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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  April 12, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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you may. he may have other identifiable types of clothing. he may have scars, tattoos something that would make him much more identify identifiable, then regular persons on the training, maybe a different colored shirt of a scarf be or something. and then you just start following the video trail back and hopefully it takes you to a location that give you. something that you can go on. additionally maybe gets back to a car. henri has someone waiting for many gets in a vehicle and we get a license plate description like that. >> yeah, you know, we're looking at live video right at the scene and they're still obviously a very a large police presence there. the fbi, fdny still there. but we are noticing, though, that there are some emergency response vehicles that are leaving the scene. what does that tell you and how how much? how much longer will this take? i mean, obviously it's not going to be over in a couple of hours. this is going
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to be an all day if not overnight event. otehow much longer do you this will embolden ambulances? and the fire department is part of the response protocol when you have a an explosive device. so you have the potential to an ve explosive device. >> thav's the bomb squad is going to go down and render the device a front surrendered safe tand remove it. it's protocol that you would have personnel on standby. so too, is seeing that they're leaving and moving on is a great indication at the scene is safe and now it's a matter of just conducting the forensics on site and seeing what type of forensics evidence we may be able to get. you know, there could be dna evidence they could be fingerprint evidence on the on the smoker native. that's was in fact what it was. so there's a lot of forensic evidence now can be that can be picked up secure >> south, by the way, they notify nyc has put out their
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3, 1, 1, system saying if you're unable to reach someone who may have been on that train or if you know somebody was commuting in that area to call 3, 1, 1, and they'll be able to provide some assistance. but south, while we have you here, we're just getting some new audio from that video that we showed earlier with the mta is heard on that video saying get off the platform and get back on to the train. so is that normal procedure? >> all of those situations would be dependent upon what's happening at that time. if they were under the belief that maybe schroder was on the platform, i say they may have made the decision based on the that time would make that announcement but again, we would have to we would have to take a look weat that. it could be something that they may have been. the general message is that they were making response to something else. it's just going to need for
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investigation to see if that's what what they were telling people to do in this particular situation. >> all right. well, thank we appreciate all of your expertise you can continue to stand by as we continue our breaking news coverage here, we're gonna turn to rebecca solomon, who is joining us live from and why you land go where there are at least 8 people being treated at that hospital. rebecca, what can you tell us now? we have rebecca. >> we're back and we're getting her microphone turned on here. so they're with us for this live coverage you know, a lot of internal like that. all right. here. what can you tell lot of moving parts out here? we can confirm f 8 people have been taken to the hospital ihere at n y u lingo in brooklyn. we do know the 8 victims who were taken to the hospital are in stable condition. they have they range non-life-threateninge genders. we do know 5 of the
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victims were brought here very shortly after shothe 3 more wer brought here about an hour or so later. and, you know, it's just a lot of moving pieces happening at the hospital. and when we got here a couple hours ago, we didn't see much activity at this time. we're starting to see more apparatus show of more police officers, more hospital workers. we have the n key u ling own staff here will reign in front of the emergency room. we've seen hospital staff workers come in and out. make sure everything's okay. at this time. we haven't seen any patience as far as we know from the shootings make their way into the hospital. but again, if things are changing so much throughout the morning, but we can confirm that the 8 should say the 8 victims and the subway this morning needed to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries. they came here. they are here right now in stable condition. and i spoke with someone who was making her way to work. she works right near the hospital and she's just so th alarmed e hospital and she'sby happening and really just just can't believe all of the incidents that are happening underground. take a listen to.
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we spoke with d >> well, i should be around trains. kids going to school people need to go when they need to be. and people just thinking about what they want think about what what they want the consequences. i just hope whoever did what they >> again, that woman works nearby to the hospital. she takes the subway occasionally. she's concerned. i othink this is a similar statements that we're going to be hearing from a lot of new ngyorkers throughout the day today as all of incident as this incident unfolds throughout the morning throughout the day. but again, we can confirm here at and erewhy ewing own 8 patients now being treated. they are in stable condition. we'll send it back to you guys
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in the studio. she sure accounted for 8 patients that that one hospital. we are hearing that at least 13 or wounded, most of them. >> with gunshot wounds and the lead at last report i see is 2 of the 5 shooting victims that have been confirmed are seriously wounded. so that's the situation as it's unfolding right now in brooklyn, new york. >> and just so we're clear, we're awaiting a press conference was scheduled to get underway about 8 o'clock this morning. clearly they're behind schedule. they're still pulling in all the information they need some point that may just pop up. so we may jump to it and interrupt whatever we're doing here to bring you the very latest. so just know that may be happening here in a few minutes. in the meantime, we do want to get you set with weather and traffic. if you're headed out the door. it is a chilly morning in john has the details. you guys. it's definitely a cold start. we're in the 30's right now for a few spots in the north bay 40's for the rest of the bay area. despite the sunshine, we're kicking off the morning with. >> unlike yesterday's gray skies, it's colder out there and we can blame that on the cold front. the same one that brought us rain in the day yesterday in the snow in the
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sierra nevada. that cold front has since exit the region. just leaving us with clear and cold conditions today. one of the coolest of the forecast, although we're not moving much the next several days, we are going to stay consistently dry today. so if you need to accomplish something outside, it is the best day of the forecast to do so. despite breezy conditions, you've got plenty of sunshine. just make sure to bring the jacket tomorrow. we should stay dry for most of the day. you'll start to see some increased cloud cover towards the afternoon, though. and then into tomorrow night showers begin to drift into the north edge of the bay area. pushing further on our direction on into thursday. and this will be our next opportunity of rainfall right here. big winners will be the northern part of the bay area. areas like santa rosa come thursday could see a half an inch of rainfall. napa around a quarter of an inch less than a 10th of inch for most of the best of the bay area. you add on top of that rainfall potential friday night into saturday by the end of the week. santa rosa looking at the potential of around an inch of rain nap a half an inch while the rest of us
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towards a quarter of an inch of rainfall. great to be seeing this. nothing super significant. but keeping things wet as we work our way through april here, as for winds, not as significant as yesterday. still 20 to 30 miles per hour gust. it is going to be a brisk one. when you pair those winds with 3rd cool temperatures which even with the sunshine we have today are only going to be in the 50's 50's at the coast by the bay as well as inland. there will be a fair share of 60's mixed in, as you can see so far in your 4 zone forecast. those won't be near as common as those upper 50's will be free. might union city all the way up through oakland and berkeley at 58 degrees, walnut creek and concord. you'll be some of those spots in the 60's. same with you up into solano county today tomorrow and on into thursday, the cooler days. your forecast friday, we will warm up, but we do have a chance of showers friday night leading into saturday morning. we'll dry out saturday afternoon and looks to be setting us up for a nice dry and pretty mild easter on sunday just in time
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for the holiday with highs back into the low 70's for some of us and lots of sunshine for all of us right john, thank you for that. it has been a busy one. we have an accident. southbound one. 0, one north of san pedro. this is in san rafale. so we are seeing delays. >> as you're traveling along one, 0, one a little further down along one. 0, one here in san mateo, 92 east. we have a vehicle fire there. so we've been seeing delays building back pass burlingame. so i would say 82 or maybe hopping onto a good alternate for trying navigate around that. let's get a look at the bay bridge. you had high gusty winds this morning. it's about 22 minutes for your drive as you're traveling from the maze into the city to that fremont street exit. and we've been pretty busy along the san mateo bridge as well. we had a disabled vehicle. stop this. they're a little bit blocking one lane and those high wind gust. so now about 28 minutes, if you're traveling from 80 across towards one o one in the south bay we go. 85 heading towards menlo park. 48
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minutes and other than that delay, we're seeing a little further along one o one. it's a 2.80, moving pretty nicely today traveling from san leandro to milpitas about 44 minutes and we'll leave you with a look at your crockett down towards the maze drive around. 33 minutes. tara, james, back to you. thanks for and here we are in the 8 o'clock hour now talking about our commute to work and school and it was in the 8 o'clock hour around 8.26, this morning. >> that a gunman opened fire inside a subway in brooklyn and you know, of all ages, take the subway at this time. and we've heard from law enforcement that the wounded ranged from teenagers to middle aged people who were shot and wounded in this attack. at least 13 people, at least 5 of them shot. but the others suffering from wounds and they're all in the hospital right now. this gunman got away. yeah. and at this point, police in the area think this gunman acted alone. but that doesn't mean. >> he acted alone nationally.
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and whenever we have an incident like this, the question always comes up. is this part of a coordinated, maybe effort in other areas to dak or copy cat. and that's why we obviously look to our mass transit systems to see if anything is being changed on our front. that might impact you on your way to work this let's go to kron. four's will tran. he is live this morning with more will wear you. >> i met the coma, bart station. so the attack happened at 5.26. in the morning. our time at a time when people start to hop on barr to another transit systems in the bay area, you can see right behind me. it is quiet. we just heard from bart police. this is what they had to tell us so far. police they say they're in direct contact with federal authorities. and at this time there is no credible threat to california. nonetheless, bart police will continue to cut conduct high visibility patrols, 3 trains and stations. they will use our system for more than 4,000
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cameras to monitor the system. >> riders, they are being encouraged james to keep their eyes peeled. make sure to report any suspicious activity. i can tell you we did see a bart police officer drive-thru this location. they don't really have to do anything. i've done this story before. they don't even have to get out. but the fact that they're they're they're patrolling that shows any potential copycats. any potential copycats that they are ready to pounce in case anything should happen. you can see people coming and going their buses pulling up. but at this time, the good news is according to bart police chief. >> he says there is no credible threat to california. it doesn't mean however, that there >> might not be copycats. but fortunately, there are cameras all over the place. in fact, we'll zoom in. you can see that camera right there over my right shoulder. the eye in the sky is always watching what's going on at bart. >> back to the thing is will and you're out there. you're showing us. the camera in new
8:13 am
york has cameras like that, too. but also similar to new york. >> you can get all of our train with a bag, right? there's no metal detectors in in in new york. this guy was dressed in a construction outfit. had a a big bag with a mini opened fire. so i know one of the key things to see something say something, but that's a tough one for people this morning as they're heading out. will, you know wondering, am i ok? >> absolutely. i mean, there's always that fear factor. i mean, you can't stop anybody even with metal detectors. it happened when somebody is determined. there is nothing that you can do. so fortunately, of course, according to the bart police chief, there is no credible threat doesn't mean that it can't happen. and that's why i would just suggest keep your eyes peeled. not just that bart, but even on and all the other transit systems in the bay area for the immediate future until this thing is thoroughly investigated in new york city, guys. yeah, good advice. all right. thanks a lot. well, thank you. well, alright, let's take you back plan. i mean, waiting for a press conference
8:14 am
to get under way. some reasthese are live on. overhead pictures courtesy of our sister station wpi acts. . >> and it looks like they've cordoned off a couple areas here around the 36 part station entry and exit stairwells. as you can see, lead down to the set with the outside waste leading down to the subway station. so stay tuned. we're going take a quick break. but hopefully this press conference will get under way here momentarily. and we can get you the very latest from the inv
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>> it's 16. let's get back to
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the breaking news and go back live to brooklyn where the investigation continues. and the manhunt is underway for. >> the shooter who opened fire inside a subway train this morning around say 15 here right now. and it was about 8 months. may 25 that it happened in new york time. >> let's take a listen. and our sister station wpxi is helping us provide this coverage there in their breaking news mode right now with the very latest. >> let's dip conducting the investigation here. and you're right. i mean, they're angoing to be going that they're 100 probably hundreds of officers. not undright now. we're trained to look at video they're looking to every every inch of video footage not only during the time this occurred, but well before and probably even last night. she what type reconnaissance could have been made in that area before whe sure. >> lieutenant steven rogers, stand by. thank you for your expertise right here. but we do want states and by want to come back to. but we have to get to our nicole johnson right now who is on the phone
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and to a witness. so, nicole, what can you tell us? all right. we're actually still working to get that phone call establish with nicole. can we get back to lieutenant rogers? to lieutenant rogers? >> so so what's the next steps then? i mean, obviously it is a 'svery widespread investigation. but you're talking about that >> excessive. a system of cameras that are all over the city. but what happens next? now? >> well, the preservation of the crime scene is very important. the police are going to take your fragments of the of the bullets they're going to a lot of forensic. >> collection of evidence in the area. but eyewitness accounts extremely important because they'll be able to give the police information that you cannot capture on a video where you cannot capture through a forensic investigation. so eyewitnesses
8:19 am
are overy important. but the manhunt is with the information. they have a description of the individual height, weight, cetera, is very, very important. very key very, very important. very ke to apprehension y hopefully and i'm sure they will put a composite sketch out of both suspect. and then you perhaps thousands of eyes and ears looking out for this individual. >> yeah, we're told we're still waiting for that press conference told it's now 11, 30 that the nypd will be having their their updated press conference. obviously, stephen, as they continue to gather more information the most accurate and latest information. but lieutenant, let's talk about what's exactly unfolding in terms of the area surrounding right. there was a lot of talk about industry should say city being sheltering in place anearby schools sheltering-in-place importing to note for parents right to their kids and the staff in those schools are okay but are sheltering in place. when you have a manhunt underway for a suspect, how long to those shelter in places last?
8:20 am
>> it will last as long as >> the police determined that there is no further threat. now suspects can be on the loose >> but it doesn't necessarily mean that they are a threat anymore. this is such a incident and we don't know if this individual is planning for tax cuts that are so it will decision to police. >> we'll have to make with regard to schools the of leaders in afternoon and they want to back up and just let you know what unfolded at around 05:25am. our time. >> it was the heart of the rush hour in new york when a gunman went in to a train, got on a train. he was wearing a construction vest and carrying really appreciate your expertise. you can stand by a bag with usome time. then dur that train ride he put on a s ac gas mask toss a grenade smokes everywhere. and he opened fire inside the in closed train. then the doors open. people e with a out moand apparently he got away. and when doris is
8:21 am
grenade, that's a smoke just a device that telwould set up a bunch of smoke to confuse and disorient the people around. >> and police think it was the with the help of that smoke that this gunman was able to escape. and that's why we're in the situation now where the manhunt is on for tthis gunman. we know that as we've been saying, 13 people hurt, taken to area hospitals, at least 5 of them may be as many as 10 reportedly with gunshot wounds, varying severity. a couple as we've heard reported fatalities and goodness in serious condition and of varying ages from teenagers to middle aged one woman. >> we know reported in the hospital in surgery right now. she was struck in o the back because this is a subway that just takes people to work and school, you know, just like right there's a high school right at that subway exit. so a lot of the kids who got off of the their, you know, got out and and and told the police what they saw and this camera here is giving us a view of what's being set up now for this press conference, e which is toexpected to happen about 10 minutes time, update 8.30,
8:22 am
is the new target. time for this press conference. get under way. we're going to hear from the various leadership personnel there in the law enforcement and various investigative any agencies from atf, the fbi. we're going hear from all of them, presumably. >> and we'll bring that coverage to you here soon as it gets under way. we'll take a quick break now. we'll back
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> we think we're moments away o from this press conference where ld we hope to learn more about gunman and the search for him as he opened fire this
8:25 am
morning on a subway y in brooklyn. at least 13 people were injured. and most of them were shot. we know at least 5 people were shot and a couple may be in serious condition right now. >> looking at the latest from the hospitals. again, 8 patients taken to one to 2 another. and then 3 patients taken to a 3rd. and according to one of the local sources there in new york, apparently hospital staff are reporting that none of these injuries are considered life-threatening. but as daryn mentioned, 2 of those people are yeah,seriously injured, but looks as though they may survive, which would be at least one silver lining in what has turned out to be a tragic and very scary morning for morning commuters here in this part of brooklyn. again, the gunman still on the loose. councilman. >> police don't know where i'mtha person is, but it wouldn't be surprising if between now and the end of the day, at least a >> sketch that you should forward may be on the photos from witnesses, perhaps a photo of somebody walking away
8:26 am
from the train station captured on one of the security cameras in the area. that's hopefully what we'll find out when this press conference gets underway, knows how much we're actually going to see of him in any of these photos because before and he could have been wearing a mask like a covid time at cousin and brooklyn. most of the passengers we seen were wearing mask at the time. i think that's a rule there like it is here. and then before he opened fire inside that subway, he put on a gas mask. >> witnesses say tossed a smoke grenade. so everybody else was affected. they couldn't see that could breathe. and then he opened fire. we don't know with what kind of gun but did enough damage before the subway train doors open that he was able to hop off and then we started seeing in the video that we've seen of hobbling off of the train. many of them have been shot. some are helping each other and then others just wanted to escape the smoke. >> so it looks like again, for just a few minutes away from this press conference getting under way. we're going take a quick break and come back and bring that coverage to you live as it happens. stay wi
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at adp, we use data-driven insights to design solutions to help you manage payroll, benefits, and hr today, so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪ >> 29 and we are waiting for a press conference to happen in brooklyn. should get underway any moment. we'll take it as soon as it does. so we can find out more about the manhunt for a gunman who opened fire on a new york subway this morning in brooklyn, wounding 13. at least 13 people. yeah. of those 5, perhaps as many as 10 people suffering gunshot wounds. >> varying we're going to look for an update on their condition as well in this press conference. we know that
8:30 am
a lot of local state and federal agencies are taking part in the investigation right now in the search for the gunman and tracking down a motive for this. we have in the last couple of minutes. also heard from the white house press secretary jen saskia saying that the president has been briefed on the situation there in new york and white house senior staff are in touch right now with mayor adams and the police commissioner, as are also coordinating any and all resources that the federal government can provide in helping with this investigation. and if you mister coverage earlier, you might wonder how he could have gotten away with this. this gunman. it happened about 3 hours ago. >> 5.30, our time 8.30, in new york. and so is pretty by witnesses accounts and they didn't think anything unusual. it was a guy in a construction vest holding a bag. but before the subway doors open for that next stop the in the commotion. he tossed a smoke grenade and opened fire. he had a gas mask on so everybody else is gasping for breath. and for error. apparently when the doors open, he was able to
8:31 am
get away and, you know, probably now obviously isn't wearing the kid that best-dressed or anything now. so they're trying to piece together where he might be, what kind of gun he used as we wait for this information. we're continuing follow weather and traffic here in the bay area. but this is obviously the biggest news happening nationwide. we've also covered unchecked are local commutes, bart, much transit sfo. the airport has been escalating. there's anything that can impact you if you're heading out for work this morning. they think it was clearly premeditated but seems to have been isolated. >> here in the bay area have nan increase in security. so credible threats targeting anyway, the bay area at all. but stay tuned again. we'll look for clarity from this press conference coming up. we just got word a moment ago eldar it was talking that our sister station wpx is now upping. >> the number of people have been injured to 16 but again, we'll look for official word when that press conference gets under way could happen while we're weather and traffic. if it does, will break away and go right to it. but for now, john taken away.
8:32 am
thanks so much, guys. we're looking at conditions today that are. >> honestly pretty easy to get through. we are seeing a lot of sunshine, big change from the same point yesterday when it was gray and very wet out there, half moon bay just looks nice and serene. now it looks that way. it doesn't necessarily going to stay that way. even though we hold on to sunshine today. still a breezy one winds will gust as high as 20 to 30 miles per hour. that near as windy as yesterday was. but when you factor that into the feels like temperature which is going to remain cool, definitely keep today. a layered up kind of one. we do have snowfall up to the near eureka, but that is staying well to the north of us. we're just looking at cool, clear sunshine across the bay. most of our temperatures are still hanging out in the 40's. even with all that sun. alameda and oakland at 48 degrees nap. but you're sitting in the upper 30's along with fairfax and santa rosa. so we definitely have some chilly numbers. definitely bundle up this morning and keep those layers on well into the afternoon. highs today will only reach the upper 50's to low 60's,
8:33 am
staying dry through the day. so we're better one to venture outside before more rainfall in the forecast later this week. we'll talk about that coming up. reyna. john, thank you for that. all right. let's start along the peninsula where we have this vehicle fire that's slowing things down. >> southbound one, 0 one. just at 90 to the east there. so pretty slow long. want to want to san mateo in burlingame to 80 82. good alternates for you. there. so we are seeing those delays impacting the san mateo bridge. 33 minutes for your drive. there. as you're traveling across towards one o one from 8.80, the bay bridge also pretty busy high gusty winds. a 20 minute drive from the maze. 2 that fremont's tx into the city up in sandra fell. still have that accident here. southbound one. 0, one north of san pedro road. so things are pretty slow as you're traveling along. were felt village down into san rafale. one lane blocked. so you can get through just going to take you some time in the south bay about 46 minutes. 85 to menlo park and leave you with a look at 8.80, traveling from san leandro into milpitas
8:34 am
about 40 minutes starting james, back to you. all right. thank you. ran in the news conference should happen any moment. so don't go anywhere because we expect to learn more about the subway attack. >> in new york this morning, that happened in brooklyn. it was around 5.30, our time. so 3 hours ago and the heat of the commute, kids going to school people going to work. a gunman opened fire on a subway train and you can see on the graphic below the number of injured has been increased. now to 16. >> that's the latest word from our sister station. wpri x there with resources on the ground. at least 5 of them had suffered gunshot wounds. everybody's been taken to local hospitals where they're being treated and hopefully everybody survives this horrific incident this morning. let's listen in to our sister station. maybe they have some new details in. >> got folks help as soon as possible. but like you said, that question about that surveillance video is something that we really want to get to the bottom of because if you don't have a working a surveillance camera system in the subway, especially when something like
8:35 am
this happens, then you know what? what are we doing? certainly a lot of questions here, but nicole, you know something you do very well along the day. i know it's very early on. nicole, but you do at tiktok in a time line very well. so we see them exiting that train. we were told by one of our law enforcement sources earlier. >> that it happened on the train northbound. any indication of where it may have began or it's too early to tell. i know you just arrived on the scene. >> it's still unclear exactly where it i, you know, all of this unfolded. but in the tunnel, right? according to a source in the tunnel is where the bullets went is where the the gunman started firing his weapon while the train was in the tunnel. so once the train pulled in again to the 36 street station, that's when everyone was able to get off. they were able to get some help. he detonated some type of smoke device, but all of this unfolded while the train was in the tunnel to probably
8:36 am
have to have started a stop away from the 36th street station and 4th avenue right down there where i'm standing and get them about the way so we can get back to the scene. shashi, take a look down there. you see. it's very active. we're waiting for police to give us an update. so that's still something we're waiting for. but just take a look. it's like you said the middle the early morning rush folks are on the way to work that kids are on their way to school when this happened. and as you heard the eyewitness, rdshe said a teenager was shot in the leg. so it's really important. and when we get that bad news conference from the police commissioner and law enforcement executives, you want to find out more about the victims. who we talking about here? you know, mothers, fathers, children on their way to work and school caught in the middle of this. again, the why this happened is still unclear. but police are looking for single gunman. one man responsible for all of this devastation. back to you nicole, thank what what are
8:37 am
your sources telling you, just i know you said the motive, on how wi was, initially despread it was, thanking him and nobody knew could there be multiple people involved that they have confirmed. >> as far as you are, you have been told ythat it is only one person, that's right. right now we only suspect one person that could change as we wait to hear from police. but right now they're just nolooking for single man responsible for all all of this. and what's of this. and what's really concerning is he's out there. he could have taken off that taken off the gas mask and >> blended in with the crowd. could be anywhere. so the investigation is spending throughout brooklyn, downtown brooklyn there's that detectives at brooklyn borough whole looking and they're flooding that subway system just to see if they can get whoever is responsible.
8:38 am
>> are your law enforcement folks telling you about it? not being any kind of a random of a random attack. anyone was laid out >> hazel is hard to hear you. what would you ask? i'm just based on what your law enforcement sources have been able to tell you, this doesn't appear to be any kind of a u random attack, something that just happened on the spare of the moment in there and in with their expertise. does this appear to have been a planned? >> absolutely. this definitely was not a random attack. whoever is responsible plan this out. war, some type of disguise. i got on that subway system with i got on that subwa not only a gun, but with some type explosive device and and targeted people. this definitely was not a random attack. as far as why this happened, as far as the
8:39 am
motive, that is still unclear. but police are looking to get to the bottom of that. again, just getting information and my boots on the ground. now i'm waiting to get more. we have so much so much going on here at the scene. the streets are thclosed. witnesses are out here standing around in shock. residents, neighbors are out here standing around in shock. just looking down the block. you know, din all no one ever expected anything like this in our city. as you heard that, the witness, they're saying all her years living here, she never thought she would be erin the middle of something like we're going to away, you coverage of our sister station wpxi. we've got to take a quick commercial break, but we are expecting a press conference to get sunderway momentarily. >> so keep it tuned to kron 4. we're going to learn the latest from the investigators at the scene in just a minute. you k
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>> and we're back a 42 is the time. and again, we are awaiting a press conference about this shooting that happened earlier this morning at about 5.26, hour time. a 26 new york time. this was on a subway station in brooklyn where somebody opened fire, injuring 16, 5 of with gunshot wounds. at least that number could go up as again. we're waiting for new information from investigators at the scene here momentarily. that they have a press conference set up and we've got our live cameras there waiting for it. it should happen in just a few minutes. i think they're putting together the last of their information. and then though, come forward with the
8:43 am
heads of various investigative bodies with nypd is going to be the police commissioner, atf, fbi, homeland security. president's been briefed on this as well. and and we're waiting for any shred of information that gives us a look at the gunman that they're searching for right now in new york. >> they've turned their backs on the mikes, were going to take a quick break
8:44 am
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at adp, we use data-driven insights to design hr solutions to help you engage and retain top performers today, so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪ we are waiting for a press conference to get more details on the manhunt for the shooter
8:46 am
who opened fire inside. >> in new york city subway train this morning, injuring 13 people from teenagers to middle aged people all walks of life there in the hospital right now, an army of a police are looking for the suspect. and as you can see, we are waiting now along with slew of media in our sister station wpx will give us the very latest. as soon as that happens. all right. so stay tuned for that. in the meantime, let's get you a quick update on weather and traffic. we've got john and rain. >> standing by. john, good morning. good morning. we are seeing clear skies this morning unlike yesterday, which was obviously so gray out there. it's all about the sunshine. >> as we do kick off this tuesday morning. now, despite the sunshine, it is cold. bundle up. we're in the 30's and 40's, even at this 8 o'clock hour, we are going to see the return of showers not today, but into the evening hours of tomorrow night leading into thursday. very welcome to be seeing all this activity, especially after record breaking heat of last week. how much rain as this next round of rainfall offered to us around a half an inch in
8:47 am
santa rosa, less than a 10th of inch for most of the rest of the bay. another system to follow that into the weekend could result in another half an inch for santa rosa. so by the weekend, an inch in santa rosa, napa around half an inch. most of us around a quarter of an inch of rainfall. yesterday, an exceptionally windy one today, a little less so but still breezy 20 to 30 miles per hour. wind gusts that paired with temperatures that are only in the 50's for your daytime highs does being you want the jackets well into the afternoon. a look ahead at next 7 days. temperatures remain in the 60's the next 3 days warming into the weekend drying out by easter sunday rain. john, thanks for that. let's give you a quick update along the peninsula. remember, we have that vehicle fire here. >> they just cleared that offer. the lane southbound one. 0, one at 92 east. you still are seeing residual delays from that car fire. so to 80 or 82 good alternate for navigating around. those delays are seen on both southbound and northbound of one. 0, one. 23 minute drive heading across towards the peninsula because conditions
8:48 am
are improving along one on one 20 minutes. mason at fremont street exit. as you're traveling into the city this morning. remember, still have high wind gusts here. sandra fell southbound 1, 1, north of san pedro to have an accident. you are seeing delays as you're traveling down south and let's go to the south bay menlo park as you're traveling there from 85 will take you a little under. 44 minutes darya james, back to you. >> thanks a lot of rain. a 48 right now and press coverage should start any moment. but was reading more witness accounts of the shooting as it unfolded this morning in the subway. and a witness described the scene has a lot of blood on the floor and gunshots that sounded like fireworks. these are some of the things that they'll be going on to decide what kind of gun was used that wounded 13 people this morning. they're all the hospital right now with various wounds and the gunman is on the loose. all we know is that he had a construction vest on a gas mask to prevent it himself from being impacted by the gas grenades, mccurdy that he
8:49 am
threw and then he opened fire and plenty of pictures and video coming in from people showing, you know, people affected by the smoke, people of people bleeding, getting off the trains, people helping each other and the worst trying to flee. get out of that area. we saw another interview with a mother who described the scene as saying all you heard was this. >> big loud noise. sound like a big bang, an explosion. and then there were people running out of the train station. she went on to say was a very hectic scene. there was another interview with a student who was on his way to school because there's a high school nearby and he says that he was a few cars down. and here the conductor. come over. the pa system telling him to get on to the train. he's like it was very scary. and then at the next stop, he told everybody to get off. so we all had to evacuate the train. we saw the smoke beginning to billow into our car as well. he says i didn't know what had happened. and of course, now in the wake of this, we're getting a better sense of what happened in the train station below and somebody else and it
8:50 am
sounded like fireworks cent and they turned out to be gunshots. and the quote was i? >> that i'm thankful. i hid behind one of the chairs. the earliest reports when james i started covering this morning at 5.30, a witness had said that he opened fire. the gunman opened fire people holding on to those straps. you know, the car was crowded update. when you're standing in your hold, a strap understanding. so this witness % says he hid behind the chairs. reach and perhaps you cannot reach them. >> you are urged to call 3, 1, and really scary situation this morning. and at first, they didn't know if there was another gunman. so, you know, everybody was afraid to shut down schools to shut down the neighborhood. and now the scene is active. they're looking for a gunman, but they don't feel that anybody is in danger in the air. they're letting the media quite close. and at this point they think this was a solo gunman situation. so it's not as though they're looking for multiple people. >> but they are conducting this block by block search. the question is what do they have to go on? who are they looking for at this point? we're hoping that maybe the various witness accounts and descriptions can be put together in some sort of a composite sketch that perhaps police will release at some
8:51 am
point today. they're also looking at the various businesses nearby to see if they had security camera footage that perhaps captured the gunman either in the aftermath, walking away from the subway, more perhaps maybe in the hours or perhaps the day leading up to it. if he was in the area may be surveilling the situation, planning out what his escape route would be. they're going to be very interested in that video in, of course, we know that subway trains in new york have cameras like bart trains. do question is are they working where they recording at the time and there is some question this morning as we've been hearing from some of the local reports that perhaps they were working and that's going to be another phase of the the fallout of this as we've seen in past incidents on bart when we've had passengers attacked in the discovery that some of the cameras don't always work art in the wake of that had to go in and make sure that all those cameras were working, that might be a similar situation in new york recently. interesting that when you look at as they try to investigate, for example, to kind of gun that was used, we know that he was carrying a bag.
8:52 am
>> so whatever he had was in the bag, including probably that smoke device. but another quote from a witness says i didn't think it was a shooting because it sounded like fireworks. this is at least the second person. and when you hear that level of popping i'm sure that quickly quick succession, that's going to indicate to the pros, you know, maybe what kind of gun was used. and then there are the injuries range from from the gun shots themselves to people who were trampled or bruised or, you know, knocked over and trying to get away and that way, maybe some smoke inhalation. but i was going smoke inhalation as well. we saw an ambulance there in the shot, pulling up to a hospital earlier. >> we know there are about 3 hospitals at the injured have been taken to. and as we've been reporting, that number has increased from the original 13. now to 16 and we'll see if that number changes. once this press conference gets under way. but york city. there' again, the number of people suffering from gunshot swounds. we've ghseen varying reports as well from us from as low as 5 to maybe even as high as 10 because they say there were again. witnesses say there were 40 to 50 people on that
8:53 am
train right? some were sitting. some were standing. they couldn't get off. it was an express train was going. >> it had left. one station was traveling northbound to the 36th street station where it ended up stopping in park avenue and and people then spilled off, but they couldn't for tougher legislation when get off when those shots went off. it was in the train was inside a tunnel traveling and there was no way to get off of it at the time. it's filling g with smoke from that smoke grenade device and everybody is just waiting to see what happens as soon as the train pulled into the station and that's when they were able to get often make an assessment as my okay, you know, when does somebody need help? we saw people helping other people that were collapsing onto the on to the platform and at least one person made it to another station. they said some of the wounded hopped on another train because people are just trying to get away. absolutely. yeah. and you can see melin the background of this live picture that congregation. >> what looks like various police officers and will and the like in the background. that's actually where this press conference is set to take place and the other live
8:54 am
shot that we have here. he actually shows you the stands with all the microphones on them. some of the officials have already assembled. others are making their way to this location. and we'll look for an update from various agencies. obviously we're going hear from nypd, the police commissioner setting up. we're also looking to hear from representatives of appethe fbi. oftentimes they'll mobilize in the wake of a situation like this. atf, homeland security. we know the president has also been brief. so federal uauthorities are monitoring this as well as the department of justice were looking at the latest from attorney general merrick garland says he's received pulmonary briefings. he's
8:55 am
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8:57 am
>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> good morning. we continue to monitor what's going on in new york and we will take his press conference as soon as it happens in brooklyn. we've been waiting. it's been about an hour now that they've been promising new information as they are hunting for the gunman who opened fire inside a new york city subway this morning around 8.30, new york times. so 3 and a half hours ago this morning. if you're just joining us, just waking up, this was obviously a horrific start to the morning commute there in new york. this was the 36th street station in brooklyn. >> according to the witnesses, this gunman entered the train car. and at that point put on a gas mask set off some sort of smoke device and opened fire on the passengers aboard that train car. and then
8:58 am
everybody got off at the next station and started running for help with some collapsing to the truck platform itself. there nursing wounds sustained in the gunfight. let's listen to our sister station at wpi acts with their live coverage have to be in this area. stay away from this area. if you don't have to be on the train, stay inside. just be very vigilant because that man is still out there. he's just describe to someone wearing an orange construction vest and a a gas mask. but of course, that could change. you could have taken that stuff at this point. but early this morning, a little bit before 9 o'clock. just loall chaos in that subway behind me there. the are the end, the d line just northbound heading all all folks heading to work. and when that train pulled into the 36th street. >> station witnesses say passengers rushed off of that rain, some with gunshot wounds. some just injured. some folks suffering from
8:59 am
smoke inhalation because this suspect also the man we're talking about the man responsible for all of this, also set off some type of a smoking device, some type of explosive. >> device that sent smoke on that subway car on that train and also the the injuries range from, you know, gunshot wounds. folks hit with metal, i fell. a pregnant woman fell. she was trampled on, according to a witness that you heard o from earlier. and it's just really unstable. still chaotic. we are very concerned because police have not been able to get any surveillance video from that particular station. now they may look at other stations in pull video from there to see exactly where the gunman entered the system. and sources are telling me now that they're looking for that. so they're really just combing through all stations to see where he entered the system and maybe they can get some video from. they're going to jump back in front of the camera waiting for the police commissioner
9:00 am
waiting for law enforcement executives to brief us on this. but let me just break down the numbers because, again, the numbers are changing. we had 5 people shot. now i'm told 10 have gunshot wounds and several others are folks went to my hospital lutheran and methodist in the area and schools are shut down. all students are in a lockdown mode. still has. this is still a very active, very unstable situation out here. back to you in a call from the time that you arrive there at the scene until now, have they continue to keep that perimeter the same? are they now expanding it as they continue to search for the they definitely expanding it because we've been pushed at least a block from when i first arrived here till now, i just just being pushed back inches. >> and as the day progresses, just wanting to keep us back. just in case there's something goin


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