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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  February 18, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PST

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morning. john, let's start with you. has it looking out there that's looking beautiful. we've got calm, wind, sunshine. it's a little chilly still, but temperatures will rise quickly under all these clear skies. do just a few clouds making their way across the bay area this morning. nothing that's blocking out the brightness nor the blue to a lot of those views. we are seeing calm winds from the interior out towards the coast that will help to warmer coastal areas up into the afternoon already actually pretty warm and pacific as well as alameda or 2 spots in the 50's right now. in the meantime, morgan hill, dublin and much of the north bay is still in the 30's, fairfield, notably the coldest spot at 34 degrees jackets on this morning. and this afternoon that a little bit of sunscreen as i hope you enjoy it under all that sun rain. john, thank you for we're starting to get busy out there. we do have a hot spot this morning. this is actually up in napa. >> so highway 2 to one southbound south of one to one. there and napa, all lanes are blocked because of some
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police activity out there. so they're asking people to avoid the area. it looks like earlier in the morning they were dealing with the wrong way. driver in this area. so they've got that area shut down. 29 12 would be good options if you're trying to get around the area down in mountain view, another accident and delays northbound. 1, one north and north rents trough. so 2.80, maybe that alternate for you. if you still need to travel along there heading into the city, no issues. 12 minutes to that. fremont street exit from the maze heading across towards the peninsula. you're looking at 13 for your drive and we'll start you off with the richmond. sandra fell bridge post a one o one 12 minutes. tara james, back to you. thank you. ray 81 in breaking news from overnight. the oakland city council took a big step towards being able to build a new ballpark for the a's. yeah, they approved the final impact. environmental impact report. >> kron 4 sarah stinson is live for us this morning with what this means that going forward because this isn't it's not over yet. >> it certainly is not over
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yet, but we have to take each big step with some gratefulness. and, you know, just some hope. we've got to take hope from somewhere right? and this is a big one. you could not have a binding agreement with the team for the howard terminal ballpark without this environmental impact report. so after 8 hours, the oakland city council, they did vote to certify this report, huge step. even the president of the team said he's excited that this huge step. >> happened in that they're one step closer securing a new ballpark at howard terminal. this waterfront project definitely a big one. it is a 12 billion dollar project in last night, 6 council members voted yes to voted no. and about 400 people spoke during public comment. that's why it took so long. some people not in favor of the location of the proposed project will other saying this would create
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a ton of jobs. the project includes 3,000 housing units nearby hotel, commercial space in affordable housing and even includes art venue and 18 acre park, of course, including the stadium as well, which seats. 35,000 people, mayor libby shaft has not been shy about her excitement for this project, putting in a statement saying tonight's action is more than just a milestone. it's a giant leap forward in our shared mission to create a regional destination that gives back or waterfront to the public vibrant neighborhood or downtown and provides tens of thousands of good union jobs for our residents. and it does it all while keeping our beloved is rooted in oakland. >> last night vote is one of 2 on this. they're actually going to make the final vote on the environmental impact report on march first. so just a ton of steps in this process. but this is certainly a big one. and we got to see. >> where the city council
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leans on this. 62 pretty good odds. and we know that the team, though, is talking to developers and leaders in nevada. so we're not the only ones in this race, but i will say last night's vote, it does appear that we are potentially winning the race. so darya james will take this and we will remain hopeful that the a's stay rooted in oakland. >> back to you. ok? the faith absolutely. thank you, sarah. >> also in the east bay, that was tense standoff in pleasanton and it ended with officers fatally shooting a man. take a look. you can see them breaking a window on the side of the apartment here. that was yesterday. and this is on willow road and owens drive police worse first called there because of a domestic violence incident. and when they got there, they say that the man would not come out and they ended up confronting him and they say
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he had a knife in his hand. and that's when officers opened fire. one witness describes what he saw. >> they were just talking on the loud speaker saying no time to come out, come out and he just wasn't at all. and then that's when they started to break the window down and throw flash bang. >> and that's when he came out. and that's when they within 10 seconds and they were firing at them. >> pleasanton police have not identified the man and the confrontation or the officers involved. they're continuing to investigate that fatal shooting. and the alameda county district attorney's office is also investigating what happened. >> also following another big story this morning, a new efforts underway right now to try to reduce the number of traffic deaths that we've seen across the state. and we certainly reported on here in the bay area, so many in san jose already more than a dozen traffic fatalities there. so far kron four's will tran is live in san jose with what is going to be done about this. well.
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>> they want to put in that her and sta get people to slow down. so we all according to studies when we see a camera, it forces us to slow down. and if we don't, we will get a ticket. you can see the streets right behind me. yes, there are many reasons why accidents happen. but according to studies, they believe. >> speeding is the factor, which is why they want to push this through. >> its assembly bill. 23, 36 and perhaps no other place in california needs it more than san jose because it's off to a horrific start. at least 16 traffic fatalities so far this year at a shattering pace. i mean, the way it's going now james and area last year will seem very pedestrian, pun intended compared to this year
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has been trying to get drivers to slow down in the streets of san for an excuse me streets of san jose. a lot safer. this is what he had to tell us. he said over the past year and san jose, we've seen an alarming rise in traffic fatalities with speeding often being the cause. the staggering loss of life we see in our streets is preventable tragedy. i applaud assembly member laura friedman's commonsense bill to allow cities like ours. the deployed speed safety cameras to save lives and keep our streets safe. now, unlike other traditional speeding tickets were the jumping off point is $238 could be a lot more depending on how fast you go in this particular case, they will work with those based on your income. if you're a family making less than $54,000, it will be change so you can afford it. they have installment plans and your ticket if you're going 11 miles over the speed limit, guys, get this. your ticket
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starts off at $50. so they're saying they're not trying to raise revenue, but the slow drivers down. all right. thanks a lot for the update. will. >> over in the east bay, the chp is also announced an arrest in a road rage shooting right near the caldecott tunnel in alameda county, 20 year-old troy nicholson, junior of castro valley is now facing several charges connected to a shooting that happened last september. the chp making that arrest thanks to leads from the public and technology that allow them to track the car that was used. once you get the officer says that aggressive and angry driving, the obviously should be avoided. if you do find yourself a victim of road rage. we have a few tips for you. >> try to avoid contact to not respond to any aggression with aggression. if the person if you feel is following you call 911 and make sure not to drive home, trying to drive to a safe location with there's a lot of people or even to a nearby police department. >> as we head into the weekend. they know the
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freeways are going to be pretty jammed. and tempers may flare. so be aware of your surroundings and protect yourself. >> it's going to be busy in san francisco this weekend because there is the lunar new year parade and organizers are ready. they have new security measures in place and there be more police on patrol to make sure it's a fun and safe event. kron four's rob nesbitt has the details. >> the tiger in the chinese zodiac as a symbol of strength and bravery. those celebrating say that's especially important to think about after a year of increased violence, the 1.3 mile lunar new year parade is coming back to san francisco saturday. crews building the floats and preparing for record crowds based on selling out of our retreat i would imagine that this event is going to be very, very popular. william g is in charge of coordinating the bleachers for the city's lunar new year festival and parade. he expects between 30500,000 people will be gathered along sidewalks, watching the floats go by. >> we want to
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>> presents a environment that is just going to be fun and safe for everyone. and that is really the whole goal of actually producing and making sure that this event comes back alive this year with an alarming amount of violent attacks against asian-americans. >> the san francisco police department has promised an increased presence during and after the parade. they have consider that they have thought about this. and there they're going to kind of be for president and also have more >> patrols and things like that so that people can actually get home safely from the events as well. gee says the pandemic has a just cause an increase in crimes against asians, but has also impacted tourism in san francisco's chinatown. >> hoping for some normalcy in the new year. there's businesses that just survive the past 2 years. and so. >> we're hoping that this event actually brings tourism back to the city, brings tourism back to china town. jea says in addition to the parade, there's also a photo contest that the public can take part in taking pictures
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of the 6 tiger sculpture set up around the city until saturday. >> in san francisco, i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> 10 is the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. a school custodian in berkeley accused of lewd acts outside an elementary school. the suspicious items police say they found inside his car. plus, governor newsome unveiling the state's new plan as we move into the endemic phase of covid-19. we'll have reaction from local doctors. >> and lots of sunshine today. just a few clouds this morning, though, they'll be less and less of those towards the afternoon day time highs among our warmest in the upper 60's. even a couple low 70's talkisg this ahead of wintery weather next week. in your forecast. >> live wintery weather out there. we also have a hot spot. this is on an app that we've been talking about highway 2 to one southbound south of one to one. they are napa. all lanes blocked. we're going to look at that and some other issues on your friday morning commute will be right back.
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>> all 14 is a time right now. trying to i'm trying to tidy up. you can it's like james because now jay james looking to have high because james is over i mean, i sprawled out i got lunch bag. i got i got a banana. i this told ask is my world now is it's full of so much. >> and yankees a little bit
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this. >> one lead. >> all right. let's go to john for senate get a bad rap. but women kind of sometimes think we are little freshly when you grow up sharing a bathroom with investors. yeah. take over the entire. yeah. you know, that's what i've got. good morning, was the one that was heavily caffeinated, though. i found out yesterday, james, like 5 cups of coffee the morning to food, it's yes, it's low we have 6 hours that we spread it out during so it can actually make but lots of sunshine today. that could be your morning joe right there. that morning cup of coffee to stepping outside. >> and enjoying what is a beautiful, clear start to the day half moon little bay looks great. james is actually getting more coffee right now of lots of sunshine to be making its way back out into the afternoon. and we are looking at conditions today that are going to stay dry
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today and tomorrow, both looking just as dry as one. another just as mild to with light offshore wind to be expected. and we are going to see this pattern shifting into next week. so what that means is you've got to enjoy today and tomorrow as much as possible. because after that, it starts to get pretty brisk. this storm system that drops into the west coast will leave the sierra with snowfall starting monday into tuesday, snow stretching into the rockies, which just as much as we do. bay area that we're sitting too far to the west to be tapping to into in a lot of this moisture. so other than a couple of sprinkles possible on tuesday. all we're going to be feeling is cold winds and cooler temperatures. as far as today goes, nothing brisk about it. it's 60's. it's sunny. and it's also going to be really calm as far as winds go. all this adds up to really comfortable feel. i know you like the way yesterday felt maybe even felt a little warm for some of us today is going to be much like that. campbell in san jose are only 2 spots right at 70 degrees. the rest of the bay area pretty solidly in the mid to upper 60's. the
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benicia pittsburgh each 66 looking ahead of next 7 days today and tomorrow are the warmest we start to cool down sunday monday and tuesday easily. the coldest the coolest feel we will have snowfall in the sierra nevada on these days. and as i mentioned, slim chance of a couple sprinkles on tuesday. john, thank you for that. we are still closely watching that hot spot out. annapolis. let's go ahead and get a close look at that. >> it looks like southbound and northbound 2 to one just south of one to one in napa. all lanes are blocked because of some police activity. so what the police are doing there is they're diverting traffic through napa valley college parking lot. so if you're in that area, they're diverting traffic through that napa valley college parking lot. so they're making sure they're getting people through the air. the bay bridge may say that fremont street exit, no issues little under 12 minutes for your drive. there. the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. you're at about 13 for your commute in the south bay.
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there are issues like this accident northbound one. 0, one north of northridge straw avenue. so 2.80, or 82 would be good. alternate and highways for getting around that. and we'll check out the richmond. sandra fell come you start to go down a bit tolls to one o one here at 11 minutes. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain at 8.18, is the time former vice president mike pence spoke at stanford university talking a bit about the january 6 attack on the capital defending his decision that day he was at stanford. here's the flyer and you can see the event was entitled how to save america from the woke left. he spent much of the slamming the policies of the current administration and then it was after his speech that someone asked him about january 6th, his decision to certify the election and the eye or that drew from then president donald trump. constitution was quite clear on that. tragic day in january. i knew it. my duty was. i kept my oath. even though her. we move the nation
8:19 am
forward. and i don't know if the president i'll ever see eye to eye on that. i really don't. but i will always be proud of the record. the president, donald trump and i created for the american people. >> pence also reference the recent recall of 3 progressive members of the san francisco school board saying that that vote sent shock waves across the country. >> as we reported this week, 3 members of san francisco school board lost their jobs in a recall election. vice president liga resigned immediately. commissioner alison collins and board president gabriela lopez are stepping down 10 days after the election is officially accepted by the city's board of supervisors. we spoke with lopez in collins about the recall and what they think of the outcome. >> none of this is a surprise. >> we've threatened of a maybe even 6 months in toward term because of what we're highlighting, what we're bringing up and what we're challenging. i'm concerned
8:20 am
that. >> there will be folks who will want to roll back some of the work that we've done. it a fact erase the voice of parent and student volunteers who worked really hard over decades to get some of these changes. >> they. >> lopez and colin say despite being recalled, they will continue to push for equity for marginalized students of color. san francisco mayor london breed who endorsed the recall will now hand picks 3 people to fill those seats on the school board. >> san francisco voters will actually have a chance to reform the recall process when they go to the polls in june. and then, of course, after the failed recall of governor newsom last september, there's now talk at the state level of maybe changing the process there as well dan kerman takes a closer look. thank you for rejecting this it was during and after the unsuccessful recall of governor gavin newsome. the calls for reforming the recall process at the state level hit a fever pitch. there is serious
8:21 am
concern by many legislators. >> that that we call that we just saw last year was an unnecessary political exercise that that were no will change and cost the state over 200 million dollars. and so we're looking seriously at a couple reforms in that area. east bay state senator steve glazer chairs the senate committee on elections. >> he says state lawmakers are looking at several reforms among them requiring more signatures to have a recall. any change the signature requirement for 12% of those who vote in the last election, which it is a number that changes every election to a 10% of all registered. you've actually raise the threshold by about 300,000 more city. choose another reform legislators are looking at is not having a second ballot of candidates to replace the person being recalled. california is the exception in the country for having this second ballot that if recall successful, that you immediately replace that person with that, a person that may not even get close to a majority of the vote. and
8:22 am
we're looking closely. that's an outlier in the country. no one else has it. it cannot provide situation where you could have someone win by less than a majority vote. and we're taking us a look at that as well. but there are alternatives being floated. an independent state agency called the little hoover commission. he's floating the idea of a snap special election, a snap election where the person being recalled would also appear on the candidate's side for the successor election. so they would necessarily be left out or off the ballot as currently is the process. legislators say look for some sort of recall reform proposal. >> to come out of the state house sometime within the next month. but keep in mind, any proposal that is passed by the state legislature must be approved by the voters of california. dan kerman kron. 4 news. 22 is the time coming up on the kron. 4 morning news. the crisis in ukraine is intensifying. president biden warning. >> attack may be imminent. we'll have the very latest on
8:23 am
that from the scene.
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>> in national news, top u.s. officials are issuing some of the most detailed warnings yet about how russia may attack ukraine in the coming days. the big worry washington, dc correspondent jessi tenure has more. good morning. these leaders are breaking down russia's playbook on the world stage to signal to president putin that they know what he's going to do.
8:26 am
>> and he should stand down weather still time. >> not to start a war, but to prevent one secretary of state antony blinken laid out what russia will likely do in the coming days starting with a pretext for an invasion into ukraine. this could be a violent event that. >> russia will rayman ukraine or an outrageous accusation that russia will level against the ukrainian government. blinken told diplomats at the un security council to watch for false claims like a terrorist bombing states drone strike or chemical weapons attack. then blinken said real military action will begin. russian missiles and bombs will drop across ukraine. communications will be jammed. cyber attacks will shut down key ukrainian institutions. blinken stressed the more than 250,000 troops along the border will move in on key targets, including ukraine's capital. russia still insists it has no plans to invade. i was a soldier myself, not that ago. >> i know firsthand that you don't do these sort of things.
8:27 am
>> for no reason following defense secretary lloyd austin is meeting with his nato counterparts. a senior defense officials said the allies want to continue diplomatic efforts with russia but are not optimistic. president joe biden maintains the option is still on the table is the is away. >> and president biden says he has no plans to call putin, but he does plan to speak with other world leaders today about continued efforts at deterrence and diplomacy. blinken, however, does plan to meet with his russian counterpart next week. in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> coming up, the holiday weekend is almost but is it going cost at the pump if you're traveling out on the roads? i live with a look at the latest gas prices in the bay
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limited availability >> i'm just thinking about how covid changed our lives that. do you remember he's put everything in the mouth. come on like you have. you're juggling york. he's okay with i'm going to do it now because it seems so horrible, right? remember you for the keys in your mouth or like i open the door of a credit to all right. now, that's horrible. >> i don't know what ever really did that a whole. it is john. john, back me up on this. didn't know, i yeah, i guess so. ugly. jungle. things you hadn't life right now. we're trying to help you out. don't do it anymore. my do you
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>> well, it was a good pattern change. it's a lot of life of and hopefully those are good things for you as one of those things this year we've gotten used to is that sunshine and it's back out in full force this afternoon. looking out there transamerica pyramid, the other spots of downtown san francisco. all of it sitting under the sun. we are seeing a few passing clouds but not brockie blocking out the brightness and skies only growing fear into the afternoon winds. light temperatures may be cool for now, but that's only temporary. we've got another comfortable afternoon ahead of us 40's and 50's for our current temps, napa fairfield santa rosa in the upper 30's are last holdouts in that chillier range rate. it. did you ever put things in your mouth? you just food. half. >> i can't think about a couple of things that have change like i'm up here. you guys are separated by a split screen and miss you guys. so covid has changed so many things that we're going get
8:32 am
back to normal soon enough. we do have a hot spot. we have been following. this is out in napa. so a couple areas at the police there have closed because of police activity. southbound 2 to one that south of one to one and northbound highway. 29 to that connector, 2 to one. they are diverting traffic. so through the napa valley college parking lot. so that's the good news. if you are traveling through that area. hay traffic's light heading into the city right now under 12 minutes. this is a good time to hit the road. if you're trying to get into the city. the golden gate bridge also looks nice. 21 minutes, 37 to the tolls and we'll check out highway 24 wannacry to 5.80, a little under 13 minutes. darya james, back to you know, it's just me. and here's the thing. we're going to camille, a now. we're going to talk about the gas prices and it was it was when i was feeling my tank that i realized my hands are full and i said to myself, no, don't do that any more right. and, you know, used to put the gas cap in mind. >> i don't do that anymore. either.
8:33 am
>> know is going to say to me and nothing's going to save us from the prices. what keys in your and your mouth can be a lot. >> us and i did not put any gas in my but any kind of cards that i had enough. i know how anyway, the prices are going to kill you. if all that germs don't. well, yeah, you definitely better have that credit card on hand. places are what we a owning up for any in past few days week. the pass you by. >> and here in california, we reached average high. the average high here california is $4 and $0.73. and you know, that's well above the nation's average, which is $3.53. look at the gas prices here in the bay area in san francisco, he go to a gas station or at paying around $4 and $0.89 per
8:34 am
gallon. gas prices up like in sandra fell are averaging at $4 and $0.87. and if you go down to the south or east bay, you'll save yourself a few pennies in oakland and san jose about $4 and $0.79 per gallon and these numbers, they've been going up over the past is a gradually increased according to triple a california has even reached average high walk right to >> about a month ago, you can up your car with $4 and $0.50 per gallon gas. average bac n alex about $0.25 or and this is just ahead on the ending going to be out there. >> prepare yourself and your wall it's definitely going to cost you at all right, james, you know, sometimes during these holiday weekend, people taking advantage of going to talk whole. >> it's nice out there. and looked at the gas prices in placer county. you're definitely not getting away
8:35 am
with those high gas prices. the thought look at your tank or face a gallon is about $4 and 80 sense hang on to that credit all right. i know i have things to relate to a cop you've done and, you know, golf tees. >> hammer, nails, put the nails and people have done this. thank you. camila is now helping think you can be alone. >> all right. happening today, the oakland school board there actually be holding an emergency meeting to talk about school closures earlier this month. as we know, the board voted to close several schools over the next 2 years. and at 06:30pm, tonight, the board is set to discuss, possibly delaying 3 of those closures that were slated for the end of this year. a couple of oakland teachers are in a hunger strike still trying to prevent the 3 schools from closing. so they're going to building press conference at westlake middle school speed. 11 o'clock this morning ahead of that school board meeting tonight. and if their demands are met, they could potentially end the strike. so
8:36 am
we'll be following that very closely. >> california has a new, smarter plan to fight covid. governor newsom announced the state is switching to an endemic approach. yes, smarter. that's the key word. >> it's actually an acronym and will be explaining more about that. but the governor datailed the specifics of this plan, calling it the smarter plan, focusing on preparing for any future up swings in covid cases. he says the state is going to be boosting surveillance of the virus by monitoring our wastewater to see if and when spikes and surges start to happen. masks at this point won't be required. we know they released that requirement this week, but they could still bring it back. there's also a plan to boost the state's supply of things like masks and vaccines and tests. state officials say we at least have a better understanding now of how this virus works and moves. >> all come to understand what was not understood the beginning of this crisis, that there is no end date. that there's not a moment. where we declare victory. despite so
8:37 am
many metaphors that were used during this pandemic, the warm force where we said we will defeat this virus. there was some suggestion that that was a destination. that that was a place when, in fact, we now know it's more of a direction. >> the smarter plans stands for as for shots and for for awareness and our for readiness, then t for testing. want to keep testing. >> eat for education. and then our i think was a stretch. you know, they were they need in our and they want for our acts for prescriptions, man. all right. yeah. >> we need those prescriptions to stay healthy. on the other news berkeley unified school district custodian now has been accused of what police are calling this suspicious and inappropriate behavior outside of an elementary school. 61 year-old anthony orozco is who police have arrested. now he's from richmond facing 10 counts of annoying or molesting a victim
8:38 am
under 18 years old and one count of aggravated are engaging in lewd conduct. so he was arrested outside sylvia mendez elementary school after staff there called police about this car that kept circling around. so they caught up with him, pulled him over and took a look at what he had in the car. and here here's police now describing what they found. gloves. >> hunting knife. and a bundle of the ties. perhaps alone. doesn't mean as much. but when you put them all together, those are those are certainly items that can be used to restrain or somehow attack someone. >> and so that raised eyebrows with police. they say he has been released now on bail at the time of his arrest. he was a custodian rosa parks elementary school. but he did previously worked at sylvia mendez, although this morning, the school district says he is no longer employed with them. >> 8.38 is the time. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. we continue to celebrate
8:39 am
black history. and this morning we're hearing from the author who writes about the history of african americans in the bay area. and watch where you walk through regional park in oakland. there's a big snake on the loose and it's not the kind of snake this was to be around here. careful where you walk
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
in the east bay because there's an adult's ball python on the loose in oakland. you heard right python. >> officials there think it was probably abandoned because they're not native. >> 2, the east bay and the hills there. take a look. a hiker shared a photo of the snake. this was sunday, right near big bear trail up at the chabot regional park. >> yeah. >> has been seen since so we took a picture and then reported it. they came back to look for. was gone. so they're looking for the python. now. they say it's not a danger to the community. it's non-venomous they kill the victims by crushing them all. so that's fine. so he so he won't poison me, but he will crush me potentially. >> okay. they you know. be careful what? you'll probably be fine. but just any smoke that's keeping close. because the idea is if he's wrapping himself around me, i should be worried. but if he doesn't get to crawl up my okay. should be alright. got it. yeah, it 42 is the time right now. and still ahead, will the warriors
8:43 am
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8:46 am
winds out there. mild temperatures in the 60's and increasingly sunny skies. we're starting off this morning with conditions out there that are partly cloudy for some of us. but we are set up for a really nice afternoon ahead. you can see those partly cloudy skies faintly showing up here in satellite and radar as we work our way through the day today, we're going to see less and less of that cloud cover more and more brightness out there. tomorrow. we're going bright skies from the start to the finish of the day. tomorrow's are also going to slightly ever so slightly be the warmest of days. a modest light offshore winds today. that's going help to warm things up near the coastline. just a beautiful way to start things out enjoy it as much as possible because next week we take a turn for the cooler windier and for the sierra nevada, out to the rockies, the wet or you can see that snow fall pushing its way in. we do have a low pressure area that's skirting just to the east of the bay area. what this means for us is that things will cool down, get a bit windier and more brisk. we could see the potential of a couple of light sprinkles into
8:47 am
tuesday. but the snowfall in the sierra nevada is what's going to be more noteworthy offering up a substantial amount of needed snowfall up there as snow pack is just window gradually after such a dry january and february. this is good news. it's not as good news is we could see, but we will certainly take it 60's for your highs in san francisco and near the coastline for a coastal day. if that's what you want, bayshore in inland areas going to be just as nice, though, a nice day for a hike. walk around the neighborhood. all of it looks great. south bay, especially so our warmest area, campbell and san jose at 70 today. fremont not far behind that at 68 in oakland and surrounding areas along the east bay shoreline at 67 north day, temperatures mid to upper 60's for you. that is until you head to the coastline and point raise in stinson beach. tomorrow's daytime highs likely to be the warmest ample sunshine sunday. a little cloudier monday. we will be looking at a cooler day with highs in the upper 50's as that cold front brushes right past us. a brisk
8:48 am
one to tuesday brings the best chance of a sprinkle or 2, although the sierras going to be seeing some snowfall stacking up at that same time all right. some much needed sprinkles, don. looking forward to all of that. hey, we do still have the hot spot. >> up in napa, that's probably going to be here for a while. so again, police activity in the area of south bound 2 to one south of one to one and northbound. 29 to that 2 to one connector. that sound in napa. so thankfully, chp is diverting traffic do that. napa valley college parking lot. that's what's going on right now. also down in the south bay, a traffic hazard slowing things down along one. 0, one northbound south, road. the other adjacent highways like 2.88, who all look pretty nice and light for us heading into the city. 11 minutes, macy that fremont street exit, the san mateo bridge, no major delays as you're heading across towards the peninsula. a little under 15. we're checking on 8.80, here. a little sluggish say leandro heading into oakland about 22
8:49 am
minutes and highway 4. look at that under 15 minutes as you're traveling towards conquer darya. james, back to you. thank you, ray 8.48. and the first people of african ancestry arrived in the bay area in the south and the late 1700's. yeah. a local professor at san jose state university actually wrote a series of books. >> about that part of our history. and crawford says it had a chance to interview her as we celebrate black history. >> i wanted to reset as individuals way discovered to my to requests for information about what was life like, what were they really communities like where live? you know, how did they get here to california? those questions are not included in the in the euro centric history books. however, those questions and the answers can be found in the images of america book series, african-americans of san jose and santa clara county by author jen batteast
8:50 am
atkins. the book chronicles the first black pioneers arrived in california in the late 17, 100's to what was then spain's territory. we have the presence of people back and he wrote kick who came to san jose specifically is 78 77. those black pioneers came aboard spanish ships as laborers on expeditions as soldiers. and as my news. >> that history is documented, preserved and on display in san jose, san pedro square. these are a people of african that lived in mexico in america with the mexican came. >> to to san jose as part of their race for farmers, citizens. they helped establish early and very first. in the state of california, california at the time. >> at ken says back been spaniards called mixed race. black people love those. as you can see here, this ship's manifest recorded having several out of passengers on
8:51 am
board african. >> mexican african spaniards, african indians. they were there, people, african whites. these are people who are mixed race with that. can heritage and there were many of them free. blacks came as settlers. others were brought their slaves. >> those enslaved were later freed with the help of abolitionists from the church. the very first black church was established in 18. 63. one of the most notable african american historical figures here, the south bay as the manual sam macdonald. >> who in 1919, purchased 430 acres of land here in la honda. and by doing so became the first black man to own property to the california redwoods. sam macdonald was originally from gilroy. he donated his land to stanford university and it is now a beautiful park named after him in san mateo county. >> i have to say as a black man, i felt a sense of pride when i saw his face here at the visitor center. what do you hope folks take away after
8:52 am
reading your books? i hope that people will have and understanding not only african american history, but they how african-americans intersected with other cultural groups in the valley. >> i think that it's really important understand. we all coexisting together. well, thing together. >> has it meant kron 4 >> these stories are amazing and you can see them all in one place in our black history, special, mind body soul anchored by. pham pam moore. and this is 24th. is that next thursday? >> yeah. next thursday night at 6.30. so tune in for that. i can't wait to see all of these stories together and really get a feel for black history in the bay area. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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but most importantly, we had to make sure it tasted like a mcdonald's burger. the first mcdonald's burger with a plant-based patty. ♪ ba da ba ba bah ♪ >> 8.55 and the warriors are now in the all-star break, getting rest and getting healthy. hope for right much needed break because they got to get themselves back together. they've been hurt and draymond green's been unavailable. the warriors went on the break after losing for the last 5 games. so that's not a street. they want to continue. >> and most of those games have been like real close, less than 5 points. and the way for defense. that's what they're terming it to the we're still, though, in second place in terms of their standing there behind the suns and steph curry. he's taking
8:56 am
at least some solace in that. >> in a solid position in terms of where we are in the standings. optimism will get a couple guys back. we're a few guys back. at some point after the break. and then we've got to figure out what our rotation is going into the playoffs. but i guess overall it's a it's a solid place to be. >> can i pull off the bucket hat? see this. my kids say no. if you're over shulz say i don't know what 30, then you can't where the bucket hat. meantime, everybody has a good sharp and ready for the all-star game. those who are in the all-star weekend, johnson coming up is going to play the futures game for the rising on players. steph curry and andrew wiggins will start in the all-star game on sunday and then dream on. he was selected as a backup. but he can't play because again, he he needs to get better as an injury. >> we will take a break. it is 8.56. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the oakland city council taking a big step towards approving that new a's ballpark at
8:57 am
howard terminal one step closer. we'll tell you what's ahead in a live report. plus, speed cameras are being proposed for 3 bay area cities to try help reduce the number of deadly accidents we've been seeing here recently. and also coming up, fatal police shooting in pleasanton. we're going to tell you what police say happened and what witnesses say they saw. we'll be right back.
8:58 am
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9:00 am
station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> well, here we are. 9 o'clock friday is going by already. and if you're late, you better get out. the door now started. it's going to be great. nothing in your way. well, will that rain to check the roads in a minute? but weather wise, smooth sailing out there. yeah. that than giving you a for sure, daria. we've got clear pretty moderate wind. >> you can see just a little bit of a breeze out there at the embarcadero right now. really, really nice day ahead of us. a few passing clouds this morning. we'll see less and less of those through the afternoon winds, as you can see, also not much of a factor. temperatures are starting to rise into these relatively clear conditions. currently, we're in the 40's to 50's only one, 30 left on the map. that's the fairfield at 37 degrees. not much longer, though. you'll be in the upper 60's like much of the rest of us later on today. >> john, thank you for that. he traffic has been light for the most part except for napa. we do have a hot spot out there. southbound 2 to one ut


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