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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 29, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10, a california task force decide who qualifies for reparations because of slavery. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. the state's reparation task force voted tonight to limit state compensation. >> to the descendants of free and enslaved black people who are in the u.s. in the 19th century. grant lotus joins us here in studio with more on the boat and what it means grant camp. and they think it's going to be most black people in california who will qualify. it was a 5 to 3 vote in favor of this one member abstained tonight, the decision. >> came after members delayed
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the vote last month to decide if the eligible group would be based on race or if the people can trace their lineage back to in slave african americans. but after another daylong debate today, task force members sense the urgency. they noted that they need to make a decision and they did. so economists working with this panel can start figuring out what the reparation payments might actually look like. >> whatever we decide, we have to find appropriately so that we keep people on board with what we're because this is not half we have to get this legislation. this is very controversial stops. >> so more to come on that part. but as far as numbers, you have an estimated 2.6 million black people in california and roughly 2 million of them are expected to be descendants of slaves.
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the task force was created here 2020. it's the first of its kind in the country. it still has more than a year's worth of work left to do with its recommendation due to the legislature by june of 2023. so still some specifics to work out, but a big step today. we'll keep you posted. ken pam, back to hugh grant. thank you for that. >> lynn chain is now a federal hate crime in america. president biden signed the emmett till anti lynching act today for the signing event. the president and the vice president was joined by the great granddaughter of journalists and civil rights activist ida b wells. she actually fought for this law more than a century ago. new law criminalizes lynching, making it punishable by up to 30 years in prison. it is named after him until he was a 14 year-old boy from chicago who in 1955, was beaten, shot and lynched in mississippi after being accused of whistling at a white woman. >> east bay congresswoman
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barbara lee address united nations general assembly today commemorating the abolition of slavery and the transatlantic slave trade. but she said african-americans today continue to be victimized. >> we acknowledge the marian atrocities of slavery. continue to grapple with the ratio, ethnic gender, economic, so show and political hierarchies. it created. and yes, we must honor the victims of slavery by dismantling it's institutional remnants such as racism discrimination, economic and equity marginalization and systemic under development. >> as proof of progress, congress home, the congresswoman highlighted president biden signing of the emmett till antilynching act and june teen ths becoming a national holiday.
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>> in the south bay today, san jose police launching a new program to get more illegal guns off the streets. it's called cash for ghost guns and it comes in the wake of a violent weekend where >> ghost guns were involved in several shootings for senators. hacking joins us now live from our newsroom with more on the program. taylor. >> ken pam, the new program would give cash to anyone with information that leads to the seizure of a ghost gun or assault rifle. >> and there would be a higher reward for information on those who are dealing and manufacturing the ghost >> on the heels of a violent weekend in san jose and the city's 4th homicide this year. san jose police announced a new program called cash for ghost guns on tuesday to get more illegal guns off the street. >> we will refocus future funding for gun buybacks torture program that will pay cash for tips that lead to the seizure. but privately made firearms. san jose police chief anthony mata says >> a higher cash reward would also be given to anyone with information about ghost gun dealers and manufacturers
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ghost guns are untraceable, homemade firearms sometimes built from 3 d printers or kids. >> i believe that targeting these type of weapons. and the people who are already prohibited from possessing firearms. is the best and most urgent use of funding. intended to reduce gun violence. chief mata says. >> police seized more than 1100 illegal firearms over the past 14 months in 287 or 25% of those have been ghost guns. city council member matt mahan says that this new program will be a critical component in the fight against gun violence within the community. that was the community. >> in a very real way to help us identify with his ghost guns are coming from. fact, just a few weeks ago we identified a the few folks who already previously been convicted of felonies, too. it created a ghost gun factory out of a home. and in our city here, it's these untraceable guns or are a scourge on the community there. neighborly
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gun violence in our community. earlier this month, the santa clara county board of supervisors >> voted unanimously in favor of the district attorney's office to come up with options to create an ordinance to prohibit the possession, manufacturing and assembly of ghost guns. >> the county is expected to report back to the board on april 19th. >> back in january, san jose also took it a step further and became the first city in the country to pass a law requiring gun owners to get liability insurance. plus, since created controversy among anti and pro gun groups. live in the newsroom. i'm taylor bisacky reporting back to you. taylor, thank you. a chaotic brawl where one man was killed over the weekend. let san jose's police chief to speak out today. he revealed that a gun involved in the incident did not belong to the man shot by an officer force. justin campbell has more on what happened. >> watching people running out to the la victoria restaurant and officer believes that active shooter scenario is unfolding or about to unfold.
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san jose police chief anthony mata speaking tuesday describing the chaotic moments when one of his officers responded early sunday morning to la victoria restaurant. >> the chief says 2 groups got into a verbal argument erupting into a brawl. he says the gun seen in the video passed around multiple times in the gun didn't belong to the man who the officers shot more than once. we're still looking into where he was shot. >> it looks like and a video that it was his back was towards us. again, that's something we have to take a look at position was when he was shot adante pointer. a lawyer representing the man shot, identified him as 20 year-old khan green and released a statement to kron saying. >> khan is a hero. he did not start the fight. he was forced to defend himself after he was punched by an unknown attacker while he was eating dinner with a group of friends. police eventually arrested the man who brought the gun to the restaurant sunday night point
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to says they will be suing the san jose police department reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> the chief says the department will forward the case to the district attorney's office and they will decide if it was a justified shooting. the city of sunnyvale is getting $880,000 in federal funding to improve pedestrian safety near schools. >> south bay, congressman roe conn announced the funding today on twitteo. the money will go to making safety improvements at too heavily tracked heavy traffic intersections near columbia middle school and bray lee elementary school. yeah, we'll show that again. incredible video out of san jose bicyclist narrowly misses a violent car crash. this happened last thursday and was caught on surveillance video. police say one of the cars involved ran a red light and could have ran into that bike right there if it wasn't for the collision, no one was
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seriously injured in this crash. remarkably now to coronavirus coverage tonight. if you are age 50 or older and had your covid booster at least 4 months ago, you are now eligible for another booster. the fda and the cdc gave the ok today citing emerging evidence that a second booster dose improves protection against covid. >> however, some infectious disease experts in the bay area say they have concerns about this. >> i'm disappointed that the fda and cdc did not consult there respected advisory committee. i think that increases trust in the process. and i think that this is going to not of consumption. >> if you're over 65 definitely. if you're between 50 and 64, might. that might be steered more bite. you know where you're going, how much you're going to be exposed. >> so far, the walgreens and cvs websites have not been updated to allow the newly eligible to schedule that second booster. meanwhile,
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researchers at cornell university say a nasal spray that blocks covid infection and treats those already sick could be available within the next 6 months there study discovered a small molecule that people can spray into their noses to prevent covid from infecting human cells and bay area health official is assuring the public that we are not facing another covid surge. this despite the fast-spreading omicron subvariant becoming the dominant strain across the country. kron four's felipe call reports from contra costa county. >> as students rest at home or hit the road for spring break. contra costa health services stressing the importance of not relaxing when it comes to covid-19. the omicron subvariant be a too much like the rest of the country makes up half of the positive cases county wide. but overall during the county board of supervisors meeting tuesday county health director in a roth saying case rates remain
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low. we don't see any signs of surge at this point. the spread of the virus is being tracked through wastewater surveillance, although the avorage number of new cases and hospitalizations have stabilized county health officer doctor ori tzvieli says students and other county residents should stock up on at-home antigen tests and consult with a doctor about being prescribed the widely available antiviral medication paxlovid. >> if the results return positive, it's a really great option. they can really reduce the risk for some people of becoming hospitalized. but up to 19%. so that's a big deal. and we really think it's underutilized and following the u.s. food and drug administration's approval of second booster shots for people 50 years of age and older. >> the county says it will begin administering those shots and its vaccination sites. wednesday. he had to change a shot. i would probably recommend you get a pfizer or moderna >> and if you had a pfizer for
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your first 2 doses, i would recommend sticking with but really the best one, the best. is the one you can get into your body. 81% of the county's eligible population is fully vaccinated. 50.5% has been boosted in contra costa county phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> east bay assembly member buffy wicks is halting an effort to require all california workers to be vaccinated against covid wicks released a statement saying in part, quote, we are now in a new and welcome chapter of the pandemic and the decision to halt the bill would provide opportunity to work more collaboratively with labor and employers to address concerns raised by the bill. her bill ab 1993, would have made covid vaccination, a condition of employment and employers would who did not comply, would have faced now, the 4 zone forecast as we step outside in interesting black and white
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shot looks the 1940's detective movie or something. you really this sam spade. all meteorologists lawrence karnow is here with more. the fog's back. lawrence. yeah. get used to just like that. we're going to see a whole lot of that fog in the coming days. the coming months as low clouds and fog in the move back on shore, the atmosphere kind of stabilize. we head. >> into the spring months in the summer. you know, the fog just kind of hangs around temperatures outside little cool in spots. 49 degrees right now in the foggy conditions and pacific. a little drizzle along the coastline. 48 right now in timber on it is 50 in petaluma. 49 degrees. but they a and 51 right now in the napa valley. but we've got a cold front out there. it's approaching the coastline. you can see just not a lot of cloud cover with it and we're not going to get much from this. will maybe see some showers up in the pacific northwest. but as it comes our way, helps to reinforce the marine layer a little bit overnight tonight and tomorrow and probably kicks up the winds by tomorrow afternoon. i think that will be the big weather story headed toward a lot of part of the day tomorrow. so we're already seeing that on shore breeze.
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now, low clouds and fog have moved inside the bay bumping up against the east bay hills and will continue their march further on shore. as we head through the night tonight and tomorrow morning, likely going to see some drizzle out there to early tomorrow morning and yeah, a little wet out toward the coastline early but by the middle of the day, i think a lot of that begins to break up in spots. we're going to see some mid to high level clouds continue to move across the sky. as we head throughout the day, part of the remnants of that dying cold front, no rain from that system for us. we'll keep the winds in the forecast and keep those temperatures cooler out toward the coastline plan on highs out of the beach is probably some 50's and that's about it. probably low to mid 50's at best. and those winds are going to be gusting maybe as high as 30 plus miles per hour. inside the bay, a little more wind shelter put on some mid 60's in places like san jose. so mild well inland about 68 degrees in concord. thank you. are to build. this is ben california's. gas tax is on hold after a monday hearing in the assembly transportation committee. >> democratic assembly member alex lee proposed an amendment that would instead add a tax for oil producers. a
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suspension of the gas tax is one of 4 current plans to try to provide relief to californians. democrats have proposed 3 other plans, all of which feature some kind of rebate to drivers. the debate for relief is coming is gasoline prices continue to climb? triple a says that the current statewide average for a gallon of regular is $5.92, which is higher than the average per proof per gallon in san jose and oakland, san francisco. a bit more expensive averaging about $5.95. a gallon and these high gas prices have more and more people ditching their cars for more affordable ways of getting around. >> as kron four's, dan thorn tells us one form of transportation is growing in popularity is the bicycle. >> bicycle saw a big comeback during the pandemic. it was a way for people to get outside. but now with high gas prices, they're becoming a reliable and cost effective way to get around. it's well documented that the pandemic was a
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bicycling bubble. we're 8% of that right it's it's busier than it's ever been. >> jim gardner is ceo of good karma bikes in san jose. it's a non-profit second-hand bike shop that seeing people opting out of using their cars and instead picking up a bicycle to commute. demand for commuter bikes is through the roof more than we have ever seen in 13 it's been tough for us to keep up with demand. right now, high prices at the pump have also been pushing people to public transportation. cherry and bart ridership has gone up as people are returning to office work and interest in using electric scooters is also rising. the average price of a bike it. good karma is around 280 bucks. gardner says right now the investment pays for itself. the average price of our bike is less than the price of one new car time where people are spending $90 and more to fill their tank reporting in san jose. dan
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thorn. >> kron 4 news. >> and of course, the soaring fuel costs are hurting small businesses in the bay area. kron four's terisa says yes. shows us how one north bay tree company is shelling out hundreds more per vehicle to try and keep up. >> small world tree company in the north bay has been caring for trees for 26 years. but with skyrocketing gas prices, co-owner natalie kerry says fueling up these beastie vehicles. these days is brutal. how much does it cost to like philip, something like to 50? >> $250. and how many times you having to do that right now. >> at least once a week. >> probably maybe twice. and they need several vehicles fuel to get the job done all using the more expensive diesel. and what was the sole, let's say, 2 monphs ago, i believe it was before 20. >> but for more than more than $2 more. yeah, because i'm paying to 6.80, 6.18, now.
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>> take a look here at all of the gas cans to run power saws. then there are chipper machines that can gobble up gasoline. so your engine is running. you're not driving up and down hills, but it's still running. you know, so. you know, might save some time. but i'm not sure it's saving any money. kerry says that they are constantly trying to strategize to soften the blow of rising costs and its punch to the bottom line by sometimes on long jobs. >> keeping the equipment on site and taking the electric car back to home base. but there is a lot of frustration she shares about how despite politicians promising to help they often fail to deliver. it just seems like it's political. talk you know, it's it's. >> it's just the classic scenario there's a whisper or or of some political. >> controversy or, you know, war something you know, they
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just they prices go up, but they don't come down that same right? if at all. right. so so, it would be it would be great for someone to to actually. do what they say. they're going to recess to kron. 4 news. >> the famous aids memorial quilt is coming to san francisco. the aids memorial quilt was created 35 years ago to remember and honor people who died as a result of the aids pandemic. it consists of 50,000 panels and 110,000 names. the whole thing weighs 54 tons right now. the quote is being stored at an office space in san leandro in june. it will be placed in san francisco's golden gate to robin williams. meadow organizers said they wanted to display the quote, remind everyone that people are still dying from aids. >> there are too many names here and there too many names that aren't here. but we are committed as an organization and as a community to ensure that we remember the lives because and when you look at
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these panels. they tell the story. of a life lost. but they also should showcase the law that enveloped. >> the quote will be displayed in san francisco on june. 11th and 12th organizers are looking for volunteers to help move the quilt and set it up. >> a notice for dog owners in san francisco, a portion of hiking trails in the presidio will be closed to all dogs had starts next week. and it's because of the coyote popping season. the restriction will stretch from mountain lake for the presidio promenade, along with the bay ridge trail from the campground to golf course. >> the closures will last through early september when popping season in its. >> a call for a local sheriff to resign. how letter allegedly sent by the sheriff to his staff. it's now fueling anger among some in the east bay. plus, an east bay mother has turned her personal
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tragedy into advocacy. her story is ahead as we highlight remarkable women in the bay area. >> and how a house under construction collapsed construction collapsed overnight in the north bay. after my car accident, construction collapsed overnighi wondered whatbay. my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised.
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when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ take a look at this. a house that was under construction collapsed overnight in fairfax and marin county. yeah. the
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town's building inspector says rain over the weekend may have played a factor in all of this. but just imagine the neighbors are now worrying about how structurally sound other homes are. >> how do we know moving into a house on a hill that the person above us has a house that won't collapse and slide downhill into my kitchen. the area of pine drive in front of this property is now closed off while the town's building inspector investigates what happened. >> experts say snakes usually wait until april or may to start showing up regularly outside. but with the warmer temperatures we've seen recently, they're starting to make an earlier appearance. people in walnut creek are reporting seeing rattlesnakes in their backyards rattlesnakes are not usually aggressive unless they're provoked an they don't always rattle before biting walnut, creek's lindsay wildlife sharing some advice for when you spot a snake. if you see a snake on a path, this walk around it or leave it alone warn others around. you don't try to move the snake. if you
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see a snake in your yard, contact a snake removal service so that it will find a new home for it if you or a pet are bitten, don't attempt to remove the venom at all. just immediately seek medical or veterinary help. we have all of these tips on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> coming up next at 10, 30 and amusement park death. that may have been preventable. the rules that were not followed apparently before a team fell to his death in florida and russia promises to scale back its military operations around ukraine's capital city. but in that country be trusted with former assistant secretary of state weighs in. >> and we've got a lot of clouds around the bay area right now. just moving on shore. some drizzle a forecast to could we soon see some more rain. you're 10 10. it's coming up.
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>> there are calls in the east bay for contra costa county sheriff to step down. that's right. that comes because sheriff david livingston allegedly wrote a letter to his staff showing sympathy for a former deputy convicted in the shooting death of a mentally ill man. well, for says the money and has more. >> if a jury of 12 and a judge said east commit a felony assault, he is not obey the law. the sheriff continues to say i support and all privately and publicly and i have your back. >> these contra costa families whose loved ones were killed by police, joined together at
10:30 pm
the sheriff's office in martinez. the call for the resignation for sheriff david livingston. they say they want to share have to step down after allegedly making sympathetic remarks following the sentencing of former deputy andrew hall for the november 2018 shooting death of a lot to me or arboleda whom according to arboleda sister was killed by deputy hall in danville after officers responded to. >> someone. kyle, thank you. looked suspicious. maybe because he was a doctor man in danville that didn't that that looked out of place. i don't know. however, she says she does know that she doesn't share the sheriff's view expressed in a letter to his staff that it was a sad day when the former deputy was sentenced to 6 years in prison for killing her brother. >> in all these cases, all of these individuals were going through a mental health crisis at the time all killed
10:31 pm
>> police with sheriff to understand the impact. we know people don't understand mental illness the way they should and how his words hurt so many people so we could will accept an apology. i reached out to the sheriff's office. there was no word of an apology. >> nor was there any reaction to calls for his resignation? has made you run for new? >> oakland's highland hospital is getting a new name. the alameda county board of supervisors voted unanimously today to rename that facility in honor of the late supervisor. wilma chan chan was killed last december when she was hit by a car while crossing a street in alameda board. members say they want to honor her contributions to that health care and everything in the county chan dealt with community problems, including mental health disparities and improving hospital care. in fact, back in 2016, she successfully
10:32 pm
advocated for renovations at highland hospital which improved care in the maternity ward. >> now to the war in ukraine at ukraine's eu, ambassadors telling united nations security council that the demilitarization of russia is well underway. this after russia announced earlier today that it would significantly scale back military operations near ukraine's capital and another northern city. the kelli meyer reports both ukraine and u.s. officials are skeptical. >> we're not taking anything they say face value. u.s. officials aren't buying russia's pledge to pull back some of its forces in ukraine today. the kremlin making a new promise to fundamentally scale back forces near kyiv and in the northern city of cherney. the pentagon today saying there has been a small number of troops moving away from kiev, but it is in no way a withdrawal and likely a repositioning with russian officials saying their focus is now on the donbass region in eastern ukraine. no issue before in our cells.
10:33 pm
>> but the kremlin's now that will certainly just reduce military attacks near kyiv already reports it's going to withdraw all its forces. president joe biden and secretary of state antony blinken. >> today saying they'll believe it when they see it. we'll see. i don't read anything into into icy with their actions. are. >> there is he says. and >> russia promising peace in the north while continuing to bombard the sound. at least 9 people were killed and 22 injured after an explosion at this administration building in make a late today, a port city in southern ukraine. ukrainian officials saying there is no path to peace until the bombing stopped. >> we'll go out get this call in order for this agreement to be valid and for all sides to agree on that. there has to be full piece on ukraine's territory. no foreign troops all have to leave. ukrainian negotiators today laying out a
10:34 pm
framework for a peace deal offering the country will remain neutral with its security, guaranteed by a group of countries from the u.s. to china to poland, siuilar to nato's attack on one is an attack on all principle. whether russia is receptive to this offer remains to be seen. >> earlier on kron, 4 news at 8, we talk to live with former assistant secretary of state robert charles about the latest narratives coming from the kremlin. he said at this point it is safe to say that vladimir putin is losing the war. >> like city is the mother of invention that he was going to take all of ukraine and 3 days and that can happen. yes, he's a willful guy and he's an autocrat and he has a narrative going russia that is intended to reinforce its position. but the autocrats region reach until they overreach and when they either again toppled or they have to pull back couple of arms. and i think he's in that position right now. it's at it's a
10:35 pm
terrible situation that you that indicate that maybe he's not losing. but i i think actually effectively is losing. and i think the end game here is not clear. his end game was a i think all of his supply lines, his training, his everything seems to be falling, falling falling apart. and so i think don't ever count the russian army they will continue to push the guy in charge says that they shouldn't. but their morale is is absolutely lower. hearing that from every source. and i can't believe that the conscripts that will come to this at the beginning are really motivated the way the ukrainians. >> ukraine's ambassador to the united nations did tell the un security council today that since the beginning of the war, the russian occupiers have lost more than 17,000 military personnel over 1700 armored vehicles and almost 600 tanks. he says that makes the numbers of soviet losses
10:36 pm
in afghanistan pale in comparison. >> johnson and johnson says it will stop selling personal care products in russia due to the ukraine invasion. the drug maker says products such as neutrogena aveeno and listerine will be pulled. however, they will continue to supply medicines and medical devices to the region. consumer goods giants such as pepsi, procter and gamble and nestle and also pulled out of russia in recent weeks. many also promised to continue providing basic items for nutrition and hygiene, such as milk and diapers. but not much else. take a look at this man in portland, oregon is leaving a tribute to ukraine for everyone to see on his home on a busy street in the city. so it's a homeowner decided to paint colors of the ukrainian flag on the side of his house and cover the rest of the homeless tributes to ukraine. he says he decided to create distribute as a show solidarity with the ukrainian people and to bring attention to the ongoing war in ukraine.
10:37 pm
>> well, hi, where you see how loud it is. so a lot of people driving by here have a big lie that nice of shines on it people can see that night. >> the homeowner is from ukraine and grew up in the now hard-hit city of mario pull. he moved to the united states when he was a teenager to get the latest updates on the war in ukraine. you can learn how you can help out go to kron 4 dot com. you can use your mobile device to scan that qr code and it will take you straight to our website. >> well, the news tonight, a stretch of i-81 in pennsylvania is still closed tonight after a massive pileup yesterday morning. look at this. the crash happened during a snow squall that led to poor visibility. at least 3 people died in all of this. more than a dozen others were injured. videos posted on social media show between 40 and 60 vehicles were involved. closer to home. a bald eagle chick that hatched in southern california is enjoying is first snow. late season storm brought 3 to 5 inches of snow to ski areas in the san
10:38 pm
bernardino mountains. the eaglet hatched on march. the 3rd, there is a good but friends of big bear valley which operates a web cam on than this, says that that egg in the nest is no longer viable. great shot. now in the 4 zone forecast with a view of >> san francisco airport and lawrence is standing by was nice to see the snow there in that picture and southern cal. yeah, i'm not going to see much of that here in the not too distant future. looks like things are changing now in the atmosphere. see that fog out there right now on locking in spring and summer month type pattern right now as high pressure trying to build back in. and even though the storms get a little bit closer. well, they just are shredded apart by the ridges they move on through. in fact, there goes one that coming through tomorrow that will bring with it a few more clouds our way. i think maybe more importantly, weather wise. we're talking about more winds, gusty winds along the coastline, maybe 30 plus miles an hour. then another front comes through as we head into the weekend saturday. there you go. most that energy headed up the pacific
10:39 pm
northwest. nothing left here. the one behind gets a little bit closer. you can see some of that energy making its way in the far northern california. but most energy ends up in the pacific northwest, bringing them another round of some rain. but the bay area just some passing clouds. and then after that, guess what? we get a big dome of high pressure really starting to build in lieu of that ridge setting itself up. that is going to bring with it some much warmer weather. we're talking temperatures, maybe the mid 80's, maybe the warmer in some spots as we get into wednesday and thursday of next week. the meantime, yeah, it's going to be about the winds, i think for tomorrow we've got that cold front just about to enter into far northern california clouds are together along the coastlines, kind of hoping to wrap up the marine that we're going to see more of that early tomorrow morning. some of the winds, though, kicking up around the bay area. we have some 20 some 30 plus mile an hour gusts even in the san francisco for the past few hours, likely to see that again and probably more widespread along the coastline by tomorrow afternoon. as that front comes through. so unfortunately, no rain in the forecast, but we've got some more wind that is going to be whipping in
10:40 pm
toward the afternoon hours. so be prepared for some gusty winds along the coastal sections, otherwise breezy elsewhere around the bay area, not on shore breeze, going to keep those temperatures down quite a bit right here comes this cold front kind of dying is it comes to the bay area, high pressure building in behind that. we do have some fog in the forecast for tonight and maybe even drizzle along the coastline, that we're looking dry right now. and it may just stay that way for some time to come. models picking up on fog early on tomorrow morning. and then as we head toward the afternoon, maybe breaking up the fog a bit, some mid to high level clouds and that's a breezy conditions developing around the bay area. temperatures cool co site 50's right on the beaches. you'll see 60's inside the bay. but a little breezy even inside the bay and then mid to upper 60's and some of the valleys. but here's the tenet. and then right now we're keeping a dry. but we want the temperatures up on thursday and friday, a few more clouds over the weekend. the cooling down a bit on sunday only to warm right back up and by the middle of next week. but that 85 almost 90 degrees now by thursday. here we go. he looks like we're headed well into
10:41 pm
spring right away. all right. thank you, lauren. we are learning more tonight about that deadly accident at amusement park in florida. >> an accident report says 14 year-old tyree sampson died after falling from the freefall drop tower at icon park in orlando. the report says the teenager seat was in a locked position when the ride stopped. state officials also released the rides operations manual. it shows a passenger weight limit is 289 pounds sampson's father says the teenager was 6, 5 and weighed 340 pounds. the manual also says passengers who can't fit in the contours of the seat should not be allowed on the right. it's not clear whether employees checked whether or not sampson was seated properly. the foo fighters are canceling all of their upcoming tour dates after the death of their drummer. taylor hawkins afternoon, the band released a statement saying it will use this time to grieve and apologize to disappointed fans but did not mention next steps for ticket holders. hawkins
10:42 pm
died while on tour in colombia friday night. according to a new toxicology report, he had 10 types of drugs in his system at the time of his death. the 50 year-old leaves behind his wife and their 3 children. >> elton john is coming to the bay area, the rock and roll hall of famer announced in october a date at levi's stadium. it's part of his farewell, yellow brick road to war. tickets will go on sale to the public next wednesday. april, the 6. >> and it wasn't covid hit. really buckle down. we, you know, put the vision. make that vision a reality. >> a vision to honor her son who was taken too soon. the head need an east bay mother who despite a terrible loss, is now helping other parents cope with grief. and in sports, warm niners news today with kyle shanahan adding fuel
10:43 pm
to the fire on the quarterback situation. first, a sports director jason dumas has reaction from head coach reaction from head coach coming up. i was injured in a car crash. reaction from head coach coming up. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ care coalition, it's so good to see you all! alright! let's brainstorm. any ideas for new members? i'd like to nominate alaska airlines. this neck pillow i'm dating says great things! a caring airline?! wait, those exist?! it says here they were the first airline to switch
10:44 pm
from plastic bottles to boxed water. they also hire a lot of people from caring professions. i'm seeing former teachers and nurses. it's settled! alaska airlines is officially in the running! round of applause!
10:45 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> on monday, i reported that the niners were in the midst of a quarterback, entanglement. th re are 2 guys, one starting job and a whole lot of mixed signals
10:46 pm
being sent. neither gm john lynch said he's comfortable with both jimmy g and this guy right here. trey lance being on the roster next season. i'm not a player, but to me, that's kind of weird. given all the contacts he could be very offered qb room today. the head coach chimed in on the situation in pretty much double down on what john lynch said. >> that's why we looked into trading, jimmy, because better. it can be a starter and ready to do that. weekend up a greater team in another way. we're not just going to get rid of a good quarterback because we have other quarterbacks on the roster. quarterbacks are really hard to come by. some teams don't have any at all. done a great job for us. we brought rain here to be that but i think it will be sooner than later. and i just get rid of right jim's good player that we all really like as a person. and as a teammate. and we're going to see whatever helps the niners. >> the regular season hasn't even started yet. and the injury bug has already hit the
10:47 pm
giants pretty hard. first, it was evan longoria will undergo surgery on his right index finger. now it's lamont wade junior with a bone bruise and some swelling in his left knee. we will be reevaluated in 10 days. he emerged last season as one of the best giants on the team last year. definitely one of the most clutch when healthy. he will be the starting left fielder for teams starting right handed pitchers against the giants. neither will be available on opening day. the stanford women are in the twin cities prepping for their big time matchup on friday evening with uconn the cardinal beat texas and kansas out in spokane would advance to their second straight final 4. of course, they are the defending national champs and they expected to be here. but that doesn't make it any less they were pumped up uconn and stanford. they are 2 of the most iconic teams in women's
10:48 pm
college basketball. both rosters just later with all americans and the coaching matchup, not too shabby either. gino. tara vanderveer, must-see tv. >> we're really excited to play you know, they're very we know that. i think i think we match up very well we both played, you know, great we're experienced and we >> you know, i think that you know what, we play similar styles we know that they the team that does their thing better will win. and so we know that we have to play very well with that. you know, you have to do the usual stuff. you have to take care of the basketball take good shots, rebound, play. great defense. but we're very excited. >> while stanford is prepping for the final 4, 2, of their future, cardinal, our hooping right now and mcdonald's, all
10:49 pm
american that game was tonight indian of our and lauren bets played in the mcdonald's all american game, which is the premier all-star event for high school seniors betts is 6, 7, 6 foot 7. can't wait to see her alongside cameron brink. that will be the college version of the twin towers. the future is bright, indeed for the stanford cardinal tara vanderveer just keeps turning out is a well oiled machine. all right. that is your look at sports. we'll be right back after the br
10:50 pm
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>> tonight we continue our series on remarkable women around the bay area. and tonight we're meeting location, phillips marshall from oakley. she is using her personal tragedy of losing her son to help other families on force. john's mccall has her story. >> it's an unenviable task in a parent's worst fear. >> it's like a club that nobody wants to be a part of. >> getting membership into this club comes with a high cost, the loss of a child. >> for the key, she marshall and her husband, leon going through that. there's a lot of emotion getting in would mean the loss of their son, just, you know, even going through treatment and everything. he was always like. >> why are you so sad? like, why are you up said, you know, we're a very spiritual family. >> in february 2016, just a
10:53 pm
week before his 12th birthday, justin was diagnosed with cancer for years. the family spent plenty of moments at the hospital which became a second home. the staff also became an extended family. >> yeah, there was a lot of days that, you know, you feel like giving up. you feel like throwing in the towel. i'm venting, lashing out. but after rounds of chemo and fighting justin died just weeks after his 13th birthday. >> but after grieving his loss to key, she says she wanted to do more in his honor. >> seed was planted maybe a year after justin passed away and it wasn't covid hit. really buckle down. we, you know, put the vision. made the vision a reality from the seed spread of the justin parker wore your house. >> the nonprofit group provides support for families whose children are also battling cancer.
10:54 pm
>> the the roads, remission for young patients can often be tough stuff for fans. i remember the feeling in the look at their in their face. i remember >> the feeling of what's going to happen next. what's going on right now? my child is sick and tired of that work. the nonprofit group offers a listening ear advice and even brings food for families. the couple says they're certainly giving back what we received during justin's battle. >> the the the disparate almost like a look at defeat. but then we come through with a goodie baskets and gift cards and and food cooked food, you know, is even hospital food or fast food cooked meal and they're like so appreciative and so thankful that comes from a deeper said in your soul. the they're raising donations to build. >> a physical locations so that they can better serve families impacted by cancer. i
10:55 pm
mean, everything that i do. and even starting like the nonprofit is to get back to other people. and i just a giving person a lot of times i neglect myself put someone didn't forget about to ship. >> she says a co-worker nominated her as a kron. 4 remarkable woman. at first he thought it was all a oh, my gosh. >> i didn't say anything. i nominated you because of all the work that you do. and justin park now son. you just do so much for everybody else. it's something that i felt desire by. well. >> congratulations, like really like. she is a remarkable woman. you know that it's about time that somebody somewhere besides us in the inner circle acknowledge that, you know, we know have remarkable. she is she like he says she's very selfless. you know, she's always putting others first, sometimes to the detriment of herself. but that's just how she's built. get >> the couple still raises 3 children and say that some days are better than others.
10:56 pm
but they say the justin's memory is never far from them. >> and in our spirit, justin's always with us. and, you know, he he may not be here in the body, but he is definitely with us in spirit. >> what you should says the planted in her time of mourning. we have now bloomed into something that justin would have loved. he would be. >> my big issue and just, you know, very proud. and if he was still here and, you know, went mission and was cancer free, i think he would still be right next to me. you know, spearheading justin park house. >> in oakley, jonathan mccall kron. 4 news. >> come for has been recognizing remarkable women all month long. if you would like to see more of the stories. we have a section on our website kron 4 dot com. you can see past winners and nominees. >> alright, checking whether now sorts. yeah. that fog moving on shore right now. guys. it is stretching over san francisco. looking great out there right now. great along the coastline. some
10:57 pm
drizzle out toward the beaches. yeah. the fog is going to stick around tonight that on shore push continuing out there. so tomorrow it will be cool out along the coastline plan on some sunshine. maybe the afternoon the winds are going to be kicking up 50's co-signed to see 60's inside the bay. some us get near 70 degrees. well inland next couple days, we're going to warm things up on thursday and friday. the weekend looking good. just a couple clouds. but next week we could be talking about some temperatures about that near 90 degrees here. right. thank you, lawrence. thanks all of you for being with us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow night. >> midnight.
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