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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  April 11, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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well, welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. a time for you now 04:38am. >> here on this monday morning, april. the levitt hopefully you had a really great weekend. john's, you have a good weekend in terms of weather now we have a change coming though. this weekend was full of changes. as far as weather goes, was nice to enjoy a little bit. all those changes.
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>> now we're enjoying it. hopefully with a couple more layers on and what we saw last week for sure. your view outside this morning at the embarcadero, there's the flag blowing in what is a brisk, breezy and about to be a wet morning. not so much just yet, but we'll get there right now. showers are pretty concentrated to the north of us up in mendocino and lake counties. if i zoom in on those areas, you can see that it's not just rainfall either. a little bit of snow in blew up in his upper elevations north of clear lake itself. now, if we zoom back out on the radar, there's definitely some rainfall as well to the east of us out in the central valley. this rain going to send further and further our direction throughout the course of the morning and really through the 5 o'clock hour, we'll begin to see more shower activity in sonoma and marin counties towards 06:07am, into the rest of the bay area to so get ready for some wet conditions here. just a matter of time. now winds we've already noted this morning are breezy. so it's breezy, it's cooler. definitely later up a little bit more 40's and 50's for
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current temps oakland-alameda hayward in the low 50's the to run in san francisco each in the upper 40's this morning. now rainfall moves in quickly move out pretty quickly, too, by noontime. we're already really down with most of that rain and some actual sunshine peeking through those clouds towards the afternoon. more on this forecast is bringing a whole lot of change with that all. still to come back to rain a john, thank you for that, right. let's get a look at your bridges this morning. 10 minute drive heading into the city from the maze to that freeman street exit. >> san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. a little under 30 minutes as you traveling are richmond center fell commute about a nine-minute drive and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls a 20 minute morning commute. and the south bay san jose police are investigating not one but 2 shootings over the weekend. the first happened sunday morning on dylan court. that's where police say they found a man who we've been shot. the injuries are said to be non-life-threatening.
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investigators do not have a suspect description or a possible motive at this time. now that second shooting happened sunday afternoon. this is on short ridge avenue just down the road from roosevelt park in san jose. that's where investigators say they found another man who had been shot. no suspect in this shooting either. but that victim is expected to survive as well. well, gun reform could be coming from the federal level. the biden administration could announce a will on ghost guns as soon as today it comes as groups are putting pressure on the white house to do something about violence. the privately made firearms don't have serial numbers that makes them hard to trace. gun rights groups are expected to reject the rule and file a lawsuit. well, san jose city leaders are saying they're working on solutions to stop the rising number of traffic deaths. road safety has been a huge problem with the city on track to break records for the number of deaths. kron 4 dan thorn has that update. the 2 women
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that were killed here thursday night along ocala avenue are now part of 26 people who have died in traffic collisions. so far this year. >> san jose's vision, 0 task force is trying to find ways to curb this problem, which appears to be getting worse by the day. >> pedestrians, cyclists and drivers make up the more than 2 dozen people who have died on san jose streets so far this year, the death count is a huge spike from this time last year and nearly half of all traffic deaths in the city in 2021, it is alarming. we are >> at a staggering days it that that potentially could double what are our high has been, which is 60 traffic fatality district. 3 councilmember raul peralez is chair of the vision 0 task force. san jose created the task force in 2015 with the goal of bringing traffic deaths down to 0. the council members for opposing quick build street projects like installing more rubberized safety bollards and delineate
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ers in areas deemed dangerous. he also says san jose pd ease traffic enforcement unit needs to be bolstered. we have been woefully understaffed on our traffic enforcement. so it's another piece of the pie and there they are member in a folder of our vision, 0 task force. this map shows the city's most dangerous roads. speed has been a top factor in deaths. san jose mayor sam liccardo was pushed for enforcement cameras to help curb this problem. but an assembly bill is still being reviewed in sacramento. we're going in the wrong direction. and at this alarming rate, we have all hands on deck and we will continue to work until we can actually drive numbers down. >> the vision 0 task force is seeking community input on preventing traffic deaths here in san jose. >> a town hall is scheduled to take place at city hall on may. 7th reporting in san jose. dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> will san jose mayor sam liccardo is laying out a plan to reduce violent crime in his city. the san jose police department looked at their
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arrest data over a 14 month period. they found there were at least 30 people arrested at least 10 times each one of those people was arrested nearly 20 times. mayor liccardo said the data appears to show a revolving door for violent offenders adding policies that reduce crowding in jails during the pandemic have to change. >> as many as half. pretrial detainees who are being released. we their family to appear committing a new crime, otherwise violating the terms of their release. that can't be good for anyone in the community. if they're not showing up in court, there's a good probability. they're they're up to no good. >> other parts of the mayor's plan include finding meth use in the community and cutting down on small business burglaries. well, in the north, a marine county chp said they responded to a report of a car and they found 2 bodies inside that car. this is in sandra fell. it's
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located on a private role on caltrans property north of marine wood highway one. 0, one off-ramp. no further. details are available on whether the deaths were related to a collision. and the red county fire department says they have rescued a woman who fell from a cliff near stinson beach saturday afternoon helicopter and ambulance car were sent the rescue there. the fire crews on the helicopter shot this video showing that rescue the accident backed the traffic up for a couple of miles. authorities say the woman in a hospital and in serious condition. well in the east bay, oakland, fire crews responded to an rv and an encampment fire early yesterday morning on east 12th street. the red cross was on scene to help any of the people that were displaced in that fire. thankfully, no word on any injuries from the fire there and over on the peninsula, houma fire crews responded to a grass fire near el camino reale fire crews successfully prevent that fire
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from spreading. they are still warning people about the smoke in that area from all the recent fires. there is a new campaign underway in san francisco to help with the city's affordable housing shortage. community organizers introduce the affordable homes now measure an amendment to the city charter. if it's given the green light to measure would streamline affordable housing projects by reducing approval time from what can often be several years to just 6 to 9 months from forcefully to call breaks it down for us, affordable housing projects take too long to get approved for the proper permits to build, say housing advocates were disappointed. the san francisco board of supervisors rejected the affordable homes now city charter amendment earlier this year. >> now they're presenting the initiative as a ballot measure to voters. if a housing development is totally zoning compliant, totally compliant with every existing law. >> in san francisco that it
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should be able to be approved within 9 months. that is in contrast to what happens now with projects languishing in appeals and bogged down by lawsuits delaying construction by an average of 4 years. mayor london breed and state senator scott wiener support the measure by shortening the time period that it crew will get more housing will be more accessible. >> for people and should this initiative make the ballot in november? it would only require a simple majority to pass union jobs. >> and create housing. we're working. folks can actually lift san franciscans overwhelmingly want to see affordable housing. we want to have educator housing and we want it done is we've got to have you signed this as is the initiative needs. 52,000 signatures by mid july to qualify for the november ballot. on saturday alone, advocates collected 700 signatures in san francisco police to call crime scene where
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>> most if not all of us are familiar with annoying fraud, full cause. they represent a growing problem and often target seniors, which is why there's a new program working to prevent seniors from becoming victims of fraud. stacy-ann gooden has that report for us. >> the door for kathleen lavin getting fraudulent calls has become a frequent occurrence. she says sometimes it's obvious one called. >> so mike, read jail. but he couldn't because left my house about half hour before that. so what did you do after hearing what that really i do, it was a scam other times. it's not always so clear. i got a call a couple of weeks ago, new york state police. that to do in the collection to get a firearm. softest read after agreeing to pay $30 a-month lavin began giving the color her personal information. but there was something the caller asked that immediately raised a red flag. >> because it's something you should never do. you could
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have your social security numbers >> 70 of information. and also you're checking just 70 information. we have a date. fortunately, she avoided being scammed, but that's not always the case for the senior population. >> in fact, elder financial abuse in the united states has grown by around 10% over the past 2 years rising from 7.8, 6 million to 8.6, 8 million cases a year. it's a vulnerable population that it's not fair. >> they're being targeted. lisa penn center is the director of special projects at lynbrook restored of therapy and nursing. she says after witnessing seniors being scammed, she decided to do something about it. we're going to be talking about senior scams. we're going to be giving them tips and advice about how to keep safe tips like don't self-isolate signed up for the do not call list and don't open the door to strangers. but she also says the key to avoiding elder fraud is to get rid of personal documents right away
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by shredding. so she organized drive-by to encourage seniors to do just that. because every shred provides peace of mind. well, that was stacy-ann gooden reporting for us. she also says researchers found that seniors in california. >> lose about 10 billion dollars a year to fraud. >> well, coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news of lawyers face off in their final game of the season and the giants. play at home after their win. we'll have more on that. once we get back from break.
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welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news here on a bright and early monday morning. time for you now full 44 am. >> we had a really nice warm weekend and the weather's going to take a sharp change that, yeah, we're definitely already cool down now and we do have a chance of showers more than a chance of showers. a light rainfall here just around the corner within the next hour or 2, you'll start to see that rain pushing out into the bay area. we're still dry at the moment, though. half moon bay looking cloudy and very windy and much cooler than where we were at the start of this past weekend this weekend just brought us a general cooling pattern that's going to really take shape this week. so dry and calm across the bay right now. rainfall, as you can see, it's still very concentrated to the north of us up into mendocino and lake counties and in those mountains just north of clear lake itself. that's where you're actually seeing some relatively low elevation. snow
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fall. the core of the bay is still nice and dry. just windy. just cool. as you're leaving the house this morning, be prepared with those layers. we're not getting into the 60's for most of the bay this afternoon, staying in the upper 50's south bay. also on the calmer side of things right now, let's time everything out in future cast for us. so within the next hour here in your leader, 5 o'clock hour, we'll see marine sonoma county starting to see some light showers rest of the bay area starts to tap into it, especially after 06:00am towards 07:08am. that's when most of the bay area will begin to see this lighter rainfall. couple of pockets of moderate and there very brief, though, over the next several hours after that, we'll see showers moving across the bay and by 11:00am to noon time. rain falls actually already moving its way out towards the early afternoon. you're already sitting under some increased sunshine snowfall in the sierra nevada, going to be a relatively low levels and continuing into the afternoon. so we will see some decent accumulation up there. definitely nothing drought busting or anything close to
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it in this forecast. but nice to see some light rainfall getting the ground saturated again tomorrow and wednesday, staying dry before turn of light showers into thursday of this week. now, as far as temperatures go today around a 10th of an inch of rainfall is possible for most spots, a quarter of an inch and a couple of localized areas. most of us definitely staying lighter today, though. and we've noted that winds are going to be a factor gusting as high as 25 miles per hour. that paired with temperatures that are much cooler only down into the 50's means that jacket will be needed even after showers move out and some peeks of sunshine hit back out into the afternoon highs only in the 50's paired with winds. you know what that means. it's just got a brisk feel to it. palo alto, 58 today. same for you in san jose considering we were breaking records in the 80's and 90's last week. it's definitely a much cooler forecast today and really for the week ahead of us, too. so i hope you haven't put away all those sweaters and jackets just yet and make today a rain
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jacket, too. so you can stay dry this morning. tuesday, wednesday, we drive back out the temperatures don't move much. we stay cool. thursday, friday and saturday. more showers possible with temperatures remaining cool as well. rain, right, john, thanks for that. check out your traffic this morning at 10 minute drive. >> traveling from the maze 2 that freeman street exit san mateo 80 to one o one a little under 13 as you're riding along, heading out of richmond across towards san rafale. it about a nine-minute drive for you and on this monday morning. let's check out the golden gate bridge. 37 to the doles. you're looking at 20 minutes now. let's head over to bay area sports because the warriors take on the pelicans and their final game of the regular season. now they're getting ready for the playoffs. plus, it was a good day for bay area. baseball teams. callum mills has those highlights in this morning. sports. >> the words looking to lock up the 3. see the regular season finale. klay thompson back in the starting lineup along with rookie moses, moody playing in place of forward andrew wiggins, who is resting
4:49 am
2nd quarter. so close game at this point for jonathan coming to let fly drops in the triple warriors up by 7. a minute later. coming up on the ball again. wow. this is just impressive. takes flight the 2 handed slam just a monster dunk finished with 18 points off the bench. worst up 6, 4th quarter wars with a comfortable lead. the miss 3 by coming. got back out to thompson who you just saw splashes 41 points for thompson, an impressive showing for him words when it won. 28 1, 0, 7, the final to clinch that number. 3 seed in west dumps. take on the denver nuggets in the first round of the nba playoffs on to some baseball. elliott ramos made his major league debut. scott, a single his first went 2 for 3 and showing for him. first batter up for the giants outfielder austin slater. it's a good so that one lines it towards right. looks like it this jazz. chisholm junior makes an incredible diving catch. full-body extension
4:50 am
lays out bottom of the second. luke williams goes the other way for the face. it mauricio to comes around to score to make it to one on to the top of the 9th. now 3 to giants dominic leone is the one on the mound trying to get the safe here. a critical play gets short. sole heir to pop up the winds of mine a little infield blooper game over leon struck out the other 2 batters he faced for the save. giants win it 3 to the a's in philly. looking to avoid the sweep. it is the city of brotherly love. the city of our own jason dumas, stop of the 7th billy mckinney at the plate. gets all of this one sends it on a ride deep to right center. it is gone is go up to on the solo blast. top of the 9th 2 on for tony kemp, a fan favorite love tony kemp lines. this one to center for a base hit one run scores. here comes christian pot shea. he slides and he is safe. a replay
4:51 am
confirms the call oakland pad their lead to 4. they would go on to win 4 to one. they avoid the sweep and earn their first win of the season. said to tampa bay to take on the race. the final round of the masters. tiger woods gets a standing ovation after finishing he ends up 13 over par, however, just making the cut and going 4 rounds was a huge accomplishment coming back after he was in a serious car crash just 14 months ago. >> getting some love from the crowd there. scottie scheffler held his lead the entire round. this was a shot of the day of the 3rd hits. the flagstick drops in for them for tea scheffler finishes 10 under 3 shots ahead of rory mcilroy only 2 months after his first pga victory. the now number one golfer in the world. >> earns his first ever green jacket as the 2022 masters champion. >> that was kylen mills reporting for us this morning. both the giants and the a's will be back in action later today. they will be in tampa
4:52 am
bay taking on the rays and the giants will be at home hosting the san diego padres. as for the lawyers, the first playoff game is set for this saturday at 5.30. well, nissan is shooting for new battery technology in its electric vehicles. by the end of the decade. the automaker says it will make solid state batteries for use in future production of their electric car lineup. these batteries could home or power last longer charge faster using solid-state batteries can also reduce the price. they're hoping the batteries could hit the market by 2028. we'll be right back. after the break.
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>> welcome back for 55. just a couple minutes away from 5 o'clock the hour. that will start to bring us some light shower activity to the day. so far, we've remain dry aside from a couple of sprinkles. but mendocino lake counties are already in the midst of that rainfall, which is right there at the sonoma county border and about to drop into sonoma and marin counties the next hour and into the rest of the bay area, mostly into your 06:07am, hours now. current temperatures are cool in the 40's and 50's. you pair that with windy conditions and temperatures that are cooler than they were yesterday. in today's the day, you want to bundle up for make sure to bring the rain jacket with you. be prepared for that cool, brisk field. and of
4:56 am
course, the wet conditions just around the corner here. reyna. john, thank you for that. he will take a look at this as you take us a medal at this. >> it's a new take on attracting visitors. the olfactory exhibition called the essence of a painting uses for diffusers connected to monitors to pump the sense into the air. 10 differences are using the exhibit coordinating the smells too. the elements in the paintings, visitors have already expressed excitement from the experience. the exhibition is open to the public until july 3rd. coming up in the next hour. the kron 4 morning news. apple employees are returning to the office in the bay area, but >> they are coming back full time just yet. kron four's will tran will have those details. and a live report and 5 people shot in oakland in the stretch of 7 hours. why police say they're having a hard time stopping the violence and a fire destroys a home depot store in the south bay this morning. investigators trying to figure out how it started from force
4:57 am
sarah stinson. we'll have the latest details in a live report.
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>> hardin, thank you. and welcome back. i'm darya gang's all here. john, how about that? just in time for a little rain. yes, i guess i missed last week when i got the extremely hot. we did. ok, though, got and what you came back from the pacific northwest and brought the rain with you. i guess. i guess so. let's find out, john. good morning. brought the cold war right down with the other. let the cooler conditions. because last week it did not feel anything like what we've got this week ahead of us. your view outside right now at the embarcadero. you can't see much, but you can certainly see the flag blowing in the breezy conditions. >> we're already in the midst of as of right now, showers are still will pensive to our north having yet to really reach most of the bay area. but you can definitely see some green up there in mendocino county and lake counties. and then a little bit of blue north of clear lake, which is snowfall that's falling in some fairly low elevations this morning. also, snow in the sierra, nevada has already kicked up as it will stay through the course of the day today


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