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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  April 1, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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welcome back
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to the kron. 4 morning news. and here we are. april first, i'm reyna harvey. thanks for waking up with us. >> we've been actively tracking the weather because i'm just hope. and rebecca strom is in this morning and that those april showers are going to bring us any water on tap for this next week. rebecca, unfortunately, no actually rain and we're going to go just the opposite. it's going feel like summer around the bay area, 80's, maybe even some low 90's for summer hotter spots. >> but hopefully maybe after some of the high pressure moves out of the bay area. hopefully we'll get to some that much needed rain. maybe the 2nd half of the month. but for now, yes, april first, we are looking a mostly clear skies. you're waking up to this morning. the surrey spy camera on top of the berkeley hills there. and you can see all the way across the bay and into san francisco this morning because things are so clear, lots of sunshine that we're expecting this afternoon. we're going to have a really thin layer of high clouds. that's it, though. so it's going to reveal more 70's, more of those warm temperatures and then the warm
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up act continues into tomorrow. we're going to be seeing upper 70's for summer hotter spots of the 1st half of your weekend is going to be a little bit toasty in some areas and then we're going to see a cool down for a couple of days and then hot temperatures are in store on mid to upper 80's even near 90 degrees that we're expecting by thursday. today's highs, though, it's going to be really anywhere from miles along the coast to a little bit warmer inland. so definitely take advantage of it. maybe you can head outside today, a high of 66 in san francisco. 68 in oakland. 65 in concord today. 74 in the antioch or rather 75 in concord and then look at the 70's across your south bay zone. 74 in downtown san jose. 73 in morgan hill and north zone covered in those 70's today. and a whole lot of sunshine. i'll be back with my 70 around the bay forecast in just a bit rain. all right. let's get a look at your bridges. thank you for that. are back. a 10 minute drive traveling from the maze. >> to that free much the exit
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and the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. it will be about a 13 minute commute. president biden announced the released of 1 million barrels per day to help americans reduce gas prices that were seen at the pump. this is on top of the roughly 80 million barrels the white house. he's already committed to help supplies. but how long that take? kron four's justin campbell, talk with an energy expert. when you might see some relief at the pump. >> energy expert says today's decision by the white house which led to lower oil prices will take roughly 3 to 4 weeks before we here in california. see a $0.10 decrease at the pump. >> so that isn't going to solve our california high gasoline prices, but it will do a little bit. >> severin borenstein is a professor at uc berkeley's haas school of business. he says now is the time to release 1 million barrels a day from the strategic petroleum reserves. if you're not going to use it now, i don't know when you would
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given that russia is causing a geopolitical disruption. bornstein says opening the reserves will also put pressure on putin. well, lower revenues flowing to russia and make it harder for russia to finance its war against ukraine. he says u.s. producers are racing to ramp up crude oil production after prices collapsed during the pandemic. but they're facing 2 problems. one is a supply chain problem for drilling rigs and other equipment. and the other is a labor shortage because a lot of the people >> who work in these places like the permian basin have moved away. borenstein says since gas prices are falling, the number one thing he encourages people to do is shop around. he says buy gas from off branded places to help you save money. >> reporting here in san jose, justin campbell kron. 4 news. california's eviction moratorium is now extended to july. 1st. >> lawmakers quickly approved an emergency bill that would shield some renters from
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getting kicked out of their homes. this time the protections remain in place. only for those who have applied for state rental assistance last night. according to the state's covid-19 relief dashboard. the state is so far served less than half of the more than 500,000 applicants that were submitted. congress may be close to reaching a bipartisan compromise to provide 10 billion dollars for fighting covid-19. the new money would purchase vaccines treatments as well as test the biden administration says money for those programs is running low. republican lawmakers say the bill is still being drafted and the package is a slimmed down version of an earlier 15 billion dollar proposal that fell apart weeks ago. spring break is coming to an end for students and teachers in the san francisco unified school district. well, school official tells kron four's haaziq now is the time for students and staff to get ready to use those covid tests that are given out before the break. prior to spring break,
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rapid at-home covid-19 test kits were distributed to teachers and students in the san francisco unified school district. >> school is back in session on monday. students and staff are being reminded by the district of the importance of using those rapid test before returning to school. >> we really hope that we can catch those people who may have testing might be testing positive for covid-19. so instead of having them come to school and potentially spread that around, they will know to stay home and follow the isolation protocols and quarantine protocols. when school resumes daily covid testing will continue to be available at sf usd. >> using the color covid-19 testing platform. we have the daily caller self-swab pickups that all of our school sites as well as our partnership with safer together. so that students and families can access rapid on-site testing at certain locations. >> so what you felt all this information just go ahead and create accounts cisco unified
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school. district officials say they're multi-layered approach to covid-19 mitigation includes group contact tracing, which is in line with state public health guidance. the strategy is to provide safe, in-person instruction without undertaking prolonged contact, tracing to identify students within a specified radius of someone infected. this allows. >> anyone who is considered a close contact regardless of their vaccination status to stay in school unless they test positive or develop symptoms for covid-19. also next week, masking in sf usd will no longer be mandatory in pre k through k 8 schools. instead, facial coverings will be strongly recommended which is the current policy in middle and high school. >> has it made you kron 4 >> oakland unified school district is giving out. take it home or take home covid tests kits to students and staff as they leave for spring break. each test kit contains to test the district is asking
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everyone to use it wants turn the break starting final friday, april 8th and again, before you come back to school on sunday, april 10th. happening today as ever to go will join the state in relaxing covid rules. the city will stop requiring proof of vaccination or negative test to enter indoor mega events of 1000 people or more events such as concerts are warriors games. however, city health officials still recommend he get vaccinated and you get tested if you coee down with symptoms. also, the house is expected to vote on a bill to decriminalize marijuana on a federal level. the bill known as the more act would remove cannabis from the list of scheduled substances and remove any criminal penalties. it would also clear criminal records of those with prior convictions related to the drug, 18 states and the district of columbia have already legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use. there's a new event. it's
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coming to san francisco this month and it will celebrate the city's long love affair with marijuana kron four's rob nesbitt reports on what you can expect from the weeklong celebration called evergreen san francisco. california was the first state to allow medicinal cannabis in 1996 20 years later, recreational cannabis was legalized. just some of the facts that will be celebrated during for 20. >> it's popular and legal and expands tourism. do evergreen. san francisco was organized in less than 3 weeks by a number of groups, including the san francisco travel association. san francisco, cannabis retailers alliance and the chamber of commerce. >> executive director of the fisherman's wharf community benefit district randall scott was also part of the planning committee for its historical events. you know, larry, that's okay? janell components to mission. and you know, we're doing a concert on saturday. fisherman's wharf will host a book signing with the underground bakery, sticky fingers brownies provided pot
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brownies during the aids crisis. this hot brown, his movement in san francisco started fisherman's wharf in nearly 7 years as a city emerges from the pandemic evergreen, san francisco is inviting cannabis enthusiast as well as people who are cannabis. curious to come and learn about the city's history with the plant. before 20 festival will be coming back to robin williams park for the first time since the covid pandemic started. and on the same week as evergreens events, scott says the goal isn't to steal for 20 thunder, but rather offer an educational space outside of hippie hill. i never had to break up a fight. with a bunch of people smoking week. i have multiple times with people reckon a week's worth of events throughout the 49 square miles of san francisco with the goal of making the city a cannabis capital of the country read tourism is expanding its crop and it's. it is something that san francisco has the opportunity to lead. >> you know it in the united
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states evergreen, san francisco will run from april 16 to the 24th. >> we have a full list of scheduled events on our website. kron 4 dot com in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news, stephan. it should curry and built a new little town. my berries in oakland, why they say they want to turn things around in their community will be right back.
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>> welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news here on this friday. m's got to say was friday because so caught up in the april. 1st and the april fools of it. also, from has been in even as our forecast saying that we're not going to see a lot of rain. but we talked about the other day that we talked about april fools. and i was saying basically, i remember vividly april fools. my parents tell me we're going to disneyland and it was an april fool's joke. oh, so me. all these years later, governor had a prank pulled on. you've able pulls out. caution turner, remember. >> i can't wasn't a good one top that sticks out in my head. nothing like yours. that was your parents ever to now they owe you a trip, right? right now sony tell you that today for this april fools. i don't trust them today.
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>> well, you know what? the weather is going to cooperate really nicely. maybe if you're going to go to southern california and go outside and we're definitely going to see some nice temperatures and outside right now we're seeing mostly clear skies, the golden gate bridge. you can see it a pretty clear nice behind me here. the cloud cover just really thin it today it's going to be some high clouds and over the past. 24 hours, you can see the temperatures in some spots. we will look up to the similar temperatures this morning and others a little bit cooler. so it's a little bit of a mixed bag here. but still, nonetheless, as you make your way out the door, it is going to feel chilly, of course, because of the early morning hours. lots of 40's on the board here. 45 in fremont. 47 in hayward. 45 in downtown oakland, downtown san francisco. 49 degrees and the 53 in antioch right now. a year currently 43. well, high pressure is going to continue to build around the bay area today, bringing us even warmer conditions of what we felt yesterday. and in fact, a lots of sunshine, more sunshine expected today. like i was
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mentioning, the cloud cover is expected to be a lot thinner. in fact, you can see it here on future cast for we're going to just get a little bit every now and then but not much to get in your way and block any of the sunshine today. the sunshine is definitely going to be very bright out and reveal itself and it's going to warm the entire bay area. look at these temperatures that we're going to be feeling. 75 in concord today. 74 and the livermore valley. 74 in antioch, 70's across the entire south bay today. 73 in morgan hill, downtown san jose. if you're going to be in that area, 74 is going to be the afternoon high up the coast. it's going to be beautiful, though. half moon bay, low 60's. 66 in san francisco and 72 degrees expected in nevado even warmer as we get into tomorrow with more sunshine, we could see maybe some spots tee during the 80 degree mark, especially inland 70's expected around the bay 60's at the coast. then a slight dip on sunday. but then we're really going to pack the heat into next monday
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or actually next wednesday and thursday because that high pressure ridge, it's going to build even stronger. i'll talk more about that coming up. rana, you for that. all right. let's get a look at your bridges this morning. if you're traveling from the east bay. >> heading into the city right now to make it to that fremont street exit will take you about 10 minutes. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. little under 14. >> as you're traveling there on of richmond, heading across towards center, fell about 9 minutes of traffic is pretty light. there. and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. you're looking at a 20 minute morning commute. steph. and ayesha curry announced the new little town libraries is in an effort to distribute more than 50,000 free books throughout oakland, they unveiled the first of these reading stations at franklin elementary school. look at it. so cute. the kerry say the libraries will have culturally appropriate stories that will reflect the daily lives of students throughout oakland, literacy rates among black and brown students have fallen
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dramatically throughout the pandemic. and the curry say they want to try and turn things around. >> the importance of that is that from kindergarten through 3rd grade, you know, making sure that you're reading your grade level by the time you get to 3rd grade determines your entire educational future. so for as turning those numbers around is just really, really important. >> there will be 150 libraries and all and they feature murals from local artists. now the program is in partnership between the currys nonprofit eat, learn, pray, play and little free libraries which helps distribute books too. underserved communities across the country. it's the last weekend of the ncaa college hoops season. and from the beginning, it was clear that stanford would probably still be in the mix when the final 4 rolled around. turns out they are and they actually might be exceeding expectations. this is stanford's 15th trip to the national semifinals and they're playing a familiar and
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formidable opponent. uconn news making their 14th straight trip. the cards are 2 to 4 all time against the huskies in the ncaa tournament and their best win was beating them in the final 4 back in 2008. well, this year, stanford is in a one seed. uconn to see. but don't let that fool you because these 2 teams pretty evenly matched. but the cardinals are the defending champs. and most of the starters from that squad are back this year. here's what some of the players at the what it's like to get every opponent's best performance. >> having this target on our back, we like having it because we love competing. you know, i think we've learned a lot this season with having different people step up in different games. people, you know, having different roles on the team they did last year. we've grown a lot this year being the defending champs. so coming in this week, we're just we're ready for the competition. and we know that took last year. but it's going to take even more with that target. and i think that we welcome that competition and we're really excited to rest the occasion playing with the same.
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basically the same team for an extra year. we just our chemistry finding each other on offense. backdoor >> i think we're just playing better and better together. every practice, every game. and also we've just grown closer we love playing together even more than we did last year. and that's hard to believe. >> and the run tmc take over the naismith basketball hall of fame is complete that he in that legendary trio for moore's tim hardaway is set to join in mitch richmond and see chris mullins in the hall. he's going to be inducted with this year's class. and hardaway was drafted by golden state in 1989. and play for the dubs until he was traded to miami during the 95 96 season and his 14 year career, he was named all-star 5 times. and the sharks visited the avalanche in colorado. they tied 2 to 2 in the 3rd, but nicole rod and scores on the power play and the avalanche making it 3 to 2. colorado
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scored again. make it 42. then all broke loose. there. a huge fight with so many players involved. the good news, no one was hurt other than a little blood. i mean, it sounds like you were hurt, but i guess it's hockey. we have more after the break in the sharks fall. 42, they're going to come back home to host the dallas stars on saturday. a lot going on in sports. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. i'm rebecca strom in the kron. 4 weather center in for john shrable. happy april. first, happy friday. a nice clear shots as we kick off the golden gate bridge here, we're seeing mostly clear skies around the entire bay area. just a thin layer of cloud cover temperatures. some spots a little bit cooler others about the same and a little bit higher depending upon where you are that we're starting off this morning. 40's 50's, though, nonetheless, it's going to be a little bit chilly as you make your way out of the house. but once we get into the afternoon, you might want to have the short sleeves handy because it is going to be warm across the bay area. thanks to high pressure get us are building this afternoon around the bay area. we're looking at temperatures topping out in 2 of the mid 70's. those are our warmer spots today. like in congress, 75 under a whole lot of sunshine, upper 60's for downtown oakland, upper 60's
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to low 70's along the east bay shoreline. 74 degrees in downtown san jose. it's going to be gorgeous and the coast as well. 61 in half moon bay, but a lot of sunshine expected there. 66 in that downtown san francisco, 7 day around the bay forecast. look at this. it's going to warmer tomorrow. so the 1st half your weekend, we're looking at upper 70's to maybe low 80's inland 70's around the bay 60's at the coast. and then we're going to take a couple of days to dip down in temperatures, though it's still going to be beautiful around the bay area, but some hot ones are on the way for wednesday and thursday, we're talking mid to upper 80's as we get through the next 7 days. >> all right. thank you for that. rebecca l the national park service's oldest park ranger is retiring. 100 year-old betty reid. spent the last decade and a half sharing her experiences working on that. what were to hold front with the rosie the riveter muse in visitors enrichment. i got a chance to go and see that a few weeks ago. it was
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wonderful. she also has a middle school named after her in el sobrante. there will be a retirement celebration for ranger betty at the rosie the riveter meezan on saturday, april 16th. that's wonderful. well, coming up in the next hour, the long-awaited bus lane on the nes in san francisco. >> will be unveiled to the public today. how this project, we'll help traffic in the city. and starting today, you will no longer need covid testing vaccine requirement to attend. mega events are going to show you more and a live report. plus, the stanford lady cardinal are getting ready for the final 4 games in the ncaa tournament. we'll trend is going to have more details on that in a live repo
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news car and a happy monday morning just friday. i'm daria. it is joking about that. it is friday. april 1st, yes, april fools day. so be careful. >> what news you read this morning, there's going to be probably a lot of spoof articles out there like we do every year. >> we're giving it to you straight. here is right now. no bones about it and we want to take a look at the forecast going into the weekend. how are things looking back at all? guys is looking great. well, if you like sunshine and temperatures in the 70's. >> things are going to be really, really nice around the bay area. is this a camera here in just the start? use my camera, though, on top of the berkeley hills. and it's


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