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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  March 19, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> i really think he needs to resign. elected officials should be held to a higher standard. we should be setting an example for the rest of the community. i'm sorry. i have been very soon anyway. >> now it's 6 o'clock. antioch mayor lamar thorpe faces legal issues and calls to resign after police arrested the mayor for driving under the influence earlier this morning. thank you so much for joining us here durina kron. 4 news at 6. i'm justine waltman. jonathan mccall is off tonight. now the mayor has acknowledged the arrest and a lapse in judgment, but at this time has not indicated any
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intention to step down as the city's top leader kron 4 all shares. now what we know. last night. >> after having dinner with friends, pulled over by california highway patrol. the chp confirms antioch mayor lamar thorpe was arrested and cited for 2 violations related to driving under the influence. he was later released from custody. >> it happened at around one 15 saturday morning. well, thorpe was driving along interstate 6.80, near monument boulevard and conquer. >> release the reported video message on social media, taking responsibility for his i never felt inhibited by the drink. i have my dinner. >> and if the site for the last judgment and i hope that you can forget the work was the only person in the car and he was not involved in the collision. he was elected in november 2020, born in prison and raised by a foster family for is a u.s. navy veteran and his supporters have praised
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his work in police reform and for bringing body cameras to the police department and curbing illegal sideshows. but his opponents have criticized his police policies and for hiring an interim police chief last month without consulting with the entire city council. kathy cabrera launch colin in september in hopes of putting and harm the november ballot. i would hope that he would >> have the best interest of the city. and resigned. mayor pro tem mike byrd-bennett agrees. obviously everybody's entitled to due process and i respect that. however, while this is occurring, it is my opinion. the mayor should step down and allow the rest of the council to proceed with city business reached by phone council member monica wilson says she appreciates the mayor's openness and honesty. >> in taking full responsibility for his actions. she adds he has her full support in a written statement council member to miesha tour is walker says,
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quote, i think it was a bold move of the mayor to immediately put out a statement taking accountability for his actions. and i'm hopeful that we can move beyond this and continue the progress we made to make any aka, more inclusive city for all our resident senior mayors and the greatest honors of my life. >> and i'm sorry. >> i have a bear suit anyway. you have my full commitment grow and learn from this moment. a city spokesperson declined to comment on the mayor's arrest for me to call for on for >> and oakland, police are investigating a homicide that they say happened around 2.45. this morning at this massive sideshow on 42nd avenue and interstate 80. this is video of that sideshow that was posted to the citizens app. investigators say they got a call. the person down in the road after being hit by one of the vehicles involved. police
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say somewhere between 50600 vehicles were involved. there are also reports of gunfire. the person hit by that vehicle died at the hospital and officials say 2 other people were injured by gunfire at the sideshow, but they are expected to recover. no arrests have been made. now to fremont where police have made an arrest in a homicide case from earlier in this week. it was on tuesday. the police responded to reports of a shooting on lindenwood street. police say the shooting suspect called and said that he would turn himself in to officers when they arrived on the scene. and that person has been identified as 77 year-old franklin or lynch of colorado. the only information on the victim that police have released as that they were 34 years old. lynch remains in custody during the investigation. and hayward, 5 people have been arrested in connection to a homicide. that happened back on december 5th of 2020 on eldridge avenue. 4 people were shot in that incident. 19 year-old ashley sandoval of san mateo died from their injuries. 5
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suspects were between the ages of 1923 and they have been charged with one count of murder. 3 counts of attempted murder and one count of discharging a firearm into a vehicle. >> happening right now, pg e is working to get the power restored in concord after a car accident caused an outage. happened more lane. a street around 05:30am. police say the street is closed by the crews work on the power lines. the accident also caused injuries, but police have not. police say the details on that just yet. concord. police say they are investigating and we'll keep you updated on this story as soon as new information comes into our newsroom. in san francisco, police are investigating a shooting that happened last night in the area of, you know, pierce, arrow and 19th avenue near park where said this is video of that scene that was also posted to the citizens app. the only information san francisco police have released at this point is that one person was shot. no update on their condition. we'll keep you posted here. we definitely
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want to talk about our weather forecast right now take a live look outside here across a francisco's trans america pyramid. some spots got some real rain today and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is joining us now tracking the last bit of showers pushing their way through. yeah. on our last day of winter. nonetheless. let's take a look, though, at what we're tracking on radar for really just glorified drizzle in downtown san francisco. but we didn't see and get reports of steady showers for those of you in milpitas san jose. and even in our coastal beaches along half moon bay and moss beach. but let's take a look right now at those spotty scattered showers over paulo alto in sunnyvale. as that storm track starts to shift to the south and east drive for those of you in san jose. and we are seeing some light steady showers for those of you in burlingame. but >> drying out for those of you in downtown san francisco. you've been dry throughout much of today with the exception of just about an hour ago where there were some light sprinkles there. but as you can see, already clearing
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out and drying out with daly city in south san francisco, very spotty, scattered showers. and even as you head into the east bay and south bay right now, livermore, we are seeing some steady showers there and over signal ominous storm clouds giving way to very clear, dry and chilly conditions overnight, widespread low to mid 50's as you step outside. >> 30's and 40's for your overnight lows. more on that in the 2nd half of your weekend as we transition from winter to spring by tomorrow. back to justine thank you. >> the bay area received a little bit of rain today. definitely not a drop. foster kron four's gayle ong live for us now in san francisco with the conditions there. did you need your umbrella today? how what did you get? >> no umbrella today. just but it's definitely been a while since i had to wear this kron. 4 red reindeer jacket. so we did see those light drizzle that murray said was talking about it just cleared up a few minutes ago. so not a drought buster, but we'll take what we can get. >> it doesn't matter sunny on
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what gassed. >> and he's a may be in tourists but knows how dry it's been in california. it just happens view. just it's absolutely enjoying die. feel that this is the best this to come. >> visiting from new jersey, he's used to this weather and he's not alone. visitors flock to pier 39 saturday afternoon. >> san franciscans broke out ellis along fillmore street was all too proud to receiving of mother nature, provided some much needed wet weather. according to the national weather service, light rain was reported across the north bay in the morning with a few hundreds of an inch so far. >> towards the afternoon, the system out. when the central coast. >> yeah. back here live in san francisco. you can see clear you see the sun still picking out before sunset. tomorrow should be a different forecast. the national weather says it should be a warm and dry sunday just in time for spring live in san francisco. gayle ong kron. 4 news.
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>> thank yo so much. talent coming up here just a few minutes at 6. we'll take a look at how our lack of rain for the past few months is affecting the state's water supply and water project deliveries. then changes are coming to covid mandates here in the bay area and all across the state will take a look at the latest places where masks and vaccine requirements are no longer needed.
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>> the tsa is launching new facial recognition software at some airports. it's designed verify the identity of travelers at airport security checkpoints. this is how the device works. it takes a photo of the passenger and compares the facial features on their photo id to the facial features from the in-person photo. this is to confirm the flyers identity officials at la x say they will use this device and would also pull up your flight information. so a boarding pass will be necessary. they say the device is safer for passengers because its touchless and also increases security. the new technology is being tested at la x, among some other locations. the tsa plans to use the device for about 90 days to gather data before deciding whether or not it will expand the system. >> and tracking drizzle the spotty scattered showers throughout the bay area today. before we start to dry out and clear out after the sunset, details ahead on the 2nd half of your weekend. our first day
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of spring bringing us warmer
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>> the mount diablo unified school district in the mount diablo educators association have reached tentative deal on salary and class sizes, teachers, students and their families route rallying yesterday demanding salary increases. this new deal gives them just that. the agreement includes a 10.5% increase over
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3 years. also preserves prep time for 4th and 5th grade. teachers and insurers. the new state law regarding staffing ratios in kindergarten classes will be followed statements from both the teachers union and the district say the groups believe this settlement is the best agreement possible. now to our rain coverage or the lack thereof and it is affecting the state's water project. it's a system of reservoirs and canals and dams that feed 29 water agencies across the state which helped provide water for millions of californians kron four's camila barco has the latest. >> the state water project is going to be providing less water to cities across the state. so now experts and water officials are asking people >> to do their part. i think everybody needs takes this seriously. you see what happened this year? we've had a dry start to a year on record. >> santa clara valley water spokesperson matt keller, dishing out a reality check about the bay area's drought conditions. it's forced
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california water officials to cut back on the amount of water they distribute to places across the state from 15 now 5%. that is a significant part of our water supply. >> and it obviously impacts us here in santa clara county. so we're doing other measures to make sure that we can make up for including asking everybody to conserve back in june, the company asked residents to cut back on their water usage by 15%. we've had a couple months where we reach that 15%. a mark. but we haven't been doing it and not since water is sparse. >> they're also trying to make up for it by buying from the open market. >> the problem with that is it gets really expensive during drought, this less water and the price goes up significantly. the winter months looks promising. but after a historically dry january and february. >> it wasn't enough to escape drought conditions. a majority of the bay area is still in the severe drought. >> and state reservoir level
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about 70% of average. and obviously all of that has an impact as we head into the dry months now, california water officials are warning people. >> to brace for a 3rd year of drought. we need to make sure that we're capturing the water that we have when we have to wait years and then saving. i'm up for it. when we have the drought in the dryers in san francisco, camila barco kron. 4 news. >> we'll get a check now of our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside. hey, that some raindrops there on our camera at san francisco international airport. it's raining along the peninsula right now. and our meteorologist rodriguez is joining us here with what we can expect throughout the evening. there's still some places getting rain right now. yeah, that's right. let's zoom on into radar for because we are tracking a cell just to the south and east of livermore out there right now. already starting to dry out with that drying trend continuing after the sun sets. also going to clear out as well. so it is going to make for fairly slick commute hearing from a lot of viewers that the rain was just enough. >> to dampen the ground a little bit. but i did have to
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use my windshield wipers today. so there was some rain. but unfortunately, not as much as what we were hoping for. but hey, something's better than nothing. especially during these drought conditions. when tracker for tracking breezy winds in downtown san francisco. but we're going to notice gust upwards of 40 miles per hour. less along the san francisco peninsula tonight through early sunday morning as that storm system passes, going to leave behind a very cool and dry air mass temperatures right now low to mid and upper 50's cooling down to near freezing temperatures for santa rose at 33 degrees. 10 degrees warmer for downtown san francisco at 43. so still very chilly. but spring-like forecast bouncing back really nicely. 5 to 10 degrees warmer tomorrow compared to today downtown san francisco at 62 degrees. that warming trying to going to continue all the way through wednesday. possible record breaking heat with summer like temperatures 10 to nearly 20 degrees above average tuesday through wednesday of next week. but high fire danger concern. so
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fortunately, this rain much needed and much. welcome back to you. just seen. thanks to resist. starting in april, california will drop the requirement for proof of vaccination or a negative covid test for indoor mega events. >> and indoor mega event is defined as any gathering of 1000 people or more. state officials say they will change the requirement into a strong recommendation. counties will get to decide whether to follow the state guidance or keep their own mandates and changes are coming to the east until at least april 15th to make a decision. in the meantime, the district is providing at-home test kits for all students and staff by the last week of march. that's right. ahead of spring break.
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next. in sports, the saint mary's gaels played ucl a for the right to go to the sweet 16 and kate rooney lets us know how it went. we'll get a live report portland as well. coming up.
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time in program history. so a lot riding on this one. randy bennett, their head coach. yeah, he wants to get their bad 1st half is where we'll start. logan johnson. hits the three-pointer. that made it 13, 7 gales. they had a little bit of a command there in the beginning. then jaime hoc as for ucl a with the hook shot in the lane. bruins going to run and take a 36. 29 lead at the half, we go to the 2nd half now. alex ducas. males, the tray to get the gaels back within a point. it's 38. 37. >> we've got a game 10 minutes. johnny joo sang baseline jumper and the bruins have their largest lead of the game. 54 44, less than 5 minutes left tiger campbell. >> nice dish to cody riley for the layup. he gets fouled. bruins just keep widening the gap. and that is how it would
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end final score. 72 to 56 u c l a saint mary's great season. but it comes to an we've got reinforcements tonight on site at the moda center reporter aj mccord joins us now live, a j started out to be a pretty good game there in the beginning. but how is ucl a kind of able to pull away? >> they just kept chipping away and chipping away at the gaels. but kate, i had to tell you, after the after the first round here in portland, drew timmy of gonzaga saying he thinks it's about time that nationally the wcc gets a little bit more respect a little bit more attention. and saint mary's certainly showing why today going toe to toe with the bruins for much of that 1st half. but when tommy kuz, he doesn't hit his first three-pointer until until the 2nd half and finishes one of 7 from 3. the gaels are simply going to struggle. so randy bennett getting this team to their highest seed in program history. but the run does. and tonight, the clock strikes midnight on these gales with them getting bounced in ncaa
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tournament in the second round. but no doubt the gaels finding their footing here in portland. i expect they're going to be back in the ncaa tournament for years to come live from portland. i'm a german court. i'll send it back to you, kate. thanks so much, jj. i think we can count on that as long as randy bennett's in that skipper seat. >> to nba now this week started out promising for the warriors with draymond green looking sharp in his return on monday. but things have really evolved since then. steph curry out with the spring foot ligament and now another setback for james wiseman. we learned today, but the second-year center who hasn't played since tearing his meniscus last april is experiencing swelling in his wiseman played 2 games with the santa cruz warriors last week that we're seeing here. >> there was some hope that he be able to return to the real warriors as early as this weekend when that didn't pan out, looks like maybe he play another game in santa cruz. but now there's no timetable for wiseman's return and he will be kept out of all basketball activities. so pretty disappointing that that's what's happening. we're really hoping that get him back in time for at least some
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of this regular season. but there's only 12 games left. so it's looking unlikely, justine. all right. how do you feel about the same areas? >> it's maybe this could have in their year. but you know what? you can always count on them, too, make some noise. so regroup get back there next year, bigger and better. yeah, thanks, kate. and thank you for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 6 o'clock. we'll see you in prime time starting at 8.
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