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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 19, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> that breaking news comes to us from southern california this saturday at 8 o'clock huntington beach police just confirming that their police helicopter has crashed into an area near the newport beach. that happening just within the last few hours. rescue efforts are currently underway right now. it's unknown the extent of the conditions of the folks are on board who exactly was on board and the extent of their conditions at this point. we do once again, no, that rescue efforts are currently underway in the newport beach area after a
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huntington beach police helicopter crashed into the water tonight. we will have updates throughout the night and bring you those as soon as they become available right here on kron. 4 news. >> you are you all put on the show tonight. you think this is going to work? this isn't going to stop anything. this is the start of so and so did that. you would make us and the community sit here for over 2 hours knowing that you weren't going to do a darned thing to change the situation. >> the other big story we're following at 8 o'clock this saturday night. many folks in oakland and taking to the streets in order to save their schools from closing. thanks so much for joining us here tonight on kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock in prime time. i'm jonathan mccall. justine is off tonight. today's protest coming on the heels after a special meeting in oakland last night in which the school board refused to delay a plan that would close and merge nearly a dozen schools starting at the end of the current school year. crawford them into harry talking to parents about the board's decision.
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>> parents of parker elementary and middle school students tell me they can't let this cool guy out. they say it's important for the community and they need to make sure their voices are >> this video was sent to me by a parent to to parker elementary and middle school students. she says her children and others need this school and the principal agrees most of our students actually live in the neighborhood. they walk to school. >> they take short car ride school. raquel kolber to has been the principal of parker for 4 year. it's it's just a gift serve as a principal. >> at the school she spoke out last week in hopes of saving the school friday night. the oakland unified school board had an emergency meeting to possibly delay the merging or closure. >> of 11 schools by one year. at the end of the 3 hour meeting, the school board voted 3 in favor 2 against to
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stay with the original plan. this is devastating. >> this is devastating for us for our community, for our students. saturday. what started as a group of just 3 or 4 parents fighting for their school. >> who did dozens of people? they were on the street outside of parker for hours, making sure their message was clear. they believe parker is a necessity properties to stay. >> in the community is not believed to be close. and that's how most of us feel. >> in the community. i just spoke to a parent of parker students. she says. >> they're not giving up yet. hear her story on kron. 4 news at 9 amanda hari kron. 4 news kron 4 following more breaking news out of the south bay tonight. right now, several homes have been evacuated in san jose as fire crews worked to contain a fire. this is all unfolding on south white road in cold water near the evergreen presbyterian church. right now. there's no word on
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if any injuries have recorded as a result of this fire or the extent of the damage. but we do know that multiple homes have now been evacuated as a result of this fire that crews are now trying to contain in san jose, san jose police meanwhile tweeting out that they are on the scene to handle traffic control, make sure folks to not get inside of that residential area. so fire crews can continue to work too. put out the fire unfolding right now. we are seeing in contact with san jose police and fire officials. we'll continue to monitor this scene as well and bring you new updates as soon as they become available throughout our 3 hours of news. also in south bay tonight, san jose police say that speed is to blame for the city's 16 fatal traffic crash of 2022, the latest crash happening just before 6 this morning near the almaden expressway and coleman avenue. investigators say a man was driving a car at a high rate of speed when that car went off the road and hit a tree.
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that's where police say they found a wrapped around a tree. the driver died at the scene so far. police have not released the driver's name. in the north bay. a man is dead after santa rosa. police say that he was hit by a car while crossing the intersection of marlow in greenville road last night. police say medics took the man to the hospital where he later died. the crash is still under investigation. but police say the driver was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. pedestrian deaths have reached a record high level in the past 2 years. it's happening in the bay area and something also nationwide. coming up in just a few moments, we'll talk live with stanford medical doctor, a stanford medical doctor to talk more about his study on how the pandemic has impacted drivers along with social norms. nearly a month oakley woman disappeared. the family of alexis gabe, along with investigators and detectives say, but there's still hope that she will be found safely
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today. family and friends of the 24 year-old woman spent the day handing out flyers and parts of contra costa county. they tell kron forcefully de gaulle they want to keep her face and her name on the forefront of everyone's minds until she's found. >> 24 year-old alexis games, brother going and his girlfriend, morgan strength fell have spearheaded the grassroots search efforts to find her. >> and they say their confidence and alexis is safe. return. that's not wayne. i know she pick somebody is really, really strong. mentally and physically. so i know i know as you can. >> on saturday, the couple and other friends and family continued posting missing person. flyers up in oakley. we're a lexus is from. and in where she was last seen 4 weeks ago next weekend, alexis's family says the class kids foundation we helped conduct physical searches in the attention. >> on this case specifically
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is key in keeping things moving forward and kind of on the case and law enforcement too, to do everything possible. the oakley police department is leading the investigation just days after alexis went missing, law enforcement served a search warrant at her ex-boyfriend's house in antioch. >> police say she visited him the night. she was last seen her car and keys were later found in antioch, oakley. police have not named the ex boyfriend, a person of interest or a suspect in its latest written update on this case. the police department says it is committed to finding a lexus and that this case remains a top priority is getting a lot. i am hoping for a good conclusion. and we obviously want support the determination and hard work of lexus. his family during this very difficult time to receive updates on this case directly from alexa says family joined the public facebook group helped bring alexis gabe home.
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>> in antioch, phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news now to covid-19 coverage tonight. and doctors are now studying what they say could be a more transmissible and severe form of covid-19. >> which researchers say could become the dominant strain in the future. it's a sub variant omicron called ba 2 the lead microbiologist at the cleveland clinic says the study is among the first making the comparison to the original strain of omicron known as ba one. >> i think there is kind of a growing consensus that ba 2 is more transmissible than the a one, but that still early. but it seems like that may be the but the house, how sick it makes somebody compared to want to still being studied. >> the subvariant is referred to by some as the stealth omicron a phase that doctors say can be a bit misleading considering it's already detectable in many covid test.
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the centers for disease control and prevention says the subvariant is estimated to make up a small number of covid-19 infections. switch gears now to talk about our 4 zone forecast. a live look at the golden gate very warm mild day across the bay area. but get ready, folks, if you had jurors shorts out for a while, you have to replace them with some long johns for at least a few days. crawford meteorologists, rebecca strong here tonight in former bree. so with a look at temperatures dropping starting tomorrow, rebecca. yeah, jonathan, we're really going to notice and feel a difference around the bay area because we're going to look at about a 10 degree drop. >> even 15 in some spots. so definitely much cooler as we move into tomorrow vs the sunshine and the 70's that we saw today outside right conditions pretty nice. san francisco international airport. pretty quiet out there. we're starting to see some clouds the roll through. and in fact, those clouds, going to really pack a punch as we get into tomorrow. so looking ahead, yes, those clouds continue to increase
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during the overnight hours. lows dropping in mostly to the 40's. there is some 30's, though, and some are chillier spots. and then that cooling trend kicks off tomorrow. we're going to see a lot of clouds, some breezy conditions as well. then we're going to start to see the possibility of some showers on tuesday, which would be great. so we're definitely hoping for some rainfall. and then later in the week, the sunshine returns and we're going to see a slight bump in temperatures as we get into friday. but this cold front that we're expecting starting tomorrow, it could be bringing us rain on tuesday, colder temperatures and also snow in the sierra. i'll talk more about that coming up in just a bit. jonathan or whether or not done just yet. rebecca, thank you. >> the chinese new year parade returning to san francisco today. a live look at the san francisco embarcadero where >> thousands of folks lining the streets to check out all the sights and sounds of the floats that made their way through downtown today, the annual parade finally back after being canceled last year because of the pandemic kron
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four's gayle ong was on the streets talking to folks checking out the sights and sounds. >> the chinese new year parade began with firecrackers to ward off evil spirits and welcome the year of the tiger going come out with some before going work and seeing everybody come out. the crowd lined up along the parade route on market street in san francisco to catch a spectacle, some reserve a spot well before the parade started. and revelers traveled from the bay area and beyond. and they got here extra early to get a front row seat of the parade and what makes it more special. >> that is the first time it is being held since the pandemic. that could change from all the lockdown and all that. so. >> you know thing, everyone smiling, great and >> happy new year and had some lunch and we're hanging out at the mall. we decided to come get a good spot, a good spot
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up front and center. the parade traveled around union square before passing through chinatown as spectators put the year of the ox behind them. everyone is able to stay healthy and >> and come out of the covid pandemic. really? yeah. they say we have really like chinese. he that idea and you could and coming out of >> a healthy and and more normal. new year. that's what we want in san francisco, gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> the crisis between russia and ukraine inching closer to a breaking point western leaders, those still pushing for diplomacy. the latest developments on the unfolding crisis. team usa making history during the beijing games. an update as the winter games getting ready to wrap
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>> welcome back, everyone. 2 years into the covid-19 pandemic traffic fatalities have soared to record levels. researchers say that driver anxiety, larger cars and even shifting social normals are now becoming big factors. joining us live tonight to talk about it is doctor david spiegel with stanford medical school doctor spiegel. thanks so much for joining me tonight here on kron, 4 news at 8 o'clock. you actually released research that you've been looking into with regards to these traffic crashes that have been happening during the pandemic. what is your research found?
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>> well, part of it i think, is stressed saturation that people are just overwhelmed with the daily fears about the virus and getting ill hearing about people getting infected even dying and they tend to sort of make a hierarchy of stressors and just say, ok, if i have to deal with the with the covid-19. other things that i normally worry about are going to get lower down on the list. so i think people just feel saturated. i think the second issue is social issue. that we're separated from people who usually spend every day with you feel less social support. let's social connection and even worse. people are resenting social connection is ending social responsibility. so people who don't want to get vaccinated don't want to mask. don't want to socially distance. may not think much about stopping for red lights so i think damage
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social support and too much stress. >> doctor, spiegel, what do what do you we you know, we heard more crashes, another fatal crash parts of the south bay and san jose aren't factors with regards to drugs, alcohol, which have been, you know, prominent factors in the past or those still prevalent in a number of these crashes. when we hear about them. >> yes, there's no question substance is a problem that's getting worse. not getting better. and so that may contribute to it. i think it may have to do with the using cell phones while driving. i think people are a loosening up their usual level surveillance and how much they're adhering to the laws and the rules of the road. >> is also very shocking because during the pandemic, we know that a lot of people were at home state at home working. so it's very
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surprising to hear that more people would be out on the roads and leading to all of these crashes where people were being killed. is there something that the federal government, state, government and local governments can do to try to curb these numbers? can they pass laws? have they been looking into what solutions do you believe need to be done in order to curb this problem? well, >> i think we sort of really need to reinforce the importance of social responsibility. so i think we need to see police on the roads. we need to see pulling over people who are driving erratically. we need to make it clear that important for us to keep from getting infected or keep from spreading the virus. but it doesn't give us a pass. and all the other laws that we need to obey. >> do you think that of solutions are they something that is that something that happens relatively soon as there's something that immediately can be done in order to help curb the problem.
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>> i hope so. i think it's the least we need to hear from our police departments telling us that they're redoubling their efforts to keep people safe from the things that have killed people before the pandemic. just because we're worried infection doesn't mean that we don't face a whole lot of other threats that we better do something about. so i i think new laws would be nice, but i think we need something right now. and that means more enforcement of the laws we already have. >> you mention the fact in your in your research that this is not a problem, that is a concert, you know, confined here to the bay area. we see lots of traffic crashes here, but also nationwide as well. what are some of the things that you've learned from others, parts of the country with regards to traffic fatalities there? >> one of the problems is that we found that the stress levels, the emotional damage is actually higher among young people people aged 15 to 30.
8:20 pm
then it is among people until you get to the age of 70. 74. and that's a little surprising because from a point of view of the covid risk and risk of the thing doing damage to them. it's lower. but it's also a time when they're reaching out from their families of origin and making new connections. and so the social isolation is especially troubling and damaging to them. and i think a certain small proportion of them are reacting badly are using drugs or maybe texting when they're driving are doing other things that indicate that they're taking out their mental adjustment on the people around them. >> it definitely is a problem impacting folks not only here in the bay area nationwide, anytime you get inside of a car. that's a big concern of the big fear that so many of us have right now. doctor david spiegel with stanford medical school, thank you so much for your time here tonight on kron. 4 news today. >> the most well can stay safe. same to you.
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>> talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight. a live look at san francisco lit up perfectly on this saturday night of picture. perfect day across the bay area. very warm. but big changes are on the way for the forecast and even possible. dare i say in the forecast. it feels like it's been for ages. since i said that word. kron 4 meteorologist rebecca strong tonight for debris. some of the look at just how low things will dip in the coming days. yeah, not a drill. yes. rain in the forecast. finally since a january 7th. that's when the last time that we had. >> any good amount of rain where we can actually recorded. so we definitely need it. so hopefully it will pan out this week outside. right now we're seeing a nice shots of this is our camera on top of the east bay hills in berkeley. a clear enough to be able to see across the bay into san francisco. take advantage of it. now, though, because of these clear skies are going to start to get really cloudy during the overnight hours. you're going to wake up to mostly cloudy conditions as we get into tomorrow. and it's all thanks to a cold front that's going
8:22 pm
to start to kicking up through the bay area beginning tomorrow and beginning a cooling trend and future cast for showing us that the system dropping coming out of the north. it's going to be moving south across the bay area. bringing us chilly temperatures and here we go. yes, the possibility of some rain. the green blob on your screen. that is rainfall that we're expecting across the bay area on tuesday. so i keep that in mind. it also look at that snow we're expecting in the sierra as well. if you're going to be heading up the high country. so hopefully that will pan out for us. and then it's going to move further south into southern california. things will dry out in the bay area and we're actually going to have been a warm note as we get into friday. temperatures are going to bump just a bit as high pressure begins to build. i'll talk more about the rainfall, how much we can expect. and also the winds that are start kicking up tomorrow. coming up in a bit, jonathan. yeah, a lot of folks looking forward to that green blob that we'd like thank you. >> still to come tonight here at 8 o'clock, we'll show you several ways on how you can save some money when using
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household member. if you want details on that, you can go to my website. it is at rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. still to come tonight here on kron 4 news today. tensions continuing to grow between russia and the ukraine. >> as american and european leaders work to avoid a war. details coming
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the first mcdonald's burger with a plant-based patty. vice president, kamala harris
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warning of dire consequences for russia. if the country does decide to invade ukraine. >> her message coming on the world stage today of the munich security conference kron 4 washington correspondent raquel martin brings us the latest. >> the vice president's speech comes after president biden himself said he's russian president vladimir putin has already decided to invade ukraine. the vice president today meeting with the chancellor of germany. it also the president of ukraine to show nato is united against russian aggression. united states stands with ukraine saturday in a meeting with ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky. vice president kamala harris said nato allies are prepared to respond. >> if russia abandons diplomatic negotiations and invade ukraine, we will impose swift and severe economic sanctions. russia has continued to gather more than 150,000 troops along its border with ukraine. president zelinsky said he hopes russia de-escalate. the only thing we
8:32 pm
want >> is to have peace. bring the peace back to our country. earlier in the day at the munich security conference, vice president harris underscored the threat an invasion poses on the rest of the world. the foundation of european security. >> is under direct threat. defense secretary lloyd austin also met with the leaders of 3 baltic states saturday, united states of america stands hours while the u.s. is vowing to keep troops out of ukraine. he says the u.s. will protect neighbor nato nations increasingly concerned they could be next on putin's list. it's directly threatening to to the whole region. >> therefore, we have to be very, very serious, not just about the deterrence, but also about the possible to build defense. >> austin says the pentagon is positioning more u.s. forces to help protect the baltic states. and we have thousands on call ready to deploy of nato activates its response force. >> and president zelinsky is urging nato allies to impose
8:33 pm
those sanctions. now following his meeting with vice president kamala harris, he asked what are we waiting for? we're now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. >> we think for staying on top of breaking news tonight. as we mentioned at the top of the newscast, this is a scene of a fire burning in san jose tonight. multiple homes have been evacuated because of this very large fire. now a 2 alarm fire, but san jose fire crews are working to put out this scene unfolding tonight on south white road in cold water. dear the evergreen presbyterian church. this is along. this is right along a cold water, a road tonight where this home is located. as you can see that home completely surrounded by flames tonight. but once again, fire crews there on the scene of this now to a long fire. multiple homes have now been evacuated. so fire crews can get a handle on this fire. no word on if there is any associated with this blaze so
8:34 pm
far. but we do know that fire crews there are on the scene working to try to contain it. we will continue to monitor this fire for you from the south bay and bring updates as soon as they become available into the kron. 4 news room. tonight, police in canada taking back the streets of the capital city of auto. up after weeks of protests against the country's covid-19 restrictions. dozens of folks were arrested today. some of them after attacking officers, police in riot gear started cracking down on the protesters yesterday arresting more than 100 people. authorities also started towing away 18 wheelers that were blocking some of the city's biggest streets this afternoon. police say they had cleared the area in front of parliament hill which had been at the heart of those protest. a close associate to american financier jeffrey epstein found dead inside of a paris jail cell this morning. john liu brunelle was being held as part of the epstein investigation on claims of trafficking. thousands of
8:35 pm
minors for exploitation. lawyers for bruno not commenting on his death, but had previously said that he she was innocent. paris police said they are investigating the death epstein you may remember was found dead in a new york city jail as he awaited trial on charges back in 2019 his death also ruled a suicide. well, the time now a live look outside at san francisco on this saturday night. hopefully everyone got a chance to enjoy the great weather. lots of folks coming into the city tonight for the chinese new year's parade was so great to see all those amazing floats and thousands of folks out on the streets tonight as i was coming into work. kron 4 meteorologists, rebecca strom, those here tonight with a look at some changes that are on the way for you. when you head out the door tomorrow. >> yeah. and jonathan, the very well said hopefully you were able to enjoy today outside because now for the next couple of days, you're probably going to want to be indoors. but right now, nice clear shot here. the golden
8:36 pm
gate bridge take advantage of the scenic views around the bay area for now, because we're going to see the clouds really start to roll through during the overnight hours tonight, you're going to wake up to a lot of cloud cover throughout the entire bay area. tomorrow, futurecast for showing us that cold front starting to push through as we get into tomorrow. so that's when you're going to really feel a difference. temperature wise. we're going to see those temperatures drop down on average about a 10 degree difference from what we saw today in your neighborhood. and, yes, there's those clouds and this system starting to move south as we get into the next few days. rainfall expected in the bay area on tuesday. wonderful news. we haven't seen rain and so long. but how much rain are we expecting? numbers great. but at this point we'll take anything less than a 10th of an around the bay area on average. so i'm not that impressive. but still like i mentioned, we will definitely take it me grateful for what we have right gusts. wind gusts are also going to start to pick up as we get into tomorrow afternoon, especially we could see up to 20. even 25
8:37 pm
miles per hour in some spots, especially along the coast throughout the north bay and in our east bay's own. and then tomorrow evening, things will really ramp up even more. so so definitely windy. it's going to add to those cooler temperatures feeling even colder than normal. with that wind chill factor will speaking of the afternoon highs tomorrow. i'll be with what it's going to be in your neighborhood a little bit later, jonathan. all right, rebecca, thank you for your money. tonight. family dollar has issued a recall over salmonella concerns. >> because of all rat problem at its arkansas distribution facility. the recall comes after a consumer complaint inspectors with the food and drug administration say they found possible contamination in a number of products including food and dietary supplements, medicine, cosmetics, even pet food. the voluntary recall extends to products sold after january 2021. at hundreds of stores across the southeast and missouri. still to come tonight, like history here in
8:38 pm
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welcome back, everyone. history made in beijing. american bobsledder elana, meyers taylor now becoming. >> the most decorated black athlete ever in winter. olympic sports myers taking home a bronze medal in the 2 woman bobsled event bringing her total medal count to 5.
8:41 pm
that includes medals won in 3 prior olympic games. the 37 year-old has now been chosen to be the flag bearer for the u.s. at tomorrow's closing ceremonies. tom brady, lebron james, tiger woods through the most recognizable athletes in names on -he planet. but the beijing olympics are also full of talented athletes. but just how many of them are known worldwide. andrew martin shows us just how marketable our olympic athletes. >> what's the goal of an olympic athlete to win a gold medal, of course. but for some athletes winning a gold medal or any middle, it all might just be a starting point. when i tried to do when i represented olympic athlete was to lead the process. so if i had brian and the winter olympics, it was a matter of getting. >> advertisers, corporations focus on the fact that she have a good chance of winning. he was interesting personnel,
8:42 pm
me he was going to shine and want to be interested in doing some relationships. brian boitano is a three-time olympian. he won gold in men's figure skating at the 1988 olympics in calgary. >> leigh steinberg turned him into a household name. this is all about branding out of 1000 people. how many people come where even if they can can make a fairway them with an activity? yes, he's so strong. why is iconic, which is why he's worth millions of dollars. and he's been the face of team usa for the majority of olympic athletes is window. that's coming will be the entirety. >> their exposure for the next 4 years to people. so they fade quickly. so it it it puts pressure on the market. are 2 anticipating it. so when that. happens in the athlete's performance fall, they're ready to cap was in beijing. i'm andrew marden. >> sports is on the way. it is % all star weekend in cleveland and forward. juan toscano
8:43 pm
anderson trying to bring the slam dunk trophy back to the bay area. could he do it? the highlights on the way from the land on the way.
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before calling the new mcplant a mcdonald's burger, we had to make sure of a few things. first, we needed to be sure it looked like one. then we had to make sure it would make you take a hard right... change your go-to order... inspire creativity... inspire a new jingle... ♪ ♪ and be good enough to steal. but most importantly, we had to make sure it tasted like a mcdonald's burger. the first mcdonald's burger with a plant-based patty. ♪ ba da ba ba bah ♪ people of african ancestry arrived here in the south bay in the late 17, 100's. >> but professor over at san jose state university has now written a series of books on their history. kron four's haaziq mod-yoon has their story as we celebrate black history. >> i wanted to reset as
8:46 pm
individuals way discovered to my to requests for information about what was life like, what are they really the communities like where live? you know, how did they get here to california? those questions are not included in the in the euro centric history books. however, those questions and the answers can be found in the images of america book series, african-americans of san jose and santa clara county by author jen. but he's atkins. the book chronicles the first black pioneers arrived in california in the late 17, 100's to what was then spain's territory. we have the presence of people back and he wrote kick who came to san jose specifically is 78 77. those black pioneers came aboard spanish ships as laborers on expeditions as soldiers. and as my news. >> that history is documented, preserved and on display in
8:47 pm
san jose, san pedro square. these are a people of african that lived in mexico in america with the mexican came. >> to to san jose as part of their race for farmers, citizens. they helped establish early and very first. in the state of california, california at the time. >> at ken says back been spaniards called mixed race. black people love those as you can see here, this ship's manifest recorded having several passengers on board african. >> mexican african spaniards, african indians. they were there, people, african whites. these are people who are mixed race with that. can heritage and there were many of them free. blacks came as settlers. others were brought their slaves. >> those enslaved were later freed with the help of abolitionists from the church. the very first black church was established in 18. 63, one of the most notable african american historical figures here, the south bay as the manual sam macdonald.
8:48 pm
>> who in 1919, purchased 430 acres of land here in la honda. and by doing so became the first black man to own property to the california redwoods. sam macdonald was originally from gilroy. he donated his land to stanford university and it is now a beautiful park named after him in san mateo county. >> i have to say as a black man, i felt a sense of pride when i saw his face here at the visitor center. what do you hope folks take away after reading your books? i hope that people will have and understanding not only african american history, but they how african-americans intersected with other cultural groups in the valley. >> i think that it's really important understand. we all coexisting together. well, the thing together. >> has it meant kron 4 news? >> don't forget to join us here on kron 4 as we continue to celebrate black history
8:49 pm
month. kron, 4 anchor pam moore is set to host our 30 minute special titled honoring black history. mind body soul. it airs this coming thursday, february 24th at 6.30. now to our 4 zone forecast tonight as we take a live look at the san mateo bridge, folks out and about on this saturday night was a great day to be out. kron 4 meteorologists rebecca strong in tonight. former breece up with a look at the cool down headed our way for the wrap-up of the rest of this long weekend. >> yeah, that's right. jonathan will really feel it tomorrow and see a big change in the weather because not a whole lot of sunshine. we're expecting a lot more cloud cover to a b creeping through an increasing during the overnight hours. right now, our sutro tower camera showing us a pretty nice shot of the golden gate bridge. but i've been watching some low clouds, though, start to roll through even there as well. temperatures tomorrow, big difference than what we saw today in san francisco downtown. we're in the upper 60's today will be in the low 60's tomorrow. 60 degrees in a downtown 58 in golden gate park. 58 in the sunset
8:50 pm
district and chillier along the coastal low 50's on terra pacifica, you'll be at a high of 56 tomorrow. half moon bay. 58. that's a 10 degree difference. what we saw this afternoon and those 50's continue into south san francisco in san bruno. 60 degrees, though, in burlingame. we're looking at low 60's along the san carlos and into redwood city, palo alto. you'll be at a high of 62 as well low to mid 60's across the entire south bay that you can expect downtown san jose. 65 low 60's into morgan hill and los gatos. and we'll see along the east bay shoreline hayward and union city, both at 60 degrees. 62 in livermore tomorrow and low 60's through danville, into walnut creek, upper 50's, former aga and to 66 degrees in brentwood tomorrow for the afternoon. high and look at 60's everywhere. you look here from fairfield and vacaville. if you're heading to a young phil or not, but tomorrow, 62 there and 58 degrees are going to be heading out towards the
8:51 pm
coast for point rays. and 56 in stinson beach, my seven-day around the bay we're going to see even more so of a drop as we get into presidents day monday. as far as the temperatures go rain possible on tuesday. and then those temperatures holding steady until we get into next week in a slight bump up. but just to pay attention to the overnight lows below freezing inland locations tuesday wednesday and thursday. >> and now kron 4 sports. all-star saturday night in cleveland. the three-point skills in slam dunk. >> champions are crowned representing the warriors in the slam dunk contests, one to scuttle anderson from the east bay pride participating is in his very first all-star weekend. jta. did this bring out his teammate, andrew wiggins for his first dunk? scott? oh, anderson, jumping over wiggins. windmills it down the score. 44 ties for the first round high with obi
8:52 pm
toppin of the new york knicks steph curry. like what he saw. in fact, it was j versus top in the final scott. oh, anderson tries the vince carter elbow through the rim dog but couldn't hang on high enough for his forearm to get all the way through the rim like vince spike lee cheering on new york knick obi toppin with a nice windmill throwdown. nothing eye-popping but enough to give them a commanding lead going into the final dunk attempt. so one had to pull out the tricks. something spectacular. donning the jays, the j rich, old-school warriors, jersey, a former slam dunk champ himself. but he couldn't pull it off basically clinching the contests for top and whose final attempt a nice touch off the back board and one hand that duncan more than enough for top in to win, beating out gta for the slam dunk title. lot of folks already talking about this one on twitter tonight. meanwhile, the 3 greatest 3 point shooters of all-time, steph curry, reggie miller and ray allen all on
8:53 pm
hand for the 3 point competition and it wasn't the little guys making a rain. check this out. big man, karl anthony towns of the minnesota timberwolves knocking down for the 5 money on the rack. plus the do ball. that's 11 points just on those he finished with 29 to make it to the final round to take out trae young and luka stuff like says now the three-point champion at this year's all-star weekend. the skills challenge featuring the antetokounmpo brothers yanez, the nasa's all of them all playing tonight. but they couldn't get it done. they kind came in 3rd place instead, it was the team of evan mobley nailing the half-court shot to win it for the hometown favorite cleveland cloud of cleveland cavaliers. team mobley jared allen and darius garland. that trophy staying there in the land as they beat a team rookies in the final to beat the skills challenge to take the skills challenge. 3 point contest. it will once again a great night for all of
8:54 pm
contests and competitions under way in cleveland tonight. that does it for sports. don't go anywhere. more a new poll
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
shows that many americans are working from home and have absolutely no desire ever to return back to the office. few researchers found that 61% of americans said they would choose to work remotely if they have the option. that number nearly doubled from october 2020 64% of those
8:57 pm
surveyed said that remote work has made their work life balance easier to achieve. however, 60% said that while working from home, they felt less connected to their co-workers. that does it for us here tonight on kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock to go anywhere. the news at 9 starts in just a few minutes.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> no 1 o'clock, ron, for staying on top of breaking news the saturday night out of the south bay right now, san jose fire crews are on the scene of a 2 alarm house fire. multiple homes in the area. a south white road in cold water have now been evacuated as crews worked to contain this very large fire. this area is near the evergreen presbyterian church. but as you can see from this picture tweeted out not too long ago, but the san jose fire department, you can see that one home just completely engulfed in flames right now. that is why they've had to evacuate a number of homes in that area. you just see that large below of black smoke erupting from that one home


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