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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  April 4, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning far. >> and thanks for waking up with us on a monday daria and rain rv we're in this morning girls a part of why we change is on vacation. but john is back. jk shin hye jun that we can only have one guy in the studio rule, but yes, we are looking at conditions out there that are nice and comfortable today, but we're getting hot towards the middle of the week. >> coit tower here looking nice and bright and are these dark skies and we are seeing some high clouds sitting across the bay area, but not a little fog to be talking about this morning. rainfall. any chance of it is well to the north of the bay as this weak system passes only effect it's having us on us is keeping us a little bit cooler and a bit on the windier side now. right now we're in the 40's to 50's. so it's certainly get those light jackets on to start this morning. pittsburgh at 55 front. would 56 conquered at
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your at 53 degrees? right now i'll be talking more about the hotter weather that we have around the corner. still to come first, though, a look at the roads with rain as should be fairly calm, right? yeah. you know what? it's early and traffic is at the limit right now. if you're taking. >> the bay bridge, for example, into the city. it will be about 10 minutes to make it from the maze to that fremont street exit. let's head over get a look at the san mateo bridge about a 13 minute morning commute for you out of richmond heading across towards center fell about 9 minutes there and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. it's going to take about 20 minutes. >> really tragic situation. >> this morning, our city has a broken heart. this is a senseless and unacceptable tragedy. and i emphasize the word acceptable. >> a mass shooting in sacramento at a popular night spot not too far away from the capital 6 people are dead and a dozen more were injured. police are still searching
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this morning for the killers and the shooting happened early on sunday morning in downtown sacramento. and this story is, as you know, not even the most latest one. we had another one. >> about 5 weeks ago. lot of stuff in 70 takes a look. >> the community is still coming to grips with the shooting. that's rock sacramento to its core. investigators now turning to the public for information that might shed light on what led up to 6 people being shot to death in an area full of bars and restaurants >> community leaders in disbelief. one council member breaking down into tears, distraught to hear this happened in her district. our community deserves better than this. i know this isn't a national epidemic. this is not unique to sacramento, but we can stop it here. sacramento police say they were patrolling the area when they heard shots being fired in the area of 10th and pay around 02:00am. >> they arrived to find a
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large crowd and at least 18 people the attempted lifesaving measures and 6 people died. one woman who identified herself as pamela struggled to hold back tears saying her son, sergio harris was one of the people killed and he's waited hours for information. authorities say video on social media points to a fight that happened before shots rang out. they are working to see if that fight is in any way tied to the shooting. keith of a low was sound asleep along with his young son when he heard gunshots. he captured the chaotic scene outside his window on video. >> never heard gun shots like that. i mean, they were just going off. we're just like donna. and but echoes and echo so kind of sounds like thunder. because it had just woken up. i'm just like half alert. some just getting up. i don't know what's going on. i look outside and that's when i see all the people running around police officers coming in with guns. investigators say they have found at least
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one firearm at the scene. they will conduct a comprehensive investigation and are turning to the public for help. >> sacramento police say they believe at least 2 shooters were involved. >> they say that investigation is in the early stages. it could take several days right now. they're interviewing witnesses so they can piece together how it started during a news conference yesterday, sacramento's police chief talked about the evidence they have found so far. one of the items that we found was a stolen handgun. we also found that buildings were struck by gunfire during this incident. we have video from our police camera at 10th and k street. the captured portions of the shooting. and we have received multiple videos and tips from members of the public. i have every confidence but chief lester and the hardworking men and women of that. >> police department are are going to find who was responsible for this horrific and unacceptable. and they are
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going to arrest him and that we will bring them to justice. >> the mayor of sacramento says the violence in the downtown part of the city has been a problem for years. and he says the most important thing right now is for anyone who saw something to please come forward. and so we're trying to help you with that because sacramento police have made it easy for you to contact them with any information about this recent mass shooting. you can send it directly to them. we have this qr code on your screen. if you scan that you can send in videos any pictures that you have that might help them catch the killers. time now 5, 0, 2, and new this morning, the world health organization is warning people of a new me. it made of the mutation of omicron. >> it's called. >> x e. >> doctors say this strain of covid is more transmissible than the others. the ex ii variant was first detected in the u k in january. so far, more than 600 cases have been
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reported. the preliminary findings suggest this strain maybe about 10% more transmissible. then the other variants, a very infectious disease expert says he's not concerned about this just yet. >> people shouldn't. marty, good to go. if you've gotten bu said and the bay area in particular is is going to not see as many hospitalizations. we think you to any one of strains of covid ba ba 2 all at but we may see cases in the community and when those cases go up, you know, you have to the site how risky it is sit populations to around without protection. >> doctor peter chin-hong says the most important thing you can do to prepare for this variant is make sure that you're up to date with your booster shots. time now is 5, 0, 6 in students and staff at san francisco's and schools don't have to wear a mask today as they're returning now from spring break, the district has lifted the mask
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mandate that happened over the weekend. this change applies to elementary k through 8 and early education schools. district officials say they decided to ease the safety requirements because of that kind number of cases. the district says that masking still is strongly recommended. it's just not required before. at the headquarters in mountain view with more. hi, sarah. >> yeah, these googlers have not experienced a true monday in person at the office monday in 2 years. so we'll be back here in mountain view, going to the office. and so it's going to be sort of like back to normal and mountain view, seeing a lot more cars coming by. they have to come to the
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office 3 days a week. some of them will becoming less. some of them becoming more. it's really just a slow roll out hybrid system to make sure people ease in transition back in. well, you know, things are starting to go back to normal in tech companies return to in-person work, something these employees have not done as i said in 2 years. and can you imagine almost probably feels like going back to school on that first day of school? this means nearby businesses will see return of customers in traffic in the mountain view area will be picking up as well. google hopes the hybrid schedule help the employees transition into office. life. the company has tried to bring back employees several times but delayed it last in january when omicron cases were surging, depending on what a google earth job is, they can come to the office more or less if they want or need to. it's kind of optional. so we will see a huge influx like prepandemic times. but we'll certainly see people back at the offices at google. really a sign of the times that things are getting
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back to normal in the bay area, especially because google employs thousands and thousands of people to be nice to see people back in the office. and i'm sure they'll be happy to be back. i do know some people who work for tech companies in the bay area who say they don't want to go back. they like working from home. so those people probably decide to stay home today. darya reyna, back to you. >> all right. just another reason to put on some from sweat pants of a gym well, also happening today, dozens of nurses from stanford and packard hospitals are in a rally. they're asking for better contracts. you're looking at video from their last protest back in march, the nurses say they are underpaid, they're overworked. they want that to change. they say they're experiencing burnout amid a shortage of health workers. so now they're asking for some solutions asking for contracts and that management expire march 31st. the nurses say they were trying to reach a new agreement before that contract ended. still ahead of the kron 4 morning news. 3 people are hurt during sideshows in the
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south bay with the city says it's going to stop them from happening. >> plus, ukraine's president says russia has been executing ukrainians and leaving their bodies in the streets here. the president's new plea for help from world leaders. and the senate will vote this week to confirm judge ketanji brown jackson to the u.s. supreme court. will she have enough support to get confirmed? the latest from washington after we get back from break. and today is going to be the last of days where we're going to see some 60's and low 70's for your highs tomorrow. already starting to worry about setting us up for a really hot middle of the week. >> i'll be talking all those changes. still to come in your forecast. age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in...
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>> 5.13, right now, california experiencing one of the driest starts to spring in decades. this is coming from state officials. they say without a heavy dose of showers, the just just going to get worse. and we all know that new reading show california's mountain snowpack is just 39% of average for this time of year records show. that's the lowest since the end of the last drought in 2015 and only the 3rd time since 1988. it has been that low. so i don't
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think we're going to see a lot water in the future anyway, all and will showers. well, not so far, john, how far out can you see? i know it looks like next week. we have a chance of maybe some light snowfall returning to the sierra nevada. but this week is so so dry out there. we just had our last snow pack survey of the season. >> and that came back with some really dismal snowpack up there in the sierra northern sierra about 28% of where it should be elsewhere in the sear the low 40's. and as daryn, just mention, that averages out in the upper 30's, as far as percentage goes. so that is really rough statistics to be talking after what was such a strong start to the season. we're ending the season with conditions looking forward towards the summer months. it's just very, very dry. and this week ahead of us, it only continues that dry trend of weather temperatures on the warmer side and skies while not offering up anything this morning. and this morning is our best chance of seeing anything. and at that just a couple of sprinkles up in lake county. what you head north towards the oregon border.
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there's where all that rainfall and snowfall is heading high pressure ridge. that's only going to be building the next several days will continue to 7 storm tracks. well, to the north on up into washington and oregon areas that have already seen plenty of it. we'd love to see that activity a little bit further southward. just not tapping into it or anywhere close to it. rather just the opposite is going on. skies remain dry with temperatures really starting to rise starting tomorrow and then especially into tuesday, wednesday and thursday, the very hottest of stuff. as for today, we do have a weak trough pushing through making for a breezy morning will come down into the afternoon. so not to fear. we have light jacket where the stuff this morning, 90 of those light jackets. the pack with you today as highs near the coastline will be in the 50's to low 60's. well, elsewhere in the bay area, mostly a range of 60's mix with very low 70's. our coolest one of the next several days. so if you like the cooler feel maybe for your job or your afternoon walk today is certainly going to be a nice one. san jose at 70 pleasanton, 68 degrees.
5:16 am
hayward union city as well as oakland and berkeley. each at 66 while walnut creek, antioch, as well as bill at 70 for your highs. sandra fell nevado petaluma at 67. so you get the idea here comfortably. cool afternoon him and daytime highs. you see those temperatures rise significantly. the next few days, bayside areas you'll be in the sixties today. 70's tomorrow, 80's by wednesday and 90's by thursday. we're not going to stay that way. temperatures will reverse course and cool into the weekend by next sunday will be right back to where we're starting this forecast today with highs back into the 60's and low 70's rain. john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your morning commute. the traffic seems to be at the limon along most of our highways. >> if you're traveling to the city right now, still about a 10 minute drive to make it to that pretty much the exit from the maze, the sec on the san mateo bridge, as you're heading across towards the peninsula, drive in looks like we do have some high winds. you want to slow down as
5:17 am
you're traveling about a 40 minute drive for you this morning, richmond center fell bridge traveling at a richmond. also looks like we have some high gusts along the richmond. sandra fell bridge. and let's take on the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. but again, high gust there as well. 5.16 is the time and the president of ukraine is calling the russian invasion into his country. genocide. >> and pleading for world leaders to listen. and this comes as the country shares new images of dead ukrainian civilians in the streets. raquel martin has the latest from dc this is genocide sunday on cbs face the nation. the president of ukraine said russian president vladimir putin. >> is out to destroy his country in nation of the whole nation and the people. >> the comments come as ukraine shares new images of the executions of ukraine, civilians near kyiv. >> so he says despite russia's recent withdrawal of troops in the area, the violence is building up in other parts of
5:18 am
the country. he says the u.s. and nato allies must do more to ensure ukraine's sovereignty because if tomorrow that will start again, only sanctions introduced 12. that's about the white house and nato allies stop short of outlining what specific steps will be taken at. russia continues to attack civilians. but friday, the pentagon didn't out that sending another 300 million dollars worth of military supplies to ukraine to help them fight back right now, russia is building its forces up in the northern and eastern region of ukraine. they may be regrouping on nbc's meet the press. secretary of state antony blinken said he believes russia isn't backing down, then maybe focusing on the east. but let's keep in mind is still have the ability to wreak massive death and including in places like he with air power and missiles were focused on on what they're not what they're saying to. lindsay says he's keeping the door open to peace talks. if we don't want
5:19 am
hundreds, thousands millions to die but says he wants 100% withdrawal of russian troops from ukraine. in washington, raquel martin. >> doctor martin luther king junior's legacy is being remembered on the anniversary of his death. today marks 54 years. >> since he was assassinated, he was killed in memphis, tennessee, as he was standing on the balcony of the lorraine motel. he died an hour after he was shot. he was in memphis to march on behalf of striking sanitation workers. doctor king championed nonviolence as he led the effort to secure equal rights for african-americans. he delivered his famous. i have a dream speech in washington, d.c., in 1963. judge ketanji brown jackson is likely going to be confirmed as the first black woman on the u.s. supreme court probably by the end of the week. now the judiciary committee kicks off the process later this morning with a vote on whether to jackson's nomination to the senate floor. washington correspondent jessi tenure joins us live with the latest. good morning, jesse. yeah,
5:20 am
good morning to you as well. rain and daria. today's vote in the evenly split committee is expected to delay jackson's confirmation. >> but not for long. >> after hours of hearings and meetings with lawmakers had a great conversation with her judge ketanji brown jackson is on the brink of making history. the president certainly had every a good intention and every every right in the campaign to talk about putting the first black woman on the court. i think it's time for that to happen. but on abc's this week, missouri republican senator roy blunt says he will not be voting for jackson due to her judicial philosophy. i don't think she's the kind of judge that will really do the kind of work that i think needs to be done by the court. every republican on the senate judiciary committee is expected to oppose jackson today. i wish more republicans would look at the case here. look at the record and vote to confirm judge jackson a tie vote in the 11 republican 11
5:21 am
democrat committee would trigger an additional vote and debate in the senate. but democrats will have at least one gop vote on the floor for jackson. maine senator susan collins. she had the qualifications. >> the experience and the credentials that we require of u.s. supreme court justices colin support likely saves democrats from having to use vice president harris's tie breaking vote to confirm president biden's nominee. but white house chief of staff ron klain says the administration was hoping for more bipartisan support. she will get enough votes to get confirmed. >> in the end, i suppose that's the only thing that matters. now, all 50 senate democrats are expected to support jackson, but one notable moderate, arizona senator kyrsten sinema has yet to say which way she plans to vote. >> live in washington, i'm jessi tenure. >> thanks, jesse. it's 5.21, right now. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. a new lawsuit could set back plans for the oakland a's to have their new ballpark. we're
5:22 am
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>> new developments in an ongoing effort to build a new ballpark for the oakland a's. a lawsuit has been filed claiming certain protocols were not followed with the
5:25 am
project. environmental impact report. a spokesman for the east oakland stadium alliance says the a's and city did not adequately disclose the negative affects the project is going to have on the existing waterfront a's. president dave campbell rejects those claims and says the new ballpark. we'll be better for the environment. >> it's so many 134 you get to the north this project, 12 billion dollar project privately financed stadium. and we're really just at the point we need to go one way or the other. it could happen or not. and getting a lawsuit is never a good part of trying to get to that determination. i think we need the political approval of the city council this summer period like that's absolutely needed. if the litigation takes a little longer, i think we could, you know, fight that with the city council, but we can't can't have this continued delays on the project. lawsuits voting next year, referendums, whatever it into the. >> khalil says the a's are still actively making offers on land sites in las vegas.
5:26 am
>> tran live in downtown sacramento with the search continues for at least 2 shooters in the cities in the country's latest mass shooting. there is a lot of presence down here. we'll give you the very latest and give you but it's coming out of this area. coming up in a live report. ♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military we've grown to serve all, who've honorably served. no matter their rank or when they were in. a marine just out of boot camp or a petty officer from '73 and even his kids and their kids.
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>> all together again. and let's check the weather. i did not even need a jacket this morning. he did not, but you won't need it all this week. daria coroner, ok, should i wrote it? the closet? are we done with the cold? you know what i'd say? keep the closet to all the layers of rotation because you won't be needing them the next few days as rain and talked about. but after that towards the weekend and then into next week, we're going to right back down. so still keep the sweaters that had today isn't a bad day to put on an extra layer. just keep the light jacket with you as we are going to be seeing highs in the upper 60's to low 70's. obviously pretty clear out there to start the morning. >> we're looking at dry skies for the bay. any rainfall from this passing week system as well to the north of us. so no risk of rainfall today. just some high clouds, a bit of a breeze this morning that calms down this afternoon right now temperatures are in the 40's to 50's oakland. you're at 52 conquered alameda. 53. some 40's on up in the north bay. i'll be talking more about what the heat is looking like
5:30 am
towards the middle of the week. still to come raining. john, thanks for that. it looks like we have some high winds on a lot of our bridges. if you're traveling into the city right now. still about 10 minutes is traffic continues to pick up. >> let's head to the san mateo bridge where there are high winds still about a 14 minute commute for you, though, out of richmond heading across the war center fell ill. take you about 10 minutes to make that drive across. let's look at the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 20 minutes for you there. time now is 5.30, and let's turn to the mass shooting in sacramento. police are looking for those responsible. >> for killing 6 people and injuring 12 others. homicide detectives are interviewing as many witnesses as they can to try to piece together what happened. kron four's will tran live in sacramento with the latest. good morning. well, >> good morning, so this morning the search continues for at least 2 shooters and in downtown san jose at k and 10 street. this is actually one block away from the capitol building police officers. they
5:31 am
have been right behind me for close to 24 hours. but in the overnight hours they left the scene. let me show you video of exactly what happened on sunday at 2 o'clock in the morning. even though they left the scene, this is far from over because at this point they don't have descriptions of at least the 2 gunman behind this. we do know that there were dozens, if not hundreds of people in the area. they were letting out at that particular time. this is an area full of nightclubs and bars and restaurants. it's the downtown night life during the weekend hours in the overnight hours. now, there was a fight before the mass shooting took place. police officers at this particular point, they don't know if that was that direct tie to exactly what happened moments later when at least 70 shots rang out. we do know that 6 people die. 12 others injured, reyna and area. and among those 12, we are hearing that at least for them have life-threatening injuries.
5:32 am
safe to say the sacramento's collective hearts. our broken this morning. we've got a chance to talk to a witness and another particular person praying for sacramento. here's what they had to say. >> the unfortunate part about when you're so careless and has since this violence like this, other people get hit, other people get hurt. and unfortunately, no one deserves. this heart is with us. and community are the city sacramento. >> great for the city of sacramento. pray that the national stops. >> okay. so rain and daria. we do know that police officers recovered at least one handgun in the area as far as the 6 people died. the breakdown is 3 women, 3 men. and we do know with certainty that one of the victims who died was a father of 3. they have clear the search area and you can see that the lights are on. it looks like a regular some monday morning. but is anything but regular. in fact, you can see just the downtown trolley coming down here. that
5:33 am
was not the case from sunday into monday about a couple of hours ago. but the clear this, but they will be back because a lot of those buildings, rain and area. >> they have bullet holes inside. we have plenty of surveillance footage in this area that we covered. some of them, but they're still asking for the public to give them any particular information because at this point, they don't have descriptions of who they are looking for as well as a motive. all right. thanks a lot. we'll. >> it's 5.33 right now. and countless state lawmakers are condemning what happened in sacramento, many calling for more laws to help deal with gun violence. california's attorney general rob bonta is one of them. he says that one of the main challenges of curbing been gun violence, his ghost guns. he says these types of guns. we're not an issue 5 years ago, but now they're much bigger problem. many as a 3rd of guns seized in california. our ghost guns, laws that addressed >> address ghost guns, including supporting federal
5:34 am
regulations to address ghost guns and also >> a bill to hold manufacturers and distributors of guns accountable. >> if they don't use a reasonable controls and in their businesses. >> bonta says that he also would not mind seeing red flag laws in the state or gun violence. restraining orders if they would help make cities safer. this is the second mass shooting in sacramento in just the last 5 weeks. but it's also the 12 mass shooting in the state so far this year alone locally. we saw one in 2021 that was at the vta railyard in san jose. that's included with 49 other mass shootings. we saw last year in california. 15 of those happened in the bay area. most of those were concentrated in oakland in total. 46 people were shot and 5 were killed. 2 people are dead. 2 others are injured after being shot at a playground in san francisco. it happened yesterday afternoon at brunswick avenue
5:35 am
near longfellow elementary school. police say 4 men were shot and taken to the hospital. 2 of them died and the others have non-life-threatening injuries. police say no arrests have been made. time now is 5 34 3 people were badly injured in multiple sideshows. that happened in san jose saturday night. >> 2 were watching a sideshow on lundi avenue and concourse drive when they were struck by 2 cars in separate collisions and then a 3rd person who was hurt is being treated in the hospital with a brain injury and head trauma city council member david cohen, who represents one of the areas known for sideshows, says the city's efforts to crack down including there's been bans on audiences and making it illegal to promote sideshows and social media that those measures have helped to slow sideshow activity. >> at least 8 people, if not more, were cited for being spectators, which is a way of discouraging people from coming out to the sideshows. i
5:36 am
know that multiple cars were impounded and any citations were made and there was at least one arrest. >> and city leaders say they're working on changes to be made to intersections. that would help to prevent people from being able to take part in sideshows. santa rosa, firefighters are trying to figure out why a building collapse. look, you can see go down the right side of your screen. there. the fire department tweeted out this. it happened yesterday. that's 4 street in downtown santa rosa. firefighters are looking through the rubble at well. they went through the rubble. they didn't find any victims, nobody was hurt. but they are searching for clues as to why it collapsed. mountain view. police are investigating another death that was possibly linked to fentanyl poisoning. >> a los altos student was found unresponsive in their home and later pronounced dead. this all happening early friday morning. now, the soon as death as police and doctors warning parents about how dangerous fentanyl is. a local doctor says he prescribes the drug frequently, the only in extremely small doses because
5:37 am
it's powerful. he says the strength of that drug couple with chemist mixing it with other drugs makes fentanyl even more dangerous. that's why is warning parents that anything could be laced with fentanyl. >> it could be. >> other drugs like marijuana cocaine or heroin. it can be even pills other forms of medications and or drugs that we are that we use recreationally. you can put a little bit of fentanyl into a large amount of product for the problem is, is that if you're off by just a report, you can it can have a fe you back. >> a spokesperson for mountain view. police is urging parents to talk to your children about the dangers of narcotics and openly answer any questions that they might have coming up next to the kron. 4 morning news and lawyers are coming off of a win. what this means for their place in the and there's a new health warning out for people we'll enjoy eating oysters. we're going to tell you why people are getting sick.
5:38 am
>> and today is going to be the coolest one of the remainder of this week. so if you're enjoying the 60's 70's, get out there today as much as you can. we're about to some 80's and 90's of this forecast. we'll talk all about it. still to come. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema,
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>> 5.40, right now and at least 34 people in california have gotten sick with norovirus after eating raw
5:41 am
oysters at 9 different restaurants. the california department of health says these cases were reported between march 11th and the 19th and the cases were linked to oysters from british columbia, canada. have not been recalled. still, they have not been recalled. canada reported 279 cases of norovirus resulting in people eating those oysters as well. oyster lovers be where i guess. yeah, you know what? i'll do asked where minor front starting today, a portion of hiking trails in the presidio in san francisco are going to be closed for dogs. and this is why see the coyotes is popping season right now for coyotes. and so they don't want them be near your pets. so to keep your dogs safe, they are actually not allowing dogs on certain trails. that will eliminate the problem. and here's a map showing of the closures stretching from mountain lake to the presidio promenade, alnng with the bay ridge trail from the rob hill campground there to the presidio golf
5:42 am
course. the closures will last through early september, which is when popping season. and so that's going to be for some time to come months 5.41. right now. we'll be right back. ♪ pop it like it's hooooot. pop it like it's hot.♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot.♪ ♪ pop it like it's— pop my $6.49 classic and spicy 50/50 popcorn chicken combo. only at jack in the box.
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hey you two, go outside and play.
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>> 5.44, right now. and i'm i admit, i'm a little exhausted a lot of walking at because it was so gorgeous out. so we took a lot of walks this week. i was telling you the weekend by so fast, maybe because i was going here and there and then i looked up and i'm like this monday already. john is back and you brought with him some sunshine. yeah, the war and maybe too much the middle of the week. i know this weekend was beautiful today. a little bit of a cool down and it's right back uphill. we go all the way up into the 80's and 90's towards the middle of the week. so get back into that summer mindset because things are about to warm up a lot this morning. skies are relatively clear. we do have some high cloud cover, but definitely no fog or low gray to be seen across the bay. today we have a weak system pushing to our north and that's what we do. have some sprinkles on the northern end of the central valley. >> have seen those in lake and mendocino counties, but nowhere close to the bay area. most of that rain is actually even further than that north
5:46 am
up into areas like humboldt and del norte counties and then eventually up into washington and oregon to storm track is going to continue to be sent to the north of high-pressure ridge that's in place really only strengthens in the next few days. that's going to send chance of rainfall. well away from us. keeping us really dry and keeping a steady and warming over the next several days. now, this morning, it is breezy out there. don't be surprised when you feel some stronger winds crossing your bridges. winds do come down later in the day, though, which is going to be a complement to the comfortably. cool feel today brings 50's and 60's for your highs near the coastline today. and then temperatures along the bay shore will mostly be in the 60's. only a few of us actually even getting into the 70's today, such will be the case that campbell and san jose at 70 degrees 60's from the tri valley over the bay shore with fremont hayward on up to oakland in the 60's, danville and walnut creek right at 70 conquered at 71. andy, up in the ship among
5:47 am
those spots. also right at 70 degrees, definitely on the cooler side of things, especially as compared to the rest of this forecast. inland highs climbing into the 90's by thursday. and you're not the only ones either bayshore cities. we'll also climb to the low 90's by thursday, wednesday, thursday and friday are the hottest days of this forecast. if you don't like the heat, if you're not a also don't have ac. those are the days to plan to get to a cool spot. the weekend cools. write that down with saturday and sunday back into the 60's and 70's. >> great. thank you for that. let's get a look at your morning commute. if you're traveling into the city right now. still about a 12 minute drive making it from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit, the san mateo bridge traveling across towards the peninsula. about 13 minutes for you. high gusts there. and we do also have some high gust along the richmond. sandra fell bridge on an 11 minute drive as you're traveling across. and let's look at the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. will be about 20 minutes for you. there. 5.47 right now and the
5:48 am
words get back into %he swing of things after winning their last 2 games. but as the playoffs get closer, there's a lot at stake. >> if they don't finish strong, exactly. kron. 4 sports director jason dumas, us has all the highlights for us. >> the warriors were coming off one of their biggest wins of the season and a 21 point deficit against the utah jazz. but not much time to revel in victory. got to get a win in set because the mavericks are right on their tail in the western conference standings, of course, a somber mood in the capital city for obvious reasons. just another mass shooting. unfathomable stuff. that's the comes to comments now early on in the game, andrew wiggins, he got going quick. turnaround jumper there dubbed by 9. now we can talk about the road, which double wiggins. he kicks it out to jonathan coming, who knocks down the tray at the top of the key football score after one. 28 14 how about a belly highlight? he's our producer's favorite dup. billy had 19, 12
5:49 am
in 6 dubs were up 20 at the half. now they're just having fun at this point. check out the springs in john. nothing coming late. he gets up so quick, don't so effortlessly a double puff reverse layup. you've got to be excited about all for for wiggins, not 25 5, 5 for him on that night. if he gets going down really good for the warriors and what the warriors highlight without jordan pulled in here. now to in that the right hand on the left side, he is so filthy. he's been best players and has been out. 22 points for him. he got 4 years when one, 0, 9, to 90. if their 50th win of the season, they've won 50 games in 7 of the last 9 seasons. 3 more games left with steve kerr knows they are all important. >> we needed and we're playing
5:50 am
for for seeding at this point after clinching last night and and we we really want to is high as we can in the standings. and and so this became a really important game and missing some key guys. >> alright, ncaa women's championship game. hey, both of them are from the philly area. dawn staley from philly. geno from norristown. you know, i got a shot that out. all righty to game. it was mostly all south carolina. up 9 aliyah boston with the block gets it ahead to destiny. henderson, she finishes with the layup she had. 26 south carolina wins its second national championship since 2017 aliyah boston. she was your final 4. most outstanding player. >> and don't forget the championships are tonight. 2 in college. so you can be watching that and the worry is play the lakers this thursday, the chase center. >> the oakland a's traded starting pitcher schoeman to the san diego padres are going
5:51 am
to receive 2 prospects in return. the knife in his last season with a record 11 to 10 record and a 3.91 e r a pitch to shut out and struck out a career-high 100 and 94 batters. and speaking of i made his spring debut for the san diego padres. they took on the a's in the 3rd inning, gave up a run and struck out 4, including this case of a former teammate stephen piscotty. bottom of the 8th azar up to bases loaded for sheldon nosy. he hits a deep dive to write that one is way out of there. a's extend their lead to 6. they would go on to win a 2 a's take on the giants. that's going to be today. and 1 o'clock. >> and san francisco, 49 er frank gore is calling it quits. he announced his retirement yesterday. 16 season career is over is going to sign a one-day contract with the niners saying officially retire with them.
5:52 am
gore is the forty-niners all-time leading rusher and 3rd in nfl history in rushing yards. it's 5.51. and we'll be right back.
5:53 am
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and we've learned the progress at the san diego zoo their rang it hands. and there's 2 little babies. they're like >> this is kind job and handlers are still waiting to let him meet his sister. they want to make sure that they're both healthy and strong and, you siblings, fight. trust me. you got to come apart >> they're both progressing perfectly. they are 3 months old. kitty. and if you ever want own a piece of the moon and now is your chance particles of lunar dust collected by neil armstrong back in 1969. are going up for auction. that's where they look like coins after the record. yeah. moon dust samples from apollo 11. apparently they're going like a million dollars. i don't know if that's a piece. if you get a couple for that right? we'll have to say the auction is set for later this month. i'm at that price on out. if it was cheap and a half and i a little piece of the moon. well, still to come on the kron 4 morning news and new omicron variant has been
5:56 am
detected. >> and the u k we get insight from the bay area doctor on how we can prepare. >> for when it shows up here and google welcoming back employees to its headquarters. that starts today. we're live in mountain view as workers. what hurt? after 2 years they've been working from home. plus, we're live in sacramento following the latest on the mass shooting that killed 6 people and injured. many other will be right back. meet a future mom, a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here,
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6:00 am
today, golden gate bridge looking good. we're not seeing any fog out there. a little high cloud cover rainfall staying to our north today. a weak system passing through will result in showers closer to the oregon border, but not for us in the day. >> in the meantime, for us, it's just 40's 50's to start the morning. that's light jacket. kind of stuff. so get out there with the light jackets a bit brisk, a big cool, but a pretty easy go to kick off this monday, john, thank you for right. if you're traveling into the city, looks like the metering lights just one on. >> you know, take you about 12 minutes to make that drive from the maze to that fremont street exit. let's check on the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. we've got some high winds there. a little under 14 minutes as you're making your morning commute. the richmond, sandra fell bridge just going to check on conditions there. we also have some gusty wind conditions about a 11 minute drive as traffic picks up and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about a 20 minute monday morning. drive. >> time now, 6 o'clock


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