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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 1, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading yet. environmental law used by the biggest polluters in the state of california to prevent. >> the citizens of oakland and the bay area to access to the water fronts. >> cleaner air and great ballpark in the 80's stayed open so it is absolutely crazy. >> tonight at 8, yeah. another roadblock for the a's waterfront ballpark in oakland. and thanks for joining us tonight on this friday evening. i'm catherine heenan and i'm ken wayne. this latest hurdle for the howard terminal. a lawsuit that claims certain protocols weren't followed with the >> project's environmental
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impact report and our grant lotus talk to the a's president. and you've got the latest. one of those same. frustrated, not happy, but not entirely shocked that this happened either. you have the east oakland stadium alliance, which >> once the a's to build a ballpark at the existing coliseum site. they're among all these entities that tonight are suing the city of oakland and see also have, you know, shipping steel and port groups who are in on basically groups that make money with the port and a spokesman for the east oakland stadium lights tonight says that the a's in the city did not adequately disclose the negative effects that the project will have on existing waterfront operations in the surrounding areas. that's among other things that there contending in this suit. president dave kaval rejects those claims and says the new ballpark would be better for the environment and people in the bay area. >> it's so many 134 you get to the doorsteps project.
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12 billion dollar project privately financed stadium. and we're really just at the point we need to know one way or the other. it could happen or not. and getting a lawsuit is never a good part of trying to get to that determination. i think we need the political approval of the city council this summer period like that's absolutely needed. if the litigation takes a little longer, i think we could, you know, fight that with the city council, but we can't can't have this continued delays on the project. lawsuits voting next year, referendums, whatever it into the. >> cattle is quick to note. the a's are still actively making offers on the land sites in the las vegas area. catherine and ken and they don't have a specific place in vegas. they they want that. so that it gives them more leverage. of course,gin their dealings here, carol, did note that the warriors that with this trying build their arena, the giants along the waterfront, they're the a's planned for but it's still
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even if they get oakland city council to sign off on this this summer. and that's the deadline that the a's have said. they want. it's in the hands of a judge this lawsuit and they really don't have control over that and don't know where this will go in there, hoping for the best as our fans. of course, lot of people are if they get the city council get the judge him, it would seem that there won't be another surprise hurdles. so hopefully hopefully thank you grant you that. season is and the verdict, not much snow. it was the 4th survey at phillips station confirming a dry year overall april. first usually is when the snow pack is highest. but the survey found the statewide snowpack peak early last march and the sierra peak in january. the latest storm out forecast only 44% of average. and with that in mind, let's get a look at our forecast with our chief meteorologist
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lawrence those numbers don't look good. look. so promising early on the similar point. >> really got things going in december and everybody is getting out their skis and head up in the sierra nevada. you're looking more than 100%. sometimes 200% of normal. >> and then everything shut off in january, right? the beginning. and so here's where we sit right now. you have a lot of snow melt sunset time. so down to 28% of normal in the northern sierra nevada. 42% of the central and not much better in the southern sierra nevada. only 43% of normal. really not much more on the horizon out there tonight. you see a few high clouds out there. otherwise it was a gorgeous day in the temperatures running above the average. in fact, we're going to see a little heat wave. i think as we look toward next week, we can expect more of that snow to start melting in the high country outside tonight. you're looking to 49 degrees and cool in pacifica. 53 in san mateo, 58 degrees in dublin. 63 in concord and 55 degrees in nevada right now. there's a cold front out there. unfortunately, not much energy with it is starting to work its way into northern california. is she a few showers up 7 northwest, but
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for the most part, we're just going to be left a couple high clouds overnight tonight, but tomorrow we may see a few more of those high clouds in the sea breeze has returned a bit. we may get a patch or 2 of fog along the immediate coastline. not going to be much. i think that's gone again. i think saturday's going to be a really nice day around the bay area. probably a little bit warmer outside high pressure going to slide in overhead that front that's moving through going to fall apart. and we're left with some warm temperatures behind that and really just a nice start to your weekend. if you're stepping outside this evening, skies stay mostly clear out. there will be a little bit cool. want to grab a jacket you head out the door by 11 o'clock sites and those temperatures start to dip into the 40's, at least along the coastline. maybe some of the valley's too temperatures by day tomorrow, though, should be fantastic. we're as warm as 80 degrees in livermore tomorrow about 79 in morgan hill. 72 beautiful day in hayward, although a little breeze in the afternoon about 63 degrees in san francisco. next few days we're going to change is coming clean off on sunday and monday. then we start talking about maybe some
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hot temperatures wednesday and thursday of next week. thank you, lawrence. marijuana could soon be legalized across the country today. the u.s. house of representatives passed a bill that would >> decriminalize the substance. people would no longer be prosecuted under federal law for possessing manufacturing and distributing marijuana on force amanda hari talk to local cannabis leaders about how this bill could affect the industry. >> think that was in the fall and we're going to see a a c a a new day. and in that it says we have become more mainstream, a possible game changer for the cannabis industry. >> the u.s. friday approved a bill called the marijuana opportunity reinvestment and expungement act or more act. it would remove cannabis from the list of banned federal substances. i think the whole industry has been waiting for a very long time for for some real. >> that reform. >> and it's refreshing. will send is the chief corporate development officer for
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harborside. think one of the oldest and largest cannabis retailers in the world. they have locations in oakland, san jose and san leandro sense as harborside is fortunate to have a relationship with the bank. but for many cannabis businesses, they don't. and they have to hold on to cash because it's the legal on the federal level the in time you're, you know, a cache the business ceo yu become some sort of a target. >> for criminal activity when it comes to the they will not do business. not just with cannabis companies. >> but with companies that do business with cannabis companies, aaron pelley is the owner of cultiva law. >> they have firms in washington, oregon, nevada and san francisco. they focused on representing individuals within the cannabis industry. >> kelly says this bill could also help people with cannabis convictions and expungement that would go back to as far as 1971 in terms of cannabis convictions. he says that part of it can change people's lives. >> especially when it comes to
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employment. the candidate that has the conviction is going to lose out. kelly says this is the second time the bill has been passed in the house. he's hoping the senate will pass it this time. what i'm hoping for is that the senate has the political courage to to to finish what needs to be done is long overdue. amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> roughly 223 million dollars worth of drugs confiscated in a series of high seas. rates are now in san diego. the coast guard was seen offloading huge haul of cocaine and marijuana yesterday. this the result of a 2 month long operation off south america. it also involved a canadian navy. this resulted in 8 different seizures and international waters. 15 people were arrested here at home. police in mountain view are investigating a possible fentanyl overdose deaths involving a los altos high school student. >> in a statement sent out to parents, the school said, quote, this investigation is
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in the very early stages. we do not know how the student who died obtained the narcotics or from whom we are actively investigating whether this is related to fentanyl poisoning. we know that a family is grieving that a school community is grieving and that we have pulled in every available resource to try and bring justice to the students and their family. the effort to clean up san francisco's tenderloin getting another boost. >> the city has surpassed its goal now of hiring more than 200 workers to help people are homeless addicted or who have mental health problems. those workers include pharmacists, a behavioral health, clinicians mayor london breed says getting those workers hired a lot faster. that was one of the reason she declared an emergency in the tender line showing your vaccination card or a negative covid test seems to be a thing of the past. now. >> california is dropping its vaccine requirement for mega events that covers all events
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with 1000 people or more. the state is now strongly recommending previous covid guidelines. san francisco, santa clara and marin county say they're aligned with state guidance masks might still be required depending on the venue. but if you plan on catching a game tomorrow at chase center, i have to worry about carrying is your ticket. >> coming up tonight at 8, the former deputy chief of the oakland department of violence prevention talks about allegations regarding the department's chief. and the reason she she was fired. >> one of the famous peregrine falcons at uc berkeley has died. what happens next for his former mates and their newly laid a x? we will not stop shining a light on this case because we know we need the public's help to bring our rihanna back home. >> but first, a bigger reward nowpbeing offered to help find a young girl has been missing since 2016.
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>> san francisco police are increasing their reward to a quarter million dollars for information regarding the murder of nicole fitts and the disappearance of her daughter arieanna. yeah. the fbi has released this new photo of ariana with age progression. technology to indicate what you would probably look like today, 6 years after she went missing kron four's. dan kerman tells us both police and the fbi believe there are
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a number of people have information and haven't come forward. it was exactly 6 years ago when nicole fitts was last seen alive. >> days later, her body was found in a shallow grave in mclaren park. police don't believe fits daughter arianna was with her at the time of her murder. but the child remains missing. she was 2 years old at the time of her disappearance. and friday, the national center for missing and exploited children released this age progression. image of what they think arianna might look like. now at the age of 8. >> we ask that you take a long look at the photos of arieanna which includes the new age progression photo. please. please contact law enforcement if you have any information to share during a news conference friday, the fbi and san francisco police reassure the public and the family. >> they have not given up their search for arianna or her mother's killer. we continue to actively investigate this case. we will
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continue to investigate as long as it takes to find out what happened. and just the last few months alone, we have developed many new leads. we have re interviewed witnesses who have provided us with new information. we've had new individuals come forward. i provide us information as well. police have also reexamined evidence, but they remain convinced there are others who have not yet come forward. who can help crack the case. we believe there are multiple people with direct knowledge of this case who have not fully cooperated with law enforcement. we believe there's even a larger circle of people with direct knowledge of what happened. authorities are convinced they can solve this case without the public's help. >> that's one of the reasons the reward in this case has been increased to a quarter million dollars. in san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> well, this is no april fool's joke. the muni project on van ness avenue is actually finally finished. construction on the project first started 6
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years ago. this new system aims to address traffic congestion along very busy van aspect, creating physically separated bus lanes to get by without getting stuck in traffic boarding platforms were built to allow passengers to get on. the bus is more easily along with the surface level improvements. the project also allow the city to complete underground utility maintenance, including replacing sewer pipes and water mains. the new system will serve the 49 mission and van ness route. also, these 90 san bruno ow muni bus line. good news for people who take caltrain. the agency is set to resume full service on monday and fares will be cut in half for the entire month of april. officials say the move will hopefully encourage people to write their trains as the region continues to recover from the pandemic. >> for your money, the price of gas going down a little again. prices dropped another penny overnight. might not sound like a lot, but that's been a pattern. the last
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couple of days. san francisco still has the most expensive gas. 5.92 a gallon. and santa rosa, 5 88 5 84 in oakland in san jose. it is 5.83 a gallon. all new vehicles in the u.s. that are sold most get an average of at least 40 miles a gallon by 2026, the department of transportation announced those new standards today. this rolls back the trump era standard which required just about 24 miles a gallon, it would save drivers. they say about $1400 in cash during the lifetime of a car. carbon dioxide emissions would drop by a 2.5 billion metric tons by the year 2050, activists, though, are still insisting this does not do enough to address climate change. well, at least you could put the top roll down the windows and enjoy some nice weather because they're going to be a view here from mount tam. but
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the weekend's looking pretty good weekend is give us a getaway a spring. pretty new. but we're going to feel a little summer heat, i think in the coming days. so. >> yeah, you're headed out about what a beautiful weekend. it's going to be at sfo. yeah, mostly clear out there right now. a little haze but not bad. no delays being reported. >> at sfo, oakland or san jose, things are opening clear if you plan to have the monterey bay, maybe a patch or 2 of fog in the early morning after that, we clear things out. it will be cool along the coastline. 58 monterey, 58 in carmel a little bit warmer and thus lead us in the mid 60's. same month, carmel valley, southern california. temperatures all that warm. still you'll find about 69 degrees. very comfortable. anaheim, 69 in pasadena. 59 cool, long beach and 66 in downtown los angeles. the high country, a few passing clouds. otherwise temperatures up in the 50's and low 60's in the afternoon. if you're headed to some place like reno carson city, those temperatures near 70 degrees tomorrow. stick around for the weekend. should be a nice weekend to the roadways are open and clear. no problems with the weather getting up to the high country
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or coming back. just a few passing clouds. and that is about it. maybe those clouds on the increase a little bit late on sunday and into monday. well, what about a little rain? we'd love to get another storm coming our way right now. you can just see some clouds passing across the state as we get into late sunday and monday. here's the system. the clips far northern california only fortunately keeping us dry. then that big dome of high pressure builds in. you see all the state clears out under that big ridge as we get into wednesday and thursday. that's when temperatures likely to move in the 80's and probably a couple low 90's as we head into thursday that things begin to cool down again. and how about this on the long-range pattern? that's right. the models are starting to pick up on a big change. maybe we start to talk about a spring storm moving in about monday. a 10th or 11th or so seeing that storm move in and that may stick around for a little while. keep your fingers crossed. that holds true. little rain for us. a little snow for the mountains. the tragic loss of of how can this week, one of the unofficial mascots of uc berkeley. but
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tonight. >> a small glimmer of hope for the remaining birds on campus.
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>> will smith has resigned from the academy of motion picture arts and sciences. that move comes after the shocking attack sunday night at the oscars were smith got out of his front row seat, walked on stage and slapped comedian chris rock. it was
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over a joke rocket made about smith's wife, jada will smith now in major damage control mode. he was reportedly facing possible expulsionior suspension from the academy anyway. in a statement he says he will accept any additional consequences from the academy. he calls his own actions. shocking, painful and inexcusable. >> on top of the 300 foot tall kappa. nearly bell tower at uc berkeley is the home of a peregrine falcon nest one. sadly the one of the parents hawkins was found dead yesterday next to a road. authorities assume it was hit by a car and researchers have been working for years to bring the birds back from being an endangered species in california. kron four's rob nesbitt has the story. the peregrine falcons were first discovered nesting at the top of uc berkeley's bell tower in 2017. researchers weren't sure what was going to happen to the nest when they found out one of the falcons was hit
8:24 pm
>> more than 4,000 people have like the cal falcons, facebook page. >> tuning into the live cam to see what any in grinnell are up to the pair producing 5 sets a peregrine falcon chicks since moving into the camp and nearly in the last year, though things haven't gone well for the falcons. according to ornithologist shawn peterson. first, we thought he was injured last winter. >> and maybe wasn't going to come back from an injury. 9 made a miraculous recovery. can't back and then we thought and he had disappeared and she was gone she came back online fans and falcon experts on campus were given much time to breathe a sigh of relief. on thursday, the news came that cornell was found dead in the median of a roadway in berkeley calif elkins member mary malik had the difficult task of identifying the bird and saw alice band. it was late. it just sort of. broke, you know, was. >> really, really difficult. the population of peregrine
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falcons in california have and always thrived. 50 years ago. there were 2, 2, pairs of count. peregrine falcons go for it. forward. so it's why thursday's loss came as such a shock to those with all the success of any and rebels offspring. the birds have been incubating 2 eggs at their nest. but when one bird eyes during the breeding season, the most likely outcome is abandonment. anyone watching the live falcon camp thursday evening to check on the eggs witness this. >> a new male peregrine falcons flying in actively courted by andy >> and >> he apparently appears interested in potentially kind of being a stepfather to these a positive sign if things continue to go well. >> alex, as one or 2 more eggs could be added to the nest. he's doing what he's supposed to do. you know he he has 2 jobs. one is to survive and the others to reproduce. >> according to malik, the
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number of peregrine falcons in california have improved to around 350 nesting pairs. they're around 15 s in the bay area. >> at uc berkeley, i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> next tonight at 8 o'clock allegations against a department chief in a story you will see only on kron 4, the former deputy chief of the open department to violence prevention shares the reason she says she was fired and peace talks in peril. why efforts to reach an agreement between russia and ukraine could be in jeopardy and can the cardinal do it again? we'll find out how the stanford women's basketball team
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>> a former oakland city employee who was hired to help victims of gender-based violence claims that she was fired as a result of gender-based violence and the person accused he's her box. now, former the former employees demanding to be reinstated and promoted. and today she talked exclusively to kron four's haaziq madyun. >> before you started experiencing problems in your position as the deputy chief of the department about as prevention, i would say my first experience happened about 2 months in describe what happened. so okay. i'm sorry.
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>> the emotions are overwhelming as tears begin to fall. when sir i crane reflects on her time as deputy chief of the oakland department of violence prevention. this demand letter sent by her attorney to the city administrators, city council and the mayor of oakland alleges crane experience misconduct, including pay inequity, retaliation, harassment and gender discrimination by the chief of the department of violence prevention. guillermo a sessment is i knew that there was a problem because i was very afraid and nervous crane says this past january, she acquired within the city administration about reporting the chief's alleged behavior. i attempted to follow up with the director of hr him an e-mail. >> saying i need to speak with him about issues in my department. that was on tuesday. the 18. >> and by friday, the 21st was being fired. the reason she was fired. >> she says the hr director initially said that she wasn't
8:31 pm
at will employee. then later told her that the release was a decision made by the city administrator. so right plans, attorney sonia met the unequal pay discrimination at work is gender-based. >> violence, you know, whether it's at home or at work, women have the right to be free from that. >> the oakland city council is calling for an independent investigation into these allegations. >> because there has been a history of what seems to be. treatment against black women that that keeps coming up in the city opened. we reached out to chief says it is. and the oakland mayor who referred us to the oakland city administrator. >> they sent kron 4 a statement that reads in part, quote, the city of oakland's administration takes harassment and other forms of discrimination seriousl can say that there were circumstances and facts that led to the personnel decision in question and that i supported it. we continue to stand by the decision and we
8:32 pm
continue to stand behind chiefs s but is and the work he and the department of by those prevention are doing on behalf of the people of oakland and pull crane says it's hard to believe that this is happening to her after dedicated her career to helping victims of gender-based violence. >> i have devoted my life to supporting women and girls and individuals that have been harmed. and to know that i was dealing with it on my back. the whole time is just humiliating and heartbreaking. haaziq kron. 4 news federal judge has ruled that a former oakland police chiefs a lawsuit against the city of oakland can proceed to a jury trial. >> former chief anne kirkpatrick says she was fired in 2020 for blowing the whistle on alleged illegal activity from the city's police commission. the commission argued the firing was purely performance related. oakland officials had hoped to avoid a full trial, but the lawsuit will come before a jury later this year
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unless the 2 sides come to some agreement. the u.s. navy is honoring late supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg with a namesake ship. the navy has announced a future oil ship will be named to the u.s.. and as ruth bader ginsburg, the late liberal associate justice was the second woman to serve on the nation's highest court behind sandra day o'connor. she earned a bit of rock star status for her positions on women's rights and gender equality issues. among other polarizing topics. ginsburg died at the age of 87 in 2020 from complications of pancreatic cancer. now for another look at the 4 zone forecast as we look live san francisco, a beautiful friday night and looking toward the weekend with our chief meteorologist or its current. >> yeah, friday around the bay area. lot of sunshine out there. they will be a little bit warmer as we look toward tomorrow. if you want to get out and enjoy should be a beautiful day to do both is going to be nice. but sunday, we'll have a few more clouds rolling on in the temperatures going back off just a bit up
8:34 pm
toward the golden gate bridge right now. got a couple passing through a little haze out there as well. and temperatures start to cool off in spots you down to 50 degrees in half moon bay. 52 now in san francisco. 54 in oakland still mild in to conquer right now at 63 degrees. but we do have a cold front out there. unfortunately, all that rain is headed up in the pacific northwest with that storm system. by the time it gets here, it's running in that ridge of high pressure and fall apart. boy, we've been seeing that story played out all winter now even spring as most of these storms really just falling apart and dying moving across that ridge. so tomorrow we're off and running with some nice temperatures. downtown san francisco. look at about 67 degrees about 68. the mission in the sunset. you see some sunshine about 62 degrees. a little cooler out along the coastline. if you're headed there, just grab a jacket. it's not going to be will find some sunshine. a little bit of sea breeze toward the afternoon inside the bay. that's where temperatures really begin to warm up. 68 burlingame yet for the south, 70 in foster city. 71 7 tail. 75 degrees in woodside. 72 in palo alto, the
8:35 pm
south bay cupertino. what a beautiful day. it's going to be there. 75 76 degrees as you make. when the santa clara 80, though, in pleasanton livermore, maybe 80 degrees in walnut creek. get the idea. some warm temperatures showing up in the interior valleys and but this just kind of a taste of things to come. i think as we look toward next week, we're talking pretty impressive. a ridge of high pressure building in cooling down a little bit late this weekend into monday. and then that ridge starts to build on tuesday. then we're talking 80's and 90's by wednesday and thursday of next week. >> you know, a >> calls to prayer running out of the grand mosque in mecca, starting the holy month of ramadan. it will last this year until may 1st during this time, muslims fast during daylight hours, the month marks when the first verses of the qur'an who revealed to the prophet muhammad. >> still ahead tonight, at 8 o'clock, we're going to introduce you to the first
8:36 pm
latina to sit on california's highest court. >> and food made with love and purpose have tomorrow made here in the bay area helping to feed people on the other side of the world in ukraine.
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get the best result possible. >> now to the latest in ukraine. peace talks between ukraine and russia could soon be threatened after moscow accused ukrainian forces of attacking an oil depot about 30 miles from its border with
8:39 pm
ukraine. if confirmed, this would be the first attack of its kind by ukrainian forces inside russian soil since the conflict began. the kremlin is now threatening to walk out of the peace talks. this comes at a crucial time as attempts are being made to create evacuation corridors for people who are trapped in cities along coastal ukraine. officials this week of said that roughly 100,000 people remain trapped in mariupol. and there are reports of russian troops confiscating humanitarian aid. >> a latino organization and half moon bay has raised more than $11,000 for ukraine relief by making tamales people with the group which is known as all those packaged about 1500 tamales with help from bay area border relief. customers will be able to pick up their order sunday and half moon bay, hillsborough, menlo park and berkeley. it took 25 volunteers several days to make all the tamales. >> they're made with love and
8:40 pm
their spinach, chicken, beef. and just a lot of commitment to really wanting to help the refugee families and children until as they were making them. they were really thinking about the mission behind the work. >> money raised will be used to support ukrainian refugees using a distribution network of the world. central kitchen. >> coming up in sports, the stanford women's basketball team trying to get back
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>> new tonight at 8, california's first latina judge was sworn on tm the state supreme court this week. ashley zavala sat down for a conversation with new justice satricia guerrero. >> i am so thrilled to have the my dreams and become the first latina on the supreme justice. patricia, get a dose is realizing her california dream really began with her parents. get all is the daughter of mexican immigrants living and working in the imperial valley. >> that's where she was born and raised my mother. she taught us the importance education. >> and also to help other people, especially those who less fortunate than us. they both taught us the importance of our work. my father. it's an ad nice to watch and growing up doing really not what i call back. breaking work in the imperial valley son. he never complained about
8:44 pm
powers art hours and working conditions. and i was like just love that later. told me that he worked hard because he had to so that i could work doing something that i want get. it was mother recently passed in her honor to people. her mother used to babysit, attended the swearing-in ceremony. family is a major source of support for get she's a mom of 2 teenage boys smile it's 15 starting to drive soon with just a little bit making for me more than it is for and my youngest is 14 and i'm happy, wonderful, have been. and who is my biggest supporter? i cannot get like so much of my life. i cannot get into some what do they make of of mom being the first latina on the company supreme court. it's difficult for me comprehend. and for them to a little they are so incredibly proud of me. just like i am
8:45 pm
proud them that they don't come your honor and mom have got them to do that yet. get it all adds to the diversity of california supreme court considered one of the most diverse in the country. happy to contribute to that. i do think it's important that we numbers on the who represent the diversity of our state. >> and also, i think it's important to have people with different values and perspectives and experiences on our and i have to bring all of my lived experiences and make contributions to the court and serve as a role model. but they conspire others like i have. and i'm the one person who has inspired her u.s. supreme court justice sonia sotomayor, who recently wrote get a letter. she in that letter speaks give me some words of advice, essentially to be grounded, inspired. >> by the people who have supported you and i have taken that message. >> 2 current and now that you've reached this point, what is your goal?
8:46 pm
>> well, my my goal is to get through the first oral argument that we have next week. >> my immediate long term. i would just hope that people with. >> remember me and hopefully i would be able to make meaningful contributions to the and people could see i'm somebody in the beginning and was able to cheat my dreams. and billy again live to drink and that they can do that, too. >> in sacramento, ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> in sacramento. and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> this was a battle. it was a tough one. tonight's final 4 showdown between stanford and uconn. it matched 2 of the greatest programs and women's ncaa college basketball history. plus, a classic match-up between 2 of the greatest coaches ever stanford's tara vanderveer number one in the all-time wins list for women's college
8:47 pm
basketball. uconn's geno he's number 2 on that list. here we go. 1st quarter paige beckers a star for the huskies. she hits the tough jumper coming up here early. here we go with action on the court, but it eventually vina westbrook off the bench. she was the real hero in the 1st half. >> she nailed 3 treys as the huskies searched to an early 6 point lead. but haley jones last year's final four's, most outstanding player rob carnell back scoring here to give them their first lead of the game. uconn finished a half out to go up one point at the break. so we go to the 3rd quarter cameron break in foul trouble. most of the game. she scores on that nice move to keep stanford within one point 7 and a half minutes left in the game break picks up her 4th foul. that's a crucial blow for stanford. she goes to the bench immediately after backers with the and a layup
8:48 pm
coming up with another huge play. 49. 41 uconn brink. now back in. less than a minute left. stanford forcing a turnover. and lacey hall makes a three-pointer to cut the uconn lead to just 3 points. but uconn hit almost all of their free throws during the final seconds and they kept stanford just far enough away from having a chance tie or go ahead. the huskies win. 63 to 58 stanford's quest. >> for repeat national title is over their first loss and their last 25 games. but what a great season for stanford. unfortunately, this story is not an april fool's joke. steph curry has been ruled out for the remainder of the nba regular season. according to reports, curry will be reevaluated after the regular season ends next sunday. the 2 time mvp continues to recover from that sprained foot he suffered last month against
8:49 pm
the celtics. there was optimism that he might be able to return for at least one or 2 games. but apparently that's no longer in play. the dubs are currently a number 4 seed in the western conference. but i've got just one and 6 without curry playing. the warriors have 5 more regular season games to go. we've kind >> known that that was going to be the case with. we're hoping, you know, maybe he can play one game, 2 games of the end of the regular but that was kind of a long so this is how it's turned his rehab is going steph has been injured many times either before during the playoffs in the past. and he's always. returned really. really well. so i'm not too worried about him. all it takes is one made shot and he's back in rhythm. >> we'll see how that plays out. another local team on the
8:50 pm
national stage napa's prolific prep with out there to all americans, including they're taking on link academy in the semifinals of the geico national prep tournament. the kids from the north base have to close. jordan pope led the way with 18 points including that 3 pointer prolific led by one with 6 and a half minutes left in the game. but it was another george jordan who was the difference for makes scoring 15 of his 17 points in the 2nd half. and acrobatic move made it 50 to 43 lincoln academy. if prepped who upset the number one team in the country in the first round yesterday. they go down in the national semifinals, losing 59 to 53, but a great year for them as well. cactus league baseball giants and rangers second inning. austin slater drives one deep to center that's a double for the giants center. fielder 2 runs score. a four-run inning makes it for one san francisco six-inning. now. 43 warmer for he hits a deep left dom for a solo home run. going way back to his
8:51 pm
second spring training. 5, 3, giants. but they couldn't hold the lead as the game ends in a 77 tie spring training score. giants take on the dodgers tomorrow. ally and the a's they're taking on the white 6 here in a moment to get one of their young prospects. oakland has games. he has a three-run home run to left in the 3rd inning, 5, 2, and in the 7th, another of those youngsters, this one clark, a three-run shot. this one to right is rolling 11 to 2. the at that point. but the final was 12 to 4 oakland. their next game is against the rockies was tomorrow. his first coming up. so where can you find the best burrito? and california? >> yelp says it is not. >> here in the bay area where >> here in the bay area where it and now most admired alum!
8:52 pm
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i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. >> this might not be a big surprise to a lot of you, especially young people, but actually speaking on the phone is quickly becoming a thing of the past. a new poll by sky mobile says 8 in 10 people now prefer messaging or video calls. some even consider getting a voicemail as inconvenient it's true it. yeah, it's true. i can vouch for that and a lot of people delete messages before listening to there is one exception when it comes to
8:55 pm
family about 45% of the people polled said that they would still rather talk on the phone when it comes to their parents. where can you find the best brito in california? there's an argument you can start police as tacos in long beach has been voted. number one. >> yelp identified businesses in every state. the served burritos. you think it be all of them and then they range of those spots using a number of factors, including the total volume and ratings of reviews. well, the restaurant that they that one is in the 2200 block of pacific avenue. if you're heading to long beach and open to 30 years ago, they offer a variety of breed. those with tacos, with your choice of meat as well as other specialties such as minuto and potato to key toes. that sounds good. according to yelp reviewers, you're going want to order the carnitas burrito. that seems to be the most popular. but you know what? there are so many good ones here. i know it's a little hard to yeah. argue that and every town in the bay area has at least we're in really good.
8:56 pm
really good one. don't talk. i'm hungry. so all of that look could to make that wraps up. kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. but grant vicki are here with what's coming up at 9 o'clock. but i want to >> i call the place right now place the i'm still color to but isn't that terribly inconvenient? here. old-school exactly what i want to like go to the americana you would you wanna a thank you, thank you. can here's what's coming up next on kron. 4 news at 9 police investigating a possible fentanyl poisoning that may have led to the death of a >> local high school student here. how school officials are responding to that tragic and the drought crisis prompting one east bay city to increase water rates next month. >> we'll explain more on that coming up on kron. 4 news at coming up on kron. 4 news at night. okay care coalition, alaska airlines is still frontrunner
8:57 pm
for most caring airline. funshine bear, you did some of your own research, right? i sure did. ♪ according to the web, their program's number one, ♪ ♪ earning alaska miles is quicker and more fun! ♪ cute! ooh, that was wonderful, sweetie! oh, oh, oh, i have a song about their cheese plates. ♪ cheese please! cheese please! cheese please! cheese please! ♪ uh- it's time for lunch. aw... ♪ ♪
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 at the top with their kids about the dangers drugs and also the consequences that can result from that. >> now 9 police are trying to get through the parents in the south bay tonight after a high school student died of a potential fentanyl poisoning. and police tell us that student went to los altos high school. good evening, everybody. thanks for being
9:00 pm
with us tonight on kron, 4 news at 9 o'clock. i'm grant lotus vicki liviakis. police have not officially confirmed the cause of death, but they are investigating it. >> as a possible fentanyl poisoning it happened this morning when police say the teenager was found unresponsive. in their home, the school district to send out a message to parents. in a statement today, officials wrote, quote, this is this investigation is in the very early stages. we do not know how the student who died of taint the narcotics or from whom we're actively investigating whether this is related to fentanyl poisoning. we know that family is grieving that a school community is grieving and that we have pulled in every available resource to try and bring justice to the student and their family. >> santa clara county health officials say fentanyl overdose deaths in that county rose from 29 deaths in 2019 to 135 deaths in 2021. during a press conference today, county supervisors acknowledge


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