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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 8, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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former teacher at an east bay high school is in jail tonight accused of >> molesting students. bail has been set at almost 2 million dollars and she is not the first teacher at the school to face abuse charges. good evening, everybody. thank you for being here tonight on kron. 4 news at 9. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis that former teachers accused of 29 counts of child molestation. parker's gayle ong has details. >> 35 year old nsa gower, a biology teacher is facing 29 counts of child molestation contra costa county. prosecutors say gower engage in numerous acts of nature with minors between 2021 to 2022. richmond, police say her victims were 7 high school boys ages 15 to 17 at making waves academy. a charter school in richmond were gower has talks in april of last year. police say 2 of the students came forward to school administrators in mid february. school officials contacted police during the
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investigation, detectives found more victims and say some alleged acts happened on school property. in a statement to kron 4, the ceo of making waves academy reads in part, there is nothing more than the health safety and well-being of our students. that teacher is no longer employed by making waves academy. and we have reached out to parents, students and faculty to provide support with might be needed. it's not the first time making ways academy has faced allegations of abuse. ronald goingto is serving a 931 year sentence after being convicted of molesting 15 boys at the school going to win a youth program at making waves academy from 2011 to 2013. the school agreed to pay nearly 11 million dollars to the victims to settle a lawsuit in the current case, gower is being held at the martinez detention facility on almost 2 million dollars bail. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> the search is on for a suspected hit and run driver who killed 2 women in san jose. police say they think this man is the driver. he was
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in a red pickup truck when he allegedly hit 2 women in the call avenue in open court near a middle school happened last night. police say that the women we're crossing the road when they were hit. police say that the mother and daughter had been in the crosswalk. and this is san jose's 13th and 14th pedestrian fatalities this year. >> but its latest hit and run comes as san jose city leaders have been working on solutions to try to stop the rising number of traffic deaths. road safety is real and painful problem there. and the city is on pace to break previous death records. kron four's dan thorn is live in san jose tonight. dan, this is an alarming trend. >> jagr and absolutely an alarming trend. the 2 women that were killed here along ocala avenue last night are now part of 26 people that have died in traffic collisions so far in the city here this year. san jose's vision, 0 task forces right now trying to find out a way
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to could this problem, which appears to be getting worse by the day. >> pedestrians, cyclists and drivers make up the more than 2 dozen people who have died on san jose streets so far this year, the death count is a huge spike from this time last year and nearly half of all traffic deaths in the city in 2021, it is alarming. we are >> at a staggering days it that that potentially could double what are our high has been, which is 60 trafficking county district. 3 councilmember raul peralez is chair of the vision 0 task force. san jose created the task force in 2015 with the goal of bringing traffic deaths down to 0. the council members for opposing quick build street projects like installing more rubberized safety bollards and delineate ers in areas deemed dangerous. he also says san jose pd ease traffic enforcement unit needs to be bolstered. we have been woefully understaffed on our traffic enforcement. so it's
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another piece of the pie and there they are member in a folder of our vision, 0 task force. this map shows the city's most dangerous roads. speed has been a top factor in deaths. >> san jose mayor sam liccardo was pushed for enforcement cameras to help curb this problem. but an assembly bill is still being reviewed in sacramento. we're going in the wrong direction. and at this alarming rate, we have all hands on deck and we will continue to work until we can actually drive numbers down. the 0 task force is seeking community input on preventing traffic deaths here in san jose. a town hall is set to take place at city hall on may 7. >> reporting live in san born to run morning. it was. >> thank you, dan. we may get a quick check on the forecast on this friday night. a beautiful shot overlooking san francisco and beyond in. our chief meteorologist is joining us here to talk about to some of the shifting winds, the change in temps. yeah, just a
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switching that wind today. what a drastic change in the numbers. we went from 80's along the coastline, a much cooler out there into the 60's today. so, yeah, big change in the weather pattern setting up for the weekend to boy busy night out there. a lot of folks the ballpark early on. but now folks still coming to the city are traveling out about. >> and why not miss start of a looks like a great weekend ahead, the weather wise, you see a lot of sunshine, but you are also going to feel a lot of wind temperatures for highs today. 72 degrees in san francisco after of those numbers topping out in the 80's yesterday, 72 in oakland, 84 degrees and warm in san jose. still hot 90 degrees in livermore. 88 in concord, 89 degrees in santa rosa. well, that cool air coming in off the pacific. now that ocean air bring some cooler numbers, low 50's now in pacifica. 54 now in san francisco. you get inland your way from that sea breeze are still 69. pretty pleasant as you head into conquer right now. 71 degrees in pittsburgh. 76 in brentwood and 70 degrees in saint helene up watching out for the winds this weekend. you know, all of our winter almost came in
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december. and then after that, we really dry things out since then. so here we are. we've got red flag warnings going up in solano county starting tomorrow, expecting sustained winds of 20 to 30 miles per hour coming out of the north. and that's a dry northerly wind and look at the humidity. 6 to 12%. that is about it. that is bone dry, almost desert dry out there. so even with things as green as they are, you get conditions like that. and some gusts maybe as high as 50 miles an hour. certainly things can burn across the rest. the bay area. we've got wind advisories going up a saturday through sunday as well, north bay hills islam, a county continuing there as well. the east bay as well. the oakland hills, also the diablo range also could see some gusts. 35, maybe 50 mile an hour gusts now down below us. not going to be as windy. it will be breezy at times. temperatures going to be fairly nice thoughts. when i start your weekend, a number's going to be more comfortable, though, about 76 and warm and san jose. 74 74 also in the bottle and one of the warmer spots. 79 degrees in concord. thank
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you, laura. its members of the bay area family are at a loss after the alameda county district attorney cleared 3 police officers of criminal charges for the in custody death of mario gonzales are hers. and then to harry talk to gonzalez, his brother and mother to get their reaction to the news and talk about what's next. >> wasn't that surprising? i'm also kind of like let down and away and it likely lose lose an open-air. mario gonzalez is younger brother jerry says he found out the news from the media. >> the district attorney's office didn't contact him to feel is like kind of like pushed over to the side. a body camera video from police shows mario gonzalez is last moment. >> back on april 19th 2021 on friday, alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley. >> cleared all 3 officers involved of all criminal wrongdoing in gonzalez is death. a report released by
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the da's office says gonzalez became unresponsive after 3 minutes. and 39 seconds of officers restraining and pinning him to the ground. sherry translated when i asked his mother what it's like being without her oldest son. >> mario, a lot of added weight on her shoulders. he says she misses her son. >> and now she's taking on a lot of his responsibilities like helping to care for his young son, her grandson, jerry says he misses the little things about his big brother. >> kraken, joe says mask having a good time. just one looking out for their attorney adante pointer says the family is not giving up. the family intends to continue. >> the demand that the district attorney, the attorney general, you part the justice do right by this family. and off us ers for committing homicide. he says they filed a civil suit
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against the officers. >> district attorney o'malley issued a statement offering condolences to can solve his family. she says she and her team have reviewed the case and quote, after a thorough, extensive, an independent investigation by my office, the evidence does not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the officers broke any laws. amanda hari kron, 4 news >> public safety is top of mind across the state after one of the suspects in the deadly mass shooting in downtown sacramento. we've learned was previously incarcerated. he was released after serving less than half a sentence because his previous crimes, which include once punching a girlfriend are not technically considered violent felonies under state law. meanwhile, tonight, businesses in sacramento, the downtown area are taking extra precautions, getting ready for this weekend. we'll probably be some sort of security.
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>> i'm offering it to patrons who would somebody to walk them to their car in the garage just to make our customers feel safe. >> if you'd like to weigh in on the whole notion of people getting out of prison before their sentences are over. there is going to be a meeting to discuss that there will be public comment at that meeting and that meeting is set for next week. april 14th. >> an aerial search was conducted today for an 85 year-old man in oakland who has been missing ever since tuesday. he suffers from cognitive issues forcefully to call was with the search crew. today's they flew over the oakland hills. >> keep a chatter on the radio is pretty quiet unless you see something before taking flight a group of current and former search and rescue experts be briefed at his word executive airport in a couple medics here. the team organized by
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erik jones who founded the nonprofit sea valor hired by 85 eric cheika's family to fly over the oakland hills where it's believed alfonzo is lost. he spent 2 nights now hopefully safely all son michael joined the group in addition to the oakland police department's ground search the room, making several trips in the air throughout the day focusing funds, those neighborhood. the chabot is states near lake chabot golf the fbi, u.s. army corps of engineers and a former sheriff's deputy took flight. he's a >> since the gentleman who deserves the hope is that will fund so as not being blocked by any trees or structures that he could be seen from above by the spotters and eventually be taken home is about 5, 10 1.80. salt and pepper hair really friendly. michael says his dad suffers from alzheimer's and dementia. he's gone missing before, but
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never this long. he left his home on a walk tuesday afternoon and hasn't been seen michael says he usually has a gps tracker, but his family forgot to put it on tuesday while they were managing often zoe's wife's heart surgery. very optimistic. so in today's the weather's been. >> mild at night has been to calls of hypothermia is an issue. >> it's not too hot during the day. it's imperative that we just the closure just want closure just warm and more aerial searches will remain an option until he's found. >> in alameda county police to call frank the governor and state lawmakers are now on spring break. and there's still no deal to send money to californians they promised in response to rising gas prices. harper's ashley zavala explains the status of the proposed plans, including an update on the bill to suspend the state's gas tax. >> for the legislature to say no, we're going to continue to keep california's gas prices higher than any other state.
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and then we're going to go on vacation. i think that it shows just how out of touch people here are assemblyman. kevin kiley says he's not giving up his push to suspend the state's gas tax even as the governor and legislature take off for spring break course, gas tax holiday bill 2 weeks ago was verbally got it and changed in the assembly. transportation committee. >> democrats there made it into a proposed new tax on gas companies to pass extra profits on to consumers to start. but those changes were never put into writing. and this week assembly democrats voted to erase their attempt to change it from the legislative record. kylie's gas tax holiday bill is still alive as states like new york and connecticut move to suspend their gas tax is indeed we are going to be continuing to push for that to be enacted as quickly as possible. so california's get some relief. i mean, people are really struggling right now. meanwhile, democratic assembly member county petri norris officially put her proposal in writing to give $400 to all californians who pay income tax in the state. and while supporters announced
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it in a way to offset the rising price of gas, the word gas is nowhere to be found in the bill ab 16, 16. instead it uses the governor's covid pandemic state of emergency to tap into the california emergency relief fund to send out the money doing so will require a two-thirds vote in the legislature. other efforts include a proposal from legislative leaders to send payments based on income. another is the governor's push to send up to $800 debit cards to california car owners. both of those could be considered and state budget negotiations which won't be finalized until the end of june. before going on break, newsome said he's prepared to work with lawmakers on a also very resolved. >> get money back in the pockets of people that have impacted not just by gas prices but across the board. every one of us impacted all of us by the cost of living in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. so let's go and take a look at gas prices. the weekend is here. of course, you may be trying to get out of town. >> need to fill up the state average. it's about 5.79 overall, according to triple a
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the most expensive gas in the bay area. that's in napa and it will run you about $5.91 for regular and the cheapest gas that is currently in vallejo sitting at 5.69 per gallon. starting off the season with a win. that's that's the latest. started baseball back in the bay area. and giants and were they eager to see the team take on the miami marlins at oracle? and boy, did they get a show? kron four's. rob nesbitt spent the day talking to all these fans about what they've been missing most after this. >> extra long offseason after last year's record-breaking run. >> giants fans have a lot of confidence after a successful season even on opening day, they have no doubt that their team will make it all the way to the world series >> a sea of orange and black walking up and down willie mays plaza into oracle park friday. fans anticipating the first game for the giants. donna sell vado coming out to celebrate her 70th birthday and hoping for a gift from her
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favorite team. at least land. she's been coming to home openers for as long as she can remember with her friend carol conroy. hello. we've been doing this too covid putting a stop to their tradition the last 2 years. i know whatever happened. my cardboard cut out masking no longer requirement inside oracle park signs reminding baseball lovers that mask guidelines for mega events has been lifted. post omicron surge, not many people were singing praises when it came to parking a headache for several fans trying to make it to the park in time for the first pitch parking. that was a that was a mission we parked by to 3 miles pre-game every let's go. the giants coming back from a successful run last season as the defending national league west champions. really proud to see them go that far because they overachieved by fall. and so the whole season was a treat. it they they exceeded expectations for sure. from those touching the willie mays statue for good luck to the youngest fans. super excited to see brandon properties. i got my favorite player of all time.
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>> i heard nothing but confidence on opening day that this season will end with giants merge saying world series champions they finish strong that start back up strong in that. >> it's keeping going set the tone. fans will be back here saturday to do it all over again with the giants take on the marlins for game 2 of the opening series. first pitch is scheduled for one. 00:05pm. >> at oracle park. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news >> meanwhile, the a's kicked off their season in philadelphia this afternoon. we'll have more on what happened there coming up later tonight. in sports, commercial crab fishing is closing early and today people had to remove their. >> crab traps from most of the california to wales, getting caught in fishing gear. a crab season is closing 2 months early after at least 2 migrating humpback whales were caught up in fishing gear last month off the central coast. today's deadline to remove commercial crab traps affects fishery zones from the u.s. mexico border up to the sonoma, mendocino county line
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fisheries owns north of that line will close at noon on april. 20th wildlife officials say the protecting whales is important to the long-term viability of the commercial fishing industry. now, the precious crops that are >> confuse the united nations says global efforts to curb climate change are falling well short. and that is affecting winemakers, especially overseas. and it could happen here. the rising temperatures and emissions. alright, virtually affecting crop production. french winemakers are being hit, especially hard for the second year in a row. they've had an unusually warm spell followed by severe frost. the drastic changes mean grapes are getting damage just after they spring to life. >> and is it is a normal thing in early april, what is less normal is for the plants are already be developed at that point. >> experts warn the napa valley, sonoma valley, but also become less suitable for growing premium. grapes is the
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climate continues to change. >> it was a packed crowd on the south lawn of the white house today. democrats celebrated the confirmation of justice said to be judge judge ketanji ketanji rather brown-jackson the historic confirmation designated especially for millions of black americans nationwide, washington, d.c., correspondent raquel martin has more now from the white house. >> we've made it. >> for justice to say that it gives me great comfort congressional black caucus chairwoman joyce beatty was among those beaming with pride friday as the white house celebrated the confirmation of judge ketanji brown jackson brought us not only great joy, great honor, the brilliant scholar who looks like us will be seated on the highest court during judge dogs and speed on the south lawn. she thing got supporters in her family for bringing her to this moment. i
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and the dream and the hope. obviously. >> and that was the moment for me that i definitely started tearing up. mariah walked in and to are both harvard law student where judge jackson also inspired to figure out what it means to chart my path. what it means to break. another ceiling were here for a bigger purpose. and i can tell that that's what she's here for the emotion behind judge jackson's historic confirmation could be felt throughout the entire white house ceremony. president biden calling it his biggest achievement of administration so far. brilliant legal mind with deep knowledge of the law means a lot that president biden. >> knew we needed that sort of leadership. alicia figures said on the team that helped president biden select jackson. she says the soon to be justice is record speaks for itself. he is surely jess, i'm the nominee for this moment. i imagine all the black girls across this country that black women are just looking in awe at the history that she's made in
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washington. raquel martin. coming up, california health officials easing up quarantine guidance covid-19 cases as they appear to be dropping. >> what changes are expected for people who've been exposed to the virus. we east punishment for will smith coming down today. it's a >> hefty one. some say a long before smith will be eligible before smith will be eligible to return to the oscars. care coalition, it's so good to see you all! alright! let's brainstorm. any ideas for new members? i'd like to nominate alaska airlines. this neck pillow i'm dating says great things! a caring airline?! wait, those exist?! it says here they were the first airline to switch from plastic bottles to boxed water. they also hire a lot of people from caring professions. i'm seeing former teachers and nurses. it's settled! alaska airlines is officially in the running! round of applause!
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>> today, the academy of motion picture arts and sciences band will smith from the oscars or any other academy event for 10 years. in a statement to it called smith's slap of chris rock at this year's ceremony and acceptable and harmful smith resigned from the academy last month meeting that he's no longer part of the voting body. he said that he would except any punishments. smith will be allowed, though, to keep his best actor oscar. after last summer's predicted reports of an president rather reports of unruly airplane passengers. the faa is seeking record fines against 2 women involved in 2 separate incidents. they are each accused of trying to open a cabin door, then physically assaulting a passengers and crew members who tried to stop them. the faa is proposing a fine of nearly $82,000 for the one woman. it $77,000 for the second woman. >> up next is top government officials including house speaker nancy pelosi test
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positive for covid. some questions are being raised about safety protocols at the white house. plus, ukrainians fleeing the violence of 4 finding refuge in california. in some cases we have some of the emotional reunions that have been happening at the southern border. and health experts are sounding the alarm on a potential covid surge with the forecast could be with the forecast could be ♪ ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer... are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+/her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed disease progression versus letrozole. ibrance may cause low white blood cell counts that may lead to serious infections. ibrance may cause severe inflammation of the lungs. both of these can lead to death. tell your doctor if you have new or worsening chest pain, cough, or trouble breathing.
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scott gottlieb claims there is an undetected covid surge that's happening now. even though it's not being reflected in the number of cases, he expects that the number of hospitalizations to they'll actually remain normal during the surge. that's the good news. but despite all of this, >> other health officials here in the usa cases are actually trending down. >> overall cases are going around the united states. i look at those every day and i was like, oh, good. we are. >> we're rounding the curve and let's see what happens with these upcoming variance. >> infectious disease experts say that they are encouraged by the latest numbers from the cdc. but they're still concerned about emerging variants. the omicron subvariant be a 2 is at least 50 times more infectious than the original omicron strain. but symptom are much more mild. covid case counts are ticking up in the nation's
9:29 pm
capital. been reporting about that. several government leaders close to president biden of tested positive this weekend. >> some say that calls into question the safety measures surrounding the commander-in-chief. kron four's washington, d.c., correspondent trevor shirley has more. on thursday. house speaker nancy pelosi's office confirmed that she, too, has tested positive. >> that comes after she was with president biden at several events. this past week. on tuesday, the speaker was seen giving president biden a kiss on the cheek during an event at the white house. she was in close proximity to him again on wednesday, just one day before testing positive. however, the white house hewing very closely to the cdc's definition of a close contact says the speaker is not considered a close contact to president biden. the white house says the president continues to test negative for the virus and received his second booster shot last month. beyond that members of congress continue to test
9:30 pm
positive, including senators susan collins and raphael warnock along with representatives walking castro and adam schiff, the secretary of commerce, gina raimondo, when attorney general merrick garland also tested positive. those 2 secretaries along with congressman castro in shift all attended a 600 person washington dinner last weekend despite what some are calling an outbreak in the top echelons of government. the white house says it's still confident in its approach to safety. we have incredibly stringent protocols here at the white house that we keep in place to keep the president safe to keep everybody those go over and above a cdc guidelines. and that ensuring that anyone who is going to be around the president >> tested. there are also questions now about whether to hold the white house correspondents dinner scheduled for the end of april. the event draws government leaders, including typically the president, along with hollywood celebrities and normally seats more than 2000
9:31 pm
people. at this point. the white house correspondents association says it still plans to go ahead with that dinner is scheduled in the meantime, vice president kamala harris's communications director also tested positive this week. the white house says the vice president, though, continues to test negative and he's still tested regularly reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley. >> californians have been exposed to covid but have no symptoms no longer have to go into quarantine. the state guidance is now in line with the cdc's latest recommendations. things are easing up since a covid incubation period is shrinking now averaging just 2 to 3 days. also, people who have tested positive in the last 90 days. they don't need to test quarantine or miss work as long as they don't have any symptoms. people who work in high-risk settings or who are unvaccinated are still advised to quarantine. we have all the details you need to know on kron 4 dot com.
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>> in shanghai, 26 million people are on lockdown tonight because of rising covid cases. officials say 21,000 new cases have been reported today. experts say new variants are the issue there. ba 2 thousands of patients in have no symptoms. but they're infected. the surge is causing factory shutdowns in massive supply chain problems around the world. at least 50 people were killed and 100 more were hurt when a russian missile hit a train station. it was filled with evacuees. this is in eastern ukraine. the train station was being used to evacuate residents from the donbass region. >> ukrainian officials say russia news that the facility was filled with thousands of civilians, including children. the missile for our children written in russian on its side implying that the ukraine had killed russian children. it is believed at least 5 children were killed in this attack. russia had denied any involvement and instead says
9:33 pm
it was ukraine attacking its own people. a spokesperson for the united nations says that the attack was completely unacceptable. >> the number of ukrainian refugees at our southern border continues to grow. volunteers in southern california helping the refugees estimate 3,000 ukrainians are waiting right now in tijuana to be given humanitarian status in the u.s. reporter. karla benitez captured some of the emotional reunions in san diego where officials are processing >> it was an emotional reunion after 3 weeks on the road go to family is now safe. the family of 3 escaping the horrors of mariupol we were snow feet during there for no
9:34 pm
water, no food and no gas to keep them me. i will only for a loaf of bread and i was giving her several days. the little after several days of enduring bombings, they finally were able to make their escape. he told us you guys personally cups 3 minutes. if you want run all the good of the family. just one of thousands fleeing ukraine and making their way to the united states through mexico by knew what to expect. but seeing it in person was little heartbreaking now being welcomed by volunteers from all over the country like simone, a euro slaps key and matthew smith, 2 high schoolers from seattle. originally we were talking about actually going to europe and ukraine to kind of help the people that were there this summer. but there and i'm being a crisis here and we just wanted to show up for people in need in and see what we can do. and as the war rages on and millions continue to be displaced. >> those ukrainian to have made it on u.s. soil are
9:35 pm
thankful for those helping them along the way. >> that was karla benitez reporting for us tonight. still ahead, a cargo plane slides off the runway after an emergency landing and then cracks and asked. >> we'll hear from an aviation expert about what went wrong. >> and we've got changes this weekend and next week, hope you have to put away the winter clothes. got a raise cold weather come. w 'll talk about that next. >> to full weather. the ballpark today to kick off the brand new season. giants have a thrilling extra inning affair. for their home opener. came really as highlights their reaction. plus, the a's opening day highlights on the east coast.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> game one of 162 opening day for both the a's and the giants of seemed extra sweet. when you think about how close we came to not having one at all. so real celebrity tory feel at oracle park with the giants opening the season at home for the first time since 2009 hosting miami and oracle park was decked out for this special opening day. the giants will last season's western division championship flag. there it is for the first time ever. but the highlight of the pre-game festivities has got to be this brandon belt. the captain. >> and here's the field in a boat where you captain's hat tossing baseballs to fans. that belt. in the head. of
9:39 pm
course, a little opening day fun by the giant. and once the game began, guests will have the first hit of the season. the caption naturally belt with a bunt single and the throw to first right. joey bart. >> scores one. nothing giants in the 3rd inning. the designated hitter grounds one into right center for a base hit belt comes around to score 2, nothing giants 5th inning, bart. all of this pitch. it is way up in the left field bleachers for a solo home run. bart first major league home run. logan webb their ace gave up no runs through 6 innings. but right after he left the game, jacob stallings leone for a 2 run. homer. definitely not thrilled. it's in the dugout. all the sudden we have a game 3, 2, giants never
9:40 pm
fear. the captain is here. belt line one to right. and and gone for a solo home run bell play spring training. for 2 giants in the in the top of the 9th, though. score now for 3 jazz, chisholm junior. i draw takes closer commute. lodo ball deep to left and gone for a 2 run homerun. incredibly. the marlins lead 5 to 4 bottom of the 9th. now, the first batter tyro estrada. to left. we've got 5, 5, tie. this one is going to extra innings. free baseball on opening day. austin slater at the plate lines, one into the left-field corner, rough starting from first base it on his horse. he's going for the it's not in time die. and when final 6, 5 giants, what an opener not for the faint of
9:41 pm
heart at all and hate 4 players ought to think about skipping spring training because this game is that right for brandon belt? here's gabe kaplan. >> bringing comes up obviously coming off a knee injury and does what brandon does is takes advantage of something that's given to him and shoot moment in the game for us. obviously. the home run was was pretty special, too. and obviously the pre-game activities were were kind of fun. i love the fact that he embraces that keeps the entire dugout like me the whole ballpark, obviously. felt great about that school. enjoyed it. >> meanwhile, the a's starting their season on the road in philadelphia against the phillies. first for the phils kyle schwarber. frankie montas haas deep to right center and gone. not a great start for the a's one. nothing phillies.
9:42 pm
didi gregorious. at the plate base hit to center. rhys hoskins scores 5, nothing phillies looks like they're running away with this. but here, hayes, top of the 7th, 7007th round with the drive to right center. that is way out for a 2 run home run. phillies. we have a new ball game now. still the 7th tony kemp with a check swing grounder to 3rd. the throw to first is stephen vogt scores. it's a one-run game. 6, 5 phillies. but the phillies scored an insurance run in the bottom of the inning. and a price and goes the opposite way. another run scores on the double 8, 5 phillies. final score. 9, 5, philadelphia montauk gave up 5 runs in 5 innings and finally round 2 of the masters. tiger woods followed up his 71 with a 2 over 74. he is 9 shots back.
9:43 pm
>> but more importantly makes the cut with airport. meanwhile, world number one, scottie scheffler was awesome. golfing a 5 under 67 to take a 5 shot lead. that lead has a masters record after 36 holes. but this was the highlight of the day. stewart cink. >> on the 16th, his tee shot looks good. >> and it rolls yes. >> for a whole. >> in one. >> how do you like that sink missed the cut. but this was surely a great moment for him and the fans, of course, going not a special moment, no matter what the situation that'll do it
9:44 pm
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>> we're following developing news now out of austin, texas, where at least 11 people were hurt after a car crashed into a food truck. this is video of the scene tonight. witnesses say that they heard a car revving its engine and then saw it speeding. witnesses also say a truck and a sedan are involved in this crash. again, this is a developing situation and will be providing updates as soon as more information becomes available. get a load of this. >> a dhl cargo jet slid off the runway and split in half. in costa rica happened at san jose's international airport. there. could have total disaster. people were on board. but fortunately freight reporter kelly be sun explains the moment that led up to the crash and how the airport officials responded.
9:47 pm
>> a dhl cargo plane was forced to return to the airport and make an emergency landing in costa rica after the crew detected a failure in the plane's hydraulic system. you see the plane on the runway. smoke coming from the back wheels as it tries to slow down the plane, then spins and falls in a ditch where it snapped in 2. the dhl cargo plane left costa rica's want santa maria international airport and was en route to want to mala. but just 35 miles into their journey, they notice a problem. and we quest permission to return because of the problems with this hydraulic landing gear. there was a crew of 2 on board and neither one of them were injured according to dhl and incident response team has been activated and an investigation will be conducted with authorities to determine what happened.
9:48 pm
airport officials say the accident forced a shutdown that lasted hours. 57 commercial and cargo flights were disrupted and at least 32 other flights were diverted to alternate airports. >> and that was kelly. be sun reported. all right. on the cusp of weekend, time for 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside right now. the golden gate bridge. yeah, we're whiplash this week that it is total summer. the past 2 days in all of a sudden we're going to go back to kind of a winter and do i hear possibility of rain? yeah, i think looking better than it has. but yeah, you just get out those a short ride in the samples and get ready to go the t-shirts. all of a sudden we're switching back. you need your rain gear it's going to be cold. i think next week, too up there right now. not a bad night. really busy out there on the golden gate bridge all night long as folks getting out there to enjoy the weekend. here's long-range forecast been looking in trending better even over the last couple of days here. and that is some good news and long range over the weekend.
9:49 pm
looking good. then come monday. here it comes. the storm system dropping into the bay area looks more substantial. timing on that has moved up and that is usually a very good sign for forecast coming together and snow. lots of snow over the sierra nevada. so maybe we could see maybe a quarter inch, maybe half an inch of rain for lucky in parts of the bay area. keep your fingers crossed for that. behind that staying cool. and then yet another storm system possibly coming in on thursday morning. so that's all very interesting. the pattern looking progressive, we don't see a big giant ridge of high pressure building in again. and so that leave the door open least to a chance of some more late season rain and so hoping that all works out and comes together. temperatures outside right now and breezy along the coastline numbers in the 50's in pacifica. 51 in half moon bay, still 70 degrees and warm in pittsburgh, 70 form. brentwood. 61 in play on 65 degrees right now in st. louis. the 64 degrees. and santa rosa. a those winds are going to kick up and red flag warnings going up right through solano county for
9:50 pm
tomorrow. we've got wind advisories elsewhere, especially over the mountain tops in the north bay and the east bay, too, expecting some very strong gusty winds and maybe 40 and 50 miles per hour across those mountain tops. but things are changing now that cold front moving through the bay area today and that helped knock down the temperatures tomorrow. high pressure begins to try to build in ever so quickly. and that's going to cause some of the winds outside tempelatures generally in the 60's in the san francisco. but on load about mid 60's along the coastline. but it should be mostly clear about 66 in burlingame. 72 warm in redwood city warming the south bay tomorrow, mid to upper 70's by tomorrow afternoon. in fact, more the same into the east bay, too little bit cooler than what it was today, but still some very comfortable weather. the winds will be the big deal. and i think those strongest winds likely to come saturday night into early on sunday morning. that's when we could see some of those gusts as high as 50 plus miles per hour across some of the mountain tops temperatures coast side into the 60's. it will be breezy there into the afternoon again next couple days. big change in the weather pattern. here come the
9:51 pm
clouds and the chance of rain on monday. we're not done there looks like another chance of rain by thursday, too. thank you, laura. it's take a look at this. maybe you've seen one at your gas pump guy in pennsylvania is facing. >> charges of criminal mischief for allegedly putting that sticker with a picture of president biden and the words i did that on a gas pump. the guy was upset about the price of gas who isn't a gas station employee told authorities saw the guy do it. he said that he then sprayed the sticker with a substance to make it harder to remove. the person who put it on was busted for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. when the police showed up. coming up. so many people watching tiger woods the past couple of days. just a stunning road to recovery. that car crash that almost took his life. and now he's walking a gust at the
9:52 pm
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>> figured nobody expected tiger woods to be playing at the masters this year or at least. >> playing effectively after that horrific car crash in february of last year in which he sustained numerous horrific leg injury. but woods is still in the hunt for another masters championship reporter sloane glass has more now on his road to recovery as he looks to complete what would
9:55 pm
be another fairy tale story. >> early the day of february 23rd 2021. this was the scene, a mangled car on the side of an la highway. the injuries tiger sustained in that crash were severe and what some called career ending. tiger himself told fans in a news conference in the bahamas in november. then if you take was a possibility, he spent 3 months in bed recovering dealing with pain and re-learning to walk. he broke 2 leg bones in that crash and one of his ankles was destroyed. but in true tiger fashion, he focused himself and in his first interview after the crash in november of 2021, he said he had made progress. i had to prove myself. >> i didn't climb mount everest. one more time. this time around. i don't think allow the body to climb a purse. that's okay. >> and what a climb. it has
9:56 pm
been just over a year later. he is back to the scene. how my like looked. the 2 were set now to get from there to here. it was no easy task with all the hardware, my leg. it's it's it's going to be difficult to know for us my life just the way this but i'm able to do it and that's something i'm very lucky to have this opportunity to build a play and i want that to play in the masters. now the hole golf world is watching as tiger makes his return. >> waiting and watching to see if he can make a run for another green jacket. >> i mean, he is tough enough. he is so many levels. if not the best ever. jack, some people say jack, but he's going to have trouble going through airport the he's rebuilt leg, but maybe he could afford private jet. so yeah, maybe and a driver. it's a remarkable a comeback and people certainly be watching him as he made the cut will be
9:57 pm
playing this weekend. yeah, augusta and that wraps up kron. 4 news at 9. thanks for being with us this past hour. keep it here, though. katherine is here with what's coming up next on 4 news at we are holo. one of the things we're talking about. >> a and the crisis on the streets that could be dealing with yet more pedestrian if after 2 women on a walk were killed in a hit and run. but city officials are doing about it. and a former new space teacher facing a string of abuse charges involving her students. and lawrence will be with us with the weekend forecast kron. 4 news
9:58 pm
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news to this person possible for the death of 2 people. >> some people that were in the crosswalk and not only the strike that he also fled. >> now, 10 o'clock. the search is on for a suspected hit and run driver who killed 2 women in san jose. how everyone thank you for joining us on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm catherine heenan and i'm grant lotus. pam and ken have the night off. >> the women were hit last night around 6.30, in the area of ocala avenue and oakton court near a middle school where kids and parents are obviously often walking around. police say our mom and daughter were crossing the road in


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