 4 years ago after winning gold in coming into these, you know,
5:48 am
into these olympics, the expectation with 3 of the 4 returning players for turning athletes from 4 years ago. they may not have one goal, but they certainly would have at least played for gold. at least that's what i thought. and now they're leaving without a medal. so no metal here at the beijing olympics for the u.s. men's curling well, it just makes for a better story, i guess in 4 years when they have to come back in. >> all right. when it all i'm hoping i was more a captivated by the luscious hair. i have players were strong kid can i like you're talking about. matt hamilton with his locks down his shoulders. he grew his hair out from the last 4 years. i like it. ok, can you give us an update on the russian feel because the ioc, i guess, is weighing in him. yes. so we finally heard from ioc president thomas bach about the whole situation and guys really strong words. he called her performance disturbed, very disturbed and he talked about the pressure
5:49 am
on a 15 year-old. he also addressed the doping situation. the allegations there, obviously the the ongoing investigation. >> he referred to it as saying, quote, doping very rarely happens alone by the athletes. that's a direct quote from ioc president thomas bach. and so there's going to be some repercussions. obviously, this is a never ending story. appears to be. he also had strong words for her entourage, commenting on how cold they were towards her and cold not being the temperature of the ice, just their their emotional reaction to the way that she perform badly on the ice and how they just kind of, you know, gave her the cold shoulder in. so yeah, ioc president thomas bach did not shy away from saying exactly what was on his mind regarding this whole valley of the situation. all right. interesting. okay. andrew. informative, entertaining as always. thank on a couple hours. >> again, drew. >> last hit, right? today's
5:50 am
last 8 were busy. i know it's to our half or so. >> yeah, so we'll be chatting with him here in a bit. let's get over to the weather center. we've got john standing by. we've got our forecast on friday. john has a look. and it's looking good guys, keeping the nice mood trend going through the tail end of the week. we started it brisk with some windy and cool conditions. but >> temperatures have gradually warmed up and winds have gradually come down. and today the peak of nice warm temperatures and calmer winds. you can see out there that the east bay is looking nice and clear. we do have cloud cover sitting well above us. so no resulting visibility issues this morning. no fog whatsoever. just a few passing, partly cloudy skies this morning by the afternoon skies clear out more and more will get brighter and brighter skios towards the tail end of the day and those calm offshore winds are really only going help to benefit us, bringing some warmer temperatures out to the coastline in a really comfortable day ahead. do enjoy today and tomorrow, our warmest and most mild of the forecast because next week, another wintry system drops in
5:51 am
to the west coast. this impacting the sierra nevada on monday and tuesday with some snowfall. the great basin into the central rockies. also seeing that bay area, though, again, we're too far west to be tapping into much from this. just a chance to maybe a sprinkle or 2 on tuesday looking like we aren't going to see much of an impact at all from this one. but the sierra we'll be seeing snow. and that is definitely good news. as for temperatures today, it's all about the 60's across the bay. whether you're at the coast right along the bay shore or a little bit further inland, most of us will be sharing that same range of numbers. san jose and campbell, some of are exceptions and the warmer side of things at 70 degrees for your highs today. fremont at 68 while oakland at 67 north bay. temperatures also joining us in the mid to upper 60's today. getting your lookahead today and tomorrow. the warmest of your forecast sunday. we cool down a little bit with partly cloudy skies ahead of that storm system monday into tuesday is when we'll see snow in the sierra
5:52 am
nevada and a chance of a sprinkle or 2 on into tuesday for the bay highs only in the 50's to start next week. rain great looking week next week. i'm excited to get outside this weekend. >> if you're traveling this morning, no major hot spots. so you have no problems out there this morning. still always good to give yourself a little extra time. the bay bridge, 8 minutes mace that fema street exit. so no delays are major problems out of richmond across towards sandra fell. you're looking at a 8 minute commute for you at this hour along 5 81, 80 crockett down towards the may 16 minutes. you can also see a lot 5, a tz renee 80. i don't see any accidents. traffic is free-flowing san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula about a 12 minute drive for you. there highway for traveling towards conquered. about 15 minutes and 6.80, dublin to fremont to 62. about 13 minutes for your drive will be right back with more news after the break.
5:53 am
th le eczema,
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5:55 am
>> 5.55, and take a look at this in arizona. dodgers getting the opportunity to live the designer life designer doggie micah, i want to move into that. this is ridiculous. i love the architecture move now. >> is there something wrong with sleeping on a for bed like that? like if i were a dog, i might sit like feels creepy to me. look at midcentury i want to see. yeah, okay. so i have look
5:56 am
like that. that's nice. and it gets a good vibe. those are real tiny houses, you know, tiny houses for people. these are super tiny, very plush. i love it. it's adorable. oh, my gosh. i love it. start our pups. you like love their mission, what they do and we left the opportunity to design and build a house. it's great to have something that you actually have. >> built. and just knowing this going to help no bunch of animals out there that really need the help. okay. i love my dogs are watching this. you know, what is the one you built like the backyard that you bill? >> you'll get nothing and you like it. i guess. >> all right. we'll take a break here at 5.56. coming up in the next hour, the oakland city council approving environmental reviews of the proposed a's ballpark. we are one step closer to seeing that they become real morning minute. plus speed cameras being proposed for 3 bay area cities to help reduce roadway deaths will tell you what you need to know in a live report
5:57 am
and a fatal police shooting in pleasanton. police are seen breaking into a home to get to a suspect. we'll have that stery coming up next hour.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning and thanks for joining us on a friday. i'm sorry and i'm james fletcher. we've got john reyna standing by with weather and traffic. here is we're getting the 06:00am hour started off.
6:00 am
started off. what it? it's not even a. >> what is ok? starting off started off on the right foot. but what if the dogs are watching when i mean, you know, in those fancy dog house as well. we've got all the dogs right now. hopefully with that story again later. those are pretty if you missed it, stick around. we're trying to work that back in some point in in the meantime, if skylights and those they could look up and see the skies are. >> pretty clear. it like out there, john? it's yeah, it would be a great morning to have a skylight, your dog house or your human it's just a great morning to get outside to because it's going to be a beautiful day ahead. looking at the pier, you can see there is a modest when they're at the coastline. >> nothing that's blowing the flag around too much. partly cloudy to start, but you can still see some of the stars. if you're looking at the horizon, skies will be less and less cloudy through the day and actually pretty calm for most of us right now. today will come along with the relatively calm, offshore wind, which is going to be justin up to warm things up to the rest of the bay area's standards right along the coastline. so w


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