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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  March 21, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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chuck grassley outlined what he wants out of supreme court nominee. the most important thing that i look for is a nominee view of the law. judicial philosophy. >> and view on the role of a judge in our constitutional system. despite judge jackson's education and experience texas republican senator ted cruz said that is no longer enough. >> it is no longer the case. the supreme court confirmation hearings are merely about qualifications. south carolina republican senator lindsey graham promises he and his colleagues will not attack judge jackson's character. not of us are going to do that to you. >> and if any of us does that to you? >> all will break republicans touched on their initial thoughts on judge jackson saying she was soft on crime and want to hear her response in the coming days. reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> as basil just mentioned, things will intensify tomorrow when the judge takes her first
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questions from senators, including several of whom firmly oppose her. and for more on all of this, we're joined by political science lecturer donna crane from san jose state university. >> so dawn of the judge, of course, very smooth today and she's been through the drill what 3 times, senate confirmations. >> did anything stand out to you, though? today was anything interesting, too. >> yeah, couple of things were interesting. i think republicans are very clear that they don't have the votes to stop this confirmation. so they have instead focused most of their on democrats and on democrats behavior and cost confirmation fights. there was a lot there was there were a lot of grievances raised and air about past confirmation battles. everyone from or all the way up to a coney barrett. i thought second thing that was notable was ketanji brown jackson spent by my count about 9 or more effort. 12 minute opening statement
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talking about god country family dorothy and the less than 3 minutes talking about her judicial philosophy. so that's clearly going to be an emphasis for 3rd thing. i noticed that i found a light full was her husband when she introduced her husband. he openly wept as she talked about how much she loved and how supportive he been. and he's wearing the very, very visible stocks that have images of george washington on that was in that something you do not see very buttoned down washington. wow. >> talk about her credentials and how republicans will try to attack her apparently for being soft on crime because she was a federal public defender. is that what they're going after? >> yes, that's largely true. i would have a element of her resonated just that she was a she served on the u.s. sentencing commission. so i think the end goal here is that her biography is a highly seen harvard, harvard 4 or 5,
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very, very significant legal positions. clerk for supreme court justice. and so there's not much there to go after, but you always look for weaknesses in a bio as having been a person who worked on a lot of these confirmation fights and because she was a federal public defender and because she served on the u.s. sentencing commission of their own looking into claims she saw crime issue reduced or recommended reducing for violent criminals. they're going to look at kind of have files as well. some pretty ugly stuff. and her record as a district. i think the dc district court circuit court. >> considering all of that there's some initial effort anyway to try to keep this thing. a civil war senior republican pulling out a chair for the judge today. can they keep it several? i mean, the republicans are kind of relitigating the kavanaugh experience. >> well, i think i don't know if they will be able to, but i
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think it's clear that that is one of the strong republican of strategies is to claim or a stage try to reclaim high in the civility you know, we probably all have opinions having watched the recent years of supreme court battles, but it, but it's probably what i recommend is to if you know, you're going to lose, maybe try to win a few with washington insiders and try to be civil when you know you're going to anyway, how much she the race card could be played in this weather overtly or not? because there was a lot made one with her selection with the president saying i promise to put a black woman on the court. >> which many republicans said, well, that's not fair. but at the same senator graham said today they're not going to be racial when they're asking questions that are tough and some people might take it that they're being racists that way. what what do you make of all of that? >> yeah, couple of republican senators, as you said, basically saw the tree. but
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there are questions that are very heavily tension with race. so i don't think we're going to see overt racism. that doesn't happen that much anymore. i think what we're going to see is questions about whether her opinions on critical race theory. is she soft on crime line? but dishy get preference in her selection because she's a black woman will see things like that. and those are always described as not being racist. but but they really are, you know, something it may be biased all the way up to a dog whistle. and my in my estimation. so republicans acknowledging, donna, they're not likely to stop anything here. so what are they trying to achieve aside from? >> where they direct their fire? how are they trying to present themselves? >> what they're largely trying to do is appeal to their base base. voters want to hear grievances against democrats for past confirmation fights.
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they want to hear their hot button issues be forcefully advocated championed is the word we use by their senators. they want to see their senators put up a good fight even if they're going to lose independently. senators are also probably looking to build their own e-mail list to research and not a couple of them are eyeing the white house in the future. so personal ambition comes into play here as well as it has has on the democratic side when the tables are turned real quick, don, i'm going over time here. but the big issue in the last hearings was abortion for democrats as an issue before the supreme court. is there a big issue like that in this round with this particular nominee? i do think the worst is a re going to be. i'm not a big issue yet. again, we're expecting a big decision coming down this year. so it's on everyone's minds. i think all the republican side, they are more looking at political issues, not so much legal issues. so crime critical race theory. that's not the case. all
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right. donna crane is always a pleasure. and we will be talking to you about this again, soon. >> thanks, donna. thanks. after. >> meanwhile, u.s. supreme court associate justice clarence thomas remains hospitalized tonight due to an apparent infection. a statement from the supreme court says he was admitted to sibley memorial hospital washington friday night after experiencing what they described as flu-like symptoms. the court says thomas underwent tests and is now being treated with and beyond ix. the statement says his symptoms are decreas-ng. any does not have covid. he is expected to be released in a day or 2. justice thomas is 73 years old. he's been on the court since 1991. >> still ahead, why some people are calling for the mayor of antioch to resign after a recent arrest and sports coming off, a heartbreaking loss to the spurs and warriors are in need of some urgency. sports director jason dumas has reaction from coach kerr plus
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staff are women looking ahead to this with sweet 16 matchup. and it's a scary night across texas. we've got tornadoes on the ground. take close look. when we come back. oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, but we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. -but i just... -so thanks, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order.
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the intersection of 42nd avenue and interstate 80 when police arrived on the scene, they say they found the shooting victim was taken to a hospital where he later died at another unrelated seen on 18th avenue. oakland police say they found a man who was killed in a shooting there. one city council member wants the shooters to be held accountable. >> and we're dealing with people who are in pain, hurting and because they don't value their own lives, they are putting others lives in danger and that's frankly not acceptable. we have to continue investing in ways off holding the line, keeping folks accountable. >> as of now, the victims have not been identified in an effort to try to crack down on sideshows. police are being proactive about impounding vehicles and the city's making design changes to the streets to try to deter sideshows. staying in the east bay. the mayor of antioch is apologizing after being arrested for dui. that incident was early saturday morning and pleasant hill.
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>> mayor lamar thorpe later released a released a video on facebook saying he's sorry he will take full responsibility. >> the your mayors and the great honors of my life and i'm sorry. i have a bear suit anyway. you have my full commitment grow and learn from this moment. >> farc was elected mayor in november of 2020, at least 2 city council members say they appreciate his response is honesty. although one council member is calling for him to resign. a city spokesperson declined to comment on the mayor's arrest. still ahead of 6.45, a stunt getting wrong? kind of attention. why southern calif rnia looking for the driver behind the wheel of >> tesla. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent i can du more— yardwork— teamwork—
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>> why would you do this to your tesla? just did look like a hollywood stunt. but no, this was not a movie set. a tesla went flying through the air in southern california, pretty high in the air and happened over the weekend in the la neighborhood of echo park that's near downtown. and now police are looking for the. >> dangerous devil who smashed into 2 cars and put some lives in danger. courtney friel has the story. >> it looked like something
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out of a movie. this black tesla flying through the air and crash landing except there were no stunt coordinators along baxter street in echo park and no one to pay for the damage left in its wake. we just heard like a huge, big noise, like kind of like earthquake or like a tree fell off or something fell off. so we like. >> it was really scary. neighbors along one of the steepest city streets in america are not thrilled. the steep incline keeps attracting reckless drivers and then post their dangerous stunts on social media. like these clips, spectators put online of the incident which have now gone viral should never been done. i don't know if they're thinking about. >> get got somebody killed to passed in the house and life's going to change. >> the lapd is offering $1000 reward for information leading to an arrest of the hit and run driver who witnesses say took off in another tesla after crashing. they're in contact with this man whose joking on tiktok that it was him that he took a pot gummy beforehand and even showed a ktla tweet saying he's now wanted by police. jordan hook
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is not laughing. his subaru was rear ended by the tesla and it won't drive. now his livelihood depends on it. what would you say to the driver of that? tesla? >> in a comeback. let's talk like the stunt. he obviously did it. you're getting a lot of attention. you're getting a lot of clout like claim it. you know, they ran off as soon as they crashed it. in the meantime, neighbors have taken their cars off the street, which was turned one way a few years ago to try and deter situations like this where they're going to come back in copycats again, trying to do it again. it might be worse. >> as courtney friel reporting, police are reminding drivers and fleeing from a crash can turn a misdemeanor traffic citation in 2 felony charges. time for a look at the forecast as we're looking live at the san mateo bridge for chief meteorologists tours carl's here. we had a pretty decent weekend and now we've got to work. we can have since going to heat up. yeah. maybe some heat around the bay area tomorrow as high pressure takes over this that time of year again this spring. and
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here we go. tornadoes on the ground in texas tonight. very scary night. there. you can see the severe storms rolling through there through the dallas area. further south. you continue to see more of those storms. numerous reports of tornadoes on the ground is cells continue to rotate on through a lexington. the reports of tornadoes on the ground there. that was so some time ago out ahead of it, though, we've got some areas shaded in red. those are tornado warnings now along this frontal system right now. and so, yeah, they're looking at some heavy rain, some very large hail also coming down with these storms, strong, gusty winds and of course, the possibility of more tornadoes. this is going to slide further to the east for tomorrow. these next couple days. very dangerous weather across that part of the country. back out west, we go. we've got things calm as could be just about as high pressure takes over head. will be blowing tonight. some wind out there. you're going to see that northerly wind kicking in going to make for a gorgeous day tomorrow. downtown san francisco, probably about 74 degrees tomorrow. 71 in the marina. 66 in daly city, little cooler
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along the coastline. and i think by the afternoon you're actually going to see some patchy fog moving along the coast inside the bay. beautiful weather. 74 in san bruno. 73 in brisbane, a pair. 75 is there in millbrae and also in the burlingame, 81 in san carlos, about 70 degrees in mount you, south bay, enjoin 80's all around tomorrow afternoon after temperatures go start a little cool in the morning but not bad. and then by the middle of the day, your mid 80's in the live more 84 in pleasanton near records. i places like richmond, maybe into oakland if it gets a little bit warmer than that temperatures there, you could see a record fall. 84 degrees and read about 82 degrees in hercules beautiful. the matter where you go and temperatures move in the upper 80's in places like vacaville. so there's going to be some of the warmest numbers we've seen so far this season looks like over the next couple days, though we will start to cool things down after possibility. records tomorrow we cool things off. more fog, low clouds on the way on wednesday and thursday over the weekend. a few more clouds coming way. but the next best chance of rain won't come until next monday.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> rough sunday night for the dubs. it was their last home game before a five-game road trip and their first game without step curry considering all of that. >> it was important to get a win against the lowly spurs. but they just could not get it done. yes, there were some bizarre calls at the end that did not help. but there's no excuse for draymond green getting ejected. that was pretty ugly. no excuse for giving up an offensive rebound off of a free throw and really just no excuse for coming out flat. the spurs jumped out to a 12 point 1st quarter lead. and as steve kerr says, they have to just come with more on >> we have to understand we're undermanned. there's 12 games left now is now 11 games left. we're looking at the we've got ahead. there should be a sense of urgency. there's got to be a sense of a competitive fight
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to that. we take to the other from the very beginning of the game that i did not see that until it was really late in the game. guys were great night in that 4th quarter fighting like crazy. we have fight like crazy from the start. we got to for enough. >> you know, we haven't really play up year so, you know, one person go down there, but he's got to step up. so especially we've got to got to lock in defensively offensive. i feel like the way we move the ball. that's going to come. you you know, we just got find ways to win games. >> you know, does have a sense of urgency. the stanford women, they are back in familiar territory for the 14th straight year. they will play in the sweet 16 this year. they did so by thumping both montana state and kansas. that, okay, this game was last night, but the competition is about to get stiffer on friday. they'll take on a
6:52 pm
maryland team that has won 23 games this season and is led by a legendary coach. brenda frese stanford beat the turks earlier this year in sunny bahamas. so the turks will be thinking revenge. the sweet 16. it's in spokane, which is also a homecoming for lexi and lacey hall, 2 of stanford's best players. >> i think everyone, you know, wanted to get wants to get this book and no one wants to the but for lacing, i feel to play at home. one last time meant a lot to us meant a lot to our family, went out to our friends. so there was that extra, you know, chip on our shoulder, the mental a little a little bit more for us i think it just came to that came down that extra piece of us, just our team wanting it more than them. and i'm just super super happy. super excited to be heading home. >> cool. so let's set the stage for both teams. we just chatted about first the warriors. they begin that five-game trip tomorrow. they play orlando and then it ends next week with a trip to
6:53 pm
memphis with a couple really good teams coupled in there. and then stanford, they'll head out to spokane on wednesday. that first game out there for that region is on friday. like we said, the plane, maryland, if they win, they'll have a final 4 on the line taking on likely texas, a team who beat them earlier this year. so a lot to look forward to this week for both maryland and maryland for both the warriors and stanford. you know, it's interesting. the mindset of each team and how seems like there are different and each one is having different outcomes of their games, right? right? yeah. exactly. the warriors are just trying to tread water right now. the stanford there, they're clicking on all cylinders and they've been here before. they have a lot of upper cost money only lost one player from that team that won a championship last year. so and they're still playing hungry. yeah, for sure. for sure. they want to do it again. they want to repeat because they haven't really gotten the headlines. so they kind of feel disrespected. all right. we want it all last year. no one is even talking about it all here. uconn south
6:54 pm
carolina nc state that you know bias, right? exactly. haha. you know, yeah, i believe honore is we'll be right back. this is a much
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loved sign of spring washington dc's famous cherry blossoms. they are blooming. >> for the first time in 2 years, the cherry blossom festival returns this year.
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that was on hold, of course, because of the pandemic. the cherry blossoms expected to reach their peak between tomorrow and friday. and they're saying more than a million people are expected to take part in the four-week festival which runs through april 17th. apparently those blossoms don't last too long. i guess i'm molly and people. wow. they are beautiful. wraps up kron. 4 news at 6 o'clock and we will see you tonight at 8 on your bay area's local news station. have a good night.
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