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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  April 8, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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shows just how out of touch people here are assemblyman. kevin kiley says he's not giving up his push to suspend the state's gas tax even as the governor and legislature take off for spring break course, gas tax holiday bill 2 weeks ago was verbally got it and changed in the assembly. transportation committee. >> democrats there made it into a proposed new tax on gas companies to pass extra profits on to consumers start. but those changes were never put into writing. and this week assembly democrats voted to erase their attempt to change it from the legislative record. kylie's gas tax holiday bill is still alive as states like new york and connecticut move to suspend their gas tax is indeed we are going to be continuing to push for that to be enacted as quickly as possible. so california's get some relief. i mean, people are really struggling right now. meanwhile, democratic assembly member county petri norris officially put her proposal in writing to give $400 to all californians to pay income tax in the state. and while supporters announced it in a way to offset the rising price
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of gas, the word gas is nowhere to be found in the bill ab 16, 16. instead it uses the governor's current pandemic state of emergency to tap into the california emergency relief fund to send out the money doing so will require a two-thirds vote in the legislature. other efforts include a proposal from legislative leaders to send payments based on income. another is the governor's push to send up to $800 debit cards to california car owners. both of those could be considered and state budget negotiations which won't be finalized until the end of june. before going on break, newsome said he's prepared to work with lawmakers on a also very resolved. >> get money back in the pockets of people that have impacted not just by gas prices but across the board. every one of us impacted all of us by the cost of living in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. so let's go and take a look at gas prices said the weekend is here. you may be wanting to get out of town. so the state averaged set at 5.79. >> according to triple a the most expensive gas in the bay area is in napa. that's going
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to run you $5.91 a gallon for regular and the cheapest gas. it's currently in the light house sitting at 5.69 per gallon. world leaders are condemning russia after a deadly missile attack on a crowded train station in eastern ukraine. that this is 30 say at least 50 people have been killed in that rocket attack, including children. >> you have straight about suitcases, baby strollers, all the belongings people could fit with their their bags as they fled the missiles hit while the train station was filled with about 4,000 people, many of them waiting days to get a train out of town over the past few days. the ukrainian government has amped up the warnings for civilians to flee. >> besides the 50 confirmed dead, at least 100 were wounded. both of those numbers are expected to rise. ukrainian president zelensky spoke before the palm parliament of finland little earlier today leading a moment of silence for the victims.
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>> this is an ordinary time people crowded waiting for the trains to be evacuated to the safe. >> 2 >> territory they hit this people with the sister of remnants of the missiles and dead people. >> so when ski also call this a direct attack on innocent people, just trying to get to safety and as russian troops and now redeploy from the north to the east. ukrainian leaders say that there will be more evidence of war crimes, specifically the bombing and shelling of civilian areas. meanwhile, the fox news correspondent who was severely injured in an attack while reporting in ukraine last month. >> says he's thankful to be alive. benjamin hall posted a picture of himself on twitter wearing an eye patch. well, lying in a hospital bed on march 14th. he was traveling with his camera man and ukrainian journalist when
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russian troops opened fire on their car. both of his colleagues were killed. hall says he lost half a leg. on the other leg and also lost an eye and can barely hear. but he says he considers himself pretty lucky. to get the latest updates on the war in ukraine. you can head to kron 4 dot com scan that qr code and you'll be directed right to our website. newly released video shows the intense moments of a deadly shooting in san joaquin county involving an officer. the video shows what happened february 22nd when authorities say 54 year-old tracy to struck a police car along doctor martin luther king junior drive in stockton after driving away from the scene. she eventually pulled over with an officer and a police canine unit behind her. that's when she says she began ramming the officer's car multiple times causing the officer to open fire.
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>> it is running these red >> police say to ram to the officers vehicle several times. diana was taken to the hospital where she later died. the officer involved suffered minor injuries. switching gears here for a moment. let's going take a look outside to the golden gate bridge shot there in the distance quite a day. >> cheers to the weekend. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow year. giants won since small parties anywhere on the asia. we don't need to sorry about ruin the moment. pretty much. sorry, guys. stay so we've got a good weekend. look forward to those who are going
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to see a good weekend ahead weather-wise. the winds, they're going to be a big factor. red flag warnings are going up in the county and the sacramento valley. but a windswept skies again. it is going to be a warm start the weekend. beautiful out there right now. as you've got some clear skies and temperatures cool quite a bit from what we had yesterday member yesterday. we're talking records in half moon bay and even out this time we're sitting at about 70 degrees. well, you can see that big change there down to 55, much cooler there. now the sea breeze kicking in 66 right now in hayward. 66 in fremont and 78 degrees in san jose. all right. this is where it gets fun. long-range forecast. you can see the front going through right now making its way through the bay area that help to switch everything up change in wind direction. a more of an on shore breeze now. but then high pressure starts to build a behind briefly. then all of a sudden that ridge gives way to this. how about that? this is looking like some rain moving in on monday now and it's pretty consistent, maybe even moving up a little bit, which is an excellent sign that the system is coming through cold enough. we've got snow across the northern sierra, nevada, the taller and a little
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further south, maybe in the 72 behind that some cool air. and then guess what, another stor2 possibly moving in as early as the following thursday. the pattern? yeah, looking a little more progressive after that as well. so we'll keep our fingers crossed for a little late season rain temperatures around the bay area for you're looking at 60's in san francisco about 63 degrees in daly city. the winds are going to be kicking up from time to time. they'll be prepared, will be blustery in spots there. some of the mountain gaps, a warm in the south bay temperatures there in the 70's in the east bay and i can see 80's, but you'd be close in places like little more about 78 in walnut creek, maybe 80 degrees in places like india. otherwise windy conditions over the mountains. fire danger will be running high inland this weekend. thanks, lauren. still to come, the first of its kind mission to space. what makes this morning to spacex rocket launch? >> so about >> and a plane crash caught on camera. a cargo plane skids off the runway and it splits into where it happened. then. what may be behind it?
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2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. and 2c, well, she's not going to let a lost card get her stressed. am i right? that's right. that's because these neighbors all have chase. alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours. >> might is on line. >> look at that. this is brand new video showing the moment a dhl cargo jet slid off a runway in costa rica. it happened as the plane made an unscheduled landing at san jose's international airport
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in costa rica after spinning off the runway. the plane. kind of split in half. miraculously, both of the pilots walked away that seriously being injured. they were the only people on board the plane was headed to guatemala. what if detected were the pilots detected a hydraulic system? failure. the airport was shut down for many hours as they dealt with that. but flights have since resumed as normal universal studios. hollywood is looking into mechanical issues that stalled to ride yesterday. >> afternoon, the first one happened just before 4 o'clock when 11 people became stuck on the harry potter and the forbidden journey ride. first responders carefully removed all the riders. no injuries. there. another malfunction that happened on the transformers. the ride. 3 d riders were stuck for some time, but they were also freed. a power outage was reported near the park at the time of the stalls. but it's not clear that is the issue. >> still ahead, it was wild
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one inside oracle park. when we return kron. 4 sports reporter kylen mills will join us with all
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>> now that's the way to start of baseball season, right? oracle park. it was rocking today's. the giants ended up getting it the did they ever it was an up and down game that went into extra innings in a thrilling finish. >> and it up the way we like it. kylen mills live in a with
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some of the details. hey, kylen. >> hey, vicki and grant. this was a thriller to say the least. the sellout crowd here at oracle park got quite the show in today's home opener, the giants went down 5, 4, late in this game. they managed to come back and tied up 5, 5, with a home run in the bottom of the night. so we've got some free baseball here at oracle. what's to complain about that? the ending to this game ended up being thrilling in the bottom of the 10th outfielder tyro estrada hits a home run or rather that was the 9th inning home run. austin slater, the outfielders one hit a double in the bottom of the 10th darin ruf came around the bases. it you really couldn't tell if he is going to be throughout the plate. he just barely pulled it off. you guys, every single person in this, ballpark was on their feet. it was absolutely while people were going nuts, there pas so much energy here. so much fun. however, manager gabe kepler said after the game, he did not feel like the giants play their best baseball. he says he did feel like some guy stepped up when they needed to in certain
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situations like slater who were just talking about. but he wasn't happy with the team's overall play. he says they have a lot they can improve on. however, again, for fans, they got a show. and what else can you ask for in a w that's also important as well? >> yeah. last year's season kind of came out of nowhere. 107 wins for the giants and yeah ended in heartbreaking fashion. but the season as a whole was was certainly a success. does it feel like some of that same magic? some of that same energy may have carried over from last season to this season. watching the tv from afar kind of seems that way. >> jagr and it definitely feels that way. there is some extra excitement in build-up to the season. i think amongst the fans and amongst the players on this team because of how successful they were last season. however, manager gabe kepler also said before today's game that he doesn't want his team to focus on 108 winds or topping what they did last year. that's going to be very difficult to do. he wants his team just to focus on
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taking it one day at a time. one practice at a time, one game at a time. so i think mentor gabe kepler is having to try to keep his players living in the moment because of how successful they were last year. of course, they want to get back there. they want to get back to the playoffs in the postseason and hopefully go farther than they did last year, of course, and that heartbreaker losing to the dodgers in 5 games in the national league series of it. but, you know, i think there is a lot of excitement because of just how successful this team was last year. and they've kept a lot of the pieces in place, which i think it's huge for the fans, ok, speaking of pieces that are no longer in place right behind you. we see they're packing up everybody's con. >> when it was a sold out crowd, earlier. right? and it wasn't it just to to the rafters. >> yes, there was a sellout crowd here tonight. by the way, the giants have been selling out their home or their opening-day, their home opener, rather today happened full opening day. usually they're not hold on opening day, at least not in the last 10 years. however, they have been selling out their home opener since 1997. that's the
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last time the giants were able to get a sellout crowd. that was back at candlestick park in that he was coming off a 4th place finish. so that one may have been a tough one. however, this crowd hoy's comes out for opening date. such a special experience here at oracle park to kick off this game. first baseman brandon belt threw out the first pitch. he also made a lap of the ballpark boats with the captain sat on the pirates of the caribbean theme song playing in the background as he made his way around, saluting the crowd. so there was a lot of fun being had here at oracle park. opening day truly is special captain and the captain ha had the smell of garlic fries walking into the air to the that will appreciate that. you bring back some >> we'll let you go get a few for thanks, guys. all right. take it. meantime, the they kicked off the season in philly this afternoon, but things well, they didn't start out as 7th frankie. >> give up a home run to lead off batter. kyle schwarber to make it one nothing. the a's did pull within a run with an
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infield single from tony camp in the 7th inning to make it 65. but in the 8th inning, it was once again werber singling in bryson stott to help lead the phillies to a 95 victory. >> all right. well, they have many more games to go. it's a long season. so great for the giants and the ace can lift a battle. another day as we take a look outside here in san francisco. of course, the transamerica pyramid. a little more cloud cover, certainly cooler today as we turn our attention to the weekend cooler. but great baseball weather. we saw everybody festoon in all. walking down the embarcadero. what else are people going to go? and now i understand why you guys didn't want to talk about the a's game. but hey, there's another one coming tomorrow. >> they can win tomorrow as well. we're looking at a nice weekend. the winds are going to be the big story kind of whipping in spots out there, especially over the mountain tops lonoke county. yeah. very gusty out there looking toward the sfo right now. let's get you get away forecast. the
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winds have been blowing around but not causing any problems with the airports right now. no delays at sfo. oakland or san jose. if you plan ahead of the monterey bay. yeah, it will be breezy there to temperatures. a little cool. 59 degrees in carmel. 59 in monterey. lots of sunshine, though, in the santa cruz about 69 with some downslope winds. there and a warm 74 in watsonville. southern california are looking at temperatures running up the 80's in anaheim about 70 in san diego. 84 in pasadena and 82 in los angeles in the high country should be nice. getting up there. a little breezy as you head over the mountains. but temperatures running in the 60's then getting a little windy over the weekend, too. so be prepared for that. if you plan to head the high country, these can be whipping up there. and if you're sticking around, yeah, everything is going to change this weekend looks mostly dry. the clouds will start to thicken up on sunday the monday. how about that? some snow showers returning in the sierra nevada and a few raindrops likely return to the bay area. temperatures today. yes, 72
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degrees in livermore, 72 in oakland. 84 degrees in san jose. 88 in concord, 90 is still hot livermore. 89 degrees in santa rosa watching out now for some gusty winds developing this weekend. some of those gusts as high as 50 miles per hour across some of the mountain tops not as gusty down below, but you see the wind advisories in brown here. parts of the north bay and also into parts of the east bay, actually in the slot, a county that will move more worried about the fire danger as humidity levels probably and drop down in the single digits, possibly as we head in toward a sunday afternoon. so be prepared for otherwise numbers wise going to be a nice start to weekend. you've got lots of 70's inside the cooler 60's along the coastline, almost 80 degrees in some spots inland next few days. big change in the weather pattern. is temperatures going to cool down on sunday with a few more clouds, much cooler on monday with a chance of some rain.
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always a sight to behold. spacex, an axiom space just set the crew of 4. >> up to the international space station. this is video from the launch from kennedy space center in florida about 8.15, this morning expected to dock at the space station early tomorrow morning and will be staying there for 10 days. 3 passengers who paid 55 million dollars each for the experience as well as a former nasa astronaut board. that's a lot of money. but if you're looking for free, coming up, california. >> giving residents a chance to experience the great outdoors. how you can get in to 200 state parks or not.
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>> this week is national library week and your public library can do a little more than a healthy check out some books. happy national library by the way, didn't know. >> now you do. but that card that library card can now get you a free pass to one of california's 200 plus state can check out a pass to get into the parks at any of the 1100 public libraries across california. the pass is valid for entry for one passenger vehicle with up to 9 people in it or one highway licensed motorcycle. i guess that means no dirt bikes. the california
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department of parks and recs says each library, including mobile libraries. if you've seen them around, we'll have passes available to check out night to check out a book. a sudden are nice tree. beautiful environment. setting the scene. little blanket. all good. it's all good. and it's the weekend. that wraps up kron. 4 news at 5. have a great weekend. but don't go anywhere just yet. we have a lot more news coming up ahead on kron. 4 news at 6 and catherine heenan is here with a look at that. so i can't bring my dirt by state park your harley, though. okay. well, that will all right. thank you. i here's what we're working on at 6 o'clock. what would you say to a three-day weekend? >> i'm pretty good. it could become the norm. if a new california bill becomes law. >> we're going to talk to the bay area. some remember trying to make this dream a reality and opening day, we'll go live to oracle park where the giants just wrapped up that extra inning affair against the marlins. it was a great and i'm catherine heenan. the news of coming up next.
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meet brett from apartment 2b. he's not letting an overdraft alert get him stressed. he knows he's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. overdraft assist from chase. make more of what's yours. >> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6.
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>> tonight at 6 opening day baseball. the wait was certainly worth it for giants fans who are going home. very happy this evening after the team's first season opener at home since 2009. there's the captain before the game. and here we are now. thanks for joining us on kron. 4 news at 6. i'm grant lotus and i'm catherine. heenan can have the night off and we have team coverage of opening day. it was an exciting kron four's. rob nesbitt has been talking to fans were going to. >> check with him in just a moment. but for sports reporter kylen mills inside oracle park highland, not just a great outcome. this was excited. >> so, yeah, this wasn't just your average baseball game, catherine and grant this game was so much fun. the sellout crowd here at oracle park got quite the show in the giants home opener. they went down 5, 4, in the top of the 9th came back tied it up, sent this one extras and a tireless trot, a home run in the bottom of the 9th. both teams going deep into their bullpens at that
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