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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  April 1, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> the big story tonight, the house of representatives has passed a bill to decriminalize marijuana nationwide. eliminating all criminal penalties said it's still not a done deal, not just yet. anyway. our washington correspondent reshad hudson joins us now live from the nation's capital with the latest on this for shot. are you hearing? >> hey, vicki and grant, the bill still has to clear the senate where it's expected to face stiff republican support the house bill, however, did get 3 republican votes.
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>> on this the yeas are 220 and the nays are 200 and 4. >> the house of representatives is paving the way to decriminalize marijuana for far too long. we've treated marijuana as a criminal justice problem. instead of as a matter of personal choice and public health, the more act would remove marijuana from the list of federal controlled substances, criminal penalties for marijuana offenses and the resulting collateral consequences. i'm just and harmful to our society. bill sponsor, new york congressman jerry nadler says it would also impose a federal tax on cannabis sales to fund programs to help communities negatively impacted by state and federal laws. >> it's time to invest in communities in a way that makes sense. >> new york congressman hakeem jeffries in tennessee, congressman steve cohen say this is a step toward ending the war on drugs. congress has
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been out of step on. this issue was call cultural lag. but republicans like georgia congressman buddy carter say legalization is the wrong step. i can tell you. >> marijuana is nothing more than a gateway drug. >> an ohio congressman jim jordan calls the bill a distraction from reality. the left will not let the democrats do what needs to be done to help the inflation problem. the energy problem. >> and senate democrats are working on a similar bill. they hope to get past. they're also going to need help, though, from 10 republicans grant. >> well, that and what about the president? do we know where biden stands on this thing? >> so the white house says that the president supports components of this bill, but he didn't come out with a ringing endorsement of the bill. now, the white house says the president supports more research on them air on the medical side of how marijuana affects people more so then this bill. but there are similarities between this bill and what the white house is pushing.
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>> all right. we'll keep us posted. reshad hudson, appreciate that. shots reporting live tonight from washington. other news now coming into the kron. 4 news we are going to be talking about ukraine in the latest there. and there is concern tonight that peace talks between russia and ukraine could be in jeopardy. that's after moscow accused ukrainian forces of attacking an oil depot about 30 miles from the border with ukraine in if confirmed, this would be the first attack of its kind by ukraine. in russia since the conflict started, the kremlin is now threatening to walk out of peace talks. this comes at a crucial time as attempts are being made to create evacuation corridors, sir, people trapped in cities along coastal ukraine. officials this week of said roughly 100,000 people are still trapped in mariupol. and there are reports of russian troops, confiscating humanitarian aid. and state department. and the
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new warning is raising concerns about u.s. citizens still in russia saying that they are being singled out by vladimir putin and russia's government. this comes with several americans already detained, including wnba star. >> brittney griner, marine veteran trevor reed and security executive paul whalen. kelli meyer reports on the distrust between the u.s. and russia. and many say it's at an all-time high. >> americans being targeted in russia in recent weeks. we have seen reports of u.s. citizens being singled out and detained by the russian military in ukraine. the state department says americans face harassment by russian security officials and can be arrested. spokesperson ned price says they don't have a solid number of americans detained in russia, but they're able to visit a few notable americans like wnba star brittney griner, who remains incarcerated. >> the state department warning americans of traveling to russia and ukraine as the war enters a new phase. russia
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promising to scale back troops as peace talks continue u.s. officials caution don't call it a russian retreat question. what are going back and forth? >> was on how exactly would. for. there's no clear evidence of point on it was forced out. >> the pentagon says those forces are moving into the neighboring country of belarus out of the line of fire where they are resupplying and refitting after taking a beating in their effort to overrun the ukrainian capital. the cranes are fighting very, very well. and and the and the russians are not on. spokesperson john kirby says it's possible the forces could return to the eastern part of ukraine shifting their focus to the donbass region saying that could lead to a lengthy, more drawn-out conflict. it would be foolish to try to predict exactly how long. >> this could go. >> that was kellie meyer reporting for us tonight. the state department telling americans not to travel to russia or ukraine for those
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who are already there. they say stay alert. >> all right, weather time now as we take a live look outside the camera here on our bow, cutting with a beautiful shot on this friday of coit tower. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. here. we were trying to use sign language to figure out what was going to talk about. a nice yeah. really nice weather coming our way. i think. >> next couple days. and then next week in the room, watching temperatures just soaring this one of those days. it's hard to find a bad picture around the bay area. gorgeous out toward the coastline. gorgeous inside the bay. gorgeous long. the coastline, gorgeous in the valleys. you name it. what a beautiful day outside today with temperatures running above the average in many spots. 64 in san francisco. 68 degrees. a beautiful day in oakland. 76 and warm in san jose pair of sevens in livermore unconquered and 74 degrees in santa rosa. so seeing that northerly component to the wind, that front off the coastline, see those clouds getting a little
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bit closer. that's the going to see some of that creeping to see some of that creeping over across our skies for not that anything ruin your day. in fact, we're going to offer run. and i think with a very nice day tomorrow that front's going to fall apart as it moves across that ridge. so i think a warm start. your weekend was a very nice temperatures. if you plan on stepping outside this evening, just a gentle sea breeze along the coastline. temperatures still hovering in the 60's 70's 50's up toward the coastline. cooling off a staying clear as we head toward 8 o'clock and 9 tonight, i coming up where this out of control suv somehow. >> with airborne taking down 2 trees in a yard. >> and i was on workers make history by voting to form the company's first union where these workers are located. these workers are located. when a truck hit my son, these workers are located. i had so many questions about his case.
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>> amazon workers in staten island, new voted to unionize. organizers announcing today more than 2600 workers voted in favor of the union. according to the natiodal labor relations board, which oversees the process. 55% voted in favor of creating a union. the amazon fulfillment center in staten island would become the first in the nation if it were to successfully form a union. it will stop buddy was high-flying watching. the countdown, 3. and it was exciting changes. we'll see what >> in a statement, amazon said
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it was disappointed by the election by the vote. the company is now evaluating how to proceed. accuse the national labor relations board of inappropriately influencing the voting process. >> still ahead, giants opening day is next weekend. what to expect from walking into we're
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days away from the start of major league baseball season. and here in san francisco, giants are hoping for a return to normal after.
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>> 2 years of disruptions caused by this pandemic dine and dish. look at that. yeah. the teen showing off some new eats at the ballpark and things that fans can expect when that thanks for wearing the orange when they go to the ballpark this season, kron 4 s charles clifford was there. >> well, here at oracle park, opening day for the giants is still a week away. but today the team and the staff here at the park give us a preview of some new things that fans can expect to see over the course of the season. this is the 23rd season that the giants will play here at oracle park this year. some of the big changes around the park include there are now touchless payment systems that all of the vendors allowing folks to pay with their smartphone if they so choose around. the park is also going to be a lot of new food options this season, including veggie pizza slices, also fish tacos and many other new items. the park is also added a new bull pen area where they have batting cages and a speed
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pitching area. there's also new food here. this was supposed to go in in 2020 was delayed because of the pandemic. it is opening up this year. fans can also expect to find new t-shirts and hats and things that they can buy. there's also new bubble has it will be available throughout the course of the year. the giants say they're very excited to be welcoming fans back in person this year. there won't be any cardboard cutouts in the stands. all real people as part of a larger effort for the team to get things back to normal with all the pressures we've been under in the last couple of years as a society. >> and continue to be under in in some other ways. now it's refreshing that baseball can hopefully play that role that we've we've played and in our community have for so long now, for the first time in years, opening day will be played here at oracle park. next friday game starts at one 30. the giants will face the marlins. >> but for now in san francisco, charles clifford kron, 4 news >> show your vaccination card or a negative covid test is now a thing of the past.
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california is dropping its vaccine requirements for mega events that covers all events with 1000 people or more. the state is now strongly recommending previous covid guidelines. san francisco, santa clara marin counties say they're aligned with the state guidance masks might still be required depending on the venue, depending on the performer. but if you plan on catching the game tomorrow at chase center. game, all you have to worry about is your ticket. the u.s. house of representatives has approved a bill setting a strict cap on insulin costs. the bill aims to cap patients out of pocket costs, et. >> $35 a month for their insulin currently monthly supplies of this life-sustaining medicine. it averages nearly $400 and can go as high as $1000 a month. the high prices have resulted in situations where some patients actually skip their doses. not a good idea to legislation would still have to be considered by the
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senate, which is crafting a much broader bill. some 223 million dollars worth of drugs confiscated in a series of busts on the high seas are now in san diego. the u.s. coast guard was seen offloading the massive haul of cocaine and marijuana yesterday, a 2 month long operation off south america. that also involve the ship from the canadian navy result in 8 different seizures in international waters. 15 people were arrested. transportation secretary pete buttigieg announcing all new vehicles sold in the u.s. must get an average of at least 40 miles per gallon. >> by 2026, the fuel economy requirements will undo a rollback of standards that we're set under the trump administration. auto dealers say more stringent requirements could drive up prices of vehicles and push people out of an already expensive new car market. buttigieg argues the new fuel economy standards would save drivers about 1400 bucks in
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gas during the whole time. they have their vehicle. >> transportation is the second largest costs for american families. only behind housing. middle income and low income households spent almost 20% of their paycheck on transportation. this issue has been building for years. >> buttigieg also says the new requirement will lower carbon dioxide emissions by 2.5 billion metric tons by the year 2050. all right. outside we go. and here's a look at the golden gate bridge little hayes or light fog down there. the marin headlands shining in the friday son. you know, good weekend to get away, right? why not get away if you want to get out there? it's going to be looks like it's a pretty nice weather around the state. of course, the bay area looking great right now. mostly clear skies. couple patches of fog right over a san bruno mountain. other than that, the gentle sea breeze blowing today. no delays being
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reported at sfo, oakland or san jose of this evening and well, hey, not a bad start the weekend. the monterey bay, if you want to head down that direction, maybe a patchy to fog. i don't think there's going to be much. and then we're off around with some 60's out toward the coastline, a little cool out toward the beaches. so grab a light jacket. if you're headed, there may be the pacific grove. nice play to check out the water there as well. 6, 7 degrees, though in salinas. it will be a little warmer in the pasadena tomorrow, but a fairly comfortable 71 degrees there. 60 in anaheim. 63 degrees in san diego. and if you plan to head up to lake tahoe, hey, the drive is going to be a easy going up there for tonight. their baby board traffic, but weather-wise is not going to be a problem. and it's really not going to be probably the stick around for the weekend. the temperatures running in the 50's and the 60's. and i think as you come back, maybe just a few clouds up above, but no threat of any rain in the forecast. at least saturday, sunday and monday. in fact, got a pretty significant heat wave coming our way. i think as we look toward next week right now, pretty quiet on the doppler radar. you can see well to the north and oregon. we are looking at some scattered
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showers from approaching cold front right now. but for looking good to start out your weekend about 67 degrees in downtown san francisc . 68 in the mission. 62 degrees in daly city 59. it happened a little cool by the coastline, but not bad. then we warm right up inside the bay. 74 redwood city. 71 in foster city south, enjoying lots of 70's getting close to 80 degrees in place like campbell, maybe 80 in morgan hill could see some 80's in the tri valley, 80 degrees and pleasant, 80 in livermore, 72 in hayward tomorrow. a little breeze in the afternoon. the warm days looks like ahead for at least the start of the weekend. then we're going to cool things down a little bit as we head in towards sunday with a few more clouds and those temperatures probably going to down just a bit too monday. then after that high pressure really starts to build. and i think we're threatening. get to the 90's by late wednesday into thursday and looks like we'll stay dry through friday paid. take a look at this. >> dramatic video caught on a home security camera in fort wayne, indiana. as you saw
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there, an suv went airborne and slammed into a couple of trees. the driver was not seriously hurt. fortunately in this crash property where the suv went airborne is called the shepherds house. it is owned by a nonprofit for military veterans experiencing homelessness. the property manager says they may be on the hook for a $2000 deductible since the suv was rented and the rental company may not pay for damages. coming up. >> another accomplishment for the late notorious rbg. how the u.s. navy will be posthumously honoring justice posthumously honoring justice ruth bader ginsburg. after my car accident, posthumously honoring justice ruth bader ginsburg. i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. at the barnes firm, our injury attorneys work hard to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you might be surprised. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪
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talk to your child's eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. >> all right. here's a tip from the experts do not scheduled plastic surgery based looking a selfie. researchers with the american society of plastic surgeons found that selfies often significantly distort your face with the nose being the most distorted. yeah. according to the study, noses appear longer and wider in selfies compared to how they look at traditional photographs. researchers hope the findings reassure those who find flaws in their face. all right. the u.s. navy is honoring the late supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg with. >> and namesake ship. yeah, that's right. the navy has announced a future oil ship will be named the usns ruth bader ginsburg. the late liberal associate justice was the second woman to serve on
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the nation's highest court behind sandra day o'connor. she earned a bit of a rock star status among some for her positions on women's rights and >> gender equality issues and some other polarizing topics. ginsburg died at the age of 87 in 2020 from complications related to her pancreatic cancer. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. but there's still much more news ahead tonight on kron. 4 news at 6. kevin keenan and ken wayne are coming up. >> with that, we'll be right back.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. even if you have previously talked with us, you want to hear from you again. >> no detail is too small. worry about assessing the value of that information. >> san francisco police have increased the reward to a quarter million dollars now for information regarding the murder of nicolette fitz and the disappearance of her
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daughter, arianna. this was 6 years ago. hello, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm catherine heenan and i'm ken wayne is kron four's. dan kerman tells us both police and the fbi believe there are a number of people with information. >> we have yet to come forward. it was exactly 6 years ago when nicole fitts was last seen alive. >> days later, her body was found in a shallow grave in mclaren park. police don't believe fits daughter arianna was with her at the time of her murder. but the child remains missing. she was 2 years old at the time of her disappearance. and friday, the national center for missing and exploited children released this age progression. image of what they think arianna might look like. now at the age of 8. >> we ask that you take a long look at the photos of arieanna which includes the new age progression photo. please. please contact law enforcement if you have any information to share during a news conference friday, the fbi and san francisco police re


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