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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  April 1, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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years ago. hello, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm catherine heenan and i'm ken wayne is kron four's. dan kerman tells us both police and the fbi believe there are a number of people with information. >> we have yet to come forward. it was exactly 6 years ago when nicole fitts was last seen alive. >> days later, her body was found in a shallow grave in mclaren park. police don't believe fits daughter arianna was with her at the time of her murder. but the child remains missing. she was 2 years old at the time of her disappearance. and friday, the national center for missing and exploited children released this age progression. image of what they think arianna might look like. now at the age of 8. >> we ask that you take a long look at the photos of arieanna which includes the new age progression photo. please. please contact law enforcement if you have any information to share during a news conference friday, the fbi and san francisco police reassure the
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public and the family. >> they have not given up their search for arianna or her mother's killer. we continue to actively. >> investigate this case. we will continue to investigate as long as it takes to find out what happened. and just the last few months alone, we have developed many new leads. we have re interviewed witnesses who have provided us with new information. we've had new individuals come forward. i provide us information as well. police have also reexamined evidence, but they remain convinced there are others who have not yet come forward. who can help crack the case. we believe there are multiple people with direct knowledge of this case who have not fully cooperated with law enforcement. we believe there's even a larger circle of people with direct knowledge of what happened. authorities are convinced they can solve this case without the public's help. >> that's one of the reasons the reward in this case has been increased to a quarter million dollars. in san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4
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news. >> we are learning more about a 66 year-old man who died in oakland's chinatown after getting hit by a van. he died days later from his injuries. surveillance video caught it all. it happened on friday. march 18th on allen street in oakland moments before the crash. 2 people got out of a blue van to flag down 2 police cars. just a minute later, the victim could be seen walking back to his truck. the blue van pulls up behind. and as you see there hits the victim. karl chan, the president of the oakland chinatown, chamber of commerce, says he's helping the family of the victim. try to find answers. it years over time, way over budget. but today, a new bus lanes on san francisco's van ness avenue. >> finally did open again. kron 4 grant lodes joins us now with the story. it's a lot of frustration for a lot of drivers for, as we mentioned, a long, long time. andy can pan. then it took 6 years more than 345 million dollars.
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>> to get the thing done. but today the sfmta unveiled the results of >> all that time and effort and money at a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new van ness bus, rapid transit system. there you have it. the project includes physically separated bus lanes as well as new boarding platforms. but it also brought other improvements of ns like new lighting sidewalk extensions, new trees and crossing signals. mayor london breed today said the project's completion is not an april fool's joke. >> this is finally done because it is been a long time coming. the people san francisco, the voters of san francisco approved this back in 2003. >> along with the surface level improvements, the project also allow the city to complete underground utility
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maintenance, including replacing sewer pipes and water mains. the new system will serve the 49 mission and van ness trout and the 90 san bruno ow. best line. and some golden gate transit bus lines as well. they hope it's busy there. catherine. ken, back to you. all right, grant, thanks very much. >> some good news for people who take caltrain. the agency is set to resume full-service monday and fares will be cut in half for the entire month of april. this is aimed, of course, at encouraging people to ride the trains as the region continues to recover from the pandemic. and speaking of recovery of the u.s. added more than 430,000 jobs in march. that's the 11th straight month of job gains of at least 400,000. >> economists say it is a sign of a resilient economy. despite the pandemic war and the highest inflation in 40 years, the unemployment rate is down to 3.6%. that is the lowest rate since the pandemic started showing your
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vaccination card or a negative covid test is now a thing of the past. as of today, california is dropping its vaccine requirement for mega covers all events with 1000 people or more. the state is now quote, strongly recommending previous covid guidelines. san francisco, santa clara and warren counties all say they are aligned with the state guidance masks might still be required depending on the venue. but if you plan on catching game tomorrow at chase center, all you have to worry about is making sure you have your ticket. >> all right. time for a look at the forecast to expand lovely friday. at least till i want to work lords. it was really nice. but the weekend is here. and we're waiting for word on how to dress appropriately. well, that's what i'm that's what i'm here for. and it looks like we're going to have some nice warm weather to come as we're going to see. yeah, nice little warm up for the weekend least the first part after that things change outside this evening. the haze out there, a little fog trying to form up for the golden gate bridge as well.
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but boy, it has been just a spectacular day. nice numbers all around the fact working on a nice evening tonight is still 72 in concord. 67, beautiful evening in san jose. cool by the coastline. temperatures there in the 50's with that on shore breeze. but you had anywhere inland. a very nice number. 74 in fairfield. 76 in pittsburgh, 78 brentwood. and how about 68 degrees and sunny in santa rosa. there's a cold front out there. you can see getting a little bit closer. probably see a few high clouds for high clouds from that tonight and into tomorrow. but overall, we've had the more that northerly component to the wind that help warm up the temperatures. but the sea breeze has kicked back into that scared with a couple of patches of fog along the coastline, but not too much just a patch or 2, but if you're if you're headed out the door this evening plan a little bit of a sea breeze, but skies stay mostly clear as we head through the evening hours and then will settle in for the night. now going to be a little chilly in spots overnight tonight. probably going to see some overnight lows dropping off in the 40's, maybe low 40's in the north bay. but by day tomorrow, hey, we're cranking out the 70's and maybe even a couple low
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80's in the warmest spots. >> all right. that to look sounds like a lot of fun. and just a little over an hour, the stanford women will play in the final 4 as they hope to win. of course, back-to-back national championships last season. they want to front of a small number of fans. remember because of the pandemic this year, they expect a sellout crowd at the target center in minneapolis. that is where we find kron. 4 sports director jason dumas, us joining us live from the twin cities. jason, this is just so excited. >> yet, catherine, i've been saying this all week, expect a heavyweight fight tonight. 2 of the most iconic program in
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women's college basketball competing on the biggest stage in women's college basketball. and that stage is set now stanford and uconn. they haven't played each other since 2017. uconn won that matchup. stanford hasn't beat uconn since 2015. so i think they're due for a win. and so to their fan base. just about an hour ago, i was at the team hotel and dozens of fans were there to send stanford off to the arena. family friends, former players, all their as stanford walked out the elevator and walked onto the bus. it was really just a beautiful scene. fianna williams flew in from australia to meet the team. she from australia to houston to minneapolis and they were high. it was a fun moment. now, as for the matchup, like i said, uconn a really, really good team. they are led by one of if not the best players in
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college, basketball and paige beckers. she won the national player of the year last year as a freshman. the only freshman to ever win that award. and then you get to the coaching matchup, just a blockbuster. yeah. tara vanderveer the go as eye color and jeanne o r e m the godfather as i call him 2 of the winningest head coaches in women's college basketball, their number one and 2 on that wins list and they've been playing each other for decades. and over that time, they have built up a healthy rivalry. they've also built up a healthy respect for one another. we have been competing for a long time. i'm playing against each other. >> i think goes back to actually when he was at virginia as an assistant coach coach dawn staley so that the 3 of us are here. he's done a great job in they it had tremendous success. i've learned a lot from i'm competing against them and i would say, you know, you know,
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gino likes i don't know, you know, kind. i get a little in a little battles with people maybe was passed when pat was live off. and, you know, just i don't know. i like him and, you know, i think we get along really well. and i've never felt that we were adversaries in a negative way. but more competitors in a very good way. uconn stanford kind icos to arrive really is a long standing tradition. i think. >> you know, i've i've watched big games between the 2 of them. so to finally be a part of that is really special. but i think that each program, you know, you have hall of fame coach of the 2 winningest coach of all time. you had all these on their kids, players and come from both these programs. so to kind of now be a part of that is huge. >> now it's been a lot of fun out here in the twin cities and stanford. they're playing in his about 30 minutes. tipoff is around 6.30. and the
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first thing that just concluded it was south carolina versus louisville. south carolina won that game. so stanford, uconn of that game will be taking on south carolina, stanford plate, south carolina earlier this year. back in december. they were beating the gamecocks by 18 points and blew a lead. and last that's actually the last game. stanford loss this season. so of course, they got to get past yukon first. but if they're able to do that, south carolina will be waiting for them and maybe they could avenge that early-season loss to the game but for now, we're live outside of the target center in minneapolis. i'm jason dumas, scrounge for sports. >> thank you, jason, talk to you later. in other news, oscar winner will smith. he just a short time ago resigned from the academy of motion pictures, arts and sciences. this move comes after the shocking superstar smackdown sunday night at the oscars
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where smith, as you know, by now slapped comedian chris rock over a joke about his wife, jada smith is embroiled in a career crisis over the onstage assault. he was facing possible expulsion or suspension from the academy anyway. and he knew that in a statement he says he will accept any additional consequences. the academy's board of governors deems appropriate. food made with love and with a purpose tomorrow made here in the bay area are helping to feed people on the other side of the world. >> in ukraine. >> plus, the push to decriminalize marijuana nationwide is gaining momentum. but just how close is a bill passed by the house today to actually becoming law? we have a live report from washington. up next.
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the house of representatives has again passed a bill to decriminalize marijuana across the country while it is a step short of full legalization, the bill would eliminate all criminal penalties. this, however, is not a done deal. in fact, the bill is expected to face what could be stiff opposition in the senate. washington correspondent reshad hudson joins us live with the latest were shot. good evening. the house bill did get 3 republican votes, but it is expected to face major opposition in the senate. >> coming ahead.
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>> on this yeas are 220 and the nays are 200 and 4. >> the house of representatives is paving the way to decriminalize marijuana. >> for far too long, we've treated marijuana as a criminal justice problem. instead of as a matter of personal choice and public health. >> the more act would remove marijuana from the list of federal controlled substances, criminal penalties for marijuana offenses and the resulting collateral consequences. i'm just and harmful to our society. bill sponsor, new york congressman jerry nadler says it would also impose a federal tax on cannabis sales to fund programs to help communities negatively impacted by state and federal laws. >> time to invest in communities in a way that makes sense. >> new york congressman hakeem jeffries in tennessee, congressman steve cohen say this is a step toward ending the war on drugs. congress has been out of step on. this
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issue was call cultural lag. but republicans like georgia congressman buddy carter say legalization is the wrong step. i can tell you. >> marijuana is nothing more than a gateway drug. >> an ohio congressman jim jordan calls the bill a distraction from reality. the left will not let the democrats do what needs to be done to help the inflation problem. the energy problem. and senate democrats are working on a similar bill. they hope that can pass and they're also looking to get at least 10 republicans to support it. reporting in washington. rashad hudson, back to you. >> at rashad, before you go, do we know where the president stands on the bill? so the white house up just short of a full endorsement of this bill. >> now, the white house says that the president supports different aspects of the bill talking about the country's marijuana laws should be reexamined and looked at to see if they're fair and just but the president is focused on the research side of marijuana to see how it will benefit people. health wise.
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that's in line for us in washington, d.c., where sean, thank you. >> all right. now to the latest in ukraine. peace talks with russia. these talks could be in trouble. this is after moscow accused ukraine of attacking an oil depot about 30 miles from the border with ukraine. if that's confirmed, it would be the first such act on russian soil since the conflict began the not threatening to walk out of the peace talks. it comes at a crucial time. attempts are being made to create evacuation corridors from people trapped in citiestalong the coast. roughly 100,000 people remain trapped in mariupol. and there are reports of russian troops confiscating humanitarian aid. >> new at 6 tonight, a latino organization in half moon bay has raised more than $11,000 for ukraine relief by making tamales today. loss alongside bay area porter relief package to about 1500 tamales
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customers are able to pick up their orders on sunday in half moon bay, hillsborough, menlo park in berkeley to 25 volunteers several days to make all those tamales. >> they're made with love and their spinach, chicken, beef. and just a lot of commitment to really wanting to help the refugee families and children until as they were making them. they were really thinking about the mission behind the work. >> all proceeds from the tamales will go to support ukrainian refugees by the on-the-ground meal distribution network of the world, central kitchen. >> the last snow survey of the season is in the not good, not much snow. and it was the 4th survey at phillips station confirming a dry air overall. april. first is usually when the snow pack is highest. but the survey found the statewide snowpack probably peaked early last march and the sierra peak to back in january. the latest
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snow melt forecast. only 44% of average. and with that in mind, let's check in with the lawrence karnow. you know, it's just so disappointing after that. yes, strong start. we had to the season. it was so exciting and we're well over 100% to 100% of snow, right? that's right. and then everything shut off. and then we warmed up the starting with the snow melt. >> and nothing down. those totals really not much at all. and so here's where we sit today. only 28% of normal. way over 100% in the northern sierra nevada. now, there you go. 42% of normal. the central sierra nevada, not much better in the southern sierra nevada. only 43% of normal. and that is just unfortunate. that's where we sit right now, but not much hope. we've got pretty good. the warm-up coming our way. not only this weekend, i think probably a little heat wave into next week outside this evening. a beautiful night outside gorgeous toward the golden gate bridge. just a bit of a sea breeze blowing a little cool along the coastline. but numbers nicer today. they warmed up a bit. 64 in san francisco, 68 in oakland. 76 in warm in san jose pair of
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sevens in both livermore unconquered and 74. it's en rose a bit of an offshore wind. more of a northerly breeze really kind of kicking in. and now we've got this cold front that's kind of encroaching on the state here. it will begin to move in bringing a few high clouds across the is going to fall apart as a runs right to that ridge of high pressure. so staying dry as we head the weekend, looks like a nice start to the weekend. then a few more clouds. you see another cold front begins to get a little bit closer. i think that affect sunday and into monday. but tomorrow will be a nice, warm day around much of the bay area. check out these temperatures. i think maybe some spots inland tomorrow they might just sneaking low 80's. how about that? with plenty of sunshine all day long. 70's around the bay still cool 50's and some 60's toward the coastline over the next couple days. we will cool things down a bit with a few more clouds both sunday and monday. but after that high pressure really builds in, i think by next week we could be talking about some hot 90's on thursday. lawrence, thank you very much. coming up. >> this is a situation the
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100 year-old richmond resident betty reid soskin as of her official retirement thursday. she was the oldest national park ranger serving in the country and as kron four's for leave to go reports, her legacy has been defined by service. >> for the past decade and a half, betty reid soskin has educated generations of bay area families at rosie, the riveter world war, 2 home front national historic park in richmond. but her impact on society dates back far beyond that. up to her retirement at 100 years old. she served as the national park service's old, a stranger detailing the contributions. women like herself made during the war back then the african american woman who would grow into becoming a civil rights icon served as a file clerk in a segregated union hall. soskin later worked as a field representative for 2 california assembly. women and co-founded a record store with
6:26 pm
her late ex husband in berkeley that operated for nearly 75 years until it closed in 2019. it is my honor to freeze it to you. >> the president. the united states in 2015, she was honored with a commemorative coin by president barack obama. a coin that was stolen months later during a violent home invasion. robbery saw skin survived at her home in richmond. it was eventually replaced by the white house in 2016. she was recognized in the congressional record highlighting her courage and determination throughout life. anyone who knows her. >> she is a very special person in a special soul. saw skin has penned the men wore sign my name to freedom. >> and as a native of east oakland in 2017, she was honored by mills college with an honorary doctor arts and letters is the whole lifetime.
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>> last year, juan crespi middle school in el sobrante. >> was renamed after sauce help. >> be delighted. with having the schools. >> made on saw skins retirement. in a statement national park service director chuck sams says, quote, her efforts remind us that we must seek out and give space for perspectives so that we can tell a more full and inclusive history of our nation. congratulations, betty. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> wow. and she should. she looks and sounds incredible. coming up next, the former deputy chief of the open department of violence prevention talks exclusively to kron 4 about her allegations regarding the department's chief. and the reason she said she was 5 fentanyl is more prevalent than ever. some people may be taking it without even
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usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their eligible family members. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly - why, you should join.
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>> a former oakland city employee who was hired to help victims of gender-based violence claims she was fired as a result of gender-based violence allegedly by the chief of the oakland department of violence prevention. now


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