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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  April 6, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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right to mental health treatment for people in california. >> well, the state's democratic led legislature and governor way all of these options, the push also continues to toughen up the state's gun laws. but republicans say this is not working, especially now with investigators saying gang violence was at the center of sunday's tragedy. we need to hold people accountable. assemblyman tom lackey is a former california highway patrolmen. he says there needs to be more consequences. people who engage in these kind of island of fronts. >> they don't care about rules so we can make all the rules we want, but it's really not going to change that behavior and consequences is not necessarily to serve only as a preventive measure. we i do believe that has some primitive circumstance, but it's part of justice in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> a new study led by a stanford professor says the risks of living in a home with guns may far outweigh any potential protection. the study focused on homicide rates among californians
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catherine heenan is here with some of what the researchers discovered. catherine. yeah, well, it is not a big shock to any of us that if live in a home with guns, there are more likely going to be homicides and suicides. >> but researchers were a little surprised by part of the study. thesfact that if you live in a home with a gun owner, even if you don't use a gun yourself, you are more than twice as likely to die by homicide. the same study also suggests that thank a gun will ward off robbers, rapists and other criminals might simply be wrong. >> it was one of the specific type of public side. we looked at that was homicide, but it should at the hands of strange. it's so strange protect the homicide. often somebody who was an intruder to the heart of. and we felt to think that, first of all, they're relatively calm. those types of debts, much less common than homicides, trying to buy family members or friends. but when they do we saw the people who lived with hendon on this. what a less
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likely to experience those kinds of that. some people who did really calls into question some protective will security value that maybe people think that getting with lebron going >> this research is coming during a big hike in gun sales. people have been buying a lot more guns. this is partly because of anxiety over the pandemic. also high crime rates, ken and pam. catherine, thank you. today the san francisco board of supervisors passed a resolution to support a state bill. >> that was streamline solar panel installation on homes currently acquiring permits for home solar installation in the city could be weeks or even years. the bill introduced by state senator scott wiener would dramatically streamline that process. it would require cities and counties to adopt an instant online permitting system. the bill garnered bipartisan support in the state senate and will soon be heading to the assembly to be heard in committee. now to our
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4 zone forecast as we give you a live look over downtown san francisco on a very warm wednesday. yeah. and our chief meteorologists is here to say there's going to be a lot of sunshine if you want to talk about solar the next few days even make a lot of money on your solar panels. that's for sure. kind of days like this. the fog suomer months, maybe not so much but out there now you're looking good out there. nice, clear skies all the way. the golden gate bridge. >> beautiful, sunny and warm. just about everywhere you go. even 73. right now in pacifica, cooling off just a tad in half moon bay at 68 79 in palo alto, 80 in fremont right now. 85 and cocker. 74 in alameda. 71 downtown san francisco. 76 in fairfax, 81 in novato and 84 degrees in santa rosa. all right. want to show you this. this is a long-range forecast model and as impressive as this ridge of high pressure is in all the heat. we're going to be in weather whiplash as we'r% going to see a big change in the temperatures may be 40, maybe 50 degrees cooler as we head into next week. tomorrow, looking good, high pressure overhead, lots of sunshine,
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maybe a few high clouds, but temperatures probably near record levels. it's going to be hot. lot of 90's showing up in the valleys, even inside the bay. then we start to cool down a bit on friday. more cooling over the weekend. then all of a sudden here you go. that storm system dives in across the bay area bring a chance of rain in the forecast. the temperatures. yeah, we're going to be topping out in the mid 90's tomorrow. maybe only mid-fifties by the time we look at monday. so a huge, 40, maybe 50 degree change in temperatures for parts of the bay area. and then another chance of rain late next week. so would that be interesting to see this all turn back to some wintry weather in the coming days here? so keep your fingers crossed for that right now said a beautiful cold front off the coastline. high pressure still out ahead of it, though. and that is keeping our skies mostly clear for tonight will be very mild well into the evening with temperatures in the 60's 70's, even 9, maybe 10 o'clock tonight. guys, back to you. thank you, lawrence. now to the latest in ukraine. officials are urging civilians and parts of eastern ukraine to evacuate as russian forces target that area. the attacks
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come as president biden announces new sanctions against russia and is financial system. >> reporter mark mester has more. >> and together with our allies and our partners, we're going to keep raising the economic cost, ratchet up the pain for prudent and further increase russia's economic isolation. president biden announcing new sanctions against russia while addressing trade leaders at a union conference in washington today. >> the new penalties target to more russian banks. one of them is russia's largest lender. >> united states will impose full blocking sanctions on spare bank by far the largest financial institution rushed and alpha bank is largest private bank. the new executive order prohibits any assets from touching the united states financial system. >> it also stops any americans from engaging in business with them. the sanctions also impacting family members of top russian officials to of russian president vladimir putin's adult daughters. >> who are both in their 30's now have their assets impacted. a senior u.s. official was quoted saying the united states believes many of
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latimer putin's assets. our hidden with those family members. sanctions also impacting the family of russian foreign minister sergey lavrov along with members of russian security council, including former russian president and prime minister dmitri medvedev just in one year. >> our sanctions are lucky to wipe out the last 15 years. russia's economic gains and the cause we've cut russia off from importing technologies like semiconductors and and corruption, security and critical components of quantum technology that they need to compete in the 21st century. we're going stifle russia's ability is economy to grow for years to come. >> those punishments handed down as the united states and european union alleged war crimes against russia. following images of mass killings and shallow graves in blue chip, a suburb of ukraine's capital. meantime, ukrainian officials are urging civilians to flee in the country's eastern region on the news of an impending russian offensive. russia reportedly carried out a series of missile strikes on fuel depots overnight. russian
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forces are trying to gain full control of the eastern donbas region. >> that was mark mester reporting in mariupol. the city's mayor says 5,000 civilians have been killed since the russian invasion. among the dead 210 children. the mayor also said that russians, bob hospitals, including one where 50 people were burned to death. >> still ahead, there's stories are as old and as important as san francisco itself. the new library exhibit highlighting the history of chinese women who immigrated to the bay area. >> and we'll check in on some boards as the warriors 0 in on the playoffs. head coach steve kerr talking about klay thompson. plus clay from his boat and a new hypothesis from a local paley and taller. just on why one of the most terrifying predators to ever walk the earth as such tiny little arms.
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>> a new exhibit exploring the history of chinese american women held its opening ceremony today at the san francisco library. the exhibit is called her story on view. the legal history of chinese american women. it explores 165 years of discrimination and exclusion that many immigrants face dating back to the gold rush. the exhibit seeks to highlight the ordinary people who fought for their rights and pave the way for chinese americans to live a better life in the bay area.
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and in the rest of the country. >> it's a history that is often hidden from us. >> especially mainstream history. you cannot look at history. if you look history, you make peach the of history. >> the exhibit will remain open through the end of june. if you need shorts to week words who probably would use to describe a t rex. >> as you're talking about their arms today, we talked with uc berkeley paleontologist, kevin panic, haiti and about why the rex has such little arms. he believes the arms shrink over time with some of the latest findings suggesting t rex is hunted in packs and competed for food. haiti hypothesis rests on the idea that if a pack of t rex, we're all trying to eat the same, pray at the same time, larger arms were just gotten in the way. >> if one gets too close to the next one, you just might
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respond by, you know, just paying off your arm. if people were thinking as a glass their thing will say they're thinking more about the arms and less about what the benefits the whole animal could be. and so my reasoning is if they're reducing its probably serving a benefit to the whole animal. >> the professor says to take his hypothesis with a grain of salt because there's still a lot left to learn about the you'll x. >> the biden administration is launching a government-wide plan to help detect and treat long-haul covid-19 symptoms. i'm alexandra limon in washington with that story. coming up. >> looking for sunshine, you'll find it all the way to the coast. maybe some record-breaking need (customer) [reading] save yourself?! money with farmers? (burke) that's not wrong. when you switch your home and auto policies to farmers, you could save yourself an average of seven hundred and thirty dollars. (customer) that's something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers. ♪we are farmers.bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum♪
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>> now, though, our 4 zone forecast as we give you a nice look at the golden gate bridge tonight where it's nice and warm. lawrence is standing by to tell us what's ahead as we get closer to the weekend. yeah, i like these. he wins as long as they don't stick around too long and the couple days. good enough. after that, we're like, bring back the fog in the cool weather. we'll see that happen to it's going to be a big change. i think in the next week out in half moon bay, right along the coastline. live shot for you right now. some folks getting out there and enjoy the clear skies in a very mild temperatures for this time of year along the may even see some record levels in half moon bay by tomorrow afternoon. in fact, all around the bay area. it is going to be something else about 84 degrees in downtown san
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francisco. 83 degrees in golden gate park. 77 in the sunset about 79 in daly city. 82 in pacifica, 83 in half moon bay. that could be near record level. there. 85 degrees in millbrae about 87 in burlingame. 84 in south san francisco. and then we start to crank out some 90's in san carlos foster city, palo alto mountain view. it is going to be hot. the south bay, some of the warmest temperatures around the bay area likely be in the santa clara valley tomorrow about 96 in campbell. 96 in milpitas about 95 in downtown san jose east bay. also going to be in the mid 90's. 96 degrees little more. 94 implied that about 94 in union city. 87 degrees in oakland. 85 in berkeley, 90 in orinda 96 in walnut creek and 96 in congress are kind of has that summer flavor to it by tomorrow afternoon. those temperatures even along the beaches, beautiful day at the beach, stinson beach, maybe 71 degrees. be careful. water is running the waves running large. right now. the water is running cold a little bit
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dangerous along the as you're headed toward the beach, you'll find slightly cooler temperatures but still staying hot around much of the bay area that are cooling down. maybe some showers and much cooler temperatures early next week. >> thank you, lawrence. francisco now has the highest rate of covid infections in the state. although the numbers are still relatively small compared with last winter's a surge, the seven-day average in the city is up to 14 cases per 100,000 people. that is a 56% increase in infections since last month. the bay area as a whole is reporting about 700 new cases a day. the majority of cases are linked to the highly transmissible to omicron subvariant. meantime, the biden administration has ordered a sweeping effort to detect and to treat long covid long covid refers to the lingering symptoms of covid that can last weeks and months. even years. our washington correspondent alexandra limon reports.
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>> millions of americans could be experiencing what's known as long covid by had more blizzard of allergic reactions. but one of them was sort of instantaneously. i felt like all my nerve endings were tingling. virginia senator tim kaine says he's one of those people and it's 24 7 for the last 2 years. the symptoms can vary widely there a logical symptoms, cardiac symptoms, pulmonary symptoms, muscle fatigue, muscle pain and fatigue symptoms. senator kaine says if your body feels different than before you had covid, you should see a doctor to ask about long covid long covid is real. and there's still so much we don't know about secretary heavy of a set of us as to help americans who are struggling with long covid. president biden instructed the department of health and human services to establish a national action plan leading a government-wide. >> response long covid focused on 3 main goals. those goals are improving care services
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and support enhancing education and outreach among the public, private and medical communities and advancing research will continue to assess and highlight the long-term effects of covid-19 on our hardest hit and highest risk communities and make sure they receive the support they need. secretary this head of us says the agency will share information in real time on how to prevent detect and treat long covid in washington. alexandra limon. >> unruly airline passengers may soon be prevented from flying today. east bay congressman eric swalwell introduced the protection from abuse of passengers act. this comes after the faa is seen a rise in violent incidents with passengers under the new bill. violent offenders convicted of assaulting flight crews will be placed on a no-fly list. some passengers think it's excessive. so others say it's reasonable. all the rules are. >> read and before you take your flight, i think you should be punished. you get violent in that case in any
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other case, i don't think your report them will make one a but everybody here in the life more than comes out, humid up pleasant. yes, that's like them. this is not my thing. but at the would-be. but >> the list would be managed by the tsa banned individuals would receive advance notice being placed on the list, including guidelines for removal and opportunities for appeal. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the warriors were locked in practice today ahead of their last regular season home game against the lakers. the dogs are holding down the number 3 seed in the west right now. just one game up on the mavericks with 3 games to go. if the season were over today, the worst would face the nuggets in the opening round of the nba playoffs. denver could get golden state. some problems. the dubs. what one in 3 against the nuggets during the regular season with nikola jokic putting up a triple-double when the 2 teams met in march 7th. however, the
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dup certain a better place after 2 wins. and a 36 point performance by shooting guard klay thompson. >> i've noticed the last he seems to me he's just in a much better. a place. he smiling and laughing through practice today. i think he's he's just having so much fun being back out on the floor again. and i think that should be a big focus for him is that, you know, regardless of what happens in games, he's back. he's playing. he's loving. you know, being part of things. he's loving the competition and the more he leans into that, the better, you know, being appreciative of. the opportunity to play and less focus on. i've got to be perfect every single month. >> speaking of klay thompson, he is apologizing today after making some strong com comments about fans tree post-practice media session yesterday when asked about criticism of for pneumonia
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bjelica thompson said, quote, nobody is appreciated by the fans and quote, he went on to say a lot of new fans expect greatness from the warriors but didn't support the team prior to the recent championships. thompson said, quote, we can forget those folks. they don't deserve to wrap the words, end quote today. he changed his tune during an instagram live video on his boat. >> and good game. i would your style of play? close and anybody? well, my attention. well, all your head. below. >> i like that. he still call them bandwagon fans, though. he's fans are welcome now. a san jose earthquakes moving forward with plans for a huge new soccer complex today. team president jared shally spoke with kron four's kate rooney about how this will impact the community. >> the development will include 10 fields and a 40,000 square foot training center to
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be built at the santa clara county fairgrounds. shally says state of the art facilities will help the team reach its potential. and it will also further solidify northern california as a soccer destination. >> it really gets back to the east coast. if you're a quick sip at here in san jose for 45 years, which yet to be a team that's really rooted in the soccer's very grassroots sport. and so our players are known to be incredibly accessible, a game signing autographs, doing clinics with u soccer players on the weekends. so i think it's really just adds to that spear in the aegis that we kind have built over the years here in santa clara county. >> want to put you guys on the spot as the bay area, folks, what do you think about the warriors so-called bandwagon fans? good to have more fans are get rid they weren't here when we' e bad. haha. well, i mean, this always the case in with team. that's all we've talk a part of me. that's kind of how sports are people get excited about a team when they're winning. how much you
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simulator is on tour around california today. it's in southern california making his way to berkeley. the machine can simulate a quake anywhere from a magnitude 3 to a 7. >> officials say the exhibit not only lets people know how strong quakes can be, but also how to get prepared for the big one. which can happen anytime that's it for us at 6 o'clock tonight. we'll see have a good night. have a nice night. ♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive
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and that's exactly - ♪ ♪ >> worst timing ever? after matthew broderick tested positive for covid. >> right in the middle of promoting his new play. >> he was everywhere. then, struck by lightning. twice. a dad and daughter hit at a ball game. it's because partially paralyzed, my dad was completely paralyzed. >> and it is here. >> tornado. students sheltered in the basement. plus, workers rebel. >>e


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