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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  April 8, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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baseball. the wait was certainly worth it for giants fans who are going home. very happy this evening after the team's first season opener at home since 2009. there's the captain before the game. and here we are now. thanks for joining us on kron. 4 news at 6. i'm grant lotus and i'm catherine. heenan can have the night off and we have team coverage of opening day. it was an exciting kron four's. rob nesbitt has been talking to fans were going to. >> check with him in just a moment. but for sports reporter kylen mills inside oracle park highland, not just a great outcome. this was excited. >> so, yeah, this wasn't just your average baseball game, catherine and grant this game was so much fun. the sellout crowd here at oracle park got quite the show in the giants home opener. they went down 5, 4, in the top of the 9th came back tied it up, sent this one extras and a tireless trot, a home run in the bottom of the 9th. both teams going deep into their bullpens at that
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point. and then this game finish in thrilling fashion. the bottom of the 10th inning and thankfully the giants are on the right end of this one outfielder austin slater hit a double the bottom of the 10th darren ruff came around the bases, beat the throw at the plate, managed to score on that walk off. giants came back to win it 6, 5, the final score manager gabe kepler said after the game he didn't feel like his team played their best baseball. however, he felt that certain players stepped up in certain situations. slater being one of them, a straw to another another player. we have to talk about his first baseman brandon belt. he went 2 for 4, including a home run. huge play from him belt. the honorary team captain came out onto the field through the first pitch before the game. also made some rounds inside of a boat here at oracle park. he was saluting the fans. also the theme song for pirates of the caribbean was playing at me as he did. so you could just see how much confidence he has and how much is leadership means to this team? another player? we have to talk about his catcher, joey bart. he's he hit rather his
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first ever major league home run in this game. and it proved to be critical as the giants only won by a single run. also, his play on the field was huge and we know what a huge hole that catcher of buster posey left by retiring at the end of last season. so that was a big question mark going into the season. joey bart appears to be ready to fill those big shoes, which is very encouraging for giants fans. again, maybe the team not entirely happy with how they played, but they came away with the win one way or another. and fans got a fantastic show. we're live here at oracle park, kylen mills kron 4 sports. it's a bottom line business kylen as you know. so they got the win. fans are happy appreciate that live report. and there's rob nesbitt giants fans, of course, love the bonus baseball, especially when there. >> team wins in the end and russia talking to fans all day about whether or not they think this team, it's going to be as good or better than last year's surprisingly successful squad robs it. second, a king outside the ballpark. why today? rob? it was grant.
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these giants fans have a lot of confidence after a successful year, even on opening day, they have no doubt that their team will make it all the way to the world series. >> a sea of orange and black walking up and down willie mays plaza into oracle park friday. >> fans anticipating the first game for the giants. donna south auto coming out to celebrate her 70th birthday and hoping for a gift from her favorite team. at least land. she's been coming to home openers for as long as she can remember with her friend carol conroy. we've been doing this too covid putting a stop to their tradition the last 2 years. i know whatever happened. my cardboard cut out masking no longer requirement inside oracle park signs reminding baseball lovers that mask guidelines for mega events has been lifted. post omicron surge, not many people were singing praises when it came to parking a headache for several fans trying to make it to the park in time for the first pitch parking. that was a that was a mission we park 3 miles away. he gave every
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let's go. the giants coming back from a successful run last season as the defending national league west champions. really proud to see them go that far because they ever achieved by fall. and so the whole season was a treat. it they they exceeded expectations from those touching the willie mays statue for good luck to the youngest fans. super excited. see brandon crawford. he's i got my favorite player of all time. >> i heard nothing but confidence on opening day that this season will and the giants merge saying world series champions they finish strong that start back up strong in that. >> it's keeping going set the tone. >> fans will be back here tomorrow to do it all over again. when the giants take on the marlins for game 2 of this opening series. first pitch is scheduled for one 00:05pm, live outside oracle park. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. thank you. of the a's kicked off their season in philadelphia this afternoon. we'll have more on how that game went coming up later in
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sports. and good of baseball weather here at home was kind of fun just to see people in shorts and t-shirts and >> getting away with it. and san francisco as we look live over the city. >> we would have been really war if hoping day was yesterday. but lawrence is here. the winds that start to pick up winds kind of weapon that will be meeting with their story didn't think. i mean, it's all the happy people out of the park, right? all dressed up all their giants gear along the embarcadero and today. yeah, gorgeous day out there. but the temperatures much cooler than they've been as that sea breeze making return out toward the golden gate bridge. nice and clear did start out with a couple of patches of fog along the coastline. and that was a sign a change in the works. now, another change coming this weekend. we've got a cold front coming through now, but then we're going to see high pressure briefly bill behind that system and that it's going to bring us more of a northerly wind and that's concerned. it's been very dry early on january. so not much rain, the 2nd half of the rain season. so there we sit now red flag warnings going up saturday continuing into
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sunday, expecting winds 20 to 30 miles an hour sustained some gusts of 50 miles per hour. but look at the humidity all the way down between 6 and maybe about 12%. that is extremely dry. so even with some a green fields out there, if you get those kind of conditions, fires can catch and burn and burn rapidly up there around much the rest, the bay area. we've got a wind advisory going up as we head through saturday and sunday to some gusty winds the north bay hills, especially those gusts may be over 50 miles an hour gust in the oakland hills. also the diablo range. so a blustery start the weekend probably continuing through sunday, but rent a monday, we may be talking about a couple raindrops. 12. more on that coming up a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. >> in the south bay, police are looking for the hit and run driver who killed 2 women in san jose yesterday happened about 6.30, last night in the area call avenue in open court near a middle school. police say the woman had been crossing the road when a red pickup hit them and didn't stop kron four's haaziq mod-yoon has that story.
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>> first i thought it was like just a car crash and then i looked out the window and i saw 2 prison shoes. >> and i immediately knew that's on my car and over. >> it happened thursday at around 06:30pm, 2 adult females, a mother and daughter, were hit by a vehicle while they were in the crosswalk here in alton street in san jose. a very, very tragic situation. >> another family morning this weekend. the loss of 2 loved ones and another fatal traffic collision here in san jose. san jose police sergeant christian camarillo says the driver never stopped. investigators released these surveillance images of the suspect vehicles. our detectives are working hard right now to try to locate this vehicle. locating the vehicle is one thing. but we also want to find out who was driving it. it was a male driver is what we believe right an image of a person is visible in the photos that we shared.
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>> i mean, this person responsible for the death of 2 people in a that were in the crosswalk and not only the strike that he also fled the 2 victims san jose's 13th and 14th pedestrian fatalities of the year. >> we've also investigated 7, a fatal it runs of all involving pedestrians this year's well, this 15 year-old san jose resident says this is the first time she's experienced something so tragic owes honestly in shock. i was i was like i a bit. >> i never actually experience or anyone with information about the vehicle or driver involved in this hit and run is asked to contact san jose police. >> has it made kron 4 news public safety is top of mind across the state. one of the suspects in that deadly mass shooting in downtown sacramento last weekend was previously. >> incarcerated. he was released after serving less than half his sentence because his previous crimes, including punching a girlfriend are not
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technically considered violent felonies under state law. meanwhile, businesses in sacramento's downtown area are taking extra precautions this weekend. >> we'll probably be some sort of security. i'm offering it to patrons who would somebody to walk them to their car in the garage just to make our customers feel safe. >> if you'd like to weigh in about the larger topic, the department of corrections is holding a hearing with public comment. opportunities on the program that led to the suspect's release. that meeting in public hearing is april 14th. >> for leaders again are condemning russia after a missile attack on a crowded train station in eastern ukraine. authorities say at least 50 people were killed. >> yeah, including children. you had yesterday about 2 cases, baby strollers. just horrifying. the belongings. the other people just threw in
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a suit cases. they fled all of those items just everywhere. now, the missiles hit while the train station was filled with about 4,000 people, many of them waiting days to get a train out of town. >> over the past few days, the ukrainian government has been increasing the warnings to civilians to flee, to get out if they can. besides the 50 confirmed dead, at least 100 people were injured and those numbers are expected to go up. ukraine's president addressed finland's parliament today and led a moment of silence for the victims. >> this is an ordinary time people crowded for the trains to be evacuated to the safe. >> 2 >> territory they hit this people that with the sister of remnants of the missiles and dead people. >> he said today's victims included people just trying to
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get to safety. and as russian troops are moving from the north to the east, ukrainian leaders say there will be more evidence of war crimes, including the shelling of civilian areas. meanwhile, that fox news correspondent who was severely injured in an attack while >> covering the war in ukraine last month says he's thankful to be alive. benjamin hall posted this picture of himself on twitter wearing an eye patch lying in a hospital bed on march 14th. he was traveling with his camera man and ukrainian journalist when russian troops opened fire on their car. both of his colleagues were killed. hall says he lost half a leg, lost a foot on the other leg and also lost an eye. but he says he considers himself pretty lucky. to get the latest updates on the war. you can go to kron 4 dot com. just scan that qr code with your phone's camera and you'll be directed right to our website. >> coming up, no charges will be filed against the police officers involved in the death
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of mario gonzalez. how his family is reacting tonight and after a violent couple weeks in san jose will talk about the new 3 point anti violence plan. the mayor there is outlining. and his friday start of the weekend for a lot of people. but what the weekend began thursday, the new state bill that would make a four-day workweek. a reality.
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>> a new bill making its way through the california state legislature calls for an end to the classic five-day workweek. changing the definition of a workweek from 40 hours too. 32 hours, this law would only apply to companies with more than 500 employees and still a lot of questions about this. >> joining us now, one of the authors of the bill san jose assembly member evan low high oven. i think this is the kind of thing people will love you workers. well, if you call it off, if it passes, maybe employers not so much in a nutshell. how would it work >> well, happy friday to you both. if this bill wants to place, it would be happy thursday. look, we all recognize the importance of providing as much flexibility for the worker, especially as we come out of the covid pandemic, recognizing that there's the great resignation. how do we ensure that we provide an opportunity for individuals, workers to help
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ensure that they're providing for their families, that they address mental health issues and they just have additional flexibility to live life. and that's what this conversation is about. >> i mean, it sounds great, right? if if you're a worker, i have to work. one fewer day a right? most people are all in. but is this thing actually likely to pass anecdotally or otherwise? what are people saying? we're actually going to decide this. >> well, we know that california is always on the forefront on many issues and as much as i'd like to suggest that this is earth shattering, this is not a new concept nor new idea. in fact, we have many companies here in the bay area could transition to a four-day workweek to do exactly that, provide that much more flexibility for the workers. it's seen an increase in productivity as well as the impacts to helping to instill that type of environment for the workplace. and we know right now that workers are
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demanding and looking for the leverage of they have for an this is the approach that we're looking to do to help ensure that we're creating an environment in that regard. so this is the first step as we've introduced this legislation based upon a number of companies that have already done this and implemented this in practice. >> evan, you know that opponents are arguing it would be bad for things like a sales and service job growth. the upside, i guess it's fairly obvious. but what are you telling critics? >> but what's important is that we help to recognize, well, why do we have great resignation? what do younger workers look for to help provide for their families? we also recognize that during this covid pandemic that much was possible due to technology and remote working. so how do we ensure that not only do we have the opportunity for individuals to? focused on their work at hand, but also having the type balance as
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well, especially as it relates to the type of things that workers are demanding. it is flexibility, flexibility, franks ability. >> all right. other states considering a similar piece of legislation and is there a national push? >> there is thank you very much for for asking that there's a federal proposal at the national level congress on four-day submitted by congressman mark takano. this is at the state level. and to my knowledge, this would be the first and the state to be able to do this. and so as we continue on this trajectory to recognize the importance of providing flexibility, i welcome as much feedback as possible to allow off for the dialogue and conversation, which is to say, how do we ensure that we provide greater flexibility that we empower the worker as well as helping to ensure that we can get the job done and more efficiently as well. >> clarify something for us quickly. just some people are
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understand this. could they work fewer hours but still be paid the same or is that understood that be losing money? >> no, this is the same salary. it's in compensation. but under a 32 hour framework, we, of course, need to work out. the distinction between that of soured and now early, the current bill also applies to companies with 500 or more employees. so we recognize the impact, a small business. this is in its inception. this is the proposal in its beginning stages. and as it moves the process, we, of course, will heal or hear from a number of different stakeholders as it relates to the type of support and also the accommodations on what makes most sense because we know that big businesses versus small businesses. we need to make sure that we recognize the impact, a small business as well. >> evan low, good luck. yeah. assemblyman from san jose. it's a fascinating idea and certainly one that i think a lot of people are interested
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in in learning about and hearing where this goes. >> have a great weekend. thank you. thanks. 7. alright, weather time as we get a peek at the skies here. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. quite a jam up there that were buddies go in that the giants play in san francisco. so it's not that. >> yeah, we're then going. there's always a bunch of stuff going on. i guess he is the cooling down. cooling down. got a nice day, right? i mean, instead of those real hot 90's, we had a couple places. >> pop the low 90's. but what a change from just yesterday. sea breeze kicking in and that changes everything with those winds roll off those cool ocean waters and start to move on shore. that really brings the temperature down. actually have some fog along the coastline early on this morning, but not long and it was long gone after that. lots of sunshine in the bay. now looking good temperatures today. yes. so those hot around san francisco, that's pretty hot for san francisco. we cool back down to the 70's that's more comfortable for this time of year. 70 degrees
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in san francisco. 72 also in oakland, 84 in san jose. hot 90 in livermore. 88 in concord, 89 degrees in santa rosa. so you can see where the cool air is really moved in along the coastline. of course, the mid-fifties in half moon bay and pacific about now affecting san francisco at 61. 63 now in oakland, warm places, a shelter from some of that on shore breeze. still, 81 degrees in concord in 82 in santa rosa. cold front coming to town here. it is moving through the bay area. now, unfortunately fallen apart. i'm not leaving us any rain but really drastically changing our weather as we head into the weekend, we've already seen those temperatures cooling down in the winds have really started to pick up. but we've seen some 20 some 30 mile an hour gusts near the coastline today in the san francisco. but the winds behind that are really going to start to whip, i think some blustery conditions, high pressure trying to sneak in behind that front. all of a sudden gets within winds across many of the north bay mountains, east bay hills to and red flag warnings going up and county. so expect a lot of winds this
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weekend but should stay dry. not for long, though. we've got a chance of rain coming up, we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. thanks, lauren. san jose's mayor says his city is still safe. >> but a recent uptick in violent crime there is leading to a few changes. kron four's dan kerman has more on the mayor's new three-point plan. >> as they continue to be a very safe city, relatively speaking, louis homicide rate of any major city in the country. but we have seen rising violent crime the last couple of years at a news conference friday, san jose mayor sam liccardo announced a 3 point plan to deal with an ever-increasing rise in violence. >> the proposal begins with stopping what he calls the revolving door at the county jail for serious and violent felons. and that involves advocacy around bell schedules involves ensuring that are sent. a police department is doing all they can to present. >> strong affidavit, we have serious or violent felons. we're facing arraignment. the car to says roughly half of the detainees released pre trial. all right. they're failing to arrive for their court date or committing
6:23 pm
another crime. >> says a police department looked at data over a 14 month period identified 30 or estes who had been arrested at minimum of 10 times over that period of 14 months. >> the proposal also calls for expanding drug treatment for addicted or stds. >> since methamphetamine, that is driving enormous amount of harm our communities. disconcertingly violence in communities because of course it is a stimulant and has both acute and long-term effects that seems to be criminal >> carter says he's working with the county to apply for state money to create housing facilities with on-site drug treatment. >> we want to ensure that more options for judges. and we also want to address the addiction. challenges of these arrests tease because we know it's bad for them and it's bad for a community that they remain addicted. >> the 3rd part of the proposal calls for getting more cameras out to small businesses to reduce the number of thefts and burglaries in the weeks ahead.
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the proposal goes before the san jose city council for discussion. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> coming up, an earthquake simulator making a stop in the east bay today. the lessons that hope people will learn about being ready for the next big one. >> and after a tragic loss, a new start for one of uc berkeley's unofficial mascots will tell you about this weekend's contest to help welcomed a new bird into the count
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>> april is earthquake preparedness month. and today state officials were in berkeley to help people get ready for the next big one. the earthquake simulator. this has been touring the state this week. the trailer jones who around obviously creating a quake like experience. visitors are being reminded also about i shake app designed to save lives. my check out is the first state sponsor earthquake early-warning application that will deliver potentially life. you know, lifesaving seconds worth the warning. only up to 20 seconds depending where the earthquake is. that. >> and, you know, the usual advice. people should have a plan in the event of a big earthquake, including an exit plan and they should be aware of potential hazards in their homes. >> just hours after the tragic death of her mate, grinnell uc berkeley's famous peregrine
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falcon. any was seen with a new mate who took over father duties on the pair's freshly laid eggs. experts say this is rare behavior for falcons and now the school is asking for help naming this surrogate is nice enough to step in and helped the contest to name the guy runs through the weekend and you can submit your name suggestions on the school's social media pages. but i think they don't want anything totally silly. they say the name has to have something to do with uc berkeley or its history. so >> he seems comfy maybe he's an uncle or something. all right. working out beautiful gas prices dropping a little bit. not fast enough, though, for a lot of people in the bay area. coming up, someone there could be some real relief. >> police will be an aerial effort will help them locate a missing elderly man in oakland, an exclusive look at the search is still to come. >> and president biden calling
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