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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  February 26, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> the >> russian army is committing barbaric actions its invasion of ukraine at the same time. the entire world is witnessing the determined and brave resistance by the ukrainian army and picture nation. now it's 6 o'clock russian troops draw even closer to the ukrainian capital of kyiv. as the death count of both sides grows. >> the armed forces, the people and the ukrainian president are all standing tall in defiance of vladimir putin's attempt to use violence to bend the country to his well. thank you for
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joining us here during kron. 4 news at 6. i'm justine waltman. i'm jonathan mccall. take a look at this video from kiev tonight. it shows an apartment building and the aftermath of the intense fighting. >> russian artillery heading that building with folks inside of it. the good news, no serious injuries have been reported. meanwhile, the united states now sending millions of dollars in more aid to ukraine. but at the same time, the white house is making sure that it's not getting pulled into the conflict directly. anna wiernicki has more now from washington, dc. good evening. as russian troops push forward with their invasion into ukraine. >> countries around the world are offering their support. the u.s. and nato allies are working to resupply the ukrainian forces with the military and equipment they need. >> do it the president of ukraine posting this video to twitter on saturday from the streets of keene after turning down an offer from the united states to help them evacuate his response. i need ammunition. not a right.
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ukraine is is fighting back that they're defending themselves. pentagon spokesman john kirby says the u.s. will continue to help equip ukraine with what it needs to defend itself. late friday night, the u.s. approved another 350 million dollars in security assistance. u.s. secretary of state antony blinken said in a statement on saturday the money would go towards lethal defensive assistance to help ukraine do with armored airborne and other threats. it is not in our interest to be in a war with russia. white house press secretary jen psaki says the u.s. will not send troops inside ukraine instead announcing new sanctions on friday directly aimed at russian president vladimir putin and his close advisers sends a clear message about >> the the strength of the opposition to the actions by president putin and the direction and his leadership of the russian military. i don't think will back down at all. but thomas graham with the council on foreign relations says the sanctions likely won't be enough to stop
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russian troops from advancing its not going to have any significant impact >> on russia's conduct, conduct we term and much more about what happens on the ground in ukraine. >> president biden is in wilmington this weekend, but the white house says he will continue to meet with members of his national security team on the latest developments in ukraine for now in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. meanwhile, folks in ukraine desperate to get out of the country are now flocking to neighboring poland, hungary and romania. >> volunteers could be seen handing out hot beverages, water, food and supplies to those crossing into the border of hungry. tonight, the united nations reporting as many as 240 civilian casualties in ukraine since the invasion began on thursday. but the un believes that real figures, the real numbers are considerably higher because many reports of casualties still remain to be confirmed. tonight in the last few hours, the white house, along with several european countries announced they were removing from russia from the swift
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banking system that connects thousands of banks across the globe. meanwhile, the ukrainian film festival has created a petition for countries also around the world. the boycott russian cinema among the demands not allowing russian films into festivals for producers to cancel business with russian in for distributors to be careful about releasing films in the country. the petition also calls for eu european film agencies to strip russia from funding and accreditation. >> countries from every corner of the globe are showing their support for ukraine, from brussels to paris, london to new york, some of the world's most famous landmarks are lit up in the colors of the ukrainian flag tonight. nato countries have shown a strong relationship and their fight against russia. many cities are not just lighting up in blue and yellow, but also people are taking to the streets. protesters from around the world are showing that they disapprove of the attacks and the sovereign nation. and here in san francisco, the russian invasion of ukraine drawing a
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large crowd denouncing the deadly force. kron. 4 call, spoke with people devastated by the destruction and the mounting loss of lives. >> in solidarity with ukraine, hands in the hole by the growing number of lives as the war rages on. hard right now to see what's happening. at least 1000 people stand shoulder to shoulder at embarcadero plaza in san francisco demanding russia pull its troops from the eastern european country. but this is police officers are right now. i'm kind of worried she's out there and then i was a judge. she has to deal with all of the politics going on there event organizer anastasia the bloodshed has been gut-wrenching to watch from a distance. she is happy russian and half ukrainian. it's a way to take to months
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or even years ago. right protects pull vo lives in san jose now but has former ties to russian politics. she says russian president vladimir putin does not have her support native russian kamila leader feels the same way and believes generations of russians will be left to the diplomatic damage the elevation has caused. we are relationship many countries who otherwise would have been our friends. lindor advocating for people to reach out to organizations supporting training in refugees. >> she wants to help them learn english once they have been displaced from their country in san francisco, phillipe djegal all kron. news. >> to follow all the latest updates on the ukrainian crisis. take out your phone and you can scan this qr code and will guide you to our website for all the latest developments. >> kron 4 monitoring a
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developing story tonight from the east bay, 3 oakland, firefighters now recovering from minor injuries after the fire truck. they were on slammed into an apartment building this afternoon. it happened on grand avenue just across the street from lake merritt. no other folks were heard to. oakland fire says that truck was headed to a fire call with its lights and sirens on when the crash happened. right now, there's no word on how this all went down. but oakland police now handling the investigation into the crash and are asking the public for any video or pictures that could help them out. now the covid-19 coverage the saturday night for more than 14 months. the centers for disease control and prevention has recommended a 3 to four-week interval between the first and second shots of the pfizer and moderna vaccines. but now the agency is changing its tune with that timeline. this week, the cdc said it may be best for some folks who are 12 and older space out those shots. as long as 8 weeks, especially for men between the ages of 12 39. it
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believes the longer time could help reduce the rare risk of inflammation of the heart. >> new data from the u.s. treasury department reveals how much covid rental least money has been distributed. the department says more than 80% of federal rental assistance given out during the pandemic, went to low income tenants. the treasury says the aide was aimed at keeping families in their homes during the pandemic. the largest percentage of aid recipients were black, followed by female lead households. lawmakers approved nearly 47 billion dollars in relief over. 25 billion was spent just last year. coming up here during kron, 4 news at 6 o'clock law enforcement from across the state is reaching out tonight after a police officer was shot and killed in the line of duty in salinas. >> where an officer has not been killed there in decades. >> then a day, what before? what would have been oscar grant's 37th birthday city of oakland makes him a permanent part of the city's h
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>> welcome back, everyone. the state of texas has released new data showing the number of abortions have sharply dropped in the first month of the state's new strict abortion law. nearly 2200 abortions were reported in the lone star state back in the month of september. that's a 60% drop from the month before. however, there has been a rise in requests from texans for abortion pills by mail. right now, we don't know just how many women have gone to other states for abortions. the texas law bans abortions once
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a heartbeat is detected, which is typically around 6 months, 6 weeks. >> people in florida are protesting a controversial new bill that critics are calling the don't say bill. it's named such because it bans teachers from talking about orientation and trans issues to students in kindergarten through 3rd grade. opponents of the bill say it targets and transgender kids. republicans introduced the bill say the conversation should be happening at home. the bill was passed by the florida house and now heads to the senate where it is expected to pass. governor ron desantis is also expected to sign the bill into law. >> and radar for tracking some showers over the north bay. but don't let all that green pull you. in fact, most of it evaporating before it hits the ground. also known as virga details on what we may see. russia
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♪ i've breathed the mountain air, man. ♪ ♪ of travel i've had my share, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere. ♪ ♪ i've been to: pittsburgh, parkersburg, ♪ ♪ gravelbourg, colorado, ♪ ♪ ellensburg, cedar city, dodge city, what a pity. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere. ♪ >> we're back here during kron. 4 news at 6 o'clock. and in the east bay tonight, oakland police are investigating a homicide that they think happened after a fight. investigators say it happened on 100 and 4th avenue around 10 o'clock last night. >> before that shooting, opd says they received calls about a group of folks who are funding when they got to the scene. they say they found a san leandro resident killed shot and killed at that scene. so far no arrests have been made. the name of the victim so far has not yet been released. law enforcement from around the state is reaching out to the salinas police
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department tonight after one of their officers was killed in the line of duty. >> officer jorge alvarado junior was shot and killed while making a traffic stop. a short time later, police managed to track down and arrest. the person that they say is responsible but have not released that person's identity. the city's mayor saying this is the first time a salinas police officer has been killed in the line of duty in 80 years. the slain as chief of police describe the fallen officer as a friend and a hero to his community. in san francisco. a crash on friday night led to a shooting and one of the drivers now being arrested for attempted murder. police say a minor accident happened near the joe, the rec center in the city's bayview neighborhood. after the 2 drivers began arguing they say and a group of 3 kids and adult came to see what was happening. and that's when police say the suspect opened fire at that group. one person was injured but is expected to be ok, the suspect has been taken into custody and also has been charged. also in san
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francisco, the fire department says 15 people were rescued from a fire that started on the 3rd and 4th floor of this apartment building. that's on howard street. this is video of that fire posted to the citizens app. you can see all the smoke there. the fire department says 8 people were injured in the fire. 4 of them had to go to the hospital for treatment. firefighters also rescued a dog and a cat from the building. no word yet on what caused this fire to tear through the building. kron 4 monitoring a developing story from las vegas tonight where 13 people have been heard. one person killed. >> after a shooting at a hookah lounge in las vegas. 2 of those victims are in critical condition. investigators say this all started with a fight between 2 people at a party inside of that hochul lounge. when that fight turned into gunfire. both of those shooters fled the scene so far no arrests have been made. the suspects are currently outstanding. but i can assure you they will be caught. our agency takes a lot of pride in the fact that our homicide section. has the best self ability rate in the
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country. we do a very good job catching people that do these kind of things. we will catch the suspects very quickly. police believe the shooting was an isolated incident. also following the very latest from indianapolis tonight where authorities there are investigating a shooting that happened at a jewish community center when officers got to the scene, they say they found 2 men shot. believe the shooting. they believe the shooting started with an argument during a basketball game and was not a hate related crime. an officer applied a tourniquet to one of the victims before both were taken to the hospital in stable condition tonight, police are still searching for the shooter. >> i ask are grants would have turned 36 years old this weekend and now 13 years after his death, the city of oakland is remembering him by officially making february 27th oscar grant day grant died in 2009, a new year's day after being fatally shot on the fruitvale bart platform by a bart police officer. today.
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the oscar ground foundation hosted an event in front of oakland city hall too. celebrate the recognition of this day, which was spearheaded by grant's mother, wanda johnson and today's event featured speakers live music and fun activities for the entire community. >> history repeats itself. and still we never learn. the only way know was if we let this city i ask a that is what the masses screen. and i think thousands in the streets be a in a tree. >> oscar's mother who we just heard from told us that she is also committed to changing the name of the fruitvale bart station where grant was killed to the oscar grant station. >> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast the saturday night. a live look at the golden gate bridge. things turning dark really quickly out there this saturday night and chilly. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with what we can expect as we go into saturday they're just cnn, jonathan. it's going to
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be things to this blanket of storm cloud cover that we're actually going to warm back up into the 40's for overnight lows. >> not going to be as chilly wish we had actual rain or an atmospheric river that i was tracking right now because most of the green that you're seeing on radar for is evaporating before it hits the ground. really just treat tracking traces amount of rain at best specifically for those of you in sonoma county and future cast for not really tracking that much as it comes to rain in the bay area. so it looks like that re going to end on the dismal dry, know much like january. going to be 2 of the wet it driest months when it should be our wettest in the bay area and rain totals. as you can see to 107 inch for those of you in santa rosa. but we are tracking a lot of high cloud cover overhead coit tower, as you can see, little beautifully this evening. and for those of you plan on hitting the beach tomorrow, just a heads up. we do have dangerous surf, sneaker waves and rip currents and increasing wave heights 3
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to 6 feet. this beach hazards statement going to remain in effect through sunday afternoon. but temperatures out there right now, widespread low to mid 50's out there. turning into 40's for overnight lows. so a little bit chilly for those of you in santa rosa at 35 degrees. conquered and livermore in the upper 30's at 39 degrees and temperatures tomorrow. 5 degrees above average. 65 for those of you in downtown san francisco. >> 68 for hayward with low 70's for fremont and san jose. santa rosa trying to flirt with 70's. but 69 degrees in taking a look ahead. if you're looking for a march miracle, our best shot in the next 7 days will be wednesday. but really just tracking traces amount of rain at best need to start getting those rain bands going. go back to you, jonathan, just staying. all right, lisa, thank you. sports is on the way. the stand for women closing out an unbeaten pac 12 regular season. >> but it was not easy. kate rooney on the way with the highlights. plus, she's lived for august as saint mary's host, the number one team in all of america tonight.
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♪ ♪ come be a part of it. plan your next vacation at >> and now kron 4 sports. >> it's a great night for college hoops in the top ranked team in the nation just happens to be visiting us right here in the bay area. i'm or august. saint mary's gets ready to host gonzaga at university credit union pavilion. and boy, the gaels are having an excellent season as well. they are the nation's
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23rd ranked team. they just clinched the number 2 seed in the wcc tournament after beating san diego on thursday. a win tonight would be huge for saint mary's when it comes to seeding in the ncaa tournament. but it's not going to come easy. the bulldogs have only lost 2 games this season. they're perfect in the wcc and they had a pretty convincing win over the gaels just 2 weeks ago. they've also got a potential number one overall draft pick and chet holmgren. he had a double double when the gales visited spokane tip-off. here is at 7. we're going to have highlights later tonight here on kron. 4 news. let's talk some women's hoops. like i mentioned, a lot of action in the bay area. number 2, stanford hosting washington on the farm and the huskies gave them a bit of a scare. washington took an early lead kept it at halftime and we're still in front late in the game. lauren swartz led the way with 15 points for the huskies and tt walk-ins at 10 off the bench in a wilson made. the key play of the game, though, with stanford on
6:26 pm
one with just over a minute left she applied the full court pressure force. the turnover steal and layup. on the other end to give the cardinal the lead for good stanford survive. 63 to 56 for an an beaten pac. 12 campaign. they have now won 16 straight games and 31 consecutive in the conference. not too shabby after the game. the 5 seniors, including wilson, were honored. this will certainly not be their final game at maples pavilion as the cardinal are expected to host a couple of games in the ncaa tournament. all right. how about some soccer now? the earthquakes opening their season in san jose against the new york red bulls. one, nothing new york in the 69th minute. javier lopez heads in the corner for san jose. and that would be the equalizer. it's a 1 one tie, but only 3 minutes mere fernandez with the left footed score. red bulls back up 2 to one and 3
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to one. new york was the final score. so the quakes will try to get their first win of the season next saturday against the columbus crew. all right. one final note tonight, some warriors news draymond green was back at practice today. he's been cleared for non-contact practices. he called it a positive step as he continues on his rehab from a lower back injury. still, though, no timetable on when he's going to turn to the dogs hoping it's really justine. jonathan, back to you. all right. kate will see live in prime time. thanks so much for joining us. that does it for us here at
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