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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  April 13, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> 3 words that meant a lot in new york today. new york city mayor eric adams praising law enforcement for the arrest of the man accused of shooting 10 people on a brooklyn subway train. we're now learning frank james actually call police today to turn himself in. but 30 hours after the carnage began, now the healing can begin for victims and their families. but the emotional toll for a nation under siege by gun violence remains. it's the latest incident in a recent trend of violence on public transit reporter brian and has the story. >> well, so many of us watched in shock and horror at what happened on the new york city subway yesterday for transit workers. the shooting sadly comes as no surprise violence on buses and trains is on the rise and it's happening from coast to coast and tampa, florida. this man stabbed a bus driver to death in los angeles. a city bus turned into a crime scene when a rider was stabbed over and over again in the upper torso.
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and chicago transit workers took to the streets in protest because violence on the l has gotten so bad. and in fort lauderdale, florida, just last month, a shootout on a bus killed 2 people. the gunman fired 12 shots at passengers, then reloaded and kept shooting >> i just remember, boom, boom, boom, you know, and i just wrote. >> there's a going the wrong way on the eastbound lanes almost ran into him and a lot of cars. was basically it in. i mean, it's in the wrong way. full the while the shooting was happening in the back of her bus driver, gwendolyn whitfield sped into on-coming traffic to get to a police station when the when you spend. >> 2 decades driving by yes. have you seen the violence that you get worse? yes. >> definitely. i believe that people are more angry now. i don't know if it's because of the economy. i don't know why, but i have seen a lot of angry
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people >> to you, which is the largest transit union in the u.s. says violent crime and public transit is at an all time high, but they don't have exact numbers because unlike air travel, the union says the federal government does not track crime on public transit for years. they've just been sweeping it under the rug and hide i mean, i see. and so so and operate. >> one of my operators get staff 7 times in a they called a simple saw. i mean, you 77 times out of 10, that's not attempted murder. i mean, i had you know, we had to go fight that. it is got dangerous for passengers trying to get to work and school and for drivers like when dylan, who after 20 years as a bus driver. >> isn't sure she'll get back behind the wheel. will you be able to drive again? >> i pray. i will. but i'm not sure. >> that was brian reporting for us tonight. in southern
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california, a 9 year-old girl who was shot accidentally last night at a mall located about an hour outside los angeles is doing better today. this happened at the mall of victor valley in victorville. police say the co-owner of a shoe store was chasing 2, 2 shoplifters when he pulled out a gun and shot at them. 9 year-old ava rose was caught in the crossfire and hit in the arm. the store owner fled the scene. officials found him later in his vehicle. he now faces attempted murder charges. the girl was airlifted to a local medical center and is now in stable condition in the east. bay city leaders say staffing levels for the richmond police department are at an all-time low. >> department is struggling to try to fill vacant positions and recruit officers and that's resulting in excessive overtime for the current officers kron. 4 sleep to call reports. >> on at least 6 separate occasions last week, one or more richmond police officers were forced to work overtime to cover an entire additional
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shift because of low staffing. officer benjamin theriault was one of them. it becoming par for the course. unfortunately for myself and my members, i myself have over an additional 6 hours from. >> i don't have power shift from sunday to monday. so i socially work from 6, 30 at night. about a 12. the on monday morning. is president of the richmond police officers association are and he's running for contra costa county sheriff. >> he says officers are being overworked and it's impacting service, especially for property crimes. and there's no >> suspect that we have in custody. those crimes essentially not investigating police department spokesperson lieutenant matt stonebraker says eventually something has to change is a sustainable, know >> but right now we're we're able to get by and our officers are doing great job. 2 fiscal years ago, the department posted 175 sworn
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positions today. the budget has allocated enough funds for 145 sworn positions. but lieutenant stonebraker says the number of officers on the streets is actually 101. when you factor in the number of officers out on vacation or injury leaves recruitment. >> is low at this point. but we are trying to >> remedy that the police department and officers association say the city can do more to help entice officers to the city. mayor tom agrees but says offering more competitive compensation and benefits packages is easier said than done mall, shooting, commotion, com stoney. >> holes and we still seeing also so for now, the police department will have to manage with who they have. >> and not everyone is willing to stay much longer. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news.
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>> still ahead at 6, the potentially lifesaving procedure, a rescued mountain lion cub underwent at the oakland zoo. today is for steph curry was back at full practice for the warriors course record. jason has an update on steps chances of playing in saturday's playoff opener is coming up. >> and a bay area tech company is taking a stand next. how yelp is helping its employees by for their reproductive rights.
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>> an update tonight on a mountain lion cub recently rescued by the oakland zoo today rose the orphaned cub received a transfusion of much needed blood from the zoo's resident, a mountain lion silverado rose is nearly 5 months old and was first spotted last week by hikers. she was rescued from the mid peninsula. open space. the zoo saysssilverado is recovering well and rose is already looking better, too, but she is still a little fragile. she certainly is cute. she will remain under 24 hour care. hopefully she gets better. >> name suggestions are in for the new peregrine falcon at uc berkeley currently known only as new guy. the falcon is taking over parenting duties alongside any whose former mate now died earlier this month. new guy has been helping take care of the nasa and its 2 eggs atop the cow bell tower for about 2 weeks now. over the weekend, the school received more than 1000 name. suggestions for new guy
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and most of them had some connection to berkeley in its history. options include all done named after the man who appropriately succeeded. joseph cornell as the director of the museum of vertebrate zoology. you can vote now on the cow falcon cam twitter feed. if you'd like to give your suggestion. coming up, trouble already in twitter, paradise for elan musk. up next, details on the new lawsuit being filed against lawsuit being filed against what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more... crazy commutes... crowd control- have a nice day alex (thanks ms. ellen) ...taking the stairs. that's how you du more with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as two weeks. and can reduce, or even eliminate, oral steroids.
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>> yelp is joining a growing number of california company supporting workers affected by restrictive abortion laws. this comes after oklahoma's governor signed a bill into law making almost all abortions illegal kron four's camila barco has the story. >> more and more states are passing laws that stop people from getting an abortion. but companies like yelp, which is based out of here in san francisco, are creating ways for employees to legally get one yelp is offering to cover travel expenses to its employees across the country who go out of state to get an abortion. now their announcement comes on the same day, oklahoma clampdown on abortions. it's now a felony to perform an abortion there. and the only exception as if it would save the life of the mother yelp's benefits would cover all 4,000 employees across the country. it's 200 employees from texas would benefit the most. the state passed a law banning abortions there after 6 weeks of
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pregnancy. but yelp is joining other companies like citigroup, uber and lyft to help workers affected by abortion ban loss. in a statement to kron 4 yelp's chief diversity officer says, quote, we've long been a strong advocate for equality in the workplace and believe that gender equality cannot be achieved if women's healthcare rights are restricted. the company says its health care insurance already covered abortion care, starting next month. they will offer the new travel benefits. now, in the meantime, the supreme court is due to rule by end of june on a case involving a mississippi law. it gives the court a chance to repeal the 1973 roe versus wade ruling that legalized abortion nationwide in the newsroom. camila barco kron. 4 news. >> there is a new twist tonight into that huge twitter investment made by elan musk. the billionaire has been hit with a lawsuit filed by other
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twitter investors. it claims that musk illegally delay disclosing his big stake in the social media company. so that he could buy more shares at lower prices. the lawsuit accuses musk of violating a legal deadline to reveal that he had accumulated a stake of at least 5%. instead, the lawsuit u.s. did not disclose his position on twitter until he had almost doubled his stake to more than 9%. that strategy would hurt less wealthy investors who sold twitter shares in the period before must get knowledge that he was becoming a major shareholder, a bus carrying migrants from texas arrived in washington, d.c., this morning just days after texas governor greg abbott. >> announced plans to send them from his state's southern border to the nation's capital. the bus unloaded just blocks away from the u.s. capitol passengers on volunteer to take the trip organized by the texas government. governor abbott says he sent the migrants in response to the biden
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administration's decision to end the pandemic. public health rule known as title. 42. >> the more that will be arriving weather by bus or plane so that that washington is going to have to respond and deal with the same challenges that we're dealing with family or maybe relatives or maybe friends. we'll take you to get here. father john and with catholic charities also said many of the migrants that arrived today were immediately picked up by somebody they knew. >> catholic charities said that they are helping the remaining migrants get to their final destination. a is already in route to new york and the rest will be heading to florida. >> well, let's check on our midweek weather forecast. a live look outside from our camera on mount tam looking out over the bay beautiful shot, a little shaky, which lawrence, i guess means so windy up there. yeah. one lone up there right now. he got some good news, too, is we're going to see the most active weather pattern since probably january as-we're seeing a series of storms going impact the bay area. one coming in tonight, just beginning to
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slide into parts of the north bay. now, i think more the impact or the middle of the day tomorrow. i think that will affect the rest, the bay area. so some showers, this was not a big one. i think behind that, though, more significant storm system coming in late on friday night, early on saturday morning. that's going to pack a punch as it comes through. so between these 2 storms, maybe we start talking about a half an inch, maybe over an inch of rain in some of the mountain tops. that would be nice. we're not done there though. sunday looks okay. at least to start sunday should be dry. and then as we get into early next week, a late monday night into tuesday, a small storm going to drop into the bay area. bring another round of some showers. and then as we get latter part of the week, that's a much more impressive storm system. the timing on that has moved up a little bit now instead of friday possibly coming through on thursday. and that would could be a statewide event. lots of snow in the sierra, nevada between now and then out there right now. you see the clouds thickening up already. i think some showers begin to move into the north bay later on this evening. you see some of the showers out there. now, most of in far northern california. but starting to see a couple of showers trying to move a little bit closer, at least
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into parts of the north bay, northern sonomaocounty. but that will be moving in overnight tonight, ince tomorrow and then, yeah, it looks like things are going to stay unsettled for tomorrow morning. at least some showers on and off kind of picking up through the middle of the day and then tapering off of the evening. a chance of more rain late friday night and into saturday. thank you. arts is really cool story. san francisco giants coach alyssa nakken made history last night. >> as the first female coach on the field during a regular season. major league baseball game back in came in to coach first base in the 3rd inning after antwan richardson was ejected. she's been a giants assistant coach since 2020 focusing on base running and outfield defense, the helmet that she wore during the game last night. right now it's on its way to cooperstown, the baseball hall of fame graduations. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the warriors hit the practice court for the first time this postseason and steph curry was a full participant.
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i repeat steph curry. he was a full participant. yes, music to my ears, too. curry had been out since march 16th when boston's marcus smart wrote on his ankle and spring staffs left foot looks good right there. >> if plays on saturday, it will essentially be the first time to does have their full lineup minus. james wiseman has been ruled out for the season. the warriors are being cautious with steph, but i'd be hard pressed to believe that he won't be suited up on saturday night. >> talked to him afterwards. so he good. but now we got to see how he feels tomorrow. i would say right now it's looking good that he was scrimmage tomorrow and then we take the next closer. >> and i didn't a chance enough to say he's all the way back or not. but, you know, and we have to get out there likes that. so that's a good sign in. i know you're going to keep, you know, getting better never easy. got to do
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to be ready. >> he's planning away. he said now that game giant looking to take the series against the padres. former a showman i we worked out at the same gym out. tell that people that as much as i can. he was solid. his only mistake came in the bottom of the second right there. padres up a run. luke williams shoots it into left in 2 runs. come in to score in the giants. take the lead. logan webb. he was masterful last year up and down his first start. but today he was silent. top of the 7th runner on second. he gets wil myers swinging. webb went 8 solid innings of one-run ball and struck out 7 top of the 9th camillo devolve into close it. he made it a little more interesting today had to be but that's what matters. he gets the strikeout to win the game. giants take this one to to win 2 to one. they win the series. they'll head out to cleveland to take on the guardian's off friday. still, we're saying the guardians of good weird, though. derek carr
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just got a pay day. the los vegas raiders quarterback just signed a 3 year 125.5 million dollars contract extension. he will now be under center in vegas, 2025 season after this deal. car. we'll make the 5th most per year among nfl quarterbacks. the forty-niners held their local pro day today. some of the area's top talent got to showcase their skills in front of 40 niner scouts and top decision-makers kyle shanahan john lynch. they were all there. mortar, 50 northern california natives, 4 players from area college colleges went through drills. all this was at levi stadium, familiar faces like former cal quarterback chase garbers and san jose state quarterback nick starkel were among the group richmond native, the wide receiver mckay polk hopes to make a splash in the draft following a record-setting
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stay at season at mississippi state. >> dream come true is a blessing. it? really don't a lot to say about that. just happy to be here and just happy to have now what i've you know, just trust the work that i've put it. >> well, there is a second home to me, you know, being at cal past 5 years. it, you know, being at cal also preparing for this next level with coach musgrave and an nfl cordon 8 of the past 2 seasons. so the nfl terminology is very you know what we do as quarterbacks accounts, very similar to what nfl quarterback prepare me a lot. >> that's the left. all of them. and one quick note, the a's just one. 42. so they take the series with the rays. will have those highlights coming up later tonight. but that's all we have
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>> well, that wraps kron. 4 news tonight at 6. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tonight at 8 o'clock coming. i see. have a nice evening. what can i du with less asthma?
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are you ready to du more with less asthma? ♪ ♪ speaker the subway suspect in custody, how they got him. video as cops take him away, and the diary from inside the u-ha u-haul. is he making his way to the rush hour horror? >> i am driving, i am driving, i am driving. >> announcer: and the victim, his pants were shot through of holes appeared to ride or not to ride? will they return to the subway after the nightmare shooting? and what to do if you are trapped with nowhere to go. because this is how you stay alive. >> announcer: then i am deepl


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