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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  March 15, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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neighboring countries like poland and moldova. but as the crisis in ukraine grows more severe by the day and weeks, the u.s. could soon see an influx of ukrainians and even russians trying to seek refuge. nancy loo has the story. >> this is becoming a more common scene at the u.s. port of entry in san isidro, ukrainian named sophia and her 3 children recently entered from tijuana. they had fled ukraine 3 days after the invasion. i probably don't have any place to go because it actually i have the family and friends in usa and they're ready to support me. but this ukrainian couple was turned away due to improper paperwork. >> while there is ease and entering mexico, ukraine and entering mexico, ukraine and russi countries with a u.s. visa waiver. so a swell of european asylum seekers is growing south of the border. >> and for quite some time, it's been far more russians
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and ukrainians. i really want to try to help everyone >> i know it's not possible. and it's a it's emotional across. it says it's a tough yeah. immigration night as in the ken has gone from a couple russian inquiries a month to several new clients every week. the southern border has seen more than 5600 russians seeking asylum in just the past 4 months has been going on for a while. but it has started increasing last year. >> i believe because this station in has been deteriorating and with things getting worse with the impact of western sanctions, more russians one out but rubles or practically worthless and flights out are extremely limited. sumption seen everything they get. the hardest to the people who are actually thinkers in all for not supporting whatever the government is doing. and it's really because they actually trapped right now. russians
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and ukrainians are a tiny fraction of all asylum seekers at the border. but according to the transactional records, access clearinghouse at syracuse, they are winning their cases at a higher rate than other migrants. >> it will be very interesting how the administration will handle this given that they have now flown many haitian refugees back to haiti on deportation over the last several months. >> again, that was nancy loo reporting north of the border. many migrants are being assisted by the san diego response. network. workers say the biggest currently serve include russians. ukrainians and cubans. the international court of justice is looking to decide whether or not russia is committing genocide. the case was filed earlier this month by ukraine against the russian federation. ukraine says russia is special military operation as they call it is violating the human rights of ukrainians. the court held its first hearing last week, which russian
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representatives skipped since russia's invasion began almost 1400 ukrainians have been killed, including close to 80 children. but those numbers are expected to be under counts. >> meanwhile, china is denying that it has received a request for help from russia. chinese and u.s. diplomats met for 7 hours yesterday to talk about the situation in ukraine. this follows reports that china expressed openness to providing russia with military and financial assistance during the intense meeting. president biden's national security advisor warned his chinese counterpart a potential consequences for china if it does, in fact, provide aid to russia. and to get the latest updates on the war in ukraine. you can go to kron 4 dot com. you can just use your mobile device to scan the qr code, which is on your screen and you will be directed to our website. >> let's take you to the sierra now. want to show you a live picture of interstate 80. well, here's your qr code. if you want to get the latest.
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take picture on your phone will take you to our website now. let's go to interstate 80 at kingvale. here we go in the sierra and you can see we have the rain overnight. some snow up in that area which is very welcome. and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is taking a closer look at this. it the sierra as well as what's happening with our rain. will we get any more? yeah. several inches of snow coming across the sierra nevada. i think they've got more to come. >> we've got some more rain drops coming our way to out toward donner summit. yes, he'll snow packed along the sides of the road. the roadways are open and clear. so if you want to sneak up there and enjoy some of that fresh, almost spring-like powder was a good time to do it the next couple of days. but things are going to the storm system kind of winding down now and you watch the skies begin to clear out very nicely. if you're planning to travel up there the next a couple days looking good. although on thursday, saint paddy's day, there's a chance we could see a couple of snowflakes across some of the higher peaks there. so be prepared for that. if you're traveling in that direction and then over the weekend, a much more significant storm system moving in. you see it
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there. and that is going to be a widespread event. a lot of rain, i think across much of california and a whole lot more snow in the high sierra nevada. so next couple days, here we go. we've got some sunshine for tomorrow and you can see coming patches of fog in the morning on thursday. then plenty of sunshine numbers going to be the 40's 50's in the high country. here's that cold front that brought the snow up there across the sierra nevada. rain across the bay area. nice little soaker. some places. the bay area getting quarter of an inch or so that snow start to wind down now across the sierra nevada, but still a few inches fell across some of the higher peaks. they're back out toward the bay area quieting down now. and that's the way it is going to stay tonight. in fact, overnight tonight going to see a little more of a northerly component win. that should clear out your skies make for a very nice day. tomorrow. lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures by the afternoon. and then as we get in towards saint patty's day, boy, weak little system going to kind of clip the bay area kind of get in a sense for that area of low pressure off the coastline. maybe we see a couple of scattered light showers. just a slight chance as that comes through temperatures for tomorrow. looking really nice. still
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plan on lots of sunshine, about 70 degrees in san jose. 71 in live more about 72 beautiful in concord. 72 in the napa valley. 71 in santa rosa and 62 degrees in downtown san francisco the next few days. yeah, we may not be done with the rain just yet. of course, this last full week of spring saint patty's day, there's a slight chance of a couple of sprinkles. and then friday, well, we've got some partly cloudy skies saturday. more significant storm rolling in. >> lawrence, thank you. and a heads up to anybody traveling to the sierra caltrans says you should prepare for big delays along highway 50 crews are continuing to clean up from last summer's caldor fire and they're also working to reinforce that hillside where rock slide happened earlier this month. you may remember we cover that for you. caltrans was hoping to finish up the work by the end of march. but the agency now says that it will last through summer. >> a man is jumping into lake tahoe every night this month
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to spread awareness about donating clothes to those in need. adrian double cali is the founder of an organization called the concept project. goes around watching jump for the month of march. there he goes. he's jumping into the water in a different set of clothes after each jump, he washes and dries the closing in donates him to the eddie house. it's a nonprofit in reno that helps the homeless. >> i genuinely believe that every single person has a brain that's capable of. coming up with ideas that can raise thousands of dollars and plenty of awareness for things that you are passionote about. >> kollie is hoping more people will join the effort and donate clothing to a nonprofit in their own communities. last year you had 122 participants across 4 countries and 22 different cities. and as you might expect, that water this time of year. >> cole, a very yes. coming up at 6, you can keep your mask on and still unlock your iphone. the new feature for
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face id. that's been a long time coming. >> and is force warriors are treading trending in the right direction with return of draymond green. we're structure. jason dumas has reaction from steve kerr with 13 games left to play. that's coming up. >> and addressing the gender pay gap on this equal pay day. why one leader says a discrepancy in pay is detrimental to the economy.
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>> new at 6, as you know, we just spring forward in time and now daylight saving time could be here to stay. the u.s. senate unanimously approved a measure that would make daylight saving time permanent next year. that means we no longer have to change our clocks twice a year, but the bill still needs to pass the house. and from there, the president was still have to sign it into law. senators from both sides of the aisle. are you making daylight saving time permanent would have a positive effect on our health and even cut energy consumption. >> today is equal pay day. a reminder of the significant wage gap between men and women of the united states. this day marks how far into the year 2022. women need to work in order to match a man's earning in 2021. that means it takes women an extra 3 and a half months to earn what a man makes in a year study show there has been little progress made toward equality in the
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last 3 decades. women are still making $0.83 for every dollar earned by a man, a number that has been stagnant for 28 years. vice president kamala harris talked about this today. so the wage gap is not just of moral issue. >> if we are going to continue to grow our economy. and to be competitive and lead the world in the 21st century. we simply cannot afford to leave half of our work force behind. to build an economy that works for all of us. we must build an economy that works for women. >> data show over a 40 year career women will lose out on about $400,000 could pair to what men make and the gap is even wider for black latina and native american women who will lose out on nearly 1 million dollars over the same timeframe. >> well, you can file this under things that should happen 2 years ago. iphone users can now unlock their
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phones with their mask on the new ios 15.4 rolls out. the new feature you can turn it on in settings, under face id and passcode face id with mask uses unique features of your eyes to i authenticate you, however, apple says the full face id option is still most secure to use. the feature apparently is only available for those using iphone 12 and up. next at 6, it's one of the biggest sporting events of the year. why not everyone celebrating the start of march celebrating the start of march madness. when a truck hit my car, celebrating the start of march mthe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. let's kick ken's ache and burn into gear! over the counter eye drops typically work
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>> kron 4 is continuing to celebrate remarkable women in the bay area. today we introduce you to sylvia green who has turned her garage into a food pantry. kron four's gayle ong has her story. it's less people ministry. >> and we are delivering the operation started inside. still be a green's home in oakley and has expanded into her garage. now green spend saturdays, sorting and packing donations. >> all of this is donations. everything so we'll come home to food on our porch that people are donating. people donate cash that we can buy the stuff that's missing because we always try to perishable food as well. more than a year later, donations started pouring in from big chains. like panera bread and grocery outlet. >> greene says she's always wanted to open a food pantry. the idea came true at the
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beginning of the pandemic, knowing that a lot of people lost their jobs. a lot of people didn't have access to food. >> because a lot of, you know, grocery stores and stuff are running out of food. also so we just put it together. greener has been luke along with volunteers pack and deliver the boxes to families in bay point pittsburgh, oakley and brent foot. it's actually good. good food and good need good tree. you know, so it's it's pretty exciting to give back. >> to win something we we didn't get to do when we were younger. i get messages >> just how grateful they are, that they didn't know how eat that week or, you know, just. >> just extra little food that helps could not ever. even if you're working full time. that doesn't necessarily mean that you have money for groceries. >> and the donations keep coming. the hope is one day to have a warehouse. as long as we keep growing, we're going to need more room. i'm just very grateful for all the people in this part that we do receive because we couldn't do it without them. in oakley, gayle ong kron, 4 news. >> kron 4 will continue
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recognizing remarkable women all month long. we have a special section on our website kron 4 dot com where you can see past winners and nominees. >> let's take a live look outside tonight. when you get you can't see much beyond the fog is supposed to be able to see the golden gate bridge n much of the bay area. but as you can see, fog is ruling the night. it's down there somewhere. a crime for chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with a long-term forecast. yeah, let's get a little more rain in before the end of winter outside. yeah. the clouds moved in to see some patchy fog. >> and half moon bay. still a couple folks out there at the beach in north. pretty cool along the coastline. all right. this storm system that went through today, it is winding down. it will move on out high pressure, going to build in. got a lot of sunshine coming your way for tomorrow. but you see that green off the coastline. that's another storm system perfectly colored to move in on saint patty's day, bringing with it a least a slight chance of a few showers on thursday behind that, a much more impressive storm likely to move in and here comes
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together. looks a lot more impressive today. knots to bay area event but also statewide event, possibly as we head into saturday and more snow up in the sierra nevada. after that, i think by next week we're starting to talk about spree and numbers up in the 80's in parts of the bay area. so let's get the rain in here. while we can forecast looking like this tomorrow should be a beautiful day. slight chance. a couple sprinkles on saint patrick's day. dry day expected on friday. more rain moving in over the weekend. thank you, lawrence. march madness is upon us. and for many, it means one of the best sporting events of the year. but for others, namely us employers, it means a whole lot of >> lost work. according to the finance website, wallet-hub american businesses lose nearly 14 billion dollars each year in productivity. the average worker spends 6 hours watching the tournament every year. 56% of millennial employees say they're willing to miss a deadline to watch their team play. but it's not all bad news. 4 out of 5 employees say march madness.
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boost work. morale. >> and now kron 4 sports. that's where you become a sports reporter. so you can watch march madness and not get in trouble. >> the dubs were back on the practice court today prepping for a big time matchup ag>inst the boston celtics golden state warmly welcomed draymond green back last night. he was knocking down threes, but there are still a few vets who remain on ice. andrea, good. all of being one of them he got some practice some shots today at practice. i was there. but steve kerr told me there's no timetable for his return. gp 2, he's still a day to day with a knee injury. either way. steve kerr can only roll with what he's got. and despite this four-game win streak, he says his team isn't near where they need to be. >> we have to take advantage of these 13 games to clean up
6:51 pm
the stuff that needs to be cleaned up. if we don't do that, then i won't like the position we're in going into the playoffs. we're not ready yet for the playoffs. last night was a perfect you know, we had. multiple especially you know, giving up often supports, giving a pack cuts. we can get away with those things and expect to win in the playoffs. so i feel good about where we are overall, but these last 13 games are are really important. execution wise for, you know, for guys to understand the areas we've got to get solid with. >> the saint mary's gaels left for portland today. they were sent off in style. check them out. they'll take on the winner of indiana, wyoming, which is going on right now. that will be in the first round of the ncaa tournament on thursday. the gaels are entering the tournament at the highest seed in program. history.
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>> really out 17 were really excited when we did this year and we want to go prove it. another time to talk about writing our story all year. and this just another chance for another chapter. so well, we'll see if we can do some damage here. >> the forty-niners have entered the chat today. nfl reporter jordan schultz reported that the forty-niners will meet with the shawn watson. watson sat out the year with the texans while dealing with some off the field legal issues. i have it on good authority that the niners do, in fact, have interest in the quarterback kyle shanahan once upon a time paul watson in the nfl draft. maybe he's circling back either way. we will find out one way or another. it feels like there's just a carousel to this forty-niners quarterback situation. you hear aaron rodgers one day. obviously that over year, tom brady one day. obviously that's over is jimmy garoppolo
6:53 pm
coming back. it's trey lance is waiting in the wing. it's always a topic of interest in the forty-niners faithful. it goes back to steve young and joe montana and >> quarterbacks have gone a long time. alright, right. thanks, jason. coming up, it's been called. savory is strange people have say about disneyland. latest food offerings.
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>> it's time fill out those tournament brackets for march madness. as we roll up our teleprompter here, some people spend hours looking at statistics to make their picks. others admit. >> their methods are a little bit less advanced. a new poll found that 46% of people just go with their gut. 5% of people choose winners based on team colors and mascots. no matter how you make your selection, you have about a one in 9 quintillion chance of picking a perfect bracket despite those on about 45 million americans say they will bet on this year's tournament. >> here's something for your palate to concede. consider disneyland is serving up a new dish and is getting mixed reviews. it is a peanut butter and jelly pasta. macaroni noodles are coated in a peanut butter sauce and finished off with a dollop of strawberry
6:57 pm
jelly and a sprinkle of brown sugar a layer of strawberry too much sugar. okay. the pb and j mac and cheese is on the menu at the annual disney, california. adventure food and wine festival. so you've got the pasta. and if that the mac and cheese, i think i would just probably pass on both of those. sounds so healthy, you eat that and you were raring to go on a ride. you can go on a ride on that. >> that's it for us tonight at 6, we'll see at 8 o'clock. kevin, i have a nice night.
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