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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  April 14, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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the lake county mountains as well as up into the sierra nevada. roads are already snowpack in the sierras. so wait till tomorrow to be heading up that direction. we're going to stay consistently rainy, especially a little bit later on this morning. so just stay with us. a little bit longer. we'll be talking about rainfall picking up as we make our way towards the end of the show. now 40's 50's for our current temperatures. it is cool out there. of course, dress in those layers as you have. but your priority today is to stay dry, obviously. so make sure it's the rain jacket. the umbrella to i'll be keeping you updated on the showers as they gradually pick up through the morning. all still to come, right, tom, thank you for that day and the south bay we go because we do have an accident. just popped up. >> mountain view area southbound one, 0, one south of north rhine straw avenue. thankfully no major delays there. so you could just stay on one on one. you don't have to hop on to 2.80, or 82, 60 minutes heading into the city right now. me to realize it off in the past 2 hours, traffic slowly but steadily building there heading across towards the peninsula. a little under 15 as you're
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traveling this morning. let's check on the south bay. 85 memo. park. 32 minutes for you. the air and leave you with a look at highway for the busiest right now. nearly 30 minutes traveling into conquered from antioch darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of 7 o'clock in the breaking news. one of the bay area's biggest tech companies could soon be under new ownership. yes. >> you may have noticed on twitter feeds are blowing up with news of ceo tesla ceo elon musk wanting to buy twitter lock, stock and barrel the whole thing. yeah. >> so that money will be able control him like he'll say, you can you want, but you know, again he wants to open up the floodgates and make it an absolutely free speech platform. what is that exactly mean? yeah. ankeny do. it is a hostile takeover or when they welcome his money. sarah stinson is live in san francisco with the ins and outs of this deal. sarah. >> well, we're hearing reports that twitter, the board of directors are meeting right now to discuss this. proposal
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is offering to buy twitter for $54.20 a share. that's estimated to be worth. 43 billion dollars in elon musk. he says he can pay that in cash. he says, quote, he wants to completely change twitter. he wants to unlock twitter's potential and make it a free speech. absolutist platform. that's what he wants to do. this is the latest thing you want to do with his money. this offer comes just days after the tesla ceo announced he would no longer be joining twitter's board of directors and he was offered a position after they found out who is a huge stakeholder by huge. i mean, the biggest shareholder owning about 9% of twitter's stock twitter offered him a seat on its board on the condition that he not only more than 14.9% of the company's stock, but musk declined. musk just provided a letter to the company that included a proposal to buy the remaining shares of twitter that he doesn't already own.
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musk says the social media platform should be transformed into a private company writing in a regulatory filing. quote, i invested 8 in twitter as i believed in his potential to be the platform for free speech around the globe. however, since making investment, i know realize the company will neither thrive nor this societal imperative in its current form. musk also says his offer is final and twitter does not accepted and will have to reconsider his role as a shareholder. and since this announcement, twitter's stock has gone up at least 11, 12%. so that's big news in twitter has responded saying they are considering this. they're looking the board of directors. they said it's unsolicited. it's a non-binding proposal. the look it over and see if it makes sense for the company and its shareholders there apparently meeting right now. so be interesting. if we hear today they make a decision or the need more time for now. i'm
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sarah stinson reporting live in san francisco. back to its like deal or no member that show lot of suitcases. 43 billion dollars. i mean, how many suitcases? that's yes. a lot. >> train a lot of money. yeah. okay. thank you very much, sara. >> so we'll see what happens with that. we're also finding ways out of the south bay, too, because we know atf agents are now there are at the scene of that massive fire at a home depot in san jose. looking to see what caused that was it arson is the big question. crump was will tran live in san jose with what we know will. >> and ari, at this point, they don't know. it's our sun. the sun is up and you can see atf, their vehicles are right behind me. they are in the parking lot and they actually arrived here yesterday. so they will once again go through home depot. you can see just how charted is in front the roof collapsed. this all happened on saturday. it was so intense that it took about 6 hours just to knock down the flames and called the fire under control.
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fortunately, nobody was hurt despite things falling from the roof. it took days for them for put out the hot spots at this point. they don't know what caused the fire, atf. they were asked to come in by the san jose fire department. they have a couple of scenarios. it could be arson. it could be accident or they may never find out. but until they do, that's why this is treated like a crime scene. you can see it basically roped off. this is as close as we're allowed to get. they have to preserve this exactly how it was so they can go in there and find out the cause of the fire. it was so intense skies that even nearby homes, they were told to shelter in place. none of the nearby residents were hurt. nobody inside with search. but now it could take weeks if not months for them to find out the cause of this fire. back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll for that info. we'll keep checking back to get the very latest. okay. so now let's update you on the very latest out of new york's
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62 year-old frank james is set to appear before a judge. >> this morning. so in a matter of hours, he's the man that police arrested for shooting 10 people on that subway train in brooklyn on tuesday. they were able to track him down after a tip came in to the crime stoppers hotline. he was initially spotted at a mcdonald's. so they went there, but he had left before police officers arrived. but then investigators say he actually called police himself and gave up his location, which was just a few blocks away. and that is where they arrested him. >> literally hundreds of nypd detectives worked doggedly during the last 30 hours to bring this together. we hope this arrest brings some solace to the victims and the people of the city of new york. >> and police identified james after a suspect as a suspect after they found a uhaul key on the ground there at the scene of the shooting and they searched the area sound. the truck saw the paperwork show that james had rented it. so he's now facing charges of making a terrorist attack.
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>> in the east bay, richmond city leaders in the police department are acknowledging that something has to be done about the city's all-time low staffing levels. critics say that crime is being underreported because of it. kron four's believe google has the story. >> on at least 6 separate occasions last week, one or more richmond police officers were forced to work overtime to cover an entire additional shift because of low staffing. officer benjamin theriault was one of them. it becoming par for the course. unfortunately for myself and my members, i myself had to pulled over an additional 6 hours from. >> i don't have power shift from sunday to monday. so i socially work from 6, 30 at night. about a 12. the on monday morning. is president of the richmond police officers association are and he's running for contra costa county sheriff. >> he says officers are being overworked and it's impacting service, especially for property crimes of there's no >> suspect that we have in
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custody. those crimes essentially not investigating police department spokesperson lieutenant matt stonebraker says eventually something has to change is a sustainable, know >> but it right now where we're able to get by and our officers are doing great job. 2 fiscal years ago, the department posted 175 sworn positions today. the budget has allocated enough funds for 145 sworn positions. but lieutenant stonebraker says the number of officers on the streets is actually 101. when you factor in the number of officers out on vacation or injury leaves recruitment. >> is low at this point. but we are trying to >> remedy that the police department and officers association say the city can do more to help entice officers to the city. mayor tom agrees but says offering more competitive compensation and benefits packages is easier said than done all. she
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commotion, com stoney. >> all's the and we still seeing also so for now, the police department will have to manage with who they have. >> and not everyone is willing to stay much longer. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. so far showers have been pretty lights around as epo. but picking up later on this morning on into early afternoon, i've got the updates on what you should expect for today and your holiday weekend. still ahead. >> seen reports of an accident along the richmond, sandra fell bridge. we're going to check in on the drive times there and get a look at the rest of the bay area will ha a box can be essential, then recycled for a move.
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>> 7.11 is how fast things change last week. as saying today i'm gulf and now talk about should i go skiing, jane arraf mean, look at that. coming down right now is a live look 80 up to donner summit. you could hardly see the road >> anymore because it's getting covered by snow that's actually sticking here as we're heading into easter weekend. here's how we judge the accumulation. go to a town. wallace live in placer county. all. >> he wiped it are going to have no snow gauge. >> well, that's funny. that's james and ari, you know, let me tell you, this is actually the lightest. i've seen it fall all morning, but you can see still falling a little bit here. and let me let me show you here. definitely seeing
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the snow stick as you're hearing james say on i-80, it's really sticking up here. good news for california. we need absolutely. but as i step out of frame here, you can see also conditions foggy up here. definitely tough to to you know, in a little bit of a distance there. so that's why you've got to be really careful to coming up here. caltrans has changed requirements in effect from the baxter area all the way to the truckee area that on eastbound i-80, if you're going westbound, you need those chains between the donner lake interchange all the way to the baxter area. so be aware that meantime, truck drivers, are you going to stop your trucks? well, before the mountain in applegate area? that's because the doing the screening there to make sure you have your chains in your possession. but once you do all that, if you're careful up here, well, how about this april storm bringing snow? i mean, we will take it because we certainly needed james and darya. you know, last time we chatted with uh, on a couple days ago, there was that
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accident on traffic was all jammed up. have you heard about any issues this morning? are things look ok so far? >> great question. you know, things overall looking okay today. one thing you should be aware of those because the snow is sticking a little bit more that the roadways definitely more slippery. that said we have seen caltrans coming by. >> with their snow plows and they are keeping at least one lane on i-80 open with basically plows keeping them plowed and open for all drivers of that is the good news. no major incidents to report yet and hopefully they'll stay calm. all right. good enough. 8 on a thank you so much. as we're taking a live look there a moment ago, a high with a interstate 80 up at station. yeah, we saw it. you know, truck sort of taking it easy as are going through those checkpoints. thanks, thank john. john, trouble in the weather center where he's been keeping an eye on this and >> the next storm to because and i've been well, i'm
7:15 am
looking at what, how late the tahoe ski resorts are open till at the latest data april 17th. >> because if we get more snow this weekend. yeah, that's kind of this is last chance, john, a final eyes, you know, 10 to 18 inches above 7,000 feet. well, there you go. that's some good stuff right there. considering the time of year we're talking. >> still got some trucks roll in snowpack to donner summit right here. i-80 it is going to be a tough go for many of our commuters heading up 80 or highway 50 winter weather advisories through 11:00pm tonight, not just for this year, but on up into the lake county mountains. we're also seeing some snowfall this morning. you can see that cloud blanket stretching offshore. a lot of that energy shifting our direction in the bull's eye of rain falls. still to our north up in mendocino and lake counties right now. so we have the spotty here showers here in the bay area. you see how much more widespread it looks. once you head north of santa rosa on one. 0, one through ukiah. up to garber, ville, all these areas really wet right now. slick. once you head above
7:16 am
clearly can those upper elevations definitely on the spot here in lighter side for the bay area, just a few sprinkles so far in the south bay actually been pretty dry up to this point. now we're seeing this cold front just in a series of storms that is being pushed away by the jet stream. storm door is wide open now. that's why we've seen repeated systems one today, another into saturday and another likely into next tuesday, too. snowfall already been a thing up in the sierra rainfall. only going to pick up for us to become more and more widespread late this morning into early afternoon and stay with us on into the evening tonight. big winners out of this one that's going to the north bay with the heaviest of rainfall in the most consistent through the course of the day today. tomorrow, that's your day to drive up into the sierra to enjoy that potential final week of skiing for some of the resorts in some good skiing at that very likely saturday will get another topping of snowfall on top of all of it. and this system on saturday is going to move through a lot quicker, but it's going to pack a bigger punch. so heavier intensity rainfall
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over a shorter period of time. today's little bit more spread out. staying with us through the day. but staying on the lighter side, santa rosa could see around a half an inch of rainfall today, quarter of an inch for most of the rest of the bay. add on top of that, what we'll see saturday and by the end of the week, santa rosa napa over an inch of rainfall likely over 3 quarters of an inch for most of the bay area. temperatures don't change much today compared to where we've been. we've already been in the midst of a colder air mass. so we're just seeing the continuation of this cooler weather highs in the 50's and 60's doesn't matter if it's been a dry day or wet day, not a lot of change with the feels like temperature. so just make sure you stay cozy and really focus on that dry layer today. the rain jacket to keep it dry. keep you from getting damp as you are venturing outside to start the day tomorrow, we will be seeing a warm up into the upper 60's, partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. nice start to the weekend. saturday morning. our heaviest of rain clears out towards saturday afternoon in sunday easter sunday looks great. actually upper 60's to
7:18 am
low 70's and lots of sunshine for the holiday itself. reyna. john, thanks for that. we had an accident along the richmond. sandra fell bridge as quickly as it was there. >> they were able to quickly get removed. 5.80, westbound. so we have an uptick of about 16 minutes as you're traveling from the tolls to one o one. thankfully, no major delays there heading into the city right now, the of the bay bridge, 15 minutes for your drive maze that fremont street exit. remember, we have some high wind gusts. take a time as you're traveling across both of those bridges, crockett down towards the maze. 28 minutes, almost about 30 minutes for you. you see slowing too. richmond, san pablo, that area down to the south bay. 85 heading into menlo park about 33 minutes. that's been pretty consistent for the past 15 minutes to 18. 82 also pretty light at this hour. a denham out to be we have an accident. and as you can see, it's not causing any major issues at all. southbound one, 0, one just south of north winds, strong avenue and we'll leave you with a look at highway for here as you're heading from
7:19 am
antioch in to conquer a little under 30 minutes. daria. james, back to you. >> thank you. enough for your money this morning. google is spending billions on a u.s. expansion and which california restaurant has the best view. that's one to think about. jane king actually has. the answer is joining us live from the nasdaq with more. hey, j. all right, james. >> there's got to be so many right restaurants great news in california. but for the best, at least according to this survey head, self chief dot com says georgia's at the coast ocean terrace in la jolla has the best use. now the authors, especially mention the extended an elevated ocean bar to get great views of the pacific. well, amazon is hitting some of the 3rd party sellers with the fuel and inflation surcharge. this 5% charge. we'll apply directly to the sellers, not amazon shoppers, although it is possible that the sellers will pass on that increase costs to the shoppers and that the goes into effect april. 28, google will invest 9 and a half billion dollars in offices and data centers across the u.s.. the ceo says
7:20 am
12,000 jobs will be created. google will open a new office in atlanta and they continue to invest in locations in texas, tennessee, oklahoma and virginia. and consumers may debate how good they taste, but peeps claimed a larger share of consumer demand in 2021 than any other easter. candy, an indicator what we're likely seeing this year as well. so this is according to data analysis for pattern, a global e-commerce accelerator, peeps and jelly beans were the favorites. cadbury creme eggs, though. sales way up compared to last year. life for the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king back to jfk. before we let you go quick, what do you think the odds are that elon musk actually comes away with twitter were just talking about it this good question. there's some there's some skepticism about that on wall street. actually the price of increase in twitter stock is going down a little bit. i say, you know what? let's go for 60, 40 in favor. he takes over, ok? all right. jay wants it. >> yes, sounds like jane, thank you very haha right.
7:21 am
>> 7.20 is a time. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news, the man accused of sexually assaulting a ufc fighter's relative appeared in court. some people are wondering why he got out on bail while the fighter has to stay in jail. >> and we're also taking a look at stormtracker for the rain moving across the bay. more on the way to be right more on the way to be right back. meet a future mom, more on the way to be right back. a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> we're back at 7.23. to plea hearing for the man accused of sexually assaulting the relative of ufc fighter cain. velasquez is being. >> pushed back to june and he is able to get out on bail. but alaska as remains behind bars and a lot of people are wondering why kron 4 has a report now from justin campbell. holding banners and signs supporters of former mma fighter cain, velasquez gathered outside to pierre a south county courthouse in morgan hill on wednesday. this time to confront the man who police say. >> kane tried to shoot here. we is charged with sexually assaulting blazquez 4 year-old relative at a daycare. he was expected to enter a plea, but he only appeared virtually and his plea hearing has been pushed back to june investigations the police report the full police where he's just been provided >> and there needs to be time for both parties to review it and go grant and make sure all the discoveries provided.
7:25 am
>> supporters of the alaska say they disagree that market is out on bond while the former mma fighter is in jail, charged with attempted murder for shooting at dillard a crime like that against a child. and then some 8. believes in the justice systems and it fails and they have to take justice in their hands. >> where the world is right now. >> good lord is lawyer had a message for the crowd. the people around here should understand >> some of these presumed innocent until they're convicted. >> reporting in morgan hill, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> coming up, easter is approaching, but the real a hunt for this year is finding affordable eggs live with why the prices keep going up. >> and taking a live look at stormtracker for rain continues to move across the bay area this morning. we're going to chat once more with john trouble in the weather center. find out more about the rain today at what's on tap for the weekend ahead.
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>> 7.28 right now we're taking a look at our first rain day more to come. see what it looks like outside with the clouds overhead and a few raindrops falling. but the radar really shows where it's all at. and john and watching that. yeah, definitely. most of it still to our north, but it's going to get here later this morning into early afternoon is going to be the
7:29 am
heart >> of this rainfall. so so far you can see just a few sprinkles having fallen there, half moon bay still relatively dry for a lot of areas. but you can see that we do have some sprinkles here across the day. you look to our north up into mendocino and lake counties. that's where it's at right now. that's the bull's eye of where all that energy is headed. you can see that one o one is definitely pretty slick. currently, we actually do have some snowfall. annapurna or upper elevations of lake county where we're under a winter weather advisory. speaking of snow, there's lake tahoe and we have snow as you head up. donner summit is already snow packed up there. so not the best day to be heading up that direction. as for the bay itself, we do have just a few light sprinkles right around. the richmond center fell bridge from richmond on up towards of a lay home. most of the rest of us have actually been fairly dry compared to where we're going to be later today. so early risers definitely getting the dry roads this morning. 40's 50's for current temperatures. most of us stay in the 50's to just barely low 60's today. i'll be
7:30 am
tracking the showers as they do work their way more and more into the bay area through the morning john, thank you for that, right. let's check on the golden gate bridge right now about a 25 minute drive. >> as you're traveling from 37 to the tolls. no major delays. that's the good news there. the bay bridge traffic has been a little bit busy this morning. 19 minutes. thankfully, no accidents or hazards to contribute to those drive times crockett down towards the maze will see traffic building, especially as you travel through san pablo enrichment a year. a lot berkeley, 30 minutes for your drive as you're traveling down towards the maze. let's get a look at the south bay. want to one 85 in menlo park about 40 minutes now. so that uptick in traffic and highway 4.26, minutes heading from antioch into conquered darya. james, back to you. thank you. 7.30, for your money this morning. everything costs more than that includes for easter weekend. eggs candy, all of
7:31 am
these, the coming hours and ease inflation causing all of that to climb this morning. >> for more on this, let's go to kron four's camila barco standing by live out front of a store where people are going to be talking a priest or good morning camila. >> good morning, guys. the ice is going to cost a little bit more for people across the country. butter, milk, eggs. like you guys said the ingredients people normally used during easter weekend have all got gone up in price. take a look at your screen. here's a look at how much things cost here at this local safeway, about $6 for a dozen brown eggs. 18 eggs can cost you about $8. and if you're looking to buy some plain dozen eggs, it's the least that you'll pay is about $4 now, the wholesale price for eggs is up nearly 3 times over this time last year. and experts say it's partly because of a bird flu outbreak. it has wiped out more than 20 million birds and tighten the supply for eggs. and now the demand is even higher just as easter is
7:32 am
approaching. now, businesses like bakeries. they use hundreds of eggs every day are going to feel the price pinch. and so are people going to the grocery store so according to the u.s. department of labor price index in the last year, milk is up. 11%. butter is up by more than 5%. candy has increased by 7%. and egg prices have soared more than 50% since the first outbreak this year. and like i said, darya james, those are all people use during the easter weekend, including bakeries. i just got off the phone with some people who run a local doughnut shop here in pleasant hill and they tell me that every morning they go to costco the by about 15 dozen eggs. however, this morning, one of the owners ended up going to costco. she was only able to get about 5 dozen eggs and that actually cost more than the 15 dozens she normally bakeries are definitely seeing this sort of
7:33 am
impact and i'm guessing a lot more people going to the grocery store will see the same. back to you were the is costco limiting? is that why also did she couldn't with 5? doesn't. >> i didn't get a chance to ask her, but i have seen pictures on social media were some stores are limiting the amount of people ag's can get. i'm not i this local safeway is not limiting the amount of eggs. however, there may be other grocery stores that are. >> right, ok? thank you very much. camila 7.33. is the time we have new information and video this morning in the mario gonzalez case. remember that he was. >> he ended up dying in police custody in alameda. it was nearly a year ago and now his family is suing kron four's terisa stasio takes a look at the latest. >> usually calm. they are quickly becoming chaotic. that is what new video released by the city of alameda shows in case of mario gonzales. >> come over here with a waterfall doubt one police
7:34 am
responded after a neighbor called 9-1-1 about a strange man in his yard to it. >> my front yard talking to himself. and no mask. and i went out there and the dog to bark at him. talking to us. these are not making any sense and don't know what to do. appearing intoxicated and pulling a cart full of these newly released photos of alcohol. >> the officers called for a physical wrapped, a taken solace into after resistance handcuffs. a part of the newly released documents cite a city ordinance stating it is illegal to be drunk in public. however, while on the ground waiting for the restraint, gonzales passes the video graphic shows a police officer % a life saving efforts until an ambulance arrives. crews took him to the hospital where he later died. at perfectly appropriate as part of the
7:35 am
crime scene log released. officers spoke with residents and collected data including surveillance video showing gonzalez at neighboring stores. a security guard at a nearby safeway gave a statement saying that gonzales often stole alcohol. a coroner's report found his death was a homicide. but the drugs, alcohol and obesity contributed recently. the alameda county district attorney announced the officers would not be criminally charged sighting. evidence did not justify criminal charges. currently, the officers remain on administrative leave as an external investigation continues. theresa kron, 4 news. >> and we are learning more about the security guard who was shot to death outside of a cabin community for people who are homeless in oakland. police say 37 year-old barry murphy was shot last thursday at the city's community cabins located right near mandela parkway in interstate 5.80, officers still looking for the
7:36 am
gunman and why murphy was targeted. murphy's younger sister natasha brooks is reflecting our brother's life. >> well, to know that my brother was a good person >> he was a family man. he cared about his family. a lot >> he was very important to his friends in his life. >> and brooke says that this has been an overwhelming and emotional time for her mother and for the entire family. >> a woman is in jail in concord. police say that she was swinging an axe at cars fairly. this happened yesterday morning at the intersection of all road and grant street, which is near the hillcrest community park. police have not released her name but say that she was arrested on suspicion of several crimes, including assault with a deadly weapon. it's 7.36. still ahead on the kron. 4 morning news. where is you get ready for their first playoff game will be with or without steph curry. that's a big question. will see what steve kerr has to say.
7:37 am
>> and today will be coming along with some rainfall. it may be fairly calm right now, but you can see the evidence of a couple of sprinkles so far as that, though, rainfall really picks up later this morning stays with us for the rest of the day after that. your forecast is ahead. >> and no major hot spots, but we are starting to slow down out there across some of our bridges and highways will take a look at your updated drive times. once we get back from break. at jp morgan, the only definition of wealth that matters is yours. it can be a smaller house, but a bigger nest egg. a goal to work toward, or the freedom to walk away.
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with 200 years of experience, personalized advice, and commission free trades on an award-winning app, we are working for you. planning. investing. advice. jp morgan wealth management.
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>> san mateo county is building its first navigation center. the crews broke ground yesterday on a vacant lot in redwood city. there goes the first scoop of dirt and when it's done is provide housing w% for 200 people, temporary housing and also there's going to be a navigation center. that means resources to help people find permanent homes. >> critics of captains can no longer be the waiting rooms we need to have flexible. and haas deficient in terms aleutians that move people off the streets sooner. >> and then when you get them into those in turn, housing. solutions were able to move them on to their next place. >> the entire project will cost about 60 million dollars in most of that's coming from the state's affordable housing project. the navigation center should be finished by the end of the year.
7:41 am
>> for the city of berkeley is getting millions of dollars from the state to help house the homeless. more than 16 million dollars will be available as part of the project that they're calling home. key berkeley says it plans to use the money to buy the golden bear in and convert it into 43 permanent supportive housing studios for people that are currently experiencing homelessness. they'll be space for counseling. a community room and a dining hall as well. it's 7.41. we'll take a break. here's a quick look at stormtracker 4 again tracking the rain. looks like we have a wall of wet weather now getting on to the coast. we're going to see more of this throughout the day and a whole lot more come saturday. we've got john with a look at the forecast in just a bit.
7:42 am
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>> 7.45 right now and we are tracking a storm. yes, we are in effect. a lot of people. lot of people want to know if we're going to have that next round of rain on easter sunday. yes, the timing is going to pretty critical come this weekend. so, yeah, although it won't affect passed over, by the way, no, because we won't be all getting eggs or anything like that. the seders haha. so we're good there. in case you need to make plans for that? with our forecast matter what your celebrated. you want a yes. and a is a solid day, guys. it's today saturday and tuesday that again, a lot show for. >> today is definitely going to be on the weather side. san jose. you've been a really, really quiet thus far. it's
7:45 am
gray out there. but rainfall still pretty concentrated to the north of you. we are seeing snow packed roads already up in the sierras. so you miss your window to get up in the sierra. wait until tomorrow to be doing that. just light showers for the bay area. as of this point, heavier rainfall to the north specially made to see the lake county is really starting to pick up in northern sonoma county. now. and we are seeing rainfall sitting just shore about how to be pushing its way further and further inland. although right now, 80 from richmond on up through vallejo and eventually to fairfield, starting to see some light showers. these are very light so far. sprinkles a little bit further south in the south bay. very quiet as of this point. the showers are mostly working their way in from a west-northwest direction. so sliding right along the jet stream right there stormed a is doors firmly open now clc one system after another just pushing in with breaks in between today. showers are spread out, so lasting a little bit longer. but on the lighter side of things, bulls eye of this moisture plume is really
7:46 am
pushing into the north bay. that's where we're going to see the most significant of rainfall totals. the rest of the bay area getting rain just not quite as significant and sierra getting a good healthy dose of snowfall. we're looking at 10 to 18 inches of been above 7,000 feet and still looking at snow fall below that elevation. tonight, we'll see things coming down really nicely. still snowing in the sierra on up into tomorrow morning. your best chance to get up. there will be tomorrow afternoon. skies stay dry on friday before a push of heavier rainfall. that's not going to last quite as long on into saturday morning making its way in mostly diminishing after 11:00am on saturday. your first round of rainfall out into around a half an inch for santa rosa closer to a quarter of an inch for the rest of the bay. and then on top of that, saturday's rain will add up to napa and santa rosa. well, over an inch of rainfall, 3 quarters of an inch most likely elsewhere. winter weather advisory in effect from the sierra on up into the lake county mountains through 11:00pm tonight. today's
7:47 am
daytime highs, familiar stuff here. we've been hanging out in the upper 50's to low 60's pretty much all week whether it's been a rainy or dry days in today's bring and that the different very much so like we were yesterday, despite the fact that skies are just a whole lot wetter for about 60 degrees. pleasant and 58. oakland, 59, we have low 60's as well for antioch in pittsburgh, upper 50's in napa. santa rosa down to mill valley. temperatures tomorrow do start to rise a little bit. we're actually going to be a bit warmer for the rest of the forecast. best chances of rainfall being today saturday morning. that again on tuesday of next week. good news for anything you got going on sunday for the holiday. we're only going to be looking at sunshine and some mid to upper 60's. great. tom, thanks for traffic is starting to pick up out there like if you're traveling from crockett down towards the maze. >> it's going to take you around. 35 to 40 minutes to make that drive this morning with some slower delays as you're traveling through richmond and it starts to pick up when you reach berkeley and
7:48 am
oakland, 60 minute drive once you do finally hit the may's traveling into the city right now, no accidents or incidents along the bridge here. san mateo bridge about a 20 minute commute for 80 to one o one. so we're starting to get busy along one o one on the peninsula site as you're heading from 85 in the park about 42 minutes. you can see slight delays here as you're traveling through sunnyvale along one. 0, one and sam a tale. that's why we're seeing the delays along the san mateo bridge to 18. 82 traffic moving along pretty nicely. we'll check on highway 4 as you're traveling from antioch in to conquer about 24 minutes. darya. james, back to you. thank you. ran a 7.48. in the warriors are hoping that steph is going to be ready to go when the playoffs start on saturday. yeah, we'll see what happens. the a's. meanwhile and the giants both picking up a win. >> we have across for sports director jason dumas school. all your highlights this morning. the warriors hit the practice court for the first time this postseason. >> and steph curry with a full participant. i repeat steph curry with a full participant.
7:49 am
yes, music to my ears, too. he had been out since march 16th when boston's marcus smart wrote on his ankle and sprained his left foot. but as you see left foot looks pretty good there. now if step plays on saturday, it will essentially be the first time the dubs have their full lineup. mine is james wiseman who has been ruled out for the season. the warriors are being cautious with steph, but i'd be hard pressed to believe that he won't play on saturday night. >> talked to him afterwards. so he good. but now we got to see how he feels tomorrow. i would say right now it's looking good that he was scrimmage tomorrow and then we take the next step is closer. >> and i didn't a chance enough to say he's all the way back or not. but, you know, and we have to get out there likes that. so that's a good sign in. i know you're going to keep, you know, getting better never easy. got to do to be ready. >> and way he's not playing
7:50 am
giant looking to take the series against the padres for oakland, a showman. i a on the bump and he was pretty good. his only mistake, though, came in the bottom of the second padres up one, nothing. luke williams. it's a shot to left 2 scores come on in and the giants take the lead. logan webb, he was masterful. top of the 7th runner on second. he gets the strikeout right there. webb both 8 solid innings of one-run ball and he struck out 7 top of the 9th camillo duval. he didn't make it easy. but at the end of the day, this is what high heat. i could feel the breeze from here. he strikes out matt beaty to secure the victory giants. they win 2 to one. they take the series. they'll head out to cleveland to take on the guardian's off friday. still get used to saying guardians, facing the rays game 3 of their series double mohawks an isis, florida for you. all right. top of the 3rd
7:51 am
no score to offer sean murphy. that warning coming back. gone for a three-run home run. the a's. take a 3. nothing frankie was solid in his second start of the season. bottom of the 6, 3, to one he gets g man choi looking montage kosik sending he gives up a run in strikes out 6 nice bounce back when he lost to the phillies on opening day age win. 42 show me the money. derek carr, he just got paid the los vegas raiders quarterback just signed a 3 year 100. and 25.5 million dollars contract extension. he will now be under center for vegas through the season 1025 after the deal car will make will be the 5th. most. he will make most per year right there among nfl quarterbacks. the forty-niners
7:52 am
they held their local pro day. some of the area's top talent got to showcase their skills in front of forty-niners scouts and top decision makers. john live kyle shanahan. they're all there. more to 50 northern california natives or players from area colleges. they went through drills at levi stadium, familiar faces like cal quarterback chase garbers in san jose state quarterback nick starkel. they were among the group richmond native and wide receiver mckay polk. he hopes to make a splash in the draft following a record setting season and mississippi state. >> dream come true is a blessing and really don't a lot to say about that. just happy to be here and just happy to have now what i've >> you know, just trust the work that i've put there is a second home to me, you know, being at cal past 5 years >> you know, being at cal also preparing for this next level with coach musgrave and an nfl court native the past 2
7:53 am
seasons. so well, the nfl terminology is very you know what we do as quarterbacks accounts, very similar to what nfl quarterback. that's a lot. >> that was jason dumas reporting this morning. so the warriors don't forget, play their first playoff game on saturday and will be ruined them on. yes, we will. and we are the rain to. it's going have a good time off and on this morning. but it's going to stay on more than off. as you can see. >> because we've got the system moving he is soon if it hasn't already. we'll be right back.
7:54 am
7:55 am
(music throughout)
7:56 am
>> 7.55 and you have a sweet just talking about that. we found a new poll out about this and it says that more than half of american americans chose their favorite candy at the age of 11 and then they stick with it. i wonder if that's true. age 11 and 11% adults say is easier to get easter baskets filled with. can you, candy? 3rd of them? we'll eat a few p-eces of their least favorite treats first and then his want to show like out of the kids, candy, basically they're saying, which goes for whatever easter halloween, whatever. it's a it's called. i'm checking to make sure it's safe. and remember, what can they like, still like it sir. yeah, no, it wasn't. it. hers. yeah, i like snickers. but now i know that cats now >> h.o.a.. all right. think about what an ally. all right.
7:57 am
a few alanna do animals enjoyed a special easter weekend so cap this year? cats, feasting on their little tasty treats like yeah, it's a pretty cool. >> papier-mache eggs. that's what they are. so they're fully digest. bull case decided to take a bite out of it like? >> oh, he is an elite sitting give candy, you know, like to grow as they gave him a shovels in sight. i tried that one year for my kids and they were like, what is this? these are cute. little baby faced a huge i had they've never let me forget it. 77 right now. coming up, another couple mornings what's called the elon musk was take over twitter. how the company be different if he did and could even do this.
7:58 am
meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. and 2c, well, she's not going to let a lost card get her stressed. am i right? that's right. that's because these neighbors all have chase. alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours.
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8:00 am
>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> it's raining and that is some terrific news this thursday morning. we need it. good morning, everybody. 08:00am as the time daria with the u.s. here. james is with us here. yeah, want to wait, wait, let me just buehler. you started taking got to get a smile. and on a rainy morning. thanks for that, james. it is a little gray out here. know your camera is actually loaded. you just can barely see any t


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