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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  April 12, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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executives to brief us on this. but let me just break down the numbers because, again, the numbers are changing. we had 5 people shot. now i'm told 10 have gunshot wounds and several others are folks went to my hospital lutheran and methodist in the area and schools are shut down. all students are in a lockdown mode. still has. this is still a very active, very unstable situation out here. back to you in a call from the time that you arrive there at the scene until now, have they continue to keep that perimeter the same? are they now expanding it as they continue to search for the they definitely expanding it because we've been pushed at least a block from when i first arrived here till now, i just just being pushed back inches. >> and as the day progresses, just wanting to keep us back. just in case there's something going on closer r there's somet
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they just really want to keep the area clear to make sure that officers can do their jobs. and we talking about officers were talking about fbi agents are out here. the nypd state law enforcement agents are out here, everyone. yeah, they all have their hands on n here, everyone. ythi get this under control and to get that suspect in custody. again, we talked earlier, it's just really that they're looking for for this responsible for all of this. back to you guys. and you don't a second call on listening to very carefully. when you say that, you know, we saw that the huge police response there, right? fbi, nypd, joint terrorism task force. and you're and you said that while he's on yothe loose, there's a fear that he could do this again. >> we are seeing right, increased patrols in the subways not only here in new york city, but now the path trains as well in jersey city. other seems like mass transit systems are upping their that's right. well, we know that the nypd already sent in more officers into our subway
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system just for all of the violence that we've been seeing that now that is, you know, as you can add more officers to that after this situation, all of the officers are just flooding the system the transit system to make sure that that gunman is not out there. but again, a source just said that they're fearing that he may aopened fire in another train or or close by our downtown brooklyn was in an area that they really focused on close to borough hall to just make sure that they can keep all of those folks in downtown brooklyn safe. they're asking folks, if you don't have to ktake a train, just stay out of the system. stay away from this area and just stay inside in general, regardless of where you are. >> we hear the folks out here looking for their loved ones, trying to find out where they are and hazel. you have some information on where they can call to get information on their loved ones. 3, 1, 1, is always a number to call if you and missing anyone or you want to the onlatest. don't know wha what's st.happening out here. y can always ecall 3, 1, 1, but let me just go back to the
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numbers because right now we're hearing 10 people, at least 10 people shot and more injured. so a total of about 18 people altogether is the latest that i received. but again, that number can change as police are still looking for 2 people walked into a precinct nearby. they were injured. a man was bleeding. a woman had says smoke. i smoke i inhalation and just, you know, scared everyone in the area just nervous about what's been going on. has some folks arriving here? i think the press conference should be starting any minute because i see group of all law enforcement executives walking down to where they're getting ready to start that press conference. the hold as far as i'm concerned, is that they're really just trying to narrow everything down. give us the right information. give us the latest information. and it's difficult when there's so much coming in from the different agencies. and again, nypd, they did not have eyes on and
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the man responsible from that particular train station because of the surveillance video. no cameras in that system. back to you thank you for your we're told that governor kathy hochul also be attending that press conference that she arriving at the scene, which may be why we're also waiting for that press conference to begin as the governor arrives there on the attack, acting attorney general of new jersey senate. they're closely monitoring. >> the situation in brooklyn and are working with new jersey state police now and other partners >> too increased security throughout the area of new jersey asking to keep law enforcement your thoughts as they work to resolve these situations. here is for everybody. nicole, stay with us because we're going to do a recap here at this noon we're going to cut away from our coverage in brooklyn and go here in the bay area and get you ready with some weather and traffic as we wait for that press conference to begin. all right. so in the meantime, we've got john trouble reyna harvey standing by with that check of the forecast and the commute. >> john, let's start with you has looking outside definitely
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different than yesterday at this time. guys. we're looking at such great way conditions to start yesterday, which we certainly needed. >> traded it in for some cool sunshine this morning. golden gate bridge, marin county looks beautiful there in the distance. we are going to see another breezy day, but not as windy as yesterday. so good news there. winds gusting as high as 20 to 30 miles per hour. see that blew up around eureka, getting some more snowfall closer to the oregon border. not so much here in the bay area. we're staying dry today, but behind that cooler air mass that swept through yesterday, bringing us the rain and snow. now we just have the dry cold conditions, 40's and now starting to see some 50's hayward, oakland, san mateo, each right at 50 degrees. some 40's across the north bay as well as down into dublin and even san francisco later on today. daytime highs only in the 50's staying dry and sunny today. we do have rain just around the corner which will kick into gear tomorrow night into thursday. but all of more about that. still to come, reyna dry roadways that helping us. yeah, that is helping us. but
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if you are taking bar, we do have a major bar delay to tell you about. >> this is on the sf line in the sfl mill rate, daly, city and east bay directions because of police activity on the track. we're hearing reports that somebody may be walking on the track and i just called bar in. they're going to get back to me about that. but again, it just sounds like some i could be on the bart tracks right now. and that's why they have that bar delay. if you're on the sf line, that's in the sfo. millbrae daly, city and east bay directions right now. >> we're also really busy on our roadways are high with his 17 minute drive. >> from the maze into the city right now to that fremont street exit. let's check on the san mateo bridge. we had an earlier issue along 1, 1, a car fire. that's clear. we're up to 30 minutes now. we're down to 18 minutes. so things are going down there. richmond center fell bridge. you can see things are happening here. busy traffic is pretty much at a standstill about 43 minutes as you're traveling from the tolls to one o one right now. not what we do see going on over here. southbound 1 one
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north of san pedro. we've had an accident along one. 0 one here. so issues here. also along the richmond center fell bridge. you're trying travel across the south bay. looks like we're seeing some improvement. 36 minutes as you're traveling from 85 in to menlo park. we have that early vehicle fires. so you're still seeing some delays along one. 0, one, as you're traveling through san mateo darya. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain at 9, 0, 7 is the time. back to our breaking news story this morning. we are moments away from a press conference in new york after a shooter opened fire on a subway train in brooklyn at about 5.26, hour time this morning. right? it makes you wonder about mass transit here. this man was described as >> looks like a construction worker had a vest on and a bag and then went in and waited to open fire until he was inside that train. so it does make people concerned about public transit might make you wonder if our public transit, whether its part, the airport buses are doing anything specifically in response to this this morning. let's go to
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coma. kron four's will tran standing by at the bart station there with i think some new information will. >> here's what you need to know if you rely on public transportation like bart were at the cola station. the good news is you don't have anything to worry about. and that's according to the bart police chief. he actually sent out information this morning saying that he reached out to federal authorities, transit systems. they monitor each other. so he is fully aware of what's happening in new york. he says right now there is no credible threat to california. now, it doesn't mean there could not be copycats. but in the meantime, it looks like it's safe. you can see people looking at the bart platform. they're getting their tickets and then getting up the escalator. going to the trains, not a problem. i did see officers come and go from this location and it was actually safe. just a few moments ago, even safer. i should say the reason being they had to come here to pick
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up the money from the tickets. so they had extra security at this location for that in the meantime, bart police chief, they did say that they will be relying on you. the bart rider to let them know anything of suspicious activity and they will pounce on that. plus, look at that camera right there. they have about 4,000 cameras throughout the bart system. they will look at those cameras just to see what's going on. some people are aware of what's going on in new york city. most are not. but bart is not trying to apple a 5 people's nerves. but those who are aware of it so they don't have extra police officers walking around here just to make people a little bit fearful. but again, they are monitoring the situation. the good news is they say there is no credible threat to california at this time. and yes, park police officers if they're not already on the platforms, they are patrolling the area. >> back to all right. thanks a lot. we'll for the update here. let's go back there to new york. and we do want to
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mention that by all accounts, the investigation so far is leading to a single gunman who acted alone. they just don't know the motive for this shooting and they they know how he pulled it off because he went in wearing a construction vest carrying a bag. but when the doors closed in that rain, that's when he set up some type of a smoke device and opened fire. nobody could get out of the trains at that time. there's lot of movement in there looks like a crowd of officials just came out of the building power per presumably they were being briefed and everybody is coordinating with their messaging is going to be looks like they're making their way now. >> to the location where the press conference is set to take place. in fact, we could switch to that press conference shot. i think it's getting under way when we listen in. he's you know, he's just heading to soundtrack. now we see everybody, all the dignitaries arriving behind him. and at some point, the wall basically take turns making statements about where the investigation stands from their perspective and i believe we'll probably hear first from the governor who
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just arrived on scene not too long ago. and we expect that that will be how this press conference gets under way. let's take a listen. >> so from the very minute this incident occurred, the mayor and i have been on the phone monitoring the situation. con still we work with all of our agencies. the fdny, nypd. >> am all of the agencies who have worked really hard together and we continue to throw all of the city's resources as at this. at this situation. we've made all of the resources available and we'll work with the office of emergency management for any additional needs. i'm going to ask the police commissioner key to speak to you and give you an update on on the events of today. thank you. good afternoon.
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>> we're at update new yorkers about an active shooting incident that took place this morning inside the 36th street subway station on the end line. want to begin by assuring the public that there are currently no known explosive devices on our subway trains. and this is not being investigated as an act of terrorism at this time. we can also report that although this was a violent incident, reportedly we have no one with life-threatening injuries as a result of this case. his investigations only hours old. so please know this information is subject to change. just before 8.24. this morning as a manhattan-bound and train waited to enter the 36th street station, an individual on that train. don, what appeared to be a gas mask get into the canister out of his bag and opened it. the train at that time began to fill with smoke. he then opened fire, striking multiple people on the subway and in the platform. we will describe him as an individual. he is being reported as a male
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black, approximately 5 feet, 5 inches tall with a heavy build. he was wearing a green construction type vest and a hooded sweatshirt. the caller is great. at this time. we are working with our federal partners. where are we asking for the public's help? anyone with information videos or matter how insignificant they think that maybe is encouraged to call crime stoppers at 805, 7, 7, tips. all calls strictly confidential i'd like to turn it over to the fdny to get information about the victims. well, these i apologize. the governor would like to speak now. governor hoped my apologies good afternoon. this morning, warren ordinary new yorkers woke up. in anticipation of relatively normal day. left their homes. andrew, to school. and then to their jobs. and to a normal day, as i mentioned. that
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sense of tranquility and normal. this was disrupted, really disrupt it. why an individual so cold hearted? and deprived of heart that they had no kerry about the individuals that they assaulted. as they simply went about their daily lives. this individual is still on the loose. this person is dangerous. asking individuals to be very vigilant and alert. get more reports that officially as the day goes on. this is an active shooter situation right now in the city of new york. i just got off the phone with the mayor. he's recovering well, he's monitoring. he's actively engaged in the situation. i wanted to let you know, the people of the entire state of new york. stand with the people of this city, this community and we say no more, no more mass shootings, no more disrupting lives. learn creating heartbreak for people just trying to live their lives as normal new yorkers. it has to end. it ends now.
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we're sick and tired. a reading headlines about crime, whether their mass shooting, the loss of a teenage girl. we're a 13 year-old. it has to stop. i'm committing the full resources of our state to fight this surge of crime. this insanity. that is seizing our city because we want to get back to normal. it's been a long, hard 2 years. that's what we crave. it's sense. stability normalcy. and this is what the mayor and i are going to continue to work toward an i think the partners. people, the mta, the first ones who had the sense of the drivers of the train to leave the station to make sure no more victims could be hurt. the nypd. fdny. state police. everyone involved in this has one purpose. it stop the insanity of these crimes? will
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he run out? our department want to thank them for being there to help us if use a volatile situation. what will be given continued reports as this day unfolds. can we ask everyone to be careful because just report what you see. it is likely that someone out there listening to this to help us lead us to that individual. you have a description of what they're wearing. you know, the details. but this is the day we pull together as new yorkers united in a common purpose to say no more. and that is going to continue to as the governor of the state. if you are working with our local partners right here, thank you. good afternoon. this morning, the fdny received reports of gunshot victims in the subway. thanks to their quick response. we were able to treat 16 patients. >> 10 of those patients are suffering from gunshot wounds at this time. and 5 of them
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are in critical but stable condition in our local yes, we have 16 total patients. 10 of them are suffering from gunshot wounds. and 5 of them are in critical but stable condition at this time. we're going to pass it over to the mta for an update on our subways. >> first of all, we have to thank the nypd and the fdny and the whole team. we've done so much to we'll protect justin. immediately to recover from this situation. and i also need to acknowledge the we're at that the thought the foresight to moving train that was on the platform. the r train out of the station so could carry people to safety. that was that was smart thinking right now be services suspended w service is suspended. >> the dea and the and the are running with suspensions and some shuttle buses and folks
9:18 am
should check the website for the latest. obviously, it's a disrupted but a lot of the system is, in fact, running. i just want to say one thing on a personal note, which is on 9.11, i stood on 4th avenue and watch people. new yorkers come back from that tragedy. >> and i thought i watch new yorkers help each other and store keepers and give people water. that was the same thing we saw on the platform today. we saw new yorkers in a difficult situation emergency helping each other. that's the subway riders that 2 new yorkers are every day there showing people in the subway, which is our public space. the new yorkers of all varieties can come together in small spaces and get along, create something bigger. that's what we remember in these emergencies as well as the tragedy and the thought for that for the quick recovery of the victims, his new yorkers are incredibly resilient just after as they are in every emergency. and we thank them for what they've done. and we thank the governor and the
9:19 am
mayor for their leadership in all of our recovery from covid and from every one of these challenges. just the we we're going to be left very limited in what we are able to answer any questions. just also underline our partners here. >> we've got mike mike regan is the assistant special agent in charge of the joint terrorism task force with the fbi and nypd. john de vito from atf is helping us with tracing efforts. an investigation. he's the special agent in charge from new york city where the brooklyn district attorney eric gonzalez, who is also here and of course, chief ken corey to the departments and first deputy commissioner at the bonn. start off with questions for the rain when shooting on screen or on the and with it. >> happens now? the suspect in the train car, the shooting began the train car. what
9:20 am
happened >> so as i stated before, we only able to them information pbecause under investigation a the train was pulling into the station, the subject put on a gas mask even opened a canister that was in his bag in the car filled with smoke. after that, he began i >> no does appear to be random. any this this year? we do not know the motive at this time. we're not ruling anything out. the other injuries that were want to fight >> there are variety of other injuries from smoke inhalation to to panic from the incident. when you say when the it could be from anything. it's still under investigation at this time. so could be a grazing from a bullet the fund. the
9:21 am
panic after following the incident. not on that subject to investigation. we're endeavoring to determine okay. why don't the i'm not ruling out with determining what the motive is behind that on this investigation continues. victims one particular. >> those are the and, you we've got we've got time for about 2 where that rain not shut down immediately and they were put your that's not the case. way things are with the game with working that's under investigation as we we have not identified any worker that we have to identify the
9:22 am
subject. he was wearing a green governor hochul, if you want to comment on the rest of your lieutenant governor, i'm a community speaking this morning where we continue to him. >> i'll be happy to report on it later today. we'll have a chance to speak to him. i was on media interviews this morning, but this is not the place, but i will be addressing very shortly. let's focus on the fact that there are people. >> in a hospital right now fighting for their lives. those are the people are thinking about and praying for this moment. all right. thank have a second. we're going to get back to you with a time for an update later. information is developing. we expect that more later. >> and that will not be here. okay. and now we go to air overhead shower. you can see they just wrapped up that press conference in brooklyn. >> looking for the gunman who opened fire, wounding 13 are sorry, 16 people this morning at around 5.30, our time 8.30, new york time. and they're still looking for that shooter. all right. it is
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9.22, we're going tak
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>> we are back in his 9.25. and if you're just joining us this morning, we just wrapped up coverage of a live press conference in new york with the very latest details on a subway shooting that happened in brooklyn, new york at the heart of rush hour at 8.30 their time this morning. you can see the information your screen. 16 people hurt at least 10 people suffering gunshot. and we know 5 of them are in critical but stable
9:26 am
condition. >> and that that they range in ages from teenagers to middle aged, all ethnicities. this by all accounts was just a random, a guy that was a shooting people at random just aiming to shoot as many people as he could after setting off a smoke grenade so that nobody could see anything. they were all trapped in a subway car. and then as the train station and they pulled into the station, the doors open and the gunman got away people quickly rushed to help each other. a couple of doctors on another car that ran to help people who had inside the train somewhere outside on the platform. blood everywhere. there was smoke everywhere from that smoke bomb and just, you know, new yorkers are reeling this morning. and while it appears the victims themselves were shot at random, the shooting itself appears to be plan. clearly clearly planned. the gunman had all the equipment he needed to protect himself. >> from the smoke grenade, which he had packed with him in through on to the train to
9:27 am
confuse and disorient the passengers on board. he had the firearm with him. he had what appears to be in the latest update at a press conference, a green construction vest and a gray hoodie on at the time and in the smoke and confusion in the wake of the shooting, he apparently escaped the subway station perhaps disappeared ooking for that person. this morning. we heard at the press conference they will have another update, but they did not give us a timeframe on when that would be and when they might have a suspect they might have a suspect description, why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it.
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>> 9.29, we continue our coverage of the brooklyn subway shooting. you can see it's still an active crime scene and an active search for the gunman this morning. we've been dipping into coverage from our sister station wpi acts all morning long. let's see if we can take a listen in and see what they're saying at the and in officers to safely evacuate those students. i mean, i'm sure there are young children who are are, although maybe are out of tre loop about what's happening outside the school. but parents that are just so desperate to get their children reach a point. this weather this afternoon or later this evening where the officers will go into safely, out the folks that are still in lockdown right now. >> yeah, i think you know, it's. with respect to themstaes as time progresses weekend we move more than ball away from
9:31 am
circumstance. we're not concerned as the day goes on. what about to the chase and being chased into a building? i think what you'll see is a large deployment of officers around those and just ensuring that is just an orderly transition that to get children to leave. >> you don't want to have too big of an impact you don't want to take it like it's an evacuation. but you want to do to have reunification process with the parents. >> what can take years, you know, in an orderly and, you know, calm manner and in reality, by the end of the day, there should be a little bit more information that the department will have be going. you know, that this so that all of that forensics right you you know, the gas mask in the it may be fingerprints and things that he may have touched. >> said in may be a good idea as to identification that just not being released yet. >> yeah, i handle on that
9:32 am
fact. yeah. you know, it's out there. you don't. if you heard nicole johnson's reporting earlier that there were there was a lack of surveillance cameras in this specific subway station. police commissioner would not comment on that saying it's under investigation at sthis time. but without that surveillance video with in the actual subway system. how does that hinder the ability to find the individual or in the direction that may have gone. >> well, he did. respect to the video system, whether it was working or not. let's let's assume that it's not working is to preliminary reports are accurate. it was and it's not working. you do have the video of, you know, the one individual that that you guys will play in the before gets off what appears to be riding in the car in front of the calm with the with shooting took place comes out of the car and saw video taping and i'm sure there others that was there that had so point
9:33 am
data will be collected and start to be analyzed put together. and then if the suspect sleeve, let's say the steps and goes up on to the streets, then you have all of the video capability fro those locations. so while it would have been great to have, know, additional video on the platform. it will slow things down a little bit, but it's not a show stopper that once he it's the street. those cameras, one of the debt would have been beneficial either way and still have other video that they could utilize. >> yes, so while we see still a great deal of police presence there at the the perimeter, we're told from our reporters on the ground is at this hour. there you telling reporters to step back even further, but there's so much going on behind the scenes. and besides what we're seeing here right outside the immediate area practice what one police plaza must be buzzing at this hour. checking out all surveillance cameras.
9:34 am
>> you have the you have that. all of that video has to be captured from all of those different buildings that you have any of the street video that the nypd would on the streets. that video is being captured. you got it and you basically what you're doing as you sort of have a direction of flight. you told that the person may be exiting discerned stairwell him on street. >> sot looking at that and you need so looking at, ok, what is the next video there? picks him up and moves into the next location. and so all of that is it's a little time consuming. but there as we discussed their leader is a lot of technology expedite that process for us. >> well, they start south. stand going to continue to get your expertise. thank you for your insight. really analyzing and helping us really understand how all of this works out. but we do have a team of reporters on the ground right now covering this
9:35 am
for us. every step of the way. one of them being james for update there from wpi exo. they've been live on the scene with reporters and they've been talking to witnesses and they're releasing their information online as well. people talking about how it was. >> panic, you know, when the train pulled into the station because the gunman, people were trapped in that car, they couldn't get out of that subway car when he opened fire. they couldn't see anything because he had ignited a smoke device. and then as soon as those doors open, everybody came rushing out. who couldn't those who had been shot? many were still stuck on the floor of the train and had to be tended to by other fellow passengers. we'll have more coverage on the latest details coming out of brooklyn to as it comes as comes out. >> minute by minute. so stay tune. in the meantime, we've got john reyna standing by with a check of weather and traffic here is as you're getting out on your day and john was looking like outside is definitely looking a lot clearer than yesterday was at this point. lots of sunshine out there from this vantage. >> a scene from citrix hour giving you a look at the golden gate bridge. we are in
9:36 am
the midst of quite the cool down, though, may be sunnier than yesterday. but we're just going to be at we're going to be just as cold as yesterday. was highs really only reaching into the 50's, even with all that sunshine. we have a look ahead at future cast shows you these clear skies that stay with us through the day. if you need to get something done this week, today is really the best day to get it done. tomorrow is not going to be bad either, but you'll start to see an increasing cloud cover midday. and then tomorrow evening, showers begin for the north bay dropping into the rest of the bay area come thursday morning thursday. our next opportunity for rainfall here and the big winners of this next system will be the north bay santa rosa. this next system providing you're around a half an inch of rainfall, less than a 10th of an inch for the rest of us. we see another system after that to follow it up towards friday night into saturday. the totals of these 2 together, santa rosa could see around an inch of it. most of us across the bay around a quarter of an inch of rainfall by the finish of the week. so great to see another couple systems working their way through. we certainly do need all of it today. still going
9:37 am
to be breezy, but not as much so as yesterday, 20 to 30 mile per hour winds across the bay and temperatures today will be in the 50's, at least for most of us. the conquered in antioch, some of the spots on this map that will rise into the low 60's. as for hayward, oakland in fremont, a cool 58, especially when you factor in the windchill today tomorrow, thursday, much like one another except for the fact that we will be seeing rainfall returning thursday. temperatures right around the same, a little more mild into the weekend. return of showers friday night into saturday morning. just in time for easter sunday drying out and warming for some of us back into the 70's rain. john, thank you for that, ok? so we do have a major bar delay. >> still on the sf line. but the good news is barr is now restoring service on the sf line. there was someone who was on the track and thankfully, bart police were able to safely remove that person. so this is still in the sfo. millbrae daly, city and east bay directions. but
9:38 am
hopefully they're going to get that moving along now that they've been able to safely get that person off of the tracks. 24 minutes. so we've been busy traveling into the city this morning may so that fremont street exit. last time we checked in along the richmond, sandra fell bridge. we had an accident there. that's clear. and it's moving along pretty nicely. 13 minutes traveling 80 across towards one. 0 one. let's check on the richmond center fell bridge an 11 minute drive. down from about 40 minutes where we were last time we checked in tolls to one o one and the south bay, as you're traveling along little one. 85 heading into menlo park about 35 minutes to 80 and as well as 82. >> all ♪ ♪ [ bird chirps ] springfest is back!
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♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> 9.40, right now and our breaking news coverage of what happened in brooklyn continues. you can see the scene outside the subway station where people came running after a shooter opened fire inside a subway train in brooklyn around 8.30 their time 5.30, our time. and they're still hunting for the gunman. yeah, police suspect he possibly exited that train station with the crowd in the confusion. >> after it set off that smoke grenade and really turned a morning commute into absolute chaos. this morning we had a press conference a moment ago. the update 16 people injured again, 10 of them suffering gunshot wounds. 5 of them listed in a critical condition, although stable. so they're hopeful that everybody will survive this. but the question now is who was behind
9:42 am
it and why did they do what they did? and that's what is going to be taking up the majority of the day today as police continue to interview witnesses, review security camera footage from the neighboring businesses and possibly by the end of today, maybe we'll have a suspect sketch to show you or a description, at least maybe even some security camera footage of the person they'-e looking for as they continue to work their way through this investig
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> 9.44 right now and the latest breaking news out of new york. it is you can see there's still an active crime scene going and this is the subway station where the subway train was attacked this morning by gunmen. i just want to point out above ground as we look at the shot that there's a high school right across the street. and that's where a lot of the witnesses saw, you know, what was going on and they were taking their kids to school, all the kids and all of the schools that surround that area are now in a lockdown. still. is it is not back to work or back to normal. there in new york because they're still searching for the gunman who wounded 16 people. 10 of them were shot. yeah. and among them, we've heard reports of teenagers being very little been students on their way to class at that >> high school. so that's one of the scary situations. and we heard in some of our a live reporting from our sister station wpxi. there are a lot of parents, as you can imagine that are worried about their kids which are in lockdown situations in the surrounding schools wanted to get their kids out of school and bring them home for their own safety. and they're trying to
9:46 am
coordinate that has are also still trying to search the area for the gunman who still on the loose. so that just and you could be near or far. they have no idea because he was last seen wearing that green construction. but the best >> but sure, shirley is taking that often. who knows where he is now? let's listen in on our sister station and see if they've got any new information. >> we to school not knowing that this would ever happen to them on a tuesday r hamorning. even for nthose people who were involved in the incident, people just passing by laying on this morning, we talked to several people who were just walking to work and we told them about what happened, what all the commotion is. we're seeing cars. he was seen emergency vehicles here and first responders there. absolutely alarmed and they can't believe that someone would just do something like this on any given day. take a
9:47 am
>> around the trains, kids going to school people need to go when need to be. and people just thinking about e what they want think about what they want to know when you like. the consequences. and i just hope whoever did it, what they >> and she was so well spoken. i think that is the kind oof statement that we will be hearing throughout the day from people who are just reacting to what is happening here this morning in our city as a local law enforcement officers, state law enforcement officers as they investigate this crime in figure out, you know what went into it and why, you know, they're one surveillance videos up and what is happening even inside the hospital, the communication between these patients who are just on their way to work and now have to be part of this investigation as they're recovering from their injuries. again, those injuries, they are in stable
9:48 am
condition, critical but stable condition. and specifically he rattling going. a spokesperson tells me out of the 8 people here, several faced a gunshot wounds, others smoke inhalation. that's what they're being treated for. so, of course, we'll keep you posted throughout the morning throughout the day. i should say now we've been here since the morning. we are now in the afternoon as more developments continue to surrounding the shooting this morning. we'll send it back to you guys all right, rebecca, thank you know, so many questions right now about public safety. >> in the city and one person who will have to address many of those questions is someone who is important. all right. so that is our our lives sister station there covering what's going on in new york as they're searching for this gunman. >> who at 5.30, our time it was 8.30, in the middle of the rush hour commute that this man boarded a train at seem to be just regular days were in construction vest and had a bag with him. but as the train was pulling into this station that were overhead, avenue or street
9:49 am
>> he just quietly nobody said he said anything. he just set off this smoke device and then started shooting, just shot people at random from teenagers to, you know, elderly, a variety of people were shot. many of them some hit in the legs. one woman is in the back. wounded by shrapnel from bullet and people described it as fire work. so it sounds like there are a lot of pops and rapid signet succession. i still don't know what kind of gun it was. >> and this is just, you know, the latest in a number of acts of violence that we've seen on the new york subway system here in recent days. governor hochul was talking about that when she was at the podium at the press conference earlier saying that this is something that has to end and soon they faced a a spate of, you know, high profile in recent months. high-profile incidents across the subway system, the most shocking back in january, which has a bay area tie that was back when, you former bear as it was pushed on to the tracks by someone in a subway
9:50 am
station making headlines coast to coast. and, you know, there's been a call for increased police presence on the subway system since then and unclear if there was police on the train at some point in one of the cars or at that station at the time. this all happened. but obviously that's all going to be part of the evaluation in the aftermath of what happened this morning. and we do know that there are a couple of doctors on another train car that immediately got off and started tending to. >> the wounded who are in the train car next to them and witness accounts say that, you know, the people in the car where it happened, they couldn't get into any other train car that the doors were locked on express train as it was heading through the tunnel to the next station. so they had to wait in that smoky, you atmosphere, they couldn't breathe. but the gunman at a gas mask on so that as soon as the doors open, he took off and everybody else was left left to fend for themselves. so we'll look for another update at some point today the investigators on scene. they promised one, though they wouldn't commit to a specific time. so we'll just have to keep it tuned to kron 4 for
9:51 am
the very latest on that. we'll take a quick break, but we'll be back with more. be back with more. >> in just a minute what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more... crazy commutes... crowd control- have a nice day alex (thanks ms. ellen) ...taking the stairs. that's how you du more with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as two weeks. and can reduce, or even eliminate, oral steroids. and here's something important. dupixent can cause allergic reactions that can be severe. get help right away if you have rash, chest pain, worsening shortness of breath,
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or save even more with a kohl's card. kohl's. >> 9.53 and we want to get back to what's happening in outside just of manhattan, where a gunman went into a subway and opened fire shooting. 16 people were injured. 10 were shot directly and they're all in the hospital right now. 5 are in critical but stable condition.
9:54 am
and the gunman got away. and all we know about the gunman is this that he is described as a male? >> average height, maybe a little heavier, build one, 70 to one 80 pounds, but was seen by the witnesses wearing a green construction vest with a gray hoodie, but also was wearing a gas mask and carrying a construction duffel bag, sort of and even alarm anybody because he didn't put that on until they were in the tunnel. the doors were shot. >> and then he pulled this canister out of the bag, set off a smoke bomb started shooting and nobody had reason to think. well, this looks odd. you know, at first 2 things went sideways really quickly. and i guess in the chaos with the smoke and people running in all directions, once the train got to the 36, a train station, 36 street chain station that he was able to escape and blend into the crowd. so they're looking for the person this morning actually have a section >> of that area of brooklyn court and office. there street to street alley to alley looking there. also contacting the businesses nearby to see
9:55 am
if perhaps they've got security footage that captured this person walking away that we're looking at atm machines, which constantly record the motions outside and to see if they can't capture this person with those hopeful pieces of evidence they could track the course that this person took the direction he went and eventually maybe find them. we'll have to wait and see and what they really want to know when they catch him is the motive, of course, and why he would just shoot all of these people. >> that were just on their way to work and school. it was like it was 08:30am, in the morning. new york time. and there's a high school right across the street from the specific stop. so, you know, a lot of kids on board. there are descriptions of i heard a mother said she had her 3 year-old with her and she didn't know was going on. she was in the next train and everybody started running. there are other passengers who were on the platform waiting for that train when, you know, they saw everybody tumbling out and and panicked and heading for the exits. their descriptions about hiding behind the chairs because the train was crowded enough with about 40 or 50 people on that specific train car or the
9:56 am
doors were closure can go from car to car and it was pretty crowded. so people were holding on to the straps. so they were standing and another guy described how he and all elderly woman were hiding under a seat because they heard the pop pop pop. everyone describes the kind of rapid succession almost like they thought it was fireworks. but it was so dark. they didn't know what was going on and then suddenly when the doors open people spilled out, they could see the blood. they could pc people limping some who couldn't get up out. and people just started helping each other. those that weren't running for their lives and of the people that were injured again, 16 in total, like mentioned, 5 were are being treated for gunshot wounds. the other injuries range, you and everything you can imagine when there's a mass chaos, people running bumps, scrapes, people fell down. people hit their heads. >> smoke inhalation from that. a smoke canister that was set off. so they're all being treated. but the one silver lining is and we heard this from the press conference, everybody that's being treated right now is expected to survive. nobody is in, you know, a critical state that
9:57 am
they're worried that they're going to die. and that's one of the news we can show. pretty amazing considering they were all confined in trapped in this subway car. >> when the gunman opened fire. so it is amazing that no one was killed and that's the good news out of this. there's going to be a lot more news coming and we'll follow it here on kron. 4, whether we're on the air, you can go to kron on which is 24 7. you can also go to kron 4 dot com. we'll be posting any new information the minute it to rise in our sun room on those platforms to stay with us for that. in the meantime, we'll say goodbye for now. we'll see tomorrow.
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