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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 6, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> now they get your shorts and sandals out. we are expecting a major warm-up tomorrow, as we say goodbye to what was still a mildly cool wednesday, at least in downtown san francisco. as for joining us on kron, 4 news at 8, i'm ken wayne. i'm moore is going to feel almost like summer tomorrow. here's a look at the current temperatures around the bay area. you can see there in the 60's and 70's and up to the 80's in some locations at this hour. >> our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead. laura. yeah,
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hottest temperatures of the year so far. high pressure sitting over head. the temperatures warmed up a lot today. well, those temperatures going to heat up even lot more as we head in toward tomorrow. beautiful evening out there. we're looking really cranking up these temperatures hottest day of the week tomorrow. records are possible around at least parts of the bay area. >> has that strong dome of high pressure sits over head with those offshore winds blowing. and that's a perfect combination. very low humidity. and yeah, the temperatures are going to be getting hot in spots. big changes, though, next week. in fact, next week we could see a temperature drop, maybe 40 to 50 degrees cooler. maybe some showers as we head in toward monday. but it was nice out there today. how about this? 83 degrees downtown san francisco, 80 in oakland today. 85 in san jose. 83 in lemore 86 in concord and 88 degrees in santa rosa outside all around. now, just beginning to see the numbers cool off coast site in the 60's. you get to san francisco, still 70 degrees. 76, i believe that in san mateo right now, 70 in oakland, 70 in alameda, just
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beautiful weather all around the bay area. nice evening outside. so these temperatures going to start out a little warmer than normal. not going to be long before they're going to soar. high pressure going to build in for at least one more day tomorrow. the hottest day with 90's likely to pop up not just in the valleys where you get to used to that weather but places inside the bay, the santa clara valley filled with 90's there tomorrow, maybe 90 degrees close to that at least redwood city along the coastline. and that's a real good chance. we could see some of those records fall. these temperatures going to be soaring, maybe even the 80's, even near the 83 degrees in half moon bay tomorrow about 89 in redwood city. 95 in san jose. 96 in livermore, you get these temperatures going to be sizzling out there tomorrow. we will notice a big change in the weather coming our way. think by friday we'll start to cool down those temperatures a little bit. but tomorrow, yeah, people are used to the seat has been quite some time as we've seen temperatures like this last early in the season. yeah. all right. well, thank you, lawrence. well, in the south bay because of the expected high temperatures, the city of campbell.
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>> we'll open a cooling center for the public tomorrow. it will be located at the city's community center in room. eat 42. it will run from noon until 8 at night. masks are strongly recommended. >> other news tonight we continue to follow the developments out of sacramento. police say the mass shooting that killed 6 people over the weekend was gang-related. and so far, investigators believe at least 5 shooters were involved. our grant lotus joins us now. he has the latest on the investigation. grant the panic. and from the investigators, the sacramento vindicated. >> that they suspect multiple shooters were involved here today. they didn't name any of the 5 suspects saying it's too early for that. but today's update from sacramento police came about 24 hours after dandre martin made his first court appearance and his brother smiley martin was named as a possible suspect. they also arrested 31 year-old davion dawson. he has since been released on bail. police
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say at least 76 shots rang out after a scuffle early sunday morning as nearby bars were closing and letting out detectives combing through nearly 200 pictures and videos. the witnesses have already turned over. investigators are encouraging more people to speak up and reach out. we encourage the if they see something that just doesn't feel right to please call us. >> we have officers down there that are going to be willing and ready to respond to any concerns the community may have downtown. >> the majority of the picture and video evidence sent to police is thanks to their community evidence portal which has a qr code here in bed in the sacramento police department's website and social media pages. you know the deal. just hold your phone's camera up there. it will give you a link. you can go right there and submit the content. police say more arrests in the shooting case are expected. we'll keep you
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posted. their pam and ken, back to you. thank you, grant. and we are taking a look at the names and faces of the 6 people who were killed in that shooting over the weekend. >> 32 year-old joshua hoyt, yee lucchese. 21 year old john tay alexander. 57 year-old melinda davis. 29 year-old device co turn devazia turner. 38 year-old sergio harris and 21 year-old yemeni lay martinez and dry day. one victim was a father to 2 little girls. their mother talked to kron four's haaziq madyun. today. she told about how difficult it was to tell her children that their father is dead. it's a story you'll only see here on kron 4. >> how does a mother tell her? 9 year-old and 10 year-old daughters that their father has just been killed? >> i didn't get into details with them because i thought it was too gruesome for them to know. but i did let them know that their father passed bill and he's with the lord right now. that is the difficult
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conversation that 36 year-old passenger turner. >> had with their 2 little girls about their father. 32 year-old joshua hoyt, okc being one of the 6 people gunned down this past weekend. the mass shooting in downtown sacramento. so mister to said she had to deal with the shock of receiving the news herself on social media. i just got spelling and i said, oh, my god, i think that something must have happened to he was a victim of mass shooting in downtown sacramento. we now know that lucchese was among the 6 people who died in the additional 12 wounded during the incident. >> that same night prior to the shooting, 2 of the suspects and joshua lucchese were allegedly seen together on a live social media post. >> one of the alleged shooting suspect was holding what appeared to be a handgun. however, the sharjah turner says that does not like the joshua. she knows i have seen the video, but that was by that's not the person i he was
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caring. we love this girls as the girls left him. how do you make sense of what happened that night? i don't make of it really because to me is still almost from the real i feel like i'm hoping on on of him. he was out trying to have a good time just like any other person. it just happened to be at the place at the wrong time. the shot to turn a says she has set up a gofundme to assist with the care of her daughters. now that their father, who she says was a good provider, is no longer with them. >> has made kron 4 news? our coverage of the sacramento mass shooting will continue tonight at 6. it. >> we'll continue tonight at 8.30, including details on the statewide push to prevent gun violence. we also have continuing coverage on our website kron 4 dot com in ukraine. the mayor of the besieged city of mariupol says more than 5,000 civilians have
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been killed during the monthlong russian blockade. 210 of them were children. the city's mayor said today that russian forces have among other targets bombed hospitals, including one where 50 people burned to death. he said that more than 90% of the city's infrastructure has been destroyed by russian selling shelling rather. the attacks come as president biden announced new sanctions against russia and its financial system. mark mester has more. >> and together with our allies and our partners, we're going to keep raising the economic cost, ratchet up the pain for prudent and further increase russia's economic isolation. president biden announcing new sanctions against russia while addressing trade leaders at a union conference in washington today. >> the new penalties target to more russian banks. one of them is russia's largest lender. >> united states will impose full blocking sanctions on spare bank by far the largest financial institution rushed and alpha bank is largest private bank. the new executive order prohibits any
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assets from touching the united states financial system. >> it also stops any americans from engaging in business with them. the sanctions also impacting family members of top russian officials to of russian president vladimir putin's adult daughters. >> who are both in their 30's now have their assets impacted. a senior u.s. official was quoted saying the united states believes many of latimer putin's assets. our hidden with those family members. sanctions also impacting the family of russian foreign minister sergey lavrov along with members of russian security council, including former russian president and prime minister dmitri medvedev just in one year. >> our sanctions are likely to wipe out the last 15 years. russia's economic gains and the cause we've cut russia off from importing technologies like semiconductors and and corruption, security and critical components of quantum technology that they need to compete in the 21st century. we're going stifle russia's ability is economy to grow for years to come. >> those punishments handed
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down as the united states and european union alleged war crimes against russia. following images of mass killings and shallow graves in blue chip, a suburb of ukraine's capital. meantime, ukrainian officials are urging civilians to flee in the country's eastern region on the news of an impending russian offensive. russia reportedly carried out a series of missile strikes on fuel depots overnight. russian forces are trying to gain full control of the eastern donbas region. >> again, that was mark mester reporting for us. other news now starting this fall, customers ordering an uber in san francisco may end up taking a ride in a taxi. instead. >> uber is partnering with yellow 7 flywheel to give more than 1000 cab drivers in the city. access to uber customers. riders will pay over x-rays for taxi rise through the uber app. sf mta says that those rates are roughly 80 to 85% of what a cab ride would cost. some cab
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drivers are not happy about the proposal, but yellow cab executives say some drivers earning some money is better than not picking up riders at all. the yearlong pilot program goes into effect august 5th. >> coming up, the sky may look like he's delivering a package, but police say he's up to no good. a warning tonight about a ups imposter. >> plus, home sales are down a bit in the bay area, but prices for new homes remain a mortgage broker explains why. and yet another covid variant has been found this time in the uk with local doctors are saying about his potential threat in the bay area. i was injured in a car crash.
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>> san francisco now has the highest rate of covid infections in the state of california. although the numbers are still relatively small compared with last winter's surge, the seven-day average in the city is up to 14 cases per 100,000 people. that is a 56% increase in infections since last month. the bay area as a whole is reporting about 700 new cases every day. the majority of the cases are linked to the highly transmissible to omicron subvariant and yet another covid variants his surface. this one is named x ev. it has been identified in the united kingdom. local health experts say there is no cause for alarm, at least not yet. kron four's gayle ong has the
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details. >> the new subvariant xt is a combination of omicron ba one and ba 2, the world health organization warned about the new variant earlier this week means super power that it has is increased transmissibility, ucsf, infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says preliminary data suggest maybe about 10% more transmissible. >> the nba to you so far, the united kingdom has reported more than 600 cases at this time. there are no known cases in the united states yet a lot of jurisdictions and countries. >> i'm reporting less frequently and doing less frequent onala you may find before. we know it's already here. doctor chin-hong said that he is not concerned about the new variant. neither is doctor john swartzberg, an infectious disease expert at uc berkeley. i would think said we would have seen war. >> iceland's in more places, brian eno because we've known about it for a little while.
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still, it could all of a sudden take off the who is monitoring cases. both experts say the best defense against covid-19. >> remains the vaccine in the long run. >> to get out of this mess of constantly chasing and these variants is to get not just americans vaccinated but worldwide to get people vaccinated. once we do that once we get a high percentage of people vaccinated, the virus is not to be producing. a lot of new variants net makes it a much safer world. >> people shouldn't. marty, good to go. if you've gotten bu said and the bay area in particular is is going to not see as many hospitalizations. we think you to any one of strains of covid, the nba to all at sea. but we may see cases in the community and when those cases go up, you know, you have to the site how risky it is for sitting populations to around without protection get along. kron 4
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news doctor. napa has pleaded guilty to selling fake covid-19 vaccine cards to at least 200 people. >> federal prosecutors say julie maisie admitted to selling the fake cards sent show the holders received moderna vaccines. when they had not. she is set to be sentenced in july. the u.s. department of justice says this is the first federal criminal fraud prosecution related to fake vaccine cards. >> let's check on our 4 zone forecast. looking outside live along the san francisco embarcadero. and you see the exploratorium, the big buddy ball. they're lucky ball. all keep all out there. bucky bucky chemo, william buck minister. all right. but to go a nice day to go out and hang out by the bay, right? even now a very comfortable temperatures around the bay area. that's way it's going to stay this evening. got those offshore winds likely to build in clear skies to the coastline and look at the numbers around the bay area right in the san francisco, the head of the pier. still 72
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degrees. 68 downtown san francisco in the north bay. those temperatures are still warm. 72 in mill valley, 70 in campfield. >> 70 degrees in samara fell. they headed across the bay. 69 rich been beautiful and crocker right now clear skies and 64 warm temperatures in lafayette at 70 degrees. 73 in orinda. 74 degrees in berkeley. get the idea. just gorgeous weather. unseasonably warm for this time of year. well, tomorrow is going to get even warmer. it's going to be hot around parts of the bay area. all thanks to this big dome of high pressure will strengthen for at least one more day at the same time as that ridge strengthen compresses all that air. we're getting a little bit of an offshore wind and that's just enough to send these temperatures soaring. so that offshore wind will continue overnight tonight and through the morning tomorrow. and then by the afternoon, we'll start to see those winds switch directions becoming more on shore. you see it late in the day. there's a sea breeze makes return. but before that is all said and done these temperatures. yeah, we're going to be special. likely going to see some records broken tomorrow that reaches
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83 in half moon bay. that would be a record. 95 in san jose. that would also be a record. so some of these temperatures in the forecast record heat for tomorrow afternoon, hot, especially inland parts of the bay to specially in the santa clara valley. a big change in the weather pattern, though, as we head through the weekend, more clouds on sunday. and by monday, we're least 40 degrees cooler with highs. only in the 50's and showers. >> thank you, lawrence. will take a look at this. this man in this video, he looks like a ups employee delivering a package, but police in congress say he is actually checking to see if anybody is at home before he breaks into the home. officers are now asking for the public's help to find him. according to ups, its drivers are always in a brown uniform. they get around in those big brown trucks. also, they no longer wear vests. >> a touring band visiting the bay area is leaving town with heavy hearts. add that band to the long list of victims of
8:20 pm
smash-and-grab thieves. this time in oakland, the auto burglary is setting the group back more than $10,000 and leaving them without their passports. well, forcefully chagall reports. >> a 10 minute stop at a coffee shop in downtown oakland turned out to be costly for the venezuelan rock and latin jazz bands. definitely eye-opening guitarists. one gigi low says the van was parked around the corner from the coffee shop in front of some other businesses monday afternoon. >> when the thieves broke to van windows, stealing cash, laptops, working permits, passports and identification cards that will be difficult to replace. fortunately, their musical instruments were too heavy for the thieves to take. i'm sure they >> follow your watching loss because the they acted so fast right in the moment that they had to one. she estimates the total loss at around $12,000.
8:21 pm
the band filed a report with the oakland police department, but they understand they may never see their stuff again. >> the police department's latest crime statistics show auto burglaries are up 30% compared to last year, but down 9% overall versus the 3 year averages of 4. spend that. these are up in to us in the u.s.. it was very impressive. >> as fans have chipped in to raise more than $12,000 online to help replace what was lost a local last shot expedited replacing the windows, allowing the ban to continue its 2 are in southern california the night before the burglary. one of the members slept in the van to prevent theft. >> one, she says everyone feels fortunate. no one was in the van when it was targeted with being too. there through all of this adventure. >> if anything, it only closer and more aware moving forward.
8:22 pm
>> phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. still ahead tonight at a deadly storms tear through the south. creating tornadoes like this one in georgia will show you the destruction left behind. plus, a congressman from sacramento is telling the tale of being they can buy a box on capitol hill. what we're learning about the animal blamed for several attacks.
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>> home sales are down a bit in the bay area, but demand for new homes is still for shows. clifford explains. >> this past february home sales did drop a bit as compared to the previous february, but with interest rates expected to rise over the course of the next year, people are rushing to buy homes and lock in low rates. and the real estate market most likely will remain hot for the foreseeable future. >> with a low inventory, we're seeing multiple offers and sky-high prices going even higher. julio leiva is a mortgage broker with marshall and in burlingame. he says that right now in burlingame, there are only around 11 homes for sale and far more people looking to buy. many of them are working with a sense of purpose trying to beat the clock. will the trend for buyers right now? there's low inventory mix with that impending rising rates are making people want to get into this market prior to the rates rising and houses that do come onto the market. arthur, long
8:26 pm
everywhere from 4 days to a week at this point. want the sellers. if they want us wait out for the open house, but >> highest possible prices are coming in right away. and people are, you know, paying top dollar predicting what will happen next in real estate is very tricky. joey does believe that rising interest rates. we'll have an impact on the market. what that will be is unclear. i see as rates rise. a lot of people just get out of the game and then maybe, you know, will have buyers to stay in it. so they'll be less competition, perhaps. but i don't know. but there is still significantly low inventory specifically here in the desirable peninsula. it's it's just been that way for since the pandemic. really. >> now, every spring, more homes do come on the market, which could provide more options to people looking to buy homes. but prices most likely will remain high. but for now in the burlingame, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> gig workers across the country are demanding safer working conditions. members of we drive progress and gig workers rising. those groups demonstrated outside the ceo
8:27 pm
of uber in pacific heights today. it was all part of a nationwide day of action to demand changes in how app based companies treat their workers. the group say they want compensation for workers who were killed or injured on the job. more transparency for rideshare companies and the right to organize unions. what needs to happen? is a priority making sure that when people go to work. >> if they come back to their families and that's why we're here to bring awareness about the urgent and systemic crisis. what happens with gig workers? >> according to a new study, more than 50 gig workers have been killed on the job while working over the past 5 years and out of the thousands of assault claims each year on rideshare platforms, roughly half our from drivers who say they were assaulted. >> next at 8.30, what a new study is saying about living with someone who owns a gun and your risk of homicide. plus, new demands tonight to prevent crimes in our state following the mass shooting in
8:28 pm
sacramento. and the family says their 13 year-old son was racially profiled by san francisco police. how they fami
8:29 pm
8:30 pm
year-old boy is filed a claim against the city of san francisco. family claims that their son who is black was racially profiled and detained by police on his way home from school. >> four's dan kerman has the story.
8:31 pm
>> this is surveillance video of a 13 year-old leaving san francisco stern school last month putting his backpack in a car and then attempting to get into that car before police grabbed him and detain him as a hard situation dealing with this because this is my son. >> we saw never have to. he's been so much since his interaction with a cup now, michael coleman and his family of retain civil rights attorney john burris. >> who's filed a claim against the city and county of san francisco suggesting police racially profiled the 13 year-old. >> you never should have grabbed him. never should've stopped and he never should have detained him for us. as police were looking for someone who had been breaking into cars. >> he says the description of that suspect didn't match the teenager. and that's why this incident crosses the line. there was no legitimate basis to stop this young man. >> only that, he was black. who is african american. and that in and of itself is not enough. it requires probable
8:32 pm
cause least reasonable suspicion. >> burr says these type of incidents can often scar a child for life. the family is now getting the 13 year-old therapy and plan to transfer him to a school outside of san francisco. >> our black and brown children do not deserve this and it really needs to stop. >> the city will have 45 days to review the claim. if they rejected first will file a federal civil rights lawsuit seeking damages retraining of police officers and a change in police policy. in san franciseo. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> in the wake of the mass shooting in sacramento. state leaders are trying to come up with strategies to cut down on crime. lawmakers and local leaders met in sacramento today calling for a boost in funding for community-based crime prevention programs. the group also wants more resources for of crime victims and those reentering society after spending time behind bars. this money needs to be matched.
8:33 pm
>> with clear changes in the law in ways that we have never considered before. there needs to be a legal right to housing and a legal right to mental health treatment for people in california. >> meanwhile, the push continues at the state capitol to toughen up the state's gun laws. but some republicans say. >> that's not working, especially with investigators now saying gang violence was at the center of sunday's tragedy. >> a potential solution to the high gasoline prices on display at the state capitol today. a bevy of cars and trucks and all of them powered by hydrogen lawmakers are trying to boost the use of 0 emissions vehicles and says california is set to ban the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2030 event. organizers say hydrogen is the future. >> a lot of the fuel cell car drivers are now looking at their cars and saying when they look at gas prices like we're looking good, we've been seeing the price of the hydrogen come down and we know it's going to come down even
8:34 pm
further to the point where it's truly competitive with gasoline vehicles. >> officials say you can expect to see more of these types of vehicles around some parts of the state in the coming months. meantime, right now, the most expensive gasoline in the bay area is in napa at $5 and $0.93 on average in san francisco, a gallon of gas will set you back. $5.88. opens. averages 5, 81 and in san jose $5 and $0.79. take a look at this video of a tornado in pembroke, georgia near savannah. >> tearing through a small community. one person died there. 9 other people were injured. the man who took the video says the tornado was heading for his 2 year olds nursery school. fortunately for him in her, it varied off. and tonight, a massive cleanup effort is now underway in 5 states were extremely powerful. winds brought down large trees on to several homes. rooftops have been ripped off. cars overturned.
8:35 pm
tens of thousands of residents still don't have power. at least 3 other people are dead. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking the storms in the south and he has the latest been very this tornado season. have we reached the peak at that? didn't come until the middle of may. you can see them around a storm of those lines of thunderstorms firing up across the south. numerous reports of tornadoes. you see him right there across much of the deep south today and all the way up in the carolinas. they have some trouble with the weather out there today. and still some tornado watches are currently in effect. you see one of the south there. >> that's it's in effect right now. that will continue till 12 midnight. another one for the east a little bit longer than that. so active weather continuing their along crosses up parts of the deep south and looks like that will continue throughout the night tonight before things begin to taper off. i want to show this to lowering forecast along the west coast here now you can see pretty impressive storm system off the coast, unfortunately got that ridge of high pressure out ahead of it. so tomorrow, probably some record breaking temperatures
8:36 pm
around the bay area could be the hottest temperatures easily of the season. so far. and then we're going to watch that bridge begin to break down and make its way eastward before you know it by next week. you're breaking out the jackets again. and yeah, we're talking about the chance of some rain on monday. temperatures dropping as much as 40 degrees cooler between tomorrow's highs. and i think monday size behind that maybe at another round of some rain late friday. let's hope that all holds together and comes true. usually storms this time of season don't produce a ton of rain but we'll just have to wait and see temperatures for tomorrow. yeah, it's going to be toasting the san francisco. you're talking numbers up in the 80's in many spots along the coastline when hit the beach, looks like a good time to do it. those temperatures going to be very nice next few days. but what a change. we're going to see a weather whiplash to go from mid 90's to maybe some 50's for highs by next monday. long as it brings some rain. i hope so. yeah, a little more. all right. thank you, lawrence. >> a new study led by a stanford professor says the risks of living in a home with guns may far outweigh any for
8:37 pm
potential protections that study focused on homicide rates among people in california, researchers found that if you live in a home with a gun owner, even if you do not use a gun yourself, you are more than twice as likely to die by homicide. the same study also suggests adults who think a gun will ward off robbers, rapists and other criminals might simply be wrong. >> it was one of the specific type of homicide we looked at that was homicide, but it should at the hands of strange. it's so strange protect the homicide. often somebody who was an intruder to the heart of and we felt you think that first of all, it relatively has tons of deaths, much less common than homicides that that right by family members or friends. but when they do we saw the people who lived with handgun on this. what a less likely to experience those kinds of that. some people who did really calls into question protective will security value that made people think that getting lebron going
8:38 pm
>> the research comes during a steep rise in gun sales bird by anxieties over the pandemic and crime. >> a congressman from sacramento is undergoing a series of for rabies shot after he was bitten by a fox congressman. amy berra said he ami bera said he was walking to the capitol monday night when he felt something lunged at him from behind. >> i can't let think it was going to be a small and it like that's not about that. some spots like that just happened kind of look down. there's indication my my suit looking good. >> animal control capture the fox afterwards. they say they had to put it down because the rabies health officials also confirmed today the fox did have the rabies and now they're can contacting 9 other potential victims who may have been bitten, including congressman berra. have you ever wondered why t rex as short little arms at uc
8:39 pm
berkeley researcher has a theory. >> and we're following judge ketanji brown jackson's path to confirmation when she might finally be named as a u.s.
8:40 pm
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>> it's possible by this time tomorrow we could have the first female justice, black female justice on the u.s. supreme court. a full senate vote could come as early as tomorrow to confirm judge ketanji brown jackson.
8:42 pm
>> senate majority leader chuck schumer is pushing for a quick confirmation vote and so far at least 3 republican senators, mitt romney, susan collins and lisa murkowski are all on board with judge jackson's nomination. i was convinced >> judge is well qualified intelligence capable and i became convinced that she's with the mainstream. >> in a recent poll about half of u.s. voters want judge jackson to be confirmed to the supreme court, making her more popular than justice. amy coney barrett and justice brett kavanaugh when they were confirmed. >> dish network will pay 5.5 million dollars to settle allegations of illegally disposing and managing hazardous waste. california attorney general rob bonta amounts that deal today along with alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley. the allegations of wrongdoing actually go back to 2005 and
8:43 pm
prosecutors say dish started illegally disposing of waste, sending that waste to landfills that we're not set up to handle it. >> today, the san francisco board of supervisors passed a resolution to support a state bill that would streamline solar panel installation on homes currently acquiring permits for home solar installation in the city can weeks or even years long process under the bill introduced by state senator scott wiener. cities and counties would have to adopt an instant online permitting system. the bill got bipartisan support in the state senate and will soon be headed to the assembly to be heard in committee. there. >> to have it come at this time after really you a couple of hard trying years overwhelming. it's still overwhelming. >> a record-breaking donation to a florida nonprofit next today. the story of a veteran now being called a secret millionaire. and in sports, the warriors zeroing in on the
8:44 pm
playoffs head coach kerr talks about klay thompson and what's going on with him. he has an apology to talk about with his fans. we hear it from his
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>> observe the mighty t rex fearsome known to be one of the largest and most crazy carnivores of all time. but when you look at the arms, not so impressive. puny shortened
8:47 pm
week uc berkeley paleontologist kevin patty and believes the arm strength over time as some of the latest findings suggest t rex u.s. hunted in packs and competed for food. fabian's hypotheses rests on the idea that if a pack of t rex is we're all trying to eat the same. pray at the same time. those are jury arms are just gotten in the way. >> if one gets too close to the next one, you just might respond by, you know, just paying off your arm. if people were thinking as a glass their thing will say they're thinking more about the arms and less about what the benefit the whole animal could be. and so my reasoning is if they're reducing its probably serving a benefit to the whole animal. >> professor patty and says to take his hypotheses with a grain of salt because there's a whole lot more still to learn about the mighty t rex. >> there's a new exhibit at the san francisco main library. it explores the history of chinese american women. the exhibit is called
8:48 pm
her story on view. the legal history of chinese american women. it is floors 165 years of discrimination and exclusion that many immigrants faced dating back to the gold rush. the exhibit's co-curator curator says that the work seeks to highlight the ordinary people who set the foundation for chinese americans today. >> all of the chinese american woman paved the fox are right past 100 years. their history, our history with all 8. now we're to >> the exhibit will remain open through the end of june. we're just days away from opening day for the oakland a's and the san francisco giants today stopper greeted fans in the city on the embarcadero handed out some free swag took some pictures.
8:49 pm
>> a's fans. we talked with this afternoon say they are ready to see what the team has in store this year. >> i'd like to see them when see with an 18 is going online. the next year the >> that sounds good. the a's opening day friday, but it's in philadelphia. the giants also open on friday. that game is in the city at oracle park. they host the marlins. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> that was an interesting story. i'd like to hear how ace fans really feel about trading the entire team way and what the team might look like this season. but that is coming up opening day on friday. the nba playoffs are right around the corner as well. in the words are hoping to end the season. on a high note today, the team practice at chase center ahead of their final regular season home game against the lakers. the dogs are holding down the number 3 seed in the west right now.
8:50 pm
just one game up on the mavericks with 3 games left in the regular season at the cesar over today, the worst with face the nuggets in the opening round of the nba playoffs. denver could get gold states. some problems the dumps. what one in 3 against the nuggets this season nikola jokic putting up a triple-double from the 2 teams met on march 7th. however, the dumpster in a better place after 2 winds. and a 36 point performance by this guy. >> klay thompson. >> i've noticed the last week >> he seems to me he's just in a much better. a place. he smiling and laughing through practice today. i think he's he's just having so much fun being back out on the floor again. and i think that should be a big focus for him is that, you know, regardless of what happens in games, he's back. he's playing. he's loving. you know, being part of things. he's loving the competition and the more he leans into that, the better, you know, being appreciative
8:51 pm
of. the opportunity to play and less focus on. i've got to be perfect every single month. >> speaking of shooting guard klay thompson, he is apologizing today after making some strong comments about fans during a post-practice media session yesterday. when asked about criticism of for pneumonia, bjelica thompson said, quote, nobody is appreciated by the fans, end quote. he went on to say a lot of new fans expect greatness from the warriors but didn't support the team prior to the recent championships. thompson said, quote, we can forget those folks. they don't deserve to rest the warriors and quote today he changed his tune during an instagram live from his boat. >> and good game. i mean, below which you style of play. close and anybody. well, my attention. youb head. below.
8:52 pm
>> the san jose earthquakes moving forward with plans for a big new soccer complex today. team president jared shally spoke with kron four's kate rooney about how this will impact the community. the development will include 10 fields and 40,000 square foot training center to be built. the santa clara county fairgrounds, charlie says state of the art facilities will help the team reach its potential. and it will also further solidify northern california as a soccer destination. >> it really gets back to the east coast that the earthquakes have had here in san jose for 45 years, which yet to be a team that's really rooted in the soccer's very grassroots sport. and so our players are known to be incredibly accessible, a game signing autographs, doing clinics with u soccer players on the weekends. so i think it's really just adds to that spear in the aegis that we kind have built over the years here in santa clara county. >> all right. we have to go back to the topic of klay thompson's comments about bandwagon fans you're good for
8:53 pm
the team or do you think like you said they need to get lost. can never go some thoughts on this. i do want to know just from bay area, folks like how do you feel about that? well, i'm just looking for the cheapest for the warriors game against the lakers, $102. so that means you're up there in the rafters, right? that's at the very, very route. so when %% you're going to go spend that kind of money and go watch a team that's not doing well, those fans are good. fans spending their hard earned money so that on the good years. >> clay can be on his boat, right? making fun of his sandwich tv i mean, it evens out, right? i mean, here the love for fans when the team is doing poorly right? >> yeah. also those ticket prices have gone way down since the lakers got eliminated from the playoffs, right? layoffs. and also lebron isn't playing. so he's a big drop in the lakers come to town. so that's like also for. that's way too, for the most games this season. so i agree. pam always going to be bandwagon fan, right? there are always going to be the diehards weathers the raiders at the giants or whoever mean,
8:54 pm
that's just the way it is in sport. that's sports, though, across the board, every team. so if can't really be salty about have to appreciate fans, period. if and i want to support you and they want to spend their money on your hard earned money. and that's the is that's where things you know, with supporting absolutely what we s (music throughout) oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, but we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it
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>> a florida community is learning about a millionaire who lived among them a year after his death world war. 2
8:57 pm
veteran david baldwin touched a number of lives through his charitable giving a year after his death. his estate donated a total of 63 million dollars to 7 nonprofits in the tampa bay area. >> almost 10 million dollars went to academy prep center of st. petersburg. that's the largest gift ever for the nonprofit middle school and its 140 students. some of the recipients say they knew baldwin live pretty comfortably. but he did have a fancy car fact flashy clothes and most people didn't know the extent of his wealth >> what a nice to the wire one. yeah. the quiet ones. that wraps up kron. 4 news tonight at 8. vicki standing by with what we're working on for 9 o'clock. hello. hi, can thanks very much. here's what. >> thank you know, you're working on for kron. 4 news at 9 learning more tonight about who may have been involved in that mass shooting of the weekend in sacramento, including the high-tech way people can help try to bring these killers to justice. plus, after a dozen years of analysis, what having a gun
8:58 pm
where you live could mean? >> for your own safety? also, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. he's tracking this april heat wave. this concerns over drought and wildfire over drought and wildfire meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. over drought and wildfire 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. and 2c, well, she's not going to let a lost card get her stressed. am i right? that's right. that's because these neighbors all have chase. alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> now at 9 at santa clara county


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