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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  March 25, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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like mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today. >> 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look of the city. >> time san francisco looking pretty good crowd for u.s.. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow was here. you're giving us kind of a long-range look, i'm always looking way out. you know, you see what we can i% fund the respect that you. thank you very it looks like you've got a chance of rain in the forecast. coming up. >> over the weekend. beyond that, that kind of gets interesting up there right now. you can see a mostly clear skies toward the golden
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gate bridge. the breeze is blowing out there. little cool co side, but finally clear things out after a lot of fog. now love to get some rain going here. winding down on march and here we go. we put that into motion. tomorrow. looks good. a few more clouds coming our way. but you can already see that swirl in the atmosphere developing right here. all that watch what happens as we get into sunday afternoon. there goes the first band begins to move on sho e could bring some rain as early as sunday afternoon behind that, we're going to catch the core low. here comes swirling in that will come through on monday morning. and with that, the possibility of some thunderstorms not only here but around the state and some snow over the sierra nevada start a very high this a warmer storm. so it's gonna start out about 7,000 feet. plus and then it will start to drop, i think into monday, maybe down to about 5500 feet after that, another cold front comes close toward the middle. the week then falls apart. the long-range tries to get something really close as we head in toward that following monday. but right now, for the most part, looks like it is going to stay dry as far as rainfall totals with this storm, this could be the most impressive what we've seen since january. and that is
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hard to believe since january and february are really the heart of the rain season. and it's not rain very much during that period. but now the model start to pick up on a little bit more than little more bullish today on the amount of rain they're showing as much as an inch or so. plus in some parts of the bay area, that would be fantastic at the heavier amounts into the santa cruz mountains. a little bit lighter in the north bay. the storm is coming up on the south. the right now looks like we're getting some rain. lot of parts of the weekend. thank you. cards, virginia ginni thomas who is married to supreme court justice clarence thomas. >> reportedly sent text messages to president trump's former president trump's treat a chief of staff after the 2020 presidential election urging efforts to overturn the election results to keep the former president in office. and joining us now to talk about this and on the state political science professor david mcewan. hello, david. happy friday. and thank you. thanks for reminding david. ginni thomas is the wife of a
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public maybe ordinarily entitled to her opinions. but this. >> advocating the overthrow of an election. how bad is it? yeah, i mean, if you think about it, you have 116 nominees and potential juror us to the supreme court. >> 108 of them have been white men. so what's happened this week with justice proposed a who's been proposes justice that would be a watershed moment and obviously justice thomas who's been on the court as an african american man presents an important moment and opportunity for the court. so what your spouse does or what those around you do is an important element of legitimacy of the court. this is what chief justice roberts has argued for for decades is that the legit isn't legitimacy of the institution of the court is at stake. so when your spouse talks about overturning an election, when your spouse talks about moving forward on that idea something
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that has gone wrong, that leads to the events of january 6. it does challenge the legitimacy of the court and justice thomas. and if we're looking at changing the court and its orientation and its legitimacy as an important actor in american politics, these revelations are hugely important and they do go really took or in central not to justice thomas per se, but to the legitimacy of the supreme court. justice chief chief justice roberts has argued and that in a sense is an important revelation for what's going on here. the court as his political identity as what we've seen with congress or the presidency. and that is a revelation to many americans. okay. we're going to dig into the court in a minute, but i do want to talk about the consequences for ginni thomas. apparently the january 6 committee has those text messages. pardon me? >> where she's urging basically the overthrow of the government or their potential criminal liabilities against her. will she be brought in to
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testify? what are the consequences for her personally for these text messages? >> sure can. so what i think we do is we extend where those mask where those messages were directed, where they think their most problematic. as for mark meadows former president's chief of staff and what they show is is the former chief of staff mark meadows was intimately involved in kind of these machinations. now he may not have moved things forward, but ginni thomas is a longtime conservative activist, someone thought and every moment protected the advances of of donald trump for what he was trying to do, whether his rhetoric around draining the swamp or whether that's his rhetoric around what's going on in terms of his rightful ownership of the presidency. in the wake of the 2020 presidential election. so it isn't criminally problematic for her. it is really problematic for someone like mark meadows moving forward and for others around. mark meadows for what happened in their response to january 6th. that's where i think the new
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revelations are low striking. it also goes to that kind of core argument of the role of the supreme court and its legitimacy as a non political, a political actor. >> for david, should his wife's texts have stopped? thomas from ruling on election cases? >> well, i think that that is the key point is that he should recuse himself from those types of elements. you won't. i think that keeps the controversy going to some element and look, her political activism and her activism about protecting donald trump and really conservative activism writ large has been well known within dot washington, d.c., and documented. it's not just when you justice, thomas. he loves to go around on the nascar circuit throughout the summer. it's not just when he's out on the nascar tracks, talking about what's going on. it said jenny thomas is taking on a role similar to what antonin scalia did on the court of moving kind of this active constitutional forward. it's that element that is hugely important. i think here for what justice thomas does
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and how he and calls into question his legitimacy. now he's been ill. there are movements on the court. but right now what we've seen with the supreme court hearings this week is it doesn't fundamentally change the balance of the court. the next nominee could do that. and that's where what happens with ginni thomas becomes important say 6, 8, 9, 10, 12 months down from here as opposed to when that happens after we have these midterm elections in the fall. so in that sense, it can be potentially a big deal. but if you're bringing a case before the u.s. supreme court, that has anything to do with election politics or the trump administration. and clarence thomas is not going to recuse himself. >> you have no options. this is the okay. this is the final court. there's nowhere to go. congress can't do anything. can they? >> no, i mean, this really what often don't think about is it's really 9 people who determine the extent of our democracy, what whatever that's going to be on health care on election law, on the legitimacy of the presidency
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to do x or y. and it's not really just those 9 people. it's usually one or 2 people in the middle that move on a 5, 4 decision think of brown versus board on on segregation and desegregation. think about some critical cases on election law like shelby county, which rules about the vote, voting rights act in 2013, these elements are where justice thomas and the activities of those around him like his spouse will become hugely important in terms of challenging the legitimacy of the supreme court. that worries even conservatives like just a chief justice john roberts and worries a lot about the future role of the court. this isn't some like a liberal thing about expanding the size of the court. it's about the institution and validity of the legitimacy of the supreme court. and that's where these revelations are most problematic. i think moving forward, david, this is a fascinating mess. we could keep talking about it, we're out of time. i've a feeling we'll be talking about it again. >> thank you, as always, for your time. thank you for that
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fascinating mess on friday and
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and gardasil 9. gas prices continue to hit a record breaking highs daily. as for the bay area's current prices, san francisco has the most expensive gas. now, the average 5.93 a gallon. and as you can see, oakland's at 5.87 a gallon and san jose 5.84. >> all this comes as the national price for gas actually dropped the last couple of weeks. and state leaders here scrambling to try to come up with solutions. kron four's ashley zavala talk with an expert to find out when we might see our prices drop. >> hitting the road still hurting wallets for california drivers. the statewide average gas price set a new record friday at $5.90 per gallon for regular unleaded. according to triple a california has suffered the fate of several refineries in southern california that have issues arise. gasbuddy lead analyst
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patrick de haan says this issue is affecting the west coast and contributing to california gas prices climbing while the national average has fallen since march. 12th, he says filings with federal authorities show the refineries have had flaring events when they burn off excess gas about california has had 3 different refinery flaring about in the last 2 weeks. >> and so it's kind of risen to a critical level because of the amount of of refineries having this issue and it could take a couple of weeks for those refineries to get fully back online. >> so as we wait for these prices to fall, there is a debate here on suspending the state's gas tax. democrats say that there's no guarantee that will companies would pass on those savings to customers. while republicans say that that's not true, savings would be immediate. what's your take? >> it's more complicated. there's a lot of nuances to the timing of when a gas tax holiday is agreed upon. and it depends on what the wholesale price of gasoline is doing at that time. he says if the wholesale price declines and a gas tax holiday is approved,
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prices could go down. but if markets are volatile in the wholesale price, shoots up. >> drivers would not see much of a change because it would be offset by the tax. i think there's truth to both sides stations to pass the decrease along. >> but it you know, there are too many other factors that could muddy the waters for now, the hunt says he does not expect the $6 a gallon price tag to stick around. this is not going to be a new normal, at least that's my belief now. but i don't want to sugarcoat it. it's going to take awhile for gas prices to get back to what most of us consider normal in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> all right. you're looking for something fun to do this weekend. we've got for fun things. how about this? get a little exercise. have a little fun at the 5 k run and polar plunge. that is going to be in san francisco, aquatic park that start at 10 o'clock in the morning. it will be cool out there. temperatures going to be in the mid 50's plan on some fog. probably some drizzle too. and then at noon, that's right. they're going to
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the big plunge into the ocean. there. yeah, those temperatures out the waters also in the 50's going to be cold out there up cold enough. how about this? the penguin 5 k and kids fun run. that is going to be held in samara fell. that starts at 9 o'clock in the morning on sunday. it will be a little bit gray to start the day. the temperatures are going to remain cool throughout the morning hours in a bit of an afternoon breeze. if you're sticking around there and if you're planning your wedding, the international wedding festival is going to be taking place in santa clara. they can have wedding planners out there. many a beautiful dressed, all kind of the items you might need for your wedding. that starts at 11:00am on sunday temperatures. they're going to be the upper 60's with partly cloudy skies and mild temperatures. yeah. looks like it will be a little bit warm, though, as we head toward the afternoon and to bring the stress level down after planning wedding, you might want to go the silent disco, outdoor yoga that is going to be in san francisco. that starts at 9 o'clock in the morning. walk-ins are available. the mostly cloudy and a bit cool. so dress warmly out there. of course, if you have an idea for an
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event you'd like us to feature here on for fun things you can e-mail us of the l l karnal at kron 4 dot com. you can also check out our website at kron 4 dot com for the very latest on those events. all right. around the bay area taken off. maybe looking good right now. your skies have cleared out. no delays at any local airports. if you plan on traveling into the monterey bay, your getaway forecast 50's and a few 60's patchy fog in the morning. partial clearing in the afternoon southern california to be warm. 75 downtown los angeles about 81 in pasadena at 79 degrees in anaheim, the high country. different story starting out dry. but by the start to get a little interesting mild temperatures tomorrow. mid 60's as you head south whitehall. 77 warm in reno and that rain could be moving in and some snow as we head in towards sunday. so be prepared for stormy weather. if you plan to hang out for the weekend. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the warriors just can't catch a break lately. today we learned that second-year center, james wiseman, who
6:50 pm
hasn't played since having meniscus surgery last april will not return this season. he continues to deal with knee swelling, a really tough blow for young player and for the team, which is hoping he might be able to get some meaningful minutes this post season. but the must go on right. and the dubs taking on trae young and the hawks in atlanta tonight. klay thompson back in the lineup after game off as was draymond green will pick it up in the 1st quarter here. jordan pools. he's been so good lately. >> that continue tonight hits the jumper and he's fouled a three-point play. but the dubs up for 2nd quarter. now, clay, get a kick out for the 3 pointer. it's good warriors up 11 to 2nd quarter. trae young acting traffic gets 5. jordan poole gets the double pump to fall. >> he's fouled hawks up to at the half. and then the 3rd
6:51 pm
quarter young kept going polson fakes pass and the floater pretty slick. he had 15 points in the 3rd atlanta up by 18 going into the fort 4th quarter. thompson. night 3 of the game as the warriors get back in it. but his efforts weren't enough final score. one, 21, one, 10 hawks warriors jump another 1, 3, sweet, 16 under way today. and the ncaa women's hoops tournament stanford in spokane for this round and it's extremely tough draw for the car. they're playing 4 seed, maryland. >> right now. but this stanford squad has a special connection to spokane reporter aj mccord joins us live to explain a >> that's right, kate. we're more than 900 miles from stanford university's campus, but it feels a little bit like the stanford cardinal have home court advantage here. they just did player intros for the sweet 16 and lexi and
6:52 pm
lacey whole getting a massive roar when they were introduced as spokane made is in fact, all week long. we've been talking to lexi and lacey about what it means to get to play it back in their hometown of spokane. they graduated from high school just about 15 miles away from where i'm standing right now. and they talked about how special it was, especially lexi to remember she dropped 36 points, a career-high against kansas last week to make sure her cardinal got to this point because there's truly nothing like playing at home or the welcoming committee that you get when you're right. >> we got home or right. we've got to the hotel. my dad showed up with 2 of our dogs. so yeah, we spent some time with them have up to our room, had him running around, jumping on the bed. not sure that's allowed. >> hotel haha, we have a lot of fun with them. the dons that's pretty much from the staples into that home. they came again today. so that's it's always really thankful for parents for driving them down.
6:53 pm
>> cardinal head coach tara vanderveer always likes to joke that she's mad at the whole sisters, parents for not having triplets. well, i asked jaime her, the lexi lacey's mom. how did that show come about? and she was like, actually, no one's ever asked me that question before. but what happened is after win their freshman year, tara comes up to lexi lacey's. mama get interfaces like i'm so mad at you. and her moms like, oh, my gosh, what did i do? wrong is a brand new stanford parent, right? and then to our goes for not having triplets. and that the joke began. but tara vanderveer loves these whole sisters and they are important to her on the court as well as off it. she raised about the kind of student athletes they are and the crowd here at spokane arena certainly ready to cheer them on tonight. this week, 16 matchup against maryland. thanks so much. jj has been a pleasure to see them play at the last 4 years. all right. finally, sweet 16 for the men. here is your cinderella story. darryl, thanks. the 3rd with the jumper to give 15 seed saint peter's.
6:54 pm
>> a 2 point lead over 3rd seeded purdue. so last chance for the boilermakers down 3 jaden ivey's shot to tie it. >> and the seemingly impossible has happened. saint peter's becomes the first 15 seed ever to advance to the elite 8 with a 67 to 64. the play the winner of ucl a north carolina. pretty exciting game and really embodies the spirit of what march madness is all about. i'm a big saint peter's who they were before the tournament with their from jersey city or something like that year's eve right? >> so it goes the nation's team. what's what's mascot? was nickname, the peacock. it's always team with a name like the peacocks isn't even better. thanks to.
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and that wraps up kron. 4 news at 6 o'clock. and thank you for joining us. we'll see you tonight at 8 o'clock. have a good.
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i prefer you didn't. ♪ ♪ >> death drop. speak up a teen hurled over a 400-foot tool ride. speak of what went wrong? then, upside down oscars? >> some of the biggest stars are threatening to hold their oscars upside down if they win. >> then, spring break lockdown. did it work? and is putin really considering himself to the harry potter author? the brave american forces the russian tanks. >> one, two, three, four russian tanks taken out


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