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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  February 21, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a monday, even though you may have the day off, we don't. i'm darya and i'm james. >> if you're waking up this morning, hopefully have a relaxed morning. let's have to get out the door quick as you are. one of the ones that has to work in for that. let's get a check of weather and traffic. good morning, john. yeah. and then lucky you because even though it is really chilly, it is beautiful. look at this view right here. the sunshine over the bay. you can see the reflection on some of those taller buildings and financial district. absolutely gorgeous.
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way to start off this morning. long as you don't mind that crisp feel to the air. getting another perspective of financial district. let's take a look at our weather graphics right now. and we're seeing some clear skies right there over a the transamerica building and no fog whatsoever. it's hard to believe that there's such a difference. what you head up into the sierra nevada passing storm system resulting in a good dose of snow up there. that's only going to pick up tonight into tomorrow for the sierra. in the meantime, today, we're just tapping into the cool and breezy feel of the system a little bit windier near the coastline right now. and that's going to help those temperatures in the 30's and 40's feel just a little bit co-ler. definitely want the extra layers. san jose at 39 dublin at 35 right now in napa at freezing at 32 degrees. todd, thanks for that. it's a holiday and the traffic is certainly reflective of that. >> however, we do have an issue. this is in the north bay up in petaluma along one. 0, one southbound. if you're traveling there north of east washington street got an accident. so we're seeing a
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slight delay heading into the city. makes that free must exit. look at that. 7 minutes at 07:00am i've not seen that for months headed across towards the peninsula. 13 minutes for your drive. there. looking at the south bay along one o one. 85 in the low part about 27 minutes and highway 6.80, travelers from dublin to fremont about 13 darya. james, back to you. thanks for a 7 '02. and today in oakland, parents and kids at parker elementary a protest because the district he's going through so far with its plan to close several schools in the next 2 years. yeah, the protests apparently taking place this afternoon across from that school kron 4. sarah stinson following the latest for us. >> sarah, the council just recently voted to reaffirm its decision to shut the schools down. but the parents say that's not going to >> yeah, the oakland school board, they're moving forward with its plan to close and merge 12 schools. but guess what? students, staff and parents say, well, we'll continue on with our plan and
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that is to protest and to fight for what we believe in. and that is to keep all schools in oakland open. this fight continues very much so starts today as well. it's been happening nonstop. we have video actually from over the weekend as protests as well. you can see video that happened in oakland. this is all after the school board voted to close and merge a dozen schools earlier this month to deal with an expected future budget deficit on friday, the school board voted to uphold this decision to close and merge the schools despite major public outcry, including weekly protests and even a hunger strike by 2 teachers. there's 2 board members that wanted to postpone the closures, trying to do anything they could. these are the 2 board members that have been vocal against those who have voted against this. they're trying to postpone that for parker and community day schools until next year. but majority voted on that board to uphold the
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original decision. the school district says 35% of its schools are enrolled at below sustainable levels, causing a multimillion dollar budget deficit. we talked with a parent of a student. she really describe to us how this closure is affecting her daughter. >> she's she says she's your friend and she wants your teachers. my oldest daughter. i've talked to her in depth about she's very hurt. they talk about how scared they are to go. so where were they don't know anybody and don't have any friends. >> well, the district has released this short statement over the weekend in response to the ongoing criticism saying on friday night, february 18th, ust board of education upheld their previous decision from the meeting on february 8. the district is focused on ensuring all impacted students have as smooth and easy, a transition as possible. and that transition is what you
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just heard. a lot of people are fearing. a lot of people just think it's wrong to close the schools taking away resources from those students in need the most. now there is ongoing protests, one today at parker elementary school right across the street from it. and that is at 2 this afternoon. we reached out to the organizers were trying to catch up with them before they hit that picket line. again, i'm sarah stinson reporting live back to you in studio. thank you, sarah. >> it is 7, 0, 5, we have some breaking news from overnight. the man is in critical condition this morning after being hit by a car in millbrae. the accident happened at the intersection of highway 82 in hillcrest boulevard a little after 3 this morning. investigators say the man was not in the crosswalk when he was struck. the driver is cooperating with the investigation will keep you updated as it unfolds. meanwhile, doctors and researchers are closely watching a subvariant of the omicron variant. they're calling it be a 2. it may be more contagious and it may be
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more severe than the original omicron. not again. how we spoke to an infectious disease expert about what we know about this new variant kron four's amanda hari has the details. >> the infectious disease expert that i spoke to says the ba 2 subvariant of omicron is here in the united states. and he says, although it isn't the dominant variant, it has. the potential is certainly spreading around the world. it's been identified in 74 countries to date. >> it's here. health officials continue to learn more about the omicron subvariant to be a 2. >> also referred to as the stealth variant uc berkeley, infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg says it's only about 4% of the case in the u.s. right now. but that number is growing. >> a couple weeks ago, it was less than one percent. so it's increasing. he says in some other countries it's become the dominant strain. >> and that's because experts believe it's more contagious.
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then its parent variant omicron also known as ba one. i think there's a scientific consensus now that is somewhere between 30 and 50%. >> more transmissible. >> then one doctor swartzberg says there's new studies coming out about the subvariant all the time and one came out wednesday saying you can also be more severe, suggested that. >> ba 2 might be able to evade immunity. we have from vaccines or previous infection better than omicron. that same group had some evidence to suggest perhaps it might make them sicker than omicron debts. >> more like delta. he believes local leaders may have removed masking requirements in shared spaces too soon. i would >> think that the prudent thing to do would be to wait until we've not these cases way down. wade, below where we started with with omicron doctor swartzberg did tell me this is all preliminary
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information. >> and to expect to learn more about too in the coming weeks. amanda hari kron. 4 news. and the fda is considering a 4th dose of covid vaccine in the fall. they're trying to figure out if an additional shot would reinforce our molecular defenses. >> which dropped after you got the first booster and they're also considering what age group that would be authorized to get this towson weathersby says pacific to omicron orange. more general pfizer's ceo says an omicron specific formula could generate enough protections so that people would only need a booster once a year. queen elizabeth has covid tested positive over the weekend. the 95 year-old british monarch is experiencing mild cold like symptoms. the queen elizabeth had been in direct contact with the prince charles and he had the virus. the palace says the queen has been fully vaccinated and boosted, but like you and me, she's still got it. so to justin bieber,
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he tested positive for covid and that puts his san jose show next monday in jeopardy. the pop star tested positive and he had already canceled a show in vegas over the weekend because of that, he just kicked off its first store in turin 2 years. but now the status of the upcoming shows it is unclear. bieber is said to be feeling okay. but you know, what happens is you just kind of have to feel it along it less. what should you do with quarantines and all of that kind of thing. so we'll we'll keep you posted when we find out about that show in san jose whether to go or not on >> well, starting march first masks will be optional on carnival cruise ships. the move comes after declining covid cases allow the cdc to ease restrictions this week. carnival's also easing some of its pre boarding testing requirements. but don't put away the mask just yet. bring it with you. some of the on ship venues and events we're told will still require a mask. well, president biden has agreed to a meeting with russia's president vladimir putin in an effort to find a diplomatic solution to the
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crisis along the ukrainian border. the meeting is only being held, though, of russia promises not to invade ukraine. >> while the talks are going on, basil, john has the latest from dc. the u.s. is doing whatever it can to avoid a war in eastern europe. >> focusing both on diplomacy and preparations for the worst-case scenario. tensions rise as u.s. leaders warn of a potential invasion by russia into ukraine because of tensions in eastern ukraine. tensions created. >> by russia and the separatists forces. it backs there. >> on cbs news's face the nation, secretary of state antony blinken says the u.s. is still focused on a diplomatic solution despite the presence of at least 100, 50,000 russian troops on the border of ukraine. until we know tanks are rolling, the planes are flying. >> the aggression has fully begun. we're going to do everything we can to prevent to. the white house announced that president joe biden agreed to meet in principle with russian president
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vladimir putin. as long as he holds off on an attack. what we're seeing actually happened is mister putin's act on certainly what looks to be very clear intentions to invade ukraine. again. >> pentagon press secretary john kirby problems the u.s. will act swiftly with economic sanctions if pulls the trigger. despite a plea from ukrainian president, volodymyr zelensky, 10 maxine shuns. now he has not conducted yet another invasion in ukraine yet and we want to getcwe want. we still think there's time to prevent that. the russian ambassador to the u.s. and italy antonoff emphasized that russia will not invade. there is little innovation. >> and there is no such plans. we have into any of and about problems. there are no ill intentions from russia, but u.s. intelligence warns of an attack and e j reporting in washington. i'm basil job. >> 7.11, right now. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, we can expect to see more space launches over the next few years. will tell you about the plans to expand
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space travel. james, i know you'll be excited about that and i'm excited about snow returning finally to this this is great. look at this live shot at 89. and there's more where that came yes, there is very excited to see that. >> also seeing some sunshine in the bay area. so we're definitely not tapping into that moisture here locally. >> making for a chilly. but your morning temperatures are in the 50's later today. we do have a slim chance of a couple of sprinkles here in the bay. this week, i'll tell you when in your forecast. >> and before you hit the rose today, you want to know what your morning commute looks like. well, we have your drive times and a few problem spots. we're tracking where we get back from break.
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in new york city, ♪ ♪ there's always something new to discover. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ come be a part of it. plan your next vacation at >> 7.15, coming. get it. there's new snow. there's a couple of cars turning over palisades. yep. they want to get in on that. 72 >> 39. >> let's get rolling. okay. yeah. that's that's about the normal time you want to get in on this because, gosh, we haven't had a real true storm in tahoe. like a good snow maker in 2 months. elise, right, alice, some time early december think it was whenever that second atmospheric with the second and so far last atmospheric river was. >> we're able to enjoy. john.
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good morning. yeah. the last one was december. the last big snowfall we had. >> a little snow early january and then last monday, a little want to but not like what we're ensure that is a little bit. the bench is just a little dusting out there on those harder surfaces, which typically don't allow the snow to accumulate during that first fall, but we will be seeing snow piling up tonight into tomorrow. so these benches are going to be covered in more and more of it over the next 24 hours here, grassy surfaces definitely already seeing the snowfall piling up. this is diamond pyak right above lake tahoe right here. skies are clear for the bay area. the sierra nevada getting that first dose of snowfall that intensifies later on in your forecast. and really going to start to see that 18 inches right around the lake tahoe region piling up starting tonight into tomorrow. as for the bay, we could see a couple of sprinkles tonight into tomorrow morning. really nothing beyond that, though. nothing significant for the bay. so overall are dry trend does continue here. while the
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sierra starting to show signs of breaking a pattern that we hope really only continues into march would love to see some more heavy mountain snowfall into march and maybe even some showers here in the bay. that's what we're keeping our fingers crossed for anyways. yesterday was already little practice run for the weather that we have for the week ahead of us, which is generally cooler in pretty breezy. it's going to be another windy day today with winds gusting up to a 20 to 30 mile per hour range that paired with our temperatures mostly only in the 50's does mean that you're not going to get away with the t shirts and the shorts anymore. it's definitely back to the sweaters and the jackets for at least the course of your next 4 or 5 days. temperatures and mostly the mid to upper 50's for the bay today we do have one exception and that's antioch hitting 60 degrees other than that to expect those cool brisk conditions continuing all across the day and actually even colder temperatures for much of the week ahead of us tomorrow being the very coal dust with that chance of an isolated shower possible tuesday night
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through thursday will have evening lows falling into the 20's inland and 30's near the bay and the coast. at this point. we'll have some frost advisories issued for the bay area. again, that starting tuesday night into thursday, as we do see some of our coldest temperatures, we felt in a while the weekend starts to give it a bit more mild evening lows. not as cold and daytime highs climbing back into the 60's reyna. john, thank you for that. the traffic has been light for our monday. however, we do have an issue. >> up in the north bay petaluma, we've been tracking this accident along one. 0, one southbound there just north of east washington street. and you can see traffic is starting to improve because we were read across the map there. but it's a holiday so looks like a lot of people are off. no major issues. you're traveling from the maze to that fremont's tx a little under 9 minutes for your drive. the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula, a little under 14. i'm not seeing any major issues along one. 0, one. 85 to menlo park about 28
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minutes. there to 80's moving along pretty nicely for you. and let's check on 6.80, doubling down to fremont about 14 minutes. james, back to you. thank you very much. rain to 7.18, and bart will be running its weekend service today. don't forget because it is the president's day holiday weekend. >> so that means trains are going to be running from 6 in the morning until midnight. the system as a whole is also running more back to normal now is they've expanded service beyond their prepandemic levels. bart is also now offering more trains and transfer points along its lines and also offering midnight train service. now, 7 days a week. >> free money this morning. business in space is expected to boom in the coming years and private space travel is just the beginning. jane king has that story and more in the president's day business report. >> there's no shortage of hype surrounding the commercial space industry. a lot of musk's spacex broke its own annual orbital launch record last year and it's looking to
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pick up the blistering pace even more this year to an average of one launch per week. spacex successfully completed 31 launches in 2021. and that was a beating its previous record of 26 lunches in twenty-twenty. now for context, spacex represented about a 5th of the world's successful rocket launches last year. roughly keeping pace with the country of china. jeff bezos made news when he his brother actor william shatner in a crew flew into space last year. the orgin recently. but honey bee robotics said it's best known for developing robotic systems, notably drills and other mechanisms for use on space missions. twenty-twenty global space-related activities generated 447 billion dollars with commercial work coming from us. 80 1% of that should nato sullivan, a self-described interplanetary economist harvard business school. the spending money on space actually as way to increase the economy on earth very efficiently, noting that for every dollar the government spends in the space industry translates to close to $50 and
7:21 am
societal value like skilled jobs, new products and services and more research and development programs. this year should be a big one for space exploration with a pair of massive rockets. both more powerful than the saturn 5 that flew the apollo astronauts to the moon. we're getting ready to fly as part of nasa's artemis mission, which aims to return astronauts to the lunar surface by 2000. 25 from new york, i'm jane king with your presence day business report. thank you, james. >> 7.21 is the time a proposed federal no fly list is getting a bit of pushback now from lawmakers, supporters say they want to do this to help prevent violent and hateful behavior from passengers. others, though, say it goes too far. last week, the faa said nearly 6,000 incidents of unruly passengers were reported in 2021. many of those incidents involved mask disputes. one airline called the trend dangerous. >> as the saying goes houston, we have a problem and that problem is some folks on the
7:22 am
airplane are making it a problem for all of us anything. it takes my attention away from the aircraft no matter what phase of flight is immediately putting everyone at risk. >> a group of lawmakers recently sent a letter to attorney general merrick garland saying it's wrong to equate people resisting mask mandates to terrorists. they point out that airlines already have the power to ban customers on their own. >> it's 7.22. and coming up, one lawmaker is pushing for pay equality and transparency. we'll see what that means to us in california. and you could missing pandemic relief money. if you file your taxes. we'll tell you how when we talked to a cpa after the break.
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>> 7.25 and tax season is here. and this year there's a little confusion about the child tax credit. if you've already received some payments this year, that could impact your filing. we've got courtney from telling us what tax professionals i want you to know. >> it's not a perfect world with the they are a large festival. sam know shavonne with timberline tax group is in his busy at the end of the day. you know what? this is why we're here. but he took a few minutes to break down of the problem solvers. what you need to know when it comes to stimulus checks. >> and child tax credit. none
7:26 am
of this should be taxable. this is all part of the cares. act first. child tax credits know shevaun says families only receive 50% of the total amount back in june of 2021. and the remaining 50% will become available as soon as you file say, for example, you qualified for 10,000. you've got 5,000 in june, you would still have a remaining $5,000 and child tax credit that could either go to your tax bounce or >> create a refund if you know any tax after you've paid and stimulus checks are working the same way as either a refund. if you're supposed to $2400 and 2 installments, the other 1200 that you received would then serve as a credit or credit towards your taxes may be ran a business and you you have 7,000 in self employment tax, the credit would still go to paying off that balance. but it's important to know what you're owed. if you file through cpa or do it yourself. no shevaun says to include if you have any missing stimulus checks
7:27 am
and usually it's on their already by the irs. but you always want to do your own due diligence. she says the irs has caught back up and should have online who all qualifies. lot of our clients, lot of taxpayers did not get them. it serves. that's a credit on this year's return. well, that was courtney from reporting tax day this year. don't forget is monday. april 18th. >> james, one of san francisco's or perhaps san francisco's and most famous hotel getting a new name. we'll tell you the new name and why they're all that
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before calling the new mcplant a mcdonald's burger, we had to make sure of a few things. first, we needed to be sure it looked like one. then we had to make sure it would make you take a hard right...
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>> snow to see everybody is fresh haircuts. james, you included very, very nice and job site. looking pretty good morning you can your hair or did you get that cat? so i i don't do it try on your own i started doing my own during the pandemic. have a little less mind you than the rest of do the it's a little easier. but job. yeah, i had to be a little cold today because we're back to winter. we go now and we are looking at temperatures definitely colder than they have been really the past month and a half. and that's the way we're going to stay for the remainder of the week. clear skies. some snowfall up in the sierra nevada. very welcome to be seeing that temperatures will feel even colder because of this brisk wind that we do have. so this 30's and 40's that you're seeing on the map dress for those as well as the cooler feels like temperature that we also have san jose at
7:31 am
39 right now, doubling at 35 32 degrees. some 40's in alameda, oakland and san francisco talking a cool day ahead and even colder night ahead of us. still to come right now. all donovan, looking forward to those colder nights, but >> traffic has been really light. you know, it's a holiday today. so there are a lot of people at home sleeping and hopefully waking up with us. if you do have to leave for whatever reason. let's get a look at drive times 9 minutes and under traveling from the maze that fremont street exit, the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula about 13 for you. there out of richmond heading across the war, samara fell. you're looking at an 8 minute commute, one. 0 one. 85 to menlo park. 28 minutes of you with a look at highway 4, one, 60, the cocker under 15 minutes. darya. james, back to you. thank you, ray 7.31, a big story in san francisco. the famous sir francis drake hotel is no more. you don't call it that. no se the hotels
7:32 am
there. don't worry. you just got a call. a different are going to look it up by different names. if you want to make a reservation, we're kron four's will tran. joining us now live to explain why and what that new name is. good morning. well, don't call me francis drake because that name is gone. it's going away. once it reopens in april. it in admissions right now. call it. >> he can. grant came rates hopeful forward after that, you'll be led to be can grant because that's the name the new owners they want to go to because of the ties that sir francis drake that did the research and he's a famous say, oh, we're back in the 18, 100's, but yes, ties to slavery. so it's close now, once they reopen, they want to start brand new chapter and the hotel's history, 94 years and temperatures go arguably the most famous hotel in the city. part of it will remain the same. said you've been there before. you will like what you've seen before. but they will obviously have different twist to it. that
7:33 am
name. it's not the first time that name has been scrubbed from bay area locations. let me show you video. the school in marine county. look at that. you can see it's rubbed away, sir. francis drake. this is a high school in marin county that was removed last year. its new name is archie williams. he was born in oakland at one point in his life. he lived work at that high school and he was a famous olympian back in 1936, it took 9 months of deliberating, but they went ahead shows archie williams. so that school ho longer goes by the drake name. also, if you notice this, you this is back 2 years ago in 2020. this is that the larkspur ferry terminal. this statue was there for a long time and then they took a gun in the overnight hours as well because they said, wait a minute, we know more about sky and it just rubs people the wrong way, which is by that statue is gone. the name sir
7:34 am
francis drake boulevard. it's just so long ago. many cities, one city in particular, fairfax, they chose to take that stretch where they that stretch go through their city. that name is gone. it's now called the me walk trail to pay homage to the indigenous people in that area hundreds of years ago. other cities where that boulevard runs through, they chose to go keep sir francis drake boulevard for now. so a lot of things going on. we live in a whole new world. i know a lot of statues from the south there were removed as well as people revisit history. find out more about these people that were statues in the landmarks named after. so wait a minute, maybe we want to change that. that's exactly what you're referring to. that great hotel. it was risky for me. i got her. 22 years ago it was so famous even though i didn't need a hotel. everybody knows the hotel, but you will know it by a different it.
7:35 am
>> sure enough. all right. thank you very much. well, 7.34 is the time and and happening right now. chp is looking for the driver involved in a deadly hit and run crash that killed a woman last thursday night on highway 1, 1, just south of healdsburg. the woman had run out of gas to she was outside her car in the silver ram pickup truck. ran into her struck and killed her and took off. they say that truck likely has front end damage. san francisco police are investigating the death of a 16 year-old girl. the teenager's body was found in the soma neighborhood friday morning. investigators think that it may have been an overdose. and the san francisco medical examiner calls the death suspicious so far. police haven't given us ideas of their investigation of the circumstances. >> a california lawmakers now looking into eliminating pay inequality through a bill that would, in essence disclose workers salaries. now, this bill would force companies with more than 100 employees to publicly report. how much
7:36 am
people are being paid by gender and ethnicity. the author of the bill says it builds on previous legislation and in addition to ensuring workers have waged transparency, the bill also covers contracted employees. the nonprofit equal rights advocates supports the effort. >> sometimes those contract workers outnumber the direct employees of the other company and they often receive less pay worse benefits. so it almost does kind of subclass of workers who are being treated differently than the direct employees and having this kind of pay data being reported and having employers have and companies have report this pay will ensure that we have oversight over these contract workers to ensure that they are being paid fairly. >> and the bill will have to go through several different legislative review processes before it makes it to the governor's desk soon as that could happen, perhaps august 31st. pets in california could
7:37 am
soon get some new protections under a bill introduced to the state assembly this week. it's called the dog and cat bill of rights. and the bill's author miguel santiago says a record number of animals were adopted during the pandemic. as people were looking for companionship. but many of those pets now are being offloaded to shelters as people go back to work and don't want the animals anymore. he says these animals deserve safety and security. and if this bill is approved, it would mean that dogs and cats would be granted 7 fundamental rights. they include freedom from exploitation and abuse access to water, food, shelter, as well as daily mental and physical stimulation. >> its 7.37, and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, we're celebrating black history. and this morning we're going to hear from a sports agent who has some great words about breaking barriers and what it takes to 16. >> and steph curry knows what it takes. a lot of threes. a whole lot of threes more than any other nba game. and he was the mvp of the all-star game.
7:38 am
>> and skies nice and clear overhead across the bay area. you'd think it would be a comfortable morning, but it's windy and it is actually pretty cold out there. so do bundle up as you're venturing outside 50's for daytime highs today. tomorrow, even colder and a chance of some sprinkles. your forecast ahead. >> and you're probably wondering how your traffic is looking out there on this holiday monday morning. traffic pretty light. you still need to know what your drive times are. have a look at that. once we get back from break.
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>> some 40 right now and nobody's steph curry 3 pointers he put it all on display at the nba all-star game last night. team lebron with steph curry's beat out team durant. let's get to the highlights and it was c s step that was putting on quite the show there in cleveland. >> incredible performance. 3. is that a gala? yes, joy, yes. and i like pink sneakers. 16 3 pointers on the night. 50 points in all. but those 16 threes. that's a record nobody's ever done that many threes in an all-star game before now and actually had to check. he was i think he was at 15. is he gets into the mind? can somebody please tell me the record because he was just playing having a good time and little? did you know he beat up by a long shot? it was like 9 threes and >> and he hit 16 in the final score. one, 63 1, yes. so in the end it was great. take a listen.
7:42 am
>> this is definitely special. the first you've got to honor kobe and his life and his legacy with this trophy. yop know, the thought that went into i can't spinoffs out my head, but i know everything on this trophy means something in terms of. his life and what he represented. congressman is on the cordon. want to have been all-star mvp trophy and no for it to be the first one to death in a special. >> here to mention that the first time the mvp award is named kobe bryant's. yeah. and it's a first step is over, gotten ppl star. so that was cool. also named to the nba's 75th anniversary team to say he had a whole bunch of things to celebrate yesterday. as for the warriors, well, obviously don't come back to play until after the all-star break. so the first game will be this coming thursday from its the portland trail. blazers looks like we'll be right back spend that amount of time.
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we used to think this was the best thing a plant could grow into. and then, we made this. introducing the new mcplant. made with the first plant-based patty worthy of being called a mcdonald's burger. ♪ ba da ba ba bah ♪
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worthy of being called a mcdonald's burger. back at 7.45 don't have too much of winter left. unfortunately, it's been warmer than we would have liked. >> and with that, we could come could see and our mental impacts too a problem. scientists, a lot of the u.s. not just california, but a lot of the u.s. has had an unseasonably warm spring. temperatures in march, april ahead, don't look like they're
7:46 am
going to be much better. in fact, they're going to say it might be warmer than we've seen in a long time for parts of the u.s.. and that's expected to contribute to drier the unexpected conditions. and that includes california since we're already in the middle of a drought. just going to add on to that national drought mitigation center says this truck could be the most widespread we've seen since 2013. now that have for us potentially, i know it and i'm i'm thinking more about golfing than skiing. you know, i mean, because i feel winter is over, but it's not over and over. it looks like we're going to get a renewed push into. >> the cold and maybe some precipitation spent part of our rain but snow. yeah. if you had something off, yeah, i'm hoping this little wintery reminder last more than just one storm and that we can push through march much like we are this morning. >> new snowfall up in the sierra nevada. this is donner summit right there. roadway is clear, but we have seen chain controls out there. make sure as you're heading up to this year, the next 24 hours that you're accounting for that
7:47 am
snowfall, that's really only going to pick up more and more tonight into tomorrow. so the bay is really nice and clear and dry this morning. the sierra nevada already has had its first dose of snowfall out of this system that's working its way through and snow picking up more and more. you'll see more of that blue in future cast showing up here in just a second on into the evening hours tonight and into tomorrow for your tuesday. in the meantime, the bay area also sees the chance of a couple of sprinkles. that's all we're going to tap into, though. maybe a few sprinkles most likely near the coast and in the south bay, most of us aren't going to see much of anything from the sierra nevada getting that much-needed snowfall bay area. well, sitting it out yet again. the system just passing too far to the east to provide much enough energy to results and rain for us back home. we are getting something from this storm, is the windy and colder temperatures winds this morning breezy us near the coastline, 20 to 30 mile per hour winds. that's going to make those frigid temperatures we have this morning in our
7:48 am
cool daytime highs feel all the cooler. so it's definitely a day for the jackets sweaters 50's for your highs in sf near the coastline right along the bay as well as further inland. it's actually pretty similar feel and temperature wise as to what we were yesterday, which was kind of a shock to our senses after so much nice weather lately. i had everyone texting me. oh, my gosh. winters back and i was like, yeah. and expect that for the next few days. so you definitely want to be ready for it. jackets, sweaters, all in all, want to dress like we should be for this time of year rather than dressing for summer like we had gotten used to. and temperatures are actually only getting colder starting tomorrow night. some of our inland lows will fall into the 20's. and because of that, we do have frost advisories that will take effect tomorrow night for a whole lot of the bay area. temperatures will remain below freezing at times during the evening hours through wednesday night and thursday night as well. we'll start to warm things back up into friday. and the weekend actually looks pretty mild all over again. tomorrow is our
7:49 am
heaviest snowfall in the sierra and the chance of some light sprinkles here in the bay reyna. well, john, we have a holiday this morning and we have certainly been seeing holiday traffic out there. conditions are really light. >> i don't see any hot spots at this hour. and usually we do have delays traveling along the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls at 19 minutes for your drive. there. the bay bridge heading into the city may so that freeman street x about 8 minutes, the metering lights are still off. look at that. as you're traveling to the maze, there are no major issues along 5.80, or 8.80, salient oakland. about 10 minutes for you to make that commute along 17 down here. santa cruz traveling to los gatos. 85 just 21 minutes. highway 9 also pretty light. and the south bay, 1, 85 towards menlo park. 28 minutes for you. there james, back to you. thank you, ray at 7.49. and as we honor black history here on kron 4 this morning, we're hearing from a bay area.
7:50 am
nfl agent henry oregon. yeah, he spoke with kron 4 sports director jason dumas about his first big client and about. >> a message for breaking barriers in the sports management industry. take a listen. >> every agent remembers their first client, even if they don't still wrapped that guy just generally speaking your first big fish. who was your first client? >> my first big fish was kendrick bourne. the forty-niners now place the tensions. >> nice. how did that come about? how did you develop that relationship? i guess how proud are you of kendrick? he's had a great season. most recently in a loss to the bills. he absolutely killed it. >> yeah. i mean, i'm most proud of can introduce ex getting his game. a relationship kind of came about kendrick was looking to switch agency was looking for black asian action. and we just happened this in the same people. i mean, i loved it they're in. he knew some my friends and, you know, we them sitting down and just talking
7:51 am
about what he wanted to accomplish. what i was about nation that we were fit. you know, when your wind we're going to do in the complex. and so he retweeted it still do it. nice now. >> it's unfortunate, but it's a reality. we know in a lot of our communities, the youth, you know, they grow up. they want to be a pro athlete, football, basketball, baseball, whatever the case might be you out of anybody knows, especially working with athletes. how hard that is to do now. of course, none of us want to be dream killers, but we're also realistic. i guess my question for you is how much pride do you take in showing black boys and girls that there's other way to make it, especially in sports. you don't have to be that person on the field. there's very other lucrative and very, very admirable professions in the world of sports. >> yeah, i think, you know, tremendous front, i think fit. we are leading the next generation too. increase our awareness in those fields. you
7:52 am
know, if you don't see people that look like you, you can't you don't believe that you can do. and the same goes. the players, the players. 10 to vie better with people that look like in from backgrounds are similar to so making sure that, you know, black men and women and women, girls, boys, you know, are in those from office seats in a decision makers, you know, really has pushed things forward. >> also, men last question, henry, before i let you go. for any young black kid watching this will be one piece of advice. you'd give them as they navigate through there high school years in college years, even if he's not in the same direction, utah. >> you don't have to do this more as person in the room to succeed. you do have to work the hardest. in addition, you have to believe in yourself. a lot of people are going to tell you what you can do and you can only listen to somebody has been where you want to go. looks like you.
7:53 am
>> there you have it. that's henry. he is one of the bay area's best ambassadors, killing it in the nfl world rep and some of your favorite players. that's all we have right here on kron. 4. >> but we do have more because we have a whole special coming up on thursday with all kinds of features and stories that you're going to learn from and just love. it's hosted by pam moore and the special is this thursday night at 6.30. so check it out. 75 in. take a
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
look at this. this isn't found after 12 years reunited with their owner in rio vista. this dog was found on rural property outside of stockton because, you know, i've been i guess they were just roaming around in us and they they yeah, they did and they said this dog named zoe was reported missing in lafayette in 2010. so 12 years later years he been i don't know the question. well, actually, you know, when when she ran off, the owner been so many years that they just thought, well, our dog is disappeared in, i guess, but 12 years later now she's an old dog but still loved. and i wonder you are saying he should she knows or owners because they reunited with her after all those years because they have the same phone number. yeah, yeah. oh.
7:57 am
well, i'm glad that >> i was going say that puppies back home. that puppy anymore. know that dogs back home are. we'll take a quick break here at 7.56. coming up in the next hour, parents in oakland continue to fight to keep their kids. schools open will tell you why they say the children going to lose an important community resource. >> if they're not successful, plus a new omicron covid variant is spreading will have. more information from local infectious disease experts and what they're concerned about. meanwhile, the white house says it is committed to pursuing a diplomatic resolution to the situation with russia and ukraine as tensions continue to ratchet up. we'll have more on that coming up from d c.
7:58 am
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worthy of being called of a mcdonald's burger. everything's hands-free. i wasn't so lucky... invis is not your parents' braces. invis is faster than braces and the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors. invisalign >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> good morning. and thanks for waking up with us on monday. a holiday monday for some folks, every day's a here on the kron. 4 morning news. absolutely. we have so much fun. >> and feels weather-wise every day seems to be a holiday here around the bay today was a little chilly getting up, john. it was. but it's people call this key week. you know, presidents day and you kids go skiing. they have the days off. >> so there's fresh snow, which is awesome and believe it or not. yeah, look at that. snow out of nowhere. it just seems like we haven't seen it in so long in any dose of snow. we've had recently has bee


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