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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  April 13, 2022 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news far. >> good morning and thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. i'm sorry and i'm james. it is. yeah. halfway through the week we had some decent showers at the start of the week. we'll see how we're going to round it out with more on the way sometimes the 05:00am feels like a pop quiz to me. but i got it right. it's wednesday. and as far as to goes to rain still thursday that pass the yeah, you pass brain still tomorrow, guys. so today a little break continues tonight. it will kick back into gear in tomorrow's lookin like the one that we're going to see more showers across the bay area. a nice view outside this morning. nice and calm, easy commute to work as far as what conditions are concerned, at least we are in the midst of relatively calm winds this morning. winds won't be as much of a factor this afternoon. 10 to 15 miles per
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hour. gusts right now. look at that. we do have continued rainfall up around. you're rica and the north coast mountains getting some snowfall. but that's well to our north bay area in for another dry one. just a few more clouds passing over the region today than yesterday and just as cold to start, most of us are in the 40's this morning, although we do have a few upper 30's in the north bay, like out in towards point, raise at 38 degrees. oakland and san mateo. you're at 43 san francisco at 46. i'll be talking the arrival of our next round of showers. still to come, reyna and thank you for that. all right, get a look at your traffic on this wednesday morning. traveling into the city right now, a little under 8 minutes for your drive. >> as you're making it from the maze, 2, that fremont street exit san mateo bridge. we do have some high wind gusts there. so a little under 14 minutes for you as you're making your way along across towards the peninsula, richmond center fell bridge about a 7 minute drive traveling add of richmond and a check on the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about a 19 minute commute darya. james, back to you. thanks. a
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lot of rain. a 5, 0 one. there's a massive manhunt under way this morning for frank james. yeah, he's the one identified as a person of interest in that shooting on a subway train in brooklyn. >> yesterday morning, dozens of people were injured but thankfully nobody was killed. jay dow has the latest. >> kenneth foot smith vividly remembers the moment he's tuesday morning commute on board. the n train went from routine to terrifying. he was in the lead car. his usual spot when he says he saw white smoke begin to fill the next car and only see the people faces pressed against the door. >> on it like screaming. >> police say those panicked riders were under attack from a man who boarded the train wearing what looked like a transit worker uniform. witnesses say the man then set off smoke canisters and in the chaos pulled out a pistol and began firing some 30 shots in all near the 36th street station along 4th avenue in sunset park, brooklyn. >> the time around 08:30am, the heart of the morning rush
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police say the gunman shot at least 10 people. >> these people are more side. they're coming up screaming, throwing people side, stumbling over, stepping on people. you're gone. he shooting get down. the suspect is described as a black male standing about 5 feet. 5 weighing about 175 pounds. >> police say before he set off the smoke canisters, he put on a gas mask. >> and after the attack fled, but among the items he left behind and found by police. a key to a uaw truck, which was later found abandoned in gravesend brooklyn. we don't know right now. >> if mister change has any connection to the subway. >> i feel like something was taken away from like a sense of not security, but this is randomness which have been my in training in 2023. in the morning. we can happen anywhere and it's fair.
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>> as jay dow reporting, we know that bar police have increased their presence at stations in the bay area in response to the shooting that happened in new york. bart police say that they're taking are talking with federal authorities in the say that it's there's no credible threat to california. so that's some good news riders we spoke to who saw more police officers on the train system said that they did feel safer. seeing that. unfortunately, some situations with some buddies made their mind up to do something like that. it's going to be pretty difficult to stop corporate group to prevent. >> the way we do it is through education and try to get people out to our system. police are reminding riders to report any suspicious activity on their app or to bart police dispatch. vta, meanwhile, is also increasing its security and santa clara county to bomb sniffing dogs will be patrolling the beach va system throughout the week. officials are assuring the public that it's safe to ride the light rail system in may of last year. you may remember 10 people were killed when a disgruntled vta employees started shooting. his colleagues.
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>> police identify a fight. another suspect now in sacramento's mass shooting. they say the 27 year-old to la peyton appears to be among at least 5 shooters responsible for killing 6 people and injuring about a dozen more. he is wanted on a number of felony warrants, including domestic violence. police say they don't know where he is right now. so they're asking the public for help and offering we're roared of up to $1000 for information that leads to his arrest. >> well, yelp is joining a growing number of california company is now supporting employees impacted by restrictive abortion laws. yes, this comes after oklahoma's governor signed a bill that makes almost all abortions illegal. there. kron four's camila barco is live in the newsroom with more. camilla. >> darya james. we're seeing more and more states pass laws that stop people from getting an abortion. but companies like san francisco based yelp are creating ways for employees to legally get one yelp is offering to cover travel expenses to its
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employees across the country who must go out of the state to get an abortion. now the announcement comes on the same day, oklahoma clamp down on abortions. oklahoma's governor, like you for doris, a signed a bill into law, making it a felony to perform an abortion. now the only exception is if the abortion would save the life of the mother, yelp's benefits would cover all 4,000 employees across the country. it's 200 employees from texas would actually be the ones that benefit the most. the state passed a law banning abortions within texas after 6 weeks of pregnancy. but yelp is joining the ranks of other companies that are trying to help workers affected by these abortion ban loss. citigroup, uber and lyft are on that list. they're offering to cover travel expenses or legal fees for its employees impacted by these abortion restrictions. now darya james, these companies like yelp could face a backlash after they're announced that but it could be an advantage for employers. now, in the meantime, the supreme court is due to rule by the end of june
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on a case involving a mississippi law. it gives that court a chance to repeal the roe versus wade ruling that legalized abortion nationwide. all right. james, back to you. all right. thanks a lot. camilla. >> well, history was made last night in san francisco at the giants game. first base can becomes the first female. now in mlb history to coach on the field in kron four's will tran. >> is back live at oracle park with more on this. i will. >> she broke the gender barrier so she joins may's bonds. bocce baumgardner among the legends of the san francisco giants when she took the field last night, she was in the batting cage. i mean, this is something out of the field of dreams when she got the tap on the shoulder. hey, we need you in the ball game. that's because antwan richardson, the regular first base coach, got thrown out for arguing a call. so she came in
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and the moment she stepped foot onto the field. she made baseball history. the 31 year-old she's been with the giants is 2014 actually starting off as an intern and the front office. she's been a coach for quite some time. in fact, she's been with the team since 2020. so a couple years with them. james darya, i was here on opening day. she walked right by me. gave me a smile. and i was like, oh, my goodness. i should have taken a selfie with their because little did i know a few days later she would break the gender barrier for arguably the most important sport in american culture. i mean, jackie robinson broke the color barrier. so baseball is very important to the american lexicon. we got a chance to track down the 31 year-old after the game. she said she just wanted to be a teammate. >> i knew that i wanted to be a key part of this organization. i have the easing what we do on the field, but also office
5:09 am
building in the community. >> and i knew i just wanted to be an impact player. and not necessarily just i come into work the 95 and go home but really value to the organization to help keep moving forward. >> how funny is this? so opening day, everybody want to talk to the players. they wanted to manager gabe kepler to talk. but i can guarantee you when they take the field at 12. 45 this afternoon, nobody the first group of media they will walk past all the players and they will talk the 31 year-old because she is not only the san francisco giants biggest star today. she's the biggest star in major league baseball. you just google her name a l y and it finishes it for you. she went to the top of the list. wikipedia has already changed it, making her the first coach to take major league baseball. the as far as the field is
5:10 am
concerned and that orange helmet, you like to keep it for your family, for your air. a little note already. it's going to be flown to cooperstown to be in the baseball hall of fame. back to you. wow, that's pretty incredible. all right. thank you very much. well, great story. >> we'll take a break here at 5.10. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. the president making a renewed effort now in helping cut costs at the pump as inflation continues to rise. we'll tell you what he wants to do. >> and a former teacher is accused of a student almost 10 years ago. will take on vesta gators, know so far about the incident. >> and we're just days away from the federal mask mandate expiring. we're just moments away from finding out you have to wear a mask when the plane a bus or a train. i'll tell you when coming up in a live report. >> and today, another dry one, another cool ones. who, though, so keep the jackets with a few north bay sprinkles this afternoon. setting us up for rainfall tomorrow. your forecast is ahead.
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>> 5.13, right now. checking out the weather i admit, i don't know if it was yesterday that got me on the big boy.
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but i wore my big coat up all throughout the day as yeah. all yesterday during the day to john was talking about. >> cool. very cool temperatures that we were dealing with yesterday morning afternoon about this morning. let's find out. yeah. definitely keep the jackets on and make it the heavy jacket again. we're going to need it all day long today, even with the sunshine. we've had the past couple of afternoons. it has been time to get all the winter stuff back out. just to keep you cozy viewing outside this morning. skies are clear. now we're off to another dry start. so that's going to make conditions pretty easy to venture out into as long as you're prepared with all those layers that you need. another cold front just sitting to our north. this was going to slide right past us. and in the process result in some more needed rain and snow right across the northern tier. the state not doing much for us except for a couple of sprinkles. mostly in northern sonoma and napa counties today. today is another dry one. mostly just another cool, brisk. one much as we've been seeing already increasing cloud cover this afternoon. you're already set up those
5:15 am
little spots of green popping up in the very northern reaches the bay area this afternoon. now tonight is when we'll start to see some rainfall and real rain pushing into the north bay and then dropping into the rest of the bay area into tomorrow. thursday is going to be our next round of rain. and the north bay is going to be a big winner from this one. seeing widespread showers, moderate pockets of it come tomorrow afternoon dropping into the rest of the bay area. little bit later on in the day and also noticing all that snowfall in the sierra. another cold system. so this is going to be another good snowmaker up in the sierra nevada mountains in really not the only one either. we've got another one to follow it friday night into saturday morning and another one on top of that looking likely into tuesday of next week. so april's coming through for us more than any month of this year has been so far january march, february, all of them and just been dry. now we are going to be seeing showers most significant for the north bay. as i noted santa rosa around a half an inch of rainfall expected tomorrow. most of the rest of us, a 10th
5:16 am
to a quarter of an inch. you add on top of this additional rainfall friday night into saturday. and by the time we reached the weekend, santa rosa around an inch of rain map and getting close to that, most of the rest of the bay closer to a half an inch or 3 quarters of an inch of rainfall. so great to be talking this. we really do need it winds. another factor today that is going to keep you clutching those jackets pretty tightly 10 to 15 miles per hour gusts today. that is calmer than yesterday. certainly calmer than 2 days ago. but enough paired with those 50's and low 60's that you want to stay cozy areas like san francisco and the coast staying in the 50's. what we do have a few more 60's on the map. burlingame south to san mateo and down the mountain view right at 60 degrees. south bay temperatures in the low 60's in the east bay sharing your range of upper 50's to low 60's for you. i mentioned that chance of a couple light sprinkles in the north bay, mostly for areas like yacht ville and santa rosa northward. most of the rest of the north bay, like the rest of us will stay dry tonight
5:17 am
into tomorrow. that changes, though, as showers do arrive, will drive back out friday. chance of rain friday night into saturday and importantly drying out for easter sunday, which is going to be one of our most mild days, low 70's for inland areas, low 60's by the bay and lots of sunshine for those easter egg hunts reyna. john, thank you for that. excited about the easter weekend holiday havey leaving your house at this hour. we're tracking your commute for you. >> just an 18 minute drive traveling across the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls at this hour. the bay bridge, 7 minutes maze to that fremont street exit. no hazards or accidents. there. richmond center fell tulsa, one. 0, one about a 7 minute commute as you're traveling out of richmond. let's check on your crockett down towards the maze commute. about 15 minutes as you're traveling along there. 24, i don't see any accidents as you're traveling down to 5.80, and one. 0, one here in the south bay. 85 traveling into menlo park around 27
5:18 am
minutes to 80. pretty much at the limit for you as well. heading from antioch, into conquered a little under 15 darya. james, back to you. thanks, lauren. a. >> so any moment to the cdc could announce if it's going to be extending its mask mandate on airplanes and other public transit system. so we're watching for that. young man is supposed to expire on monday, but a lot of health officoals think it's going to be extended. kron 4 sarah stinson is live at sfo with more. hi, sarah. >> yeah, we are so close to finding out if we can take off the mask where we have to continue to wear the mask in public transportation like at the airport. we're live here at sfo. we can see people heading into their flights, obviously having to wear that mask today. but that could change any day now. and that mask mandate for planes, trains and buses is set to expire this monday. then we've been wearing a mask on public transportation for 14 months under the biden administration. but the mandate set to expire on monday. we will potentially see this change removes not
5:19 am
looking like it will see. this will be up to the cdc ultimately. and the agency is considering an extension of the mask mandate due to the ba 2 variant spreading. the biden administration says it is not overly concerned about the variant due to low hospitalization rates. on other hand, officials say it is very contagious and many states are seeing a surge in cases right now. president biden signed an executive order on his first full day in office ordering people to wear masks in public transportation before that was airlines that were requiring people to wear them. the president could see some backlash if he does decide to have this mask mandate extend. but again, it's cdc's coming up with a plan. and of course, they always have their science to back up. they think it's needed but want to see how people feel here at sfo. i'm actually excited to talk to people and see how they feel. i know some people are excited to take them off while others say no matter what like in the future, 10 years from now, they're going to wear a mask. some people just feel that way after what we've been through.
5:20 am
so we'll check in with people and have another report for you in about an hour. and we'll also keep our eye on what the white house decides this morning. if it comes down, we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> thank you, sheriff. speaking of the white house, president biden is taking a step to address the gas prices as inflation continues to run. yeah, the president says he's going to allow a gas blend with 15% ethanol to be sold during the summer, cnn, if that'll help. they also john joins us live with a look at what we might see come out of this high. basil. >> well, james darya, good morning. and yes, recent gas prices made up for part of that increase in inflation and president joe biden promises that this plan will help cut costs. with high gas prices. inflation affecting americans. president joe biden announced the latest effort to tackle the problem from have a role to play right now. >> on his trip to iowa, the president announced that the epa will allow a gas blend
5:21 am
with 15% ethanol to be sold during the summer is not going to solve all our that's going to help some people. i'm committed to whatever i can to help. this effort will address the price of the pump, but not the build. the grocery store. the president blamed russian president vladimir putin for the surge in prices. photos invasion of ukraine has driven up gas prices and food prices all over the world. 70% of the increase in prices in march came from price hike in gasoline, iowa. republican senator joni ernst, the blames the president for these prices and things he needs to go one step further to make that this goes into place. >> permanently and that we allow u 15 your ground ongoing it's her. >> now the president called on congress to do their part to help bring down the cost reporting live in washington. i'm basil. john, what do you drive? basil, electric or gas?
5:22 am
i'd argue aghast, but i got a super is that i think that thing saves me. things go forever on the tank where electric here in california more and more. it's james. we'll see you. thank you, all right. we'll take a break 5.21. coming up on the kron 4 moyning news. a new report is shutting a little bit of light. >> on the deaths of homeless people in alameda county, we're going to tell you the main reasons they say people are dying. we'll be right back.
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at great prices for the season. stop by lowe's now, for your happiest spring. >> 5.24 right now. and in the east bay, the number of homeless people who are dying in alameda county is increasing more than 800 unhoused people died between 2018 2020. and for the first time, alameda county is tracking in analyzing these numbers to hope and hopefully prevent future deaths. the report found roughly half of the homeless deaths. we're due to medical conditions led by heart disease followed by cancer and liver disease. drug overdoses caused 25% of the deaths. jackie berlin is with mothers against drunk death of her drug deaths. and she's a strong advocate for cracking down on drug abuse. she's personally seen the impact it has on east bay families. >> my son who is an addict on
5:26 am
the streets and services go is telling me that younger and younger people are coming into the city to buy fentanyl. and he's really concerned about that because you kids as yet his high school coming in and buying sentinel. >> the report also finds that most of those deaths happened in oakland, hayward and berkeley, followed by a smaller percentages in the other 12 cities. >> happening tonight in san francisco, the african american state reparations task force will have its first public meeting. multiple speakers plan to discuss reparations for black people here in california. organizers say the forum is a way for the community. talk about the idea and for the task force to get an idea of what people want to see. it will start at 07:00pm. it will be 3rd baptist church on mcallister street. the meeting will also be streamed online. we'll take a break at 5.26. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. cain velasquez. his lawyer is trying to get him out on bail. we'll tell you why his supporters think.
5:27 am
>> it's not fair that he be left. the can't be let out of jail right now. we'll be right back.
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hide my skin? not me. and for kids ages 6 and up that means clearer skin, and noticeably less itch. with dupixent, you can change how their skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur that can be severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems such as eye pain or vision changes, including blurred vision, joint aches and pain or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. when you help heal your skin from within, you can show more with less eczema. talk to your child's eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. >> 5.29 right now and we're checking out the weather. it's another chilly morning. it is. yeah. let's find out from john. how far in the future that rain is sitting. good
5:30 am
morning, john. the cold today rains tomorrow today is going to be another dry one. at least you just got to be ready for the cold. feel to it. you look outside at some slightly cloudy skies over san francisco. much as we're seeing across the rest of the bay area. winds gusting as high as 15 miles per hour today, way calmer than yesterday's 20 to 25 miles per hour and away way calmer than what we had 2 days ago. we are looking at peak wind gusts in the 50 mile per hour range. we do have snow and rain up to the north on the north coast of the state in a couple of sprinkles are possible north of santa rosa on up towards northern napa county as well this afternoon. rest of the bay is set to remain dry, though. just another cool one. so another day to layer up much as you've gotten used to this week so far, 40's for most of our current temps, dublin at 41 oakland. 43, a few upper 30's in the north bay. like point raise petaluma and in kelsey bill talking about our rainfall. that's not too far in the future. still to come in your forecast, rain up. roads are dry. that helps anything else going on. it
5:31 am
makes a huge difference. john, between dry roads and wet roads right now that dry commute this morning, has 10 minutes traveling from the maze into the city. >> to make it to that fremont street exit. let's check out the senate to bridge where it says we do have some high winds. take your time as you're traveling. 12 minutes right now from 80 across to one on one. maybe you're in dublin, traveling down to fremont a little under 14 minutes. you can see 5.80, moving at the limit as well. no major delays along 8.80, as you're also traveling to san leandro crockett down towards the maze. a 15 minute drive. and let's look at the south bay along one. 0, one. 85 to menlo park. a little under 30 minutes. jones, back to you. thank0you. ran a 5.31. and our top story is the massive manhunt under way in new york for frank james. now he's the one that police say they're interested in. >> questioning for the mass shooting yesterday morning in brooklyn on a subway train. we have pedro rivera now with more on the story. >> this is the man new york police are searching for. 62
5:32 am
year-old frank james. we will use every resource we can to bring those to justice who continue to prey on the citizens of new york during an afternoon press conference, nypd officials say they want to learn more about his connection to an early morning shooting that rocked the city at this time. we still do not know the suspect's motivation. at 8.30 tuesday morning on a manhattan-bound train subway rider suddenly found themselves in a smoke-filled n train at the 36th street station in brooklyn. at least 33 rounds are fired as strap hangers run for their lives. officials say a man wearing a reflective jacket and a smoke mask entered the train, toss a smoke bomb and began firing. 10 people were shot but are expected to survive. at least 19 were injured, escaping the attack as detectives processed the crime scene. they recovered a 9 millimeter semiautomatic handgun extended
5:33 am
magazines and a hatchet. nypd police commissioner key shot soules says the gun found at the scene may have jammed. we are truly fortunate that this was not significantly worse than it is. detectives found a key to this u haul truck at the scene, which officials later learned was rented by james. and why pd also found a bag with smoke canisters and fireworks. because of this perceived premeditated attack, law enforcement agencies around the country are taking increased measures, including here at union station in downtown los angeles. officers circulating the area increasing visibility at the metro station. the high school softball coach has been arrested now for allegedly a cupertino middle school student. investigators say it happened. >> in 2009 while 61 year-old anthony phillips was a teacher at that school. they say the victim reported the case for the first time last thursday after the incident came up in therapy. they say the interaction started with text
5:34 am
messages and then inappropriate conversations and that led to assault in phillips classroom. >> this suspect had directed her into the closet inside of his classroom and inside that classroom and sexually assaulted her. he admitted to having with this victim and admitted to so many of the details that the victim and shared with us. >> phillips retired from teaching 3 years ago, but he's been coaching women's softball at fremont high school. he was arrested monday night after softball practice. >> 4 people are facing charges for robbing a film crew in san francisco. the alameda county da says dili on miller, taurean, king and run al johnson. also teddy williams are charged with 4 counts of felony second-degree robbery for the incident and several other robberies happening is if going out, many counties. oakland police say they were able to connect to the fore to the armed robbery in san francisco after investigating one of the other crimes, all 4
5:35 am
defendants have been arraigned. in the south bay. san jose. police are continuing their search for a truck driver involved in a deadly hit and run. that happened last week. the driver of the red pickup that you see here hit and struck and killed 2 women that were in the crosswalk along ocala avenue and oakton court. victims were a mother and daughter. former ufc champion cain velasquez is speaking out for the first time since he was arrested for attempted murder. he appeared in court yesterday in santa clara county, celebrity attorney mark geragos, who is representing velasquez. the judge granted gear ago says request to move alaska as his plea to may 6. the attorney also tried to get alaskans bail, but the judge denied that he is charged with attempted murder for a high speed chase and shooting at a truck carrying harry goulart large a is a offender who is accused of molesting one of alaska's his relatives. a
5:36 am
judge. let good out of jail. however, something blazquez is supporters don't understand. >> and abusers can be with the family that the person that that try to protect his family, he can't have i don't i don't just make the system doesn't make sense. >> i played the c d. >> velasquez released a statement on social media thanking his supporters and saying, quote, too, the true victims of this case, may god give you the strength to come forward. >> well, the northern california woman accused of an elaborate 2016 kidnapping hoax has reportedly signed a plea deal. the sacramento bee reporting that share rip up a penny will admit that she orchestrated the whole ordeal and will plead guilty to counts of lying to a federal officer and mail fraud. prosecutors say the 39 year-old faked her abduction after claiming the 2 women kidnapped her and beat her and branded her. federal investigators say she was actually staying with an ex-boyfriend for those 3 weeks in orange county. in the north
5:37 am
bay part of center boulevard in san anselmo is closed indefinitely because of a sinkhole that opened up monday afternoon. public works and pg. e crews were out there yesterday trying to fix the problem, but it's going to be a massive one to fix. the closure is in effect from bridge avenue to san anselmo avenue and people are being asked to obviously avoid the area. commuters should allow a little bit of extra time to get around. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, an unusual traffic stop that could only happen here in the bay area. see what happens when police pull over a driverless car for a traffic violation will who they're going to police fired and has 78. >> are getting a major financial boost. why this can help them bounce back from the low ridership. >> and we are seeing conditions this morning. chilly again. but at least no rainfall for your morning commute later on today. you may see a sprinkle or 2 in the very northern reaches of the bay, but we're really saving rainfall for tomorrow. and
5:38 am
i'll tell you about it. still to come. >> and off to a nice start on this wednesday morning. we are keeping a close eye on your morning drive will have a look at that. once we get back. this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting
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don't just learn. learn smarter. >> 5.40, is the time the bay area's biggest transit agencies are about to get a lot of money to help recover from the low ridership that they saw during the pandemic.
5:41 am
senator alex padilla and san francisco mayor london breed of announced that 386 million dollars. we'll be going to bart and it's all part of recently passed infrastructure deals. the money will be used for things like staffing repairs and replacing escalators. >> as we are on the verge of further reopenings people recover back to work. tourism coming back. the baseball season. folks who take public transit to the giants games ready to ride again. we want to make sure that to service levels and staffing. politics. spirit is there for folks who ride public transit. >> and then he say a box can be essential, then recycled for a move.
5:42 am
and then help brighten breakfast or bring fresh scents in a tube. what starts as a box for detergent can become one with a helpful seam. all part of the circle of caring for our natural resources and trees. recycling your boxes and paper products helps nature thrive. be a force for nature and choose sustainable, recyclable paper and packaging. what can i du with less asthma?
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to design hr solutions to provide flexible pay options and greater workforce visibility today, so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪ the oakland zoo is helping a recently rescued mountain lion cub. she's 5 months old and was first spotted last week by hikers. hidden cameras, help biologist to rescue her from the mid peninsula. open space. are you ready? okay. you're you're dying to see a cut us. okay. hold couple. take her out to second. so she's being tended to 24 hours a day and guarded her away. it is very low. that's why they're being
5:45 am
careful. but the diet that, you know, then supervision is all help. are we ever going to get this whole dog annual. hold on all. there you go. let's listen. >> she's about 10 pounds sold more than half of what she should weigh. yeah. right now we have her on a couple different country. venus fluid. so similar to what you would get at the hospital if you are in such a shape. and so we're providing nutrients and electrolytes through her id. and then we're also slowly ramping up for feeding. the good news is that she's a fighter. and so she's got strength. she's got spoken. that usually is a good sign that they're responding to treatments. and so we're tracking all of her about values really closely to sometimes even takes a little adjustments between the hour to make sure that we're not overloading per system as we slowly bring her back to health. >> oh, my god. it a little training to get to eat with a fork. here's what that lines. don't understand that the hand is not part of the head. just going to take the whole thing. thank you. wow. everything's q
5:46 am
is and harmless right up. but i love the but the give me the spoon back. there she is. getting the hang of it. yeah. so a look at the little dropper. yeah. well, they're going to they're doing an eye out to see if there are any other cubs. this could be a case where maybe the mom either abandoned a more important maybe died. i don't know, but they're they're looking into it. see if there's any other comes that need to be ready speeding by hand takes on a whole different meaning when it's a dangerous 5.46. right now and we're checking out the weather. and while it is chilly again, john, gloves are nothing on that bed. she was breaking. but yes, it is definitely chilly this morning. might want to consider the gloves if you're heading outside for more than just a couple of minutes because we've got a few 30's up in the north bay for current temperatures, although most of us are in the 40's for those current numbers, skies clear up the bad, no fog. and we do have another breezy chilly day, but not as windy. >> just as chilly, though, a cold front to our north is just going to skirt right past the region today and associated with that. a couple
5:47 am
of sprinkles here. there are possible for northern napa and sonoma counties. but all in all today, we're going to chalk it up to be a dry one. just partly cloudy to mostly cloudy towards the finish tonight is when rainfall arrives for the north bay and drops into the rest of the bay area. tomorrow note the snow in the sierra to super welcome. be seeing that with dwindling snowpack so much lately. showers tomorrow will really kick up into early afternoon 09:00am. you see a really coming down from the north bay north face? the big winners from tomorrow's rainfall pushes into the rest of the bay area early afternoon tomorrow, although we will have sprinkles for the rest of the bay before that, we will see our most widespread rain just a little bit later on. showers diminish on into thursday evening. friday looks to be dry before friday night into saturday. another round of moisture pushes through. let's first wave of energy is going to bring us around a half an inch of rain in santa rosa. napa nevado oakland, san francisco could see a quarter of an inch of rain. so a decent light shower here. we'll dry out
5:48 am
temporarily. and then our second round of energy pushes through. and on top of that first one, santa rosa could see around inch of rainfall. napa nevado getting close to it. half an inch to 3 quarters of an inch for other parts of the bay. so it's great to be seeing some rain and multiple pushes of it. kind of 3rd round of it likely into tuesday of next week, too. so april showers are coming through for us more than january february march did. that's for sure. winds today mostly peaking at around 15 miles per hour. little calmer than yesterday was certainly way calmer. then monday was which was the windiest of days. it will be a range of upper 50's to low 60's for most of the bay today which paired with those breezy conditions will bring a familiar feel similar to what yesterday and monday were see, you know how you dress for yesterday. the rest for it again today, a cold start and a cool afternoon hayward san leandro, oakland, staying right below 60 danville up to concord, right at 60 any occur. most mild spot at 62 for your daytime high.
5:49 am
tomorrow's temperatures right around the same as today's we will see temperatures a little warmer come the weekend, but not anything major league different just barely tapping into the low 70's by easter sunday. best chances of rain will be tomorrow and then early on saturday. good news for easter is that we're looking dry for it. and another chance of rainfall into tuesday of next week. right now. john, thanks for that. all right. let's start in the south bay and check on conditions down there. >> traveling along one o one, 85 into miller park about 33 minutes for you as you're traveling to 80 in 82 out. see s or hazards along those highways at this hour heading into the city right now. small uptick, 12 minutes driving from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit into the city. let's check on the richmond center fell bridge as you're traveling from the tolls to one o one about an 8 minute drive for you. there. getting a look at 24 traveling from walnut creek down along to 5.80, a little under 11 minutes. you can see 13 moving along pretty nicely. also, 5, 88, 80 moving along at the
5:50 am
limit. let's get a look at highway for traveling from antioch, into conquered a little under 20 minutes as traffic starts to build darya. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain at 5.49. is the time. so self-driving car has a run-in with the san francisco police officer and video of it has gone viral. we've got kron four's dan thorn with the whole thing. >> it's a traffic stop. that's anything but routine. san francisco police pulling over a cruise vehicle in the city's richmond district because the headlights were off and nobody in, but they unexpectedly find the car empty after the officer tries to open the front door and then walks away, it looks as though the driverless car makes a run for it. cruz says that was not the case. a statement to kron. 4 news reads in part the ad did not have its headlights on because of the human error, which was the reason the sfpd approached it and we have fixed the issue that led to this the vehicle yielded to the police car, then pulled
5:51 am
over across the intersection, which was the nearest safe location for the traffic situation causing some laps while giving us a closer look at driverless technology. this is all part of the process of everybody. both the developers of the vehicles of members of the public and people in law enforcement learning how to interact with each other. >> doctor steven slide over is a research engineer with uc berkeley's path program which works on intelligent transportation systems. he says there's still a lot to learn about. driverless technology and how to do it. well, that's why we're still in the prototype that stage of testing. these are not widely deployed in commercial service. cruz explains they work closely with sfpd on how to interact with their autonomous vehicles. avi companies are required to come up with the law enforcement plan before testing the technology sfpd confirmed there was no citation issued reporting in san francisco,
5:52 am
dan thorn kron. 4 news. it makes me think if i pulled over, i might just duck like i'm just going block the doors. doc, funny that all right. we are less than a week away from the warriors first playoff game since 2019. yeah. the last playoff game was. >> tough. ending to a 5 year finals. run effect. steph klay dre and andre have only played 11 minutes together since that game. yeah. and although staff has been cleared yet since spraining his foot back on march 16, the team is hoping, though, that he'll be ready to go on saturday. >> and that the gang can finally all be back together again. >> it's been a long time. you know. that feels it feels great to to be back in this the first playoff game at which is exciting. you know, potentially getting everyone health really tantalizing. you know, we've we've this year through a lot of adversity.
5:53 am
lot injuries and absences and you know, if we could get staff back healthy and keep andre on the floor. they would be the first time all year. that you know, we'll have kind of are our main guys all healthy at the same time. and that's that's exciting because i think that means our our ceiling is it's higher than what we've shown so far. >> get the band back and the warriors play the nuggets at the chase center saturday at 5.30. we'll be right back.
5:54 am
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to move at a pace that works best for you. capella university. don't just learn, learn smarter. ♪
5:56 am
5.55. and today presale starts for tickets to this year's outside lands concert. 10 o'clock is the magic hour. if you want to get in on that >> they say this is the eager presale. and because it's really early to get your tickets, the three-day festival doesn't happen until august. 5th. 5th through the 7th, the golden gate park general admission. oh, my god, i i yeah, james, a $359 for concerts these days. you know, in the old days you'd see one at james. i think i was thinking about a concert used to be sure bucs. yeah. v i p tickets. 800 bucks. wow. but it's 3 days of music in the lineup. they haven't announced
5:57 am
the lineup yet, but it's a lot of banks. always great. so, yes, yes, just not great for my kid. sorry. you can't go expense. we'll take a break. we're coming up on 5.57, and ahead in the next hour, the mask mandate on public transit is set to expire in a few days. but >> we'll tell you why the decision is now in the hands of the cdc and then extend that. >> and oklahoma's governor has just signed a bill making it well, almost the legal for every single abortion. we'll tell you why. multiple california companies are supporting those impacted by that bill. plus, a historic moments at the giants game against the padres will introduce you to the first woman coach on the field in woman coach on the field in the mlb. america, i got you! we told reggie miller wendy's would give away our amazing breakfast biscuits for a buck for every bucket he makes. no look! truth is, we were going to do it anyhow. want a better biscuit for a buck? choose wisely. choose wendy's.
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dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as two weeks. and can reduce, or even eliminate, oral steroids. and here's something important. dupixent can cause allergic reactions that can be severe. get help right away if you have rash, chest pain, worsening shortness of breath, tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor about new or worsening joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent.
6:00 am
>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning. and get ready for the best wednesday well, there you just because all right, because we've decided it will be yeah, it will be. it will big news on your head. james james here with john and rain is the weather on the other hand is not in your head. it is really chilly and nothing you think is going to for is not a head cold because actual definitely not the most fun to be venturing outside staying out there at least this morning because it is in the pretty brisk, not just cold but windy, too. you can see the winds there at the embarcadero. not too much of an issue right now. we're


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