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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  April 1, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>>streaming now from foreign came here in area's local news station. >>a bay area toddler went missing 6 years ago this month. we have new developments in the investigation. and big changes coming to a major san francisco street. the muni project that is finally finished. a marijuana could soon become legal across the country. national pot legalization takes another step forward. thank you for joining us. i'm theresa you are watching kron on news at noon. and our top story at this hour. san francisco police announcing a new cash reward in the homicide of a
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mother and the disappearance of her daughter. the reward. now standing at $250,000. this for any information leading to an arrest and conviction in the 2016 homicide of nicole fitts on the disappearance of her child 2 and a half year old aryana fits. nicole was last seen 6 years ago today. a week later her body was found buried in san mclaren park 6 years ago. this month at a news conference just wrapped up. investigators say that they believe carry on his disappearance is connected to our mother's death. and since the start of the new year, they have uncovered new leads, but they are still asking anyone who may have information to please come please contact law enforcement. >>if you have any information to share, even if you have previously talked with us, we want to hear from you again. no detail is too small. worry about assessing the value of that information.
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>>nicole's sister also spoke at the news conference and announce there will be a vigil at 4 o'clock this afternoon at the park where her body was discovered. we're going to have people speak people talk about nicky talk about aryana. remember who nikki was? >>to share and hope for area on his return. >>the fbi has released this new photo of arieanna with an age progression technology to reflect what she would look like today at 8 years old. anyone with information is asked to contact san francisco police and happening today, the state has dropped covid restrictions for people going to those mega events. that means it is return to normal events at places like the chase center kron on's camila barco is in san francisco with the details for us. showing your vaccination card or proof of a negative covid test is now a thing of the past. starting today.
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>>the state is dropping its vaccine requirements for indoor mega events in that usually events with 1000 or more people. instead, the state is now strongly recommending vaccination verification or proof of a negative covid test for attendees. however, it's up to county leaders to decide whether they want to align with the state guidance or keep the mandate counties like san francisco, santa clara and marin. tell us that they'll line with the state guidance. now changing requirements come as covid cases and hospitalizations continue to go down now to put things into perspective, the average case count across california on wednesday was about 1900. that's a huge drop from about a month ago when the average case count, then was about 8,000. now, despite all of these changes to places like the chase center are still going to require unvaccinated people to wear a mask. tomorrow the warriors take on the jazz and the san jose
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sharks host the dallas stars. if you're attending one of those games, all you have to worry about is your ticket officials at the chase and the s ap center say that bans no longer have to prove that they are vaccinated or have a negative covid test in san francisco. camila barco kron. 4 news. >>thank you for that. well, it is a first of its kind and could give us some very valuable information when it comes to understanding the spread of sars-cov 2, the virus that causes covid-19. it is the first human challenge study showing it only takes one small droplet to infect someone with covid-19 researchers at imperial college london deliberately infected. 36 healthy volunteers between the ages of 18 30 with a tiny amount of the original covid strain found in a sneeze or cough droplets. half of them got sick and then recovered the other half never produced antibodies. despite the same exposure, even those without
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symptoms were able to shed high levels of the virus about 2 days after infection. scientists hope to conduct another challenge study with vaccinating people against the delta variant. well, new numbers from redfin say that people are leaving in san francisco and they are finding that the grass is greener at the state capitol. sacramento is the top destination for people looking to stay in california. as of february, housing prices in san francisco are up more than 10% compared to last year. as for the top destination for people the want to get out of california. seattle was the top choice there. happening today. it's finally here after several years of construction, the special bus lane on van ness and san francisco is here. the completed project is supposed to greatly help traffic by allowing buses to tavel in their own lane. kron on sarah stinson is in san francisco with the details for us.
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>>i'm standing here on the platform of the brand-new muni system on van ness. it's finally in motion. after 6 years of long construction and it is here. you can see those red lanes. that is where muni and the golden gate transit will drive. they say this will cut down the travel time in the city by 30%. this is not an april fool's joke. >>this is finally done because it is been a long time coming. the people san francisco, the voters of san francisco approved this back in >>the long-awaited project was unveiled with a ribbon cutting ceremony on them. as with mayor london breed sfmta and many state and city leaders, different modes of transportation. can move around san francisco in a safe efficient manner. and in the same time.
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>>having positive impacts on the environment. >>the 345.9 million dollar project brought other improvements as well. >>375 new trees and 4,000 drought resist along with surface level improvements. the project also allow the city to get. >>underground and work on utility maintenance, 18,000 feet of sewer pipes, including. >>19 th-century brick sewers. 25,000 feet of water pipes, rebuilding all these utilities and strengthening them for earthquake resistance means that we will not have to do that again for another 150 years. it was frustrating for many business owners on van ness putting up with years of construction and city leaders acknowledge that. and i really want to extend my gratitude and sincere apology is too. >>all of the business owners and residents along this corridor. thank you for your you put up with years of noisy
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and disruptive work. >>senator scott wiener says they're working on legislation to speed up transit project. so it doesn't take this long again, flation to dramatically streamlines the approval of bus rapid transit and light rail and bike and pedestrian projects. sustainable transportation is a future. the new system serves the 49 mission and van ness route. plus, the 90 san bruno, muni bus lines and some golden gate transit bus lines as well. keep in mind, you cannot bike or scooter or drive in these red lanes there just for the buses. this is to keep them separate from the other lanes. >>and to speed up the travel time in the city again, they believe it's going to speed up travel time by 30%. i'm sarah stinson reporting in san francisco. back to you. >>sarah, thank you for that. with some help is heading to the tender line. san francisco is hired more than 200 mental health support workers to help people struggling in that area. the outreach plan was
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launched with mayor london breed's state of emergency declaration earlier this month. the newly hired staff will help people connect to support services. the hires include pharmacists, behavioral health, clinicians and other health workers. some to be integrated into the tenderloin linkage center. now they are going to be quarantining action plans to help people get access to the care they need. well, today president biden delivered some remarks on the economy. employers added more than 400,000 jobs month and the unemployment rate continues to drop its currently sitting at 3.6%. the lowest since the start of the pandemic. >>america are back to work and that's good news for millions of families who have little more breathing room. and the dignity that comes from earning a paycheck. just the dignity of having a job. and
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more and more americans get jobs as they do. it's going help ease a supply pressures received. that's good news for fighting inflation is good news for our economies and our economy has gone from being on the men to being on the move. >>the bill to legalize marijuana across the country has passed the house that passed along party lines today with most republicans opposing it. supporters of the legislation say that legalizing pot at a federal level will only reflect current policies in most states that allow it in some form. the bill would also eliminate criminal penalties associated with marijuana. however, the measure may have a tougher time getting through the senate. one senator warns legalizing pot nationwide would lead to more people driving while high. now to our coverage on the ongoing war in ukraine. overnight, russian and ukrainian negotiators resumed talks on line this week. russia announced it would scale back military
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operations in some areas. our international correspondent robert sherman has the latest. new video from russia overnight allegedly shows ukrainian helicopter flying away after striking a fuel depot near the ukrainian-russian if confirmed, this would be ukraine's first attack on russian territory since the war began so far, ukrainian officials have not commented on the allegations elsewhere. russian troops have been spotted today at the chernobyl nuclear plant that russia is beginning to pull out of the area. according to ukraine's state power company, soldiers were exposed to significant levels of radiation while digging trenches. this comes after numerous reports of blunders made by russian troops that russian president vladimir putin is being misled about how his army is performing. >>he seems to be i'm not saying this with a certain. he seems to be self-isolating. and there's some indication that he has some.
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>>fired or put under house arrest, some of his advisers. >>in response, a spokesperson says the state department and the pentagon has no real information about what's happening in the kremlin. meanwhile, ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky expects russian troops will focus their strikes on the donbass region in the east where pro russian separatists have been fighting ukrainian forces since 2014 slam a showing that we know there are plans. we know what they are planning and what they're doing. we know that they are moving away from the areas where we are beating them to focus on others that are very knows where it could be difficult for us. ukraine's military underestimated in the beginning now seen for its resiliency. new video shows a convoy destroyed russian tanks near kyiv. in the southern city of mariupol, constant urban warfare continues throughout the city. a convoy of buses headed there in hopes of evacuating residents. repeated attacks have broken up multiple evacuation attempts for residents over the last 6 weeks once home to 400,000 people. it's one of
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the most dangerous and damage places in ukraine. well, exact numbers can't be confirmed. it's estimated about 300,000 people have evacuated. well, at least 5,000 citizens, including children, have been killed, according to ukrainian officials. that's robert sherman reporting for us taking a live look outside now here in san francisco. you can see that it is really quite beautiful. >>blue skies over quite tower. we're looking forward to warm spring weekend. let's get a check up with your weekend forecast. >>i'm rebecca strom and the crown for weather center. happy friday. april first, we're looking at a lot of sunshine, blue skies, some patchy fog, though. that's going to be sticking around over the next couple of hours. but things are going to get a really clear and really sunny throughout the entire day today. in fact, looking ahead, we're going to see more 70's this afternoon. warm-up continues into tomorrow with upper 80's possible and some
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are hotter spots, a lot of upper 70's. and we're going to be expecting cooler conditions as we get into next week. the beginning of next week. and then hot temperatures are on tap for wednesday and thursday. high pressure going to continue to build and it's going to keep us dry here in the bay area with a whole lot of sunshine. and we're going to be seeing into saturday tomorrow your weekend kicking off a lot warmer. in fact, upper 70's to low 80's that we're expecting inland 70's around the bay 60's at the coast. and then sunday, just a little bit of a dip in temperatures. but still it's going to be beautiful. so if you can plan some activities outside, you might want to do so. >>rebecca, thank you for that. it is a big day for the stanford cardinal, the women front and center stage. more on that coming up. plus, do you feel safe living in the bay area news san francisco poll on crime says just how concerned residents are you watching kronon lot more news
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>>and the east bay, we're learning more about a 66 year-old man who died in oakland's chinatown after getting hit by a van. he died days later from his injuries. kron on's gayle ong has more on what happened. >>surveillance video shows a 66 year-old man geting hit by a van in oakland's chinatown. he died days later from his injuries. hopefully we can see justice. also family coach and the president of oakland, chinatown, chamber of commerce says the victim is lou. >>who volunteered in the
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community? jan is helping the victims family find answers. and we're trying out best to. >>you know, finding now, you know, piecing all these pieces together and can find what exactly happened. >>it was march 18th on allen street near h street around 06:30pm, moments before the crash. 2 people get out of the van to flag down 2 police vehicles. a minute later, lou could be seen rushing back to his truck. the blue van pulls up behind him. then the van strikes. the man remains on the scene. first responders and police arrived shortly after the crash. chan describes what happened to be an isolated incident and wants the public to know volunteers and police are working to keep chinatown safe doing. >>a lot of work and that whole which china try out i'm truly to keep everyone safe, especially our seniors. oakland police say they believe the incident started as a disagreement between the 2 parties. >>they are expected to release more details about the crash on friday. >>gayle ong kron. 4 news 2
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employees with the oakland unified school district are being treated at a hospital after being hit by a car. the incident happened earlier this week. >>now the school district spokesperson telling us of the employees were crossing high street when they got hit one with serious injuries, including broken bones. an increasing number of people are not feeling safe. living in the bay area because of an increase in crime. according to a new poll, only 47% of residents said that they felt safe. almost 2 thirds of the 1000 bay area voters who took part in the survey said that they avoid going to big cities downtown areas because the crime, the survey's organizers says that the fair crime will make economic recovery even harder. >>when there's a huge economic impact, then there's a huge social impact because we don't have the resources to support the folks who are really, really need the help of government. and we're not providing the job
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opportunities for people to get back into the economy so they become more dependent rather than less dependent on the government. >>and he went on to say that the bay area council also says the car break ins have also become synonymous with bay area living. and in fact, the poll found that it is among the top crime concerns among the violent crime public drug use and panhandling.
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>>california eviction moratorium is not extended to july. 1st, lawmakers acted quickly on emergency bill that windshield some renters from getting kicked out of their homes. this time the protections remain in place only for those who apply for state rental assistance. next. that happened last night. now, according to the state's covid-19 rent relief dashboard the state has so far served less than half of those 500,000 applications submitted. well, u.s. passport applications will soon have a 3rd gender option acts on passports starting in april, the initiative which was announced june of last year aims to promote inclusivity for transgender non-binary a nonconforming goes into effect. april 11th anthony blinken, the u.s. secretary of state said that the x option
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will be extended to other official forms of documentation. some time this year. san francisco, rights groups, they are suing florida over the state's so-called don't say law. florida governor ron desantis signed % the controversy all along this week. it bans instruction on orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through 3rd grade. local lgbtq advocates say that the law violates rights protected by the constitution and hurts children. a number of florida families with lgbtq students are listed as plaintiffs in the lawsuit. you want to make sure that taking care of every and this law doesn't do it. actively palms is a law that would shame a lgbtq students and students who fell teach him or is it that for everyone? >>the law's set to go into effect in july. kron has
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reached out to the office of florida's governor for comment on this lawsuit. but we haven't received any emails strands for trans is a global campaign making sure that the trans community has safe and exclusive inclusive barbershops and hair salons. kalorama has more on this campaign. >>air feels amazing. my pronouns, are he him his and they them theirs. i identify as a trans man. that's ridge on a transition 3 years ago getting my hair cut short and wearing a short and wearing a mask only was is a massive part of my gender expression. my hair is always been like a pretty significant part of my transition. taking hormones growing a beard all from who he is and what we call him my face. i love that. barba in chelsea helps them with the up keith and stay on his feet, offering him a receptionist job after moving to new york from st. louis just 3 months ago. >>richard game and mary game. and so we can't speak for
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trans people, but we hire those people. they can have a voice. the owners of barbara xavier cruz and jp gomez. >>started strands for trans a global campaign mapping transgender friendly barbershops and salons to help the trans community feel safe and included the driving for 6 hours for a simple haircut. >>we get stories of parents thanking us for helping. >>their kids to the process amid a surge of anti lgbtq legislation in the last month, more than 7,000 store fronts join the movement displaying these barbershop stickers in their store windows to let people know they're an ally. their next step is educating stylists and the new norm. no more men's cuts. a women's cuts is going to be non-binary and you can be short or long or medium may be number one will be. >>making sure your menu is inclusive making sure that the pronouns are, you know, the news helping become the person he or she wants to be so they
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can feel their best to give a trans man growing his beard for the first time. >>and his entire life is a bad here in his face and offering support during their hardest moments. how do i come out to my family had to come to my friends. what about next steps? now? i can only help so much and the hair, but i can also give some advice. okay. this is how you should approach your mother and father and your friends. and, you know, people like that. and here's a number to, you know, hit a outreach program for masks. >>trust in this chair makes the difference in who he is today. i can't believe get to look how i feel. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>and welcome back to the kron on news at noon. i'm terisa estacio happening today. the stanford cardinal getting ready for the final 4 game against the university of connecticut. this is stanford's 15th trip to the semifinals of the ncaa tournament. kron on's will tran at stanford with more. >>stanford university defending champions and not only that, they bring back all of their players last year except one player. so they hve that bond. >>come monday, there could be a big parade coming through the university because it looks like the way things are shaping up that they have a good chance. >>i've beating uconn. they
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practice yesterday and of course, they will practice throughout the day because tipoff is at 06:30pm tonight against uconn 11 time national champions. stanford, they won 3 times with the most recent time last year against a greedy arizona team. so they are battle tested las vegas. it is so close. they cannot even predict who's going to win in las vegas tends to get it right as far as the stanford team. well, they are facing a team that has not won a final 4 game in 6 years. so uconn is fighting an uphill battle. many people believe, especially here in the bay area. they believe stanford. we'll win tonight and go ahead to the championship game on sunday. >>i mean, stanford is known for, you know, their academics, but they're very much involved in athletics to do so. so it does it for any sport. this is fun to watch. be a part and the cheer on the stanford stanford team,
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stanford cardinals goal. we wish you the best ladies tonight. >>let's talk about the team. stanford university, the team 18th ranked defense in the country. they hold their opponents to 81 points but they score 106 point. so they typically beat a team by 25 points tip-off tonight at 6.30, in minneapolis. stanford has arguably the best team in the country versus the best player in the country in yukon. so we'll have to see if strength in numbers to borrow a phrase from the golden state warriors, strength in numbers will be one player. but stanford, if they win tonight, which they should ingress cross, they will play on sunday either against louisville or south carolina. back to you. >>tran very exciting. let's take a live look outside. you can see the approach to the toll plaza. looks a little bit hazy ipa. let's get with the latest on your weather.
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>>i'm rebecca strong in the crowd for weather center looking outside lots of sunshine that we are enjoying today. the golden gate bridge here, blue skies for everyone. and we're definitely going to see temperatures warm up this afternoon as well. future cast for showing us a high pressure is going to be sticking around the bay area over the next 7 to even 10 days. it's going to be blocking any type of wet weather. the wants to try to head our direction and it looks folks to the far north of us, we'll be seeing some wet conditions, but it looks like the bay area will remain dry. in fact, as we get into next week, especially wednesday and thursday, temperatures are really going to heat up and that high pressure is going only start to build even stronger and stronger. and as we get into this weekend, though, it's going to be gorgeous and look at today might want to head outside. 66 in san francisco today. 75 for the high in concord. 74 in livermore. 74 degrees. if you're going to be in the south and downtown san jose and then you're north
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bay's own pretty much covered by the 70's this afternoon. 72 in nevada. 74 in napa and in santa rosa. i-70 around the bay forecast. look at this. big changes are on the way. so it's going to be gorgeous and warmer into tomorrow. a little bit of a cool down for sunday and monday and even into tuesday. but it's still going to be nice to head outside. then temperatures are really going to spike. it's going to feel like summer time around the bay area. i'm tracking 80's on wednesday inland and then upper 80's to the possibility of some low 90's and some are hotter spots 80's around the bay. and if you want to get some relief head of the beaches on thursday because we're looking at low 70's there. >>rebecca, thank you for that. the national park service wants to hear from you. they want to start public planning process for the management at a mall. us point to point reyes, national seashore is to update the policies for the managing of wildlife designated peninsula and the management of the 2 lee elk heard in the park. elk, i
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should say the process will include a 30 day window for public comments for more information. you can go to kron 4 dot com. for your money today. unilever is voluntarily recalling 2 deodorant products due to increased levels of cancer causing chemicals swabs. 24 hour protection aerosol and a purse print in the fresh and powder sense are being taken off the shelves an internal tests found elevated amounts of benzene and the products unilever says that that is not an ingredient of the deodorants themselves bought. it is in the aerosol propellant. the products have expiration dates through september of 2023. anyone who is advised to throw them away. and starting today, a is rolling back a permanent buy-back and resale program in all of its 37 of its u.s. stores. e service only applies to personally used to kiev
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furniture that is fully assembled. and fully functional. employees are going to be inspecting those items. and if it is deemed acceptable store credit will be issued. the furniture will then be resold and age stores as is department. the program is part of the company's push towards sustainability. if you're looking to participate, you can return furniture at these stores east palo alto emeryville and west sacramento locations. well, the u.s. is releasing 1 million barrels of oil per day from the reserves, but an energy expert says that it will take about 3 to 4 weeks before prices actually fall at the pump. severin borenstein is a professor at uc berkeley school of business. he says right now it is a good time to be releasing the u.s. 1 million barrels a day from the oil reserves. he says opening the reserves will also put pressure on russian president vladimir putin. >>well, lower revenues flowing
12:37 pm
to russia and make it harder for russia to finance its war against ukraine. >>borenstein says that fuel prices are falling and the number one step he advises shop around for low prices and buy gas or diesel at off brown did play brandon places to save some money. well, we want to give you another alternative for your commute. we've talked about bikes and electric scooters, electric skateboards are also an option. rich demuro has more in the high tech way to get around in today's tech smart. >>what's the first thing you do when you buy a new smartphone, you probably get some accessories for like a case in a screen protector now, a startup named crafton right is applying that same logic that one of the world's most popular electric skateboards with more than 100 ways to make it your own. >>it's going to take cars off the road and bring people to work and ways like never
12:38 pm
before. nick vitale is talking about this, the one we'll want to get hang of it. you know, writing becomes second nature. the smart electric skateboard is a fun and efficient way to get around blast. yeah. highly recommend it to anybody. that's looking for a thrill of it. ali and his father, mike thought they could make it better inside of this is the actual motor so full of maggots in copper wire, not by reengineering the inside, but by excess rising the outside how to be taken to the next level. personalize it. they can also better perform better. >>and give the customer a better experience. their business crafton ride is now a top seller of one. will accessories. it pops on. that's all you do. everything from magnetic fenders to more comfy and grippy foot, pats and decals for the sides. we saw an idea we couldn't keep it in stock and it went from one product to well over 100. it all seems very smart phone accessory ask that's no coincidence that spent over 20 years in the phone business and since crafton right isn't affiliated with one meal. they
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have to wait for the new model like everyone else. the mandate comes strip it down. you know, get the designers on it and figure out what we need to do. a little bit of your front foot pressing forward is going make you go. the self-balancing ford has sensors for it's fun, but it seems like all need a bit more time to get the hang of it. you're writing a will. and it took you less than 5 minutes. >>okay. so looks need about 10,000 more hours. nothing to really becoming expert. now the one wheel itself starts at about $1000. it's made by a california company as well. some say the experience is kind like a mix between snowboarding, skateboarding and a segway. if you want to learn more, go to my website. it is rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >>that's pretty cool. but coming up on kron on women's history month is over. but we are not done celebrating a centennial icon taking a step back after decades of service
12:40 pm
will tell you more about rosie, the riveters inspiratio
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>>a power surge is still causing major headaches for more than 500 pg e customers in the east bay. the outage happened earlier this week, but livermore neighbors are stocked with repairs to their home. very costly repairs. kron on's felecia call explains. >>dan peers much like every other neighbor on his court in
12:43 pm
livermore has been bogged down the past few days, trying to replace electrical equipment, damage late monday night. surveillance video appears to show the moment pg and e says the palm fronds in the area made contact with both the transmission line and distribution line causing a power lights went out and then they came back on. so i knew was an isolated our house. but outside of our house peers says he sustained hundreds of dollars in damages with no guarantees pg need will reimburse the cost to >>the dishwasher got smoked. i'm a lamp. >>the computers to route to repair the 2 computers was $350. the loss for next door neighbor megan trent and her family could reach $30,000. we still don't know what's going on there. solar panels. >>but our our hvac all of it fried overall 531 customers in the area were affected. >>while pg and e crews and food companies work to repair what was damaged. the utility
12:44 pm
says, although tree was not in its right of way and is not responsible for its maintenance pg, e will review and consider each claim neighbors submits. we have a neighbor who electricals completely messed up inside the walls and >>you know what happens when who knows what we haven't seen yet? and our walls. >>and what happens if it happens again, what kind of damage is going to occur? i mean, houses can set on fire. people can lose their lives. we've seen that happen with genie and no one wants to see that again in livermore, phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >>new cars sold in the united states will have to have an average at least 40 miles per gallon by the year 2026. that is according to a new standard set by the national highway traffic safety administration, the fuel economy requirements will undo rollbacks of standards that were set under the trump administration out of dealers say more stringent requirements could drive up prices and push people out of
12:45 pm
already very expensive car markets. well, on monday, this coming monday, senate lawmakers are expected to vote on supreme court nominee judge ketanji brown jackson. if confirmed she would be the first black woman on the high court. alexandra limon has the latest from washington, d.c.. >>judge jackson only needs a simple majority to be confirmed to the supreme court. that means she can be confirmed if all democratic senators vote in her favor. but already we've heard from one republican who plans to support her. >>republican senator susan collins announced this week she will vote in favor of confirming judge ketanji brown jackson to the u.s. supreme court. i decided that she had the qualifications. >>the experience and the credentials that we require of u.s. supreme court justices. meanwhile, republican senator lindsey graham who last year voted in favor of confirming
12:46 pm
judge jackson to the u.s. court of appeals says he will vote against her confirmation to the supreme court. my decision is based on up on her record. >>of judicial activism, flawed sentencing methodology regarding child cases. republicans alone can't stop what would be the historic confirmation of the first black woman to the supreme court. judge jackson only needs a simple majority to be confirmed by the full senate while not all senators have announced how they will vote, all of the democrats who have said expressed support. i look forward she's going make an outstanding justice and so has the right judicial temperament. still, all eyes are on other moderate republicans to see how much bipartisan support judge jackson will get. i'm looking at her record in and the judicial philosophy and will make a decision. >>not set. want to have it, but probably not until the day of vote. >>on monday, the senate judiciary committee is scheduled to vote on advancing
12:47 pm
judge jackson's nomination. if that vote ends in a tie, the first black woman vice president would cast the tie breaking vote to advance this historic nomination reporting in washington. alexandra limon. >>while many people in ukraine are choosing to join the military and fight for their country. an artist by the name of max killed a rove is taking a different approach. e is painting tanks. this is what a tank looks like now, friend john doyle is also taking part in helping out. doyle is from the bay area, but temporarily moved to your crying to try and raise awareness and funds for ukrainian artists struggling during the invasion. >>max is a really good story of somebody who hasn't down impression he's found that the most beautiful campuses in any heat, which is the russian tank, that he has a ton. >>doyle says that he has
12:48 pm
provided the people of ukraine was some goods, but he and his friends have also created a patch for those who have joined military forces there are selling at to support and giving it to supporters to try and purchase more bulletproof vests and ammunition to continue their fight. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>check on your forecast with
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kron on meteorologist rebecca strom. >>this friday that we're going to have around the bay area, lots of sunshine. look at all the blue skies behind me right now. coit tower, beaming, and we're seeing sunshine pretty much everywhere. you look a little bit of patchy fog that will be clearing out 5 the lunchtime hour but say it is going to get a warm around the bay area. in fact. >>this time versus yesterday, almost warm and all spots on average some about the same that's really along the coast. but look at 11 degree difference in fairfield higher than where we were around this time yesterday as the so warming trend continues. look at these temperatures 50's and a lot of 60's now that we're seeing 56 in downtown san jose, 60 degrees in concord. 66 in brentwood already. 62 in pittsburgh. we're looking at 67 degrees currently in fairfield and then lots of mid to upper 50's across your zone. future cast for showing us high pressure is going to continue to build. that's what's bringing us this warming trend and it's blocking any type of wet weather that wants to try to
12:52 pm
make it towards the bay area. it's breaking down as it approaches the coast here. and in fact, this high pressure is going to be with us over the next couple of days into your weekend and even into next week, it's actually going to get stronger and stronger, especially tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we're going to have some very hot temperatures. and again, you could see it right here. nice and clear skies. lots of sunshine that we're expecting. it's going to feel like summer as we get towards the middle of next week. today, though, look at this just gorgeous way to kick off your friday. 68 degrees in oakland today. 75 if you're going to be conquered. 74 today an antioch of livermore. and we're looking at 70's across your south, his own 60's at the coast. 72, if you're going to be in the north bay in novato and 74 degrees and we're expecting and santa rosa, 70 around the bay forecast. yes, the weekend is going to get warmer into tomorrow and then a brief cool down in the sunday and monday and tuesday. but it's still going to be beautiful around the bay area and summer like temperatures starting on wednesday and into thursday. in fact, on
12:53 pm
thursday, we could temperatures teetering on that ninety-degree mark for summer hot spots. 80's that we're expecting around the bay 70's at the coast. theresa, back to you. >>a brand new week long. cannabis celebration is coming to the bay area this month. it's called evergreen. san francisco kron on's rob nesbit reports of what you can expect. >>california was the first state to allow medicinal cannabis in 1996 20 years later, recreational cannabis was legalized. just some of the facts that will be celebrated during for 20. >>it's popular and legal and expands tourism. >>evergreen. san francisco was organized in less than 3 weeks by a number of groups, including the san francisco travel association. san francisco, cannabis retailers alliance and the chamber of commerce, executive director of the fisherman's wharf community benefit district. randall scott was also part of the planning committee for its historical events. you know, larry, that's a mission educate janell components to
12:54 pm
mission. and, you know, we're doing a concert on saturday. fisherman's wharf will host a book signing with the underground bakery, sticky fingers brownies provided pot brownies during the aids crisis. this hot brown, his movement. >>in san francisco started fisherman's wharf in nearly 7 years as a city emerges from the pandemic evergreen, san francisco is inviting cannabis enthusiast as well as people who are cannabis. curious to come and learn about the city's history with the plant. >>before 20 festival will be coming back to robin williams park for the first time since the covid pandemic started. and on the same week as evergreens events, scott says the goal isn't to steal for 20 thunder, but rather offer an educational space outside of hippie hill. >>i've never had to break up a fight. with a bunch of people smoking week. i have multiple times with people for the >>a week's worth of events throughout the 49 square miles of san francisco with the goal of making the city, the cannabis capital of the country read tourism is
12:55 pm
expanding its crop and its. it is something that san francisco has the opportunity to lead. >>you know it in the united states evergreen, san francisco will run from april 16 to the 24th. we have a full list of scheduled events on our website. kron 4 dot com. >>in san francisco, i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >>steph and curry announced a new effort to get kids to their little town. libraries project will distribute more than 50,000 free books around oakland. they unveiled the first of these readings stations at franklin elementary school. the curry say that libraries will have culturally appropriate stories that will reflect on the daily lives of students around oakland. now, literacy rates among black and brown students fell dramatically throughout the pandemic. and the crews say that they want to try and turn that all around. >>the importance of that is that from kindergarten through 3rd grade, you know, making sure that you're reading at grade level by the time you
12:56 pm
get to 3rd grade determines your entire educational future. so for a string, those numbers around is just really, really important. very important, right? >>there will be 150 of these libraries and all and they will feature murals from local artists. the program is in partnership with the curries nonprofit, eat, learn and play a little free library which helps distribute books to under served communities across the country. well, the national park service's oldest park ranger is retiring 100 year-old betty reid soskin spent the last decade and half sharing her experiences working on the world war, 2 home front. with rosie, the riveter museum visitors in richmond. she also has a middle school named after her in el sobrante. there will be a retirement celebration for ranger betty at the rosie the riveter museum on saturday april 16th and kron 4 and kronon is recognizing remarkable women. we have
12:57 pm
highlighted for amazing finalists. and next tuesday we will reveal the winner. we also have a section on our website kron 4 dot com where you can see past winners and nominees and thank you for watching kron on at noon. i'm terry says stasio. we'll see you back here at 3. >>the news continues on kron on grab your phone and scanned the qr code on your screen to download the kron on app. also available on roku. amazon fire stick and apple tv.
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>> judge michael: you had children together. >> yes. >> judge michael: how long has it been since you've given her any money? >> i couldn't say. i'm not a deadbeat dad. >> judge tanya: you all have a very complicated emotional history. >> announcer: "hot bench." judge tanya acker. judge patricia dimango. judge michael corriero. three judges. three opinions. three judges. three opinions. one verdict. captions paid for by cbs television distribution >> sonia: your honor, this is case number 154, wynn vs. gonzalez. >> judge michael: thank you, officer montejano. mr. wynn, you met ms. gonzalez when she was 14 years of age. am i correct? >> yeah. >> judge michael: but it wasn't until you were about 18 that you got more serious about it.


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