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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 3, 2022 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. really tragic situation. >> this morning, our city has a broken heart. this is a senseless and unacceptable tragedy. and i emphasize the word unacceptable. >> now at 10, we're continuing to follow breaking news out of sacramento tonight after a mass shooting leaves 6 people dead and dozens more injured. good evening and thank you for joining us for this hour of kron. 4 news. i'm dan thorn, sacramento. police are still on the scene of an early morning downtown shooting and
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they believe there were multiple shooters. here's what we know so far. 18 people in total were hit by gunfire. 3 men and 3 women have died. 12 others were shot and injured and are right now being treated at the hospital. we also know that a large fight broke out just prior to the shooting. and police say witnesses reported there were multiple shooters as of this evening, no arrests have been made. kron four's amanda hari has a look at what's still happening and what's next in the investigation. >> police are still hard at work trying to figure out exactly what happened during the shooting behind me. here are police cars and behind those are hundreds of markers. i spoke to the attorney general earlier about exactly what he's going to do to try to prevent these crimes in the future. >> sadness, my heart. a king for us. the victims lost in the family's 6 people dead after an early morning shooting in downtown sacramento. 12 are still in
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the hospital. california attorney general rob bonta. >> says it needs to stop. >> fact that these tragedies, mass shootings in the united states and some in california have happened. too often. sacramento police say they believe a large fight broke out before the shooting. >> and that there were continue to do more. >> whether it be gun violence, restraining orders and red flag laws that prevent gun violence from happening. you can see all the markers on the ground and just how many bullets may have been fired. >> agee bonta says he's pushing for more laws. >> to stop these types of crimes laws that addressed address ghost guns, including supporting federal regulations to address ghost guns and also >> a bill to hold manufacturers and distributors of guns accountable. >> if they don't use a reasonable controls and in
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their businesses. he says the challenge of gun violence has changed with ghost with a few moves to assemble a gun can have a gun. >> without a background check without a serial number. he says ghost guns weren't an issue 5 years ago, but now it's a bigger problem about a 3rd of that and guns that were seized in california are ghost guns so that we need to be able to respond. authorities have recovered at least one firearm at the scene. a small memorial is set up for those who were killed and injured in the shooting. >> that's unacceptable. and that enough is enough. this is an ongoing investigation. and we're expecting to learn more in the coming days in sacramento amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> as we saw in amanda's report, the areas around 10th and k streets in downtown sacramento remain closed off tonight as this investigation continues. officers say that they are reviewing multiple pieces of video, including one showing what appears to be an altercation before shots rang
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out. and it's unclear if that fight was related to the shooting nearby and around the city, the grieving is also continuing there tonight. erick rucker has the story. for us to be here to help. >> show people that people here. you don't get that anymore. ha ve bear a drill. 45 minutes to downtown sacramento tonight to share his sympathy for the lives lost. he borrowed joining others in prayer just blocks from the mass shooting location where 6 people, 3 men and 3 women lost their lives. 12 others were also hit by bullets early sunday morning. at the same time, the last of the deceased were taken away by the county coroner's office. witness cellphone video showing the immediate aftermath of fire. those in the street running for safety as law enforcement surrounded the area, the scale of violence that just happened in our city is an precedent. and during my 27 years here at the sacramento police department in a press conference,
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sacramento's police chief saying the shooting involved at least 2 suspects adding her officer stationed in the area were among those who heard the shots ring out. officers begin to give medical aid, including cpr to the victims that they found at the same time worked to stabilize the scene and learn what they could about the crime tonight as investigators look for those responsible police are asking for anyone with cell phone video of the shooting to please let them know. >> that was eric rucker reporting for us tonight from sacramento. you can stay up to date with the very latest on this story. >> and of course, all of our other breaking news coverage on kron 4 dot com and also download the kron 4 app. we will have more live coverage from sacramento throughout the night. all right. we're taking another look now at your 4 zone forecast. beautiful night downtown. san francisco looking pretty good out there day what what we've got coming up. we've got a night actually up ahead here, dan, although we still have those winds are gonng to be hanging around, not just tonight, but also tomorrow as a climate control.
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tomorrow morning, our lows tonight, upper 40's for the most part. >> those winds keeping those temperatures support. a little bit, though, on the windshield, areas might seem tumble bit better. futurecast forces pretty smooth sailing going on for tonight. but we'll have some scattered clouds to contend with through tomorrow morning and maybe lingering a little bit in the afternoon on top of my head there. you can see a couple sprinkles future cast is picking up on. so the potential is there for that. how about more long-range here? we know we get a trough in backyard. let's do that. okay. we're done with that. that high pressure that's the big heat spike we've got going on. it breaks down towards the end of the week and the weekend. and this is where things get interesting. notice the snow coverage and that cold air. that means we may have some potentially some claps of thunder going on with this. and that kind of opens up the pacific. our forecast reflects that at least the computer models at this point to 62 in the 4 zone forecast. san francisco upper 50's along the coast along the bay side, upper 50's and then we get some 60's down south. 67 palo alto. but in the south bay,
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forget about the 70's were still in the upper 60's. looks like for tomorrow. little bit better cooling today or tomorrow. mid 60's along the east bay shoreline. 72 for livermore, some 70 sneaking out here and there, particularly but around the arcane, a straight 66 hercules 67 for richmond. 68 for vallejo. also for napa in santa rosa will do about a 69. let's check it out that 10 day forecast. alright, we have the heat spike be talked about thursday at 91 cools off again next weekend. a chance monday pm showers tuesday, wednesday, a few showers. dan, how about that action? really? a i know this is going model is doing at their wake. the kids phone. the neighbors are net early next week at this point looks kind of interesting at least on that front. not promising a whole lot of that, but maybe at least some mountain snow is just add to that. yeah. looks good, though. no good to see that. dave, thanks a lot. all right. well, 3 people were badly injured during multiple sideshows in san jose saturday night. police say 2 spectators at a sideshow at lundy and concourse drive were hit by 2 cars in separate collisions.
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meanwhile, the 3rd injured spectator arrived at a local hospital this morning with a brain injury and head trauma city council member david cohen represents one of the areas known for sideshow activity says that the city's efforts to crack down on these gatherings, including laws that ban audience isn't make it illegal to promote sideshows and social media have actually helped to slow down this activity. >> at least 8 people, if not more, were cited for being spectators, which is way of discouraging people from coming out to the sideshows. i know that multiple cars were impounded and many citations were made and there was at least one arrest. >> city leaders say that they are working on changes that could be made to the intersections in the city that would stop people from being able to take part in illegal sideshows in the north bay, santa rosa. police say that the shooting death of a man near comstock middle school appears to be gang-related. officers arriving at the school around 8.30 last night when they say they found a 25 year-old man laying in the
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nearby northwest community park with more than one gunshot wound. he later died at the scene. the police have not released the person's identity only that they are from santa rosa. investigators think the victim was in the park with some friends when 2 other people walked up to them in a fight broke out, which lead to someone shooting. the 25 year-old. there's no information on who those 2 men are. santa rosa firefighters working to figure out why a building collapse this morning. you could see video of it there. the fire department also tweeting out this picture of the damage. this happening at 4th street downtown firefighters say that after searching the rubble, crews found that there was no one buried. thank goodness, and that there are no reports of any injuries. coming up on kron, 4 news at 10 o'clock. the supreme court nomination for judge ketanji brown jackson. >> could see a vote as early as tomorrow. the lawmakers that now say they won't be voting to confirm judge jackson. plus, we continue our coverage of the sacramento
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mass shooting. we will be hearing from residents who live in work in the area where the gunshots rang out last night. sacramento police held
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a press conference about the mass shooting earlier today. police saying they have not made. >> any arrests just yet? the investigation is still in the early stages and could take a matter of days now and in that
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press briefing, sacramento police say they believe there are at least 2 shooters. investigators are interviewing numerous witnesses. sacramento's police chief talked about the evidence they found. >> one of the items that we found was a stolen handgun. we also found that buildings were struck by gunfire during this incident. we have video from our police camera at 10th and k street. the captured portions of the shooting. and we have received multiple videos and tips from members of the public. i have every confidence but chief lester and the hardworking men and women of the police department or are going to find who was responsible for this horrific and unacceptable. >> and they are going to arrest him and that we will bring them to justice. >> the mayor has that in recent years. it's been very difficult in downtown sacramento and the city as a
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whole is they've been dealing with a scourge in gun violence. people continuing to visit the area. despite that recent violence and it's being encouraged that people continue to do that. governor gavin newsome releasing a statement on the shooting today saying, quote, sadly, once again mourn the lives that are lost and for those injured in yet another horrendous act of violence. jennifer and i sending our heartfelt condolences to the family, friends the wider community impacted by this terrible tragedy. adding, quote, the scourge of gun violence continues to be a crisis in our country and we must resolve to bring an end to this carnage. >> now a look at our 4 zone forecast to kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr joining us with a look at what to expect. >> okay. good evening, dan. good evening, everybody. and live shot of the east bay shoreline. not much the way of fog going on. here are pictures been pretty clear now. let's send it to talk real quick because because we can see the beginning of the warming phase. we're talking about part 2 of the forecast, 57 tomorrow for tuesday. 61 63
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for wednesday. this translates in. they'll be more of some melting going on. we might be adding to that by the weekend or later on a cool and breezy for you tomorrow morning. looks like it's 06:00am with temperatures in the 40's and around 50 by noon. we're starting to crack through the lower 60's sun clouds mix will still have that breezy like conditions, mostly sunny and cool going on by 3 o'clock temperatures in the 60's. you will notice future cast for just noting that that's that trough in our backyard. then high pressure takes over only for about a day or so. then it breaks down, opens up the pacific for successive systems, plural. and it looks like we have a shot of the couple of these coming upstream. 4 zone forecast covering you for your monday. 62 san francisco will keep the upper 50's on tap for the coast. again, some 60's breaking out here, as you can see, 60 to foster city, 67 palo alto. but in the south bay, looks like we'll stay shot while san jose coming at 70. but most the readings are in the upper 60's east bay shoreline, lower to middle 60's. there's a 72 for
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livermore and 72 for walnut creek up the contra costa county and parts of solano county. that's where we see some 70's still working here. 69 for nap in 69 for santa rosa. 10 day forecast here again. heat spike arrives here on thursday. but then beyond things change, the high breaks down and we usher in opportunities for some showers to be looking into there. and by the way, that could be some colder air aloft. so make it some claps of thunder potentially there on monday. yeah, it's kind of like looking at the forecast going like i'm maybe i'm i'm all wet. but it just seems like it's yeah, that's right. day. at least it should be right. >> thanks a lot. alright. ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky calling the russian invasion into his country a genocide. this coming as the country shares new startling images of dead ukrainian civilians on the streets. raquel martin has more on the calls for action and peace from ukraine. >> this is genocide sunday on
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cbs face the nation. the president of ukraine said russian president vladimir putin is out to destroy his country in nation of the whole nation and the people. >> the comments come as ukraine shares new images of the executions of ukraine, civilians near kyiv. >> so he says despite russia's recent withdrawal of troops in the area, the violence is building up in other parts of the country. he says the u.s. and nato allies must do more to ensure ukraine's sovereignty because if tomorrow that will start again, only sanctions introduced 12. that's about the white house and nato allies stop short of outlining what specific steps will be taken at. russia continues to attack civilians. but friday, the pentagon didn't out that sending another 300 million dollars worth of military supplies to ukraine to help them fight back right now, russia is building its forces up in the northern and eastern region of ukraine. they may be regrouping on nbc's meet the
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press. secretary of state antony blinken said he believes russia isn't backing down, then maybe focusing on the east. but let's keep in mind is still have the ability to wreak massive death and including in places like he with air power and missiles were focused on on what they're not what they're saying to. lindsay says he's keeping the door open to peace talks. if we don't want hundreds, thousands millions to die but says he wants 100% withdrawal of russian troops from ukraine in washington, raquel martin. >> u.s. house select committee member who's helping investigate the insurrection at the u.s. capitol says a long gap in white house phone records on january 6th is of intense interest to the panel. >> though they don't talk about how horribly so many of them wounded with the lakes, in the arms in the face and everything else. >> but this invasion of ukraine would never of happened. >> if i was in the white house, not even a chance would have never happened.
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>> and i know putin very well. you know, they say, oh, he knows food me. does food that's a good thing. not a bad thing. i know kim jung i know president xi of china. >> that was president rallying his troops together there in an event that he held, he also went after current president over gas prices and issues that are currently running right now. as we mentioned, there was a select committee member who has been helping to investigate the insurrection at the u.s. capitol. and he says there's issue with the phone records on january 6th and that is become an intense interest to the panel. that's an estimated. well, it's a very unusual thing for us to find. >> that suddenly everything goes dark for 7 hour period in terms of tracking the movements and the
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conversations of the president. >> congressman jamie raskin from maryland told cbs news's face the nation, the committee members to put together some of former president trump's actions during the riot. but there are still some holes. and rascon has that. the panel is considering the possibility, but there is a gap because of incompetence within the white house and not because of a conspiracy happening tomorrow, the senate judiciary committee is expected to vote on whether to send judge ketanji brown jackson's nomination to the supreme court to the senate floor. so far, virtually every democrat is indicated they will support jackson. she is also being backed by a republican senator and that senator susan collins. but there are some republicans who have already announced that they would not vote to confirm judge jackson. and that includes senator roy blunt. >> she's certainly qualified. think you've got a great personality, i think will be a good colleague on the court. but the judicial philosophy seems to be not the philosophy of looking at what the law
10:21 pm
says. >> center says that despite his no vote, he does recognize the significance of jackson's milestone. the late betty white's carmel by the sea home now on the market, the 3600 square foot custom built houses listed for 8 million bucks. it was built in 1981. for. white and also her husband, allen ludden. sadly, they were only able to spend a few nights in the home before london passed away. this home was believed to be whites preferred home despite spending her final years at her home in los angeles. still ahead on this hour of kron, 4 news, the grammy awards taking place tonight. we'll be hearing from a bay area native and a singer. >> about her nominations and her success.
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now with speeds up to 5-gigs. look at. >> all right. we're going to be taking a look as a special send-off for one of the world's most famous robots. after 20 years on the job, honda's us emo robot is hanging up his hat for a well-deserved retirement. the carmaker held a special ceremony for the iconic bought last week. cmos development started back in the 1980's, but he didn't make his debut until the year 2000, of course, for years he wowed spectators with this human
10:25 pm
life form, his ability to walk and his ability to recognize human gestures. well, if you ever wanted to own a piece of the moon and some space history, now's your chance particles of lunar dust collected by neil armstrong in 1969. they're going up for auction. the moon dust sample is from the apollo 11, which is set to fetch more than a million dollars. the auction is set for later this month. history could be made tonight at tonight's grammy awards in las vegas. the event was moved from la to vegas because of a rise of omicron cases last january. trevor noah is a hosting to the second time in vallejo native and singer. her was nominated for 4 different categories. she told reporters tonight, but she's grateful. >> i just love music. so the fact that i get to do that every day, i'm i'll be happy, you know. and and of course, to be named amongst people like that is insane. and i never that i would ever happen. so happy to be here.
10:26 pm
>> hey, this is joe joe. you may not recognize her, but she is a well-liked in a very good producer here at kron. 4 news and she's attending the grammys tonight. looking stunning. great looking dress shout out to jo jo have a great time. >> more chowder. the bulldog. yeah. he's a bulldog that can ride on a skateboard. yeah. he grew up doing this. >> as you can see, he's got very good at it as well. he's been trying out several different boards, apparently just been looking for the right fit. looks like all of them work out pretty well. that is going to be wide enough. writing seems to be pretty beefy. hey, this is showing you right here that if you've got to termination, including a dog, including a bulldog you can accomplish just about anything. well, thank you so much for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. that's going to wrap things up for us here tonight. but sports night live with jason dumas, us is coming up next. don't go anywhere.
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>> the families who are affected the victim, victim's survivors, they people are just so many devastated. you think about all of the common sense laws we could and should put in if we had any guts. if our. the government had any guts, if people put others in front of their own career, it's just time it's time for. time for us to do something about it. instead of have another moment of silence and then sent thoughts and prayers. >> well said that was steve kerr sharing his thoughts on the mass shooting that happened early sunday morning in downtown sacramento. 6 people were murdered. at least 12 others were injured. the
10:31 pm
shooting was just 2 blocks away from the golden one center, which is where the warriors played the kings on sunday. there was a moment of silence before the game. now there's no good way to segue from that. but as i said, the warriors did play a game today. they were coming off of one of their biggest wins of the season last night they raced to 21 point deficit against the utah jazz. but not much time to revel in that victory. got to get a win in sacramento because the mavericks are right on their tail. in the western conference standings, a somber mood, of course, in the capital city for obvious reasons. another mass shooting, just unfathomable stuff that has become too common to the game. the warriors and they got it going early and your weekend. nice stepback jumper dubs up 9. how about the row passed without the double team. and jonathan knocks down the 3 hand down, man down, dubs up 28 to 14
10:32 pm
after one. it's a football score. now how about a belly highlight? he is. >> our producer's favorite de yeah. 1912 in 6. probably his best game of this season. now golden state is having fun at this point. check out the springs in jonathan coming. his legs. he gets up so effortlessly. we're going to check this out one more time. double pop reverse layin. so easy. now more from wiggins. he had a great game, 25, 5, 5, this attacking the rim there. you guys remember damon jones, the former warriors center scores on him now what the warriors highlight without jordan poole that in and out the euro, the finish on the left and he is so filthy, probably best player with step out. he had 22 points. all righty warriors win one o 9.19. it was their 50th win of the season. they won 50 games in 7 of the last 9 seasons
10:33 pm
after the game. steve kerr said this win was crucial for their playoff seedings. >> we needed and we're playing for for seeding at this point after clinching last night and and we we really want to is high as we can in the standings. and and so this became a really important game and missing some key guys. >> this was a game of interest to golden state fans bucks hosting maps as i said, the man just to stay in the standings. look at dawn checked what giannis stepback 3 in the austrian. those he had 32 points. dallas won one 18, one, 12. they keep close to the warriors in those western conference standings. now, let's look at it. phoenix. they have clinched the top seed. memphis. they have clinch the second seed from there. it's a battle the warriors holding on to that 3rd seed by a game over the map with the nuggets. 2 more
10:34 pm
games back and then the jazz on their heels. so we don't know they could finish anywhere from 3rd to 6th. we don't know who be playing if they win one more game, they won't have to face joker. that's what i looked up today. that's probably who they don't want to play the nuggets in joker. if i had to pick you would pick the jags. but we'll figure it out is no point in talking about it. we'll just see how it goes over the next week of the season. all right. we are not done talking the break. i go one-on-one with stanford head coach tara vanderveer. >> we break down this season. what's next for the cardinal? how she's going to spend next couple weeks recharge a little bit. we also had a couple college players here in the bay. the clear for the nba draft here from jalen williams and jamari after the break.
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10:37 pm
>> welcome back to sports night live. the stanford women were hoping to win back-to-back national championships this season. obviously such a feat is really, really hard. but given stanford's talent is certainly wasn't unrealistic. unfortunately, it just wasn't in the cards for them. the cardinal lost to uconn on friday night. i was there at
10:38 pm
target center to me, it really wasn't anything uconn did. it was more what stanford it. of course, you have to give uconn all the credit in the world. but when you shoot 4 for 23 from deep, many of those wide open looks it will be hard to beat anyone. stanford just did not play well. the next morning after the game, i caught up with tara vanderveer at the team hotel. we chatted about the final 4 loss next year's team and a whole bunch more check out our interview. >> we had a great it's really hard when you lose a game that you, you know, really think that you can win. i think i'm so proud of our and lex and lacey hall. they were really the engine of the train. you know, hayley had great can had a great season and our bench really there's there's not a better team. coach in terms of the personalities, how hard
10:39 pm
they worked, how much they cared about each other and we're so proud to represent stanford and the bay area. and we just wish we could've won for we have great fans it was. it was hard. we just, you know, we just had a bad game and we just didn't execute. but when we're right there, we had chances to it covering this. >> well, that the camaraderie is they're very a very close team. there's a true sisterhood kyiana was there. i you know, so many people were watching and cheering and texting and e-mailing it. some, you know, it's something really, really special time when you have a team that cares about each other plays hard like that. you want it
10:40 pm
but you it's a very it's very hard to get to the final and then to to win it, you know, we won it last year. so you've got players on a team that are national champions are to time. you know, some of our top order to time. final 4. so i just hope that this is very motivating for people that work hard in the offseason. and i want to come back right? first you lengths being so really it. >> he well. you know, today i'm still probably in this year's team. i just love coaching this team. but i am looking forward to we have a point guard from trying to lead a lot we have fantastic
10:41 pm
athletic wing. one player in in a bar and learned that 6, 6, 7, our freshman will i was standing with. they'll be freshman. team needs to be every day in practice with a great work ethic great leadership from people like are bring fran, i had a job. those are the players that were depending on and, you know, our freshman will contribute. but the development of our i think our wing 7, 0, 2, i janet van dyne be on that. it? you know someone elena? those players are what will determine how well we do next year. their development in the offseason question, you the 12 mark for the year, know, college with next review. take some time to recharge. you hit the trail right away with next week's
10:42 pm
well, i'm hoping this little snow up in tahoe to go >> definitely get a break. i definitely the break. i work hard play but i just again, i want to i really want to thank our fans, our bay area for great support of our program. our team and i is just such wonderful year and it's hard because we want to keep playing. you know, i just i just love coach in stanford what we have a great team next year, too. >> work hard. play hard. i love that much. alright, ncaa women's championship game, south carolina, uconn to philly area coaches right there. dawn staley jeanne o r e m a and guess what? this one. was hearing happening right there. you got paid back or off one lay 14 points for becker. then later, 4th quarter, south carolina, up 7 destiny. henderson with the layin moments later aliyah boston she gets the block, gets it up to henderson who
10:43 pm
finishes on the other and she had a game-high. 26 points. south carolina win. 64 to 49 their first championship since 2017 aliyah boston. she was your final 4. most outstanding player. great season. congratulations to the gamecocks. all right. the wcc may have been the most underrated conference in college basketball this year. 3 tournament teams and 2 others that were right there on the bubble when usf you saw jamari bouy a light up the league in then put the whole nation on notice when he scored 36 points in the opening round of the ncaa tournament. then there santa clara's jalen williams who led the conference in scoring. yeah, and williams spoke exclusively to kron 4. let's start with jalen williams. then we will roll right into our conversation with jamari. >> congratulations. you know, lauren, spectacular season you know, well deserved you know,
10:44 pm
announcement to enter the nba draft, i guess first and foremost, what went into that thought process. why did you feel like now was the right time to go in and test the waters and see how goes? >> i'm just kind of getting feedback. you throughout the year i thought i had a really good year going into this year. was able to get a number of stuff that, you know, that translate. yeah. just go for that. i think my confidence and a kind of my coaches push you do it as well. so now i'm just looking forward, you know, kind of the next step. >> right. and you know, you came into the senate. clary are regularly about 6 to out. now you're 6, 6, how? >> how has your gable wall and how have you know, that's a good problem to have, obviously. but how did you kind of adjust your game as you started growing? because i'm sure there was a, you know, yeah, to see it from a different vantage point. >> yeah, think a lot of my life i play a so being able to
10:45 pm
be savvy at that position and still be kind this size is how i played for a lot of my career. and then like you said, 10 of crowds on 6, 3, look at myself. actions. >> i was around like 6, 3, they could be at the week. so i that's we kind of go from there and then as you last year that i was able have the ball to situation because i kind you know, plan that position and being able to also play the weeknd and i've learned to past years. so it's nice to be able to, you know, kind of myself as person as you embark nba draft process. what are you looking forward to the most? >> the whole experience is not really one. what exact thing, you know, everything's going to be due for me. so i'm just looking forward to, know, waking up early workout or you don't work out for team of this kind of experience. and do compete? >> i do. you think this year the wcc and playing against some of the top level talent in that conference has a prepared you.


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