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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  March 31, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> violent week for us. and in terms of gun incidents. >> a teenager shot near san jose high school this morning leading to an hours long shelter-in-place order. it is the 3rd shooting in san jose this week. thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne. i pale more. luckily that teenager who was shot is expected to survive. >> the shooting happened near the intersection of acacia avenue drive just south of your a high school prom for charles clifford has more. >> the san jose police department says that around 10 45 thursday morning they received a call from a male juvenile saying that he had been shot by another juvenile near the intersection of lakreasha avenue and taji drive just south of your viewpoint. high school arriving on scene. officers found one victim suffering from a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. shortly thereafter, a male juvenile was taken into custody. that suspect was in possession of a firearm, although it's unclear at this point if it was the same weapon used in the earlier shooting. san jose police are now searching the
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area for an additional suspect. they say that the victim and the juvenile who was taken into custody are both students here at your avoid a high school. we have an active perimeter looking for this person. we don't want this person out there and the community armed, right? there's a potential for violence. they were just involved in a shooting during thursday's investigation and the search for an additional suspect. students at euro point high school were told to shelter in place for several hours in san jose. charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> new video tonight out of the east bay showing a driver crashing into somebody on the sidewalk of oakland's chinatown. we stopped the video before you can actually see that happen. this happened back on march. 18th near lincoln square park on alice street. and as i me4tioned, we posit video does not show the actual a person getting struck. according to local police. the incident started as a disagreement between both of the 2 people involved. kron four's gayle ong is working on this story to find out more show. have an update for us tonight on kron. 4 news at 9
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crime is having an effect on the psyche of bay area residents. a new poll finds the percentage of people who feel that the bay area is a safe place to live has dropped significantly from 63% to 47%. >> kron four's dan kerman has more on the disturbing numbers. >> the people of the bay area about 52% don't fight, you know, wouldn't identify the bay area as a safe place. so, you know, it's it's start. that's a disturbing number. bay area council president jim wunderman is talking about the results of his organizations. annual survey. >> which finds crime raising questions about the safety of bay area living this ball. it's the number 3 issue. >> so right after homelessness and housing, you get crime and that's it. that's come. a new trend and just unfortunate, right? if you can forget the images of the pre thanksgiving smash-and-grabs in downtown san francisco. not to mention. >> the once and other bay area cities that likely has played a role in another finding of the survey of the 1000
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registered voters responding. almost 2 thirds say they avoid going to big city downtown areas because of crime. wunderman says that will make the economic recovery from covid-19 all the more difficult we have this, you know, get. >> enough resources put in place to be able to not just say we're doing something about it, but to do something about it. the poll also finds car and home break-ins to be the top crime concern followed by violent crime public drug use and panhandling wunderman acknowledges that big cities, especially in the last few months have done a lot to try and get a handle on crime. >> but he says, obviously there's much more to be done. in san francisco. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> a new study coauthored by ucsf scientists shows police are now seizing almost 50 times more fentanyl pills in just 4 years ago. the study's authors are concerned that people may be exposed to fentanyl without even knowing it through counterfeit pills
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disguised as prescription opioids. that increases the risk of potentially fatal overdoses. california lawmakers are currently looking at several bills to try to curb the rise of deadly overdoses in the state, including harsher punishments for the distribution and possession of fentanyl. today is international transgender visibility day. it's an annual event to celebrate transgender and non-binary people around the world. one of the people who feel strongly about the occasion, the chair of the san francisco democratic party coffers. catherine heenan is here with more on that. catherine? yeah, this woman is a trailblazer. interesting person. >> her name is honey mahogany. she is the first black and transgender chair of the san francisco democratic party that make sure one of the highest ranking transgender officials in the whole country. one of the many issues that she helped fight for getting the u.s. to switch to gender neutral passports.
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part of the reason why that's important is it's really about you know, if you. >> if your you know, gender assigned at birth and is one thing and you present something else and you're trying to travel. that creates whole host of issues for you. i know i've had issues even myself, you know, going through an airport and you know this, you know, sort of a fight between that the people, the tsa workers of who's going to be, you know, wanting which is just absolutely ridiculous. these are things that trans people real things that trans people face their barriers every and so this will go a long way help address that. >> starting april, 11th u.s. citizens can mark x on passport applications rather than i just male or female. the state department says it is also going to update tsa screening. so there will be fewer pat-downs and false alarms. ken and pam. catherine, thank you. more news tonight. a power surge
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caused by a palm tree touching paralyzes causing major headaches for more than 500 pg customers in livermore. and that outage happened earlier this week. but that has neighbors assess the damage. >> forcefully to go found out. many of them are looking at thousands of dollars in repairs. one minute megan transit was watching tv at her home in livermore just before midnight monday night. the next her family's electrical equipment went haywire. and then when the things pop back on >> that's that's when we heard a big boom. the neighbor's surveillance system appears to have captured the moment pg and e says the palm fronds in the area made contact with both the transmission line and distribution line causing the power surge. >> tran says half of the appliances in her home were fried the heating ventilation and air-conditioning system. hot and solar panels no longer work. it could be anywhere between 10 to $30,000 depending on what's going on with the hot tub in the fuller
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neighbor, dan pier says he lost to computers his dishwasher and a lamp. adding that everyone on his ct sustained damage pg and e says 531 customers were affected. i hope that we can get to reimbursed for these because we have we have to have this stuff up while pg and e crews and phone companies work to repair what was damaged. >> the utility says over country was not in its right of way and is not responsible for its maintenance. >> pg and e will review and consider each claim neighbors submit. i think we'll have to go class action. it's been kind of crickets. >> they sent they sent us the hotline, which they never answer. i've been trying to get through the hotline for the last 24 hours and keep getting a message saying were unavailable. neighbors say they are not having much luck with warranties or having items were placed through homeowners insurance. either. >> in livermore, phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news.
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>> a way to honor a legend. a nonprofit in the south bay celebrated cesar chavez day today by feeding people in need martha's kitchen in san jose honor the memory of the civil rights and labor activists by distributing food in a day of service. the kitchen gives out 10,000 meals every month. and today the group was joined by a special volunteer mayor sam liccardo. >> cesar chavez obviously has a very deep connection here to having lived in the what was then called the south sea port, a neighborhood, a mayfair community here in san jose. we have many of his family members who continue to live here. nieces, nephews, cousins, and his tradition is felt very strongly here. >> today would have been cesar chavez's 95th birthday. great way to honor him. all right. now to our 4 zone weather forecast looking outside and
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wow, you can see that layer of fog. beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge norms is going to start warming up on. yeah, we're going to start heating things up. i think next week we may be extra called hot. we could see some 90's popping up around the bay area. so here we go. >> changes in the works. now we felt that today you saw those temperatures warming up and beautiful out there right now for the golden gate bridge. not bad. see the boats coming and underneath there. but temperature wise. yeah, looking good. although the coastline still a little bit on the cool side 50's there. but head inside the bay. very nice. 65 degrees right now in san jose. still 70 in pittsburgh. 72 degrees and fairfield. 56 in san francisco. 64 nevado. we've got that nice northerly wind kicking in. you can see right here, high pressure building into the bay area. you see the fog and low clouds, all of a sudden moving all the way down toward point conception. that's because that nice northerly wind clearing out your skies even out toward the beaches today have some sunshine and some nice weather not get the real strong sea breeze. still an onshore flow, though. you can still see some winds kicking up along the coastline. but we're not looking at 30 plus mile an hour gust likepwe were
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yesterday. but tonight looks like a nice evening. if you're stepping outside the sky's going to stay nice and clear temperatures cool off in the 50's 60's by 9 o'clock this evening. but really some nice weather heading tomorrow. all we've got a beautiful friday coming your way. how about mid 70's in concord? 74, the napa valley. 72 in mill valley at about 63 in downtown san francisco. >> thank you. lauren is coming up. a bay area institution closing its doors after more than a century in business. as people line up to pay their last respects and get some sweet treats to now that marijuana is legal for 20 is no longer a renegade event. coming up, details on san francisco's plan to add a new week long. cannabis celebration. and with gas prices in california still sitting near record highs, president biden unveiling his new plan to lower the cost of new plan to lower the cost of oil. oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, but we don't need any business help now.
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>> well, your money, gasoline prices are leveling off a bit across the country and the same may finally be starting to happen here in california. according to today's aaa data, the state average is now at $5.90. that is one cent less than yesterday here in the bay area. prices are also off one cent across the board. san francisco still has the highest average of $5 and $0.93. santa rosa is now at $5.90. oakland sitting at
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5.86. and san jose is down to 5.84. in light of these high gas prices, though, today president biden announced a historic oil reserve release along with some other steps to try and reduce gas prices. the president says the administration will tap into the nation's strategic petroleum reserve. >> the goal is to try to ease some of the pain americans are feeling at the pump. kron four's washington correspondent reshad hudson joins us now live with how this will help at home were shot. hey, good evening. the president says american families can start to see relief in the coming weeks. and this is a major effort to try to drive down the recent price hike people have seen at the pump. >> food is wars imposing costs on american our allies. >> thursday, president biden announced he is releasing 1 million barrels of oil per day from the nation's strategic petroleum reserve for the next 6 months. most important thing my plan will do right away. >> to save your family money.
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>> the white house largely blames high energy prices on russia's invasion of ukraine. continue to use every tool my disposal. >> to protect you from price to encourage more domestic production. president biden also wants to pull leases for oil and gas companies that are using existing drilling permits on public lands. >> but those city non-jews lisa's and i'm well. well, have to start producing or pay the price for their inaction. >> but senate republican leader mitch mcconnell says instead of tapping into the reserve, president biden to changes energy policies. >> the biden administration tried to pass the buck for this massive tried to blame everything but their own radical policies. west virginia senator shelley moore capito calls it a political move that actually won't help at the pump. >> well, i think that, again, that this is a band-aid approach by the administration so they can say they're doing something. >> and president biden says this is step one of a two-part
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plan for the eventual goal of getting the country to sustainable. green energy reporting in washington. rashad hudson, back to you. so rashad, what is the oil industry response to this move by the white house? well, they largely oppose it. and they're saying that president biden really wants to help drive down the price at the pump that he would change some of its energy policies. well, the white house is pushing back saying that right now there's about 9,000 leases for oil and gas companies to take advantage of that are not being use. so it. there's talks of a meeting between president biden and some of these large oil companies to see what the problem is and why these leases are being taken advantage of. shawn hudson live for us in washington, d.c., thank you for that. a new event coming to san francisco next month will celebrate the city's long love affair with cannabis culture. >> kron four's rob nesbitt reports on what you can expect from the weeklong celebration called evergreen san francisco. california was the
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first state to allow medicinal cannabis in 1996 20 years later, recreational cannabis was legalized. just some of the facts that will be celebrated during for 20. >> it's popular and legal and expands tourism. do it. >> evergreen san francisco was organized in less than 3 weeks by a number of groups, including the san francisco travel association. san francisco, cannabis retailers alliance and the chamber of commerce, executive director of the fisherman's wharf community benefit district. randall scott was also part of the planning committee for its historical events. you know, larry, that's it's occasional components to mission. and, you know, we're doing a concert on poor saturday. fisherman's wharf will host a book signing with the underground bakery, sticky fingers brownies provided pot brownies during the aids crisis. this hot brown, his movement. >> in san francisco started fisherman's wharf in nearly 7 years as a city emerges from the pandemic evergreen, san francisco is inviting cannabis
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enthusiast as well as people who are cannabis. curious to come and learn about the city's history with the plant. before 20 festival will be coming back to robin williams park for the first time since the covid pandemic started. and on the same week as evergreens events, scott says the goal isn't to steal for 20 thunder, but rather offer an educational space outside of hippie hill. i never had to break up a fight. with a bunch of people smoking week. >> i have multiple times with people reckon and >> a week's worth of events throughout the 49 square miles of san francisco with the goal of making the city a cannabis capital of the country read tourism is expanding its crop. >> and it's it is something that san francisco has the opportunity to lead. you know it in the united states evergreen, san francisco will run from april 16 to the 24th. we have a full list of scheduled events on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> in san francisco, i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news as likely to be some celebration. all right. let's take a live
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look outside. looking out over san francisco looks a little hazy. maybe foggy, know i wonder because pam was mentioning the amount of smoke that could be satellites, a weather satellite pick you know, just right there at hippie hill, a little cloudier depends on how they're enjoying themselves. and i was have to invent a whole nother air quality forecasts say bay area put down when would be lee, right? hey, guys, we've mostly clear skies yround the bay area right now. just a gentle sea breeze out there. see the flag blowing in the wind. that beautiful night. >> out of the golden gate bridge. and yeah, it looks like we've got some changes coming. i think some nice warm weather may be a little hot spots, but not today. we warmed up a little bit to 63 degrees for a high in san francisco. 64 degrees in oakland, 70 degrees a little bit above the average in san jose. and a nice day. 69 in livermore, 72 in concord and 68 degrees in santa rosa right now. pretty quiet out there
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and looks like it's going to stay that way tonight. i think skies going to be mostly clear, maybe just a patch or 2 of fog. and that's about it. high pressure going to settle in overhead for tomorrow. and that is going to bring a very nice day outside warm weather on a friday, especially inland. these temperatures go to bump up a few more degrees by tomorrow afternoon. then we'll start to talk about some cooler weather least in the 2nd half of the weekend overnight. tonight, the fog cast showing your skies stay mostly clear. we may just get a patch or 2 of fog and that will likely be just about it. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, even the afternoon looking good to kind of get the sense that northerly wind kicking keep most of fog away. so looks like a beautiful friday outside a nice day to get out there and enjoy sunshine and temperatures running up in the mid 70's in spots inland. beautiful place like the napa valley about 74 in san jose. in 63 in the san francisco next couple days. change, though, in the works over the weekend. i think we warm up a little bit more on saturday. cooling back down with more clouds on sunday and monday. but after that, these temperatures soar 80's, maybe some 90's by the middle of next week. thank you,
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lawrence. new tonight at 6, another san francisco restaurant closing its stores. the beloved sweet shop in kyoto. >> and city's chinatown, the japantown neighborhood service last moshi today the owners told us that they have been serving sweet rice cakes, locals for the last 115 years. people from all over the bay area came out on the shop's final day in japantown customers had a 12 piece limit per person. some even waited hours to snag one of the famous sweet treats. >> i think tonight yesterday, i mean, we're first people to get cut all a lie. the people front of got the very last minute. she says today's like our final try and our live shot of getting something before people can have to wait so >> my heart to see >> ricky and his brother
6:22 pm
comey. i say that they are ready for retirement. and many of the people stopped by today left sweet messages for the family to read. and of course, we also wish them the >> pandemic eviction protections have been officially extended into the summer with a bill passed today in the state senate. what it means for bay area renters who still face an important deadline tonight. plus, the steps one local school district is taking to protect its students from potential covid exposure over spring break.
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>> as spring break comes to an end for students and teachers in san francisco. district officials are hoping their covid-19 testing protocols will help keep everyone healthy. kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. >> prior to spring break, rapid at-home covid-19 test kits were distributed to teachers and students in the san francisco unified school district school is back in session on monday. students and staff are being reminded by the district of the importance of using those rapid test before returning to school. >> we really hope that we can catch those people who may have testing might be testing positive for covid-19. so instead of having them come to school and potentially spread that around, they will know to stay home and follow the isolation protocols and quarantine protocols. when school resumes daily covid testing will continue to be available at sf usd. >> using the color of covid-19
6:26 pm
testing platform. we have the daily caller self-swab pickups that all of our school sites as well as our partnership with safer together. so that students and families can access rapid on-site testing at certain locations. >> so what you felt all this information just go ahead and create accounts cisco unified school. district officials say they're multi-layered approach to covid-19 mitigation includes group contact tracing, which is in line with state public health guidance. the strategy is to provide safe in-person instruction without undertaking prolonged contact, tracing to identify students within a specified radius of someone infected. this allows anyone who is considered a close contact regardless of their vaccination status to stay in school unless they test positive or develop symptoms for covid-19. also next week, masking in sf usd will no longer be mandatory in pre k through k 8 schools. instead, facial coverings will be strongly recommended which is the current policy in middle and high school. haaziq kron.
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4 news. >> next on kron, 4 news at 6, the eviction protection extension goes before the full state senate. today. we have the latest on what happened at the capitol. plus, u.s. leaders double down on claims that russian president putin is being misled by his advisers about his military is performance in this war will break down the kremlin's military focus and should police officers be protected from being sued? more on the police reform negotiations police reform negotiations right after the numbers... ...move you but some can stop you in your tracks. like the tens of thousands of people who were diagnosed with certain hpv-related cancers. for most people, hpv clears on its own. but for those who don't clear the virus, it can cause certain cancers. gardasil 9 is a vaccine given to adults through age 45 that can help protect against certain diseases caused by hpv. including cervical, vaginal, vulvar, anal, and certain head and neck cancers, such as throat and back of mouth cancers, and genital warts. gardasil 9 doesn't protect everyone
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what counts. california lawmakers quickly approved an emergency bill that would shield some renters from getting kicked out of their home. california's eviction moratorium has been extended for those waiting on help from the state. >> our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >> today was supposed to be the last day for eviction protections for those who struggle to pay rent because of covid-19, this action by lawmakers is an 11th hour lifeline to help those who have already applied for relief. >> lawmakers in the state senate thursday giving final legislative approval for an extension to the state's covid-19 related ban on evictions. it's now through july. 1st. this time the protections remain in place. only for those who have applied for state rental assistance by midnight thursday, it would be cruel, wasteful and unfair to subject californians to eviction. >> the loss of rental income.


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