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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  April 4, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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democrats back a means to move this confirmation forward without the support from republicans. >> senate judiciary committee will come to order when the senate judiciary committee gavel didn't monday. all 11 republican senators made their position on judge ketanji brown jackson clear they may like her as a person. i've known judge jackson for 30 years. i always like to personally, but they don't like her on the high court. if judge jackson is confirmed, i believe she will prove to be. >> the most extreme and the for this left justice ever to serve on the united states supreme court, texas republican senator john cornyn question jackson's ability to decide cases fairly. i have concerns the judge jackson will be pinch hitting for one team or the other. judge jackson is not an extremist. she's not out of the judicial nor democrats, including new jersey senator cory booker defended jackson and said her work as a trial judge makes
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her even more qualified to become the first black woman to serve on the high court. judge jackson is poised now to make american history. the committee vote was delayed for several hours because california democratic senator alex padilla is plane was delayed. it's going to be. >> republicans versus democrats. democrats needed all 11 senators on the committee present to advance the confirmation with a tie vote. >> and the senate voted on a simple majority to discharge the nomination, which means the full senate can now go ahead with the formal debate starting as early as tomorrow. for now live in washington, i'm anna wiernicki back to you. and and it is a 50, 50 senate. so we expect it's going to be very close in the final. >> talley. >> well, the senate only needs a simple majority to confirm jackson. so it's all 50 democrats are on board. then the jackson will be confirmed
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to the supreme court. but there are a few republicans who have come forward in the past a few hours seeing that they do plan to vote in her favor. so it does give democrats a little bit of making confirmation all but sure when it goes to that, a full senate floor, which likely will happen as early as friday. >> and we're going be live for us in washington, d.c.. thank you, anna. >> a fight outside a nightclub broken up by the sound of gunfire. as we reported at the top of the newscast, 6 people were killed. >> 12 others wounded in yesterday's mass shooting in sacramento. at least 100 shell casings were recovered at the scene. police say they have arrested a man on the salt and illegal firearms possession charges. you're looking for others. state lawmakers meantime say that mass shooting has shaken them as well as the entire city of
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sacramento. it happened just blocks from where lawmakers work at the state capitol. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the latest in the democratic push to make state gun laws even stricter and key action they could take tomorrow. >> state lawmakers came back to work with the aftermath of the shooting, still very visible around state capitol grounds. this tragedy will be the latest to add to the debate around strengthening the state's gun laws. >> across the street from the state capital, candles, flowers and balloons, honor the victims killed in sacramento's k street shooting. this can't be our new normal. the memorial steps away from where lawmakers monday observed a moment of silence for the victims. lawmakers this year will weigh a set of new gun restrictions on tuesday. lawmakers in the state senate judiciary committee will consider a bill that would allow private citizens to sue gun makers transporters and sellers and idea modeled after texas law that takes the same approach to abortion. the more weapons
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that are off the street, the better senator bob hertzberg is the author of the bill called sb 13 27. we've given ordinary folks, everyday people, the ability to have an incentive to pull him off the street $10,000. plus attorneys fees. >> for weapon. so if your neighbor has transported a gun to their home and it's just it's a it's one of these ghost guns and you see it. you could soon get $10,000. other gun-related rules lawmakers will consider include a measure that would give the state attorney general the power to sue gun manufacturers. >> and another that would further restrict ghost guns in the state. society is becoming. >> a little more free philly, comfortable committing violence. and i think that's a terrible thing to do. public policy needs to take seriously former law enforcement officer and republican assemblyman tom lackey says the democratic push to strengthen state gun laws is misguided. he notes vehicles are more likely to kill people than guns. i get frustrated because it's easy to focus the attention on an
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inanimate object. >> right. because they can't talk back. but i can tell you that firearms easy target for misunderstanding. and when you over regulate the legal market to turn people too, the very market. that's a plane. most of these threatening weapon switches. the black market. >> tuesday's hearing for sb 13, 27 is scheduled for one 30 pm in the state senate judiciary committee. meanwhile, the other bills are said to have their first hearings once lawmakers come back from spring break in a couple of weeks at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> and vice president kamala harris, who is, of course, from california, put out a statement on twitter today reading our thoughts are with everyone who lost a loved one in the terrible gun violence this weekend in sacramento. enough is enough. congress must act to end the epidemic of gun violence in america. jury selection has begun in the deadliest u.s. mass shooting ever go to trial. >> a judge prosecutors and defense attorneys began screening the first candidates
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for the jury. that will decide if that man, nicholas cruz is executed or gets life in prison. cruz is already pleaded guilty to the 2018 killings of 17 people at marjory stoneman stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. court officials say 1500 candidates are more could be screened as jurors over the next several weeks to be selected. candidates must say they they can. judge crews fairly and vote for the death penalty. if the evidence requires it. >> let's check on our 4 zone weather forecast. a live look outside now at downtown san francisco. the skyline there showing the transamerica pyramid. yeah. last time we looked at the shot, there are some clouds out there, burning off. yes. starting to dissipate a little bit now as more of that ridge of high pressure going to build in and bring us some near record breaking temperatures. i think maybe not getting record, but it's going to be close as we get into thursday. >> outside. yeah, looking good. the sea breezes blow in just a bit. but up above, starting to a little more of a northerly component to the wind. so things begin to
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change a bit long range forecast. well, this work is really a trick. this time of year can be pretty wild. weather wise. you've got this cold front come through right here. not much energy with it. it falls apart and all of a sudden high pressure builds in behind it. and then we're talking about some heat cranking up the temperatures for tomorrow. you see all that clear air all around california and stretching all the way to los angeles. he's going to temperatures going to soar beginning tomorrow, especially on wednesday and thursday. that will be the peak of the warmth. and then you see another cold front off the coastline. that's going to start to move that ridge little further to the east, not bring us any rain, but we'll see more clouds and cooler temperatures as we head in toward friday. that will likely some fog just racing back in along the coastline and inside the bay as we head through the weekend, the kind of transition, then all of a sudden, well, we've got a cold front dropping down from the doesn't look like it's got a ton of moisture with it. but bringing with it a chance of showers possibly on monday and maybe into tuesday. and then another storm system drops toward the bay area as we head in toward thursday. so none those looks like gigantic storms. but the chance of getting some rain back in the forecast is a good sign,
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especially after we'll see a pretty decent. he wait. temperatures around the bay area tomorrow. we've got 60's in the san francisco 50's and 60's co side. we really start to warm up, though, inside the bay. these 70's in the san carlos in mountain view, the south bay filled with 70's by tomorrow afternoon, probably some upper 70's in spots inland. yet the idea some very nice weather tomorrow, it's going to be a lot warmer the next couple days getting hot on thursday. >> thank you, lawrence. dozens of californians have been sickened by eating raw oysters. details on the recall shellfish that contained traces of norovirus in sports. the warriors are back on track. looking pretty good with 3 games left to play in the regular season. worst director jason dumas supply draymond says they're not worried coming up. plus, the reason you should leave your dog at home if you're planning on doing some hiking around san francisco this summer.
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your health tonight, a warning to avoid raw oysters from british columbia. more than 30 people in california fell ill with norovirus last month. >> after eating raw oysters at 9 different restaurants. norovirus is the bug that's responsible for the stomach flu. the california department of health says cases reported between march 11th through the 19th. they were linked to oysters from british columbia, canada that have since been recalled. canada has reported
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279 cases of norovirus links to those oysters. >> a section of hiking trails in the presidio of san francisco are now closed to dogs right now is coyote pupping season. so in an effort to keep pets safe and people too, the city will not allow dogs on certain trails. so here's a map showing the closures restrictions stretch from mount a late to the recibio prominent on along with a bay ridge trail from the rob hill. campground to the presidio golf course. the closures will remain in place through early september when pupping season >> where we're going need roads and chargers. details on the lower ian's new electric vehicle. and when it's expected to make its first appearance in northern california.
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in that ongoing effort to try to build a new ballpark for the oakland a's. a lawsuit has been filed claiming certain protocols weren't followed with the project's environmental impact report. >> a spokesman for the east oakland stadium alliance says the a's and the city of oakland did not adequately disclose the negative effects of project will have on the waterfront a's. president dave campbell rejects those claims and says the new ballpark would be better for the environment. >> it's so many 134 you get to the doorsteps project. 12 billion dollar project privately financed stadium. and we're really just at the point we need to know one way or the other. it could happen
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or not. and getting a lawsuit is never a good part of trying to get to that determination. i think we need the political approval of the city council this summer period like that's absolutely needed. if the litigation takes a little longer, i think we could, you know, fight that with the city council, but we can't can't have these continued delays on the project. lawsuits voting next year, referendums, whatever it into the. carroll also notes that the a's are still actively making offers on land sites in las vegas. >> checking on our 4 zone forecast. it was a lovely monday and it's a nice evening to checking on the golden gate bridge. just a wisp of fog there. and we're going to make is clouds. i don't know. i mean, after those storms get some sun block and half, i sunglasses get ready to go. yeah. i mean, it is going to be hotter up parts of bay area to feel a whole lot like summer in the next couple of days here, but not quite so much along the coast right now. you've got that fog that is locked in there and a half moon bay kind of cool out
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there. the breeze been blown. watch out. if you're headed toward the coastline as you're enjoying all that sunshine the next couple days, we've got some large waves building up there, some 12 to 14 footers. maybe the occasional 17 footer rolling it along the coastline tomorrow morning and continue right through wednesday before subsiding into thursday. high pressure start to build in right behind this cold front. you've got a couple clouds coming through for tonight. but once that front moves by high pressure really sticking in behind that and you watch is a builds and will continue to do so. not only tomorrow, but on wednesday and thursday. i think that really builds. we're going to see a strong offshore wind and that will bring with the nice weather. probably some 70's along the coastline and the possibility some 90's, even inside the bay temperatures for tomorrow will be warmer outside planning about 76 degrees in concord. 75 beautiful day in livermore. even inside the bay starting to see some mid 70's begin to pop up in places like san jose and fremont about 75 degrees in the napa valley in the san francisco should be sunny and 66 degrees. even a little sunshine along the coastline.
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and temperatures there still a little bit cool. 50's and some 60's next couple days, though, it all changes high pressure really going to soar. these temperatures could be ready. good 2025. degrees warmer as we head in toward the next couple of days. peaking on about thursday. and then those temperatures start to back off a little bit on friday with a few more clouds. and by next week we could be talking about a couple raindrops headed our way on monday. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> we're on the stretch run, folks. just 3 games remaining in the regular season for the warriors. they got the lakers at home on thursday. then they have a road back-to-back to end the season. the spurs on saturday and the pelicans on sunday they can finish as low as 5th or as high as 3rd. of course, that could be the difference between home-court advantage in the first round yesterday after the warriors beat the kings. jonathan coming ahead. don't like that. steve kerr said he has been monitoring the standings and
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wants to finish as high as possible. you know, pretty reasonable. take right dream on. well, he had a different point of view. as far as >> you know, no, that's not something that we really as well whether you're to. >> 3 60, the way i look at 3 seed, you still got one road game because no one's trying to go to game 7. when ohio's goes corner for that. >> so you still one road game. >> if you're 60 jurors still down one road game. if you're a nice easy, go for better teams to get to the finals. so it is what it >> all right. so here are the standings. we already mentioned who the warriors have left now, how about the other squad? them adds right now. they're in 4th place. they have the pistons at home and then they're on the road against the blazers and dispersed the nuggets, their home against the spurs, the grizzlies and the blazers.
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then we have the jazz down here at 6. they are home against the grizzlies. the thunder, the suns and on the road against the blazers. it will be interesting to see just the warriors get in round one and if they will have home court advantage now, we also have the national championship game going on tonight is pretty early and unc, they're up all 4 there by 4 on kansas. 22 to 18 right now. soon as that game, those final, we will have full highlights. cactus league action, giants and a's they faced off today. anthony, it's the friday he was impressive. he fanned 8 in four-plus innings game. give up a run for the giants. nothing. how about the top of the second? no score. brandon crawford launches a deep shot to right center. the giants they strike first. they are up one to nothing. top of 5th 2 on for luke williams and he smokes that one into left
6:51 pm
field 2 more runs come in to score. that extends the lead to they will go on to win 5 to 3. they play oakland again tomorrow night. lexi hall just completed a decorated career on the farm. now she is taking her talents to the w n b a the senior declared for the wnba draft today hall with a 3 time all-pac 12 performer and was on the all-defensive team twice. she wrapped her career at stanford with 1402 career points. of course she has a twin sister lacie who is also graduating you know, great season for them. but back to the warriors. this a whole lot going on right now. games left their bunching in the standings. they can play in either dallas, salt lake city outside chance they could play in denver too. so it will be interesting just to see who they get, where they get that fun here in dream on say. got
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to beat whoever you're playing. doesn't really get that. that's a dream. i meant ali. steve kerr will more like not probably rather not play jokic defending what he was home court advantage. of course. thank you, jason. we'll be right back.
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entertainment. tonight's kevin frazier was in the middle of it all. >> welcome to the grammys. red carpet ride a chance to talk to all the biggest stars will talk about that in a minute. but first, how about those showstopping moments? >> bruno mars and anderson pack silk sonic opened the show with a bang, then cleaned up, winning every single one of their nominations for 4 total we are really trying our hardest to remain humble play in the industry. we call that a clean sweep. >> use olivia rodrigo had a night to remember winning 3 awards, including best new artist and best pop vocal album, though she didn't score album of the year that went to we are. >> you seem stunned. john was the night's big winner earning 5 grams ways. and i'm so grateful. you know, it was a labor of love to to get into music and now have this career and i'm sharing it with the
6:56 pm
world. >> billy brought down the house but went home empty-handed as did justin bieber jury. of ptolemy lady gaga won best traditional pop vocal album for her work with tony bennett. >> he wasn't there in person due to his battle with alzheimer's. but gaga sang with touching tribute. and of course, we have so much more grammy coverage for you tonight on e t only we're backstage with all the winners. plus the couples and the fashion. we've got all the things you didn't see on the show for entertainment tonight. i'm kevin frazier. >> the delorean is making a comeback. remember that car? the iconic back to the future cars getting a 21st century update and it will be showcased for the first time in northern california this fall today, the delorean motor company released this first image of its much teased full electric delorean tv. the full
6:57 pm
reveal is expected on gust 18th at pebble beach. >> the company says that there will be a number of events dedicated to the next generation of the iconic a goal weighing cars, part of this year's monterey car week. you know, it's funny test tesla has a goal wing vehicle as well. but doesn't look like laureate kron 4 news at 6. we'll see it o'clock. have a good night. have an icy.
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: deliberately tripped? >> the 72-year-old tourist on her way to see a broadway show. >> i fell, boom, slam down. >> announcer: then... viva las vegas grammys. >> all the fashion, hits and misses. >> as lady gaga channels marilyn monroe. and justin bieber is crazy oversized suit. and the devil made him do it? denzel washington breaks his silence about the oscars scandal. >> the devil got a hold of him. >> as will smith gets the full


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