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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  March 31, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> tonight at 5 police in the soueh bay are searching for a second suspect after a teen was shot near a high school this morning. thanks for watching. kron. 4 news at 5. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. san jose. police got the call just before 11 o'clock this morning saying a high school student was shot or high school student shot a classmate rather near the intersection of loose ureta avenue and taji drive just south of year. but high school when officers showed up, they found the teenage victim who is expected to survive shortly after police say they found one of the suspects and arrested him. they say he had
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a gun on him, though. it's unclear at this point if that was the same weapon used in the shooting during the investigation, students at your. but when a high school were told to shelter in place for several hours, police say the victim and the suspect who was arrested are both students at the high school. so far. there's no description of the second suspect who police are still trying to find tonight. and a crime like we saw today is having an impact on the psyche of bay area residents. a new poll finds the percentage of those who feel the bay area is a safe place to live. >> it's dropped from 63% down to 47%. kron four's. dan kerman has more now on the disturbing numbers. >> few can forget the images of the pre thanksgiving smash-and-grabs in downtown san francisco. not to mention the once and other bay area cities. now a new poll from the bay area council finds less than half feel the bay area is a safe place to live and almost 2 thirds of the 1000 bay area registered voters who took part in the survey say they avoid going to
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big city downtown areas because of crime that can't be. we have to we have to do better than that. >> jim wunderman is president and ceo of the bay area council which conducts the survey each year. he says covid already dealt a blow to bay area businesses and fears of crime will make economic recovery even harder when there's a huge economic impact, then there's a huge social impact because we don't have the resources to support the folks who are really, really need the help of government. >> and we're not providing the job opportunities for people to get back into the economy so they become more dependent rather than less dependent on the government car break. ins have also become synonymous with bay area living. >> and in fact, the poll found that to be the top crime concern followed by violent crime, public drug use and panhandling wunderman says giving police more resources is only part of the answer to police won't make arrests are
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for crimes. they don't think we'll be prosecutor. >> and so they're going to be more a lot. so you've got to get the district attorneys, you know, heavily involved and on the same team with the police, which we don't always have. at the same time, you have the courts, the judges have to be educated and sensitized to the need make sure that that folks who come before the court again and again and again. don't get another chance. wunderman admits that big cities have done a lot, especially in the last few months to get a handle on crime. but he says obviously much more needs to be done. >> in san francisco, dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> now teenagers accused in a wild crime spree of a 14 year-old and a 16 year-old who allegedly targeted to asian man in san francisco trying to steal their cars and then leading police on a chase after pulling a gun. but failing to carjack a man who ran away with the car key in potrero hill monday afternoon. police say for people that attacked another asian man at
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his home near twin peaks in the city that 76 year-old victim was in his garage when the suspects allegedly dragged him out, beat him and took the bmv bmw key from his pocket and then took off. police say they saw the bmw heading towards the bay bridge, chased it. at the suspects. got off the treasure island exit and then crashed to see video of the crash scene here. a 14 year-old and a 16 year-old from oakland were arrested. 2 other suspects have not been caught. >> switching gears here now, president biden laying out a new plan to lower gas prices. an unprecedented release of the country strategic oil reserves in an effort to boost supply. he laid out a two-part plan a little earlier today. part of that includes the release of a million barrels of oil per day from the nation's strategic oil reserves for the next 6 months. he's also encouraging the mining of minerals that are used in electric vehicles. meantime, the president made a point of calling out oil companies on there business
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practices through the oil shortages. >> for us all companies that are recording their largest profits in years. they have a choice. thank you. but those profits to productive use are producing more or else restarting idled wells are producing on the sites they already really see. giving the american people a break by passing some of the savings on to customers and lowering the price at the pump. >> a key inflation gauge has set a 40 year high as gas and food prices soar the measure which is closely monitored by the federal reserve, jumped almost 6 and a half percent in february this year compared to a year ago. that is the largest year-over-year rise since january of 1982. experts say measures of inflation will likely worsen in the coming months because this report does not reflect the consequences of russia's invasion in ukraine, which started in late february. california. lawmakers today quickly approved an emergency bill that would shield some
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renters from getting kicked out of their homes. >> california's eviction moratorium is now extending for those waiting on help from the state. our ashley zavala explains. >> today was supposed to be the last day for eviction protections for those who struggle to pay rent because of covid-19, this action by lawmakers is an 11th hour lifeline to help those who have already applied for relief. >> lawmakers in the state senate thursday giving final legislative approval for an extension to the state's covid-19 related ban on evictions. it's now through july. 1st. this time the protections remain in place. only for those who have applied for state rental assistance by midnight thursday. it would be cruel, wasteful and unfair to subject californians to eviction. >> the loss of rental income. now, when they've done everything asked of them by filing in completing their application, this comes after renters demanded action as the state continues to process relief applications. according to the state's covid-19 rent relief dashboard the state has so far served less than half of the more than 500,000
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applications submitted as of thursday. the state paid out more than 2.5 billion dollars with payments averaging about $11,000 per recipient. the protections passed through the senate with just one lawmaker rejecting democratic senator scott wiener. he said he's concerned the application deadline will not be extended and the legislation override some local eviction protections. but the economic damage to covid has inflicted on many. >> particularly low income families continues. that is not over and we should not be stopping cities from stepping in to protect runners who have been harmed by covid shortly after the vote, acting governor eleni kounalakis stepped in to sign the bill for governor gavin newsome who is on vacation. some lawmakers thursday said they passed this reluctantly saying there's more that should be done for strpggling renters. there are a lot of unfinished issues on the table. he remembers. >> by signing the lenny could unlock is became the first woman ever to enact state law in california. meanwhile, if you still need rental assistance because of covid-19
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tonight at midnight is the deadline to apply reporting at state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> a nonprofit in the south bay celebrating cesar chavez day. chavez, of course, was a civil rights and labor activist and in honor of him, martha's kitchen in san jose's, donating food to people in need the food pantry typically gives out 10,000 meals a month today a special volunteer joined them. san jose mayor sam liccardo. >> cesar chavez obviously has a very deep connection here to having lived in the what was then called the south sea port, a neighborhood, a mayfair community here in san jose. we have many of his family members who continue to live here. nieces, nephews, cousins, and his tradition is felt very strongly here. >> today would have been cesar chavez's 95th birthday. a new vette is coming to san francisco next month. the
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month of april to celebrate the city's history with marijuana. it's called evergreen san francisco in it aims to yelebrate cannabis culture. >> that was born here in the bay area. back in the 1970's kron four's rob nesbitt reports on that long history and the economic impact that evergreen we'll have in the city. california was the first state to allow medicinal cannabis in 1996 20 years later, recreational cannabis was legalized. just some of the facts that will be celebrated during for 20. >> it's popular and legal and expands tourism. do it. >> evergreen san francisco was organized in less than 3 weeks by a number of groups, including the san francisco travel association. san francisco, cannabis retailers alliance and the chamber of commerce, executive director of the fisherman's wharf community benefit district. randall scott was also part of the planning committee for its historic events. you know, larry, that's okay? janell components mission. and you know, we're doing a concert on portland saturday as a city
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emerges from the pandemic evergreen, san francisco is inviting cannabis enthusiast as well as people who are cannabis curious to come and learn about the city's history with the plant. the 4.20 festival will be coming back to robin williams park for the first time since the covid pandemic started. and on the same week as evergreens events, scott says the goal isn't to steal for 20 thunder, but rather offer an educational space outside of hippie hill. i've never had to break up a fight. with a bunch of people smoking week. >> i have multiple times with people reckon and >> a week's worth of events throughout the 49 square miles of san francisco with the goal of making the city, the cannabis capital of the country read tourism is expanding its crop. >> and it's it is something that san francisco has the opportunity to lead. you know it in the united states evergreen, san francisco will run from april 16 to the 24th. we have a full list of scheduled events on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> in san francisco, i'm rob
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nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> barry, a royalty, steph and curry visiting an elementary school in the east bay get that thing off there. why they're trying to help children before they reach 4th grade. and today is international transgender day of visibility. one bay area trans activist is celebrating. how far trans rights of come while reflecting on the work that still needs to be done. >> the stanford women on the road trying to defend the national title. we're live in the twin cities as the cardinal gets ready for its final 4 matchup. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow. what a gorgeous afternoon around the bay area. now we could be looking at. >> maybe a little heat wave coming our
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champs are back in familiar territory. the stanford women's basketball team arrived in minneapolis earlier % this week for the final 4 and had their first practice today ahead of their matchup with perennial powerhouse program ukot. pretty exciting sports. director jason dumas says in the twin cities with the team was able to catch up with them today at practice of jason, how they look. >> avic. they look like a team that's been here before cool, calm and collected. that's how they looked at practice as they prep for their national semifinal game with the uconn huskies. look, every team here this weekend is really good.
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we have 3 number one seeds and a number 2 seed. uconn is that number 2 seed. they would probably be a number one seed if their best player. paige beckers wasn't hurt for most of the season. so there's not much separating all these teams. now. i know tara vanderveer, she hates referring to her team as the defending national champs. he thinks it complacent. but guess what is just the reality? they're the defending national champs. and i think that is something that they can use to their advantage this weekend. look, they came here last year and they won the whole thing. they know that euphoria that it feels like once you win the game and you see all that confetti dropping from the sky. that's a feeling that no other team has felt here this weekend. yeah, haley jones, she won the final four's most outstanding player last year. then you have cameron brink who made so many huge plays in blocks down the stretch in the national
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semifinal and in the championship game and the list goes on. lacey, lexi hall. they got big-time rotation minutes. pretty much everyone in the rotation for this stanford team played in the national championship in national semifinal last year. so that experience gives them the edge. and it's something that also brought this team together and they are ready to use that advantage to their benefit. once game starts tomorrow. having this target on our back, we like having it because we love competing. >> we're very competitive team. so every game is a challenge in like ty says it's a different pose of night stepping up. but, you know, i think we've learned a lot this season with having different people step up in different games. people, you know, having different roles on the team they did last year like analysts and make him a c i can't speak to just the amount of growth that they've had just at the point guard position. but i think we've grown a lot this year being the defending champs. so coming in this week, we're
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just we're ready for the competition. and we know that took last year. but it's going to take even more with that target. and i think that we welcome that competition and we're really excited to rest the occasion other this year. it's i think everyone has ground so much individually and collectively. i mean, playing with the same basically the same team for >> an extra year. we just our chemistry grows. i'm fine each other on offense. backdoor think we're just playing better and better together. every practice, every game. and also we've just grown closer and and we love playing together even more than we did last year. and that's hard to believe. >> guys have a really cool set up out here in minneapolis behind me. a big national championship trophy, a mock-up of it in. they're still getting some things ready. but i've seen a lot of big names here today. aside from all the players, this place is littered with all americans on all the teams. but i've seen briana stewart, i've seen a bunch of the biggest names in
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women's college basketball. now let's set the scene for tomorrow. that game is 6.30, time on the west coast. uconn stanford, stanford is a 7, 11, 7.11 all time against the uconn huskies it's going to be really tough game. you tara vanderveer, she pokes some fun at, you know, our she said that yet. uconn might get some of that east coast bias because where everyone is all sleep on the east coast, one we play but guess what? i get to swim outside all year long. meanwhile, gino, he's driving to practice every day in the snow stopped. take that 7 days a week. they have a very healthy competitive relationship with one another. they're very respectful of one another and their legacy. guess what, guys? they are the 2 winningest coaches in women's college basketball. tara sits at number one. of course, gino is right under her at number 2. so this is shaping up to be a classic and i can't wait to be there front
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and center. but for now live outside of the target center, i'm jason dumas, scrum for sports. alright, jca 2 legendary bet. you're glad it's a >> snowing there in minneapolis, right? looking good. it's called a yeah. all right. well, stay warm. you know what to from philly. hence the turtleneck, steph and curry just announced the new little town libraries. it's a new effort to >> distribute more than 50,000 free books throughout oakland. they just unveiled the first of these reading stations at franklin elementary. the curry say that the libraries will have culturally appropriate stories that will reflect the daily lives of students throughout oakland, literacy rates among black and brown students have fallen dramatically through the pandemic. and the curry say that they might try and turn things around. >> the importance of that is that from kindergarten through 3rd grade, you know, making sure that you're reading your
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grade level by the time you get to 3rd grade determines your entire educational future. so for as turning those numbers around is just really, really important. >> there will be 150 libraries in all and the future murals from local artists. this program is a partnership between the currys nonprofit eat, learn, play and the little free library which should distributes books to underserved communities all across the country. >> this is international transgender visibility day, an annual event to celebrate transgender and 9 by and non-binary people around the globe. one of the people who feels strongly about this occasion, the chair of the san francisco democratic party poppers catherine heenan. >> is here with more. hi, katherine. tai. you know, she's she's interesting. she's a trailblazer. her name is honey mahogany. she is the first black and transgender chair of the san francisco democratic party. also one of the highest ranking transgender officials and the whole country. she talked to kron 4 today about why she is
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concerned about her community. >> there has been increased visibility of trans people. you know, you see them on the news. you see them representing you in government. and unfortunately, i think what's been happening lately is the trans community is again being used as a scapegoat. i'm to blame people for, you know, the degradation of society to create a talking point for i think the right, the extreme right wing and to really rally people to a party and then going to say it's the republican party who hasn't really done much other ways to address needs of america. so they're using us as a scapegoat as a rallying cry to scare people and, you know, unfortunately, we're seeing the consequence of that. we've seen what i think at this 0, 200 pieces of legislation, you know, in state legislatures across the country take rights away from trans people and to prevent trans people from getting care. >> one of the many issues that she has successfully helped campaign for getting gender neutral. passports in the
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u.s.. we'll hear more about that coming up at 6 vicki and grant. >> thank you, catherine. appreciate that. fascinating she is an interesting >> all right. >> tonight on kron, 4 news at 5 and airborne tesla lands precariously on an ambulance in san diego. >> and residents in one livermore neighborhood demanding answers after a
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out of the east bay showing a driver crashing into someone on the sidewalk of oakland's chinatown. this happened back. >> on march 18th near lincoln square park. that's on alice street. so we paused the video. right? as the car hit the person according to oakland, police said this incident started out as a disagreement between both the 2 people involved. we are expecting learn more about the crash and the investigation tomorrow. >> a power surge caused by a palm tree touching power lines is now causing major headaches for more than 500 pg e customers in livermore. the outage happened earlier this week that his neighbors assess the damage they tell kron forcefully to call. many are looking at thousands of dollars in repairs. >> dan pierce, much like every other neighbor on his court in livermore has been bogged down the past few days trying to replace electrical equipment damage late monday night. surveillance video appears to show the moment pg and e says the palm fronds in the area
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made contact with both the transmission line and distribution line causing a power lights went out and then they came back on. so i knew was an isolated our house. but outside of our house peers says he sustained hundreds of dollars in damages with no guarantees pg need will reimburse the cost to >> the dishwasher got smoked. i'm a lamp. the computers to route to repair the 2 computers was $350. the loss for next door neighbor megan trent and her family could reach $30,000. still don't know what's going on there. solar panels that are hot tub, our hvac all of it fried overall 531 customers in the area were affected. >> well, pg and e crews and food companies work to repair what was damaged. the utility says, although tree was not in its right of way and is not responsible for its maintenance pg, e will review and consider each claim neighbors submit. we have a
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neighbor who electricals completely messed up inside the walls and >> you know what happens? what? who knows what we haven't seen yet in our walls. >> and what happens if it happens again, what kind of damage is going to occur? i mean, houses can set on fire. people can lose their lives. we've seen that happen with genie and no one wants to see that again in livermore, phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> coming up, why it's getting harder and harder to believe anything coming out of moscow. >> a judge makes a key ruling in the murder trial of kristin smart. >> plus, what schools in san francisco are doing to try to prevent a covid outbreak when (music throughout)
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>> spring is coming to an end for students and teachers in the san francisco unified school district. a school official tells kron 4 says but you tonight, now's the time for students and staff to get ready to use those covid tests that were given out before spring break. >> prior to spring break, rapid at-home covid-19 test kits were distributed to teachers and students in the san francisco unified school district school is back in session on monday. students and staff are being reminded by the district of the importance of using those rapid test before returning to school. >> we really hope that we can catch those people who may have testing might be testing positive for covid-19. so instead of having them come to school and potentially spread that


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