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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  February 28, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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get the best result possible. >> from the bay area's local news station. now with breaking news. >> breaking news tonight at 9 o'clock 5 people are dead in sacramento after police say a man shot and killed his 3 children as well as a chaperone before turning the gun on himself. thank you for joining us tonight on kron. 4 news at night. everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. police say the shooting happened at a supervised visit. >> at a church that church was located at 2041 white away right behind the popular arden, fair mall. authorities say the 3 children were the suspects, daughters ages 9, 10 13. our conference jonathan mccall live for us on the scene. we will be checking with him shortly to get a live
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report from that area. now to our other big story tonight, the latest developments on the war in ukraine. ukrainian officials saying more than 70 >> ukrainian soldiers were killed after russian artillery hit a military base in a city between kark event. kids. the country's deputy minister posted at these pictures of the damage on his facebook page. >> they show what's left of a 4 story building and rescuers searching through the rubble in a later facebook post, he said many russian soldiers and some local civilians also were killed during the fighting on sunday. >> meanwhile, the russian military continues to target ukraine's capital city. new satellite photos here show a convoy of russian forces north of keefe stretch for some 40 miles. the photos also show deployments of ground forces and ground attack helicopter units in southern belarus. belarus has been cooperating with the russians, allowing them to stage their and new
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tonight at 9, australia's prime minister announced that his country we'll be providing ukraine with 50 million dollars and tissiles, ammunition and other military hardware too fight the russian invaders and the international criminal court is opening an investigation into alleged russian war crimes during this innovation. and in new york today, the united nations met again to demand russia stop the war. >> reporter shirley chan has more. >> monday morning began with high stakes talks between ukraine and russia. while the president of neither nation was there. officials from both sides met on the belarus border and after 6 hours, things ended as they started. no cease-fire. here in new york, the united nations general assembly called its first emergency session in decades. the 193 member states discussed a resolution to condemn russia. these escalating violence, which is all thing in cv. and that's
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including >> he's totally unacceptable. >> while on the ground, the ukrainian military is putting up a stronger resistance than most initially thought them capable. international outrage continues to grow. but russian president vladimir putin remains defiant against the world. heavy bombings pummel ukraine's second-largest city car key russian troops continue to advance to the capital of keev. the death toll continues to mount official estimates over 400 civilians have been killed, at least a dozen of them children. and the worst may be yet to come. i think that we may well be on the costs. >> i massive hobbling all of the russian attack. in ways that would test all of those ukrainian dozens of nations putting the economic squeeze on pull in and those in his inner circle. american officials announced they are expelling at least a dozen russian intelligence operatives from the russian
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mission to the u n. >> they're accused of espionage and even switzerland, a country that traditionally does not take sides, slap sanctions on the kremlin. the freezing of assets being felt by everyday russians, long lines at banks and atms as the rouble sinks in value, even soccer's governing body banning russia from the world cup and all competition. >> and meantime, a san jose city council members pushin to end san jose sister city relationship with russia's 4th largest municipality. >> council member sylvia arenas plans to present her proposal to the city council's rules committee wednesday. in a statement, she said, quote, ending our cities, formal diplomatic relationship rtssia's municipal government in and kevin burke sends a clear message. san jose will lend our voice to the massive international diplomatic effort to isolate russia completely. arenas is also proposing to light city hall's
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tower and rotunda in the blue and yellow of the ukrainian flag direct san jose's lobbyists in washington to push for more sanctions on russia and to send more military supplies to ukraine. >> so for more discussion on the war in ukraine, we're joined now by marcos can unlock. he's he's visiting fellow at stanford university's hoover good evening, marcos. so here we are tonight at this terrible moment as ukraine is in the throes of war invaded by russia. i mean, is this thing that we should have seen coming a long time ago? >> well, we've seen it coming. i mean, we've seen aggression that the that russia under putin, because it really is approved lead effort. we've seen it in georgia. we've seen it in other parts of ukraine, whether it's the donbass or in crimea. so it's this constant moved to take what he can to expand territory early and to make claims on things that
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aren't his. >> marcus is, you know, this is different, kind quickly in those instances there was bloodshed, but nothing like what we have seen and you fear for the future with the convoy of russian troops lined up for what is to come in the days and weeks ahead. what is your best prognostication on how committed putin is to taking the country at all costs and what that means globally. >> well, from everything i've seen and you're right from everything i've seen. he's all in. i mean, it doesn't seem like when you look at a convoy of that size heading to the capital city that he is withdrawing war or having a second thoughts about this. it is significant. and for anyone who's sitting in in ukraine and and committed to defending their own nation. it's got to be is if you're facing the death star, i mean, it is massive. and you're right. those previous incursions of
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there was one that was pretty significant, pretty painful in chechnya. but some of the other ones were not as large ukraine as a as a nation of almost 45 million people. and he is he's dead set on taking, you know. >> so you did use an analogy which, you know, we all love an underdog story. >> this does seem to be the the evil empire. >> the the rebels are going up against. have you seen this actually play out in the end? >> well, certainly i command and i'm i'm just moved by the actions of the president. president zelinsky, who recently visited california petro poroshenko, who is also a former president of ukraine. the fact that they're out there that they haven't just gotten out of town and many of us may remember that when the taliban was heading into kabul, the president of
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afghanistan, you know, hit the road. it is. it is just heartening to see what people are ready to do to defend their homes, their families, their but it is. going to be and continue to likely be a very bloodied, very painful war these forces that that are just enormous and and have everything going for them in and the fact that vladimir putin really has no restraint has no conscience when it comes to this ref. what he has in mind is sort of his concept of this larger russian them. >> you wrote recently about the fact that ukraine had nuclear weapons gave them up. what it would mean today if ukraine still had that threat. >> that's right. you know, we know and we we want to support
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disarmament. we want to stop. you know, we're for nonproliferation. so when the soviet union fell apart, belarus, kazakhstan and ukraine all have nuclear weapons arsenal left over from the soviet days. they gave them up. and if you look at those 3 nations, now they're at least belarus. is it that they are wholly owned subsidiary of russia? at this point? kazakhstan is facing its own pressures from russia and you see what's happening to ukraine. they do not have that ultimate deterrent to key have from thinking about invading. >> so bhutan's back is somewhat up against the wall. i mean, he's getting pushed back from ukrainians that probably didn't anticipate. but so it seemed as though we're entering this cold war phase, the u.s. and europe and you know, with russia. so what's at risk in your view of this cold war turning into a hot war? >> well, i mean, it's already a hot war in ukraine if it spreads beyond its borders,
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you know, we the united states, president biden said we will not engage militarily in ukraine is not a treaty ally. but if it spills over either by design or by accident, then all bets are off. the worrisome part of it all, of course, is that wladimir putin has raised the threat and he is raise. the stakes are ready to the highest level were not responding with a light kind response in the nuclear frame. but, you know, here's a guy who's willing to say anything and do anything in part so that he will survive in his role as president of russia. but in part because he is he has this goal of of expanding and of consolidating his power end of an of someday having after his name. the great the way that peter, the great for catherine, the great where
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once a are steen in history, he wants to be the great. >> you recently met with zelensky. you were corresponded and moscow. you you have vast knowledge of that part of the world. but for a lot of folks, you know, here in the bay area, it's half a world away prior to a few weeks ago, their knowledge of these issues was pretty limited. why should people here in america and maybe more locally here in the bay care? >> well, first of all, locally, you know, we have one of the largest ukrainian populations in the country and there are a lot of them are in sacramento. and certainly if you're in san francisco, you drive down geary boulevard, you'll see the onion domes of the russian church. so we have a large population that has a relationship to this to this region. but why should we care about this in a larger sense because it is question of of maintaining the international order of maintaining the rules that keep us all safe when when a country can willie
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millage just take over another country, invade another country. everything that we've been operating, all the rules that we've been operating on since world war 2 are thrown out the window and that makes the world a much more dangerous place. not only deliver business to do anything. and so we have to recognize that this moment what we're witnessing right now has changed and has created a or is the very inception of a new world order and perhaps a wider war. >> so we we're running out of time. but i do want to ask you this question. your boss, condoleezza >> the >> secretary of said that book is lost. it. it is beyond delusional. i mean, how do you? deal with it? a character like that with an actor like that yeah. >> i think he's got some logic in his own mind. but from any
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rational actor in the west or any other part of the world, it what he's doing is just not not sane. and but of course, he has a larger vision. he has some logic to what it is he wants to do and that's what's so dangerous is that he has normal known world. guardrails. no fear, but he's willing to do anything to achieve his goals. and and so, you know, he looks crazy to us. but in his own mind, he's not. >> well, we have to leave it right there. there's so much more to talk about. thank you so much for taking the marcus can lock us stanford's hoover institution. have a good evening. >> meanwhile, amid the aggression by russian, many companies are now concerned about their cybersecurity. come for u.s.. justin campbell has that part of the story. >> as there were in ukraine continues, many bay area tech companies are concerned about their cybersecurity. level of concern skyrocketed over the
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last 5 to 10 is a lot of conservative baker related to how they can protect themselves rife us. it is ceo of hackers strike says there has been an uptick in cyber attacks and companies are reaching out to him. a lot of conservative baker related to how they can protect themselves. well, to think make additional missions to protect themselves against perhaps a heightened level of sunday's company hackers strike. >> uses the latest intelligence to protect businesses from ransomware. but he says you can protect yourself also by using character passwords and be careful on what emails you click on cyberattacks. a fairly sophisticated today. >> the is very, very easy to fall prey to. one of the u.s. has 7 says many of the attacks come from 3 places, china, north korea. >> and russia. it state-sponsored was that they
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have the security to be able to operate within the territory the country. >> in a safe manner as the war continues. so will the concern over increasing cyber attacks reporting in san jose? justin campbell kron, 4 news. >> and follow the latest on the crisis in ukraine. you can use your phone's camera to scan this qr code that will guide you to our website kron 4 dot com where we are posting off the latest developments. another big story we're following for you tonight, california set to drop its school mask mandate march. 12th. >> the state's health and human services secretary doctor mark ghaly announce the long-awaited day today saying the time is right. he pointed to plummeting covid-19 cases and hospitalization rates and anticipating even lower numbers in mid-march. >> several bay area school districts have already said they have plans now to align with the state chris taylor has more now on what to expect from the mount diablo unified school district. >> on monday, governor gavin newsom announced the state
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would lift its indoor mask requirement for school students after march. 11th following his announcement contra costa county said it would also end its indoor mask mandate in k through 12 schools and child care settings. mid-march, a decision the mount diablo unified school district is also on board with the my my recommendation, i have i've always stood our position in the district that we would we were follow the mandates. we're going to follow rules. we're going to follow the laws. >> and the goes, goes away from requiring students to wear masks to. we're going to give students the option. superintendent doctor adam clark says >> this ultimately leads the choice of to students and families. parents have a choice in this. students have a choice. >> we're going to make sure that we can accommodate on both were ever a family may lie on this very you know, topic as of february 18th,
9:17 pm
mount diablo unified had 171 active covid cases throughout the entire district. doctor clark says the low transmission rate and high vaccination rate. >> allow for this change in mask guidance. all families who want to have their their children vaccinated have that opportunity and so so i think that that kind of makes this decision that >> less controversial than it would have been maybe a year ago with went back. scenes were not readily available at the school board meeting on march 9th. doctor clark says >> he will again propose face masks to be optional for students. however, he says he's not recommending a change to mask requirements for adults until the state releases additional guidance for school employees. meanwhile, west contra costa unified responded to our requests on monday. but i no comment regarding their future masking plans. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> the san francisco department of public health says the city will be aligning
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with the state and lifting mask mandates in schools, however, and hang with me. the city school district is saying otherwise. the san francisco unified school district says it is keeping its mask mandate. >> we've been open for all students for in-person learning this entire school year with all the layers of protection that we have in place in these layers of protection shown to be effective in helping to curb the spread of covid-19. >> san francisco mayor london breed tweeted in response as always, send a vigil entities like school districts and businesses can choose to be more restrictive than the state and local guidelines. and people can, of course, choose to still wear masks. i urge everyone to respect each other's choices during this transition period to california's indoor mask mandate is going way starting tomorrow for everyone regardless of their vaccination status. state leaders making that announcement today. >> congressman to harry spoke with infectious disease experts about the changes. >> i think it's fair to say
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that we are mutually different place in the pandemic. new vaccines. we have lots of immunity with their and so if you feel comfortable, i do think it is the right time ask they areas. infectious disease experts reacting to big news from state leaders starting march first, regardless of vaccination status, people can go unmasked. in most indoor spaces, doctor monica gandhi with ucsf says the decision better aligns the state with cdc guidelines and is based on hospitalization rates. they just put in hospitalization rate. and the reason they do that is partially because we've had so much infection from the omicron surge. there's one estimate the 75% of americans have seen omicron. >> and that led to a lot of natural immunity. almost everybody getting infected with omicron. >> at some point, even if you don't know if everyone will still have to wear masks and high transmission settings like public transit and health care facilities. doctor peter chin-hong also added doctors
9:20 pm
now have more tools to help covid positive patients. sarah interventions now. >> not even for unvaccinated people to keep them away from the hospital. he says he doesn't expect to see an uptick in cases in the coming weeks. i think that the numbers will continue to go down because there is a huge amount of community immunity right now. doctor gandhi has been looking at data out of the u k. >> they removed their masks about 4 weeks ahead of us. they haven't seen any increase in severe disease. >> and so that is a good sign that if you have high rates of immunity in the population were about equivalent to the uk with our vaccination rate here in california that we're not going to get into trouble from that. but both doctors are still encouraging the unvaccinated to get vaccinated. there's a lot of good data that shows us hybrid immunity. you have natural infection. if you get one dose of the vaccine that you have much more durable immunity, individual cities or counties are also able to set their own
9:21 pm
guidelines. amanda hari kron, 4 >> now to our 4 zone forecast. nice and warm out there. but bone-dry chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here large. you're saying there's a chance. probably the best chance we've seen since early in january. if you can believe that now running at 99% of normal of rainfall in san francisco, but looks like we've got a good shot of rain coming our way. not tonight, though. it's nice and clear for the most part. but there you go. you've got your storm system off the coastline. that's going to be the rainmaker. it's going to be a slow mover here. in fact, the models start to slow this down a little bit, which is good news. we likepthis to move through slowly and leave behind a little more rain for us right now. most that rain is focused in the pacific northwest. they're seeing some moderate to some heavy amounts of rainfall across parts of northern oregon, washington. but further south, things are fairly dry now. but in the bay area, of course, we're keeping things dry at this time. some lingering off the coastline. we'll see more of those clouds on the way for tomorrow. so a big change. the pattern coming
9:22 pm
our way right now, 50's and some 60's. really not a bad evening out there for winter's night outside. but this front it's finally going to break through. not tomorrow, though. we'll see a lot clouds begin to creep in as we head throughout the day. tomorrow will be another warm a day around much of the bay area. some of those temperatures pushing up in the mid 70's outside. otherwise that rain is going to hold off the coastline. but i think by wednesday night into thursday, that's when we're looking at the rain moving in. not tomorrow, though, temperatures are going to once again be running well above the average about 74 in the napa valley. 74 san jose about 69 in oakland next couple days. here we go. mother's clouds rolling on in on wednesday and then on thursday we've got that rain event coming in. looks like models are starting to slow that down. that's exactly what we want to see slowly work its way through the bay area. trouble raindrops for us. we knock on wood, let us hope and hopefully is looking more impressive. the long range maybe march is going to turn out to be a lot wetter than we once expect the miracle i hope so. right? thanks a still to
9:23 pm
come. >> will scott peterson's life sentence thrown out? spoke with the juror at the center of today's critical hearing. plus, the abduction of this toddler triggered an amber alert for the weekend. the new details we're learning about the time between his disappearance and recovery and the chp makes an arrest in connection with the freeway shooting in the east bay. but they say this is not the only shooting. the suspect is connected to.
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>> hayward met is in custody in connection to 2 freeway shootings that happened over the weekend. the chp identified 24 year-old armando perez says the suspect in the shooting in livermore that happened around 11 40 yesterday morning on west bound 5.80, near north livermore. av the driver of a dodge pickup was taken to a hospital with non life threatening injuries. he was shot. the chp also linked perez to a shooting on to 50. that happened about 30 minutes earlier. the victim in the case was critically injured. the chp is still looking into a motive. concord, police are investigating a shooting that injured 4 people. a daven busters happened just before 11 o'clock last night. police say 2 groups of people got into some kind of argument inside dave and busters and they ended up shooting at each other. all 4 people injured.
9:27 pm
they have been treated at the hospital. we don't know their exact conditions. concord police are asking anyone with information on the shooting to give them a call. >> palo alto police arrested a woman who they say stole more than $1600 worth of clothing from stanford shopping center and then was carrying $19,000 in stolen property in the trunk of her car. police say 20 year-old layla butler of san francisco went to victoria's secret. stanford shopping center on saturday and they say she stepped clothing into her back. officers detained or outside the store. they then searched car. they found merchandise stolen from other victoria's secret stores in fairfield in san jose. police also say blake wheeler was carrying license plates, stolen from cars registered in san francisco and rancho cordova. if you're looking for a job, target could be a good place to apply. the retailer is raising its starting wage for some positions. will tell you by how much. >> plus what a new poll is saying about president biden's approval rating on the eve of
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when a truck hit my car, the first mcdonald's burger with a plant-based patty. the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> the remarkable story out of the south bay after a 2 year-old boy was kidnapped and in his car seat, abandon for almost 12 hours as our kron four's terisa staats. reports tonight recovering the boy took an amber alert more than 100 searchers and one lucky break.
9:31 pm
>> all alone with no food, no water. this 2 year-old boy said buckled in his car seat for 10 to 12 hours. police say the boy jacob giardina abducted in the family car. >> so was in that car all day and is his car seat. basically trapped. car were i think it was warmer day. the not be indiscriminate, really tragic. ending. of course, tony was horse and were able to find jacob. the whole or in 2 the night when it will start to get much colder that sunnyvale police captain craig anderson. he says jacob's saga started to unfold sunday morning around 4. >> his mother unloading groceries from the car and into their hotel home. she had the vehicle running to keep jacob warm. but in a flash while she was inside, jacob disappeared along with the car. >> authorities now sharing with kron 4. this woman, tammy wind arrested for the crime
9:32 pm
family. most of proper statement. >> she had about same hotel. jacob and his mom or staying up, she decides telling you. when she walks out of the parking lot, she time she sees the starting to be a call, got some decides to steal a vehicle. got 7 starts driving. what she claims. he did not know there was a child inside be instead parking the car mother something about this trial who decides to drive to a secluded parking area because on the side of our city and says that wants stops working with, think it ran out of gas because i understand it was a rate of the tank. and at that point she decides he's going to leave the car. one of our officers finds the vehicle were taken inside. jacob was rushed to the hospital dehydrated. but okay. >> he was reunited with his mom. it's heart wrenching to
9:33 pm
go. >> our for our and we're not getting any leads finding jacob because it's it's got a whole lot to about position. >> as for tammy, she was arrested for kidnapping child endangerment and vehicle theft. terry says stasio kron. 4 news. >> faith leaders in oakland are weighing in on the school closures that are scheduled to begin in june. the oakland school board voting earlier this month to close or merge 11 schools in oakland today. the group faith in action gathered in front of the oakland unified school district office to express concerns about the plant. >> they say this is an equity issue and they worry about how oakland's plan to close schools will affect the education for students of color. city councilmember noel gallo also spoke. >> having your child the same school throughout the earlier laws allows him to develop relationships. with the adults and children in that environment.
9:34 pm
>> councilmember gallo says the city is working with governor newsome to allocate emergency funds to keep oakland schools open. but the oakland unified school district responded with a statement saying the district appreciates the support of the faith-based community for our school communities. but the district is now focused on carrying out the directions from the board, the school board and ensuring a smooth transition for all impacted students hearing that could give convicted murderer scott peterson a retrial. >> continues in san mateo county today. the woman accused of being a stealth juror in the original trial return to the witness stand for day to kron four's haaziq mod-yoon was at the courthouse today and has this report. >> michelle nyce told the court quote, i didn't purposely withhold anything unquote. the subject is at the center of scott peterson. jury trial hearing being held here in redwood city. nice return to the witness. stand for day 2 in the evidentiary hearing
9:35 pm
to determine if scott peterson's conviction for murdering his wife lacy and their unborn son. conner will be overthrown. >> based upon alleged juror misconduct paving the way for a retrial in court. tears began to flow from arise during questioning by the defense on behalf of scott peterson aimed at establishing nice as a stealth juror who did not disclose being involved in a volatile domestic relationship while she was pregnant prior to filling out the jury questionnaire. legal analyst attorney paula canny. >> first they have to show she lot. >> okay. >> i she's trying to get up there and say she didn't lie about anything. the defensive strategy also involves trying to establish that the juror formally known in the media strawberry shortcake was a mother of 4 children in desperate need of money. at the time she filled out the questionnaire in court. the defense brought up the fact that she received a book deal in the wake of the peterson trial and what appeared to be an attempt to establish a motive between her financial
9:36 pm
situation and her being less than truthful on the jury questionnaire. you think about it, they were getting a book deal whether he was found guilty, whether was found not guilty or whether there was a hung jury. everybody who was like the peterson one of wanted to know how that jury whatever decision they reach or if they didn't reach a verdict, the prosecution is going to say they're going to have to show that. she lived. that she did it with the not cheerier motive and even if she wanted to get money for a book deal that isn't enough to have the impact of the trial. >> has it lead you kron? 4 news. >> tonight on the eve of president biden's first state of the union address, voters are giving their rating of the president's performance. an exclusive news nation poll asked about 1100 registered voters about the president's job performance and a majority. 57% say they
9:37 pm
disapprove of the job. biden is doing while 43% a proof of the way the president is handling the issues facing americans when it comes to the u.s. involvement in that russia, ukraine crisis slightly less than half of the voters support and expanded role for the u.s. during the conflict while less than one-fourth oppose u.s. involvement in defending ukraine against russia. 18% say they're not sure what to think about that mess. and covid concerns are still a big deal for voters surveyed roughly 69% of voters say they are still concerned about the pandemic. 31% say they're not concerned. that is a 10% drop for each group from a similar question asked in a news nation poll just last month, by the way, tune into kron 4 tomorrow night at 6 o'clock where you can watch president biden deliver his first state of the union address live here
9:38 pm
on kron. 4 will have full coverage of the speech followed by analysis from our team of political experts. and still to come tonight on kron, 4 news at 9, we will have the very latest on the mlb lockout. negotiations meeting still underway. >> sports director
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opening day is largely considered the unofficial start of spring. for most sports fans for serves as an annual reminder that summer is right around the corner. so i need to get going start doing my bicep curls. well, it's looking like i can sit on the cap for a few more weeks because the lockout looks like it has no end in sight. the 2 sides, the mlb and the players association. they're not close to a deals like most major conflicts in business. money seems to be the major sticking point. the 2 sides will continue to chat for the rest of the night. but if a deal isn't done by midnight, we will almost certainly not have opening day on april first and for sport that has been losing viewership and struggling to fill stadiums across the country. a pro long lockout can have a lasting effect. >> we had devastating impact on the sport as a whole, particularly because every day there is not a deal, baseball continues to lose relevance. you think about the young demographics across this
9:42 pm
country that are already turning out baseball. what incentive is there for them to come in and watch the sport? what incentive is there right now for people to keep focused on baseball? it's losing ground every single day. and even if a deal does get done, who say that more ground won't be lost because of what's already transpired. so i think that's something that both sides need to keep in mind when they're negotiating this new cba. >> you hate to see it only tough and suffering. now from the show to the association donation, they may want to lock out soon the way the warriors have been playing as of late. they've now lost 5 of 7 and last night they hit a low point. golden state blew a 21 point lead. they didn't score for over 8 minutes on the way to a home loss to the on national television to make it even worse. but somehow some way, steph curry, he spun that loss as a valuable lesson for the guys in that locker room. >> obviously has 2 home games in a row where it's. rough.
9:43 pm
you know, 4th quarter for so we have to figure maintain our energy and the shots are falling. kuz. that's what might be like in a playoff game where you've got to grind out a and >> you know it when they have a little bit of light and take advantage of it. so but this is a good lesson. i learned so it's time to go through it. >> out on the farm, the stanford women, they're looking for back-to-back national championships. but in the meantime, one of their best players, it's showing that she takes care of business off the court just as well as she does on the court senior lexi hall has been named the pac, 12 scholar athlete of the year. this is a very honorable award is presented to a student athlete who excels in their sport and in the classroom this season on the court hole has reached 1000 career points and is currently ranked 29th in
9:44 pm
program history in scoring. she is a hooper, but in the classroom, even more impressive. she boasts a 3.9 gpa and she's on track to graduate in 4 years this spring with both her bachelor's and master's degree and management science and engineering to feel the study that what confuses me a great deal. just a journalist think s the best thing
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>> the machine is promising to deliver fresh pizzas. rich demuro shows us how it works in tonight's tech smart. >> when you think pizza, you might think delivery or someone tossing some dough up into the air. but robotics is changing the way pizza makers are doing business now. a fully self-contained pizza. making vending machine is getting ready to hit the market. >> pizza is a fan favorite. everybody wants pizza. you can eat peace at any time during day and night. now a new way to get it anywhere. anytime my answers at 40 out. who made city mossimo know what day marco is creating a pizza vending machine where pies are made fresh and on demand. i felt a lot will be said when i was a kid on the 7th generation and hospitality, my mom was a very time to chef back in milan. last row can create a pizza from start to finish in about 3 minutes to order pizza. absolutely. you
9:48 pm
can watch the machine work its robotic magic through a giant window people watch the pizza being. this is part of the process. absolutely. it's kind of got the whole idea. we don't want anything in the back cross makes its way down the line as sauce, cheese and toppings are applied. then it's into a special oven. and boxed and there's a pizza. the entire process is contactless. you retrieve your order from a locker when it's ready you can have on the go. you can have it and therefore you're going a school at your college are, you know, at the bottom of your high rise building last row, even designed a special box that transforms into a tray. the idea would be that we just tear it apart right here. while engineers are still perfecting machine, there's a lot of code that went into this pizza. the company has pre sold nearly 5,000 which they plan to start building next year. we need people that actually build them dad to program them the code them then men pains and creating jobs where people might not be tossing the dough but making it and they get pay a lot more. then fry cook. as
9:49 pm
delicious as it was passed. row doesn't plan on creating their own pizza. >> instead, they're going to sell these machines to established brands will use them to put their pizza in more places. all right. if you want to learn more, to my website. it is rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> for your money tonight, target is raising its starting pay to $24 an hour for some positions. the retailer says that the increase will apply to hourly workers at a discount store supply chain facilities and headquarters in 2020 target said its minimum wage at $15 and that will remain in place. but target says some workers will qualify for higher starting pay based on the nature of their job in the prevailing competitive wages at there. local market. take a look at this. a mountain lion spotted in a residential neighborhood in vallejo. >> kristin so-so sent us this video saying was caught on her neighbor's patio camera and
9:50 pm
they have good lighting. that thing is big taken just after 12, 30 this morning on have it your way. that's right. off i-80 and highway 37 there. there have been no reports of and animal like a mountain lion attacking are biting people. fortunately, the california department of fish and wildlife says you should keep your distance and not least small children or pets outside bases. well, i mean, look, looks kind of chill. doing much. just rolling around. you should thank you. okay. time now to talk for the forecast some of those not lines. it is dry for a couple months, an end and you know, water for water right deliver their cool looking animals. so but, hey, we've got some changes coming our way it is quiet out there tonight. so far, couple high clouds begin to move in. i want to show you. >> some of the rainfall totals and this is where we sit so
9:51 pm
far for this rain season. and how about that? san francisco at an even 17 inches of rain just slightly below the average. now at 99%. so that's amazing. we went through much of the heart of the rain season with hardly any rain at all. it just goes to show you how much we had early on san jose now at over 6 inches of rain. now, 69% of normal oakland actually still above the average over 15 inches. santa rosa at 88%. hayward at 105% of normal and 90% normal in live more. so not all as bad when get things going once again. fact, a long-range computer model showing you this next storm system off the coastline that will likely bring some rain to the bay area starting on wednesday night into thursday morning. looks like it could be a nice little soaker. may be stalling out a little bit longer than originally forecast as we head to the morning, then another one. we're kind of rotates in not much moisture with this one. this is going to be cold system coming by bringing a few more showers, possibly the bay area. more snow up in the sierra nevada. behind that. we'll dry things out a little bit early next week, but then by the end of next week, it
9:52 pm
looks like things may start to get a little more progressive. maybe a little more open to getting some more rainfall. so keep your fingers crossed for that. we've had some amazing days, though. these temperatures running well above the average 70 degrees today in san francisco. 72 10 degrees above the average in oakland. 75 in san jose. 76 in livermore, 73 in concord. and 75 degrees in santa rosa. here's a look at that cold front right now. you can see a most that energy up in pacific northwest. we're down to the south of that. we're just seeing some high clouds begin to drift in more that on the way for tomorrow. going to see a lot of cloud cover around the bay area. so this frontal system go to slowly work its way in our direction tomorrow. not going get the rain. we're going to see the high clouds up above what a gorgeous sunset by tomorrow night. that rain not going to move on shore looks like probably late on wednesday into thursday. you'll see here on the models as we head through the day tomorrow, a lot of high clouds moving through and then more of those clouds thickening up on wednesday. then wednesday night and thursday. here we go by early on thursday morning, 5 in the morning or so that
9:53 pm
rain starts to move into the north bay stretching across the rest. the bay area then lingering into the afternoon hours. it looks like as well, at least some scattered showers kind of fall apart as far as rainfall totals not going to be huge storm system, but we got lucky you might see maybe a quarter of an inch, maybe a half an inch across some of the mountain tops, otherwise lesser amounts down below. but tomorrow it will remain dry. expect those highs generally in the 60's and the mid 70's. it will be mild continuing on wednesday, much cooler with a chance of showers on thursday. thanks. lorton exit. 9 video captures a tractor trailer plunging. >> off the bridge. the driver managed to get out was okay. but everything in the truck gone. what was in the truck? we'll dig into that when we come back.
9:54 pm
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>> take a look at this. a large. not a little pickup carrying mail plunged off an icy bridge in massachusetts over the weekend. the driver was able to crawl out of the truck just before it. but to the bottom of the water there, he was rescued within a few minutes. fortunately, so cold, of course, hundreds of packages and letters. but the bottom of the charles river, it's not clear what exactly caused the driver to lose control and crash through the guardrail. checks in the mail. or in the air. but fortunately the driver is okay. that wraps
9:57 pm
up kron 4 news at but the news continues at 10 o'clock with ken wayne and pam moore. >> hi, guys. amazing. the driver survived and that's all that lightning him. all right. thank you very much. you bet. in a murder suicide leaves 5 people dead, including 3 children. >> this all happened at a church in sacramento, leaving a neighborhood stunned. we have a live report from the scene coming up. the war in ukraine intensifies a russian convoy pushing ever closer to the capital city of key as hundreds of 1006 safety in neighboring countries. stay in ukraine to fight the russians. those stories and more next at 10.
9:58 pm
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> breaking news tonight at 10 5 people are dead in sacramento. that's after police say a man shot and killed his 3 children, a chaperone and then himself. thank you for joining us on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. police say the shooter shooting happened during a supervised visit at a church. the church is located at 2041. way. that is right behind the big unpopular arden, fair mall. authorities say the 3 children, the suspects, daughters ages


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