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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 8, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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when fun time. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 8. >> nowadays, safety concerns on the streets of san jose. the community reacting tonight to a mother and daughter killed in a hit and run on their evening. walk. also a local charter school teachers now facing dozens of criminal charges, including rape. >> and officers cleared of criminal charges. the next steps for the family of mario gonzalez. >> thank you so much for joining us on kron. 4 news at 8. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm catherine heenan. the search is on for a suspected hit and run driver who killed 2 women in san jose. it happened last night at about 6.30, in the area call avenue in open court near a middle school. police say that the women were
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crossing the road when a red pickup truck hit them and did not stop. police say the mother and daughter had been in the crosswalk and they think the and not a lot of other details it happened in. this was san jose's 13th and 14th pedestrian fatalities this year. and in response to this latest hit and neighbors in san jose, they're demanding more road safety while the family mourns the loss of their loved ones. kron four's. justin campbell has more on the tragedy and what's being done. >> the family of the 2 people killed. tell me the victims, a mother and daughter. they say they were on their nightly walk. they were crossing at this crosswalk when a truck hit and killed and both women then took candle lights in a makeshift memorial for the mother and daughter killed in the line. pollitt set them up for her neighbors she says were out and about regularly every day. i mean, they would come out and
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>> take us around the evening. usually with their family members, police say they are looking for the driver of this red truck that was traveling westbound on ocala avenue. >> thursday's hit and run. mark san jose's 24th deadly crash of the year. this one happened outside of a middle school. children are out and about almost every day and it still happens. people still raced down the >> they really pay no mind to pedestrians at all. >> obviously, we have a lot more work to do. mayor sam liccardo addressed the tragedy on friday saying he wants to add more officers to the traffic enforcement unit improve road design. and the latest technology to improve pedestrian safety. >> push forward with speed enforcement, which we think is a critically important tool we've seen it used very successfully in cities like washington, d.c., and your comportment dramatically reducing the number of traffic collisions and deaths, a mother and daughter their final walk together. just so sad that something like this
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had happened to them. >> while the search continues for the driver responsible reporting in san jose, justin campbell kron. 4 news and our kron four's dan thorn. he is looking into the city's plan to reduce traffic fatalities and he'll have more on that coming up on kron. 4 news at 9. on the peninsula. the chp is investigating a head-on crash on highway 92. >> that left a man dead. officers say a woman was driving eastbound on 92 when she veered into the westbound lane crashing head-on with that driver who was killed. the woman was hospitalized with major injuries. highway 92 was temporarily closed from 2.82, lower. 35, it has since reopened. lawmakers and governor newsome are taking a spring break and they're doing that without getting a deal done to tackle record high gas prices among the proposals, a gas tax holiday. also another one, given californians $400
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before the break. the governor said that he is prepared to work with lawmakers to come up with something that will help drivers. >> i'm also very resolved. get money back in the pockets of people that have impacted not just by gas prices but across the board. every one of us impacted all of us by the cost of living. >> the governor's going to be back in office tuesday. lawmakers return april 18th and talking about gas prices. they continue to drop just a little bit. the most expensive gas is a map of 5.91 a gallon that's down about $0.2, though, from yesterday in san francisco, 5.88 a gallon santa rosa. 5.82, alameda 5.80, and the light 5.69. now to our 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside at a mount tam. >> and kron four's said lawrence. they are lawrence karnow is coming up, lawrence. i mean, it doesn't look like it here, but you're talking about wind. that's always a concern and dry weather. yeah,
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i know because everything shut down with the rain so early this season and now things are going to get very gusty out there. humidity dropping so. >> even though things are green out there, most spots till you start to see a tinge of the brown in the hills, get a fire going these kind of conditions. it can spread in a hurry. so watch out for that this weekend right now. beautiful evening on tap for the bay area. mostly clear skies. that's the way it is going to stay. red flag going up starting tomorrow morning and that's continuing until sunday evening in this place of concern islam, a county you can the cornelia vacaville fairfield birds landing real. this we're talking winds so state 20 to 30 miles an hour gusting maybe as high as 50 miles per hour. but look at the humidity down between 6 and 12%. extremely dry conditions expected over the weekend. not only that around a good part of the rest, the bay area. we're talking about the high wind advisory over the mountain tops in the north bay and again into slama county, the east bay hills and also the diablo range. again, those gusts could be as high as 50 miles per hour across some of the pieces will be
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breezy even down below. all that said it is going to be a nice start. the weekend high pressure start to build in behind this cold front moved through today and then all of us and our temperatures are going to see a warm back up a little bit after cooling down slightly today. numbers in the 70's in and around the bay. even some upper 70's in the interior valleys will have more on the weather coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. >> a teacher at a richmond charter school has been arrested on more than 2 dozen felony counts, including rape. and that's a gao are taught at the making waves academy. she was booked into the martinez detention facility wednesday. court documents show that she faces. 29 counts, including lewd acts with a minor under 14 bail has been set at 2 million dollars. the ceo of making waves has released a statement saying there's nothing more important than the health safety and well-being of our students. that teachers no longer employed by making waves academy. we have reached out to parents, students, faculty to provide support work might
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be needed. and kron four's gayle ong is following up on that story. she will have more tonight at 9. >> the search continues for an 85 year-old man in oakland who has been missing ever since tuesday. search and rescue experts today took to the skies to find the man police try to find him who suffers from alzheimer's and dementia. our conference lead to call joined the search crew as they flew over the oakland hills. >> keep a chatter on the radio is pretty quiet unless you see something before taking flight a group of current and former search and rescue experts be briefed at his word executive airport in a couple medics here. the team organized by erik jones who founded the nonprofit sea valor hired by 85 eric cheika's family to fly over the oakland hills where it's believed alfonzo is lost. he spent 2 nights now hopefully safely all son michael joined the group in addition to the oakland police
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department's ground search the room, making several trips in the air throughout the day focusing funds, those neighborhood. the chabot is states near lake chabot golf the fbi, u.s. army corps of engineers and a former sheriff's deputy took flight. he's a >> since gentleman who deserves the hope is that will fund so as not being blocked by any trees or structures that he could be seen from above by the spotters and eventually be taken home is about 5, 10 1.80. salt and pepper hair really friendly. michael says his dad suffers from alzheimer's and dementia. he's gone missing before, but never this long, he left his home on a walk tuesday afternoon and hasn't been seen michael says he usually has a gps tracker. >> but his family forgot to put it on tuesday while they were managing often zoe's wife's heart surgery. i'm very optimistic. so in today's the weather's been. mild at night
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has been to calls of hypothermia is an issue. it's not too hot during the day. it's imperative we just the closure just want closure just warm and more aerial searches will remain an option until he's found. >> in alameda county police to call frank >> the search is on for a suspect in last year's shooting of lady gaga is dog walker after he accidently i was released from jail. james howard jackson, the alleged gunman in the dognapping was freed wednesday after court papers show the charges against him were dropped. but that turned out to be just a clerical mistake. the la county da's office says that the dismiss charges were supposed to be replaced. buy a new grand jury indictment. but the records? yeah, we're somehow just not updated. jackson is among 3 people charged with one count of attempted murder, second degree robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery. the academy of motion pictures, arts and sciences is banning will smith
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from the oscars or any other academy event for the next decade. in a statement it called smith slap of chris rock at this year's ceremony unacceptable and harmful. smith resigned from the academy last month, meaning that he's no longer part of the voting body. he says that he would accept any punishment. smith will be allowed to keep his best actor oscar. this isn't the first time a celebrity has been banned by the academy most recently. harvey weinstein and bill crosby. cosby rather were expelled from the organization under very different circumstances. both stars were facing accusations of assault at the time the academy created rules that would ban, quote, people who abuse their status power or influence in a manner that violates standards of decency. coming up, the changes to california's quarantine restrictions when you'll still have to isolate if exposed to covid.
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>> climate change is giving vineyard something to whine about haute. the drastic changee, damaging grapes. >> but first at the last place, i looking for answers. the family of mario gonzalez is reacting after the officers involved in his death are cleared of criminal charges.
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members of a bay area families say they are at a loss after the alameda county da cleared
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3 police officers of criminal charges. >> for the in custody death of mario gonzalez. our first amanda hari talk to gonzalez, his brother and mother to get their reaction to the news and talk about what's next. >> wasn't that surprising? but that i'm also kind of like let down and away and it likely lose, lose an open away with mario gonzalez is younger brother jerry says he found out the news from the media. >> the district attorney's office didn't contact him if is like kind of like pushed over to the side. a body camera video from police shows mario gonzalez is last moment. >> back on april 19th 2021 on friday, alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley cleared all 3 officers involved in all criminal wrongdoing. >> in gonzalez is death. a report released by the da's office says gonzalez became unresponsive after 3 minutes.
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and 39 seconds of officers restraining and pinning him to the ground. jerry translated when i asked his mother what it's like being without her oldest son. >> mario, a lot of added weight on her shoulders. he says she misses her son. >> and now she's taking on a lot of his responsibilities like helping to care for his young son, her grandson, jerry says he misses the little things about his big brother. >> kraken, joe says mask having a good time. just one looking out for their attorney adante pointer says the family is not giving up. the family intends to continue. >> the demand that the district attorney, the attorney general, you need part of the justice do right by this family. and probably want for committing homicide. he says they filed a civil suit against the officers. >> district attorney o'malley
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issued a statement offering condolences to can solve his family. she says she and her team have reviewed the case and quote, after a thorough, extensive, an independent investigation by my office, the evidence does not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the officers broke any laws. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> world leaders are again condemning russia after a missile attack on a crowded train station in eastern ukraine. authorities say at least 50 people have been killed in that rocket attack, including children strewn about. you can see sue cases even baby strollers, all the belongings that people had gathered to take with them as they fled the missiles hit while the train station was filled with about 4,000 people, many of them waiting days to take a train out of town over the past few days. the ukrainian government has increased warnings to civilians, telling them to flee the sides. the 50 confirmed dead, at least 100
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people were wounded. but those numbers were expected to go up. ukraine's president addressed finland's parliament today. >> and led a moment of silence for the victims. >> this is an ordinary time people crowded waiting for the trains to be evacuated to the safe. territory. they hit this people with the sister of remnants of the missiles are and dead people. >> he said today's victims included people again, just trying to get to safety. and as russian troops moved from the north to the east, ukrainian leaders say there will be more evidence of war crimes, including the shelling of civilian areas. back here at home. time for 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside at san francisco from our sutro tower cam and kron first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us
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again. and, lawrence, it is it's cooling down as yet. what a change. i mean, that sea breeze just kind of kicked in all of a sudden those temperatures drop. we have those 80's that, you know, half moon bay yesterday. >> now today, a much cooler out there along the coastline that hovering in the 50's right now. so up there right now, the sea breeze is blowing, but more of a northerly wind going to kick in over the weekend. we talk about that. some gusty winds out there. temperature wise about this for today. yesterday we were in the 80's in san francisco, much cooler today, but still pleasant. 72 72 in oakland as well. 84 degrees in san jose. that's a 10 degree drop from yesterday's high. still hot, 90 in livermore. 88 in concord, in 89 degrees in santa rosa. all right. now we've got temperatures low 50's and a half moon bay and also in the pacific. a 56 and cool in the san francisco still warm. 71 in concord away from the oceans breeze. 74 degrees in pittsburgh and 62 degrees in the napa valley. here's a cold front dive into the bay area. see kind of falling apart as it moves on by. but behind that start to see those winds kind of kicking up. we've had some those 20 some 30 mile an hour
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gusts along the coastline into sfo, kind of blustery in spots out toward the beaches today. we're going to see more of that over the weekend. but it's going to switch gears, go into more out of the north. and you can see that in the north bay and the east bay, especially over the mountain tops. so by not being windy there be breezy down below temperature. wise numbers are going to back off just a bit. some interior spots, those numbers running in the 70's there. you'll see a lot of 70's inside the bay put on some 60's, an ice near the coastline. some sunshine there next couple days. the temperatures continue to cool on sunday by monday. a chance of some showers. all right, lawrence. well, starting the season off with the wind, not a bad way to go. baseball is back in the bay and the giants fans. well, they were pretty eager to see the team take on the miami marlins at oracle park. now, this was a lot of fun for fans and kron four's. rob nesbitt spent the day talking to them about what they've missed most in the long off season after record breaking run last year. >> giants fans have a lot of confidence after a successful season even on opening day,
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they have no doubt that their team will make it all the way to the world series >> a sea of orange and black walking up and down willie mays plaza into oracle park friday. fans anticipating the first game for the giants. donna sell vado coming out to celebrate her 70th birthday and hoping for a gift from her favorite team. at least land. she's been coming to home openers for as long as she can remember with her friend carol conroy. hello. we've been doing this too covid putting a stop to their tradition the last 2 years. know whatever happened. my cardboard cut out masking no longer requirement inside oracle park signs reminding baseball lovers that mask guidelines for mega events has been lifted. post omicron surge, not many people were singing praises when it came to parking a headache for several fans trying to make it to the park in time for the first pitch parking. that was a that was a mission we parked by to 3 miles pre-game every let's go. the giants coming back from a successful run last season as the defending national league west champions. really proud to see
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them go that far because they overachieved by fall. and so the whole season was a treat. it they they exceeded expectations for sure. from those touching the willie mays statue for good luck to the youngest fans. super excited. see brandon properties. i got my favorite player of all time. >> i heard nothing but confidence on opening day that this season will end with giants merge saying world series champions they finish strong that start back up strong in that. it's keeping going set the tone. fans will be back here saturday to do it all over again with the giants take on the marlins for game 2 of the opening series. first pitch is scheduled for one. 00:05pm. >> at oracle park. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news >> all right. meantime, the a's kicked off their season in philly this afternoon. we're going to have highlights coming up later in sports and following a violent couple of weeks in san jose. we're going to talk about the new 3 point.
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>> the un says global efforts to curb climate change are falling short and that's affecting winemakers, especially overseas. the rising temps and emissions are affecting crop production. french winemakers. they're being hit, especially hard for the second year in a row. they've had an unusual, warm spell followed by severe frost. this drastic change means that grapes are getting damage just as they spring to life.
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>> is it last just a normal thing in early april, what is less normal is for the plants are already be developed at that point. >> for its war in the napa valley might also become less suitable for growing premium grapes as the climate continues to change. >> crab season already over the season ended 2 months early after at least 2 got caught in fishing gear. the migrating humpbacks were caught in fishing gear last month off the central coast. today's deadline is affecting fishery zones from the border with mexico to the sonoma mendocino county line wildfire. authorities say that whales have to be protected in part to protect the commercial fishing industry. and coming up next, step to 8 o'clock tonight. concern over covid surge, although experts do not agree on whether cases are climbing in the country. >> also a data hack on a major finance app. could your information be at risk? will tell you who might be affected
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and the reason for the great
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>> former fda chief doctor scott gottlieb claims that there's an undetected covid surge happening now, even though it's not being reflected in the number of new cases, he expects the number of hospitalizations to remain normal during this so-called search. not everybody agrees that despite his claims, other
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health officials in the country say cases are actually trending down. >> we're all cases are going around the united states. i look at those every day and i was like, oh, good. we are. we're rounding the curve and let's see what happens with these upcoming variance. >> health experts say they are encouraged by the latest numbers from the cdc. of course, they're still concerned about emerging variants. the omicron sub variant ba 2 is at least 50 times more infectious than the original omicron strain. but symptoms are at least much more mild. californians who have been exposed to covid, but who do not have a symptoms. they no longer have to go into quarantine. state guidance is now in line with the cdc's latest recommendations. things are easing because covid intubation, a period is shrinking now averaging just 2 or 3 days. also, people who have tested positive in the last 90 days. i don't need to
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test quarantine or miss work as long again. they don't have symptoms. people who work in high-risk settings or who are unvaccinated are still advised to quarantine. we'll have details on kron 4 dot com congresswoman jackie spear was here in the bay area today honoring healthcare workers. spear says it's important to show this group that their hard work and sacrifices during the covid-19 pandemic. the peak of it. have not been forgotten. >> well, we are celebrating all of the health care people alive and during they continue silently do their put their lives really literally on the line every day. so it's really important that we all find time to say thank you. so we're all here today to do just >> a caravan of first responder vehicles accompanied the group and showing their appreciation for the redwood city health care staff. congresswoman spear plans to
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repeat this event at all. 6 hospitals in san mateo county. >> san jose's mayor sam liccardo says that while his city is still safe, a spike in violent crime has to be addressed as kron four's. dan kerman reports the mayor now has a three-point plan designed to tackle the problem. >> while acknowledging san jose remains a safe city with the lowest homicide rate of any major city in the country. san jose mayor sam liccardo is also facing facts that violent crime has been ticking up over the last couple of years. >> very concerned about the robberies and the a domestic violence and other assaults. >> friday, look, art of proposed three-point plan to bring the violence down. first, stop the revolving door at the county jail. >> roughly half of the detainees were being released pre trial are either re offending are failing to appear for their court date. >> carter says while he supports appropriate alternatives to jail, he does not support abolishing bail
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all together. i think there is a reasonable middle ground here. >> that doesn't have everyone being released without a job particular. we're talking about serious about the phone. >> the proposal also calls for expanding drug treatment for addicted or estes. what we're seeing overwhelmingly in the data is that, in fact, it's methamphetamine. it is not an okay. it's a stimulant. >> is driving enormous amount of violence. carter says he wants to ensure judges have options when it comes to sentencing. >> we're working with the county applying for state money for the creation of housing facilities where drug treatment will be provided on site. the 3rd part of the proposal calls for getting more cameras out to small businesses. >> to reduce the number of thefts and burglaries in the weeks ahead. the proposal goes before the san jose city council for discussion. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> all right. time to take another look at the forecast as we have this lovely shot overlooking the golden gate bridge. i don't know. inspires
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they're they're traffic on sure. people coming city, maybe. yeah. well, friday night we tend to forget friday busy. yeah. and get ready for the weekend, too. and looks like the weekend's going to be nice. we're going to see a lot of sunshine after that, though. it changes. of course, the winds are going to be an issue throughout the weekend. but what a beautiful evening we have for you. >> looking toward the golden gate bridge. yes, busy out there tonight. lot of folks traveling into san francisco, but things are changing in the weather now. we've had all that record breaking heat yesterday. we felt the temperatures cool off today. now we've had a cold front go through and not bring us any raic. just a few high clouds but really helping to kick up the wind along the coastline. we get into early next week. and here you are. this is a nice little storm rolling through the bay area as we head in toward monday back. that's going to be a very cold system. i think temperatures may be as much as 40 degrees cooler around much of the bay area. i think we're topping out in the 50's in many spots will be lucky to get to 60 degrees by monday afternoon behind that, another storm system could move in as early as thursday. and so keep
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things very active in the long-range pattern right now. let's hope that keeps up. get the storms roll in here for some light rain during the season. temperature wise for tomorrow. not going to be a bad day at all. 64 degrees just breezy in the san francisco. 63 in the sunset about 64 in the mission up toward the coastline. well, you're not going to those 80's, but you have some comfortable weather temperatures in the 60's. maybe get a little bit of a down when you might see about 67 in half moon bay and then you get inside the bay. some nice sunshine throughout the day. and as you move down the peninsula, those temperatures warm up nicely. 72 in redwood city, 72 in mountain view. lot of 70's in the south bay and well into the 70's in places like campbell. 77 in santa clara about 77 in sunnyvale, starting a little cool tomorrow morning. the warm-up in a hurry in the tri valley. and then by the afternoon you're pushing close to 80, you might reach that discovery bay and also in the brentwood 79 degrees in concord about 77 in benicia and about 75 degrees in watch out for those winds, especially over the mountain tops and the north bay in the east bay get above
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1000 feet or so. we're looking at some gusty winds, 40 to 50 miles per hour. next couple days, though, here changes in or out. the temperatures continue to cool off a few more clouds come your way. and then as we get into monday, there's a real chance we could see some showers rolling in some snow in the sierra nevada. we're not done just there. we've got a chance of some more rain coming our way late next week. so yeah, it from one extreme. now we're going to snap back and back into those winter we could use that rain that we could. yeah, but i've been to in the roller coaster changes have been kind of fun. i love it. yeah. let's keep it going. >> all right. speaking of kind of fun, the weekend is here. but some day come sooner? >> we'll tell you about the new measure that could change california's first, paramedics are taking flight this futuristic pilot program being tested to help save lives.
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>> new at 8, the mobile payment app called a cash app says its systems have been happen. possibly. it is putting the information of millions of people at risk. this hack could affect more than 8 million users. their bed meeting. the company says a former employee downloaded customer reports in december without permission, the stolen information includes full names and brokerage account numbers, but at least not user names, passwords or other
8:39 pm
personal information. apple is reportedly pas ing sales of refurbished air-pods according to business insider. some of those referred their pods there not connecting. >> to their new owners. instead, customers are getting messages saying that the air pods are still connected to that previous owner, a company that handles returns for retailers says it is sitting on a stockpile of more than 30,000 infected air pods. the issue is frustrating new owners and leading to security and privacy concerns. as you can imagine, apple has not commented on the issue. it's unclear if it does or doesn't have a fix in the works and take a look at british paramedics. they are testing out jet packs. the new jet propulsion system where can airlift paramedics into a mountainside are rugged terrain, rescue situations. they say travel time to assess an injury can be reduced from a 30 minute hike or longer to just a couple of minutes. they say the suits could be used by british national parks personnel this year. it's kind
8:40 pm
of comb. >> in sports, this is also called the giants a thrilling extra in the season opener. kate rooney has highlights and reaction also openi
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>> for your help canadian health officials are warning that raw oysters have been linked to a norovirus outbreak across the u.s. contaminated oysters, which are harvested in british columbia, have been
8:43 pm
distributed to 13 u.s. states, including california health officials, of course, trying to track and control the spread of the virus right now. oysters can cause illness if eat raw, especially in people with health problems. a recall has not yet officially been ordered. >> for your money tonight, easter eggs could set you back a few extra bucks. this year. farmers had to kill millions of egg-laying hens because of the deadly and highly infectious bird flu that has reduced supply and also increased prices. it's the worst outbreak here in the u.s. of the bird flu in 7 years. and food prices worldwide hit a record high last month. the united nations says that the war in ukraine could lead to food shortages in some of the porous nations. and it's fueling inflation for food producers here in the west, the russian invasion has badly disrupted. ukraine's normally huge production of wheat, livestock and poultry producers are paying higher prices for grain feed and
8:44 pm
they're having to pass on those costs to consumers. analysts say it will likely affect everything from cereal to deli meat. >> new parents are struggling to find baby formula. and of course, this is because of supply chain problems, at least 30% of formula was out of stock last month, all across the country and things got worse in february when abbott labs recalled some products, manufacturers are now boosting production. they are suggesting that families keep a 2 week supply of baby formula. the family of a boy who was hit by a baseball thrown at angel stadium in 2019 is now suing the team for negligence >> bryson that the labs was 6 years old at the time when he was hit in the head by a baseball thrown by angels pitcher canyon middleton who was throwing to a teammate to miss the catch. the boy suffered a skull fracture and the hemorrhage on his brain. the families seeking compensation for injuries and medical care. they also want to see more netting in the
8:45 pm
area near the dugout where it happened. the angels have declined to comment on the lawsuit. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> there's nothing quite like the optimism of opening day. whatever happens in the remaining 161 games of the season will always have the excitement and anticipation of this day, but it's especially sweet when opening day and with the win, giants opening the season at home for the first time since 2009 hosting miami oracle park decked out for opening day. the giants to last season's western division championship flag for the first time. but the highlight of the pre-game festivities, brandon belt, the captain entering the field in a boat and wearing the captain's hat talking baseball to fans that belt throughout the first pitch in the hat. a little opening day fun by the giants. once the game began. guess who
8:46 pm
had the first hit of the season? they kept in belt with a bunt single in the throw to first is a right. joey bart scores. it's one nothing giants in the 3rd inning. still in the 3rd darin ruf. the designated hitter grounds one into right center for a base hit belt. comes around to score 2 zip giants. 5th inning. now bart. gets all of this pitch its way up in the left field bleachers for a solo home run bart's. first major league home run 3, nothing giants. logan webb meanwhile gave up no runs through 6 innings. but right after the game, jacob stallings tags dog leone for a 2 run. homer. so whether definitely not thrilled about that in the dugout. all of a sudden we have a game, 3, 2 giants, but never fear. the captain is here. belt lines, one to right and gone. home. run. play spring training. but
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to it's for 2 giants in the 8. but in the top of the night, scores now for free just junior takes closer ball deep to left and gone for a 2 run home run. incredibly. the marlins lead 5 to 4 bottom of the night. now, the first batter tyrell strada. deep to left. we've got 5, 5, tie. this one is going to extra innings. on the first day. bottom of the 10, austin slater. at the plate, he lines one into the left field corner. and rough starting from first base is on his horse. he's going for it. the throw home. is not in time. so the giants when a final score. 65 giants. one opener not for the faint of heart. 4 players on thing about skipping spring training because this day belonged brandon belt. here's gabe kaplan. branding comes
8:48 pm
up. obviously. >> coming off a knee injury and does what brandon does is takes advantage of something that's given to him and shoot moment in the game for us. obviously. the home run was was pretty special, too. and obviously the pre-game activities were were kind of fun. i love the fact that he embraces that keeps the entire dugout like me the whole ballpark, obviously. felt great about that school. enjoyed it. >> meanwhile, the a's starting their season in philadelphia against who else? the phillies first batter for the phils. it's kyle schwarber. and he takes frankie montauk, deep to right center. that's gone. not a great start for the a's one. nothing phillies very early. 3rd inning, didi gregorious. base hit to center rhys hoskins scores 5, nothing and the phillies look like they'll run away with it. but here
8:49 pm
come the aides, top of the 7th seth brown with the drive to right center. that is way out for 2 run homerun 6 for fillies now and we have a new ball game here. and the 7th tony kemp. with the check swing grounder to 3rd the throw to first is off stephen vogt scores. it's a one-run game. 6, 5, phillies. but the phillies scored an insurance run in the bottom of the inning. and then in the 8th bryson stott goes the opposite way. another run scores on the double 8, 5, phillies final score. 95 philadelphia, montauk did not have a great outing. gave up 5 runs in 5 innings. let's switch gears. round 2 of the masters. tiger woods followed up his 71 with a 2 over 74 today. he's 9 shots back, but more importantly makes the cut. >> meanwhile, the world number one, scottie scheffler was golfing a 5 under 67 to take a 5 shot lead that leads ties a
8:50 pm
masters record after 36 holes the 5th. this was the highlight of the day. stewart cink on the 16th. his tee shot looks good. roles in that for a whole. >> one. >> got to love that. the crowd's going pretty nuts sink, missed the cut. but this was surely a really great moment for him. and, you know, really an incredible moment for the masters, no matter who you're hoping to win. of course, i think a lot people are rooting for either. young american, scottie scheffler or wants that. but i was watching that live and i don't really even know much about stewart cink. but i was like, all right. all right. anybody. >> yeah. you know, tires. tigers really it great souls. this could be something that's quite a eye on now. okay. thanks, kate. thanks, kate. >> coming up, the pbs show arthur said it first having fun. it is not hard if you've
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8:56 pm
sometimes a lot of people overlook them. but the best great little program. all right. see you both shortly. here's what's coming up next on kron. 4 news at 9. >> we're getting this former teacher at an east bay high school who is facing multiple abuse charges involving for students. the disturbing details of the allegations and why this is not the first such case for that school. also, we're continuing to follow last night hit and run in san jose killed 2 women. that's not one of them. how neighbors are remembering them and the city's reaction to yet another kron. 4 news at 9 is coming up next. when fun time from the
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8:58 pm
8:59 pm
bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. now, a knight, a
9:00 pm
former teacher at an east bay high school is in jail tonight accused of >> molesting students. bail has been set at almost 2 million dollars and she is not the first teacher at the school to face abuse charges. good evening, everybody. thank you for being here tonight on kron. 4 news at 9. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis that former teachers accused of 29 counts of child molestation. parker's gayle ong has details. >> 35 year old nsa gower, a biology teacher is facing 29 counts of child molestation contra costa county. prosecutors say gower engage in numerous acts of nature with minors between 2021 to 2022. richmond, police say her victims were 7 high school boys ages 15 to 17 at making waves academy. a charter school in richmond were gower has talks in april of last year. police say 2 of the students came forward to school administrators in mid february. school officials


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