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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 3, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. we're standing and the kids to peace. and we're calling calling for the city like to enter into a place of peace. >> now at 8 community members calling for peace in sacramento following a deadly mass shooting at a popular night spot. good evening and thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 8. i'm dan thorn. 6 people are dead tonight and dozens more are injured. the situation is
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still evolving in the state capitol as police continue their search for any suspects. we're learning the shooting happened at 12 and k streets in downtown sacramento. this is about a 5 minute drive from the golden one center with the sacramento kings in the warriors are right now playing a game. here's what we know so far. 18 people were hit by gunfire, 3 men and 3 women have died. 12 others were also shot and injured and are being treated at the hospital. we also know that a large fight just broke out prior to the shooting. and police say that witnesses reported there were multiple shooters so far no arrests have been made and we have live team coverage tonight. kron four's amanda hari live at the scene in sacramento. kron four's gayle ong in the newsroom with reaction from city leaders on that shooting. and we also have sacramento councilmember jeff harris standing by with his reaction. but first, we're going go to downtown sacramento for the very latest. amanda, what have you learned tonight? >> yeah, denver police have been here for more than 18
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hours and they show no signs of leaving anytime soon. i've watched as more officers arrive behind me here. you can see some of their police cars right here and behind these cars. there are hundreds of evidence markers still on the ground. so this is still very active. still a lot going on here. i spoke with the california attorney general earlier about what he's going to do to try to prevent these types of crimes in the future. >> sadness my heart. a king for us. the victims lost in the family's 6 people dead after an early morning shooting in downtown sacramento. 12 are still in the hospital. california attorney general rob bonta. >> says it needs to stop. >> the the fact that these tragedies, mass shootings in the united states and some in california have happened. too
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often. sacramento police say they believe a large fight broke out before the shooting. >> and that there were multiple shooters. we must continue to do those and we must continue to do more. >> whether it be gun violence, restraining orders and red flag laws that prevent gun violence from happening. you can see all the markers on the ground and just how many bullets may have been fired. >> agee bonta says he's pushing for more laws. >> to stop these types of crimes laws that addressed address ghost guns, including supporting federal. >> regulations to address ghost guns and also >> a bill to hold manufacturers and distributors of guns accountable. if they don't use a reasonable controls and in their businesses. he says the challenge of gun violence has changed with ghost with a few moves to assemble a gun can have a gun without a background check without a serial number. he says ghost guns weren't an issue 5 years
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ago, but now it's a bigger problem about a 3rd of that. >> and guns that were seized in california are ghost guns. >> so that we need to be able to. respond. authorities have recovered at least one firearm at the scene. a small memorial is set up for those who were killed and injured in the shooting. >> that's unacceptable. and that enough is enough. >> this is very much still an ongoing investigation, as you can see by the police officers still here on the scene, there will be updates coming in the coming days. make sure you stay with kron. 4 news for the latest live in sacramento. amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> amanda, thank you for that report. governor gavin newsom released this statement on the shooting saying, quote, sadly, once again mourn the lives lost and for those injured in yet another horrendous act of gun violence. jennifer, an eye send our heartfelt condolences to the family, friends into the wider community impacted by this terrible tragedy. adding, quote, this scourge of
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gun violence continues to be a crisis in our country. and we must resolve to bring an end to this carnage. sacramento city leaders are also speaking out against the second mass shooting in the capital in just the last 5 weeks, demanding change and accountability. >> the idea that people can have ready access. 2 assault weapons. 2 weapons of destruction and can indiscriminately use them, however, and wherever they want, that is not just a. an exception. it happens far too often it is a sickness in our culture. and we must do everything we can to heal that sickness. we're spending more on. youth on gang intervention, on inclusion, on economic development than ever before. >> now, is it enough? absolutely not. california has done more than most. and sacramento has done more than most. it is not enough. we're
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going to have to work together. i'm heartbroken. outrage. outraged. is enough. i will travel anywhere. i need to travel and i will talk to whoever i need to talk to to get these guns off the streets and give our youth what they need so that they can be successful. >> and that they don't get shot down on k street when they're out trying to have a good time. >> continuing our team coverage tonight. sacramento police held a press conference about the mass shooting earlier today. kron four's gayle ong joining us live from the newsroom with more from that deal. >> well, dan, police say they have not made arrests yet in the investigation is still in the early stages and could take a matter of days. what we shooting that took place early this morning in downtown sacramento. in the press briefing earlier today, sacramento police say they are coming through evidence. one of the items found was a stolen handgun. buildings were struck by gunfire during this incident. and there's also
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surveillance video that captured portions of the shooting and police received video from tips from members of the public. >> investigators are working identify those responsible for this horrific act. we know that a large fight took place just prior to the shootings and we have confirmed that there are multiple shooters. >> police say they believe there are at least 2 shooters. meantime, sacramento city hall is the information center for families of victims in the newsroom. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> gayle, thank you very much. well, that team coverage for us tonight continuing here on kron 4. and we're joined by sacramento council member jeff harris to talk more about this mass shooting that unfolded early this morning. councilmember, thank you so much for joining us. >> yes, it's my pleasure. then to be here, pleased to see that your really got accurate information about what we know so far. absolutely. and and we wanted to and get some more information out of you. what what as well as the reaction
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of what happened there. obviously a tragic, heartbreaking day there in sacramento. but is there anything that that you've been lately about what happened there? >> well, nothing more specific than the facts that have been released by our our police chief cathy lester, u.s. far. i do know that casings have been recovered of various calibers and that's one way we know there were multiple guns used in. we assume then that there were multiple shooters. and as you mentioned, there was an altercation broke out. this location is just 2 blocks from city hall and 2 blocks from our state capitol. and what that says to me is that we really do have and that the of of venue certainly on our streets. i know from working with my local police looking at crime stats that we have confiscated numerous firearms one per day and the city
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illegal firearms just in. we're team traffic stops. and as attorney general bonta said, he's correct about 30% or post times. it's a very, very big problem. and as has been mentioned, california has very stringent gun laws. i will be anxious to see if any of these guns were legally pro church. my gut feeling is that probably some of them were not. is that something you've been hearing a lot from your constituents is just the idea of of gun violence and ghost guns just becoming. >> just major issue there in sacramento. >> well, i think it's not a sacramento. it's it's certainly statewide and probably across the country. you know, my feeling is that the pandemic has exacerbated this sort of situation. i know that people feel very pent-up, very frustrated and i you know, i i believe that most of my constituents would assume
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that there are more people concealing firearms them. they weren't. chair to think about. it is in fact, you know, a frightening situation. fact i myself was set just 3 blocks from the site just a couple hours before the broke out. so it makes people feel very where it's no doubt about it. any concerns about what this might mean for the downtown area, for businesses that that are in that area? i mean, the shooters. >> or shooter is still on the loose tonight. yeah, it's it's of great concern. you know, our downtown >> is struggling to to come back after the pandemic in. you know, we've just lifted the face mask of restrictions and people are anxious to get out. people are at golden one center. a lot of people were at the site to night clubs and it gives us cause for concern and makes one wonder and i believe we do need to step up a lot of security at late
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night nightspots. i think those are placed would corroborate the need for that. this particular area. it's a it's a little rough at i perceived myself firsthand and i know that our police department also recognizes that there have been some altercations in this area previously. and now that kind of play has been involved. i think we need to be more vigilant. all council member jeff harris, thank you so much for joining us tonight. >> from sacramento. it's my pleasure down. thank you. all right. well, to the viewers out there, you can stay up to date with the very latest on this situation. and of course, all other breaking news coverage on kron 4 dot com and also through the kron 4 app. and we will, of course, have more live coverage from sacramento throughout the evening. we will be right back. they is trying to crack down prevent more from happening.
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>> and we have breezy conditions going on for today. here's a look at bay area temperatures. a lot of them now settling into the 50's popping out of the 60's. another cool day tomorrow and then a swarm spike heats bait cars spy coming our way. i'll have a look at what's coming up in just a bit. welcome back
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to our breaking news coverage of the deadly mass shooting
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that happened in sacramento. the kings tonight offering prayers to the victims and >> reassurance to fans. earlier today tweeting their heart quote, goes out to all of the families in anguish effected by this devastating act. when asked of tonight's game would still be played. the king's official twitter page said yes, there will be a game and it will be preceded by a moment of silence for the victims of last night's shooting warriors. head coach steve kerr talked about this shooting during his press conference earlier today. >> not a whole lot. you can. you can do or we're all all crushed a today as we try to prepare for this game. so just devastating and i know we'll have a moment of silence before the game. i'll be honest. i think it's the right thing to do to have a moment of silence. but i'll be honest is probably the 9th are tense moment of silence that i will of experiences coaching the warriors when the losses are
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people who have died in in mass shootings. so i don't think moments of silence are going to do anything. >> kerr is a longtime advocate for a more restrictive gun laws. as a teenager kerr lost his father to gun violence in 1984, the san francisco giants tweeted their sympathies to those affected by last night's shooting in a quote, reading heartbreaking to hear about the devastating tragedy in sacramento. we are sending our love to all of the families that are affected. san jose police investigating several sideshows that left at least 3 people injured last night. police say 2 people who are watching the sideshow at lundy avenue in concourse drive were hit by 2 cars in separate collisions. kron four's taylor bisacky reports. >> are going to tolerate this behavior will find ways to make sure that make it less attractive for people to come in to san jose to do this. the
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city of san jose continues to struggle with dangerous sideshows involving gunfire and illegal fireworks. san jose police say. >> 3 people were badly injured during multiple sideshows across the city saturday night. they say 2 spectators were hit by cars in 2 separate collisions and a sideshow at lundy ave in concourse drive city council member david cohen represents this area and says the city has plans to modify the intersection intersection in my district where it occurred. >> last night is is actually a site where we've been planning to do some engineering work, too 2. modify the intersection to make it so that they can't do sideshows there because it's definitely one of the top of che hot spots for for sideshows in this part of the city. meanwhile. >> police say the 3rd spectator injured arrived at a local hospital sunday morning with a brain injury and head trauma. well, those sideshows continue. cohen believes the city's latest laws that help slow sideshow activity. san jose made it illegal to promote sideshows on social
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media last year and and audiences at sideshows in 2019, at least 8 people, if not more, were cited for being spectators, which is the way of discouraging people from coming out to the sideshows. i know that multiple cars were impounded in the many citations were made and there was at least one arrest in san jose taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. >> santa rosa, firefighters are working to figure out why a building collapse there this morning. the fire department tweeting out this photo of the it happened on 4th street downtown. firefighters say after searching the rubble, the crews there ftund that no one was buried. and thankfully, there are no reports of any injuries. all right. we're taking a look now at our 4 zone forecast. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge tonight. traffic moving smoothly. looks like a pretty nice night out there. kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr joining us now with a look at what to expect a day a day and wealth is trash day tomorrow and you're taking out. the cans are remembers guilt. chilly going also kind of a cool breeze, which is going to
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be around tomorrow as well. but >> at least we'll see a decent amount of sunshine thrown in here as this live look is coming from half moon some of the artificial lights just popped on. just now temperature check for lows now tonight. this is for tomorrow morning. only in the up er 40's to maybe middle 40's at that. this is because the winds circulate in the air that tend to be supported a little bit better than that current check into the winds as we speak on shore, double digits. what happens in the future? they hold up overnight. hence the temperatures that will be somewhat mild by those standards. then tomorrow we'll keep those winds cooking a little bit in the afternoon. again, a climate controlled keeping those temperatures in check for the afternoon long range forecast models. all right. this passes. that's monday. tuesday zone so forth. high pressure starts to build. then. high pressure concedes and we now go back in the trough ville, a little shot of rain and on into early the following week, it looks like there might be more upstream. something to watch. we'll have that in the 10 day forecast. 62 san francisco in the 4 zone forecast for tomorrow. upper
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50's for the coast will keep it breezy to windy. looks like 62 foster city, 67 palo alto in the south bay upper 60's. that little cooler than today. now east bay shoreline mid to lower 60's. got 72 going on for livermore 70 to walnut creek. 66 richmond looks like about a 68 for vallejo and napa and we'll check in for a 69 for santa rosa in a bit. we'll have the 7 day forecast for you and show you that heat spike coming our way down. all right, dave, thanks a lot. turning now to our covid-19 coverage, the world health organization is warning about a new mutant omicron variant x eat. health officials believe this strain of covid is believed to be even more transmissible. global health leaders say the ax east rain was first attack in the united kingdom in january. so far, more than 600 cases have been reported. according to doctor anthony fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert preliminary findings suggest that xt maybe about 10% more transmissible, nba 2, which is
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considered 50 to 60% more transmissible than its omicron predecessor, one local infectious disease expert says that he is not concerned about the new variant at the moment. >> people. >> shouldn't. marty, good to go. if you've gotten bu said and the bay area in particular is is going to not see as many hospitalizations. we think due to any one of strains of covid ba ba 2 all at but we may see cases in the community and when those cases go up, you know, you have to the site how risky it is was sitting populations to around without protection. >> ucsf, infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin. hong says that health experts will continue to monitor the sub variants spread. in the u.s. the number of covid-19, hospitalizations fall to the lowest since the early days of the pandemic. about 12,000 people were hospitalized with covid in the last week. and that's a drop of more than
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90%. and more than 2 months, some hospitals report going days without a single covid patient in the icu for the first time since early 2020 hospitalizations hit a pandemic high of 145,000 patients during january's omicron search. still ahead here at 8 o'clock as we continue to follow developments in the sacramento mass shooting. police in dallas are also investigating a mass shooting in that city. but we know about the moments that led up to that tragic.
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>> happening tomorrow, the senate judiciary committee is expected to vote on whether to send judge ketanji brown jackson's nomination. >> to the supreme court to the senate floor so far. >> virtually every democrat has indicated that they will support jackson. and she's also backed by republican senator susan collins. but there are some republicans who already announced that they would not vote to confirm jbdge jackson, including senator roy blunt. >> she's certainly qualified. think got a great personality, i think will be a good colleague on the court. but the judicial philosophy seems to be not the philosophy of looking at what the law says. >> senator blunt said that despite his no vote, he does recognize the significance of jackson's milestone. u.s. house select committee member who's helping investigate the insurrection at the u.s.
8:26 pm
capitol says a long gap in the white house phone records on january 6th is of intense interest to the panel. well, it's a very unusual thing for us to find. >> that suddenly everything goes dark for 7 hour period in terms of tracking the movements and the conversations of the president. >> congressman jamie raskin telling cbs news's face the nation committee members have put together some a former president trump's actions during the riot. but there's still some holes. raskin adds that the panel is considering the possibility that the gap is due to incompetence within the white house and not a conspiracy. ukrainian president, volodymyr zelensky lashes out at russia as evidence of possible war crimes surface in ukraine. up next, what he wants to see happen before agreeing to any peace deal with russia and the families of the shooting victims in sacramento are speaking out tonight. how they're dealing with the tragic reality losing their
8:27 pm
loved ones. welcome back to
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kron. 4 news at 8. we're continuing to follow that breaking news out of sacramento where a mass shooting left at least 6 people dead. tonight we are hearing from the victims, families who say they are still in shock by what happened. reporter romina
8:30 pm
shots has that part of our coverage. >> i babies. they was sergio perez, a mother worried sick, waiting behind the yellow police crime scene tape since 2.30, this morning. the panic and pain visible on her face. knowing 18 people were hit with gunshots. she believes her. 38 year-old son sergio harris was one of the 6 who died and she's frustrated that she wasn't given any answers from police for several hours much. i was out there on ground. >> you know this to make it. he says it is other people's children. this out there on the ground and they will tell us nothing. you know, it heartbreaking. heartbreaking to see what's going on out here. they tell us they need good kid out there. you know, up. he would be. this is crazy. not long after fox 40 news spoke with her, she got word for what she'd been fearing for hours.
8:31 pm
>> frank turner was working security in the bay area when he got word from family. that is 29 year-old cent of turner was among the casualties. he was just out having some and south. >> he knows his son was with family at the time they were cousins. >> those 2 first, your own >> pamela son, sergio and co, we're together. but at this time, frank still haven't heard officially from police that his son was gone. there's nothing to >> the >> unfortunate part about when you're so careless has since this wireless like this, other people get hit, other people get hurt. and unfortunately,
8:32 pm
no one deserves you know, pray for the city of sacramento. >> pray that the national stops while still waiting to hear something from police. frank wanted everyone to know this about his son. he >> being a good father. >> that was rowena shaddox reporting for us tonight. this is the second mass shooting in sacramento in just the last 5 weeks. and it's also the 12 mass shooting in the state so far this year. president joe biden has also offered his condolences to the victims saying, quote, today, america once again mourns for another community devastated by gun violence. we must do more than mourn. we must act adding, quote, that is why my administration has taken historic executive action to implement my comprehensive gun crime reduction strategy from standing up gun traffic trafficking strike forces to help cities across the country. expand community
8:33 pm
violence, interventions and hire more police officers for community policing. oakland mayor libby schaff also tweeting a statement on the mass shooting in sacramento. the mayor saying heartbroken for our neighbors in sacramento and the families who will suffer from this tragic loss of life due to gun violence. we're also following a mass shooting that happened in dallas. one person dead there and 11 others injured. 3 of them miners. this happened late last night at the epic easter bike out and field party, which is an outdoor concert there in dallas. police say a 26 year-old man died after he was shot in the head. the victim who died is identified as 26 year-old killen gilmore. dallas police say there were 2 other shooters, one firing a gun in the air. the other firing that gun towards the crowd. no arrests have been made so far. ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky is calling the russian invasion into his country. a genocide. this coming as the country shares new startling images of dead
8:34 pm
ukrainian civilians on the streets. washington, d.c., correspondent raquel martin has the latest. >> this is genocide sunday on cbs face the nation. the president of ukraine said russian president vladimir putin is out to destroy his country in nation of the whole nation and the people. >> the comments come as ukraine shares new images of the executions of ukraine, civilians near kyiv. >> so he says despite russia's recent withdrawal of troops in the area, the violence is building up in other parts of the country. he says the u.s. and nato allies must do more to ensure ukraine's sovereignty because if tomorrow that will start again, only sanctions introduced 12. that's about the white house and nato allies stop short of outlining what specific steps will be taken at. russia continues to attack civilians. but friday, the pentagon didn't out that sending another 300 million dollars worth of military supplies to ukraine to help
8:35 pm
them fight back right now, russia is building its forces up in the northern and eastern region of ukraine. they may be regrouping on nbc's meet the press. secretary of state antony blinken said he believes russia isn't backing down, then maybe focusing on the east. but let's keep in mind is still have the ability to wreak massive death and including in places like he with air power and missiles were focused on on what they're not what they're saying to. lindsay says he's keeping the door open to peace talks. if we don't want hundreds, thousands millions to die but says he wants 100% withdrawal of russian troops from ukraine in washington, raquel martin. >> former president donald trump speaking out about the war in ukraine after taking the stage to rally his base yesterday. >> trump called russia's aggression in ukraine. outrageous and again defended his comments before the invasion that vladimir putin was a genius. >> they don't talk about how
8:36 pm
horribly so many of them wounded with the legs and the arms in the face and everything else. but this invasion of ukraine would never of happened. if i was in the white house, not even a chance would have never happened. >> and i know putin very well. you know, they say, oh, he knows food. me does food. no that's a good thing. not a bad thing. i know kim jung i know president xi of china. >> the former president criticizing the current president for gasoline prices, inflation and repeated false claims of a rigged election. we'll be taking a live look now at our 4 zone forecast. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. traffic moving nice out there. nice evening. also, right. meteorologist dave spahr joining us now to look ahead, warming up a little bit. and that's going to get a couple days to get there. so if you like this fall like weather, hey, we've got another day of kind of soak up a little bit there, too. you can see the marine
8:37 pm
layer the san mateo bridge, as we're seeing a little bit that collect here. >> over my shoulder here along the east bay shoreline. so a touch of that, but not a whole lot of fog is going to be gathering next 3 hours. let's call it kind of variable clouds 50 by 10 by 11. 49 temperatures don't drop too much more beyond that on shore winds in place for at least another 24 or so hours replaying this tape going forward. once the straw sudden high pressure builds that the heat spike that dan was talking about that breaks down going forward gets interesting. we open up the pacific. looks like there's more moisture coming up street. bring it on, bring it on its april for highs tomorrow looks to be mostly in the 60's, although still some lower 70's will pop. let's take a gander at that 7 day forecast. we continue to climb over the next several days and really pick up some speed wednesday thursday at 91. 85 by friday. and then another correction after that opening up the pacific looks like treats to be had will be getting more into that later on them. all right, dave, thanks a lot. still ahead at
8:38 pm
8, the small screen loses an icon following the passing. >> still, harris, at the age of 93, more on her legacy after the break. and tiger woods has he made a decision on his participation in the masters will have more on that coming up. the actress best
8:39 pm
8:40 pm
known for playing george costanza's mother estelle ca stands on seinfeld has tragically died. the family that still harris. >> says that she passed away yesterday from natural causes. harris had a distinctive voice. yeah, it really was. which led to memorable
8:41 pm
performances in animated films, including missus, potato head in the toy story franchise. and she also has a long list of other movies and tv shows and of course, commercials that she was in. still, harris was just 2 days shy of her 94th birthday. the doctor martin luther king junior's legacy being remembered as his death anniversary approaches. tomorrow will be 54 years since he was assassinated. king was killed in memphis, tennessee, and he was standing on a balcony of the lorraine motel when he was shot. he died an hour later. he was in memphis to march on behalf of striking sanitation workers. doctor king championed nonviolence as he led the effort to secure equal rights for african-americans. he delivered his famous. i have a dream speech in washington, d.c., in 1963. tiger woods says that his participation in this year's masters will be a game time decision. the golfer made the announcement on twitter this morning writing that he would be heading to augusta for preparation and practice 5 times masters
8:42 pm
winner big deal in golf hasn't played in over a year after being injured in a car accident. the nearly resulted in him having his leg amputated. woods last in the masters in 2019 when he won after taking off for multiple back in knee surgeries. the masters, of course, tees off on thursday. coming up, our coverage of the mass shooting in sacramento continuing tonight with details on the manhunt that is right now underway for a suspect or suspects. >> who opened fire? continuing
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8:45 pm
our breaking news coverage out of the sacramento region where a mass shooting happened. 6 people died. there. >> dozens more injured last night as a club was emptying out around 2 o'clock this morning. kron four's camila barco talk with the mayor who says that he is heartbroken. >> as sacramento police work to find the person who shot and killed 6 people earlier this morning, city officials are now calling for more solutions to prevent violence like this. >> enough is enough. >> a mass shooting in downtown sacramento early sunday morning left councilwoman katie balance way la in 2 years. >> so i'm heartbroken. and outrage. outraged. >> the district she covers turned into a crime scene on sunday. police say 6 people died and several others were
8:46 pm
injured after shots were fired. >> this is not unique to sacramento. but we can stop it here. but thoughts and prayers are not nearly enough. >> we must do more. as the city as a state and as a nation. mayor darrell steinberg called a mass shooting, a senseless and unacceptable tragedy. >> he and other council members say more needs to be done to prevent crimes like focusing on the youth gets another call to action. >> around investing more in youth. and prevention and early intervention for our young people. that's ultimately the answer to so much of what plate this ala and steinberg say. >> gun violence is not an issue. just in sacramento, steinberg called it a sickness. this senseless. >> epidemic of gun violence must be addressed. >> while violence way la push
8:47 pm
to get guns off the streets and i will travel anywhere need to travel. and i will talk to whoever i need to talk to to get these guns off the streets and to give our youth what they need so that they can be successful. despite sunday morning's tragedy. >> steinberg rate, sacramento as a safe city council members say they've done a lot to make the city safe, but it's not enough. it's time for healing. and it's time for action in sacramento, camila barco kron. 4 news. >> and throughout the state, we've seen several mass shootings here locally. we saw one in 2021. at a vta railyard in san jose and that's included with 49 other mass shootings that we've seen here in the state over the last year. 15 of those happening in the bay area. most were concentrated in oakland in total. 46 people have been shot. 5 were killed. stay up to date for the very latest on this breaking news story and all of our other breaking news coverage on kron 4 dot com. and you can also get more
8:48 pm
information on the kron 4 app. we will, of course, have live coverage team coverage throughout the night from sacramento. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the warriors were coming off one of their biggest wins of the season last night. they race a 21 point deficit against the utah jazz but not much time to revel in that victory. got to get a win in saf because the mavericks, they're right on your tail in the standings, a somber mood in the capital city for obvious reasons. another mass shooting just unfathomable stuff that has become too common. to the game. the warriors were not playing around early on andrew pretty step back. up by nine's. how about the road to the post weakens finds thing coming at the top of the key hand down
8:49 pm
man down. offer here those 28 to 14. it's a football score after one. this is how about a highlight. he's kevin siders favor 1912, in 6 for belly rubs up 20 at the half. and t this point. check out the springs and joe kuz leg right here. wiggins splits the double gets it to jake, who with the nice reversed he gets up so easily. it's wish i had bounce like that. all right. more from week games he had a huge night. 25 5, 5 for him. may finish through traffic. and what's the highlight without jordan poole? you know, they did off filthy in n with the right on the left side. he's so good. he's been their best player was step out. 22 points for warriors win this 1 one. 0, 9, to 90 is their 50th win of the season.
8:50 pm
they've won 50 games in 7 of the last 9 seasons. steve kerr knows there are still a lot at stake with 3 games remain. keep or not your cup. we needed it. >> and we're playing for for seeding at this point after clinching last night and and we we really want to is high as we can in the standings. and and so this became a really important game and missing some key guys. >> ncaa women's championship game, south carolina taking on utah, utah uconn 4th quarter, south carolina up 9 aliyah boston. nice block. she gets it ahead to destiny. henderson, she finishes with the laying on the other and she had a game-high. 26 south carolina win. 64 to 49 their champions again. they won it all back in 2017 as well. aliyah boston, your final 4 most outstanding player. now i was in minneapolis this
8:51 pm
morning. actually, i was there to past couple of nice and warm there out the mid april. so they're covering stanford. obviously they wish they could have got an awesome. you know, i caught up with their head coach, tara vanderveer. we'll have that exclusive one-on-one tonight on sportsnet all right. looking forward to a jason, thanks a lot. have you back in the warmth. yes, all right. speaking of warmth, we're in and take a look now at our 4 zone forecast live look outside over beautiful downtown san francisco tonight. kron 4 meteorologist dave dave spahr joining us with a look ahead to day aid. and that's a pretty clear shot that we have there. as you can the fog is not much in the way of intrusion here as we also see east bay shoreline lit up very nicely going into tonight. >> temperatures for ultimate low, not much cooler of we have the winds kind of circling in the air, keeping the temperatures supported. so we'll go with upper 40's at that. when i see 46, santa rosas some wind children, areas may drop a little bit more. so now when tracker tells us a good strong on
8:52 pm
shore, when these arrows are going to stay in the same kind of direction coming in from the coast. so that kind of chilly air is going to be with you tomorrow as well. even though they'll be a decent amount of sunshine going on. there's little bit of passing clouds to make note of. and the general forecast tomorrow waking up 06:00am cool and breezy temperatures 40's and about 50 going on for the bay. then for noon, our sun and clouds mixture and by 3 o'clock, we're mostly sunny and cool as temperatures still stay sub 70. we'll be warming up after that, though, across the water. geography here, 72 antioch, 71 conquered 70% rosa in just about everybody else is into the business of the 60's will be having another look at that 7 day forecast coming up in a bit. damp. dave, thanks a lot. coming up, the grammy awards under way tonight. we'll hear from a bay area native and singer about her nominations. and of course, her success next. dogs
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
on skateboards. yeah, that's right. that's what we do here on kron 4. this is cheddar the bulldog. >> and he is taking his right very seriously. as you can see and his cross and he grew up riding skateboards. that's why so good. 4 years later, absolute pro troops in the putting were at the dining room table. this canine has such good skills, right, that he's actually trying out different boards to find just
8:56 pm
the right one just goes to show you but a dog with determination can accomplish. and apparently you can accomplish a lot looks better than i would on a skateboard. history could be made at tonight's grammy awards in las vegas. the event was moved from los angeles to sin city because of a rise in omicron cases from january. trevor noah, again hosting the show. this is the second time for noah native and singer her nominated for 4 different categories. and she told reporters tonight that she is grateful. >> i just love music. so the fact that i get to do that every day, i'm i'll be happy, you know. and and of course, to be named amongst people like that is insane. and i never that i would ever happen. so happy to be here. >> congratulations out to her. hey, this is jojo's is one of the producers here at kron. 4. she's actually at the grammys tonight, as you can see, looking stunning in her out today, joe. joe, come on back. come on back. we need to work in. but, you know, hey, have fun. have fun for now. let's
8:57 pm
get a wrap things up here at 8 o'clock. of course, we will be back with more on that breaking news out of sacramento tonight mass shooting investigation right now under way. we will have that at the top of the hour. we will also be going live to the state capital with the very latest. we do have crews there on the ground. want to keep it here. kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock starts in just a couple minutes.
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. really tragic situation. >> this morning, our city has a broken heart. this is a senseless and unacceptable tragedy. and i emphasize the word acceptable. >> now at 9, we are continuing to follow breaking news out of sacramento tonight. a popular night spot becomes the scene of a deadly mass shooting. 6 people are dead tonight and dozens more injured. good evening and welcome to kron. 4 news at 9. i'm dan thorn. the situation is still evolving tonight as police continue their search for any suspects. and we're learning that the shooting happened at 12 and k streets in downtown sacramento. this is about a 5 minute drive from the golden one center claudette. has the latest. >> the community is still coming to grips with the shooting. that's rock sacramento to its core. investigators now turning to the public for information that might shed light on what led up to 6 people being shot


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