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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  April 5, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> tonight at 5 to 3 people now facing charges for the sacramento mass shooting where 6 people died. and today one of those suspects appeared in court for the very first time. thanks for watching. kron. 4 news at 5. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm catherine heenan for grant lotus tonight. 2 of the 3 suspects. you see them here. they are brothers on the left. 26 year-old d-andre martin on the right is his 27 year-old brother smiley martin. the 3rd person arrested has been identified as 31 year-old. >> the v on dawson who was seen carrying a gun right after the shooting. dawson has not been charged with crimes directly related to the
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shootings and detectives. don't think that the gun was used in the shooting, but right now we begin with kron four's rob nesbitt, who is at the arraignment of martin today. he joins us now live from outside the courthouse. what have you learned? >> vicki martin's arraignment only lasted a few minutes happening on the same day that his brother smiley martin, was listed as a possible suspect. here's some video of what happened in court today. martin entered the courtroom in person wearing a mask in orange jumpsuit and handcuffs. the judge read him his felony charges on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and being a convicted person carrying a loaded firearm. his brother smiley martin is one of the 12 people who were injured at the shooting. police have suspected his involvement and has been monitoring him at the hospital. once a 27 year-old is just charged will be booked into sacramento county jail. the 3rd suspect is 31 year-old day beyond. austin was arrested late monday for being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm. police say he has not been charged with crimes directly related to the shooting.
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>> dawson was allegedly seen with a gun after shots rang out early sunday morning. sacra opd. don't believe that it was a handgun used in the shooting when the breezy represented andrea martin in court this afternoon, she said she hasn't read the full police report, but she did comment on the loss of 6 lives. >> you know, it is always a tragedy to a community when there is this kind of thing that this sort of that kind of event that really affects community. it's more than just one dimensional. it's more than just a criminal justice system. as a a community. we need to address gun violence because all of our community is hurting all of the families in our community are impacted by this. >> the judge decided that d-andre martin's next court appearance will be scheduled for april. 26 police say that they are still looking to identify more suspects in this case. live in sacramento. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. all
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right, ron, and last night, candles lit up the darkness a day after that mass shooting in sacramento. >> 5 weeks ago, the community mourn the lives of 4 people killed at a church and now they're back morning. the 3 men and 3 women shot dead in the streets of downtown sacramento. and in that crowd, families consult each other grieving for their loved ones. one of those people as frank turner, he was working security here in the bay area when he discovered his 20 9 year-old son a device say turner was killed. turner described his son as a devoted dad. his free time is spent restoring old school cars. something i love doing together. frank says that he will continue working on cars in memory of his son. >> i plan to build a scar plan to finish it. i mean, it's going to take some time, but i plan to finish and put a mural on a picture of him to get his kids. >> and follow all the developments on the mass shooting in sacramento. you can take out your phone and scan this qr code and guide
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you to our web page where we'll be providing updates on the investigation, including the latest arrest and court appearances. oakland firefighters say a person has died. 5 other people have been displaced. that's when a fire broke out. >> at a homeless camp this afternoon, we have video from the citizen app. you can see the smoke there from the fire. 3 arby's, 2 cars truck were all burned. the person who died was found dead inside. one of the arby's the fire was near. 26 and wood street and not far from the west grand 8.80, onramp. no word yet on how this started to firefighters took control of the flames about 2 o'clock. and san francisco. 50 people are homeless after a fire broke out at an apartment complex last night. again, we've got video from the citizen app. this began about 9 last night on 400 upper terrace. everybody did get out, ok, but 2 people had to be rescued. the red cross and other city services are trying
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to help. fire officials say this could have been a lot worse and presidents and first responders have not been so well prepared. >> the fear the worst, you know, high winds, the high peaks, a windy road. this definitely could have become multipe building or can flight ration up there the firefighters and of echo some words that i heard from neighbors. well, is there were simply amazing and an expedient the way that they went into this fire. the obviously knew exactly what they were doing. their tactics were set down and they definitely saved multiple buildings. >> a firefighter did have minor injuries. he was treated and released from the hospital. today. the alameda county da released a report in the 2020 shooting death of eric salgado at the hands of 3 chp officers. they were found to be justified in using deadly force. >> until years is the same that i care that we all carry.
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this is not some 2 years, ok, talk is not here. >> members of the group justice for erik salgado gathered outside the alameda county courthouse. they say they're heartbroken by the decision not to file charges against the officers involved the chp so salgado was driving a stolen car. this was june 6 of 2020 when he was pulled over. they say he began ramming patrol cars and that's when officers opened fire. salgado died at the scene. his pregnant girlfriend was in the car but survived. attorneys for the salgado family say testimony from the officers was inconsistent. >> and they're still on the car. and still another car. >> attorney >> john burris is calling on california's attorney general now to open an independent investigation into that
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shooting. ukrainians fleeing their war-torn country and heading to the u.s. mexico border. >> are relying on help from various agencies to get into the u.s. and this weekend, a bay area ukrainian man pitch than our first political has that story. >> after connecting with volunteers at the christian church calvary san diego, humanitarian hub for ukrainian refugees in southern california, michael milstein and a group of more than a dozen ukrainians all living in the bay area. >> cross the u.s. mexico border to help connect asylum seekers with resources for some people. it may be. >> rather difficult to get to the border. but to get across the border, there's a line and they're allowing. i've heard the number 300 meaning behind that people were allowed to cross the border during the day. the united states has agreed to accept up to 100,000
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refugees from ukraine and the thousands not enough. >> formula left left become ship. but of last week, 10 million were displaced, whether traveling with a visa or simply a ukrainian passport. refugees can claim asylum at the border. >> that allows them to stay in the states while their cases are processed. milstein is originally from odessa, ukraine, but has lived in walnut creek his family for nearly 2 decades. but hope 48 fundraisers for refugees and those displaced since the russian invasion. >> to share. but cobo lives in san francisco among the volunteers who traveled from the bay area down south. she helped refugees who cross the border connect to flights to other parts of the country. for me, this people as because they >> to save their children. but after weeks of traveling overseas, she says the refugees are also exhausted and have yet to settle down.
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phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> and coming up later on kron, 4 news ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky address the united nations earlier today calling to remove russia from its security council after accusing them of a massacre in the city of blue checked. we'll have a live report from washington, d.c., and that's coming up at 5.30. if you have any plans to go to the beach with warm weather on the way whether officials are urging caution, they say that there's a high risk of sneaker waves and rip currents that could reach up to 20 feet high. they're advising that nobody go in the water today or tomorrow. this morning extends from big sur and the south all the way up to the mendocino sonoma border. >> and kron for meteorologists. dave spahr is joining us. we're saying earlier, so stay away from the beach, but it is beach weather day. you will have another hot day coming in here soon. so, you know, thursday will be pretty hot in. this will be outside the zone the advisories. they have all
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>> waves that we're talking about. you can see the geography that's covered all to the north bay down to moderate bay. and that will be through through thursday and tomorrow afternoon, rather. so by thursday, things will probably improve on that front and temperatures will continue to climb half moon bay some blue skies, blue waters as well. everything is our king up and around us. hence the high pressure cell that we have. that's going to start moving. those temperatures for us over the next several days. now, right now, the progress in the far east bay mid 70's cover most of the east bay. 61 thus far in san francisco. 72 nevado petaluma. you're coming in at about 66. 74 going on up there to saint lena. for tonight's planner, this is what you can count on. clear and mild at 9 o'clock 50's hold. looks like by midnight clear in pleasant again, a lot of 50's and to greet you tomorrow morning. a nice start. temperatures at around 50 but the nightly the overnight lows will start warming up a little bit, too, of the next couple of days. we'll be talking more about the heat spike into that. catherine. in a couple minutes. thanks, dave.
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>> tiger woods says that he will play in the masters this week. and not only will they play. he says he feels confident he can win. >> as of right now, i feel like i'm going to play. as of right now. do you think you can win the masters this week? i do. and one of the senior preparation that leads you to believe that i didn't like just fun. i i don't have any qualms about what i can do physically from a cost standpoint. it's walking so hard part. >> woods says that barring any setback, he will tee off thursday morning. that's when the masters against. he says returning to augusta is special to him. you've got to play a practice round with the sun. charlie last week, woods has not played a full tour event since crashing his car. nearly 14 months ago in his right leg was injured so severely doctors considered amputation >> coming up, following the mass shooting in sacramento,
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state lawmakers met today to vote on stricter gun control laws. also the bay area city were a key vote will decide whether people still need to wear masks. >> an attempted carjacking in palo alto unsuccessful because police say the bad guys can police say the bad guys can figure out how to s when a truck hit my car, police say the bad guys can fthe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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let ouri was hit by a car help yoand needed help. i called the barnes firm. that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> for each pay, teenagers are under arrest tonight after
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robbing and attempting to carjack a woman at the stanford shopping center. and fortunately for that woman, she did get her car back. she got her possessions back all because the teenagers. >> didn't know how to start her car. somehow. kron four's. dan kerman is live at police headquarters in palo alto with more. dan. >> well, that's right. you know, it's unbelievable to see that that might be what happened. but apparently according to police, that is they just couldn't figure out the new technology involved in some of these new cars. and as a result, this woman has her car and all of her possessions back. hallowell to police have stepped up patrols in the stanford shopping center parking lots following an attempted robbery and carjacking monday evening about 6. >> police say a woman was parked in the north parking lot near fleming steakhouse when she was approached by 2 teenagers. one approach from one side, one approach to the other and open to different kind of caught her off guard. >> and then robbed her of
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belongings, though unarmed police say they then forced her out of the car. the woman left the scene found a good samaritan and called 9-1-1 when the 2 returned to the scene, her audi suv was still there. but now 4 teenagers were inside. to her surprise. it appears that they're young juveniles and they didn't understand how to actually operate her car. so they left her car, ran across all community one of our train station areas where there are ultimately caught by one of our officers. palo alto. police say this type of crime is not common either in palo alto or the stanford shopping center. if we have anything. >> value will make sure it's in the trunk. just make sure. but yeah, you definitely don't want to see anything visible or anything like that. but never heard of. >> being carjacked here, visitors, we spoke with its stanford shopping center say they're careful about not leaving anything visible in their car to ward off break ins. but being carjacked is not something they thought about much until now. there's
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not much. >> we can do. i can do. i just. and i'm just more all the time. >> going forward, i would say just kind of keep my eye out on individuals may be falling into my car. to my surroundings. and try not to look vulnerable. >> again, police stepping up patrols in that area. also advising people to make sure you're always aware of your surroundings where ever you are live at police headquarters in palo alto. dan kerman kron. 4 news by stan. >> and the south bay, this man is in custody, accused of assaulting a 17 year-old girl in san jose. police say that it happened march 24th near steinbeck elementary school. people stopped to help the girl. they called 9-1-1. the suspect faces several felony charges including assault. san jose police are thanking the community for help in assisting a cut to capture
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this man. a santa clara police are looking for 4 people who stole 2 french bulldogs. they broke into a home on newell street at 1 o'clock in the morning on monday, 2 people were inside, but they were not hurt and nothing else was taken. just the 2 dogs. >> the san jose city council has voted unanimously to fall in line with state and county masking guidelines. this means you will no longer be required to wear a mask in most indoor settings, people will still have to wear masks in places like hospitals, homeless shelters on public transit, private businesses can also still require them. an fda advisory board is going to talk about the future of covid boosters tomorrow. topics will include whether the covid vaccine could become an annual shot last week the fda expanded emergency authorizations for both pfizer and moderna vaccines. people over 50 can now get a second booster. if it's spent at
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least a 4 months since their first one. and of course, we'll keep you updated on what the board decides. question years repair for a moment. let's going take a live look outside. beautiful. a bird's eye view of the golden gate bridge off there in the distance. that is lovely and kron for meteorologists. dave spahr is that it's really been beautiful all day. i wanted to be upside, though. it's going to be like that the next couple of days looks like all those starting to get a little warm as we get into around thursday or so. you'll feel some of those effects going on tomorrow. >> live shot of half moon bay bluebay blue skies. a temperature check for you. we have a lot of 70's going on in london. a part of the in the east bay approaching mid 70's are a little bit warmer this afternoon but still holding on to 77 fairfield petaluma. 66 72 for in a bottle. but we've got several days of building on this next few hours. 68 by 7 by 8 o'clock. we'll do 63 keeping skies clear. ultimate lows tonight. not bad. lower 50's inland even along the bay. it looks like 47 fremont up to the north bay. some
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upper 40's, which even they're going to see some numbers warming up over the next couple of days at sea with the highs look like for tomorrow. all lined up here for us upper 80's. this is a work in progress. we're not done with this yet. 85 for santa rosa. 85 also mill valley. 77 for san francisco. you can see that marine layer still trying to hang along the coast. are we having up in a bit here? the 4 zone forecast for you thinking? >> nguyen dire warning about climate change. a un panel of experts says the world needs to move faster. if we want to prevent the consequences of an overheated planet. the experts say major countries such as the u.s. and china need to reduce the use of fossil fuels before the impacts of global warming becomes irreversible. that could happen by the end of this decade. the experts say there still is time to act, but that time is running out. >> still ahead, chaos is a robbery suspect rams to 8 police cars while trying to get away. the tense take down
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>> a blast from the past former president barack obama return to the white house today to celebrate the affordable care act or obamacare. and he joined the president biden calling for a fix to the health care act. washington correspondent reshad hudson has more. >> it is to quote, a famous
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american, a pretty big deal. >> former president barack obama made his first return to the white house tuesday to celebrate his signature piece of legislation. the affordable care act. and today the aca hasn't just survived its pretty darned popular obama joined president biden and vice president hairs and marking the 12th anniversary of the law. health care should be right. nop a privilege. the white house says since president biden took office enrollment and coverage through the aca is at its highest level. >> 4 out of 5 americans. you can find quality coverage for under $10 a month. >> president biden also announced new actions to improve the aca, fixing the so-called family glitch to lower health care costs for nearly 1 million americans and help 200,000 uninsured people gained coverage working for them. >> air, we'll get the help they need to afford full family coverage. but vice
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president kamala harris is calling on congress to permanently expand aca coverage through legislation protecting the health and well-being of the people of our nation should not be a partisan issue. the change is scheduled to take effect in january reporting in washington, reshad hudson. >> and we have some breaking news. we wanted tell you about in san francisco's or said area police say someone who might have a gun began making threats and went into a building. it's happening on gonzales drive near state university. this you're looking at video now from the citizen app. no word yet on exactly what the man was saying. but it was considered threatening. police believe he is having some kind of mental health emergency people are being asked to avoid that area for now. and of course, we'll continue to follow the story and bring you any updates throughout the night. coming up, state lawmakers meeting right now to decide of stricter gun control laws will
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be implemented after the deadly mass shooting in sacramento. >> also watch as police officers rush under a burning home and come out with arm loads of plus, president zelensky asking the united nations to hold russia accountable. following reports of the massacre in mucho. we'll have a live report from washington rig
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>> the destruction in ukraine continues to harp 5 people, including in the city of butte's show where bodies are actually scattered in the streets, including people whose hands have been bound behind their backs. it is more chilling evidence of the atrocities bearing being carried out by russia. ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky address the united nations security council. >> today pleading for more help to end this conflict in his country. washington, d.c., correspondent anna wiernicki is a life in the nation's capital and joins us now. hi, anna. >> good evening. all in a virtual appearance of president zelinsky gave a graphic account of the situation on the ground in ukraine and he's calling on world leaders to hold russia accountable. >> be stepped up to life in an emotional address to the united nations security council, ukrainian president zelensky detail the horror he saw in reese says russians killed at least 300 civilians
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for pleasure. killed entire families, adults and children. and they tried to burn the body. is the evidence emerging from has stirred a global response. secretary of state antony blinken says the people who committed and ordered the attacks must be held accountable. what we've seen and bush has not. >> the random act of a rogue unit. it's a deliberate campaign. to kill. with torture. rate. to commit. >> atrocities at the un. russia denied the attacks accusing ukraine for staging the deaths is a blatant criminally staged events. he needs to be defeated back on capitol hill, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says the u.s. needs to put more pressure on pruett in ukrainian seem to have the ability to feed them. >> and we need to make sure that they have all the tools they need to beat them.


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