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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  April 4, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. breaking? >> heartbreaking to see what's going on out here. >> tonight at 5, a grieving community still trying to process the nightmare situation that took place over the weekend. a shooting that took the lives of 6 people and left dozens more injured. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 5. i'm ken wayne and i'm vicki liviakis. police have made an arrest in connection to that mass shooting that killed 6 people in sacramento the weekend. they identified and took in. 26 year-old d-andre martin. they took him into custody
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early this morning. they also released the names of the 3 men and 3 women who were killed. kron four's. rob nesbitt has been talking with people in sacramento all day long. getting reaction to what happened there and joins us live from. >> k street where those sitting shootings took place and looks kind of normal out there. robin, i imagine there says heavy cloud of what happened hanging over and that's right. there's visible signs all around me along k street of the shooting that took place here and our window shot out the last 4 fronts. the memorial families have been going up to all day, putting candles and flowers to his right behind me. investigators say that they recovered more than 100 bullet shell casings and this area. police also released the names of big 6 victims were shot and killed. >> their names are sergio perez. 38 years old. 32 year-old joshua horton, the chess, a 29 year-old devise turner. 21 year-old giante
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alexander. 57 year-old melinda davis. and 21 year-old your meal. martinez, andre. >> like i said, a memorial for those 3 men and 3 women have been set up here on k street cards, flowers and candles lit along the sidewalk when the shooting took place. police say that there are 12 surviving victims suffering with gunshot wounds, ranged from minor to critical but stable condition prior to the rest d-andre, martin detectives served search warrants at 3 residents in sacramento recovered one handgun. the da's office is related evidence to determine appropriate charges in the case. i talked with vince pearson who has lived in sacramento for more than 30 years. he was relieved to know that an arrest was made in the case but wants to see community come together to prevent another mass shooting. >> is a school's. we all have to come together work with young people as a positive things to say there. there's
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opportunity for young man, young lady, whoever it may be >> police say that witness evidence helped lead to an arrest. they say that more than 100 pictures and videos were sent to their evidence, support online to help with them and their investigation. they're encouraging anyone else who may have more pictures and videos related to this case to be the exact moment. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 robin, there was a moment of silence taken before last night's basketball game between the golden state warriors. >> and the sacramento kings players, coaches and fans honor the victims of this mass shooting coaches for both teams called for more strict gun control measures. sacramento police have made it easy for you to contact them with any information about the mass shooting. you can send it to them directly by scanning this qr code. they'd like to see any videos or pictures you might have that could help them catch the killers. >> those are the home in the south bay, san jose. police say a high school student is
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in custody for stabbing another student did happened shortly after 10 this morning at gundersen high school in the city's vista park neighborhood. police say the victim's wounds are not life-threatening. they also say a school resource officer officer was on the scene and played an important role in both responding to the incident and taking the suspect into custody in the east bay. there are more incentives to join the police department as kron four's madyun tells us new police academy recruits can even get assistance with buying a home. >> the current sign bonus for lateral recruits in the antioch police department is $10,000. >> we have nothing for recruits that joining the antioch police department directly from the police academy that could soon change with a new proposal from antioch mayor lamar thorpe. that increases incentives were both lateral and new police recruits lateral recruits. i will propose a 48 $1000
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direction signing bonus. that's paid over a period of 3 years. sign on bonuses for new recruits from the police academy includes assistance with a home down payment where they can have up to $60,000 towards a down payment for a home located here in the city of >> yet police departments authorize budget is for 125 officers. but currently only has 115 cops in uniform. the rate of attrition is outpacing the city's effort to fill those vacant positions. and the mayor says there's something we now have another layer. >> to the staffing crisis is a result of the d a fpi fbi investigation of a number of officers here in the city of >> we had thought wouldn't elaborate on exactly how many officers are under investigation by the dea and the fbi. he would only say that currently there is a mix of officers who are available because they are either injured or would paid administrative leave. >> and when i get specific as to who will, because we have to protect people's personnel,
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fives and their privacy in the comments use the money for them as propose sign-on bonuses is still being worked out. but he says it could come from several sources, including the general fund or money being saved from the current reduction in the number of salaried employees. >> has it made kron 4 news? some scary moments at a city courthouse in oakland. the alameda county sheriff's bomb squad >> found a small homemade device when a man walked in this morning. officials say that the man claims the device was previously planted on his car by someone else. the bomb squad was able to deem the scene safe but no other details are being released at this time. >> 2 people are dead. 2 others injured after being shot at a playground in san francisco. it happened yesterday afternoon on brunswick avenue near longfellow elementary school. that's in the outer mission district. police say 4 men were shot and taken to the hospital. 2 of them died. the others have non-life-threatening injuries. police say no arrests have
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been made so far. earlier today, california attorney general rob bonta issued a statement regarding the shooting. he said, quote, not again, my heart goes out to the victims of yesterday's shooting in san francisco and their families. i'm monitoring the situation and california doj department of justice is able to assist as the investigation unfolds this deadly weekend in california couldn't make it more clear enough is enough hashtag and gun violence. is enough. a new poll finds homelessness. the top problem in the bay area and as kron four's. dan kerman reports for us tonight. >> those in the survey say it's time for the government to get tough on the problem. >> homelessness is the most important problem facing the bay area. so says the majority of the 1000 bay area registered voters responding to the bay area council's annual poll with 86% saying the problem is getting worse. the bay area voters. >> are sick of seeing the levels of despair on the
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streets of a region where they believe it shouldn't exist. certainly not to the extent that the the despair exists and certainly not for the length of time. it is existed on our streets for the poll also found 70% agree with the statement. it's time to get tough on the unsheltered. >> who refuse shelter in treatment and 87% support an increase in government authority to place homeless people who suffer severe mental health and substance abuse disorders into a conservatorship and treatment we're doing now is just, you know, evening. >> thousands, probably 10's of thousands of people who need much higher level of care to fend for themselves and i don't think that's protecting their liberties. i think san francisco supervisor rafael mandelman has long been a supporter of conservatorships. the state needs to get its act together and actually get back in the mental health business provide more support and more requirements around a minimum expectations about what we're going to do for very sick
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people were they were all challenges on the streets, but coalition on homelessness, executive director jennifer friedenbach says the focus should be placed elsewhere. what we need for them to have a stable housing and ongoing mental health care. >> that way they can get better and stay better. and that's the piece that's lacking. and what this report totally misses. >> and for all its problems, the bay area council credit san francisco with having nearly the highest density of permanent supportive housing units in the country. the rest of the region really needs to step up and make some of the kinds of investments at san francisco's doing if we're going to solve this problem. >> the poll also found a majority of those surveyed felt governments should spend more money to address homelessness in san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> temperatures around the bay area today are right around where they should be for this time of year, but enjoy enjoy it while it lasts because they are expected to climb dramatically come the middle of the week. that's putting fire crews on alert for any potential wildfire activity in contra costa county, the green hills are slowly beginning to
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turn brown. that means the ground starting to dry out. state officials say california is experiencing one of the driest starts to spring in decades. that's for seeing the contra costa fire department to prepare for potentially early fire season. >> it's looking as though we're going to have fire weather then in the last couple of years that's been progressively early earlier every year. these last few years the fire conditions have been more erratic in recent years and there's no reason to believe given what we see on the ground right now, that's not going to be the case again this year. another season, a fire weather. >> yeah, which is hard to believe. i mean, this is just beginning of april. and here we are worried about fires. usually we had a little bit of a buffer, but yeah, not so much in last 3 years. i mean, extremely dry. put those together and we started this whole thing. this mega drop back in the year 2000. so this been going on for quite some time now. we're seeing the ramifications out there
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tonight. we do have that surge of fog and low clouds that moved back on shore. not going to be seeing a whole lot of that. i think in the coming days. in fact, overnight tonight that will probably start a row to move away. temperatures out there right now. a nice evening in concord at 70 degrees. cool on the coastline in the 50's with patchy fog there. 57 patchy fog in the san francisco. 65 still in santa rosa. 59 in petaluma. there's actually a cold front that is approaching the bay area right now. it's falling apart. but you see the clouds begin to move in here. some rain up in far northern california. but those clouds move on through behind that. we've got that big dome of high pressure building in tomorrow. we start to heat up are out there. these temperatures are going to hot this week ahead out there right now. you've got some scattered light showers toward eureka, but that's about as close as it's going to get some clouds moving on through. but that is about it to high pressure. we'll begin to take over as this ridge builds in behind that front. guess what these temperatures are going to soar. in fact tonight, likely to see more of a northerly component to win, at least in the north bay. but i think that will be more pronounced as we get the next couple of days. the majority likely see an offshore wind
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all the way to the coastline. we could be talking about some 70's right out the beach here as we head in toward wednesday and thursday should be fantastic. although some hot 90's in the valleys. alright, temperatures outside this evening. a little bit cooler spots. we've got fog along the coastline moving on shore right now and temperatures there in the 50's to lot of 60's elsewhere around the bay area. then as we head toward the 8 o'clock hour now, the sun sets in the temperatures cooling down 50's and 60's outside. but much warmer days to come. we'll have more on that in a few minutes. coming up, how democrats plan to push forward with judge ketanji brown jackson's supreme court nomination. >> after getting no support from republican lawmakers. also following the mass shooting in sacramento. lawmakers are calling for action to keep people safe on the streets. >> and president biden voices his strongest condemnation yet of the russian invasion of ukraine. what he says
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>> the white house says that there will be consequences for russian president vladimir putin. >> that's because over the weekend, new evidence of russian war crimes emerging communities just south the outside the capital of kiev. washington correspondent raquel martin has the latest. >> president joe biden says russian president vladimir putin should face a war crimes trial. is the as russian military forces pulled back from the suburbs of the capital of kiev, ukrainian forces found bodies in crushed cars, front yard and mass
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graves. the sky is brutal. gut punch on capitol hill. democratic senator richard blumenthal called for more economic sanctions to stop the money that's paying for putins violent rampage. the banks, that process is well and gas revenue. have no sank. they're the ones who need to be sanction. republican senator lindsey graham says it's time to us and nato up the ante. this is a turning point for me. i think it should be a turning point for the world. puts not a legitimate leader. >> he needs to be considered a pariah. he should be kicked out the u n. >> the president of ukraine is calling the killings an act of genocide. monday, president biden stopped short of using that term but promises swift action to raise the pressure. >> and raise the cost unproven and on russia monday, national security adviser jake sullivan said more sanctions are on the way this week and promised more military aid to ukraine as russia ramps up attacks and other parts of the country, we
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should be under no illusions that russia will adjust its tactics. the foreign minister of ukraine warns the new evidence is only a glimpse of the carnage covid i in washingtnn, raquel martin. >> graham, president volodymyr zelensky made a special appearance at last night's grammy awards show. he gave a powerful speech about the plight of his people. i want use wear body armor instead of dixie that they seen. >> to that want to use in even to those who come here of them. but the music with breakthrough anyway, we defend freedom to live to a lot of sound. well, now we're fighting russia, which brings horrible silence with its bumps, that debt silence, feel the would use it to light today to tell the story? >> went on to say he hopes his people could soon quote, be free, like the people on the grammy stage. this message was followed by performance by john legend legend who was joined by 2 ukrainian
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musicians. >> a large cruise ship anchored near the bay bridge had some people wondering if another covid outbreak had happened on board the caribbean. princess dropped off passengers on sunday and navigated away from the docks and then remained in the bay overnight into this morning, princess cruises. a spokesperson explained that the ship departed without any passengers on board and the crew decided to stay in the calm waters of the bay to kind of wait out a large weather to the north of san francisco last week, the ruby princess cruise ship returned to the city from a 15 day panama canal cruise where some passengers and crew members were infected with covid. all right. well, let's take a live look outside and give you the view some clouds rolling across the tippy top of the transamerica. >> pyramid building in the city with a sign that the the ocean has stuff going on. but once you get inside the bay generally speaking so much calmer situation, that's why that cruise ships park. that's why it's parked there. it's
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like summer. of good that we're going to get a good taste of in the next few days. here it is on the way. >> as a high pressure really going to strengthen this week. now that being said next week, it is back to possibility of some rain. the kids keep our fingers crossed for that. but outside, yeah, kind of in between tonight. you've got some spring weather out there. the fog has rolled back in that sea breeze is blowing overnight tonight, though, that sea breeze, i think going become more of a northerly flow right now. you've got that front that is moving in right now that bring its more clouds and ushering in some of the cloud cover in the bay area and some showers in far northern california, the bay area stay dry. for the most part, though, and i think overnight tonight, even though you're seeing more of a westerly component to the wind, i think that's going to shift. and by late tonight, we'll talk more of a northerly cub and that's that offshore wind. and that should begin to clear out your skies that you see right here. got more of that sea breeze blowing right now. but watch what happens here as we head through the night to all of us. and those arrows are going to start to shift and come more out of the northerly direction. here they go. they're starting twist and turn all of a sudden you start to see that as we head late
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tonight early tomorrow morning. some of those offshore winds beginning to develop in the north bay. and then as we head through the day tomorrow, still a bit of a sea breeze kicking in late in the day. heat wave kind of setting itself up for tomorrow. we'll start to warm things up around the bay area tomorrow. as far as the fog is concerned, you see all the clouds out there now. but as we take it or tomorrow morning that offshore wind kicks in and then there you go. we start clerk your skies and we're off and running on a nice date. temperatures are going to warm fairly profoundly tomorrow. you can see about 76 in conquer. 77 in antioch. 75 in livermore. and a beautiful 71 in redwood city. thank you, lawrence. doctor martin luther king junior's legacy is being remembered on the anniversary of his death today. >> marks 54 years since he was assassinated. king was killed in memphis, tennessee, as he was standing on a balcony of the lorraine motel when he was shot. he died an hour later. he was in memphis to march on behalf of striking sanitation workers. doctor king championed nonviolence. is he
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led the effort to secure equal rights for african-americans. he delivered his famous. i have a dream speech in washington, d.c., back in 1963. >> coming up, a new push to keep drivers focused on the road. we'll tell you about some sobering statistics on traffic deaths we're meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws
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his account by fifty bucks or less. and 2c, well, she's not going to let a lost card get her stressed. am i right? that's right. that's because these neighbors all have chase. alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> guess this comes as no surprise. but distracted driving is actually one of the leading causes of crashes all across the country. these
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crashes are scary to watch this because of distracted driving. triple a in the highway patrol are teaming up to try to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. erin myers has more. >> thousands of people are killed every year and hundreds of thousands injured because of distracted driving. you can see some of the people here behind me. these 9 people have lost their lives because of distracted driving. and on average 9 people are killed each day in crashes that they say could be preventable. according to the national highway traffic safety administration. more than 3100 people died in distracted related crashes in the u.s. in 2020, which accounts for 8.1% of all roadway fatalities. another 400,000 people were injured in california in 2020, 105 people died and more than 9200 were seriously hurt. but these numbers could be higher because distracted driving is often under reported 20 to 24 year-olds make up the greatest number of distracted driving related fatalities and serious injuries. and distracted driving is especially dangerous for pedestrians and
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bicyclists non driver's account for nearly one in 5 distracted driving deaths in 2020, there were 480 pedestrians. 83 cyclists and 14 other non occupants killed in crashes that involved a driver who is set to be distracted using the phone. definitely one of the main issues. but there are other things people do that can be distracting as well. >> the smartphone is the true triple threat because it takes eyes off the road, hands off the steering wheel and mind off of the task of driving. but there are other things that distract drivers as well. talking with passengers in the vehicle >> radio, even eating or grooming on your way to work. >> all of those are putting your life at risk in putting other people's lives at risk as well. >> here are a list of pointers for avoiding distracted driving. put your phone away. know where you're going. program your destination in advance. pull over to text or call. ask passengers for help with navigation. be a good
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passenger. speak up if the driver is distracted and also don't be a distraction. don't text or call someone if you know they are driving. and a survey done last year, more than 50% of people admitted to texting or e-mailing while driving alone in their vehicle reporting in university park. i'm erin myers. >> coming up with federal leaders are doing to try to improve the ongoing supply chain problem. and one man has been arrested after receiving close to 100 shots of the covid vaccine. and we learn new details on the mass shooting in sacramento of lawmakers say needs to be done to try to prevent more
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>> state lawmakers say that mass shooting in downtown sacramento has had a big effect on them. it happened just a few blocks away from where they work at the state capitol. and our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the latest in the democratic push to make state gun laws even stricter and key action they could even take tomorrow. >> state lawmakers came back to work with the aftermath of the shooting, still very visible around state capitol grounds. this tragedy will be the latest to add to the debate around strengthening the state's gun laws. >> across the street from the state capital, candles, flowers and balloons, honor the victims killed in sacramento's k street shooting. this can't be our new normal. the memorial steps away from where lawmakers monday observed a moment of silence for the victims.
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lawmakers this year will weigh a set of new gun restrictions on tuesday. lawmakers in the state senate judiciary committee will consider a bill that would allow private citizens to sue gun makers transporters and sellers and idea modeled after texas law that takes the same approach to abortion. the more weapons that are off the street, the better senator bob hertzberg is the author of the bill called sb 13 27. we've given ordinary folks, everyday people, the ability to have an incentive to pull him off the street $10,000. plus attorneys fees. >> for weapon. so if your neighbor has transported a gun to their home and it's just it's a it's one of these ghost guns and you see it. you could soon get $10,000. other gun-related rules lawmakers will consider include a measure that would give the state attorney general the power to sue gun manufacturers. >> and another that would further restrict ghost guns in the state. society is becoming. >> a little more free philly, comfortable committing violence. and i think that's a terrible thing to do.


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